This is a play written with the purpose of showing the arrogant attitude of the TPM Chief and his cohorts. We are giving a sarcastic view of a scenario when God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group. The controlling nature of the chief and his manipulative attitude towards the people are what we are trying to focus on.

How communications worked in ancient times?

Back in ancient times, people communicated through LETTERS written by hands. David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it by the hand of Uriah (2 Sam 11:14). King of Syria wrote a letter to the king of Israel (2 Kings 5:5).  Enemies of Israel wrote a letter to King during times of Ezra (Ezra 4:7, 11). Prophet Jeremiah wrote letters to captives (Jeremiah 29:1). God asked John to write 7 LETTERS to churches of Asia. So letters were means of communication all throughout human history until the later part of the 20th Century.

When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group
When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group

We now live in altogether different times. We have new modes of communication like telephone, TV broadcasts, and mobile applications like Whatsapp. Imagine what it would be like if God has his personal mobile number and he begins to talk with us on Whatsapp. How would communication between God and his people go? We have an imagined chat between God from two perspectives. The first chat is between God and fromtpm. The second one is between God and the Tpm Chief(s) in a TPM Group. 

Chat Between God and

Fromtpm: @ God, I had enough

God: Why are you so troubled dear FROMTPM child?

Fromtpm: Just like the SDA and LDS, the cult of TPM also continues without any repentance. They keep getting worse despite all efforts by good men to expose these. Except for a few, whom we are able to pull out of the fire, most people remain glued in their delusion. 

God: Do you remember my servant Elijah’s sorrows?  

Fromtpm: Are you talking about 1 Kings 19:4

God: Yes! In his days too, people were enchanted by the false religion of Jezebel.  

Fromtpm: That’s exactly my point! If Elijah’s miraculous bringing of fire from heaven could not open the eyes of your people Israelites, then what hope do I have?

God: Do you remember the sorrow of my servant Moses?

Fromtpm: Are you talking about Numbers 11:14?

God: Yes and No. It’s not only in the book of Numbers, but they saw my miracles all through the book of Exodus. But in the end, my servant Moses too grew tired when he saw no change in the people.

Fromtpm: You remind me of words in the bible in Ecclesiastes 1:10 that there is nothing new in the world.

God: Do you remember the sorrow of my servant Jeremiah? 

Fromtpm: Yes Lord, I understood your point. No matter whom you sent, the people never changed?                                

God: Do you remember that my own son Jesus prayed to me in tears in Garden of Gethsemane?  

Fromtpm: Ah Lord! Now I got your point. The point is that you keep sending your messengers and they preach your words of warning and correction. But people never change. And in the end, your sent ones get tired of not seeing a change but you Lord never give up.

God: Yes exactly!       

Fromtpm: Lord, I am amazed by your relentless love for people! I remember Spurgeon who said that God is like a doctor, who stitches the wounds of his patient. Patient tries in all his madness to run away from doctor. Mad as he is, this patient will tear his wounds and the stitches made by doctor and run away and away.

Fromtpm continues….But the Doctor would soon catch the mad man and apply medicines to his wounds and stitch the wounds again. The mad man would keep running and the doctor would not give up. Human messengers like Moses, Aaron, and other prophets serve you and die, but your love is irresistible and relentless. What a great love you have for the dying humanity.  

God: I will see you later.

Fromtpm: Ok Sure God! See you soon! Bye

God: I will return quickly. Until then keep watch!

Chat Between God and TPM Chief / Devotees

Go through this video and you will know the attitude and the stiffneck of the TPM Chief and his devotees.

When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group
When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group


The stiff-necked chief did not even understand the gravity of the situation when God left him and his group desolate. Sons of Eli will never understand till many people die in their own church.

And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.

1 Sam 4:21

The Chief of TPM is so arrogant that he does not realize that the second wave of Covid-19 is God’s way of getting the blind TPM Devotees out of his clutches. God is waiting for these people to call upon him directly after cutting off the controlling hand of the Chief.


We have used android apps that are freely available on the internet to create this kind of imaginary chat. It may appear humorous, but our message behind it is, serious. I hope our readers understand.

Now with such technologies readily available at our disposal, there are certain things that we would like to clear. First, that there is a possibility of faking a chat. As we expose white-washed sepulchers of The Pentecostal Mission, as we have done in past, we are very careful that we don’t indulge in furnishing fabricated news. We fear God and take utmost care before publishing any news.

Charlatans at The Pentecostal Mission are sure to latch in such excuses to defend their butts when we expose them. But let us highlight to our readers that unlike the authorities in the world, who actually hire technical consultants to verify whether the leaked chat records are fabricated or not, TPM charlatans without any technical consultancy straight away deny the charges leveled at them. An honest man will look into all aspects and make his judgment transparent.  It is sad that foolish fanatics believe every excuse these charlatans make, instead of demanding a factual investigation.

At last, we surrender our work in the hands of God and let him work through our articles to open the eyes of deluded followers of this mission! May God bless you!

End of “When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group”


  1. Dear All

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  2. They are not satisfied at the chief seats of the synagogue. They even want your bedrooms. Just take a look at this picture. I pity the bride and groom. Just run away from this cult.


    • This blood bath white clads are always like this only. They will spoil the entire mood of the place. I think bridegroom cant even enjoy first night. After such a marrage impact.

    • Have not you all read in book of Moses, your firstborn, first-fruits all belong to God. That is why first right to sit on wedding chair belong to saints. Just like they first sanctify our salary when we take it straight from office to faithhome, just like they bless our car, when we go from shop straight to pastor for prayer over new car, Just like we invite saints in new house, so what wrong if they get first chance to sit on our wedding chair?

      Not only wedding chair, but first right to all our wedding gifts also belong to saints. I told akka the first wedding gift that I get on my marriage I give to you. She become happy. Then she thinking and telling me “no no no. What if first gift you get on your wedding is small white envelope with 25 Rs ? What will I do with 25 Rs..? So she tweaked this rule a little by her divine revelation. She said, Not first gift but biggest wedding gift you receive, you give to me.” I happily said ok.

      Also she teaching me that I should give ten percent of all money spent on my marriage to saints. Also 10% of money spent on honey moon package to be given to akka. Then my honeymoon also blessed. In each and every thing first we put saints.. When we do wedding shopping we buy new clothes for pastor Ammachi elder brother. First wedding card we invite pastor. Then all rest of wedding card we use to invite relative. First food plate in wedding buffet, we throw on pastors face. He very hungry. Large stomach he has. Like that food also blessed if we give first to saints.

      Akka telling me, don’t cheat. I am accounts sister. I will personally keep an eye on how much gifts you recieving, how much money you spend on wedding for all that you first give me account.

      She teach me more deeper things from bible. All those I teach you later.

  3. Does anybody know the official and the unofficial stand of TPM w.r.t. Divine Healing vs Covid vaccine?

    Are conventions revolutionized these days to adapt social distancing and minimum hygiene protocols or is there a ban on mega events temporarily until further notice?

  4. There is a lock up in irumbuliyr
    no one is allowed inside
    no blood bath white clads are planning to vaccine themselves
    soon blood bath white clads are going to die
    some deaths are uncounted inside the irumbuliyur
    because of buriel ground is very near
    now days police dont have a count of deaths happening
    covid 19 is for sure inside irumbuliyur

  5. No brother and sisters were allowed to step outside the faithhomes
    My mother expired on 15 – 5 – 2021
    no brother and sisters came to conduct the funeral
    instead sunday school headmaster came conducted the funeral only in residence
    not even a one song

    • We are sorry for your mother. May her soul rest in peace. In some locals they attend rich believers funeral despite covid. But in mega centers believers are left alone to bury their dead family members. But they can attend weddings no problem.

  6. Sorry to hear the news from John Ebenezar KS brother that his beloved mother passed away on 15 th May.My condolences to the beloved brother and his entire family
    These are the days that we live in and God knows every iota of our days how we spend.the time there in
    Thanks to the Sunday School head master,and his bravery for conducting the funeral service.
    COVID19 revealed us the true colours of these white class.
    End days have come to this Cult for its soon closure.


  7. It is heard that Kottarakkara faith home has been sealed by authority for violating the covid protocol. It is heard that Pastor Josephkutty has broken social distancing norm by conducting holy communion followed by hugging. Somebody informed it to the police, hence police sealed the place. Is it true?

  8. Good Hearted brothers and sisters. This message is regarding the monetary help. I was born and brought up in ceylon pentecostal mission. My father and mother brought me up very sincerly in the church. I lost my father last year august and mother last week in divine healing. I take medicines. I dont believe in divine healing. Everyday morning I used to keep in mind and recite the saying ” We are being cheated by this poisionious doctrines. No sisters and brother came to sing even one song in the funerals. Feel cheated. Good Hearted brothers and sisters in this forum. Please do any monetary help during this pandamic times. My google pay number: 8778576942. I will be grateful in my life.

  9. After read this article “ When God blessed Whatsapp and Joined TPM Group“.
    Remind me of , an incident when I was in TPM cult teaching in SG . SG tpm created a what’s app group chat. As a child of God , I love sharing the living word of God in the group chat. Than one day , amachi Sharon and a few of amachi supporters ( Jalal’s family) ,with their evil mouth , make fun and also criticised to me saying . “ you are not SOG . You don’t send any words of God inside the group chat”. My heart was so disheartened. I immediately came out from the group chat .
    One day , I asked amachi Sharon , for bible reference pertaining to my question. Unfortunately with her low IQ as a sog , she couldn’t answer to my question off hand …
    So my question is who is the real the SOG ?

    TPM are controller freaks….

    • Majority of the TPM SOG, their understanding of the Bible is based on the doctrine books. They can’t answer your questions beyond their doctrine. Now Bro.Teju is the TPM hero, he quotes from other sources and then mingle up with the so called doctrine of Zion and Jerusalem

  10. Dear all.
    ceylon pentecostal mission is going to “dead end’. Most of the beliver’s have understood that no use of going to the church. Another important is no white clad is willing to inject the covaxin or covishield. This attitude will make them end their life within few days. Soon we shall except end card to cpm. There is going to be end for this notorious groups.


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