The doctrine of the TPM church is still based on the book, An Exposition to the Book of Revelation, written by a former TPM Chief Pastor. Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion – 6 starts with our Questions for TPM Fanatics. 


Most protestant churches use KING JAMES BIBLE for studying the word of God, but the chief pastor of TPM uses Newburrys Bible, Young’s analytical concurrent Bible, and also uses Robert H. Mounces’s books of interpretation. It raises some questions and also there can be some mysteries. TPM considers all disagreements and ideas against the chief pastor as grave sins. This is because, in TPM, obedience to the boss is the trademark. Here I ask all these questions in writing as I treat asking questions are a plan of God and divine intervention.

Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion - 6

The First Question

  1. (a) Did Christ Jesus ever mention anything about ZION? Did apostles teach about ZION as a doctrine? Then what is the intention of the TPM ministers to teach this weird doctrine of Zion which was neither taught by Jesus nor by Apostles? (Biography of Pastor Paul, page 205)

(b) Is it right to teach that the 1,44,000 saints present at mount Zion mentioned in Rev. 14:1, are the saints from TPM? If so, then why are you forcing the unworthy poor believers to sing the hymns on Zion?

Aren’t all the living stones of ZION built on Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of Zion, and Apostles and Prophets as the foundation stones in accordance with  Ephesians 2:20 and 1 Peter 2:4-6.

(c) Here in the said verse (Rev. 14:4) since it is mentioned as Male virgins who have not defiled with women. Do women have any kind of inheritance there?

(d) As the interpretation is literal, how do you position the women in the clergy who are in reality, maidservants to the Clergymen?

(e) In the 4th verse it is written that they are the firstfruits, if so if already the required numbers had been achieved during the last 1900 years before the inception of TPM, then what will we do?

(f) Can you think of the seriousness of the situation provided we agree with TPM that the ministers should be unmarried, then this organization church founder Paul, Apostle Peter and many other apostles become unworthy since they are all married and only the present workers of TPM become worthy?

(g) Will the TPM clergies accept the fact that even old testament saints are available in Zion as the saints of Conscience dispensation (24 elders) and the saints of Law Dispensation (4 beasts) are also present there since the said 1,44,000 people are singing songs in front of 4 beasts and 24 elders.

(h) If anyone (ministers) does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church? Since it is mentioned two times in 1 Timothy 3 and also in many other places, does it not mean that the ministry of married people is also glorious?

(i) Was it “Pride”, or Marriage that is the source of every sin?

(j) If so, is it not Pride when they brag themselves as special saints?

(k) The donkey of Balaam pointed out the mistake of its master, Apostle Paul pointed out the mistakes of Sr Apostle Peter. Then why are they become so intolerant when the mistakes of TPM saints are pointed out?

End of Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion – 6


  1. Dear admin,
    Why don’t you publish a detailed book with all false teaching of TPM with lakhs of copies and distribute among TPM church members, thus people will understand the false teaching.

    • What is the use of recruiting. That too from kerala. kerala is the place where most of them are educated. India first and best model city. I am not able to find any prick in their minds, after listening to so many crime history in Irumbuliyur Chennai. I think this will not be a most worried information to the chief minister Pinarayavijayan. The crime history of Irumbuliyur Ceylon Pentecostal Mission church is also a part of “Gold Smugling’ it seems.

    • @Fredrick,

      Out of total 21 opted for the so called glorious ministry, how many are from Kerala? Any idea? I think more than 80% of them may be from Tamil Nadu and other states.

      • It is very clear from the Fredrick message that “14 sisters and 7 brothers taken for ministry at kottarakara…2022 convention…’ then it will be from Gold smuggling country only. If any want gold visit kerala cm office pinarayi vijayan office. Who will care if people die in Irumbuliyur.

  2. Are there any known issues with using or reading Newburrys Bible, Young’s analytical concurrent Bible, and also uses Robert H. Mounces’s books of interpretation?

    One of the clergies in the past, I think his name was Pas M Daniel. Pas M Daniel had a strong disagreement with the chief Pastor in 1961-1962 and sent the chief pastor away from the FH (somewhere in Europe) where Pas M Daniel was based. Then few others met together to finally send him away.

    One of the ex-TPM clergies who was in the middle east and who’s handwritten letter was published in this forum, had doctrinal disagreements with the then chief who was chief between November 2006 – March 2014 and was able to dwell with him and work together with him. So, anyone including you are entitled to disagree and share any opposing ideas you may have with the chief.

    Do you believe that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine?
    Do you believe that only select portions of the scripture is given by inspiration of God and some parts of the scripture is not profitable for doctrine?

    Who is forcing the unworthy poor believers to sing the hymns on Zion? How do they force? What will happen if the unworthy poor believers do not sing the hymns on Zion?

    TPM or cannot decide who goes to Zion or other places in eternity.

  3. Great questions Brother Admin and hope the educated elite in TPM will spend some time trying to understand these very valid questions and hopefully the Holy Spirit will enlighten a few and open their eyes to the deception they are trapped in.

    And the anonymous will continue to sit on the fence and with their clever language try to ask silly questions and express ideas which have no value to either the fromTPM folks or the inTPM folks.

    May God bless you and keep you motivated to continue to unmask this child of the harlot Babylon.

  4. Very interesting episode indeed!
    Your question— who is forcing the unworthy poor believers to sing the hymns on Zion?-is better answered when you refer it to in the context of the two Telugu states,both at Secunderabad and Vijayawada convention centres where the “HAVA”of Samsundar is still reigning supreme ably dominated in the inner circles of this CULT.He puts the lyrics by copying / borrowing the tunes from others .This was a well known fact.and widely circulated truth.Time and again this factual information was discussed in these forums umpteen number of times.Yet it would never draw your attention. The highly unbiblical lyrical notes on Zion would be penned down by Samsundar and the poor uneducated and educated believers believe it unequivocally. Why should they believe lt?Because they do not wish change the usual pattern.And in the Irumbeliyur central convention Telugu song will be sung and be given utmost priority than all other languages. The reason is so simple.The lie is to repeatedly spoken or transliterated even as other Malayalam& Tamil languages would follow suit.,it will be transformed as a truth.This is the trick of the trade.As a fence sitter you knew it very well but still prefers to act as if you do not know it
    You can still hold on to your fort as long as you can,but a times the truth gets revealed.Till that time you keep waiting on your wings!

    • Would you be able to provide the specific song number, lyric text and the line number and the language where the highly unbiblical lyrical notes you have found or heard of it?

      • @ Anonymous,

        If you know malayalam, I can give you one highly blasphemous song. The beginning line of the song is, seeyon malayil nilkunnavaram ……

        • It’s an easy thing… All their songs praising Zion is blasphemous..
          For eg…
          O Zion Great Zion
          They sing in sweet refrain

          This song praises the people standing in Zion.. knowing that they are the ones there according to their doctrine, it’s self praise..

          Any Praise that is not for God is completely off.

        • Is it this song?

          When you say the song “praises the people standing in Zion” – is it based on your understanding of the English language or based on your discussions with the composer or any clergies or based on some other factors? Have you spoken or written to anyone about this and asked for their clarifications?

          I believe spiritual songs can have many themes. Besides praising God, it can be an exhortation for one another, can be about the promises of God, a confession of faith, a statement of surrendering to God’s will, God’s dwelling place, song of thanksgiving and rejoicing and many more scriptural themes. So, if a song has nothing to praise God, according to you, those songs or hymns are blasphemous – is that correct?

  5. It seems like TPM had set up a website to counter the claims and discussion on this website. Interesting though the domain name is very similar from “fromtpm removing the mask”.

    Some of the answers given are quite laughable. Enjoy the read.

  6. I want to know the truth from On the homepage there is a link “ASK US” but I did not find any way to ask a question. Can anybody educate me how that link works?
    These poor fellows have been copying from other churches and has been plagiarizing the beliefs of other denominations. Now they are out with a counter site.

    That site is a joke.

  7. Dear All, the devils were pricked and it was burning. Success to all the heart burnt members in this forum. Exactly without any spelling mistake another website was started called “ as if new small girl asking for “Red Roses’ from her lover. It seems that it is because of the devils have started the website. So many heart burnt souls and blood shed members are waiting with their questions. But the “Ask us ‘ button is not working. When will it work. White devil when it will work. white devil your white dress is white because you washed with my blood . Not ordinary blood. Boiling blood. There will be no forgiveness. It seems Ceylon Pentecostal mission is becoming poor and poorer because of believers have started knowing about your fooling status. Two people destroyed the doctrines of CPM . With smile in my face (1) CORONA (2) facebook page. Thanks to the nature.

  8. Dear All. Help me to ask this question to Ceylon Pentecostal Mission website. “Ask us ‘ link is not working. The root of the question is from 1970. Imagine how painfull, burdened, eyes of full of tears, no medicine to cure. The question is

    Why CPM pastors, sisters, brothers, helpers support “Pastor Kanagaraj murderers’ ?

    Why kept the murderers safely inside the church until police enter the church and arrest them with “search warrant’.?

    How many murderers could have happened inside the CPM church ? Would you please confess ?

    When I was 20 years old. I was suffering from severe fever. My school friend gave a paracetamol tablet when I was unconscious. After I became alright. I felt took medicine. Kneeled down and prayed GOD. Asked for forgiveness. That season i was rejected from “communion service’. CPM pastors and sisters are so strict for a week believer. But wash the underwear’s of murderers and serve food showing your waist and dimple to make them happy and perform like a wife to unknown men’s.

    So CPM does all nasty and dirty things. Afraid of questions from right person. Not enabling the “Ask us’ button.

  9. Dear All I was trying to click the “Ask us ‘ button in the website from – TPM church. It is not allowing me to ask question. It again takes to the rubbish answer’s. It means again TPM church website is making us fool. TPM pastors and sisters don’t like questions to be asked.

  10. In the year 2019 February I went to Irumbuliyur. To ask the question why kept the murder of pastor kanagaraj secret from others. I asked this question in front of magazine counter to Elder Brother Jona the telugu guy. My mother tonuge is telugu. Jona only name my two boy babies. It is because of compulsion from my parents in the year 2013. When Jona in Avadi. I asked the question again “why do murder in the church’. Jona didn’t expect the question from me. Since looked into his eyes and asked. I had no fear. Jona was unanswerable. His eyes became big and red . He felt uneasy. He started saying me look only Jesus. I said I know that. You know need to tell me that. If your institution is doing wrong. Why are you supporting. That second in my watch i stood up and walked towards my car and came to my home with big smile in my face. I conquered a institution cheating for more than 50 years. Just wearing white dress and acting as if perfect people in this earth.

    Now I am going to ask the question ” what answer tpm church going to answer in website. If you are not able to answer in face to face.

    Leave away the website question and answers from TPM church and your fake revealing of truth. Is there any brave men and virgin women in TPM church to answer in face to face. If you are not able to do so. Then accept you people are sinners and have no virgin.

  11. @ Anonymous,

    On the basis of scripture, anyone with a reasonable bible knowledge can very well understand that nobody from TPM will fly to their so called Zion since there is no scriptural backing for it. For that matter none of the TPM members including blinded horse like you will go to heaven since none of them know anything about Bible and they don’t want to learn also.

  12. Here is one topic I ventured to copy:paste from this DUPLICATE from which could be easily identifiable from the original FROM TPM.COM .

    All Posts
    2 August 2021|Ministry and Gospel

    In this 3.X series, We will resolve the ambiguity concerning the Ministry and Gospel works by the Church.
    All who are familiar with The Pentecostal Mission know that the mission is run by unmarried brothers and sisters who are known as servants of God and have left their families and homes to serve the Lord full time. The reason the servants of God live a celibate life is to involve themselves entirely in the ministry of the Lord free from family commitments so that they can concentrate wholly on the burden for the perishing souls. Thus they form the crux and core administrative body of the Church being the guiding ones for all the believers to reach God and attain eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Kudos to ADMN brother.
    You ‘ ve made this great whore of Babylon to simply toe your line and follow our protocol of presenting our each episode and its style of presentation is easily distinguishable.
    May be this Beast has got an idea so as to bring total confusion in the minds of the readers and the fence sitters.
    It is noteworthy to read a few points that the Beast was trying to give some replies to the hundreds of episodes that this site.ran for the last six years.
    First of all, it wants to remove its ambiguity concerning its Ministry and Gospel works by the Church.
    Curiously ,it had got no answer ,when this site repeated told that TPM was not a Church,but it was only an institution or a society ..I am sure it will be able to give an answer to it.
    Then it says,it is run by unmarried brothers and sisters who are known as servants of God and bla…bla…bla …bla……
    This is a big crap and in that statement the Beast is also making all man made doctrines which are totally unbiblical.
    Now the latest news is that Singapore man Joshua who made the head lines in this forum before pandemic struck the world, has finally left his bastion and left it to these unmarried and sisters.!

  13. While you all self righteous folks busy judging the issues of tpm church and their ministers, am wondering when Lord Jesus does the final judgement from His throne, how will you answer him?
    Show him this copy of website to claim your righteousness?
    Provide excuses and justification for your actions to condemn / judge others?
    What will you answer when Christ would say that’s my job, give me account of your sins and unnecessary vain words that you have used.
    Am sure the admin will either hide this message or change my name as per his fancy thoughts but nothing will change this reality.
    May God help you all with a right spirit.

      • Have you ever read Matthew chapter 7, its spoken by the Lord Saviour Himself. do not just pick one verse of the bible to justify yourself.
        you are doomed & you are also pulling others along with you into that doom.
        word of God is a double edged sword. it pierces you when you try to pierce that onto your brothers.
        His coming is very soon, tremble & put upon the right spirit.

    • @Right Spirit,

      “”””May God help you all with a right spirit.””””

      Appreciate your concern, can you please enlighten me about this Right spirit, please.

      The only spirit I saw in TPM is the Deceiver’s lying spirit.

      • When bible & word of God can’t enlighten you about the right spirit, how can i?
        yes you have chosen the right name for yourself – No more slave to fear (of God & His words).

  14. And dear admin you will not be the first to scream from hell, very soon.
    I dont need to see your rubbish articles to know the word of God, my Bible is more than enough.
    Am sure if you have realized that you wouldn’t be acting like a complaining, murmuring and stiff necked child. Because you behave like your father. The father of all lies whom you and your followers are worshipping.

  15. look who is crying now. hey admin, soon you will be screaming from hell & there will be none to help you.
    your rubbish articles makes no sense, so please don’t redirect them to show case your righteousness or your foolishness.
    Holy Bible has highest standards of references for any explanations of His word.
    You & your followers need to wake up from your deep sleep (coma) else your soul will wake up in grave and it will be too late to repent.

  16. @Right Spirit,
    Have you ever read the Luke 12:56-57

    56 Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?

    57 “Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?

    Don’t try to hide behind the some selective verse which your white clad frauds taught you. Try to learn bible holistically, then you will understand how blasphemous your doctrines are?

  17. I’ll dust off my foot and I’ve tried preaching Gods ways but clearly you people can never repent as you are now deep rooted in your hatred and vengeance spirit.
    May God judge you.

  18. I think this site and the broods should be called as Anti TPM, just like we have TPM/ Anti-TPM, Christ/ Anti-Christ, etc. I could see this Anti TPM (ATPM – let’s call this going forward as ATPM), who started this site with gnashing teeth fighting tooth & nail naming and shaming TPM devotees and TPM ministers and their ministries, now stealthily the chief has started his doctrine/articles as a new sect. Welcome to another denomination ATPM.

  19. How are you doing admin? I pray that you are in good health.

    I am missing the venom removal series teachings in light of the word of God. Please, is it going to continue?

    Praise be to God for such a website like this. Keep up the good work. 👍🏽


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