The Paganization of the Scriptures – 2

In the previous article, we saw how human minds and Jewish influences tried to override the commandments of God. Now if we extrapolate the...

Is Zion Doctrine of TPM Apostolic?

TPM Pastors have no interest in preaching about Jesus, His crucifixion, His resurrection, the redemption of mankind through His death and resurrection. They use...

Some Standard Manipulations in TPM – 2

In our last article, we saw how TPM Clergy uses the Carrot and Stick policy of Blessings and Curses to get money. This policy...


Re-Sanctifying the Tainted Saint

We have been repeatedly exposing TPM for its double standards. They apply harsh standards on their hapless believers based on twisted interpretations.  However, they have...

The Mask is falling off in Delhi – Get out of Babylon

We are in receipt of few mails written by TPM Believers in Delhi to the TPM Chiefs last week. As usual we do not...

A family destroyed by Moloch

While we are working to rescue Daisy's Family from the cult, we would like to introduce you to The Williams' Family. This is a...


To Expose the deception we were taken through so that many who follow the same steps will be warned.

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