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Clean and Unclean Food (Leviticus 11)

I hope you are aware of the kosher(clean) and unkosher(unclean) foods laws of the book of Leviticus. God declared certain foods to be clean (Kosher) and certain as unclean. For instance, Israelites could eat the territorial animals that had hoofs divided and which chewed the cud, like a lamb, cow etc, but not those which did not fit in criteria mentioned. For example, pig though its hoofs were divided yet it not chewed the cud was unclean.

So such animals were unclean and un-kosher. Similarly, aquatic animals, which had fins and scales (fishes), were allowed, but others without fins and scales were forbidden. Then among the aerial ones, the winged insects like grasshopper and locusts were kosher, but the eagle, ostriches, bats, owls etc were forbidden. A detailed list of clean and unclean foods is given in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14:1-21.  

Venom Removal Series Leviticus 3

The above set of commandments “You can eat this food, but eating that food is forbidden” seems similar to the commandment given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Like Adam and Eve, Jews were given instruction to stay away from the forbidden food. Adam was removed from the presence of God for eating the forbidden fruit and likewise, Israelites would become unfit for the holy presence if they ate unclean food (remember uncleanness is a sign of human inability to come in the fellowship with Holy God. Being unclean by food or any other medium signified that such person cannot have communion with Holy God unless his uncleanness is removed) (c.f. Lev 20:25, Lev 11:31, Num 5:2, Gen 3:23).

Adam and EveLeviticus
a Certain Fruit was forbiddenCertain foods were forbidden
Eating forbidden fruit removed them from the presence of the Holy God and death passed from him to the ensuing generation.Eating forbidden food made them abominable in the sight of God (Lev 20:35), and they were removed from camp for becoming defiled by the touch dead corpse (c.f. Rev 21:27, Num 5:3)

Apart from Leviticus 11, we also read about clean and unclean animals in the story of Noah where seven pairs of clean and one pair of unclean animals were given entry into his ark (Gen 7:2-3). But here in Noah’s story, God permitted Noah to consume unclean animals (Gen 9:3). Where Israelites were forbidden to eat the unclean animal, Noah could eat both clean and unclean animals (Gen 9:3). Comparing Noah’s aftermath of the flood situation with the New Testament situation, we find that even the New Testament church is allowed to eat all animals, irrespective of their categorization into clean or unclean.

The Re-creation and Restoration Laws

Just as Noah’s flood was an outpouring of God’s wrath on the sinful world, the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is also seen as an event where God’s wrath was poured out. In the latter case, the wrath was borne by Jesus Himself (c.f. Isa 53:6, 10) and we can take refuge in his sacrifice for our atonement.  And thus the “external laws of eating this and not that” of Mosaic law was removed for New Church just like it was not applicable on New creation in Noah (c.f. Acts 10, Acts 15, Gen 9:3).

Noah's Post Flood WorldNew Testament World
God said to Noah you can eat all animals clean and unclean. I have given all animals for you as food (Gen 9:3, c.f. I Timothy 4:4). God said to Peter, What God hath cleansed call it not unclean (Acts 10).
But a stipulation was added to no laws situation that by instructing Noah to stay away from meat with blood.Stipulation was added to no laws on New Church that stay away from meat offered to idol and meat with blood

The point is that No food was ever a reason for human defilement (Mark 7:19, Romans 14:3)! Jesus made it clear that food that goes inside does not defile or make us unclean but what comes from within (Mark 7:15). To Peter, it was told to rise and kill unclean animals and eat. Call it not unclean what God has cleansed (Acts 10:9-15). It is not food but the sins that defile us.

Gentiles themselves were never the problem, nor the food (I Tim 4:4). These external dietary laws were a forerunner and a type for us to stay holy and unclean from worldly ways. See more of passages related to food in I Corinthians 8:1-13, Hebrews 13:9, Romans 14:3, Col 2:20-21, Acts 10:9-16, Mark 7:13,19, Acts 15:29).

Does consuming medicine Defile the Body?

Paul says that it Spirit that gives life, letters and texts do not (c.f. 2 Corinth 3:6). Not only circumcision but all of the civil laws, ceremonial laws, were not as literal as they appeared. We in the New Testament are forbidden to follow Old Testament laws in the literal sense (outwardly). Practising these outwardly is work of deceiving Spirit (I Timothy 4:3).

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

1 Tim 4:1-3

The Doctrine of Demons

We know of certain so-called Christian groups in our midst that fulfil this prophecy of I Timothy 4:1-3. The Seventh-day Adventists(SDA) believes in clean and unclean food, teaching their followers to abstain from certain meat as it is prophesied in I Timothy. This SDA group also teaches that Jesus is not God but an angel. No wonder such teachings proceeding from the deep hell.

TPM celibates also teach an altered version of this SDA teaching. TPM celibates who “forbid—to—marry,” preach that eating medicine will defile your bodies. They teach that once you take medicine into your mouth then your bodies will not undergo metamorphosis. Jesus made it clear that nothing that goes within from our mouth can defile our bodies (Mark 7:19). My point is that these self-acclaimed TPM ministers have altered the teachings of Jesus.

Where Jesus said nothing that goes inside defiles a man spiritually, there are these white frauds who teach that medicines will! Just like the prophecy in Timothy says that forced celibacy and abstinence from certain food will be the teaching of the seducing spirits, so do we find it in TPM.

Claiming to be led by the Spirit they are led by mere texts and letters. Let me demonstrate a few more examples. As laws of Moses laid external rules of dressing (see Lev 19:19), like do not wear clothes made up of mixing two materials (Lev 19:19), so do these TPM literalists have laws of what to wear and what not to. They teach to wear white only and do not wear Jeans or coloured clothes. For the white-clad ministers of TPM wearing a wristwatch is a crime. These “whitewashed tombs” though living in New Testament live as though they live in the Old according to letters.

Literal Laws Given to MosesLiteral interpretation in the New Testament
CircumcisionJudaisers: Circumcision (Read Galatians)
Food (consuming something that makes you unclean)TPM: Taking medicine makes your bodies unclean, unworthy of rapture Seventh Day and a few other cults: Unclean food lists giving it a scientific angle that God had modern health science in mind while giving dietary laws.
Laws regarding clothes TPM: White clothes, no Jeans, No coloured clothes, no tattoo etc (Modernised cult dressings)
Sabbath DayTPM: Sunday Attendance is a Must
Physical Temple is the House of GodTPM building(Faith Homes) is house of God
Tithes in the Old TestamentTwisted Monetary Tithes introduced and extended from the Old Testament.


  1. Dear Bro, I have got some doubt on the dietary study:

    Gen 9.3, if this was the case why didnt jews kept the dietary laws even after this permission and still they r keeping it? The picture we get from the Bible itself points to an extend that even jesus himself kept these.

    For eg.Acts 10:14, ESV: “But Peter said, “By no means, Lord; for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean.””

    Can’t we take it as so far Peter has observed these dietary laws and i believe same with Jesus. If Jesus during his life time has shown peter to eat pigs, he would have never said so, I think. Becoz peter has seen a transfigured jesus and he was so confident to cut a roman soldier with a sword thinking that Jesus is omnipotent and would disperse the crowd, so if at all he had shown or told peter to eat something unclean, would peter have told so?

    Moreover something which was never practiced or taught by Jesus during his life time, how can we conclude its allowed after Jesus’ Death? For Eg. Passover which has to be observed and is a rememberance to be kept of the Lord saving of the people. Why cannt we observe it now also in remeberance of his messianic act, for he also have died for us in the same day and saved us? Its a rememberance of us till he comes back, isnt it so?

    Also When we see Gen first 2 chapters we dont find any eating of meat at all. Its allowed only plant life and we basically are not carnivorous. Due to floods almost all plant life has been lost and i think, it was allowed to eat clean animals for i dont find any other reason for God asking Noah to separate clean from unclean…..

    In Mk 7 as you said Jesus is trying to make them understand how traditions they made have bypass the commandment of law without understanding what it meant..
    When we see the whole commandments condensed in to 2 by Jesus, does that mean all others have banished or does it mean all those have condensed in to these two? Likewise i feel that he was trying to say that its not what u eat defile u but that which comes out of ur heart. Does that mean you could eat anything? I doubt.

    Also i still am not clear why he asked noah to separate clean from unclean? I dont have an answer, i sincearely like to see your thoughts on it. Becoz of this write up i went through those portions and i fell in to doubts….

    In Rom 14:3 as you said Paul is saying let not him that eateth despise him that eateth……… I am not sure brother, its completely contradictory……how can even paul change something which was not in practice even by peter? I have no clue, im in a dilemma, its just like seeing good and evil was present together in one fruit in 1 tree. And God sain now they have become like us knowing good and evil. They came to a knowledge /realisation of Good vs Evil……. So what do u think, can we eat all or is it restricted? Very controversial

    Once again i am not against you or tpm but just trying to figuring it out….. I like all your writings and am eagerly waitimg for your next rover write up 🙂

    I just need your thinking, i dont want it to be posted or anything at all..,.. Kindly dont put my name, if at all you post… Thx
    Thank you bro

    • Brother,
      The Mosaic Law was given to the Children of Israel. It was never binding on the Gentiles. At no point, the Mosaic law was transferred to the Church to Observe. We note this in the first council in Jerusalem(Acts 15). In fact, the Apostles themselves cleared it out saying that they themselves were not able to keep the Law. If Justification could have come by keeping the law, we did not need the substitutionary atonement of Christ Jesus. Remember that Keeping of Law includes all ordinances which also has restrictions on our dressing and temple-related stuff. It does not end in dietary rules(James 2:10). We do not have an option to pick and choose.
      The only instruction of the first council was as follows.
      That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well. Acts 15:29
      I would like to remind you of John 16:12, where Jesus himself said that there are much more things which he needed to tell them, but they are not in a position to accept it. These things will be guided to them when the Spirit comes.

      Does it mean that we should purposely go out of the way to start eating unclean animals? I would say NO. If we have a choice, eat what is clean. However, if your situation does not allow you, you are not sinning if you eat an unclean animal.

      Now considering Noahide law, we need to bear in mind that for every pair of unclean animals, there were 7 pairs of clean ones. So, the provision itself was made that out of natural selection, Noah will have an abundant choice of clean animals to kill and eat. However, as we see in Gen 9:3-4 he was not forced by any restriction to eat ONLY CLEAN animals.

    • @JW
      @//Gen 9.3, if this was the case why didnt jews kept the dietary laws even after this permission and still they r keeping it? ///

      Jews kept dietry laws because Moses commanded them. They were not to make inference based on what was commanded to Noah. Right from the time they left Egypt and untill they landed in Canaan , it was Mosaic laws and after those time, it was Mosaic laws and traditions that were in upper priority which guided them. Unlike our times each man didn’t had bible in those days. It was taboo or beyond their understanding to contradict Moses. It was at and beyond Christ’s death that opened our minds to see Messiah and Gospel in Old Testament. Dont we read phrase many times in New Testament that ” their eyes were opened?” Doesn’t Paul writes Jews have veil before their eyes while reading laws of Moses? What does it mean for Jews to read OT with closed eyes and open eyes? Think upon it.

      Regarding question of Peter eating unclean animal, it is clear that he understood what God told him, ” Do not call anything unclean which I have declared clean. The meaning is obvious that Jews considered in taboo to have fellowship (fellowship meals) with Gentiles, because of their eating manners. For Gentiles , if they invite people for feast (party) at home, on some occasion, they would cut any animal (may be pig also). But since Jew could not eat it, Jews considered the Gentiles as unclean because laws told them that those who eat unclean will be unclean. So what God is telling to Peter in Acts 10 (through vision ) is you can have fellowship with Gentiles. Dont call anything unclean when I sanctify them through my blood. People who are termed unclean on account of eating unclean animals become sanctified and justified when God justifies them. If God has declared me just because of blood of Jesus, would you call me sinner because I eat pork meat? You can’t, right? You and I cannot challenge God. That’s the point God is making to Peter to not to call Gentiles unclean based on their food and other ceremonial habits.

      Regarding Jesus in his lifetime not eating unclean animal. Brother Jesus lived among Jews and in their culture unclean food was not served. So why would he unnecessarily eat it. Didn’t Jesus knew that even his disciples are immature. It took time for even his disciples to fully comprehend Messiah. Many times we read in NT, that only after ressurection of Jesus, disciples began to understand Christianity. It was gradual increase in maturity of whats right and what’s not.. But Jesus made it clear – nothing that goes inside defiled human… My question to you is what does Jesus mean by saying nothing which going through mouth defiles human body?

      @ Passover
      It was rememberance for Jews regarding Exodus from Egypt. For new Testament Exodus of Jews from Egypt has no significance. What matters to us is our Exodus from slavery of sin by death of Jesus on cross. Paul made it clear we New Testament Church do not observe feasts of israel and other traditions because they were shadow pointing to Jesus himself.

      @ Gen 2
      If we are not carnivorous them why did Jesus eat fish? Why was Noah allowed to eat any animal. Dont say due to flood vegetation was lost. If vegetation was lost how could Noah drink of fruit of wine?

      @ two commandments condensing ten commandments, –
      Ten condensed into two means ten commandments were morally hanging or framed upon two. The two moral commandments were basic moral foundations for rest of all commandments. Eating food or not eating certain food has nothing moral or immoral. Celebrating certain festival or not celebrating has nothing moral or immoral. Ceremonial laws , culututal rules of Jews has nothing to do with our morality.

      @ regarding Noah asked to seperate clean from unclean animals, I guess it had to do with gospel centric antitype of clean unclean animals. I don’t think we should remain reading passages literally like Old Testament Jews. If Noah’s story of ark was literal historic event, then how come Peter makes its connection with Baptism? It’s clear these events were designed by sovereign God with his ultimate goal of salvation in his mind.

      @ Rom 14:3
      Paul is allowing people with weak maturity to let them differentiate clean unclean animals. It doesn’t make sense if you differentiate or not differentiate. What matters is we stay away from moral sins. But Paul is not also condemning them who eat unclean, isn’t it? So isn’t it clear nothing we eat defiles us. What defiled is what comes from within our heart. How hard is this statement of Jesus to understand?

  2. Dear brother Sisters,

    We have recieved news that various saints have been dead to this 666 corona virus, in various faithhome. Like China keep it news hidden our saints more expert than china in hiding information. But devil able to withdraw some news from various faithhome and expose it to world about our saints surrender to 666 corona.

    1) More than 100 people infected of corona in banglore mighty convention last week. 2-3 believers already given life by not taking covid medical treatment.
    2) Kerela faithhome also in strong grip of our enemy corona. Center Pastor might need ventilator and believers busy in arranging ventilators for faith homes.

    At this difficult times of covid wave number two, we need to come together. All humanity needs to stand together irrespective of our differences. It not matter if you belong to bjp or congress. Forces of devil and god need to stand together against corona.

    Please stand with TPM in prayer at this crucial junction. You stand with us now and we will also stand with you for donating our sprawling convention lands ( spread in 100 acre) as covid treatment center if you need. We stood by you last year. Now we need your prayers and knowledge for treatment and healing of our victorious saints.

    Elina Thiagrajan Thomas


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