Are you a Victim of TPM Abuse? Look at the picture below. What do you see? You see a ship floating in the air. It is famously known as “Flying Dutchman.”  This Flying Dutchman is the symbol of TPM Gaslighting. Let us evaluate.

Are you a Victim of TPM Abuse?
Are you a Victim of TPM Abuse?

The Phenomenon

It was believed (myth in the early 18th century) that the crew of the ship was a ghost. We know it now as an optical illusion! This optical illusion is caused by the bending of light waves. The Ship sails in water like a normal ship, but due to hot and cold air, light waves bend and it appears to the onlooker that the ship is hovering in the air. Similarly, there are many other illusions in this world.

The point is that things aren’t necessarily as they appear at the surface. A victim of TPM abuse may not sound to us as the external situations reveal to us. We may need to read between the lines and connect the dots to know the truth.

The Story from a Novel

I happened to go through a story last night (web-series on Hot-star Disney) and it made me ponder.  Let me guide you through the plot.

A married woman stabs her husband. Then she dials the hospital number to inform them about her wounded husband. Before the hospital staff arrives, the woman leaves her home with her husband lying in bed in a half-dead state. A few hours later she (the woman who stabbed her husband with a knife) is caught by the police and taken to custody.

The Police record her statement and she with great remorse accepts that she has indeed stabbed her husband. She says sorry! Prima Facie, the case appears like an Open and Shut Case. There is a murder and the culprit has accepted it.

Moreover, the woman is also found to be pregnant with a child of an extramarital affair with her doctor. If this is not enough, the woman had been to the house of the doctor immediately before she stabbed her husband. So we have a motive and a murder. All revealed to us before our naked eyes. Further, she also dialed the insurance company before stabbing her husband. What do you think from the information available? An Open and Shut Case. Right?

The Curious Verdict

An outsider makes a claim that the woman is not guilty of the murder. How does that sound to you? Who in the world can rescue her when she herself has accepted her crime? Fallen in her own eyes, is there something more to this that she herself doesn’t know? Is there a savior for her about whom she has no information?

The Story after the Investigation

As the story unravels, the investigation reveals that the woman was the victim of domestic abuse, which she herself was unable to recognize. The woman wept and accepted her crime because she was not in a state to recognize that she was indeed a victim. She was manipulated to always think of herself as a deficient person.

She was manipulated by her husband (who is murdered now) to a very extreme level, that she always used to think that she is the sick one and therefore needs some treatment. This is called gaslighting in psychology. In such cases, the abuser cunningly abuses the victim in such a manner that the victim fails to realize that she is being abused. But contrary to it, she feels that he loves her and takes care of her in order to heal her. Such victims are made to believe that suffering is the path to healing.

In the story, we realize that her husband used to tell her pathological lies about her weakness and thus sucked all her confidence, making her desperate without him. She was humiliated and at the same time love bombarded. Her manipulative husband also cut off her ties with her family, lying to her that her family does not want to meet her. At the same time, he told her family that she does not want to talk with them.

Now she became totally dependent on her manipulative husband. Then in the eyes of the world, he made himself a gem of a person who is willing to go the extra mile to take care of his sick wife. But behind the closed doors, he used to abuse her forcibly and present his acts to her as her punishment for her weakness, needed to heal her.  

She knew that something was wrong, yet she was never able to sense and identify it. Lines between love and abuse were so mixed-up that the victim remained confused. Frustrated, and looking for some ray of hope, situations so unfold, that one day, she commits a sin with her male psychiatrist.

A few months later, she realizes that she was pregnant with the Doctor’s child. On the day she visits his psychiatrist to inform him. Later on, she returns home and takes a knife in order to kill herself.

Shocked and ashamed at this continual abuse, and realizing that the world will come to know what was happening with her behind closed doors (afraid to disclose her sexual abuse). It is fact that most women never disclose the abuse they undergo because of shame. In fact, she had only dialed the insurance company to know how much money her daughter would get if she killed herself.

Initially, it was reported that she stabbed her husband but later we realized that her motive to take the knife in her hand was to kill herself. As she takes the knife to kill herself, situations change. Seeing her husband coming towards her with abusive intent, she sleeps over the knife to hide it. As her husband is trying to rape her, a struggle ensues and he gets stabbed accidentally.

As the court is presented with all these extra pieces of information (because of investigations), the judge reduces her punishment to merely one year, (realizing that she had never intended to kill).

Now going back to where the story began and read it from the beginning and you will realize that mere visible information can be misleading. Surface level data revealed that she is a depressed woman (treated by psychiatrist), who has killed her husband and accepted her crime with tears in her eyes. But now after the in-depth information is made available, the view changes. Her only crime was the accidental affair with the doctor.

Rest all was how situations unfolded against her. She was a victim of years and years of gaslighting and abuse which she underwent. Someone was required to question her and extract information to know the truth. That can only come after we remove her shame to divulge what she was hiding. It is only then she herself realizes what was happening with her. This is not just a fantasy story but as I told earlier, this is what is known as gaslighting in psychological terms. 

Gaslighting of TPM Sisters

As I watched this story undfold, I felt that the story has a striking resemblance to the abuses inside TPM. Narcissist leaders of TPM manipulate/abuse junior sisters mentally/physically behind the closed doors of faith-home that many TPM sisters are ashamed to disclose the torture they undergo inside. Sisters are also love bombarded and made to believe that suffering is the way to glory. They are made to believe God is leading them through this path, to make them perfect.

Just like the abusive husband in the story above had cut off all ties of the woman with her dear ones, TPM also cuts off all relatives from these workers. They do so to control the information that goes out. They want to make the victim feel helpless and lonely. They have to endure and be dependent on abusive TPM.

It is out of shame and confusion they fail to recognize the abuse on account of false love shown to them. Many sisters never disclose this trauma to their families. In the end, situations so unfold, that such depressed, confused, and lonely sisters, in search of some external hope, commit some mistake (maybe an affair). Then just to evade all this, they are left with no other option than to elope (just like the woman in the above story thought of committing suicide).

Are you a Victim of TPM Abuse?

As they elope, TPM which has always presented itself as a loving caring husband to these victim workers then labels the traumatic workers as backslidden, fallen, and evil ones. Outside TPM, these ex-workers have lost all their self-esteem(being gas-lighted, ashamed of their mistake, failure, and public shame).  They are never able to diagnose that they are victims of systematic abuse.

Gaslighting Steps

  • Presenting victim as depressed/weird in eyes of the world.
  • Cutting relationship of victim with their world
  • Making the victim completely dependent
  • Love bombarding victim and abusing at the same time(confusing victim with love and abuse)
  • Manipulative/ Controlling/ dominating who must be pleased and obeyed (abusing victim)
  • This goes on and on until something evil happens.


This article is written not for the general public. We are trying to give hope to a few of the victims of TPM abuse, who can relate to the experience of the woman in the story above. Many workers come out of TPM, due to gas-lighting they undergo in the so-called ministry. Outside of TPM, they feel traumatically tormented, depressed, and confused.

I am not saying all criminals outside TPM (who get caught for sexual misconduct) are not “not guilty”. All I am saying is that like the investigators in the story above, (who delved into the depths of the case), Jesus Christ will someday, delve into the depths of individual cases and have mercy on you (even though these workers who had left TPM, might feel fallen in their own eyes).

The world of TPM may call you an outcast, but there is always hope in our advocate Jesus Christ. Amen!  

This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.

Rom 2:16


  1. This article is an answer to the cry of my heart! It’s picture-perfect of what actually goes on behind the scenes! There’s a good show of godliness externally and the believers are deceived into thinking that these are saints who are Zion-bound, the most holy place in heaven, and they feel privileged to be led by these saints. However, only when you join this cult ministry and work as a junior (mostly as a junior sister), do you realize how deceiving this system truly is! In my experience and God is my witness, I worked very hard to please the so-called elders but nothing was ever enough. We, junior sisters, were given an unreasonable amount of work to do….cooking and cleaning to perfection. One of the many examples that I can give is one day the senior sister in my faith home took off all the burners of the stove and found a small dark spot and scolded me for not taking all the burners apart every day to clean because I had done that then the spot wouldn’t have been there. I remember feeling very discouraged because I realized nothing I do will ever be enough. My day started at 6 am with morning praising & prayers, straight to the kitchen until late afternoon or evening….cooking and cleaning. No matter how much scrubbed and perfect the place looked, one spot was enough to spark a fight. I was made to feel guilty that I lack the “grace of God” to keep up with the faith homework. This senior sister told me that I’m living in the flesh because I lack the power of the spirit of God to live a supernatural life and have the strength to keep up with all the work that she was bombarding me with. In the beginning, I accepted her criticisms and worked harder and harder until my body became so sick and my brain was affected by all this torture. God is my witness…I’m not saying any of these things because of self-pity or bitterness. I’m praying for God to give a deep repentance to all these cruel senior workers. May God open their eyes and create a Christ-like character in them! My message to them is that it is not their job to sanctify these junior workers. Their job is be a Christ-like example to their juniors. They should evaluate their works by their fruits. If the juniors are getting discouraged and physically sick under them, surely they are not doing the work of God!
    I’m also praying for God to set the captives free! I know that by sharing my experiences, I will be accused of being bitter or telling lies but it’s perfectly ok. I’m just doing my part to spread awareness that by any means if I could only save one soul from being deceived, it will be well worth it! I lost 12 years to this cult. There are other ex-workers who, even after years of exiting this system, have not recovered mentally! I don’t want the worst of my enemies to go through what we went through in the name of God! Please do the kindness of sharing this article…just in case it may open some eyes to the reality of TPM!!!

    • I grew up in the NTC in Newark and I always wondered why the sisters did so many chores and just so much work in general. They looked exhausted and I felt so bad for them. The believers are truly blinded and are being led by people who honestly have lost their way. I hope people who are still there will open their eyes.

  2. Today akka teach me spiritual truth she learned in ministry.

    One day she got chance to meet chief pastor. She complaint about Ammachi. But chief pastor very wise man. He smiling smiling and then he tell akka.

    In world, many husband physically abuse ladies in home. Many in-law also torturing wife in many houses. They beat women, demand her to bring money from her father mother house. Like this experience happening in faithhome also. We also have many husband like pastors and also ammachi like mother-in-laws. Such ministers will so much abuse little little sister, to make them experience hell on earth, hell in kitchen and hell in faith home. But remember god bringing such workers in our life with plan and purpose. Like this chief pastor teaching to aka who made complaint.

    So today akka teaching me that we should not open our mouth . It true that many wordly NGO fight for domestic violence against women. But our tpm NGO not like that. Our sister taught not open their mouth. If we die in torture we will reign in glory..

    After I learn this precious truth, from akka, I get one question. I ask akka, Why only little sister getting privilege of suffering. Why not make center pastor and chief pastor life hell in faith home.. Do not they want to enter glory? Then why only junior life become hell? Why not we mentally and physically abusing to chief pastor in order to make him get more glory in heaven?

    Aka on hearing this become angry. She not talk to me. What I do now?

  3. Wonderful and eye opening article for all TPM believers. The word Depressed is very commonly used by amachi Sharon in Singapore. This remind us that Abraham Mathew has not done investigating on Joshua’s matter in Singapore and the investigation will never be done.
    Latest news from Singapore Daniel jalal fall sick after massaging Joshua’s legs.

  4. Completely agree with the Admin on this. One way people are systematically manipulated is by cherry picking and hammering various Bible verses and manipulating its interpretations to suit the needs of the person/organization. Certain topics like Obedience, Submission and backsliding are over emphasised and hence those hearing it think that they are obeying and submiting to God when they’re actually being manipulated to obey the chain of command. When the lines between God and man are blurred, manipulation is easy and thus, those within the organization fail to realize that they’re trapped and are being used as slaves to please their masters in the flesh. When the word of God is misused and twisted to justify whatever they do, blind followers accept whatever is told to them without checking to see if that is what God actually said.
    Only if people actually read the Bible to understand what God really says and stop accepting everything they hear verbatim from the pulpits, they would be saved!

  5. Am mentally abused by TPM ministers and believers. I lost my mom being in TPM.she died of divine healing doctrine..i am suffering a lot. I feel the trauma very much. I feel like hopeless. But Jesus is not leaving him. But i wonder why it happened to us. We lost our wealth to TPM. But losing mom is worst. No way to get back her. I feel like killing myself. I have come out of tpm 7 months back

    • @Debo
      Because many of the readers of this website have never been through such experience, they cannot grasp the intensity of daily trauma you people go through. I assume that many ex-workers of tpm, who return to their home empty-handed with no career, no future, no skill, and rejected by society, must be God’s reminder to Christians about the suffering of saint Job. At least job had few friends but most ex-workers of tpm (especially unmarried sisters), have not even a single friend to share their pain. They remain buried under the weight of their own pain. They have no one other old-aged parents who live on pension funds. Uncertain what to do next, where to go their future is dark. But sadly the moron believers of tpm have no sympathy for their pain. Contrary to empathy, they look down on dejected souls and yet such a blind bunch of morons assumes that they are close to God!! They think God is happy with them for fueling this wicked institution. No wonder people who are sensitive turn to atheism looking at the religion of such morons. Yes, I certainly believe God will punish athiests , but the damnation on religious morons of tpm will be ten times more. In the last day God will do justice, but untill then life is extremely difficult for ex-workers. I hope all such ex-workers read this website and atleast try to rectify their tpm’s perverted theology.

    • Hi Debo,

      Very sad to hear what has happened to you. It is unfortunate. Your mom passing away is none of your fault. Please do not blame yourself thinking, “Oh, I could have saved her if only I had done this or that”. In this situation, your mom could have been fully persuaded that dying without taking medical help is the true faith. The teachings/leading from local ministers would have convinced her in a very strong way. You have no power to overcome that belief your mom had, at least not instantly. My mom does the same and I see her get weaker day by day. She refuses to take pills that will maintain her health. I’m speaking to my mom with love, talking to her about the true word of God and the gospel. One truth at a time with every chance I get, without provoking her. You would have had no time to bring your mom to the true light of the Word of God. Bringing someone out of a cult like belief is time consuming. Takes months or even many years. Hence, please do not blame yourself.

      Whenever the Pharisees rejected the true Gospel, held onto their pride, their lust of power, and hurt innocent souls, have you noted what Jesus did? Please read the following verses and read the entire chapter in its context also.

      John 9: 35 – Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God? (Jesus actively sought and found the man who was cast away like a trash by the religious Jews who had control over the synagogue. Jesus personally revealed himself to the cast away man as the Son of God and the man received eternal life by believing in Jesus. There are very few instances mentioned in the bible where Jesus personally reveals that he is the Son of God. One of those precious instances was to this cast away man. Religious leaders who had great knowledge of the Scriptures could not see who Jesus really was. They were blind though they could see very well physically. Their pride, lust for power, being in a deceived state and their merciless heart devoid of love, blinded their inner eye of understanding mercy, truth and judgement. They could not believe, trust and follow the true Son of God. They ended up in hell in a very miserable way).

      Luke 16:15 – but God knoweth your heart (People may teach erroneous doctrines making it appear like the real truth and succeed very well in doing it, gathering large followers. People may show outwardly that they are standing pious for a doctrine and collect a good name for themselves. But God looks at and knows a man’s heart. He knows your heart, it’s pain and He knows how to heal you.)

      Not only the above 2 incidents. But many such incidences are there where Jesus silently sought and found the broken hearted, helpless and the powerless. He revealed his eternal life to such, touched and healed them, gave them his love unconditionally and changed their life forever.

      Jesus Christ searches out for the powerless, helpless, suffering souls and brings light into their life. Jesus will do the same to you and your family! Call upon Him.

  6. @Debo//I lost my mom being in TPM.she died of divine healing doctrine..i am suffering a lot. I feel the trauma very much//

    After reading your brief Testimony,my eyes became wet.Loosing mother is something that nobody could ever expect while we were sailing with this BEASTLY INSTITUTION.
    But never loose your heart dear, Thanks you ‘ve come out of this dungeon like prison cell 7 months ago finally.This is the first VICTORY that the Lord gave you.
    Second battle of yours is, you have to pull up your mental enery levels from entering into trauma that you mentioned.Keep in constant touch with the site articles that ADMN brother carefully dealt all these years.All our prayers are there for you.You will get the right solutions from now on as you keep continue the fellowship us.
    Do not rue nor regret for whatever the past things happened in your faith life.They were to happen–happened anywvay. and God redeemed you finally.
    These past failures are the very stepping stones of success for our future running race.

    HABAKKUK and JOB teach us and agree on one COMMON perspective .That’s God’s sovereignity..
    After loosing everything in his life that was once florishing well,JOB finally relents not to blame anyone but took his shelter under the shadow of His Almighty and the LORD’s sovereign status.Mind you JOB was the man known to have born in the age of conscience .
    He got no Bible for guidance.—only his staunch faith in his SAVIOUR brought him back to normalcy. We are far far better than him in the sense that we are washed in the blood of Jesus.Job’s worldy goods are restored twofold at the end by keeping up his faith.He prayed for his three friends. That was his secret.
    Habakkuk also led a typical life style, Habakkuk 2:20 —But the Lord is in His holy temple.let all the earth keep silence before Him—-.
    We need to rejoice like what Habakkuk did.
    ” Yet I will rejoice in the Lord.I will joy in the Lord of my salvation.” Yes,it was true that our dear ones (the most loving Mom) left us.Yet… yet…we need to regain our strength.
    We need to meet our Saviour too.
    Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.

  7. Thank you for responding me with love. I really dont know how to come out of this trauma. I feel like i cannot live anymore. I question why God took my mom though we were faithful . Atleast He would have spared her from death. Now i feel extremely lonely and i find hard to trust God. Everynight i cant sleep. I feel like no hope for the future for me. Am i the one who is suffering like this being in TPM. I feel ashamed of myself . Why my eyes was blinded and fooled all these days. If only i have read this website earlier, i would have told my mom not to go by divine healing doctrine. At her death bed she said not to go to TPM church though she was a faithful believer to all these TPM doctrines her entire life. I have so much anger towards these white clad witchcraft people. These are not christians at all. These workers are like devils in my eyes. I want to live further for Gods glory. I wish to be healed. But the trauma is not fading away..

    • // Now i feel extremely lonely and i find hard to trust God//
      @ Debo this is a very dangerous statement. Jesus reassures in Mat 10: 29 saying.. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
      Remember Unbelief is a root sin which the deceiver uses as a wedge often through emotional events in our life to create a gap between the Father and us. Never Fall For This Ploy of anxiety, loneliness and Self Pity. All three you will assuredly land you in eternal damnation. How insulting it will be to the Father when one of his sons/daughters will feel that he is lonely without any hope when HE IS RIGHT ON THE THRONE. Now is the time to REPENT knowing that your Father is waiting to hear you acknowledge Him as your sovereign Father and develop that intimate Father & son relationship.
      Get yourself real busy by associating with a local body of Christ and many Christian NGO’s to show forth the Love of Jesus. AN EMPTY MIND IS SATAN’S GREAT WORKSHOP. Flood your thoughts with 1000’s of promises of our Lord. Ask Lord to guide you on your future.
      Once you are through with all this few months later, you will be glad for the brokenness that the Lord ( the master weaver) brought about in your life and how it shaped you better for eternity.
      Know that .. As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.
      Leave you one short exhortation to further strengthen you..

    • @Debo
      @ //Am i the one who is suffering like this being in TPM//

      No brother, many backslider who leave tpm suffer agony. No one marry them. No one job giving them. No one friendship them… They try marry, get baby born but in end they unsuccessful only.. that historical limca book record..

      This like pain, happen to many. My akka telling me, “look how unsuccessful in world he is because he leave high calling. He will be always unsuccessful.

      Akka continue telling me, “Did not our tpm lord offer all power money in world to Jesus himself (Matthew 4:8&9). Jesus also reject our tpm offer. He not ready to become chief Pharisees Saducees Herod, Roman king etc. Jesus reject all offer made by our lord to him on high mountain. What end of Jesus your remember? He die lonely, rejected by all. ”

      Akka telling me, we so powerfully crush our enemy internally, that none of them think in dream to fight tpm. We burn degree, carrer, family, and even energy to live and fight back of spirit of tpm. We tpm very powerful people. ” None of fallen saint getting revelation to study phsycology, theology and other logies to gather skill and strength to fight back. None of them have money power courage to build rehabilitation center.

      Our anointing that works inside tpm, following them who refuse us, till he having last breath in his nostril. Our war with him continue till he ask forgiveness from tpm and return back to eternal destiny we tpm planned for him. Till he enter joyful presence of Heavenly God, we apply all our power to make him desperate and forsake faith. You remember how much we afflicted Job. He also lost hope and he asking for death (Job 3). Like that we made condition of Elijah also when he left offer made by our tpm chief Mother Jeezbel. He Elijah also asking for death.

      We so Powerful …ha…ha…ha… Ho ..ho…ho…..

      Chief Counselor to Chief Pastor
      MS, MTech, MBA in putting salt on burned people

  8. Admin – The other group that you and/or some members of your family attend – IPC – Is it free of any problems or issues that you bring or describe in this site?

    Where do you stand on this matter – is IPC considered a lesser evil or better in any aspects?

  9. Dear Admin.
    This Anonymous wants to be an anonymous like the white clad frauds. Now since he is throttled with the great works and sanctity of TPM frauds he is trying to divert the attention of readers by frivoles questions. An abject surrenderer to the white clad portfolio.

  10. Hey fromtpm kids!!
    Whatever you do, you just can’t stop us.
    Not you, your fooled admin or your imaginative God, by whatever means..!!
    Keep breeding lies. You are our nice time pass.

  11. I heard Pastor Mohan Raj passed away. It was all of a sudden. A very nice person but was being used by this cult.

  12. Today one branch faith home in Malaysia was closed down because majority of the believers had COVID positive

  13. Please don’t worry… The Appachans in Kottarakara centre has assured the laity that none of the Workers are affected by Covid. These are just created stories. So folks just chill.


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