Continuing with the Zion series, we are in the third episode, Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3.

Zion of the Millennial Reign

This is what the Lord says: “I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem will be called the Faithful City, and the mountain of the Lord Almighty will be called the Holy Mountain.”

Zech 8:3

The fact is that even though Zion is mentioned 7 times in the New Testament, neither Jesus whispered nor his Apostles taught it as a doctrine EVEN ONCE.

The statements mentioned in Romans 9:33; 11:26 and 1 Peter 2:6 are regarding “Jesus who became the foundation stone in Zion”. In Matthew 21:4-5 it was a prophetic confirmation regarding the Daughter of Zion, (Do not be afraid, Daughter of Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt). It clearly speaks about Jesus and Israel.

In a different context, in the succeeding verse after the statement “But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem” mentioned in Heb 12:22, we can see at least 5 groups of people (“from angels to righteous saints”) are assembled there. It clearly proves that the aforesaid place is not the monopoly of anybody, and this place collectively belongs to Old Testament saints as well.

That is why it is specified in Heb 11:10, “For he (Abraham) was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God” again writes in Hebrew 11:16, “Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one…… for he has prepared a city for them.

Let me ask all those New Testament Zionists who teach and argue that the Old Testament saints have no part or possession in Zion, Can you show me another city from the scripture where God is the builder where the names of the twelve tribes of Israel on the gates of the New Jerusalem, the bride of the lamb of God (Rev 21:12)?

Is it not for the same reason “Jerusalem is built like a city that is compact together? That is where the tribes go up — the tribes of the Lord — to praise the name of the Lord according to the statute given to Israel.Psalms 122:3-4?

Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3
Old City of Jerusalem, Israel – Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3

The Twist

The only verse left for them to hold on to as the last resort like a straw is “the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him, 144,000 virgins” mentioned in Revelation 14:1. When we check the scenario of Rev 5, these Zionists who argue that 4 beasts are from the Dispensation of Law and the 24 elders are from the Dispensation of Conscience also have to agree that the Old Testament people are also present in ZION.

A Different Gospel

  • If repentance happens among people by preaching Zion instead of preaching the true Gospel of Christ, then is not the Lord and his Apostles at fault (Acts 17:18)?
  • These ZION claimants are making an effort of showing themselves better than others. Spiritual Pride is the fruit that I see. Phil 2:3 is clear that Selfish Ambition(a.k.a Spiritual Pride) is at the root of it.
  • Will our Zionists who manipulate every reference of ZION in the scriptures agree that the defiled ZION mentioned in Isaiah is also about them?
Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3
Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3

The Cause for the Twist

This contradiction was caused due to the manipulation of a personal revelation received by A.C Thomas. It was caused by a delusion of interpretation of Isaiah 8:18, which led him to the path of grading people. Jesus in fact nipped the same bud from his apostles in their early years (Matthew 20:25 and Luke 9:46). I am praying that these people realize their foolish thoughts and that their hearts might be enlightened. The church should have tested all these visions and revelations. They should have realized that their hearts are being led astray, away from the sincere and pure devotion to Christ. I have written many letters to the claimants of ZION based on Deuteronomy 13:1-6. However, none of them had the courage or conviction to answer me.

It would have been better for all those highly esteemed preachers to check out the historical, doctrinal, and prophetical context of all these verses. Rather than blurting out their ignorance with the intention of boasting about their own greatness, they should have remembered Revelation 22:18-21 and the judgment associated with it. I am praying that the eyes of their understanding be opened.

End of “Questioning the Magic of TPM Zion 3


  1. This article offers yet another wake up call for all FB groups that blindly follow the TPM teachings
    This is an alarm bell to all the anonymous callers that they mend their ways and they need not go on trrumpeting Zion.Zion always.
    Needless to say that these groups keep on uploading the mindless msgs being preached in these fake homes.and their conventions.
    Secondly a request was already floated in these columns to take Bible printing at the IBR premises.
    Ii is the is right time and to convert the huge computer printing facilities that are currently available at IBR headquarters for printing the Bibles in different Indian languages.Already the cost of the Bibles has gone up and no common man could afford to buy the Bible at Rs300 a piece

    Instead of giving prefence to VOP and hymn books,they can give special preference to print the Bibles and sell them to BSI at a subsidised prices .
    This could be treated as the greatest ever CHARITY service that TPM could offer to this nation.

    • I remember those sermons where it would have us envision Abraham and Moses and David etc looking at our most holy saints in white clothing, with godly jealousy- only wishing they were born in the 20th century, so they could truly access the ‘material’ instead of the ‘iconic’ (Substance vs. image)

      The mystery of Zion and all the blessings to even the political Israel depends on the consecration and the revelatory prowess of ‘The Ceylon Pentecostal Mission’

      Another pastor had mentioned that the Jews will also acknowledge the doctrine of Zion as a complement to their own national identity. (British Israelism twisted as TPM-Zionism)

      Yes and who can forget that when worker number 144,000 passes away- the very instant rapture will take place.

  2. Yet another timely article to disclaim & dismantle the claims of the fakeness of the zion/ Jerusalem teachings from the cult of tpm mission. If their teachings were indeed true, just can’t imagine why should Christ need to mention John 3:16 “…For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life…”

    You tpmites very well know that you had been discrediting His work on earth & His work on the cross by preaching heretical & falsehood gospel. Just think what would be your end if you continue in your temporal arrangements of feeding your bellies & your spiritual pride vs His swift justice & just anger that is coming against your cult.

  3. Mad people are you. Can you overcome Jesus and his people. Love others is the command of Jesus. But you are hating. Love enemies is the command of Jesus. But you are ?

    • well Ammulu, if you think this is hate, Then what about Jesus & his Apostles who were vehemently against falsehood religiosity, deceptions & doctrines of demons? dig into scriptures to find out where they are written. Here are some tips for you. Matt 3:7; Matt 12:34; 1Tim 4:1; Rev 2: 2,3,6; 2 Cor 11: 13-15; Gal 2:4;

      All these verses, points to the fact that Jesus & His apostles did not give an inch to these false prophets & false teachers but were ready to give the pure unfiltered, undiluted WOG to the people. They fought tooth & nail to bring the true gospel to His people. Gal 2:4-5 says as such “…4. And this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage), 5 to whom we did not yield submission even for an hour, that the truth of the gospel might continue….”

      It is because of these very reasons that the admin of this site is adamant to bring the pure gospel & the truth to the people who had been blinded by the false teachings & hidden lives within the circles of tpm, that we too are bringing the truth. If that’s not love for the people, then what is it really?

  4. Wasting time and losing spiritual. What can you do, how many can you change. Idiots. Help the people and save the life from corona. Can you by your articles? Those who sinned they go to hell. You can’t change anyone’s fate.

  5. Mind one thing now many are not watching media’s for entertainment. Due to pandamic. How many can think about your articles. Do you now a days many independent churches are closed but Tpm churches are not closed. People are crying to go to temple only to pray. So God allowed to open this. Not fully but a chance to pray atleast 15min. You can’t close. First ask Jesus about your end. Pray for that. Not to be like Antony lavey. But like people of God

  6. You are saying you like Jesus very much. Ok they come face to face to the workers of TPM. Put a prayer challenge. For any one thing. You can’t win them in prayer. Hi Mental if you have god’s strength Tpm will destroy. But if you can’t you will be destroy. Be careful.

    • @ Ammulu….
      Please don’t get too excited protecting your white clads, because you will find the martyred comments of TPM stooges in the comment section of many articles posted in this site. Don’t be like Goliath who blasphemed the army of Israel…just a stone from the sling of David was enough to bring him crashing down. From the inception of this site in 2016 many Goliaths came from TPM and cursed the admin and said many curse words but with a heavy heart I would like to say that many white clads about whom some articles were posted in this site are no more….like Gunaseelan, Johnson (Adyar Center Pastor), Caleb, Kumari, your late. Chief Pastor Stephen. Remember that Goliath was beheaded by his own sword… similarly many TPM workers are dying because of their heretic false doctrine of Divine Healing….But the Truth is they are not DIVINELY HEALED but they are DIVINELY KILLED. So take heed and run away from this Cult Denomination TPM and follow Jesus.
      My heartfelt condolences for the TPM Bangalore center Pastor and Asst Center Pastor who died in a road accident today. (It’s a pity to know that TPM insiders are blaming the Center Pastor for his death because he disobeyed the Chief Pastor’s advice to travel to Bangalore during the day time. Thus trying to establish the supremacy of the Chief Pastor Abraham Matthew even in this traumatic times)

      • It true.
        All akka now fearful of chief pastor. They realise how danger it become if we disobey saints.

        It great sin in eyes of our god to disobey chief. All other sin no matter what you do – it will be forgiven. Example – Joshua pastor of singapore did love to believer lady – that normal sin in tpm. Pastor sunny also gay sin commit , but god forgive it also. Many saint keep many more hidden sins in their life. They all small sin. They all forgiven. Many believer & saints run away from faithhome with girls and beautiful sisters. They backslide from our tpm. They all forgiven. It all sin to be forgiven.

        But disobeying chief pastor and travelling to Bangalore it is biggest sin in world. John apostle said , some sin not possible to forgive. It was this sin (I John 5;16)..

  7. @ AMMULU…”How many can think about your articles. Do you now a days many independent churches are closed.”
    Can you pick out any one of these 465 and odd articles published in this site,and contest it that it hardly suits to the scriptural standard and norms,instread of making wild allegations.
    Come to the point of reference of those articles that you feel not up to the standard,instead of beating around the bush.

  8. Ok if TPM saints are Goliath means are you David? But David didn’t hide himself. He just came infront of the enemies. But you? Like Saul? All the animals and birds are not taking medicine. From the beginning of the world. Why we have to take? They trust on God. It’s their freedom. How many years can you live with medicine. 100or200? I am a doctor. I know what are the side effects of medicine. Do you know how a new medicine introduced. By doing rituals and offering given to satan. We know why introduced snake in hospital symbol. I again and again saying those who are hiding are thiefs not kings. You are fearing to make a prayer challenge with saints. Why? You are Christ lover, and you are saying everything true. Then Jesus will help you to win. He will gives you victory. Why are you not coming?

    • @Ammulu Wow..Seems Dr Teju Kurien has injected his stupidity into you. Medicine is introduced by offering rituals to satan. :))
      Snake is the Hospital Symbol…LOLOL…and this Ammulu is a Doctor… Doctor of Stupidity I guess.
      Go and get some rest.

      • He didn’t invited or discover anything aabout medicine. This is true it is going on in this world. I think you heard his msg, then why you not questioned him. Fear☺️☺️☺️ because you can’t say that is false. If you can prove it. Face to faceing is gentle men.

      • Can you explain why in hospital symbol introduced snake in middle? Teju injected me ok. You reveal me about that. Why they added that symbol. Search and tell me. If you can

        • Oh Man..You are such a dumb person. The Sign displayed in the Hospital is called the RED CROSS… But there is also a sign called the Rod of Asclepius which is the sign for medical profession. You exposed yourself by LYING telling that you are a DOCTOR and could not even name the “Rod of Asclepius“. Now if you think that the Rod of Asclepius is a demonic sign, I think you should read Numbers 21:6-9. And once you have read it, please come back and we can discuss.

          Again reminding that the signs in the Hospital is the RED CROSS and that is different from the Rod of Asclepius which is the sign of the Medical Profession.

          Stop parading your stupidity here and as I asked you earlier, GO AND TAKE REST.

        • Not only in numbers we read of serpent but also in Exodus the first miracle we had Aaron’s rod also became serpent. It swallowed serpents of sorcerers – (Exodus 7:12 Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods. ). Then Jesus said – And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: (John 3;14).

    • @ Ammulluuuuuuu…ulllu….
      First go and tell ur white clad saints to stop taking tithes from doctors, nurses and pharmacists in TPM. And tell these
      medical fraternity group of people in ur believers list to stop being apostles of Medicines and stop working in hospitals which by ur account (so called fake doctor account) is the place where rituals are done and snake is the symbol ….

    • What a fantastic reply full of wisdom intelligence Amullu dear. I have seen many tpm warriors, but you are best. Thank you for joining me in this battle against fromtpm. We both fight for tpm. Welcome.

      1) // All the animals and birds are not taking medicine. From the beginning of the world. Why we have to take? //
      Such magnificent wisdom. I add all animal bird also not wearing clothes. Let our saints stop wearing and live like we used live in eden. Only our holy saints can get such deep truths. Our pastor Alwyn was such mighty saint who wanted to live like birds and animals. Animal do love with anybody in jungle – no marriage. That why our saints not marry. They live celibate life like birds and animals without marriage. No marriage, no medicine like birds and animals. Thank you for this revelation. I tell pastor MT to right this as verse in our new bible. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

    • Ammulu by your logic you should stop being a doctor and stop associating yourself with the profession if they are using satanic rituals to conjure up new medicines (unless you’re lying?). Also in addition to Johnson’s reply, for your information Ammulu, don’t forget Numbers 21:9 “And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.”

  9. Hellow you are trusting Jesus yes? He himself made clothes to Adam and Eve until they did sin. So wearing clothes is the command of Jesus. He didn’t say to wear animals and birds. You don’t like us. But you like Jesus know, I thing you had this much knowledge about jenisis. We are not forcing any patients to take medicine. They need, and they are asking. Like wise TPM saints also won’t forcing us to follow their rules. We are interested to do that. No one testify that we are soo happy now, after coming out from the TPM. Because only people who tasted the Jesus will testify this. Those who take medicine and trust the world can’t testify. Like you. You the people forget the promises of God. The black Vail closed your eyes. So you are supporting worldly things. God’s new testament rule is if you see anyone angry in your heart you are murderer. They can’t go to heaven. Even now I am not supporting anyone. I am not blaming anyone. There is no time. Be repent I know you are born TPM. But you lost your spiritual things but speaking against the saints and building your wrath. Don’t choose hell. Be Mary and choose good part

  10. If anyone of saints asked tithes anybody? This is also the rule of the lord. Didn’t you know? There is a verse for everything what they are saying are you deaf? Didn’t you write the reference of the prayers

    • They asked many times personally. – they will say , Are you faithful in tithes? Have you been to workers meeting where center pastors ask tithes openly to workers from local faithhome. Ever heard name Shyam Sunder ?

  11. Dear dr Ammullu,

    Perhaps you have been stressed out with seeing a lot of patients. Just to make you feel better. I think you need LEXAPRO . This medicine Antidepressants like escitalopram help to jump start your mood so you feel better. You may notice that you sleep better and get on with people more easily because you’re less anxious….. and you may want to prescribe to your loving white clads . I’m sure they need badly for this time of period due to covid and many more . They will bless you more from zion…

  12. @Ammulu,
    Being a doctor are you prescribe medicines? You are a waste of the society, shameless man or woman? At least show 1% sincerity to your profession. Doctors like you are the curse of the mankind. In my family also there are many doctors. Why did you prefer medical field instead of becoming another fraudulent TPM white clads. Shame on you.

    • I am not born TPM. But my mother got life through Jesus. After I became a doctor I converted. Many Christian pastors prayed for my mother but, no use. But first time God spoke me to go to this church she will get back in to life. Even I don’t know the name of the church also. But I got clear address from God in my dream. After few days I asked Jesus what is the difference between these two prayers. He replied that “they are choosen by me. I know about them and you. I know where to bring you. This is the right place and right way to reach me to heaven.” I don’t know anything about Bible and Jesus till then. But is god’s words are wrong? How can you blame them. Don’t do sin with your tongue, it takes you to hell. Revenge is not humans it a part of Jesus. You can’t judge anyone. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. I am sincere to my Jesus as well as my profession. Because before I gave medicine I prayed God to heal them with his power and not with my medicine. No medicine can bring life to anyone except Jesus. I trust him as well as my profession.

      • Please read all your own earlier comments in this session and analyse yourself, then you can understand all the incoherent sentences without any scriptural backing exclusivity of all TPM fanatics. Earlier you said did medicine heal the sick, now you claim before I give medicine I pray. Good. Almost all the doctors (including my daughter) do the same.

        My father was a Physio Therapist with Indian Army. He was the last one left the Ambala Hospital with patients to New Delhi before the entire hospital was bombarded by Pakistan in 1965 war. I heard from him that since number of patients were so much, they have decided to shift the entire patient. Otherwise my father would have died in 1965. I know very well that, that particular decision was the result of my mother’s prayers. My father died in 1999 and mother in 2007. My mother’s death date and father’s funeral date falls on the same date ie, 12 November.

        You are talking about dreams and other things, this is the response all the scripturally illiterate TPM fanatics. Do you think only TPM people will go to heaven? Since you prescribe medicines that can have side effects don’t you think you are doing a malicious work. Then you wash your filthy hands by giving more titches to white clad frauds which they shamelessly accept (pun intended). Being a doctor, instead of making them prone to other sickness through your prescription why don’t you allow them to (die). With this attitude you cannot be sincere to the Jesus whom I know and your profession. You can have since your Jesus doesn’t have any part in the true Bible.

        In one of your earlier comments you said God clothed Adam and Eve. Please give me the references from Bible since I don’t have any idea of it.

        Did Jesus say that you should not judge? Luke 12:57, “Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?

        • Yesterday while I was discussion something with a TPM Septuagenarian, I told him still Jesus appears before many Muslims in different parts of the world. We can get all these information in the weekly discussion available in Then he said, Jesus is not appearing instead the angels are coming as Jesus and tell the people that I am Jesus. Then I asked him will angels tell lies? He is so much brainwashed that he could even think of such a question. Then immediately he did a turn around and said it is Holy Spirit. This is the condition of TPM people. They can never think anything beyond what is blurting out of TPM white clads. May GOD open the physical and spiritual eyes of these people.

        • See in Gen 3:21 God make coats of skin and clothed them to Adam and Eve. I am asking that many are doing cruel things in this world. But why are you pointing these group. Because those who blamed them are opp to Jesus. Not for them. What use of this. If they will do miracles in revival days means, what can you do? You don’t know your life time. May be nobody knows. Why increasing enmity. If you can enter into heaven with this cruel mind. Did Jesus accept you? You are not bringing out people from TPM saints but from the Jesus. You can’t get forgive from God. I don’t like to debate. But it’s my burden of heart. Increased day by day. No one can change one’s stubborn with words except prayer. May God deliver you from this evil spirit.

  13. When did God clothe them with coats of skin? After they ate the forbidden fruit. Before that what was their condition? Please, don’t try to evade or twist the scripture according to your own convenience. You are comparing this incident of Adam with undefiled Adam. Doctor, my humble request is that read the scripture without TPM lens. Then you will understand the bible better and clearly. Since you have ransomed your salvation to these white clad frauds you cannot think anything beyond the words of these so called TPM saints.

    //Because those who blamed them are opp to Jesus.// Are these human beings are Jesus or above Jesus? //I am asking that many are doing cruel things in this world.// Do these people claim we only will go to heaven? Will you and your white clad frauds enter heaven with this type of attitude where God told you that you are the only chosen ones.

    Doctor, I want to tell you something which I told to many of your white clad frauds including Pastor Jude. If any of these white clad frauds enter heaven, then my God is an unrighteous God. But Bible says God is righteous, hence none of them will go to heaven. Hence there is no chance of them going to haven. Since the God is compassionate God may be 1 or 2% of the believers go to heaven. I am telling it one basis of bible.

    By the way, I want an answer from you for a specific question which I asked many TPM fanatics. Nobody could answer me. Are there 2 groups of people inside the church, ie, saints and believers? If it is yes, please give me scriptural backing. If no, which is the group is available in the church? I know you won’t answer it since you don’t know it neither your saints will never discuss it. Another question, thieves on the cross were baptised or not?

    Once I told famous Malayalam TPM preached Jose Karackal (he is one of the most bizarre preacher) that TPM church believers have the least bible knowledge among all the Pentecostal churches in India. I have this concern, I don’t want anyone of you to perish your soul.

  14. For first question there are two groups in church. Saints and believers. In Jesus period he preached many daily. But who got his power? Who got more revelation? Who followed him upto end? Did believers? Only disciples. Who did miracles? Who died as martyies forsake of Jesus. Even Jesus preached to all he revealed many secrets to disciples only. Tithes is the rule and command of Jesus in Bible. They are preaching the same. They are not asking 50% yes. Anyone shall see that how much we are givingwhen we are giving tithes. If they are doing wrong means Bible verse is also wrong. We have to rewrite that. Group, preachers and believers are not started by humans but from Jesus only. He send his disciples to go to many places to tell gospel. Why he didn’t send believers. Why he didn’t tell any secret to them? For second question thieves on cross are not baptized but one thief went to heaven. You know in secret coming children were taken first but we are not giving baptism to small ones. This was in Bible. And Jesus said I am the word, do even it was not written in Bible. He said that the thief was with him in paradise. I think no need to write this one in Bible. Because he is the way, truth and life. Taking baptism is also his command. So many were doing. But one thing is true. No body knows who will be in heaven, until his coming. Only one thing we have to do. Following his two rules. Love others and he is only God. Don’t worship others. We have no rights to blame others. God leads me here so, I am here. No issue of place. But need character like Jesus is must and should. Don’t lose your soul

      • I no need anyone’s help. Because I am not hiding I am transperant. I got every help from my Jesus. My soul is protected by him.

    • @ Ammu….ullu
      //But one thing is true. No body knows who will be in heaven, until his coming.//
      Have you said this in your sane mind? I am shocked….I heard MT Thomas telling (recently in the funeral service in Bangalore) that only TPM can make you go in the coming of Jesus, because TPM ministry is glorious ministry. If you as TPMite say that no one knows who will be in heaven ….its blasphemy…because many of your TPM dreamers and trance goers have been to heaven and seen ur former chief pastors and many of ur ex white clads sitting in heaven.

    • @ Amm….ullu

      Please answer this ….
      Are your TPM saints Believers?
      If not then who are the ones called as Believers in TPM?
      And what do they believe?

    • @Ammulu
      My advice, start listening to British American preachers. It will open your eyes slowly. When I was on tpm i used to listen only TPM and then I started listening to preachers outside tpm. I listen to TB Joshua and other south african pastors. But I went deeper in imbecility. Then I switched to white people churches in British like Francis Chan. And my knowledge grew from kg 1 to direct MBBS level.

    • @ammulu
      Are you really a doctor or a pseudo doctor? I could never expect such a blooper attitude from a qualified doctor. What nonsense you are blabbing? How many times Jesus addressed His disciples as saints? Do you think only the disciples were martyred? Was a Stephen a disciple? Do you think after the death of all the disciples nobody is martyred? If you have the courage read “Fox book of Martyrs”. Where is the scriptural backing for all your stupidity? You couldn’t even quote a single verse for your absurd argument. If this is your attitude, you are also heading towards the bottom of the bottomless pit along with your fraudulent so called saints. Once again requesting the bible verses for the existence of 2 groups of people inside church. I don’t want you bla.. bla… I want specific verses from the bible.

      //Tithes is the rule and command of Jesus in Bible.// Do you think by adopting the policy of digress you will be absolved like the approach of your white clad frauds? How many times Jesus talked about dasamsam (titch). Provide bible verses to corroborate your arguments.

      //Group, preachers and believers are not started by humans but from Jesus only.// Oh, You mean Ramankutty is, was or will be Jesus? Being a doctor are you treating the symptoms or the cause? Better to approach one of your psychiatrics and get some treatment for yourself.

      //For second question thieves on cross are not baptized but one thief went to heaven. // Who said? Where is the Bible verse for your argument. With firm authority I can very well prove from the scripture that they were baptised.

      /You know in secret coming children were taken first but we are not giving baptism to small ones.// Why Jesus should come secretly? Give me the reason(s) and bible verse(s) supporting your points?

      //But need character like Jesus is must and should.// Do you think the character of Jesus was bragging. Only we will go to heaven (as per M T Thomas).

      • //With firm authority I can very well prove from the scripture that they were baptised// Brother Franklin, I’m curious where in Scriptures are written about that the 2 thieves were baptized, could you point it out please for everyone’s benefit. Thank You!

      • I didn’t said anyone’s name in my answer. Even I don’t know when pas. MT said like that. But how can you say that Jesus didn’t started groups, preachers and leaders. I didn’t said that Stephen is not disciple. Stephen, Phillips etc are also disciples. How can you say that thieves taken baptism. Proove it. I just saying again and again Jesus himself showed me this fellow ship. I am converted. I trust him. He didn’t said to see any British preachers to improve my knowledge to MBBS. I must decrease he must increase in me. I trust my Jesus words. You can’t overcome even if you fight till your death. Because you are creation he is creator. He won’t lie.

        • @Ammulu,
          You are not taking anyone’s name because either you don’t know the facts or you are scared to to take the names, that doesn’t mean that you are righteous or innocent. 1 Cori.4:4, “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.” Remember, when the Lord judges you won’t be able escape like this by giving weird replies. Why don’t you read the comment of Liberated where he is very clearly mentioned about M T Thomas preaching while conducting the funeral of those people died in the accident.

          Can you tell me, was the death of Jesus preplanned by God? If yes give the scriptural backing. If no, tell me the reasons also from bible. After receiving your answer I will tell you whether Jesus started the group or not?

          //How can you say that thieves taken baptism. Proove it.// If I proove that the thieves were baptised, will you end your unscriptural relationship with white clad frauds?

          //I just saying again and again Jesus himself showed me this fellow ship. I am converted.// In one of my earlier comments I mentioned about the TPM explanation of your experience. Will you stick to your version or will you change to the official version of TPM?

  15. Dear Dr.,
    It is clear from your thread that you have not even started reading the gospels. Forget the rest of epistles and NT books after that. You are just going by the filth you heard from the TPM pulpit. As per James 2:19 all devils are strong believers. Sad that you don’t even know the great commission.
    If God led you to TPM years back, know that it was just to start your walk with him in KG-1 standard. Now even after so many years if you are still there means you are spiritually retarded. Would you be happy if your children or siblings be in same class for many years and not progress.
    Unless you have the sincere thirst to know him and then realise your deplorable state, you will never be motivated to get out and progress your salvation. If by now you still believe that you are right, there is no hope for you really!!
    With care and concern let me caution you that till there is breath in your nostrils, you have every opportunity to repent, unlearn all the TPM DDT, devour the scriptures and get out of this CULT. Of the million ways to hell there is no one way out.
    Reckon that you will be judged by all the corrections you have read here..there will be no running away or excuses.

  16. In your opinion which fellowship leads me kg-1 to college. Tell me. From born to death you are living with the same parents. You are with same family. Increasing from kg to college is inner matter. Can’t see outward. How can you say I am in same. Jesus himself said that I came to fulfill the will of father. Everything in his life happened by the will of God. Even his birth was written in old testament means death also decided by father. That’s why Herod Came to know that savior of this world born by the scriptures. Do you know when you are going to die? Isn’t Jesus knows? You are concentrating on TPM believers and saints etc… But read Bible and ask God directly to reveal the truth. Promisely I said you one thing before attending meetings of church god revealed me many things. In that I will tell you one. Noah made a ark for 300 years nearly. But it was used for 40+150 days. That’s all, same like he is making us for nearly 2000 years but result will be twinkle of an eye.

  17. @dr. Ammulu
    ////#How can you say I am in same.

    Because you tell that you remain in the same family from kg to college. The persons whom u follow are not even taking care of their family ! They follow corban which Jesus was angry about , iam quoting from Mark 7:11-13
    11 But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is Corban (that is, devoted to God)— 12 then you no longer let them do anything for their father or mother. 13 Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.”
    Does Jesus specify anything that there are two categories of people and for the sake of ministry they must not take care of parents ? Actually he is angry on such practices and condemning Pharisees and teachers of the law. The same thing your TPM whiteclads are doing and you cannot understand though you are a doctor by profession ! How will God give you dream to join a group of people whose do not follow the gospel ?
    Mathew 7:24 Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
    I have a question for you . How will distinguish between visions of satan and holyspirit ? Please answer me !
    Surya K

  18. Can you explain, what you mean when you say, “neither Jesus whispered” about anything regarding Zion below the text of Zechariah 8:3? Is this conclusion based on your literary analysis of the New Testament or a personal revelation you received or through some other means?

    Are you asking preachers or teachers to omit or skip details about Zion during their preaching or teaching even if they have a leading or urge from the Spirit of God to talk or speak about it?

    • It means Jesus never even mentioned of any Zion like how TPM teaches. Can you show me even one instance where Jesus taught any such thing?

      //Are you asking preachers or teachers to omit or skip details about Zion during their preaching or teaching even if they have a leading or urge from the Spirit of God to talk or speak about it?

      The question here is, Which is the SPIRIT that brings this TPM Zion Teaching? Show me one place where Jesus or his Apostles Taught about Zion as taught by TPM.

      • Whatever mentioned in Revelation chapter 14 verses 1 to 5 – would you consider this as something Jesus revealed to John?
        Would the content in Revelation chapter 14 verses 1 to 5 fall under the “whispered category” or “not whispered by Jesus category” or what category?
        Would you consider the content in Revelation chapter 14 verses 1 to 5 as something revealed by Jesus to John for every Christian believers to know? or Do you consider this (Revelation chapter 14 verses 1 to 5) a revelation not provided by Jesus and are we expected to simply ignore this?
        At the beginning of the book of Revelation it is written in verse 3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

        • It’s ridiculous that people do not understand the difference between Christian Doctrine and cultic interpretation of Symbolic Revelation Passages. God Bless your heart.

  19. Hi all ,

    there is a good news ..

    our dear brother Rohith , br tejus younger sibling . left the TPM ministry , thank you for all your prayers . he is an intellectual and God saved him from the captivity of tpm .
    i dont have complete details , admin could you please shed some light on this .
    bro rohiths departure make a big impact on tpm .

  20. Ever since I became a Christian, I have thought that the best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbors was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times. I had more than one reason for thinking this. In the first place, the questions which divide Christians from one another often involve points of high Theology or even of ecclesiastical history, which ought never to be treated except by real experts. And secondly, I think we must admit that the discussion of these disputed points has no tendency at all to bring an outsider into the Christian fold. So long as we write and talk about them, we are much more likely to deter him from entering any Christian communion than to draw him into our own. Our divisions should never be discussed except in the presence of those who have already come to believe that there is one God and that Jesus Christ is His only Son.

    There are questions at issue between Christians to which I do not think we have been told the answer. There are some to which I may never know the answer: if I asked them, even in a better world, I might (for all I know) be answered as a far greater questioner was answered: ‘What is that to thee? Follow thou Me.’

    When two Christians of different denominations start arguing, it is usually not long before one asks whether such-and-such a point ‘really matters’ and the other replies: ‘Matter? Why, it’s absolutely essential.’

    If I have not directly helped the cause of reunion, I have perhaps made it clear why we ought to be reunited. Certainly, I have met with little of the fabled odium theologicum from convinced members of communions different from my own. Hostility has come more from borderline people whether within the Church of England or without it: men not exactly obedient to any communion. This I find curiously consoling. It is at her center, where her truest children dwell, that each communion is really closest to every other in spirit, if not in doctrine. And this suggests that at the center of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergencies of belief, all differences of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks with the same voice.

    • @C.S.Lewis – Your argument holds good for Christians. In this case, TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC is a CULT and is in no way Christian. You can compare it to the Mormons or JWS.


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