Worship meetings in TPM have a peculiar flavour. It attracts the spiritually immature ones into their grip. Welcome to “The Ultimate TPM Worship Management”.

The Advertising

I know exactly how people feel about it. The “Been there, done that” feeling does not go.  I remember how I used to join people in describing my worship experience at TPM. Once I went to a local faith home on the 1st day of that year (January 1). I asked the brother-in-charge, “How was the watch night meeting at your faith home?” He at once replied in an excited tone, Very powerful. There were seven prophecies!.

I was highly impressed! Another believer joined in describing his experience to me, I felt the power of God moving mightily. There was this joy I cannot describe in words. Apart from local ‘faith-home worship experiences’ the experience at the conventions especially the Chennai convention is at another level. Concerning Chennai Convention and the Youth Camp, the newly joined believers are told “Dear brother, please attend the Chennai convention at least once in your lifetime“.

According to them, God’s moves mightily in the Chennai convention. Some say, “If you have not received the gift of unknown tongues, then you must attend Chennai convention or international youth camp.” When this solution was proposed to me, I wondered, “Why does God anoint people in Chennai convention only? Why cannot he anoint me when I pray at my home?

The Kaaba of TPM

One thing that I have realized over my years and years of attending TPM worship meetings, ranging from small in-house cottage prayers to international conventions, is that God’s power is directly proportional to the size of the people assembled together(Pun intended). The larger the size of the gathering, the more powerful the god of TPM becomes.

When the meeting takes place presided over by a sister in a local faith home, in small towns, with five-ten believers then the experience is far inferior to one when it is compared to experience one gets in international youth camps, presided over by charming talented TPM leaders who are fluent in communication. With more facilities at his disposal, like better musical instruments, better sound system, talented singers, charming personalities, the gathering tends to become more and more electrifying! It is indeed a puzzle, why is it that you do not get the same Chennai kind of experience at your own home? Isn’t God the same who works in both these places?

Then why is the difference felt? Is God’s power bound to a place, to a city, to maybe a few powerful people, or enchanting musicians? Why is it that TPM god needs the assistance of these external things? No wonder, many TPM pastors have raised this question, “Why do people need rapid clapping or playing of drums & tambourines for the so-called Holy Spirit to descend?” These questions are perplexing and it is time to unravel the mystery behind TPM’s worship charm.

Counterfeit Worship and Counterfeit Joy

To unravel the mystery of the feeling of ecstasy in TPM worship hours, we must first realize that there is a counterfeit set of emotions experienced in counterfeit worships. When the Israelites assembled to worship the golden calf, we are told that they could rejoice and experience ecstasy.

It was an idolatrous gathering. They were not worshipping Jehovah but the idol made up of gold. Yet they experienced feelings of joy (Exo 32:6). When Stephen described the idol worship of Israelites says that they rejoiced. Paul says they danced (Acts 7:41-42, 1 Cor 10:7). Then we read in the book of ‘Revelation,’ that people could derive a false sense of joy because of their misdirected devotion to the beast (Rev 11:10).

My point is that what people experience in TPM worship meeting cannot necessarily be ascribed to Holy Spirit.  Now TPM fanatics might respond saying, “we are not worshipping the idol of golden calf like Israelites.” True my friend true, but the point is that if people can experience joy thrill and ecstasy in idol worship, then what makes your experience genuine?

Is not the bible clear that there exist counterfeit spirits with counterfeit prophecies and miracles and wonders? Did not Jesus forewarn us not to fall for the trap of these signs in his name? On the last day, it would be a surprise to many Christians who were assuming that they were praying and doing prophecies in Jesus name. Jesus would reply to them “I NEVER knew you (Matt 7:23).”

Before we proceed, please watch this video.

Notice that these are folks assembled in the name of Jesus. They seem believe that their experience is the work of the Holy Spirit. Just as TPM folks use scripture of Acts 2 and other references where unknown tongues are cited in the bible (to claim their experience as biblical), so do these “joy anointing group” use scriptures like Heb 1:9 and ample others (Acts 15:52, Rom 5:5, 14:17, 15:13, 1 Thess 1:6) to claim their experience is anointing with oil of gladness.

Just as it happens in TPM, when a stranger assumed the TPM shouting as the proof of the Holy Spirit, these people who believe in oil of gladness assume their experience is joy shed by Holy Spirit as written in scriptures. 

A sane mind (who is not under this delusion) can easily identify this as the work of demons. Compared to this, the TPM’s anointing is superficially hard to discern. TPM’s worship experience is more refined. Just like there are two kinds of counterfeit copies of the iPhone in the market – one which can be easily recognized because of its crude finishing, and another kind which one cannot be discerned by a superficial look. Similar is the case with TPM’s Pentecostal experience and the other inferior ones.

To make you practically understand the counterfeit worship experiences of TPM, I request you to go through the video below. It is a collage of snippets from the Malayalam movie ‘Trance.’ It shows how with a perfect concoction of charming personality, and powerful music, the feelings of people can be manipulated.  

Having watched the above video, I ask you, “Does not the video remind you of the Euphoria of TPM tarrying meeting?” I played this song Thullichadi from this movie trance in my sound theatre and I closed my eyes. I felt as if I was transported into a TPM meeting at Irumbuliyur. I felt I am in a TPM youth camp. I could easily visualize Teju and Manasseh instead of Fahad Fassil (actor of Trance). I felt the same Chennai convention’s “God moving in our midst” feeling.

If David was a gifted musician, then we must not forget that devil also had anointing and gifts of music (Ezekiel 28). It is not hard for the devil to charm us with music that appears divine. Apart from this spirit world involvement through song and music, there is an angle of science too! Our bodies are created in a way to react to music. Science says that when we listen to powerful music, our bodies release hormones like dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and similar such hormones in response to sound, light and other sensory stimuli. A perfect brew of instruments, melody and emotional words can make us euphoric.

It is possible that feelings of Joy and ecstasy experienced in Pentecostal meetings are nothing but hormonal responses of the human body to lights, music and sound effects. For further confirmation that music can manipulate and play with our emotions, listen to ‘hare Krishna worship melody’ in the video collage above. Close your eyes by submitting to that ‘hare Krishna music’ (like TPM asks you to submit to its meetings by asking you to close your eyes).

I am cent per cent sure that you will definitely experience something you would only describe as powerful and divine. If you were not an awake Christian or if you were a Hindu then you would definitely call this “hare Krishna” music divine. Observe in the above video how the foreigner woman is dancing to the bewitchment of ‘hare Krishna melody’, played in the gathering. Her hormones are deceiving her. Her emotions have led her to believe the lie. In the case of TPM, the same hormonal deception is working. Music is indeed a powerful tool to manipulate people’s emotions. It is easy for people to get carried away, thinking melody to be the Spirit.

How to Distinguish between the Holy Spirit and the Counterfeit spirit?

By our own mouths, we might argue that ours is genuine worship, but what sign do we have from God that our worship is genuine? True that there are genuine tongues, genuine prophecies and miracles. Alternatively, there are also counterfeit tongues, prophecies and counterfeit miracles. Like the genuine, the counterfeit is also a gathering in God’s name. But God doesn’t approve of it. He is not bound to place a mark of approval in every gathering that takes in his name.

Right in the beginning of all things, we have the example of the worship of Cain, which wasn’t approved by God. Even though the worshipper Cain was offering his sacrifice to Jehovah God, it was marked as invalid and unacceptable. In the book of the first kings, 400 prophets gathered in name of Jehovah, but Jehovah sent a lying spirit in their midst (1 Kings 22). The Pharisee of Luke 18 was praying to Jehovah. He considered himself to be a faithful person to God in tithes, prayers and regular fasting. Yet his prayers were unacceptable to God.

To the Israelites of the Old Testament, God said, “you people emulating the music of David is of no avail to me (Amos 6:5 paraphrased).” Concerning their songs, he said, “Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.” (Amos 5:23). Matthew 7:23 describes how miracles, prophecies and wonders can deceive Christians in assuming that they proceed from God alone. My point in describing all these biblical examples of worships is to make us question ourselves.

What can be considered as a sign of genuine work of the Holy Ghost? How can we be assured that our worship is not a counterfeit one? our tongues are not bogus? our prophecies are not fraudulent?

The Ultimate TPM Worship Management
The Fruits of the Spirit – The Ultimate TPM Worship Management

The distinguishing mark of true work of Holy Spirit, distinct from the superficial melodrama of counterfeit spirits is that Holy Spirit elevates Jesus Only, and ensures that fruits of Spirit begin to display in the lives of people experiencing the power of God.

14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

John 16:14

Counterfeit experiences, on the other hand, may grant people ditto thrill, joy and euphoria like genuine meetings. There will be superficial music and praising of God in forged gatherings. There will be prophecies and miracles in these fictitious assemblies. Yet the immediate effect of such meeting will be that, people will begin to elevate humans as co-partners of God. Instead of establishing Jesus as the only mediating party between Man and God, leaders will exalt themselves in the sight of people. People will start thinking that it was due to the holiness or power of the leaders that people could experience the thrill in worship – c.f. Acts 3:12.

When counterfeit spirit works, people will see no change in their own lives. Instead of fruits of the Holy Spirit, there will be reports of strife, immorality, money laundering, lies, and all evil works in the life of ministers, through whom this counterfeit spirit operates. Another great danger of the counterfeit euphoria is that in such assemblies people’s religious experiences begin to shape their ideas about God.

Rather than the scriptures, they rely on their personal feelings and spiritual experiences to shape their theology. Instead of sharing the gospel from the scripture, people start to trust more in dreams and visions of hell to convert people to Christianity. This reminds me of a quote from R C Sproul – “Your personal testimony, however meaningful it is to you, is not the gospel.


My dear brothers and sisters, the true joy and peace that Holy Spirit sheds in our hearts are everlasting. Scriptures have left us with examples of true worship, true psalms, to help us realize that there are both genuine and counterfeit elements in the worship of Jehovah. The only distinguishing mark is the inner transformation of how we honour God above all, and how we love others in persecution and trying times.

Beware that there is also a counterfeit manifestation of good characters and divine love, but when it is tried in the crucible of fire, its true nature will be shown. A man may appear humble and ripe with virtues, but let someone strike him, his religious feelings, his family, his own body, his devotion and fanaticism of certain men and women, his wealth, his health. At that time, his true nature will erupt out.

It is for every man to look into the mirror.  In short, momentary ecstasy of emotional manipulation by use of sound and light, music and charming words, is not God’s presence. I close this article with quotes from those believers who spoke on a similar theme before me.

  1. “Don’t pursue feelings. Pursue Christ.”  (R. C. Sproul)
  2. “A church fed on the excitement is no New Testament church at all. The Desire for surface stimulation is a sign of fallen nature, the very thing for which Christ died (A. W. Tozer).”
  3.  “The great need for us is to be taught theologically, not just stirred emotionally (Alistair Begg).”

Note: For more information on identifying counterfeit movement of spirit, read Jonathan Edwards “Distinguishing marks of work of Spirit of God” which he wrote when he witnessed the first great awakening of 1730-1755.

The End of “The Ultimate TPM Worship Management 1”


  1. // Instead of establishing Jesus as the only mediating party between Man and God, leaders will exalt themselves in the sight of people. People will start thinking that it was due to the holiness or power of the leaders that people could experience the thrill in worship//
    The whole process of anointing, spiritual experiences, outer gimmicks by those in pulpit and those in pews are so deceptive that it will easily pass off as genuine.
    In the new covenant Lord abolished the veil and came to dwell in his sons. The worship which was earlier altar & sacrifice based became intimate relation with our Father.
    But the evil one with clear intention to destroy His bride crept in unawares and sowed tares which looked precise like wheat.
    True worship was replaced with entertainment & circus moves. TPM ites became DEVOTED to the circus performers and the emotional stage performances and forgot that Christ was still outside knocking at the door….They drifted miles away from the simplicity of Christ.
    Would like to spotlight on what prophet Jeremiah said “ For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.
    The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means; and MY PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO: They say unto every one that walketh after the imaginations of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you..
    In Matthew ch 24 while explaining the panning of end times, Jesus warned of deceit four times in one chapter.
    Thank you Admin for this timely article and sincerely hope that our TPM friends will take this opportunity, repent and come out of this Cult.

  2. TPM is famous for branding. Inspite of crime histories in TPM. Still they maintain the culture of cheating. Especially during funeral services. This blood bath white clad TPM pastors and sisters not even having worries about their crime histories. This is called brainwash. Eventhough they are criminals and don’t have good name in society, they seem to be good and holy. Lets pray to corona to take care of the blood bath white clads .

  3. Agreed with both Admin, Redeemed, John Ebenezer..in spite of numerous articles addressing & attesting to the crimes of the whiteclads, yet the tpm believers could not open their eyes to see through their clergies white robes, all they see is their exterior suite of holiness. Word of God warns us to test every spirit just as the above article main picture that admin put up says so.. Oh, How long will you forsake the Ways of The Lord & follow after false prophecies & false gospels?, thus says the Lord! Jeremiah 23

  4. The white clad TPM workers preach that “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” and here they say that “There are people in this world who rejoices at the death of TPM saints”
    My answer is why would someone of this world be happy with TPM workers’ untimely death ? Isn’t their own people happy at the death of the Center Pastors and Chief Pastors because there is a scope for the next person in waiting to take up the position. ISN’T TPM WORKERS ALL ABOUT LOBBYING FOR POSITION…How else can one explain a person who is 14 years senior in ministry and more older in age be the Deputy ?

    BOTTOM LINE : No other Christians judged people based on their death by accident except TPM…who never lost an opportunity to criticize other church people. Today they are going hammer and tongs to justify the death by a gruesome road accident.


    • Everybody among themselves knows that this kind of death raises questions and doubts. We are also not happy because they died believing and propagating a false doctrine which is definitely another Gospel (Gal 1:7-9).

      Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live? Ezekiel 18:23

      Yet if you have warned the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered yourself. Ezekiel 3:19

    • Is this photo of horrible death they want to hide ?
      It’s sad to see such s death…but unfortunately people need to see their false boasting and keep remembering that what tpm promises is lie.

      • Dear Scofield,
        Sometimes TPM Needs a shock treatment. But We are desisting from showing those pics(especially the one you have uploaded). It might be a cause for sorrow to the Family of the deceased. We would rather blur the face. Even though these people play politics with the dead, we should be better than them.

    • TPM wolves in sheep’s clothes are crying hoarse when the photos of their Two Commanders who died in a gruesome road accident went viral on social media. These two didn’t die as martyrs testifying Christ. These two died because of gross negligence of traffic rules, not wearing seat belts. The Driver was over speeding (when he was tired due to sleeplessness) thus putting the life of other travelers on the road at risk. He should be booked for rash and negligent driving. Its God’s mercy that other than the white clads no one was hurt. The two Pastors who were rushing to Bangalore late in the night could have avoided this travel at night, but that is not the norm in TPM. They say that they left everything, but unless they reach back to the comforts of their OWN faith homes and eat food from the hands of their customized cook sisters they don’t get proper sleep. And these people say that they have forsaken everything.
      These false apostles-The white Clad TPM workers should hang their head in shame when the see the photos of hundreds of faithful Christian preachers who are killed because they preach the gospel to the people in darkness. In the attached video we can see how Christians are beaten and killed and their property destroyed.

      My heart goes out for such martyrs of Christ.

      Hebrews:11:35-38 …..and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.

      Sorry to say TPM workers belittle the real martyrs. MT Thomas in his message at the funeral of Bangalore Late Center Pastor and Asst. Pastor lost no opportunity to belittle Non-TPM Christian denomination. Shame on you MT….you people make business out of death. You can never imagine to be the victims as mentioned in the above verses!

  5. It’s sad to see or hear about the untimely demise of anyone. The saints of TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC, in fact rejoice whenever one of their beloved saints(servants of satan) die by stating that “another stone” has been added to Zion and that they have entered into glory. This cult is literally grovelling on its knees and it appears that all their announcements and notices to their believers is in response to what is being posted and discussed on fromtpm.com.

    Thank God for the brave folks behind fromtpm.com who are relentlessly exposing the lies of this cult. It looks like fromtpm.com has become a mirror for the saints of TPM and all they need to do is to get up in the morning and read the articles here to see their lies and imperfections, which no amount of makeup or false doctrines can cover up. May God continue to keep you safe and give you more wisdom in the coming days. Stay safe in Christ.

  6. Recently 2 pastors died in a fatal accident. One worker brother is in critical condition but he was rushed to the hospital. This is against divine healing doctrine, at one point of time they used to preach that if a person dies in a hospital is not a glorious death but today even pastors are admitted in this hospital. This shows that their self made doctrine has failed them

  7. Death is the end of the story for any event that takes place in this world.
    We equally mourn death of our fellow humans no matter to which ever sect they beong to.
    In my personal level I feel the rhetoric be soft and genteel and let nomore futher beans to
    spilled over.It will be inhuman.
    God bless all the contributing authors of this blessed site that they were kept safe as they need to discharge their duty of watchmanship

  8. @ LIBERATED…….My heart goes out for such martyrs of Christ.

    Thank you beloved brother for posting the clipping persecutions that have taken place in our land.

    In the coming days more such events mat be waiting for the Christendom.

    We are ready for facing any such eventualities.

    At the same we don’t hesitate to show the typical Christ love as told in PROVERBS 24:17 to our

    fellow human beings.

    • @ EE
      TPM started the narrative that the photos will make their enemies happy. We never rejoice at the debacle that cost human lives. But it is necessary to expose the double standards of TPM. While in TPM, I have grown up hearing how TPM pulpits judged their believers and others who lost their lives in an accident. As we are nearing the end, the halo around the TPM false propaganda is dimming.
      I have no personal grudge against anyone in TPM but I can never shy away from exposing TPM. Heard the message given by MT Thomas at the funeral service….it was heresy! When they don’t leave an opportunity…why should I ?
      TPM is not my enemy, my family and friends are very much in TPM but the doctrines of TPM are demonic so we need to fight without respite.

      • Absolute garbage from the chief shepherd of TPM, blasphemy of the highest order. The more I listen to this nonsense the more grateful I’m to God for delivering me from this satanic cult.

        Feel sorry for the TPM faithful who accept these lies as holy manna. However, can’t blame them as their deluded mind lacks spiritual discernment.

        Take a donkey, dress it up in a white juba and lungi, tell the TPM faithful that the donkey has taken a celibate vow, they will listen and obey whatever this consecrated donkey brays without any questions. Only God can save this chief pied piper and his faithful mice from this satanic delusion.

    • @EE
      Brother I am not melancholic…. I am cheerful because I could speak with many TPMites including my family members, who shunned me, about the evil roots of this cult.

  9. @EE….
    There you go …they way TPM looked down upon sudden death prior to Victor Mohan accident from the mouth of TPM Chief.

  10. @LIBERATED…..
    Sure….I am on the same page with you brother,your family members are my family members too.There are no two opinions on that count.
    These white clad’s true colours were revealed when they face calamities of this nature.They do not know what is head and what is tail,and that was the reason why,this site called them on numerous occasions they were not born again.They are yet to come to repentence to know God of the Bible.

  11. The very same Victor Mohan, in his every sermon, used to thunder curses for those against ” the workers in white”. Often ends it as a disclaimer even if the topic is something else!

    In another instance, in order to exalt themselves, he said that the workers had a special grace and anointing that whatever sins they comit (including adultery) will be washed without any consequences… And here I was thinking (then) that their speciality was due to the celibacy!!! I turned around to see the crowd beside me and lo! They were taking notes.. I was stumped!!!

  12. This shows how deep the evil spirit of AA had been haunting over this CULT for decades together and how deep these subseuent followers were mesmerised and are still following these carnal practices under the garb of celebasy! Shame on this CULT’s bizarre practices

  13. https://youtu.be/4JZ-RowI4mY

    This is one of the rare message where the worker doesn’t put the difference of white, TV, medicine, shave, etc.

    The irony is, as always, he only points to church as evil and themselves as Holy.

    The finishing line of beetle and bhopal gas leak and bus accident reveals the whole truth. The two workers dying of accident and many other by diseases like diabetes, corona, etc.

    But message is good from neutral hearing which implies to all, including workers.

  14. As usual it’s a promotional & marketing speech for the white clads org. Nothing new they will speak except speaking about themselves & their elevated cult practices of how their org. is different from other Christians and other churches. Just as the saying goes..”Self promotion is no promotion”.. The people listening to these messages will not go back to their homes & lives without having a adverse attitude towards other Christians. This is what we call brain altering & brain washing sessions in tpm! In fact they should look at themselves on the contrary to examine their own transgressions of the law instead of pointing to other Christians.. what a load of rubbish!

  15. Today akka telling me that she need of money to build faith home. I directly tell her – why you asking money. Why? Why ? She immediately telling, I not asking money. I only ask you to pray. I tell her angrily – don’t fool me. You indirectly asking money in shadow of prayer. She then keep arguing with me and get angry over me. She stopp talking with me.

    Then after some time I go to her and lovingly tell her sorry. She said ok. Then I tell her my dream. One day I decide to help saints . But god come to me in my dream. He angry on me. God asking me – do not I know my saints need? Why you helping them ? Can I not help them ? I keep quiet. Don’t help them if they ask you to pray. I said ok God.

    After hearing my dream she aka tell me — “Elina your dream best dream. “


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