He is absolutely convinced about his incredible correctness. He is fully convinced. Yet such is the nature of intimidation that people are afraid to confront or oppose Samuel“. Want to know more about Samuel John? Continue reading “Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5”. For our archives, please click here.

The Seminar

After the Lunch, we inquired with a few of the clergy about the next programs and knew that there is a seminar. Some of them suggested the Samuel John Seminar. Some did not recommend it. One of them even said that I may not like his style as he is kinda pushy.

The Reporter, Joseph, and Dylan decided to check out the Samuel John Seminar. The room had about 50 people and some of them were coming in along with us. It had already started and Samuel John seemed to be speaking about one of his favourite topics of “DIVINE HEALING“.

Our Conversation at the back seat

While in the seminar, Dylan helped me understand somethings about Samuel John. Samuel was talking as if he has been given the key to allow or disallow people from being resurrected in the rapture. He was saying that people who go to hospitals and get treatment/to consume medicines will not be raptured at the second coming of the Lord.

Reporter: Why does he put forth his argument as if its binding on the people who are listening?

Dylan: He is like that only. He is not going to change. Once Michael Thomas asked him to tone down the way he speaks especially when he is in the Pulpit. However, Samuel gave a blunt reply that he cannot do that as he is delivering the message straight from God and God is not going to agree to that. He has been asked to be Rude by God himself.Poor Michael had to retract back in shame. He does not respect or submit to his elders, but yet he expects his subordinates to submit to him.

Joseph: In funerals, he is the one deciding where the soul of the dead one has gone. He takes over from God and announces at the funeral.

Reporter: Wow, no wonder that he thinks that God is a mafia Don and he has a say in influencing the destiny of the one who is passed away.

Dylan forwarding a clip to me: Listen to this clip when you are free.

Samuel John and his Crazy Doctrines Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5

Dylan after a long Pause: “He is absolutely convinced about his incredible correctness. He is fully convinced. Yet such is the nature of intimidation that people are afraid to confront or oppose him“.

Joseph: But then he is a Hypocrite of the First Class just as many others among the NTC Clergy. He practices double standards without any guilt.

Reporter: Why do you say so?

Joseph: These so-called doctrines which he seems to be speaking very convincingly are only for those who do not have a close relationship with him. It changes the moment, you are one of his relatives or close friends. He will abuse and scold you publicly if you are a commoner. However, if you are one of his close ones, he will not open his mouth.

Reporter: Oh that is a Revelation.

Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5
Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5

Joseph: He condemns people who go to Hospital. Once in Philadelphia, when his own brother Roy was in Hospital, this same Samuel, abandoned the Tarrying meeting and rushed with his wife to attend his brother at the hospital. Everyone was surprised that he left the tarrying meeting to go pray for his brother because according to his zeal, he is supposed to be consecrated and should’ve never left his duty for his brother. If he was not a Hypocrite, he should have condemned his own brother for getting admitted to the hospital as he does for the others.

Reporter: Hmm Reminds me of James Chapter 2 proving that he is Not even a BELIEVER.

My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

James 2:1-4

Joseph: He generally likes those people who exalt him and his ministry. If people exalt him in their testimonies, it’s alright but if they exalt another pastor, they get corrected. The mistakes of his cronies are pardoned and covered up. Basically, he hates those that differ from his opinions. Once a man(one of his favourites) planned and wanted him to conduct his wedding. All preparations were underway. Then just a day before the wedding somebody produced a court certificate that the couple had already married. He was caught by surprise and the marriage was called off. Samuel was still true to his hypocritical self. He will never betray the guy as he was Samuel’s favourite. He kept his mouth shut.

Joseph continues: But they managed to find an IPC pastor on short notice & get it conducted by him while he had no clue that it was against the law. After the wedding when the IPC pastor found out, he was scared that he’ll get in trouble with the law.

Dylan: You probably can Imagine the scene this white-clad would have created if this guy was not a flatterer as was Joel. He even demeans and uses derogatory statements on junior sisters which have caused many mental breakdowns in the Cult. In one such instance, he verbally abused a sister for not getting healed and made it as if it was some sin in her that cause the healing not to happen. He said to the sister “YOU WILL NOT SEE THE COLOR OF HEAVEN” if she doesn’t obey him.


We waited for some time for this stupidity from the Pulpit to end. And once it was over, we walked off greeting the ones we knew and making some new friends too.

While we were exiting, Joseph asked me a question which I have no answer as of now. Maybe Samuel can answer for himself.

Joseph: As per TPM/NTC Doctrine, if you are married, you are not qualified to go to Zion. Do we know where would the TPM/NTC Doctrine place the ones who claim to be clergy but still has the wife tagging along? They proudly announce the eternal destination at Funerals.

Can I know the destinations of the following ones? Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5

  1. Raman Kutty – The Founder of the Cult
  2. Samuel John
  3. Calland Wrong
  4. Shaji M
  5. Manoharan.
  6. Many more…

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

1 Cor 4:5

End of “Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 5

Series to be continued.


  1. Im someone who whole heartedly agrees that TPM is a cult and should be exposed for who they are. However the author of this article is clearly someone who was in the ministry and left. He/she needs to realize that all the ministers that they are criticizing are all blinded just as they once were and acted similarly. It is a bad look to cast stones on an individual instead of blaming the system.

    • Wow. It seems it hurts somebody.
      So you want the author to keep blabbering about the abstract definitions and their anomalies so that it is the System that cultivates it that can be exposed. By that action, these culprits can get out scot-free. Right?

      That is not how the Bible teaches us. If that was the case, we would never have found out the evil works of people in the bible. Nobody would come to know that David committed adultery and murdered Bathsheba’s husband. Neither it was Judas Iscariot who betrayed the Lord, nor it was Abraham who pimped his wife to Pharaoh. The writers of the bible would have been beating around the bush not taking the names. Right?

      I leave you with one verse so that you can think about it and see how John Identified one of the Church Leaders for his evil works.

      9 I wrote to the church, but DIOTREPHES, who loves to be first, will not welcome us. 10 So when I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, spreading malicious nonsense about us. Not satisfied with that, he even refuses to welcome other believers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church. 3 John 1:9-10

      • Which of the authors claims were as similar to murder, adultery, or pimping anyone out?

        These claims were about a man preaching what he whole heartedly believes because hes brain washed by the same system that plenty of poor souls have fallen in trap to. All I am saying is that there is no reason to shame him on a public forum like this along with countless others that have been mentioned so far for doing their job for the system they have fallen into.

        These articles purpose is to shame these people instead of warning about the deception of the system as this sites purpose written below.

        • This article specifically does not deal with Murder, adultery, or pimping per se. You can check the whole site and I am sure you will not be disappointed. You will get those.
          As far as This article is concerned, you could have read and found out it was exposing Favouritism, Hypocrisy, and False Doctrine preaching by one of the Clergy.
          But those elders who are sinning you are to REPROVE BEFORE EVERYONE, so that the others may take warning. 1 Tim 5:20

        • @ Anonymous. Are you kidding? Are they not guilty of murder and abuse? Hundreds of subordinates are suffering under them as we speak. They’re dying a slow death as a result of all the physical and emotional trauma inflicted on them! But why would the TPM believers care as long as it doesn’t affect them?!

  2. Now as Samuel John is a TPM Divine healing Fanatic, Let me ask you one thing. Will this Worker sister be raptured in the coming of the Lord? She was in Agarwal Municipal Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai yesterday for a Medical Checkup and some procedures. God knows what for.We know that it is not possible for her to be there without the explicit approval of the higher-ups.
    Can somebody answer me?


  3. Finally, the truth is coming out with SOME of the cult drama that took place in Philadelphia. If someone who passed away had gone to a doctor’s office or hospital Sam’s wife would not testify at that person’s funeral. In eight years, over fifteen people died while they lived in that church. I know everyone will die one day but what took place there was uncalled for. Most of those people died before their time.
    Sam and his wife will stand before God one day! They definitely don’t know who HE is but they definitely know their doctrines.

    • I agree. I’ve observed the same. Some of these people who died were trying to please Sam with their faith in TPM’s version of Divine Healing, which was not their personal conviction.

  4. brother admin, gd morning just reading your latest blasts in US… brilliant!although this sister worker is in Mumbai seeing a doctor for checkup, & while these tpm hypocrites clergies are seeing doctors, they are preaching boldly on divine healing.. what jokers are they! haha.. just amazes me that the tpm laity are so gullible, credulous, easily tricked & manipulated. Wake up at least now tpm believers, arise & let the Lord shine on your darkness of tpm doctrines!

  5. These TPM doctrines on divine healing will be made NULL and VOID by the very  registration process being set in in India..This process will have a telling effect on  the lives of their clergy  who do n’t have Aadhaar cards,and where as  their blind follower community have.
    Certainly the believer community possesses the Aadhaar.Now the CULT claims  on divine healing will be put to,the real test .
    Will the believer community choose to sail with the CULT’s bogus claims of this subject–or will they go for vaccine -To be waited and seen.  

    The whole world is lined for COVID-19 vaccine.A section of the Indian  believer community will somehow register itself through the photo ID identity.of Aadhar.The clergy can not stop them.

    Whereas in US ,the Social Security Number is being given as unique 9 digit ID number for an individual.

    Will the SSN of US will be same yard stick for the US CLLERGY/BELIEVERS also to this dubious doctrine?
    Only the time will tell.

    Request  ADMIN bro to have a last say on this very tricky and pertinent subjec

  6. How are you admin? I greet you in the name of Jesus.
    Please give your view about the flat earth according to the biblical perception of it.
    TPM preaches that the Moon is taking energy from the sun as astrology put it. But I came across few scriptures that moon has it own light and it own glory. Matthew 24:29, 1cor 15:41.
    I will send you a video sermon about the flat earth so that I can get your take on it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Anonymous,
      Yes, indeed certain descriptions from the Bible do give that impression. But I would not want to be drawn into that discussion at fromtpm.com. That can be discussed on a different forum.
      We all are learning bit-by-bit and will know more about it when the Lord Returns. Irrespective of whether the earth is Flat or Spherical, I think it does not affect us now.
      Thank you.

      • Please I do not mean to argue, but I believe that the purpose of this website is to publish the truth. The model of the earth does affect us if not properly understood. So it is not something to be ignored. Anything that goes against the word of God will serve as an hindrance to us Christians.

        TPM love to use this sun and moon stuff when taking about grace, especially when they talk about the woman in revelation 12. I do believe that if we allow the Holy Spirit to take a closer look with us, the truth will set us free.
        I hope to get a respond about this topic in another forum.
        Thank you admin for your good work and may continue to use you as an instrument of righteousness.

        • Brother,
          If you think the model of our earth is going to change the understanding of Rev 12 or Matt 24, why don’t you go ahead and put it in the comment of the following article?
          I have extensively gone through the Flat Earth concepts and arguments. I am not dismissing them.
          However, the Sun and the moon in Rev 12 are more of a Vision and to be taken metaphorically.
          Anyway, please put in your reasons in the above mentioned article.

        • @Anonymous

          Let me ask you, that when Adam disobeyed God and was afraid of God and hid himself behind a bush, why does bible say that God spoke to Adam “Where are you Adam?”

          Does this mean God was unaware of disobedience of Adam? The answer is no. God knew it. Yet God asks Adam the question “where are you Adam”. This is because God was speaking to humans (Adam) in anthromorphic language of ancient times. Anthromorphic language is language of human communication. God was talking with Adam just like another human being would talk to Adam (while searching for him in the garden). God didn’t need to be legally correct to convey his mind to human (Adam).

          Not only legally, but it is not necessary for God to be scientifically correct to communicate his message to humans. Science and spirituality are two opposite ends. Science pertains to tangible world. Spiritual truths needs no convergence with science. It made no sense for bible and Spirit of God to speak in scientific correctness to time and culture unaware of scientific information.

          To child of three years, you need not communicate in scientific correct statements. You just say, sun rises in east and sets in west. That is because he sees sun rising in East and to his childish mind that information is understandable.. He can digest it. But when he grows up say about 10-12 years it is then you perceive that his abilities have matured to digest the information of earth’s revolution around sun.

          Similarly, original recipients of biblical texts were illiterate slaves of Egypt (Pentateuch atleast). To be more blunt they were barbaric. They were no less than people of our times who live in dense forests (like Adaman Nicobar islands). Try teaching spiritual truths to them in jargons of quantum physics and relativity theory!

          Take your example of moon having its light. Do you really think that Jesus should have spoken scientifically correct statement in Matthew 24, that “Sun will be darkened and moon which reflects the light emanating from sun will no more give light”. The information that moon reflects light is redundant and adds no spiritual value to what Jesus wanted to communicate in Matthew 24. What is it easy to say? Is it easy to say that moon which reflects light of sun falling on it will no more be able to reflect it as sun would be darkened, or is it easy to say that moon will no more give her light.

          Why would God make things complicated when his intention was not to teach science but to teach spiritual truths?

          What is it easy to say. To say that I am sitting on table or to use all scientific jargon and exhaustive information to express to you that ” I am resting on surface made of hydrocarbon atoms and the light waves (photon particles have dual nature of waves and particles) from nearby tubelight fall on it and get reflected and it falls on retina on my eyes in inverted position which then is carried by optic nerve to my brain and so on and on…..!

          You can find that it is better to say simply I am sitting on table rather than to be scientifically accurate.

          It is absurd and height of foolishness to impose science on ancient spiritual communications. That is why bible says trying to be wise they became fools..

    • @ Anonymous, being a former TPM attender for 40 years, I can boldly state that in TPM being in the spirit of delusion, the TPM ministers often spotlight on topics in isolation ( e.g tabernacle, sacrifices, planetary subjects etc) and then waste every bodys time in wasteful discussion under the guise of deeper truths. I know many friends who have exhausted many books scribbling down these waste discussions.
      But echoing on what admin stated, I will suggest that you read this in context. Mat 24:29 is just explaining the cosmic phenomenon that appears immediately after the tribulation and signals the coming of our saviour. Its again waste of time trying to figure out how this phenomenon can actually happen scientifically.
      Similarly, I Cor 15:41 is an example cited when the topic of resurrection is explained.
      If you read both of above in context with the background and foreground texts, it will make proper sense. WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RESEARCH THE EXAMPLES BUT UNDERSTAND & MEDITATE WHAT THAT POINTS US TO IN THE LIGHT OF THE HOLYSPIRIT.
      Anything and everything in this word of God is to be read and understood with the big picture of your and your neighbor’s eternity in mind. And the journey starts with your own conviction of sins and getting saved from it.
      Anything else is a clever ploy by the deceiver to take your eyes off the main goal for which you are running.
      In II Cor 11:3 Paul expresses his greatest fear that ….. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.
      In TPM, the deceiver through his subtlety has corrupted the leadership into making the SIMPLICITY THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS SUPER COMPLICATED.

      • @Redeemed,
        //In TPM, the deceiver through his subtlety has corrupted the leadership into making the SIMPLICITY THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS SUPER COMPLICATED.//

        Very aptly said. As I look back, I realize how much this cult had led my mind astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. However, God in His mercy, and in His appointed time, untangled me from the super complicated web of delusion I was trapped in and led me to the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. All praise and glory to Him.

        I like the New International Version (NIV) of 2 Corinthians 11:3 even better. “But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ”.

        • Yes, that’s so ridiculous. I showed this clip to my wife and we both had a good laugh.

          To add insult to injury, the ex-chief quotes Philippians 4:8 to claim that their doctrines are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy – what a delusion! God have mercy on the innocent ones trapped in this cult.

  7. Thank you admin for shining light on the “most holy saint of Washington D.C” a.k.a NTC terrorist/legalist/TPM fanatic. Sam John is a renowned cherry picker of Bible verses and a master manipulator of verses to fit his organization’s doctrines.
    Based on his sermon and theology, I have a few questions for Sam John and his many sympathizers/followers….

    If medicines defile your body, and your “overcoming life” is living and dying without taking medicines, aren’t you implying that your resurrection takes place by the power of your own self attained “holiness” ??
    If medicines defile your body, what role does the Holy Spirit have in resurrection? Is the medicine more powerful than the Holy Spirit to prevent resurrection at rapture? Or are you saying that the Holy Spirit is weaker than a man made medicine?
    Who has given you the authority to say so and so will not be resurrected at rapture or will not be in heaven? When Jesus himself said in Mat 20:23 that sitting at the right and left in heaven is based the will of the Father, how do you claim that one portion of heaven is for your white clad “saints” and another for your believers??
    If you claim a better resurrection based on the merits of your self attained ‘holiness’ and not taking medicines, aren’t you in other words claiming that the sacrifice of Christ is of no effect/lacking? If the answer to this question is yes, it is nothing short of blasphemy! If no, then your doctrine of divine healing is a man made concoction.
    Jesus said in Matt 15:17-19 that what we eat is not what defiles us but rather what comes from within our hearts. Based, on this verse, how does a medicine defile you or how does not taking a medicine make you “holy”?
    Based on the doctrine of divine healing, will any of the Chief Pastors since Pas A.C onwards attain resurrection at the rapture since they were all embalmed and buried?

    I personally think that while most of Sam John’s coworkers in India claim that marriage is defiling and living unmarried with the opposite gender is “overcoming life”, Sam John cannot claim the same since came to the ministry as a married person and hence to show off his “holiness” and “overcoming life” he has to hammer on divine healing to prove that he has an equal standing with the rest of his peers.
    Cult leaders like Sam John, Mathew John and Jose Mathew can only thrive inside the cult and inside their fake homes. The day their people ask questions, and stop giving tithes, their empires will fall like a pack of cards.
    May God deliver many from this cult before His coming! Maranatha!

  8. @Nath…..//What is it easy to say. To say that I am sitting on table or to use all scientific jargon and exhaustive information to express to you that ” I am resting on surface made of hydrocarbon atoms and the light waves (photon particles have dual nature of waves and particles) from nearby tubelight fall on it and get reflected and it falls on retina on my eyes in inverted position which then is carried by optic nerve to my brain and so on and on…..!

    You can find that it is better to say simply I am sitting on a table rather than to be scientifically accurate.//

    Nath brother,your beautiful illustrative explanations pushed me into my childhood memory lane.
    Those were my childhood days of higher secondary school,(in the 60s’),I still remember that my English Teacher used to tell us interesting anecdotes to draw the attention of the students.Once he told us …. the famous  British LEXICOGRAPHER’s Samuel Johnson’s quotations: ……” while I was strolling on the street of London,my perpendicularity became my horizontality” …that was to say in the most simple terms— while I was walking on the street of London.I fell down.—–Look at the way how the jargons were used to convey the meaning.
    When the Bible says,in Matthew 24:29….the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light…..That is final.So no science to be attached or to involved …,flat surface OR spherical surface of earth hardly matters.it was such a simple explanation.There needs no other scientific jargon to be attached in order to understood well..
    Anonymous – should not unduly get perturbed with the TPM teachings which make Jesus’s simple teachings look complicated.They are the specialists in making simple things look highly complicated . Take for example…Salvation..in simple terms told in 1st Pet 1:9,10……In another simple way written in Heb 2:3,Titus 2:11,and in many more places in gospels so simply understood.
    But look at the TPM teachings.They have man made theories and doctrines in position. ‘SEVEN STEPS OF SALVATION’ is their own invention …This is only a sample survey of their man made doctrines.
    If you hear the latest EMPTY’s teachings in 2021 Vijayawada con–he brought out his own special discoveries on Christ’s crucifixion on the cross. 
    Thanks we are ever grateful to our SAVIOUR for redeeming us from this CULT and set us free.

  9. The Charlatan MattJo has been suddenly summoned to the other side of the planet from Dallas Texas, USA to TPM Headquarters Chennai.After serving the holy communion to the Dallas congregtion Saturday night and Sunday morning man missing. No notice or word or usual nonsense emails even sent.Sister in charge Val holding the reign now for over 350 member church there and just casually mentioned his trip in her Sunday Sermon.

    NEVER EVER a USA convention speaker in over 30 years.such a rush to India in the time of Covid. Intl.Conventional guest or ???

  10. From the audio clip (I have not heard the full message), it seems that this person Samuel John implies that overcoming life means “dying without seeking medical help.” It reveals a narrowminded view of the heart of God and total ignorance of what really is meant by overcoming. One overcomes the natures with which they are born and puts on the natures of Christ. This is done by appropriating the mercies and grace of God realizing that they still have to put on Christ and put off the evil natures in them. It does not matter if they seek medical help or not. By not taking medicines, but still having, anger, hatred, malice, envy, jealousy, self-will, etc. one does not become an overcomer. One example from the Bible “devout men carried Stephen’s body” does not mean that it is a privilege for the dead that these people should carry the body. What about the bodies of the hundreds of martyrs in the “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.” What about St. Paul’s body (I am not sure who buried it). What about the many real missionaries and real apostles who left everything and went to remote corners of the World to spread the gospel and reveal Christ and bring many to salvation, who died in strange lands – who buried them. They were the real men of God-consecrated-forsaking their comforts in the then western world and in perfect love to save souls and pour out their lives for the salvation of others. May God open the eyes of these blind hypocrites.

  11. Another sacrifice for the MOLECH has taken place /The news is reported today afternoon.

    Sam Sundar’s centre has achieved yet another milestone in these COVID-19 days of pandemic .

    This belongs to another untimely worker brother’s sad demise from Karnataka or fromT.N. state(not sure). Has been working in the Secunderabad Centre F.H since long ,and he bacame dumb because of nervous weakness.(obviously).Nobody is sure whether his parents or relatives were infomed about his passiing away.Probably somebody can identify the face and follow up help could be extended to his kith & kin.

    So pathetic is that this CULT has earned a name to finish off the last rites even before the dear ones reach the F.H of the particular place where these unfortunate souls have been working.
    The message was sent to whatsapp group like this from Sam Sundar’s centre.
    //Bro. Noah who was working in Keesara entered into glory yesterday evening at 6-00pm at KEESARA,Sec’bad centre.and funeral will be conducted today afternoon at 1-00pm.at Keesara F.H.and at 4-00pm burial at TPM funeral ground-Bowennpaly //
    So in less than 24 hrs the burial takes place in this CULT. There is hardly any time left for the ralations to come and to have a last look at the body.
    Click for the photo:

    IMG-20210309-WA0021.jpg (53K)

    • Thank you brother eagle eye for testifying in favour of our tpm church on enemy website. Noah brother death a big Testimony about divine healing true doctrine. All world see now.

      We all saints and believers prayed and fasted for brother Noah. All whatsapp group prayer request sent. Saint wake up morning 4am and pray to God. They pray at night 10pm for healing of brother Noah. Most importantly our center pastor Scam Sunder big big shouting in front of church in full anointing and rebuke devil of illness. Such electric atmosphere we experienced that day.

      God respected saints prayer to heal brother Noah and killed him. Such respect God has to prayer of our holy Saints.

      Thanks and Regards


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