Will a person be worthy to be called an Apostle by forsaking everything and being unmarried? Before we discuss that, please make sure that you had read the earlier articles of this series – The Magic of TPM Zion. Click here to read those.

Even though it tickles the ears and pleasures the mind, let me invite these believers to the next stage of the Bible study. Evaluate it as the Bereans did –  Acts 17:11.

The Election of an Apostle

Let us start with a scripture portion.

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. 13 When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles:

Luke 6:12-13

From the above verses, and from Luke 10:1 it is undoubtedly clear that Jesus had many disciples including the group of 72. Out of that, he chose twelve and called them apostles. We also understand that the power of selection was solely bestowed on Jesus by God. In Luke 10:17, the scripture introduces those 72 people chosen by Jesus, and then Jesus calls them as disciples. They are not addressed as apostles.

the Magic of TPM Zion
The Magic of TPM Zion is not what Jesus established

According to Matthew 19:28 and Revelation 21:4, God limited the foundation of the bride of the lamb the New Jerusalem to 12. Only the names of 12 apostles are engraved in it. Is not that the plan of God? If not, what else? The 7 people chosen by the apostles – Stephen, Philip, James – the brother of Jesus and an elder in Jerusalem, Ananias who baptised Paul, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon and even Luke the author of the Gospel – are not identified as apostles of Christ in the scripture. If so, is it not heresy and spiritual pride when some present-day preachers identify or introduce themselves as “apostles of Christ”?

Timothy, Titus and Junia could be called apostles of Paul because Paul did send them to some places representing him. However, they are not the Apostles of Jesus Christ. The Apostles of Christ are ONLY the 12.

The Replacement of Judas Iscariot

Now there is a genuine question; How did Matthias and Paul become apostles? The statement given by Peter in Acts 1:20-26 gives the full answer for this question. One must be selected for the place vacated by “Judas”. That means, even though 2 equally competent people were available, only one can be selected. This is what Peter understood according to Psalms 109:8. Now dear readers please give me the answer, why did they ignore Barnabas also known as Joseph? There is only one answer; the apostleship in the plan of God is limited to “twelve” people only.

From there onwards, we must study many things together from scripture regarding the absence of a further history of Matthias and the selection of Paul. If we understand the fact that the selection of Matthias was before the arrival of the Holy Spirit, then it will be easy to understand the matter in depth.

When we read Acts 9:5, we can understand that the selection of Paul was done by Jesus. His calling and election were done by Jesus himself. For the fulfilment of the prophesies mentioned in Luke 2:10; 2:30; Isaiah 42:1 and in many other places, the selection of Paul was unavoidable. Also, read John 16:13; 21:2-3; Gal 2:11 for an in-depth understanding.

The Five-Fold Ministry Twist

Then what about the ministry of apostles among the five-fold ministries for the church as mentioned in Eph 4:11-13? If we understand the whole counsel of the word of God, we should evaluate it with other portions of scripture too. if we study it along with Phil 1:1 we can understand that there are two more ministries.

Secondly, when we study Eph 2:20 carefully, we can understand that we are BUILT upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, where Jesus Christ himself being the cornerstone. The usage of the term BUILT clearly signifies that the foundation is already Laid. Will anybody do the foolish work of laying the foundation again and again after starting the construction? If so will God do this kind of utter foolish thing? “We” including the Evangelists, do we become the Foundation Stones or Living stones? (Please read 1 Peter 2:5).

Be cautious with the Magic of TPM Zion where they self-proclaim themselves as apostles of Christ. They are Apostles of TPM and not Apostles of Christ. When a local minister claims himself to be an apostle, he is technically right. He is indeed the apostle of the Centre Pastor of TPM. However, he is NOT the apostle of Christ Jesus.

The TPM Twist

A Misrepresentation of the following scripture to their ignorant believers is the cause for their so-called apostolic ministry.

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

Luke 14:26

There are people who teach this heresy to ignorant people by telling them again and again that by following the conditions mentioned in this verse, they will become an apostle. Whereas this scripture lays down the condition for “being a disciple”. We know that even though Jesus had many disciples, He had only 12 apostles.

In such a scenario, it is amusing that the modern-day white-clad ministers of an organization want to be known as apostles. Is not this spiritual pride? In the ministry of God, there are many other ministers apart from apostles? Apart from the builder of the house nobody has the authority to appoint Apostles or for that matter any other ministry? Do not be duped by the Magic of TPM Zion.

End of “Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 4”


  1. Another insightful & thought provoking article by the Admin of this blessed site which proves beyond doubt the apostles of Christ being the only 12 that Christ had chosen & that’s it! The rest of other apostles other than the 12 chosen by Christ are chosen by their own decisions & especially the decision taken by Simon Peter to appoint Mathias was prior to the coming of the Holy Spirit. All these insights into the Gospel & the New Testament cannot be disputed or proven otherwise other than by scripture itself as Scripture can only be interpreted by Scripture itself as admin explains it & not by a mere individual or any particularl organization. Again Thank You once again to the Admin of this blessed site for sharing these biblical insights to everyone generously without prejudice.

  2. I think there is a flaw in understanding the bible. In Jesus time, true, there were only 12 disciples, and the whole kingdom is linked with the 12 numbers like 12 foundations. But after Jesus regime, we see lots of disciples, believers, apostles too. One of the named apostle by himself is Paul.

    • Maybe you should remove the TPM lens and start reading the scripture once again. The Word Apostle is “TO BE SENT“. Though we all are in that general calling of being sent. The specific selection is done very selectively Only the 12 who got the Apostolic Ministry. But when Judas was Removed, his Bishoprick needs to be transferred. That transference is done in the Road to Damascus By Jesus Directly. Maybe you should read Acts 26:15-18

      And I said, ‘Who are you, Lord?’ And the Lord said, ‘I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. 16 But rise and stand upon your feet, for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a servant and witness to the things in which you have seen me and to those in which I will appear to you, 17 delivering you from your people and from THE GENTILES – TO WHOM I AM SENDING YOU 18 to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.’

      Notice the capitalized portion of the above scripture. that is the reason why Paul is called the Apostle to the Gentiles. (Romans 11:13, Eph 3:1)

      Stop saying that Paul named Himself as an Apostle.

  3. The above verse you are quoting is what every or most of the minister has the calling, who re sent. I think you need to come out of tpm lens and accept Bible as is. Inspite of age, your negative vibes has not been disappeared over times and you are forming yourself as another nimrod 😂

  4. “Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.” (II Cor:12:12). Practically, none of these signs are seen in TPM and if at all any, it may be one in a million. Besides, after a discussion in Jerusalem concerning circumcision, the True Apostles, selected and elected by Christ and the Holy Spirit, came to the conclusion that it is not necessary for the Gentiles to be circumcised like the Jews in order to be accepted by God in Christ (very symbolic of anti-legalism) and the only ordinance added was that they (the Gentiles) abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood. (Acts:15:8-20). This was delivered to the Gentiles in Acts: 16th Chapter. Then why have the so called apostles of TPM added their own ordinance of seven steps of Salvation and the abstinence from medical help to be raptured, and many such, etc.? It is very difficult to comprehend that they are led by the Spirit of God and that they are the Apostles of Christ. May God help them.

    • @ Koch Kunju. Yes TPM has created their own ordinances to qualify for their Disney land, New Jerusalem & Zion. The spirit of legalism is what rules this clan.


      • @Blessed Assurance.. this is exactly most of the tpm clergy mindset is & some & many had gone to the extend that they are believing in the lie that had been created by their tpm forefathers. It is such a pitiable state. Only the deliberately blind can lead another ignorant blind ..God save them from their blindness.

  5. I’m really thankful to God that he has opened a way for me to get enlightened. As a daughter to TPM parents I’m expected to obey whatever they say no matter right or wrong. As they do so sometimes even I who are firmly against to TPM beliefs might get brainwashed or psychologically threatened not to leave their truth( even if they fail to give me an appropriate or logical answer to my very simple biblical questions) . They will make me to come to a conclusion that TPM is the real truth and if I leave it I will end up in hell. However God is mindful of me and is helping me to get some clarity through this site. As the word of God says Know the truth and the truth shall set you free truly this site helps me to hold on to the truth and their cunning ways to trap me works no more. Funny part is if they can’t answer me they’ll start praying God should talk to me! I think God is going to write a new Bible as per TPM doctrines and give it to me !
    Thanks for this wonderful article admin.

  6. Hi, can you please clarify this for me? The book of Revelation says “THE 12 Apostles of the Lamb”, indicating a definite number (The 12).

    Then why is Barnabas also called an Apostle along with Paul?

    Acts 14:14
    14: அப்போஸ்தலராகிய பர்னபாவும் பவுலும் அதைக் கேட்டபொழுது, தங்கள் வஸ்திரங்களைக் கிழித்துக்கொண்டு, கூட்டத்துக்குள்ளே ஓடி, உரத்த சத்தமாய்:
    Which when the apostles, Barnabas and Paul, heard of, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying out, (KJV)

    I’m confused, please explain.

    • Brother,
      Technically Apostles Means “BE Sent”. If I send my son for some purpose, He becomes my Apostle. Mind you, he is not the Apostle of Jesus. Similarly, when the Chief Pastor of TPM Sends his Centre Pastor to a Place, the centre pastor is the Apostle of Abraham Mathew.. He is not the Apostle of Jesus Christ.
      The 12 were sent by Jesus and hence they are called the Apostles of Christ.
      Barnabas was sent by the Apostles themselves(Acts 13:3). So yes Barnabas is an Apostle, but not of Christ, but of the APOSTLES oF CHRIST. I hope you understood that.

      Paul or Saul Received the Apostleship by Jesus directly at the Gate of Damascus.

  7. Yes, Apostle means “A messenger” or “Someone sent”.

    Strong’s g652

    Lexical: ἀπόστολος
    Transliteration: apostolos
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Phonetic Spelling: ap-os’-tol-os
    Definition: a messenger, envoy, delegate, one commissioned by another to represent him in some way, especially a man sent out by Jesus Christ Himself to preach the Gospel; an apostle.
    Origin: From apostello; a delegate; specially, an ambassador of the Gospel; officially a commissioner of Christ (“apostle”) (with miraculous powers).
    Usage: apostle, messenger, he that is sent.
    Translated as (count): apostles (59), an apostle (12), apostle (7), a messenger (1), messenger (1).


    • So you consider yourself as Ichabod? When you reach hell, please shake hands with The Chief pastors of TPM and congratulate them for having successfully got all their believers in the place.

    • @ you are being watched
      From today I not come on this website again — because I am being watched closely by my controlling saints.

  8. But wasn’t Barnabas also sent by God?

    Acts 13:4
    So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus. (KJV)

    • Of course. But that does not end with Barnabas. There are billions of people after that who has been sent by God. The Apostles of Christ are an Exclusive group having the command directly by Jesus himself.

  9. I have read almost all your blogs, and I totally agree with each and every thing, I have been a member of TPM church since childhood, and after growing up and doing the bible study on my owm , I realised that there are plenty of unbiblical teachings in this church, I had so many questions in my mind, but I never, got a satisfactory answer by the so called servants of God, instead they used to scold me for asking questions by calling me disobedient.
    And then I got into theology, sound doctrine and Apologetics, and I now I have realised that this church is totally heretic, I have so many times tried to expose its false teachings to my friends and family, but nobody listens, folks accuse me instead.
    God bless you admin.

  10. @Xx-…..kudos to your self discovery
    Let God raise many such enlightened testimonies!
    We have got a long suffering God who judges the things
    In His own time.That is the reason why we too should be
    long suffering and wait until God brings His judgements
    on these heretic teachings.
    We too undergone in the same excruciating pain that you
    have undergone,and we are now completely redeemed
    people of God
    Just look at the judgements of God ,post pandemic—
    All major international meets crushed,no Sunday School activity,majority faith home gatherings are rather truncated
    Now God is giving them plenty of chance to the TPMites to search their inner souls whether the path they underwent was truthful or not.If they refuse to pay heed to Lord’s voice
    through the redeemed souls like us,they will have to heavy price.

  11. Today we heard sudden death of TPM pastor in Malaysia. We do not know what is the root cause. Malaysian government has not given the permission to bury

  12. I am literally fed up. I don’t have anyone, except for Jesus.
    My parents are so much engrossed in the teachings of TPM, that during our family prayer also, they want to sing TPM hymns, those unbiblical songs,in which they are glorifying themselves. When I try to explain them they are not worship songs, they accuse me of being over-righteous.
    I wish , I receive a proper fellowship of theologically right people.
    On Sundays , only because of my parents, I had to go to fake homes, and listen to unbiblical preachings.
    Whenever, I try to explain anything, to my parents with the help of your blogs, which are really very beneficial, thanks to Jesus. I receive such titles like over righteous, proudy, etc etc from my parents.
    Please whosover reads this pray for me and my family.

    • Surely, we will pray for you brother. May God bless you with fellowship that he wills. I would request you to be patient and endure untill God in his will open up new ways for you and your family.

  13. I just came across a YouTube video where a preacher from Chennai keeps speaking about the wrong doctrines of TPM. Same comments as we see in this websites. These people don’t understand the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. But the preacher in that video keeps answering these TPM believers. But comments are in Tamil. I think this is the only channel owned by independent preacher which criticizes the false teachings of TPM boldly. Other denominations like AG and other Pentecost sects agree some of the doctrines with TPM. This preacher strictly warns the Christian community that TPM teachings are fully wrong.
    TPM Praises DGS!

    | Ex-Pope & Michael Jackson Are In Hell! | TPM Testimony

    Please share with tamil TPM friends if u have.

  14. The doctrine of Divine healing has been doomed. Recently one Chinese pastor from Malaysia died of COVID. They tried to cover up but at the end the truth speaks up as the Malaysia Ministry of Health refused to give the body for burial. Pastor Joshua Lee is my very close friend but sadly being slayed and deceived by this cult


    • It’s quite flexible and dependent on the minister, location, laity in that circumstance. The Statement of Faith is not the same in Singapore as it is in Chennai. The statement of Faith is not the same with a Rich Person as it is with a poor person. The statement of Faith is not the same with some relative of a White clad as with a non-relative. With all these permutations and combinations, they do not have any standard statement of Faith.

  15. Wish to share our beloved brothers and sisters of this blessed forum.
    Just now received the passingaway news of the man of God from South Korea—Dr.Paul Yangicho today at 4-00 am(IST)or at 7-30 am (Korean Time).

  16. How did you reach this conclusion or arrive at this statement – “ministers of an organization want to be known as apostles”? Is it based on words spoken during a worship service or it is mentioned (written or typed) in any doctrine books or periodicals or is it mentioned like that anywhere else? Would you be able to provide more specifics (who spoke about this or if it is stated in some doctrine books, which book and where in that book it is stated like this or where else they use or mention this)?

    • These days anyone can make any statement or come to any conclusion without any evidence.

      Everyone has his or own interpretation of what is said.

      These guys insist on going by the word of God, but they don’t listen and accept the exact words of others.

      Sounds like hypocrisy.

    • Why are you scratching your head? Please do investigate and know why the admin said that. Just a cursory reading of TPM Literatures and their sermons can give you more than enough proof.. Sadly you are still stuck in you blind devotion to these white clads.

      • You dont know me and you dont understand me.

        Stop making judgements.

        I do not think TPM is a chhurch and I do not support them.

        But take a look in the mirror before accusing others.

        • @anonymous,

          Commentators like you are a waste of time. You think TPM is not a church and you do not support them, so what are you doing here? If you need a forum to just talk, go to facebook or anywhere else where you can vent your frustrations. This forum is for people who are fromtpm or fortpm but not for fence sitters or anonymous articulate gentlefolks like you who want to practice their writing skills. Take a look in the mirror and see if you are adding any value to the readers here. Good day!

        • The “About fromtpm.com” https://www.fromtpm.com/about-fromtpm-com/ page in the last paragraph says “We believe in freedom of expression. Hence we have opened up the comments column for appreciation, criticism, and corrections.” Are people from a third or other categories other than “fromtpm” or for tpm entitled to have this “freedom of expression” in this forum?

          Somebody mentioned that “a cursory reading of TPM Literatures and their sermons” – can they explain this a bit further? Is it possible that cursory reading has the potential to lead to some form of misunderstanding or incorrect interpretation of any literature from TPM authors as well as non-TPM authors?

        • @anonymous

          Welcome back and wish you luck in finding someone here who will entertain you! I wish I could but due to lack of time and other pressing commitments, i will pass. Have a wonderful day reading the comments and the articles on fromtpm.com. It should keep you entertained and hopefully make you wiser!

          Out of curiosity, can you please let me know why you are here? do you intend to join TPM and is in the process of evaluating it before jumping in?

    • Great. Even we celebrated fromtpm aniversary with mutton curry. May all the sould saved from this cult rejoice and thank God. This is is just sample. We have a better rejoicing opportunity awaiting in heaven when our King returns.


  17. Thank you Nath and Surya for reminding, time flies so fast. Happy 5th anniversary wishes to FROMTPM. May this site continue to direct the misguided souls to Christ & His Kingdom and away from the cult.
    Truly this site has been instrumental for those who sincerely seek the truth.
    May God bless us all.

  18. Happy birthday Admin fromtpm. 🥳🥳
    You have made us realised that we were doomed by TPM with their shitty doctrines .

    May the good LORD continue to use you and your team shine brighter and brighter

    “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭9:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  19. Three cheers to ADMN brother and his team and to all the 1% contributing authors!
    Happy to know the 5 th anniversary news of from.com as read from the dear ones as seen above.
    As I wrote repeatedly in these columns,it was onty the grace of God that led us thus far in placing the Biblical truths to whomsoever it may concern.

    • The portal is silent to you because you might be looking for the next Joshua scandal to titillate you.

      The right question that should be directed at yourself is “What have I done with the information provided on fromtpm.com? Have I realised that TPM is a false religion and have started looking for The Truth? Have I evangelized my family and friends about the lies of TPM?

      So my dear Joshua, what have you done lately with the information on fromtpm.com?

      Fromtpm.com has already unmasked TPM completely but gentlemen like you still expect the admin to do more so that your blindness can be healed. Maybe falling on your knees and crying out to The God of the Bible for mercy might move Him to open your eyes. May God have mercy on you!

  20. Thanks to all the admins & wishes for the 5th anniversary !! when i hit this website about 3 years ago, I was just browsing on a regular basis but least did I except that in just 2 years time in around March 2020, the issue about Joshua’s scandal hit the fromtpm pages & the site had gone to a different level since. God had used the sling ^ David’s stone (pen of the admins) to kill this giant of a mammoth (tpm/cpm/ntc/ncpc) & their pillars are broken that they could not stand up to their former glory. God is the righteous judge & the executor who brought them low to the ground like goliath..All Glory to Him Alone!

  21. Its a tremendous thing which God has wrought through fromtpm.com in enlightening the blind believers of TPM for the last 5 years. May God bless and protect the admin and his team as we traverse through some difficult times but at the same time rejoicing in the blessed assurance we have in our Lord Jesus.

    BTW, it looks like Covid and social distancing has stopped the Joshua clones from indulging in any non celibate activities in the last year or so. Not surprising that we have not heard of any new scandals. As fromtpm.com has been busy removing the “Mask off TPM”, who would have thought that “adorning the Mask” would become such an important thing in our daily lives.

  22. Any latest info about Pas. Durai @ vellore????? What’s the problem going on @ vellore ??? Did Chief pastor take any actions???

      • @Surya: “He is the center pastor inspite of being a sexual pevert.”

        Being a sexual pervert is an important qualification to become a center pastor in TPM. I have known quite a few tainted center pastors even 25 years back. It should be worse these days. Alwin is their role model and takes the crown in this category. I hope and pray the eyes of the sincere ones are awakened to the deception in this church and come out.

      • @Surya,

        Thank you for posting the links here. I had a quick look and I feel sorry for the victim but at the same time shocked at the extent of her blind trust in these maniacs.

        I think fromtpm.com has shown the way for others to come out in the open and expose these silly rascals to the whole world.

        As ABAS said, the higher your perversion, the greater your chance of promotion. TPM just follows what her mother harlot, the Roman catholic cult does – Promote and protect the perpetrator while persecuting the victim.

  23. So finally I too have escaped from clutches of TPM church. Feeling liberated and happy.
    Thanks to the portal for opening my eyes to the truth !
    Thanking my God helping me and giving me the courage to come out !

    • Praise God for setting you free from the bondage of TPM into the glorious liberty in Christ Jesus. May God give you grace and courage to overcome the immediate withdrawal effects of leaving a cult like TPM.

      Thank God for the courageous folks behind fromtpm.com for their selfless efforts in unmasking this false church and I pray that God will continue to protect them and keep them safe so that His work will continue through this site for His Glory!

      Thank you “Standing for Truth” for letting everyone know!

  24. @Standing for Truth…..

    1.Why is the portal now silent ?…..

    2.So finally I too have escaped from clutches of TPM church. Feeling liberated and happy.

    It was finally glad news to hear from SFT(Short form of Standing from Truth)
    Particularly,I was so much elated to hear the above two comments from SFT.
    The portal was silent because, I think enough work was accomplished in the form of article contribution by ADMN(471 numbers—a huge contribution indeed !).
    And now it is upto the people to come forward and say how and why they were redeemed from the clutches of this darkness of the CULT called TPM.
    That would be a ‘fitting finale’ for this forum if and when as many people like me & you join the main stream of from.com!
    I used to often quote the Psalm 124 :7 & 8 verses in these forums that I myself was saved and redeemed from these clutches of the darkness of this CULT,and now you have followed the suit.
    As an aftermath of action,come and share your lively experiences in this forum as often as you can,so that it helps the fence sitters to come to know this TRUTH finally.
    There are so many redeemed people like me that sailed across with this BEAST and many other contributing authors too,that would surely glorify God and rejoice your encounters with this BEAST if they are brought to light.No hurry,take your own time.
    Wishing you all the best dear SFT.

  25. @ADMN
    @ ABAS
    Greetings to you in the most blessed name of Saviour Jesus Christ.
    As the saying goes that’the proof of pudding is eating’,our gracious Lord has been showing the results at the end of 5 year term that through this blessed forum,it is well known fact now many precious souls especially youth have been redeemed from this BEAST.
    Full marks to ADMN bro & and his team.
    As we had been waging our relentless battles all these years against this CULT,God has been redeeming so many precious sous like Standing for Truth and many were saved behind the scenes though they do not come to this forum.
    During my yesteryears of imprisonment time that I was chained with this BEAST, a large chunk of time had been devoted to SUNDAY SCHOOL activities and that clearly yielded good bit of results that many youth could come forward and accept JESUS as their personal Saviour and God further blessed them in their study curriculum in their later years.
    They have since been migrated to CANADA & AUSTRALIA in search of their higher studies,& jobs.
    Now a days I started getting number of phone calls from them,and they were seeking further guidance from me as to how they could proceed ahead from now on.
    To their surprise they found vast differences of approach in the doctrinal front being followed in INDIA and to that of WEST. For example celibacy theory. It is being in Indian Continent than in the West.On one end they were confused between the INDIAN system of upbringing of TPM style to that of the western style of cultural background.
    I think bro ABAS could easilly empathise with me and understand their spiritual struggle they are facing.They are clueess now as to where they can go for worshiping being bathelors.On the other end,their spiritual eyes of understanding are getting opened.
    We praise and thank God for this.
    They desperately need our guidance in those countries.
    From CANADA,I ‘ve got an enquiry from one such youth, that which congregation/group fellowship that he could switch over in order to continue his faith life intact.
    Please suggest me such group fellowships/places that are redeemed so that I can safely advise them to go and worship.
    Though at present,the enquiry is limited to CANADA,in future the youth in AUSTRALIA may may seek for similar guidance too.

    Thank you very much in anticipation.

  26. what happened to admin from tpm. is he dead or sleeping like dead. is he like baal or worshipper of baal. can’t speak or act now that all his fabricated issues have been put to shame.
    high time you all evil workers repent and do something useful for Gods work rather than spending all your time in tarnishing someone else image.
    in due time the righteous God will return all those efforts that you have put to shame others & fall into your own pit.
    May God open your eyes and lead you in the path of His righteousness & not self self righteousness.

  27. This year’s Youth Camp songs are mostly emotional, such as will God leave me, or abandoned me. What are they trying to show

    • Anyway.. we all know that these people are being reminded of Noah’s Flood every year. This year too God is demonstrating that they are part of the people who are away from the ark of God… Sadly they are still rebellious like the people of Noah’s time

  28. Admin we heard that Joshua’s wife is successful and she have people working for her.
    She also has a name card n shared with some believers.


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