Brothers and Sisters,

After a long vacation, I am back now with more articles to open the eyes of TPM fanatics.

“Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.”

Phil 3:17 (Apostle Paul)

When we study this verse along with Acts 20:33-35, 1 Cor 1:12, 1 Thess. 2:9 and 2 Thess. 3:9 we can understand that Paul really worked hard with his own hands for his sustenance and from that earnings, he helped others too.

The apostolic Ministry is not really about showing themselves as apostles and thinking that they are worthy to be worshipped (Revered) and to be respected, but it’s all about understanding their lifestyle and not twisting the actual doctrines. Will those believers who have mortgaged their brains and common sense, at least say an Amen after reading Acts 17:11, at least once.

Three Eye Openers

  • A village fool shot an arrow to each tree on the roadside, then before leaving the place he drew a beautiful circle “around each arrow”. Later on, a traveller who noticed this pattern wanted to find this perfect archer. The onlookers were completely embarrassed when the village fool without any hesitation or shame shot the arrows first to the trees and then drew a circle around (Those who relate each verse in the scripture with ZION will be embarrassed when they understand the truth.)
Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion - 5
Manipulating scriptures to achieve Zion
  • There was a world-renouncer Sadhu. His disciples requested him to reveal God. Intitally, after putting off the requests, he conceded their demand. At the time of his death, he called his disciples closer to his bed and told them to pour a drop of hot oil into both his eyes, then he screamed, I see God, I see God. Finally, he uttered, “NOW I HAVE SEEN GOD”. Those who did not want to see God by bearing this pain left the place immediately. However, the curiosity of those who had tremendous faith in the words of the sadhu increased much. They too wanted to see God in the same way. Later on, when they also followed the suit of their guru by pouring hot oil into their eyes, the sadhu asked them, how do they feel now? When they said complete darkness, he said I too saw the same thing. They devised a plan. They thought if they could convince those people who were afraid to do this experiment, they can fool more people. This is similar to the state of people who travel to ZION on assumptions and personal revelations of a scamster.
  • There was a Christian Priest by name “Yusthus Joseph known as Vidwankutty“. He was the author of many Malayalam Christian songs. He made a prediction that after 5 and a half years Jesus would return. When his prediction did not come to pass, he deceived his followers by telling them that the Lord had come and gone and now we all are ushered into the millennial reign.

The Perspective

Similarly, when we read all these things together, we can very well say that this is the precarious condition of the people who forsake scripture and depend on the personal revelation of someone.

Dear workers and believers! I and my family continue to be members of TPM for the last 44 years in Aalappara, Doha-Qatar, Thodupuzha, Selam, Chalakudi, Mannuthi, Thrissur centre, Melbourne Australia.

At the end of 2015, while I was attending the church in Thrissur Centre, the then assistant centre pastor preached about “ZION” for 5 weeks continuously using Isaiah 33:14, “The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites.” This has really encouraged my long-cherished protest against the heresies of this church. Moreover, I wrote a letter to the said pastor comprising of pieces of evidence from the Bible regarding ZION. Unfortunately, instead of giving a reply to my letter, the very next week he delivered a thunderbolt sermon that there was a Thomas in Ernakulum who used to send letters, finally, that man died of maggots’ attack.

I had to face such types of tricks from others also whenever they could not answer my relevant questions. Based on this experience and by codifying the facts of “Zion” from scripture, I have sent various letters to the TPM headquarters at Irumbuliyur and the magazine publication centre at Thiruvananthapuram.

After reading my letters, the editor of the Malayalam magazine replied “Are you Jesus? Or are you a Pastor?”. I still hold on to the evidence as proof of their arrogance. Such deflecting questions to my questions are proof of their deception.

Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion – 5

Series to be continued.


  1. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    I too was called upon from the pulpit. One day I phoned the pastor and ask a question which he “humbly “
    answered. The following day he had a sermon of what I had shared with him and sadly he mocked and shamed me. This was difficult because it was during a watch night service and as I stood at the back of the church with my children, the pastor came and greeted me as if to say don’t call again with with your stupid questions. Grinning and acting happy in Jesus!
    I know there is no perfect church but a leader should know better.
    Glad I left the religious cult.

  2. Good Article. Happy New Year Admin. This year we will close the headquarters in chennai on the basis of “False and Fake promises, cheating….420.

  3. Blessed new year Dear Admin and all disciples of Christ.
    Wonder what made one Roland spread that false news.
    God bless all and once again will continue to pray that this site will be a means for many this year to forsake this cult and be a true disciple.

    • Happy New Year to you O redeemed of the Lord.
      Roland was just trying to confirm if his prayers and fastings were answered .

  4. Happy new near ADMN brother.
    Till 2021,only half the battles are won,still many more are in the offing
    Glad to see Roland fell flat to his own trick that he played for himself

    • The videos are authentic to an extent. But I would not comment on that as I feel the videos are hiding more than what it exposes. The other side of the story is not clear.

  5. Welcome Back Admin,
    May the Good Lord bless and keep you. There were rumors that some lightning fell on the admin.

    I also pray that the Chief, Asst.Chief and Deputy Chief will repent and proclaim that IRBR head-office has been closed and in its place a super specialty hospital for the poor will come up.

    Anyway, shortly the Government will come after them. Its only a matter of time.

  6. Happy blessed new you this year Admin. Glad you are back, glory be to God.

    The eyes of the TPM believers in Africa need to be opened and be set free from this cult. I strongly believed that the Lord is calling out His children from among them to become His true disciples.

    Please pray for Africa. If God opened my eyes to see the errors of TPM in light of the scripture and help me to come to the knowledge of the truth, without a doubt, He can open the eyes of them who are truly seeking for the truth and not men pleasers.

    Brother admin! Keep up the good work, the Lord is surely with thee. I praise God for the few minority of this website.

  7. @Richie
    “IRBR head-office has been closed and in its place a super specialty hospital for the poor will come up.”
    Good news brother Richie!
    you are exactly on the same page that this site often predicted the fall of IBLR WALLS as the walls of JERICHO and would soon crumble down.Its only a matter of time.

  8. @Redeemed brother,
    Wishing you a happy new year
    Thank you for forwarding this clipping of CARTER’S message which is not only aiming at the fence sitters but also to the traditionalists of this CULT.They too should open their eyes now,but alas they would not like to.
    The other messages of this speaker are equallly powerful

  9. Dear all in this forum. Ceylon Pentecostal Mission has not only destroyed so many lives. They have cheated so many true souls. They have blocked all the IN and OUT of life savings. The Most cursed place in this earth means It is “Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. Please pray for my mental health since I lost my Father and Mother in CPM. I am getting anger and frustrated everyday every moment. My soul is not happy.


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