While you catch up with us on Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 4, do not forget to click on the earlier episodes, if you have missed any. As the reporter is moving about the convention premises and having exciting conversations regarding the whole celebration. It’s apparent that it’s a show put to consolidate the cult and bind the loose ends. We are on a mission to find who does what and we are not satisfied to see the superficial show. 

We also have our Sister Reporter who is helping us with the events taking place in the “Ladies Only Zone“. While the reporter is with Dylan and Joseph, we have some interesting conversations happening among the sisters.

Scripture Portion

Before we read this story, lets understand the scripture portion this play stands on.

But Jesus Called Them To Himself And Said, “You Know That The Rulers Of The Gentiles Lord It Over Them, And Those Who Are Great Exercise Authority Over Them. 26 YET IT SHALL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU; But Whoever Desires To Become Great Among You, Let Him Be Your Servant.

Matt 20:25-26

Scene 1 – The Pratt Suites

The Lady reporter was strolling in the area meant for the White Clad Ladies and Passed through the dorms and exchanged small conversations with them. Some were sharing mysterious news among themselves, and some were cautiously watching us. None of them had any kind of joy. Some were acting nice, but we could perceive that they were merely ACTING. Three of them(Melissa, Tina and Dina) were sitting in a corner and looked frustrated and sad. Upon closer inspection, we could notice that they were almost crying. Tears had welled up in their eyes.

Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 4

We could not pass by. So we went near them and sat silently. Their whispers stopped.

Lady Reporter: Sister, what is that you are worried about? You seem to be very sad and disappointed.

Sister Melissa and Sister Dina in Unison: No Nothing sister.

Lady Reporter: Please come with us for a stroll. Let’s get some fresh air.

They looked around and saw some of their colleagues were watching them. After a minute Dina Replied.

Dina: Sister you go and we will meet you later.

Lady Reporter: Hmm…We will be around the Folgers Cafeteria, you come over there and we can talk.

The lady reporter spends some more time in the ladies section, meeting and greeting others. After some time, they reached the Folgers Cafeteria which is right next to the Pratt Suites (the workers’ accommodation). In the process, they also met Lisa & Lisa(The Boss and the Secretary) and also the duo of Liz Chuck and Valerie Samuel.

Scene 2 – The Folgers

While we waited for almost 30 mins, we did not see those sisters whom we were waiting for. As we were planning to leave, we saw them tiptoeing into the Dining Hall. They walked across and came to the table where we were seated. They took their seats. Their faces were the epitome of sorrow. We still remember those gloomy faces.

Folgers 1 Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 4

They looked around us to make sure that nobody was eavesdropping into the conversation.

Lady Reporter: Tell Me Sister Melissa what is bothering you?

Melissa: Will you assure that our identity will be confidential?

Lady Reporter: Of course, Tell me what is that you are so disappointed about? Aren’t things OK with you?

The Conversation continued and we were amazed to find that certain seniors are not so holy and kind as we had assumed. They are abusers of the first class of these little sisters. These sisters confessed that they have done their biggest mistake in joining the cult. They were seduced by an evil spirit and they did not know that they were taking a step towards their own destruction.

In some colleges, there is a thing called Ragging of the new Students who join the course. The Ragging is done by senior students to prove that they are the Bully here and these juniors need to understand and behave accordingly. But the college ragging gets over within a month and things are normal. However, this is a case of continuous ragging by certain Sr Sisters that has caused a mental breakdown among the juniors.

Lady Reporter: Why did you not sound it to your parents? What was their reaction?

Tina: I have told them so many times. But it seems that they rather enjoy the false reputation with other believers and clergy and not confront the truth. Its a matter of shame for them to think that their daughter returned. For them, a dead Tina is better than a Tina out of slavery.

Melissa: The same holds true for my parents. They have put their reputation above God and their own integrity as parents.

Dina: We have to be extra vigilant when we talk. Most of the time, they hear it through parallel connections or conference lines. Our land Phones are bugged. If they overhear us complaining about them, our torture intensifies. They will find reasons to abuse us.

Melissa: We are doomed. We have nowhere to go. I did not even complete my education. I regret my decision to join this church. I was naive and I got duped.

The House of Abuse

Upon further interviewing, we understood that Liz Chuck and Deborah Hertz were full-blown psychopaths and Valerie Samuel was a Narcissist. Rarely do their laity know this dark side of them as they are just shown the deceptive external mask coupled with Love Bombing and Sweet words. After hearing their true stories, I decided that if these unrepentant deceivers go to heaven, we are better off in hell. Below are some holy traits of Liz Chuck.

  • Liz Chuck is positioned in one small assembly in the panhandle state since 2013 and is a permanent fixture there.
  • Juniors come and go, nobody likes to be with her. She torments them and makes their lives miserable all the while love-bombing and charming believers. OKC BELIEVERS ARE OBLIVIOUS TO THE TYRANNY.
  • Control Freak and Manipulator to the extreme. A fruit of being trained by another control freak – Joyce.
  • The Juniors are at best SLAVES. They are micromanaged. If they have to live here, they better walk the thin line she has laid for them.
  • The Male Clergy is either manipulated or Bullied to toe her line.
  • Comparatively, The brothers are lucky because at least they can get out of the house to relieve stress and they have cell phones to call their buddies to get some relief but for the sisters, with none of these liberties, it’s a thousand times worse! It’s like being with your persecutor 24/7 with no relief! It can throw you off mentally!
  • If you stray, she will mock you and call you names which will hit you hard.
  • She exhibits most of the issues mentioned in the below video (except for the lying part).

Physical abuse and doubtings

If you are one of the co-workers with her, beware of having any differences with her. She can go to unimaginable length and damage your life. She can even go to the extent of physically injuring you and threatening you. Yes, Liz Chuck can physically abuse you as well. She has a history of running over the car through the foot of a junior sister H and that caused a big issue in 2017. The Brother in charge at that time Brother Robert, had to escalate the matter with the Newark Chief Gregory. This caused the immediate transfer of the Brother in charge and the junior sister immediately because they were too scared to be around her.

Sisters have often complained that they could not even walk in the faith home because when she hears a small movement, she’ll come out of her room and make a big issue. This shows that it was a prison. Always watched every moment by the jailer. She was so paranoid that she always left her room cracked open. The only time she closed her door was when the brother was not in the house. Always in doubt that the brother and the sister would have some affairs.

The Secret of this Cult is so impenetrable that the Local Believers did not get even a whiff of this thing. They were covered by the polished lies told by their clergy.


To borrow a phrase used by T U Thomas very often, I did not know that these HIDDEN MANNAs were truly hidden from the plain sight of NTC Believers. If there is an example of How seniors OUGHT NOT TO BE, you have shining examples in Liz Chuck, Deborah Hertz, and Valerie Samuel (All peas from the same pod). They are the exact representation of the demons of the kingdom of Satan.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works

2 Corinthians 11:14-15

I Pity those believers who are seeing the superficial layer of these angels of Satan and is deceived by their charming skills. The love bombings they received are not their true face.

Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 4

Listen to how Peter exhorts his fellow elders about dealing with younger brothers/sisters.

TO THE ELDERS among you, I appeal as a fellow elder and a witness of Christ’s sufferings who also will share in the glory to be revealed: Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.

1 Pet 5:1-4

12 These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. 13 They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever.

Jude 1:12-13

End of “Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 4”

Series to be continued.


  1. It’s high time for articles like this to come out with great supporting bible verses! I hope that all the readers will share this article with as many TPM believers as possible to raise awareness concerning the torment of the junior workers within this cult. The junior workers have become good actors because they are brainwashed to think that they are suffering for Christ’s sake. Therefore, it may be difficult to spot those who are enduring such cruelty in their fake homes. But let’s watch and be more observant from now on to help however we can. Also, let’s do our best also to share this series with any potential candidates who are considering joining this cult.

  2. Dear brothers and sisters,

    This fromtpm growing day by day. First it established fromtpm home in kangraj murder case. Then it open new fromtpm home in banglore. Slowly it started expanding in new places within India. It travel to Delhi, and removed the mask. There it said mask is falling. Then it go to Baramati Pune Faithhome and expose Condom brother. He show us that brother drinking alcohol botltle in faith home. Condom saint also cigarattes smoking in holy sister room – like this Admin tell. Then this Fromtpm admin take ticket to Baroda, Punjab, Nagpur to reveal true nature of Shyam Sunder. Then it went oversees and expose Dubai incharge Sunny George. From Dubai fromtpm started international journey to Singapore. After serving 6-7 month in lockdown in Singapore it completely punished Joshua Thiagrajan. Now this Admin coming to America. This fromtpm expanding slowly slowly in all countries.

    I am worried. Let us stop fromtpm in America convention. He becoming dangerous and exposing all our saints true nature. This not right. One saint in one faith home, it ok to reveal his demon nature. But all saints in all faith home are demon nature from inside ? Like this Admin revealing ? This not good to allow him to expose all our saints wolf hiding inside sheep clothings. None of them will be left with good report if we allow cameraman admin.

    Come join me in stopping admin.

    Elina the lone warrior of tpm..

  3. Sothram to American New Testament Church Believers,

    Today I see list of top rich pastor’s in USA in youtube. I want you to see that video attach in my comments below. Then come back and read my comments.


    In this video of top rich pastors of America, I am not able to find even one roman catholic pope name in this list. Pope having ten time more money than these rich American pastors, .but Catholics priests name wonderfully hiding in this list. Similarly our saints name also missing from rich pastor’s list. This is matter of great shame for our tpm and Catholic believers.

    I feel crying weeping night day before God. I asking God, – – “did not we believers give enough money to tpm saints that private jet cannot be bought by tpm? ”

    If yes then why our saints name missing in this list? Why God why ?

    My question to you o rich believer of America? Why our money not used by saints for private helicopters or ferrari car? How long we feel ashamed before other church believers. They mocking us saying look look your pastor you have not given enough tithe to buy private jet!

    My question to you all is, Where our money goes if we cannot see ferrari or private jet bought with our tithes? Can only these wordly pastor’s give excuse that they need ferrari & jet for ministry purpose? Can our saints not use such excuse? If yes, then why not use such excuse? Dont we use this excuse when people blame that tpm has accumulated lots of land in world wide? Dont we say like fanatics that saints using lot of money in hotels for convention for ministry purpose only. If yes, then why not use same excuse in buying speed planes?

    Let us ask saints to not hide our tithe money further. . Buy private jet , not one but one for each local faithhome and show to world that we tpm believer not one mite behind in giving tithes to saints.

    Let us ask saints to not be like to an Catholics pope in dumping money from tithe into buying lands and hiding from people eyes our true wealth we have accumulated in name of tithes. This my small request to all.

  4. This article sheds excellent light for those who don’t know much about the “saint” stationed in Oklahoma Elizabeth Chacko (a.k.a Liz Chuck in this article). Prior to her posting in Oklahoma, she was well known for her favoritism and nepotism. I’m not surprised by her anger issues and manipulative behavior as most “ministers” in NTC/TPM develop/perfect this trait after a while in the “ministry”. While they claim to make everyone perfect in Christ, they themselves train and perfect in every work of unrighteousness, fear and manipulation. I truly feel sorry for those who innocently signed their lives away for this cult looking at outward appearances and live in regret every day since.


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