Abusers are no different anywhere. Be it Ravi Zacharias or Johsua or any other in TPM, they have a one-track mind. Click here to read the earlier articles of this series. This article, Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 3 is about a new Day of the convention in Pennsylvania.

Scratching the Surface

Abusers not only Demand Silence, but They also Enforce it

Lori Anne Thompson (Victim of Ravi Zacharias)

In the process of showing themselves as Holy White doves, we encountered some specimens who were quite hot that the white ice cream over them has melted showing their real colours. Let us see how it progresses to the next day of the convention.

We know that in TPM, Abuse isn’t the real Crime, but Talking about it is the real Crime. Nevertheless, we will continue to expose it.

The Lunch

While having the Lunch, the reporter happened to meet Dylan a faithful of the Church. Later on, we came to know that he is Faithful externally but does not really approve of the acrobatics happening inside and also know that most of the clergy are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The conversation with Dylan went something like this.

Reporter: Hello Brother, How are you?

Dylan: Doing Great. Come sit, haven’t met you since last year.

Reporter: Yes True. You Seem to be happy. Any special Reasons?

Dylan: Oh No..I am Nervous. Its me who has to give the testimony today.

Reporter: Oh I see. So it is also part of the Plan and not something that the Spirit tells the chief as some believers believe?

Dylan: Of course, the whole process is managed by Pastor Matt Jo. We have to tell the testimony before him and get his approval. He tells us what to tell and what not to tell.

Reporter: I guess the point is to guide people on how to testify but then it ends up being micromanaged by Pastor Matt Jo.

Dylan: Yes true. Trying to paint a one-sided picture, promoting the group while leaving out the real truth is not good. I somehow did not like the way he treated me. He’s very bossy with people regarding their testimonies. He’ll ask them to cut out parts of their testimony.

Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 3

Reporter: Oh?

Dylan: He’s kinda rude with the other people who testify too. It’s like herding cattle..

Reporter: Yes. I remember one time he got really upset at a man and said out loud in the mic, how many times do I have to tell you to come right up to the stage & be ready? and also noted that Other times his body language would show frustration when the people missed his special instructions.

Joseph who was sitting silent all along, started to give his two cents.

Joseph: This Matt, has no bell and brake to his tongue. He speaks without the knowledge and speaks utter nonsense. He is moody. He’s very abrupt & hasty usually with words.

Reporter: Why? What happened Brother?

Joseph: He is filled with a Controlling Spirit.I feel he has a Witchcraft Spirit he got from Africa.

Reporter: Oh. What happened?

Joseph: Recently Matt Jo announced from the pulpit that believers need to be careful of the younger workers because they steal money & gossip. He told the believers to bring their tithe to him or the older sisters because the younger workers cannot be trusted with their tithes or prayer requests.

Reporter: oops.What a Testimony by the testimony controller. Not at all Surprising. He is blaming the younger sisters for what the entire clergy and the organization is doing.

Joseph: Do you know why was he pulled back from Tanzania so quickly?

Reporter: Yes I know that. I came to know when I visited Tanzania last year. His Testimony is reached high heavens there. One Brother did tell me that they will not allow such scumbags to return.

Joseph: Yeah he molested the African ladies there and it became a big issue. This eunuch always insisted to sit between the ladies in the car. I wonder why? The Abusive spirit within him thought he could manipulate the poor African women, thinking nobody will know it. But look at these people. They are acting as if nothing happened. He even mismanaged money and blamed another Minister Devaraj and manipulated/Lied blaming him. Finally, Devaraj was Arrested and put in Lockup.

Dylan: Wow, What a testimony of the Little Allwyn !!! Now he wants to cut down my testimony so that the unpleasant parts are not said. They are KIDNAPPING MY TESTIMONY.

Reporter: Indeed. I heard the same thing. Let people decide for themselves. When his actions were reported to T U Thomas in Chennai, the Holy Uncompromising Saint, quietly re-sanctified the tainted saint and moved him back to the US.

Dylan: Yes T U believes his cronies and will go to any extent to zealously defend the deceivers and punish people without a fair hearing.

Roving Reporter of the New Testament Church 3


Organizations of this world do something called BRAND BUILDING. The Only Motivation behind Brand-Building is their BUSINESS. They use this brand to grab more customers, build a bigger corporate and so on. One focus of the brand building is to portray selective features to prospective customers and Bury down the unpleasant part of the story. Matt Jo is the expert counsellor in this aspect and he pushes very hard to get these one-sided testimonies so that his bosses are happy and he gets his due promotions. MANIPULATED TESTIMONIES ARE ADVERTISEMENTS.

and constant friction between men of depraved mind who are devoid of the truth. These men regard godliness as a means of gain.

1 Tim 6:5

These people usually target Women, the weaker vessels, and thereby make entries into their households. To know how saintly are these people, we need to put them in an environment of Vulnerable women and then gradually we can see the monster raising up its head. The Gentleman dress on them is just a FORM OF GODLINESS to Fool people.

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: FROM SUCH TURN AWAY.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Tim 3:5-7

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln


  1. Wow! Now the ‘holy saint of Dallas’ has been exposed! What a disgusting testimony he holds himself, while dictating the testimony of others…he has a great deal of zeal to control other peoples lives while having no control over his tongue or flesh.
    Also, according to the gospel of Matt Jo, sightseeing is sin and so is holding any kind of celebration in the privacy of one’s home. He has a high taste for luxurious materials and that was one of the reasons for T.U to banish him to Africa to teach him a lesson on poverty, but alas, it didn’t work out as planned, as he created a greater mess there.

    One can only hope that blind folks stop pretending that they’re blind and open their eyes to see the demon who has been masquerading as an angel of light.

  2. //@Dylan: Wow, What a testimony of the Little Allwyn !!! Now he wants to cut down my testimony so that the unpleasant parts are not said. They are KIDNAPPING MY TESTIMONY.//

    This EPISODE particularly brings out the spirit of LYING that had been pervading in this CULLT since ages.As Matt Jo was seen screening the TESTIMOMIES,the same ‘lying spirit’ has been put into practice in all its cult MAGAZINES too—-Whether it is from VOP-(IBR WALLS),or from The Pentecostal Messanger(MALAYSIA),or from Youth Herald (S’PORE),or from THE TRUMPET OF THE LORD(UK.BRIXTON), or from PILGRIMS JOURNAL(U.S-NEWARK).
    The front runner of this ‘lying spirit’ could be surely from the mag– POWER DIVINE (MATTAKKULIA-S L)
    As the spirit Alwynism was the root cause of all the ills of this CULT,this EPISODE brought out the ‘lying spirit’ for the benefit of the new and the staunch die-hard believers to get to know so that the WORD would be fulfied in them.
    Is there any doubt about that?
    In these same columns some time ago I did express my strong supiciuons and reservations about the very TESTIMONY column being brought out by the IBR WALLS regularly in its mouth piece VOP.Now when I read this EPISODE,it is the pure mirror image of my vision.
    So as the mother HARLOT goes,the footsteps of the children go as the saying goes.Even the grand children do imitate the same as in many Indian dialects these Magazines are being brought out.

  3. 😁

    A TPM woman dies. In heaven she sees a large Wall full of Clocks.

    She asks angel: What are these for?

    Angel answers: These are Lie Clocks, every person has a lie clock! Whenever you lie on earth, clock moves.

    The woman points towards a clock and asks: Whose clock is this? …

    Angel says: Its St John’s. It never moved, showing that he never told lie.

    The woman asks: Where are the clocks of TPM Believers?

    The angel replies: Those are in our office, We use them as ‘OFFICE FANS’

    She then asked, what about the TPM Ministers?

    The angel replied,
    ‘those are kept out… they are generating electricity…!!


    • True.
      Lies are inherently dangerous.
      Lies backed by power is terrible.
      Lies backed by PR (White Clothing) is deceitful.
      Lies backed by lies makes the truth feel invisible.

      TPM’s foundation however sincere it might seem is based on guilt tripping, and tall claims of holiness.
      Those who are trapped don’t need doctrines, they need a spine.
      On one hand they say don’t look at the saints- look at Jesus; on the other- they say if you fail to read the Bible on even one particular day and that happens to be the rapture, you are doomed.
      They also claim that God is blessing the believers because of the ministry/ prayers/ fasting/ RPD of the workers.

      Many youths in the distant past had seen the ministry as a solution to their own lack of hard work or for want of a career or even a life partner.

      Grow up, work hard, enjoy life… be pleasant and make a difference in this world! That’s the only way others can realise that there’s life beyond TPM

  4. Still the same white clad deception and dirty tricks including trapping and flirting the mothers/sisters/young ladies of NTC families and frivolous spending of hard earned dollars in Dallas Texas USA.this church alone gets about 50K USDollars monthly.Who’s accounting? Partner malayali sr. sister both living like a family in the fake home with all the luxuries and few new vehicles and new buildings with over dozen rooms and extra land.still buying more to hide the funds.Building projects keep the snake rooted.the numerous emails to church group daily including YouTube links to other churches and Indian languages videos are the latest tactic of snake MattJo.Keeping all the Indians inside and happy. Why have church in USA? No Americans can stay in this cult. All the time dividing family and scaring into submission to dying in divine healing scams.
    Side business is finding marriage partners for believers kids who don’t even have maturity to know marriage.All projects for him and his trophy collection.children’s lives ruined.he is a disgrace.

  5. Today I need all your prayers. I reading bible and suddenly deep deep revelation came into my head.

    Leviticus 21:9
    ¶ And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.

    Our tpm akka has many boyfriend. She having secret lover on each local / centre she transferred. She call chief pastor Appachen. Like that she daughter of high priest become.

    Now she commit wrong things with many people in all centre and she so defiling our chief priest. She profanes her chief Appachen like this. I am very worried.

    Pray for cleansing of our chief pastor defiled by so many daughters worldwide.

  6. Please pray for Covid plague in the Dallas Texas USA church.All down including MattJo and Valerie in Fakehone.great gift from International Convention tour.innocent believers who partake of Easter service got effected.

      • No MatJo couldn’t attend the funeral of this long time believers. 2Minister from other other towns came and did.Limited crowd also due to outbreak in church.missing many families including own child of deceased due to this incompetence and superspreader in the church last week.big problem in DFW church. Hope no further funerals


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