We all know that space agencies like NASA/ISRO/ESA etc send their inter-planetary mission to study life in those planets. Likewise we also so send satellites to other TPM Planets across the globe. This time, we would like to provide you with some information about life in the cult, in the United States of America. The Rover Report of New Testament Church 1 deals with introducing you with certain people and how they live their lives in the Banana Republic of TPM.

The characters in this episode are are real people in the Cult(names changed) and the event mentioned are true as per the Rover Report. The names of the characters are changed so that people use some of their own grey matter to identify them and know the true nature of the idols they worship.

The purpose of this Rover Report is to establish the fact that the Sr Clergy of this Cult are indeed unsaved parasites pretending to be doing the work of God. Keep the below scripture in your memory while you read it.

The Scripture Portion

But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. 26 YET IT SHALL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.

Matt 20:25-26


As is with most conventions in TPM/NTC, its a time of get-together for the ardent devotees of the cult. Some drive in all the way from Texas, while some prefer to fly in for the annual convention. The convention is conducted in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It’s a sprawling facility with ample room for the cult gathering. The VIPs from Chennai are expected to arrive as planned and that has caused some footsoldiers of the cult to be worried. As with any corporates, the finger will always be pointed at the footsoldiers, while the bosses will nonchalantly pile on additional responsibility to these minions.

Scene – 1

Scene – Its almost time for the evening meeting on the first day of the convention. People are walking around, trying to catch up with their friends from different places. Most of their conversations are private and centred around other people in their knowledge. Some of them are discussing possible alliances for their children, while some are trying to avoid the embarrassment caused by their descendants.

Sister Sonia to Bro Antonio : Hi Uncle how are you doing?

Bro Antonio: I am doing good. How are you Sonia? I have not seen Simon around. Has he not come?

Sis Sonia: He has also come. He has gone over there to meet Pastor Calland Wrong. I am waiting for him to come before we go and grab some food. By the Way, how is Dona doing? Is she doing good? Haven’t seen her yet. Maybe she is busy.

Though Sonia’s question sounds innocent, she knows very well that Dona is having a tough time working as a Slave for the Sr Servants of God. She is asking this to see how Antonio Uncle responds.

Bro Antonio: She is happy in the Lord and is doing a great job in the vineyard of the Lord. Pastor Idaho and Sis Julie are taking good care of her.

Bro Antonio knows too well that his daughter is quite in a trapped state of slavery and her unhappiness is well known to him. He has refused to accept her back to his home as his false pride and reputation would be sullied among the devotees. He found it appropriate for his daughter to be sacrificed to the Molech of TPM(1,44,000). He has decided not to open his eyes and see the pit he has pushed his daughter into. What else can he do? If he raises the issue with the Sr White Clads, he will be scolded and the fiery furnace of his daughter will be increased seven times by the Nebuchadnezzar of TPM.

The Pastors in the conversation

In the conversation of Scene-1, you would have noticed that they mentioned about 2 pastors.

For readers who would like to know more about this Pastor Calland Wrong. Some of us call him THE GARLIC PASTOR. To know why just read through.

  • He was the minister of Yonkers Faith Home.
  • He stays with his wife Laveena. He gets the “Scheduled Tribe reservation of Zion to take his wife along. The husband-wife pair makes sure that the other sisters with them are literal slaves, dancing to their whims. Some of the sisters have complained that the duo is trying to GET EVEN for the slavery inflicted on their ancestors.
  • They set high expectations for the sisters and if they falter even a bit, they will be strongly reprimanded. Any slippage in serving the Man of God and his wife is considered as having fallen from the consecration of ZION.
  • He loves Luxurious living, just as most of the other TPM Pastors. In the convention, he is being served by a Junior by name Bobby.
  • He loves to eat Garlic with every meal. So his wife makes sure that one of the slave sisters carries chopped garlic pods with her for every home visits and pop it to Pastor Wrong and wife before the meals. Any mistake will be strongly reprimanded. In case you wonder why he and his wife love garlic so much, you can do a google search to know all its health benefits.
  • He is quite famous in NTC circles for his Benny Hinn type anointing. Usually, he does an altar call and ignorant folks come over to him and are pushed and flattened to the ground. Fortunately, the ground is carpet laid, hence the chances of injury is quite less. The Believers of NTC/TPM somehow thinks that this is some anointing that causes people to fall. I guess most of them fall off because of the strong smell of garlic. I couldn’t help but notice that this Garlic Pastor loves to push the ladies more often than the men.
  • They are highly consecrated. They are quite lavish spenders of money on themselves and their children and grandchildren.
  • Keeps taking pride that he was a Hotel Manager in Marriot. Keeps reminding others about his erstwhile position.

For readers who do not know about Pastor Idaho, the following should give you a good picture.

  • Pastor Idaho has been the permanent minister of the island of Dominican Republic
  • Most believers in his church are monetarily poor. They continue to be poor.
  • Pastor Idaho and his ladies in the Dominican Republic are leading a very luxurious life. They are financed by the branches of the cult in the USA.
  • Just like Pastor Calland Wrong, he is also anointed with lots of empty jumping and shouting.
  • People close to him say that he is very similar to other white clads and has perfected himself in Favouritism, Love for Money and Self-Centred lifestyle.
  • Very often, he keeps ringing up different faith homes requesting them to keep sending the money for him to continue his ministry. The Ministry of Luxurious living among the poor.

Now compare the above scripture portion(Matt 20:25-26) and know how much of a SERVANT OF GOD is Calland Wrong and Idaho?


Pastor Idaho was assigned for the sermon on Wednesday. As expected he jumped like a horse and shouted himself to the satisfaction of the NTC crowd. They were all filled with the Anointing from Pastor Idaho’s jumping. Finally, the chief closed the meeting by giving his benediction.

The Crowd started the usual gossip. Some of them went ahead to meet their favourite pastors. In the meanwhile, the temperature of the Pastor’s kitchen had risen and the minions are getting nervous. We could see sisters rushing back to the Pastor’s Kitchen from the venue to heat the food and load it into the warmers/coolers. They already look very exhausted. This special food has to be carried all the way to the hotel and set up the table according to their individual demands.

The below map will help you understand the layout of the area. The distance between the Pastor’s Kitchen and the Hotel is less than a mile but having to load the van every time and then getting on the road to drive to the hotel, take the cooler up and set up the table, took a good hour every time.

The Rover Report of New Testament Church 1
The Rover Report of New Testament Church 1

End of “The Rover Report of New Testament Church 1”



  1. Every detail is true! The last convention I attended was in 2018 and the testimonies given that year were mostly from ministers. The reason for that was so that young people could go into the full-time ministry. What deception! I know a lot of parents have realized how controlling the ministers can be but the choose to stay. This choice is due to a strong attachment to the church and fear of man.

  2. You people sent drone over our tpm church in America and lying as if you sent Satellites (Rover) to find information about tpm secret in usa. Liars. You don’t even know difference between satellite and drone. 🧛🧛

    Your people can do such mean work in USA only. Because USA government devil Biden government. Good man Donal trump removed. Shame on you for spying. Remember it only possible in America. It never work in Chennai headquarters. Because our prayers will break your drone and worldly science technology gadgets. I curse all electronic Instruments that work against our church.

    You exposing Garlic fetish of our pastor Carland ? You expose her wife laveena ? What you get by such cheap activity?

    Come to India mr admin and we gone break your legs.

  3. Shameless Hailey from planet TPM with satellite Abraham Mathew,

    Your Sunday school indoctrination is very well narrated in your comment, TPM stooge and audacious man. Your and chief wolves are daily breaking the legs and minds of gullible believers.

    Hello, modified version Asha Ram, expanded version of Joshua Thyagarajan, perverted version of Sunny George, habitual offenders and so many others, how long you will take to break the legs of admin?

    Can you explain the difference between saints and believers from the world of God?

    • You foulmouthed stooge of admin. I refrain from stopping low. Our charachter should be like Christ. But look at your language.

      Your interrogation regarding difference between belivers and saint. Ask your admin. He has got new revelation by coming out of ministry.

      Our late chief pastor C K lazrus used to eat only ganji. He had no love for worldly food. Such high consecration only our saints possess because they are redeemed from world.

      • Perverted and brainwashed TPM stooge, who started the foul mouth. It is the inherent character of you and all your chief wolves. Shameless braggers.

        //Your interrogation regarding difference between belivers and saint. Ask your admin.// When you don’t have an answer to a relevant question like all the brainwashed TPM scorpions, you are also started to beat around the bush. Do you think the revelations are exclusive monopoly of TPM Goons like your promiscuous Joshua and others? At least quote a bible verse for your audacity. Oh, I forgot the fact that matters inside bible is alien to TPM members.

        // Our late chief pastor C K lazrus used to eat only ganji. He had no love for worldly food. Such high consecration only our saints possess because they are redeemed from world.// Did you dine with C K Lazarus to know his menu? Did you sleep with him to know his consecration? Eating Kanji is the highest form of consecration, then what about hindu sadhus living in Himalayan caves?

  4. @Zara…. //The reason for that was so that young people could go into the full-time ministry. What deception! //

    You are right.To snare the youth in order to make them join the full time ministry,this CULT use all the tricks of the trade it has at its command.This episode vividly illustrated with matching scenes that took me to my nostalgic memories of my own experiences of participating in one of its conventions held in the State of OHIO- in Ashland University-OHIO in the year 2002.TUThomas was the Chief.The dates were:24/07/02 to 27/0702.At that time;the convention first day’s msg was given to Joseph Vijayan who was serving this CULT in AUSTRALIA.Late Pas N.Stephen was US in-charge.This same J.Vijayan left the ministry subsequent to his transfer orders to Mumbai defying his transfer orders from TU.(After his exit he was seen serving in the West independently when one watches his U tube msgs).
    The vivid description of these two pastors-Carland and Idaho were very much true if I recall well during that time of my visit to the convention.Idaho was also very much instrumental in the SS ministry of this CULT just as Carland used his skills on the dias.
    Hailing from the Indian Subcontinent it was quite a new experience for me to follow the convention meeting schedule which runs like this:
    7-00 am-to 8-00am-morning praising,8-00am to 9-00am-breakfast time
    10-00am to 2-00 pm–morning service,between 4-00 pm to 7-00 pm -dinner time.
    7-00 to 11-00 pm –evening service.,Midnight 12-00 am to 2-00 am -Tarry meeting,
    Testimony time for foreigners: only in the evening mtgs as I was given time to testify in that convenntion.
    Hope this same schedule is being followed even now.
    I always ever grateful to my Lord since He had shown me His everlasting mercy to come out of this miry clay called TPM/NTC in His appointed hour.
    But at the same time my advise to the true believers who are still trapped in the CULT should sincerely seek the Lord who is able to deliver them if only they possess the zeal to come out of this pit,that He would do the rest as He did for me
    Caution:The early is the better.Do not delay the deision as the Lord’s coming is soon.

    Wishing them all the best!

  5. In these columns we did often find that these CULT adherents(both leaders and followers) haven’t got any ‘born again’ experience because of enormous amount of PRIDE they carry.I was a bit sceptical to accept that statement initially,but later when I pondered over for a deeper study of these characters of this CULT inmates, it was revealed to me that they fully deserve to have that status quo.Really they do not have any ‘born again’experience.
    Here is the clipping I collected about Joseph Vijayan Theophilus I referred in my previous mail.
    How happily he must be doing his indepenndent ministry.He is a totally redeemed man now I think.
    In his redeemed talk,you do not find the words like ZION and NEW JERUSALEM.
    Just watch it.You will find new messages sans the words of Z & NJ in these redeemed people.
    Also in the comments section of this msg ,some one appended his whereabouts where he was seen serving


    @George Abraham
    Joseph Vijayan TheophilusPastor
    581 Valley Road Montclair,
    NJ 07043 United StatesPhone: (973) 979-4779

    • @Eagle EYE

      Uncle , it is not easy to call the believers ? dont have born again experience .. but yes
      it is true that most of the tpmites are saved by tpm and not by our saviour . i have observed this in india and in abroad . . i too felt the same . members are happy to serve the cult than Christ .

    • Hi, just for awareness sake: Joseph Vijayan fell into sin when he was in NTC. From what I heard, he molested some young boys and kept it covered until the boy(s) told him that they were going to expose him. When he found out that he will be exposed, he submitted a resignation immediately. This is the account that I heard. The identities of the boys were asked to be kept private and so, I don’t know who they are. When Pas. Michael Thomas found out that Joseph Vijayan is back in the U.S. with another church ministry, he called the main pastor of that congregation and informed him of all the misdeeds of Joseph V.
      My purpose in revealing this is not to sabotage his reputation for life. I’m hoping that he has repented and started a new life and ministry but let’s just be aware and do our best to not idolize any human being.

      • Quite interesting that Michael Thomas called up the other church pastor to expose Joseph Vijayan. It’s amusing to me that they cover-up their clergy for the same type of worse sins..

  6. @ADMN—//Likewise we also so send satellites to other TPM Planets across the globe//.

    Kudos to ADMN brother who chose to enter the space age.

    Infact in 1969,the LUNAR module –EAGLE –jettisioned itself from the command module-
    COLUMBIA ..and safely landed on the moon.
    As a true manifestation of the word of God as told in JOB 38:4…// WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I LAID THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH? That means planetory system and satellites like moon was also a part of the foundations of the earth.In 25 & 26 th verses we read
    //WHO HAS DIVIDED A CHANNEL FOR THE OVERFLOWING WATER OR A PATH FOR THE THUNNDERBOLT, TO CAUSE IT TO RAIN ON A LAND WHERE IS NO ONE.A WILDERNESS IN WHICH THERE IS NO MAN.//.It likens fromtpm.com has been waging the relentless battles on these CULT MISSIONS cutting across the denominational barriers by reading these countless episodes.We are all standing witnnesses of its tireless mission work.

    God enabled man to land on the moon in 1969 in an attempt to see His WORD is fulfiled by the launching the Apollo Mission.

    Like wise fromtpm launched its mission in 2016 and unravelled many truths to the christendom by launching many satelites.Many other satelites are still clinging on to the COMMAND module.Presumably they have got a faulty retro rockets firing system-unable to get jettisioned out from the COMMAND module inspite of 450 episodes of retro rockets were fired already.The need of the hour is come out this great harlot of Babylon.They must jettision out from the clutches of–TPM/NTC that has been propagating many wrong doctrines over nine decades.We must try to become like ACTS 17:11–BEREANS.who dwell on the wisdom of God.
    In this space age let us hope many lunar surfaces could be unearthed where no one is there, and no man ever lived there.
    May God help us reach the unreached areas..

  7. Hannibal dear,
    Glad to know that we are in the same page and we will continue to strive to expose the dirt that this CULT is carrying.Our only hope is— on some fine day,the eyes of the zealous believers who are presenly sailing with this monster,will be opened and come to the saving knowledge of the Saviour.That is the Spirit of Christ we have.


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