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This is in response to one reader asking about the Fate of sincere believers of TPM who stick on to the cult and do not think it necessary to move out. I don’t know where to go and find more words than those which we have already gathered in 450+ articles. People keep asking the same things. How many times we can alter words and letters to form various compositions that would reveal the same facts again and again. Should I climb to heaven or go down in depths of the sea to seek out proper words that would make the right impression on hearts of TPM folks?

Nevertheless, we will try as many times as we can to pull someone out of the cesspit of Allwynian/AC Thomas pit.  They who are genuine seekers for them we will not say no.  This article is intended for a gentleman who wrote a mail to us, asking us our response on what we think would happen to SINCERE BELIEVERS of TPM at coming of Lord Jesus?

Since most of our regular readers know the answer very well, they would find this article as repetitive one.

The Counterfeit Gospel of TPM

Number one reason is the misplaced trust which TPM members put in their sincerity, in their holiness and in their achievements of human righteousness. Sincere pious men from TPM think that they are pious men because of their prayerful life, because of their attending of worship meetings regularly, because they speak in tongues and because of their endeavour to say undefiled from pollutions of the world. Therefore in their understanding, the formula for the gospel is as below,

Gate-pass to eternity  =  Devotion to Jesus + Sincere pious behaviour (celibacy, no TV, no medicine.. attending meetings, family prayer.. etc)

When we say this is a scripturally wrong understanding, then the immediate response from a TPM Fanatic is as follows,

Do you mean to say those who accept Jesus and go on committing evil works, will such people go to heaven?

Our answer is an emphatic NO! The gravity of issue with the above formula is that people stress on their own sincerity and piousness. And the scriptures give no weightage to human piousness as the deciding factor.

The Scripture stresses on the works of Jesus as the deciding factor and not our own works.

Gate pass to eternity = Accepting inability of our merits to save us and trusting completely in saving power of sacrifice of Jesus. 

The difference between the first and the second formulae is that in the first formulae the focus is on the Merits of a holy life (celibacy, no TV, no medicine.. piousness, prayerful life etc) as the deciding factor, while in second there is no focus on merits of the holy life. Please note that zero focus on the merits of holy life does not mean you do not try to live a holy life! It only means you do count it as something that can help you please God. All you trust his saving power of righteousness of Jesus alone.

It is therefore that Paul wrote,

and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in[a] Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith.

Phil 3:9

This does not mean that Paul was an evil man not leading a righteous life. It only meant that he didn’t consider his holiness as something that could please God or something that can be shown to God as his achievement.

The problem with TPM gospel is that they want to show their goodness, their celibacy, their sacrifice, and their sincerity as something based on which God will decide eternity of men and women. They think that in exchange of their piousness they will get eternal life.

Consider the incident of the rich men mentioned in the gospels. We find there was a rich man who obeyed all the Ten Commandments consistently from his childhood, and still, he was not counted worthy to pass into eternal life!

The Disciples were therefore surprised that if a blessed rich man (for them the richness was blessings of God for obeying him perfectly. So being rich was a sign for piousness in the Israelite theology of those days) could not enter the kingdom of God, then who could enter?  To this Jesus replied, with God all things are possible, suggesting that saving power is of God and not with meritorious works of human holiness. For more information click on the articles links (read me, read me, read me, read me).

Which is why Paul writes that even the great man Abraham could not boast in the presence of God (Romans 4:2). If his piousness, if his obedience, would have been the key factor in helping him achieve good report in the sight of God, Abraham could have got a reason to boast. But Paul says, so did not God allow, not even for Abraham whose example he takes because for people in his days Abraham was one of the greatest men. Hence Paul concludes that salvation or entry into heaven is not based upon our piousness but depends upon our faith in saving power of Jesus (Rom 3:28).

If you are still unsure of what I am saying, please feel free to comment and I will show you more passages from the bible that we are not saved by our own works, but the Work of Jesus. The moment you make your sincerity, your piousness as the deciding factor, that very moment you are on path that leads to mistrust in the saving power of Jesus and you are in danger of ending up in a place where worm never dies not nor fire quenches.

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Matt 1:21

If we could have saved ourselves and gotten our own eternal life, we did not need a Saviour and Jesus came and died for us in Vain.

Pious Saints of TPM? Are you Joking?

Now having explained, as to where we should fix our gaze in order to escape on the Day of Judgment, let me show you how delusional we would be if we think that we are sincere or pious. James writes If you obey every law except one, you are still guilty of breaking them all (James 2:10). The standard that God has set for perfection is extremely impossible. We should become a person who has never sinned post our experience at the cross if we ought to believe that we will be declared as perfect.

According to James 2:10 as we have read above, if we are living a pious life and if we happen to break even a small commandment by mistake then we are guilty of breaking all of them (James 2:10).  If that is true then here are my tests for the so-called sincere and honest TPM saints and believers. Help me understand how can you call yourself sincere and pious and holy even if you break any of the below;

  1. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere, if they do not obey the biblical commandment to not attend the TPM way of tarrying meeting (see 1 Corinthians 14:27-28, click for more)?
  2. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they break commandments of Jesus cited in Matthew 23:8-12, of treating all men as equal brothers (see this article see also Col 3:10, 11, see this article). TPM gives excuse in name of administration and has appointed better privileges, more power and position to senior ministers (check this and this too)?
  3. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they do not obey the commandments of Jesus of not taking the name of the Lord in vain repetitive style (Matt 6:7) (check this article for more,  and this one too)?
  4. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they do not obey the commandments of Jesus to love others as they love themselves (Mark 12:31) (read this, read this)?
  5. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they lie to the government concerning taxes (see the article on accountability of TPM)? How about the wealth TPM has accumulated while many poor people cry to God to get respite from poverty (click to get an estimate of the wealth of TPM)?
  6. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they keep covering up all the gross sexual perversions taking place inside faith homes (check this for a sample and this one, don’t miss this)?
  7. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they do not stand for justice of afflicted within the community of TPM itself (check this for instance, or this)? 
  8. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they do respect and take care of their parents and leave them in hands of fate in order to secure their place in ZION (click for more)? 
  9. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere, if they do not obey the biblical command of letting each believer in Christ use his or her gifts for the church? TPM only allows its ministers and not without permission of seniors to preach and do ministry in the church. So are they allowing for obeying the biblical instructions given by Paul? (check this article for more)
  10. How can TPM ministers and believers claim to be sincere if they behave partially? There is punishment for believers if they do anything wrong as per TPM rules, but the same does not apply to selected few saints? A poor man cannot marry outside TPM but then for rich, there is no punishment? Be it medicine, marriage, east world west world differences in rules, (James), or reservation in conventions for rich kids from the gulf and the West!   

Read our drama series (reflection series, Operation Rome, watch-night play) where we have exposed inner details of hypocrite lifestyle of TPM, as seen from within faith home. You will be amazed to realize the number of sins they do in daily life without realizing how awful they live inside those white walls (check this for understanding their darkened conscience and then tell me by what definition they are sincere and by which conscience).

We have 450+ article and if you read all of them sincerely, you will find innumerable faults in TPM that you will get tired of listing them one by one! These are things which TPM believers and ministers ignore, and what a surprise when you claim to be sincere and travelling towards perfection! There is no bigger joke than this! 

Claiming themselves to be the Joy of the Whole earth is just hogwash and not worth any consideration

The Fate of sincere believers of TPM


Unlike the rich man who met Jesus, who was consistently obeying Ten Commandments, right from his childhood, when compared to him we can make no such claims. If he was considered unworthy (Luke 18:24-25), then how can we who break all commandments (see James 2:10) and be considered as being pious sincere or righteous? It is a joke to say we are sincere. When God will judge we won’t stand before him (Psalms 130:3).

 Therefore my advice to the gentleman who wrote to us concerning the fate of sincere TPM believers is to stop trusting in human sincerity and piousness. It is farce idea. Bible says our righteousness is filthy rags (Isa 64:6). I pray that the Lord open your eyes and may you surrender to clothe yourself with the skin of the lamb slain from before the foundation of the world. Jesus is NOT coming for people who trusted in their own righteousness but put their trust in His Righteousness.



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