The Singapore unit of the Cult is totally dismantled and is shred into many pieces. The White clads are feeling the pinch. Now with the situation mostly out of hand with a motley crowd of brain dead followers, the PCS is trying to hold on to its last bit of straw, very tightly. But even in that process, The Decadent Cult employs the Same Old Tricks.

The Decadent Cult employs the Same Old Tricks

What are these Tricks?

The Entire Organization has been running on modifications of the same kind of trickery. The Mother Trick of all little Tricks is called MIND CONTROL. Please read the following articles to know what is the kind of Mind Control employed by The Pentecostal Mission.

The Dilemma with the Cult

They would have continued with the small group of die-hard followers led by the Jalal Clan and exercised control on the church and its property. It seems there was a complaint to the authorities that Joshua and his cronies were selective in their communication and cutting off others who are the actual stakeholders. People who have spent their hard-earned money to build this institution is being ignored and the stooges who are being fed and raised by the white-clad are kept in the know.

This situation has caused a dilemma with the cult and they have resorted to their usual ways of trying to control the communications. See how they do not want other communication to exist between their believers and want to have it all controlled in a pyramid structure. These reprobate minds will never learn.

The Decadent Cult employs the Same Old Tricks

They put a helpless sister (probably Kezia) to do the co-ordination for their new Whatsapp group. Is not it surprising that the child of the Demon Facebook is the favourite tool of the white clads? I hope you remember the testimonies of various TPM devotees who have gone on trance and come back to let you know that the ones who used social media like Facebook have landed in Hell.

About the Clergy like those in TPM, St Paul says the following

They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

2 Tim 3:6-9

Who is to be blamed?

Needless to say, this situation is brought about by the so-called “BELIEVERS” of the Church. They have paid and nurtured this monster for years. Therefore, why should they not be held responsible for the after-effects of this situation? So bear the loss at the hands of the so-called consecrated servants of God and mourn for the stupidity of following the white clads with absolute devotion.

Who are the TPM Clergy according to the Bible?

We read about a group of people called NICOLAITANS mentioned in ( Revelation 2:6 Revelation 2:15 ) whose deeds were strongly condemned. They may have been identical with those who held the doctrine of Balaam.

Though the bible does not explicitly say what was the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, we can glean some information from the writings of the early Church Fathers. Notice these statements

Tertullian, who wrote about 207 AD, stated,

I do not aim at destroying the happiness of sanctity, as do certain Nicolaitans in their MAINTENANCE OF LUST AND LUXURY.


Irenaeus, who lived about 180 AD, had this to say about the group.

The Nicolaitans are the followers of that Nicholas who was one of the seven first ordained to the diaconate by the apostles. the Nicolaitans lead lives of unrestrained indulgence. The character of these persons is very plainly pointed out in the Apocalypse of John. It shows that they teach that it is a matter of indifference to practice adultery and to eat things sacrificed to idols( which is Covetousness).


In Short, Its about a group of people who enjoy a life of LUST and LUXURY. There are other interpretations which also give the inference that these perverts were leaders of the Church who led them Astray.

Do we need to say any further about this? People like Joshua and Sharon are the fruits of the Tree that is rooted in a Satanic System run by Abraham Mathew and his cronies. Why should we be ever surprised?


  1. On seeing Joshua reading VOP magazine I remember how I threw the cult magazine which came to my house today. My family members are not saved and this cult magazine went directly to trash from my mailbox without their knowledge. This magazine is full of mind control articles and if you are in a family like me, please try to destroy it as soon as it arrives. 

  2. aiyoyo again Jaallals.. Jaallal Clan.. Why does this “holy” Jaallals have to be in every ministry and every talk and limelight what is so great about them.. a whole bunch of empty vessels brainless arrogant fools from the elder to the young who are blinded by this TPM and Joshua “For they are so holy spotless and will be among the 144000 just wait and watch they will get caught up 1st together with their beloved sister/aunt centre sister of PCS Elisabeth Jaallal & Bro In Law Joshua Thiagrajan Massilamani thus saith the LORD” touch not the anointed ! LOL .. Those SG believers will know who know the famous line THUS Saith the LORD is from and those who dont its from the wicked old hag ex centre sister AMMACHI SHARON… TOday she is in 1 corner and Joshua’s 1st wife Elisabeth is ruiling the roost.. calling believers and playing with words asking for forgiveness from believers telling them to attend church.. I received missed call 2 times and i didnt answer their calls deliberately as I dodnt want to dirty my mouth.. Picking the call or talking to them would have made me a sinner and I and my family rather stay away.. This white demons are without consious they can still conduct sevice and prophecy to the congregation anyways all those who attend are JALLALS and DAWSONS and HIS HARDCORE SUPPORTERS.. I was told the church is now controlled by the JALLAS mainly on who can enter visit make appointment to see SOGs ect.. all hve to go thru JALLALS… Recent fathers prayer was also attended by the Jallal mens and handful of JT supporters.. the Jallals are power hungry feeding the adulterer and criminal and showring their bro in law JT with massage and chapatti… now the church sign must be change to Church of the Jallals instead.. Thank God mother Jallal has passed on if not its such a disgrace for her to see her sons and daughters and grandchildren all supporting this criminal and his pervert gang.. She was a god fearing women loving and motherly who will always greet anyone regardless of old/young with a smile and all those who greet her she will greet them back the same.. I remember when my son was small she still had her eye sight at that time Mother would smile and shake his little hand and tell him to say praise the lord praise the lord.. we were old believers of this cult and we have stopped attending this cult in 2017 as we started seeing cracks during Joshua’s rule.. Many years ago during Pastor Martin Gason time when we were still believers he was the centre pas of PCS I and my family was in the queue after sunday servce as once amen we queue up immediately to avoid the long quque and always Mother Jallal was infront of us togehter with her famly & cunning and arrogant son Daniel aka Joshua STOOGE was praying and despite of her sickness and failing eyesight she was cheerful and always tells Pastor Martin to come over home to visit & pray with the SOGs.. Pastor Martin was another stern yet father figure to most of the believers he was firm stern and fatherly always generous and reaching out to poor believers.. ever since his demise and this Pervert Joshua took over the church has loss its consious,holiness ect… now its a brothel a place where immoral acts and fraud money laundering swindles takes place.. Such a horrendous face with the VOP magazine.. I heard TPM Iyumbulyur has prepared VOP with convention 2021 dates.. so confident with COVID can have convention LOL.. Joshua and his filthy concubines can escape law but not the wrath of God judgement will fall upon them they can enjoy in luxary and chappati but for how long maybe as long as the Jallals are there feeding and providing for him…

    • NOT onlt teh Sg church became a brothel . Its the norm all over the world .. East or West Tpm is the worst . Praise God for the internet .

  3. This filthy white crooks have tasted luxury especially SG PCS church is well blessed with believers giving nice offerings gifts and foods to Pastors worker Brothers Ammachi and worker sisters.. The Jalals are behind him always like a shadow.. my wife was doing Pastors kitchen ministry during convention time while we were still attending this church and all good cuisine was ordered and mostly homemade cooked by believers to feed this white crooks.. pastors kitchen in SG is like a buffet hall it has huge yummy spread for all the Pastor’s such rich food is given for them to do their convention ministry.. some even get more than 3 meals per day including desserts like ice cream cake cheesecake chocolate cake Pastry Puffs ect.. all ordered and sponsored by believers thinking it as a blessing or plus point to reach heaven by serving this white crooks.. as for Joshua his Bollywood wife Elizabeth Jalal carefully prepares Punjabi food together with her sister Ibnais Jalal.. Yes hot hot chapattis are made and kept for him.. once my elderly mother with walking stick was walking pass Pastor kitchen during one of the SG convention as it’s a shortcut to believers dining area happen to see them cooking chapattis and went abit near to the cooking area as she was just being her curious self was rudely told off by Ibnais Jalal “Sister pls don’t come here cannot come here this is not for you only Pastor” My mother was taken aback and from that day onwards I told her never to take the shortcut and get humiliation for no reason don’t make the Jalals feel we are dying for their chapattis or intend to rub shoulders with them.. Yes the whole family is arrogant and great holy actors and actresses.. I was told by 2 believe sisters who used to attend the Jalal family prayer YES this holy family has weekly or twice weekly family prayers and it’s a mockery as all self praising and glorifying themselves claiming to be spiritual and romba holy family and individuals.. and yes the brainless rude Chapatti lady husband is the so called head/pastor of the Jalals and also the PA system incharge of the PCS church Wilson Raju he is also the brother of Pastor Charles Raju.. Short yet arrogant and sinner himself but this couple portray to be the most holiest undefiled believes of the church.. I also saw this Chapatti lady and her sister Elizabeth Jalal carrying matching handbags and I was told the handbag wad bought by none other than Loverboy n Bro In Law Joshua.. So both party have been giving each other gifts ect that’s why the Jalals love for Joshua is never ending and faithful.. Despite of his pervertic ways and wrongdoings he is still high and mighty in the eyes Jalals.. they are his backbone and advisors/well wishers.. aft all they have to keep their family name and not let their beloved bro in law land behind bars of not imagine what is going to be the fate of Elizabeth Jalal if he goes to jail aiyo paavam lonely.. Jalals love the limelight it’s true ask any PCS believer they are always waiting to be in the limelight the sickly girl who got married recently never fails to exaggerate her so called testimonies during conventions and other special service.. If God has healed u AMEN and stay humble and be faithful to your healer and maker not pounce upon every chance u have to be in the limelight when it just making a fool of yourselves.. The family preach so much but you all are the biggest hypocrite condemning other believers and other Christian church and her own wedding was conducted last month in a Anglican church Christ Church and Hindu Temple.. Joshua’s own blood family are against him and the church but the Jalals are foolish and blind always have and always will be.. and yes message has been going around regarding TPM headquarters convention for this year 2021 thousand of lives are dying in India and around the world sue to Covid but this white crooks only thinks about themselves and to swallow more innocent prey.. I’m curious how Joshua has controlled his sexual activity as SG is still not allowed to travel out maybe now he has resumed his activities internally within the brotel.. Light off Joshua On😜😜😜👌 Superru.. Btw I was told her has Hernia or some Man’s problem wonder how he manages to do all this sick acts with such health issues and not forgetting the Kuda enhancement pills

    • Jalal’s family know very well of Joshua’s immoral acts. This jalals are good Bollywood actors and actresses acting to be deaf and dumb to Joshua’s immoral doings. Heard that victim’s mother called and spoke to Elizabeth queen when was in hongkong and told all Joshua’s doings. queen Elizabeth herself said not to bring the matter to the leaders.
      God will bring out the truth of Joshua when they are trying to cover up.

  4. One thing for sure is TPM’S tower of Babel had come crumbling down from thier high lofty places.
    Once they were speaking in one unknown language but now that language had been disrupted by God Himself. Never in the History of TPM had this happened. more disruption is coming, You better watch out Abraham Matthew for the Hand of God is heavy upon you & your white washed brood… Matt 21: 43-44.”..Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits. And the one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him..”


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