This is about The Legion of Dishonestly Seductive Men whom we refer as TPM. Too often, TPM fanatics respond, that there was one dishonest thief like Judas Iscariot even among the twelve chosen ones by Jesus. But to such fanatics we ask, was the entire company of 12 disciples a company of dishonest men? The answer is a resounding NO! We can confidently say NO because we can see the honesty in their lives. They honestly reported to the church the evil works of Judas Iscariot. They wrote about his treachery, and his financial mismanagement as naked as the fact was (John 12:6). We are here to discuss The Legion of Dishonestly Seductive Men from The Pentecostal Mission.

The Trustworthiness of the Scriptures

We can trust the bible because we know the history written inside it is not manipulated. It is written as naked as it was, without any alteration and modification. Had they all manipulated and lied we would have called them ALL dishonest men. Wouldn’t we? But thankfully they were not. However, the case with TPM Is not so! They are like altogether all of them a bunch of liars and dishonest men. 

Like the demon-possessed man who said, “My name is Legion; for we are many (Mark 5:9),” so is TPM. a bunch of evil and dishonest men. Unlike the twelve honest apostles of Lord Jesus, TPM manipulates and hides the truth and whatever they say is lie. They hide their evil works and have zero honesty. 

Learning from Honest Organizations

Recently Ravi Zacharias International Ministries RZIM launched an investigation against its late founder based on accusations regarding his sexual scandals. They hired a neutral (third party) reputed agency “Miller and Martin PLLC” to probe into the matters. Then they honestly published the interim report submitted by investigating agency (click here read interim communication). Although it is a sad truth the honesty of the organization is worth applauding.  Like the company of 12 disciples, they were not hesitant to publish the naked truth.

They are more fearful of God than their own reputation. They mention that they do want to cheat them who donate to their organization so that they openly confess what the fact is, in a transparent manner. Listen to this video for more info.

Comparing RZIM with TPM

Compare the courage and honesty of RZIM with THE PENTECOSTAL MISSION. The so-called best church in the world has not even a single honest leader who does not lie. You are witness of hundreds of cases, where TPM chiefs have lied openly and shamelessly several times about misadventures of their workers. Sex maniac Joshua Thiagrajan’s case is fresh before our eyes. What about the paedophile, homosexual Sunny George? You all know how TPM behaves to cover up such scandals.

Forget about hiring a neutral investigating agency as RZIM did. These perverts rather bribe police officers and investigating authorities to cover up their naked butts. The lying chiefs of TPM leave no stone unturned to preserve their so-called reputation.

Fear of Losing Wealth

When confronted about cover-up games of TPM, many fanatics utter excuse that chiefs fear people will backslide if frauds are reported honestly. If that is the case then there would have been no Christian because the 12 apostles did not cover the treachery of Judas. If this were true, then there would have been no disciple because the bible reports the crime of David, its prominent hero.

The Legion of Dishonestly Seductive Men

It is sky clear that these tithe robbers of TPM, fear that the inflow of money to them would stop. If these brutes were really worried about the spiritual lives of their believers, why would they excommunicate people for marrying outside TPM or taking communion in other churches?

The Evil Administration of TPM

Worldly governments formulate committees to investigate frauds. Their administrations have police, forensic agencies, media and journalists etc to check their evil activities. Apostles wrote that it is God who has placed these authorities to check and control evil (Rom 13:1-3, Tit 3:1, I Pet 2:13-14, Deuteronomy 25:1). What about the administration of TPM? Are even these ethics taught in TPM?

The Legion of Dishonestly Seductive Men

Do they have a fraud-checking committee? These things never even remotely cross their leader’s mind, because they are power-hungry and foolish. All that they do is an equivalent of the Jehovah’s Witness Judicial Committee to exonerate the guilty clergy. Were these men serious about forming a godly organization, they would introspect and made corrections and changed the way they administer. Look at how the early Apostles changed their setup when they knew that injustice was being done to certain members of the commune (Acts 6:1-6).

God would have given them wisdom (Proverbs 8:15-16). However, it appears to me that worldly administration has better intentions than these frauds who wish not to change. As Jesus said, we can paraphrase his words and say, “Kings, Queens and world governments would rise in judgment with TPM and shall condemn TPM. For they constantly look for changes in their administration to form committees to check evil but alas TPM repents not.”   

The one who is not circumcised physically and yet obeys the law will condemn you who, even though you have the[a] written code and circumcision, are a lawbreaker.

Rom 2:27


There is not much time to repent. TPM can mend its ways and turn from the evil which we doubt they will do. If they are willing to they can use resources around to learn and amend their ways. We will end by providing free online links to read and bring changes to this wicked organization (link 1, link2 link3, link4).


  1. @Admin

    v5) having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.
    v6) They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires,
    v7) always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.
    v8) Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected.

    This is a kind of fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3:5-8!
    I know many of Ex-TPMite might think “The Power” mentioned in v5 is about Speaking in Tongues, NO THAT”S NOT THE CASE! Historically, this epistle was one of the last epistles which were written by Apostle Paul! Yet, in the very first epistle written by Apostle Paul he mentions
    “Are all apostles (1st Century Apostles)? [No]
    Are all prophets(Old Testament Prophets)? [No]
    Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? [No]
    Do all have gifts of healing? [No]
    Do all speak in tongues? [No]
    Do all interpret?”[No]
    1 Corinthians 12:29-30: As that’s the case, so according to authorial Intent; Apostle was not referring to “Speaking in Tongues” but was referring to “Gospel which is the power of God unto Salvation”; so there will be preachers who will Speak “Christ-less sermons”

    And their trademark is mentioned in v6-v8; their Sexual Immorality:
    to support this I am going to share a video

    However, these Preachers are mentioned; as “Jannes and Jambres” who opposed Moses in the Old Testament, in the New Testament they will oppose Jesus (as Moses is a foreshadow of Jesus)

    Happy New Year to all of my “Spiritual Family” I have on this site!

  2. Happy New Year. May God bless u all. May this year be a year of deliverance for many innocent tpm believers. May God deliever you from the TPM cults and bring you to the real experience of salvation.

  3. RZ’s organization RZIM had an opportunity to investigate the issue further when he was alive, they merely took his words and closed or covered up the issue. Now, the investigation report even if credible, would open up further questions on why they had no clue on his activities or what were they doing when accusations came up earlier while he was alive, whether a Christian or an apologist is entitled to own that kind of side business (

    Similar thing is happening here in many organizations where the organization is not functioning by the leading of the Spirit of God but instead the words or responses of few individuals or accused were taken as accurate or valid information while the words or evidence provided by others were simply not taken into account. While some people were forgiven and their positions were restored because they deserve forgiveness it would be interesting to find out why others are not.

    TPM has a history of one top clergy or the chief or the co-founder being excommunicated when he was alive by a bold younger clergy who was based in Europe in 1962 (especially when people in India and SL were unable to take any action or any bold stance on the issue).

    • @ Anonymous
      @ // TPM has a history of one top clergy or the chief or the co-founder being excommunicated …blah blah blah…..

      First of all tpm has history of cover up of innumerable sex scandals , none of them investigated by third party neutral agencies (having reputation).

      Allwyn’s case is different as his victims were not with one or two but in hundreds. Most important that ex TPM chief Allwyn made it his doctrine (Edenic perfection by becoming nude and sanctifying sisters in bath tub) which was impossible to cover up. If you do sin secretly like Ravi, Joshua, Sunny George, and not confess it in public, it could be hid, but if you make it a doctrine something like Allwyn or Osho, which makes sex as a way to reach divine, then no organization can hide it. So obviously TPM could not cover up. Unfortunately for them they had to take the step.

      So Anonymous the Blind bhakt of tpm, sorry that your defence of tpm does not stand a chance here.

  4. @Anonymous

    //TPM has a history of of one top clergy or or the co-founder being excommunicated when he was alive by a bold younger clergy who was based in Europe in 1962 (especially when people in India and SL were unable to take any action or any bold stance on the issue).the chief//
    Show me one case where TPM Pastors have ever confessed this publicly, On this site there was a testimony where it’s mentioned “TPM pastor had raped one TPM (sister) ” I haven’t heard from any One including, Sam sundar, Manoharan, T.U.Thomas, Willson Jospesh, Wesley Peter, Abraham Matthew, have you ever heard from any form of confessions such as that? Have you heard any actions taken against “Joshua thangarajan”?
    I believe the answer is no!!

  5. If we morally try to judge one another, we can claim as a saint or we can call ourselves self-righteous. But one day we also will stand in the day of judgement and have to answer. These human beings who committed immoral acts or wickedness may have repented and confessed it to the authorities concerned and we wouldn’t know if God has forgiven them or not. So, even the person who was excommunicated in 1962, may have asked for forgiveness and repented and God would have forgiven him, and we may not know.

    Again these names you have mentioned, if they repented and moved on we cannot still try to rip them apart. If they are still living in their old life then that is a problem. I was told about clergies who were openly leading an immoral life worse than the ones mentioned in your list. They should have been excommunicated but they were allowed to continue till their end because elders took no severe action based on what was reported by others and this forum did not hear about it either.
    Now, if the church or elders spends time describing or confessing all their immoral activities and ask for forgiveness, what purpose would it serve?

    When we read about the perfect man in “The Old Testament” by the name of Job, he never took the time to look into or investigate the actions of his children. He never did it by himself or through third parties. He never took the time to describe all their sinful acts. If he chose to clearly describe all their actions or activities that would give an idea for others to commit the same. Instead we read that he sent and sanctified them and offered sacrifices on their behalf. Now concerning Judas Iscariot, the disciples touched the subject briefly and did not ask for any third party or a reputed party to come and investigate or re-investigate the issue after he killed himself. The disciples were not spending time to provide a clear description of all his activities or details, but they provided very minor overview in order to choose his replacement to be a witness of the resurrection of Jesus and they moved on quickly with it. If they provided details of all his actions and inactions that would require a substantial amount of chapters or pages to cover it and that will provide ideas for others to do the same activities and they wouldn’t have had the time to do their other ministries.

    Now if we are seeking apology or seeking description of all their sinful acts from an investigator of a reputed agency, what would we get out of it? How would you classify these as “reputed”?
    These agencies, for example the ones given by RZIM may be considered reputed by some of you, but know that they have been given limited scope or basis for investigation and whatever they know or find they cannot report every piece of information in a text they will put in public domain. And, even if they report all the filthy acts of RZ, I believe it will not solve any problem. It is going to provide an opening for another person to do the same kinds of activities. There was a red flag the moment this man opened up a spa business and nobody may have bothered to see how it is being used or misused or abused at that time. If he has not repented of all these acts while living, and whatever explanation he had given was accepted by those in his organization at that time when he lived and they moved on, what purpose is this investigation by a reputed agency is going to serve now? If RZ had repented at the last moment and God had forgiven him, how would this investigation report going to help others.

    • //These human beings who committed immoral acts or wickedness may have repented and confessed it to the authorities concerned and we wouldn’t know if God has forgiven them or not.

      This is an interesting assumption. If you sin against Me and go and confess to the AUTHORITIES, will it ever be valid? Is that how the Scripture Teaches?

      No Repentance is complete without restitution.
      Look at the Prodigal Son, his confession is that he has done SIN against his own FATHER and HEAVEN (Luke 15:21). This clearly shows that the horizontal restitution with other men is an integral part of the process of Repentance.

      Look at Zacchaeus, he restored 4 fold to them from whom he had unjustly taken the money? (Luke 19:8)

      The Same Logic is applicable to TPM and all the rest of the Humans.

    • @ Anonymous
      @//Now, if the church or elders spends time describing or confessing all their immoral activities ….what purpose would it serve?//

      @ What purpose it serves
      1) It serves the purpose of making people realize that this self claimed eunuchs are in delusion.
      2) It helps people come out of false teaching of belief in pleasing God by self good works and it makes people seek trust in finished work of cross
      3) It helps people realize that there is but one Mediator between God and man, and helps them not put trust on prayers of so called self acclaimed saints
      4) It helps avoiding “holier than thou attitude” of them who think they are holier just because they are not married

      @ Job
      @//If he chose to clearly describe all their actions or activities that would give an idea for others to commit the same. //
      This is the most insane logic i have ever heard from any blind supporter! Doesn’t bible mention the list of sins of flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). Haven’t you read what David did, or Solomon did, or Saul did, or Ahab did at the end of their lives? Does not Paul mention the sin of sodomy practiced by them who left the natural use of god given sex and abused it (Rom 1:18)? Doesn’t bible mention what daughters of Lot did with him when he was drunk (Gen 19:30-38)? What on earth makes you think that mentioning sin gives idea to others commit the same and hence the sins should not be mentioned?

      @ Reputed agency
      Any agency which is to be involved in investigating has to be neutral. A neutral agency is chosen for unbiased analysis of the truth; otherwise if the investigation results favors people like RZ, then those who have claimed charges against him might murmur of organization being biased. It also shows organizational sincerity in knowing truth.

  6. @Anonymous

    //When we read about the perfect man in “The Old Testament” by the name of Job, he never took the time to look into or investigate the actions of his children. He never did it by himself or through third parties. He never took the time to describe all their sinful acts. If he chose to clearly describe all their actions or activities that would give an idea for others to commit the same. Instead, we read that he sent and sanctified them and offered sacrifices on their behalf.//

    I’m going to address the first line “When we read about the perfect man in “The Old Testament” by the name of Job”. The Book of Job, according to Christian scholars was written even before “Moses” so “The Book of Job” is historically the very first book, yet it is written in Job 32:1,2 “So these three men stopped answering Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes. 2 But Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, became very angry with Job for justifying himself rather than God”
    the perfect one(Job) was self-righteous. Before this Job confesses “I know that my redeemer lives,”

    Q: — If Job was Perfect how much perfect his “Redeemer” would be “PERFECT”?
    That’s the standard Scripture puts in front of us!! Have you ever thought About that?
    That our Redeemer -Lord Jesus is Perfection Personified! By his standard all of us (People of Old Testament and New Testament) are pathetic!

    Now // he never took the time to look into or investigate the actions of his children. He never did it by himself or through third parties. He never took the time to describe all their sinful acts. //

    “What? Children of Job were sinful ??” Can you show me a single Bible verse to prove that??

    //Example of Judas & Actions of the Apostles concerning: //

    Apostles were EYEWITNESSES OF JUDAS’s betrayal! Why would Eyewitnesses even require “A neutral third Party” ?? I know and all of the readers of this Site would also understand your argument for “Investigation of Judas” was a “Fallacy”!

    This is my humble opinion “First Learn the Truth then try to draw Parallel!”

  7. If Job’s children were perfect like him why would he do these things described here in Job 1:5 – Is he doing something ungodly or wrong or unnecessary here or he’s going by an unfair assumption with regards to his children described in the same chapter?)

    If the company that’s performing investigation on RZ is considered reputed by some of you, consider asking this question – Would this be considered “Reputed” by God? Is this investigation process biblical? Were the RZIM decision makers guided by the spirit of God? Lastly, whatever comes out of – would it edify you or bring any sort of comfort or peace or anything useful for your life or the life of others? Would it take you a step forward? If according to Matthew 6:15 “we are all called to forgive others their trespasses” unconditionally, are we required to forgive RZ or not? One thing we can tell is that whatever RZ had done in the past were immoral and there were many non-Christian characteristics and conduct in him, but just before he died or anytime before his earthly life ended, isn’t there a small chance that he turned back again to God for true redemption?

    Most of the people in his close circles would know most or all his activities when he was alive but they kept quiet or they communicated to the people who won’t expose them to the outside world, because they were dependent on him for their survival. Or RZ used his answering expertise at that time to provide an answer and shut them down if anytime they were enquiring him about his activities.

    Consider Abraham’s activities in Genesis 20. If I were in Abimelech’s place and if I choose to ignore God’s voice, I would place the blame on Abraham for the whole episode and my bitterness or unforgiving character would take precedence over God’s leading or expectations here. Instead, what did Abimelech chose to do (Genesis 20:14)?

    While the word of God gives a brief description of sinful activities, it’s not written in the way the secular or so called reputed investigation will describe or the way this investigation firm which is looking into RZ’s activities is going to describe them. It does not give a detailed or step by step account of everything involved in the sinful activity, that’s what I meant. For example, when you write about some of the accused you are trying to provide vivid description, adverbs and adjectives – I do not consider them as biblical. I don’t believe that the apostles documented the entire step by step betrayal process of Jesus and they wrote or mentioned only those the Spirit of God guided them to do.

  8. Brother lets get it straight. Where is the investigation carried out by chiefs of tpm regarding Joshua Thiagrajan ? What about Sunny George ? How does a ruler or judge is supposed to behave when someone goes to him asking for judgement ? Is not bible clear on how fair judgement s judge is supposed to make and heed to supplications of afflicted ones? Yes or no?

  9. @Anonymous
    //For example, when you write about some of the accused you are trying to provide vivid description, adverbs and adjectives – I do not consider them as biblical. //

    Looking like a nice defence counsel to this CULT.Keep defending …….No issue….A typical Elina’s spirit is haunting these Anonymous writers.This is very reason why so many hundreds of EPISODES are being appearing in these columns one after the another with a fond hope of these immature Elinas would one day turn around and come back to Lord with a spirit of repentance.But instead,a new breed of Job’s friends are seen.These writers have to regret later if they do not pay heed to what the WORD clearly warns :
    2 Tim 3:1,2….that in the last days there will come times of stress.For men will be lovers of self,overs of money,proud,arrogant,abusive,disobedient to their parents,ungrateful,
    ,unholy,inhuman,…..etc.T.U used to exhort his flock that they were the ‘proud’lot in every aspect.Then he used to read out the long list of the attributes of the clergy.Those tapes are very much there for evidence.
    Secondy, do not try to take shelter under the garb of RZ.That late man’s credentials and activities were totally different to these CULT activities.Agendas are differennt anyway .

  10. I believe victims deserve justice, and immoral characters continuing to live in that life whether openly or in a hidden manner/hypocritically, should be stripped of any responsible position or any positions where they have decision making authority over others. Earthly organizations including TPM are not going to give any righteous judgment all the time but we need to continue in our trust in the Lord in prayers and fasting that these unjust or unfair treatments would come to an end soon.

    I am told that one of the brothers in India (who was transferred back from Malaysia a year ago) that goes by the name of N Luke has attributes similar to MLK Jr. in terms of raising unjust treatments and unfair practices with elders inside TPM but he has been transferred to a town which is not very close to the headquarters. If that is possibly true, victims of TPM or its affiliate’s clergy abuse can try to openly reach out to him to see if he would provide any sort of suggestions or recommendations for them, if the chief or the deputy does not hear or reply/respond to their grievances in an appropriate way.

    You people should continue to raise unjust causes respectfully without using any derogatory words and if TPM or elders in TPM do not provide justice to the TPM clergy abuse victims who need or deserve it, it will come one day from somewhere else. We need to patiently wait for that time.

    I am bringing MLK Jr, here because he was one of the main voices against institutional racism and unjust treatments more than 50 years ago. His approach or methods can be still considered as valid for this age. He fought against it in a disciplined, dignified and respectful way in the 1960s – He was a clergy and he had to raise issues against fellow clergymen and you may be able to find his writings or letters online. You may see how he lead peaceful protests and how respectfully he disagreed in writing with the other clergymen who supported oppression or systematic mistreatment of certain section of the society at that time.

    • @Anonymous,

      Brother, this website is the only platform for the victims of TPM’s abuse. How can you even be so cool in your generalization?

      When did TPM become a religious organization? It has always been a brood of evil that has the power to subtly take over families, brainwash them and control their ideologies and their destiny.
      If you are wanting to take up a master course in politics, you can enroll there.

      I have almost lost respect for Christians because the biggest hypocrites are Christian apologists.
      Religious abuse in TPM is way too damning and severe and can be comparable to the communist repression in North Korea.

  11. @Anonymous
    //His approach or methods can be still considered as valid for this age. He fought against it in a disciplined, dignified and respectful way in the 1960s – He was a clergy and he had to raise issues against fellow clergymen and you may be able to find his writings or letters online.//

    Nice Eulogy written on this man whom you likened him a la MLK Jr.True, on his transfer to KL Church in 2017 from India (thanks to his bossom friend CP Stephen) even as few raised their eyebrows,he executed the architectural uplift to the newly built KL church to the utmost satisfaction of the then CP Stephen (Subsequently Andrew Pakianathan was demoted and was sent to SL- Mattakkuia).Then COVID-19 invaded this CULT.He was locked up back in India.There was no way that he could go back to KL.
    Obviously the bosses at the top are not his men.This was all history.
    But so long as this MLK Jr serves the CULT as its bonded servant,how do you expect the tsunami that you are anticipating to happen within this CULT?No chance. He should be brave enough to bid good bye and start his own independent orgn. Then whosoever wants to sail with him,they will follow suit. He should become a trend setter.Will he?

  12. When it is mentioned “is the only platform for the victims of TPM’s abuse” – Do you mean they do not have any other place to go? Can they not take their issues to the Lord in prayer? Do you believe there is a God who hears and answers prayers? According to Luke 18:7 and 8, the Lord will avenge them speedily who cry day and night to him. So, the victims have a much better option to cry day and night to the Lord and expect a better result. Or they can expose people selectively to one website or one earthly forum forever or whatever you call as the only platform and lose hope in the one who is supposed to be our only hope.

    People can take issues or fight for justice or fight against injustice while being an insider or an outsider. For example the admin or one of the admins still partakes of the TPM or one of it’s affiliates fellowship and communion as an observer or a participant, if my understanding is correct and if I am not wrong – unless they have stepped outside completely. Even if you are an outsider and if you have an interest in following one group by getting information through various sources, in this age there are no constraints to it. There are many curious George out there who still want to find out what’s happening inside a system and talk or write about it.

    There are priests in the Catholics system who still consider themselves as insiders even though they are physically not inside the church provided residence or not functioning in a Catholic church provided setup. They may have been expelled by their former church system but they claim they are still part of it. These people continue to fight against some of the evils prevailing in the system as well as proclaim the gospel to others, do many other things commanded by Jesus to do. Jesus gave the great commission, “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”. So, somebody has to continue to teach. Somebody has to continue to do the Eight ministries in 1 Corinthians 12:28 – you may be called to do it on your own or may be part of a group or in a unique way different from anything laid out before. If you don’t have the calling, let others who have the calling do that ministry according to the calling laid out to them. At the same time you have what is given in Matthew 23:3, to not do anything ungodly what these called clergy end up doing. So, while you may continue to find lots of hypocrites, you are not required to follow them or their hypocritical methods.

    As an adult, if others do something wrong or fail to do something right you are not going to be responsible for their failures. But if they are doing something that’s against the word of God, use the method listed in Matthew 18:15-18. You can continue to hold all your grudges, bitterness and unforgiving nature against some people and let the Father deal the same way with you or you have the option to get over all the trespasses committed against you by whomsoever that did it using the grace, faith and any other gifts of the spirit supplied to you (if you have the spirit of God in your hearts) and allow the Father to forgive your trespasses as well.

    If you are a person from the silicon valley of India or have connections to the people, what would be your opinion about some of the clergy who served there – Bro K C Varughese or Bro P Selvam who are no more on earth – do you have anything negative about them as well?

    • //If you are a person from the silicon valley of India or have connections to the people, what would be your opinion about some of the clergy who served there – Bro K C Varughese or Bro P Selvam who are no more on earth – do you have anything negative about them as well?

      Dear Anonymous,
      We are not running a private detective service to check on each person. However, when the victim gathers the courage to come forward and share the details, we do know of it and publish it, if the evidence is strong. As far as KC Varughese or P Selvam or anybody else is concerned, we cannot make any decision to expose anybody without any pieces of evidence. Moreover, during those days, communication and technology were not so developed for use, as we have it now. Does that by any means exonerate them? NO.

      You may ask Why. It’s for the simple reason that they supported and propagated this wicked doctrine which is at the backbone of all these filthy works. The TPM Doctrine is not Christian at all. It has all the hallmarks of a perversion. Now listen to what the Psalmist says about people who support and stand by perversions. He Calls them Wicked (Guilty by Association) who join with the ones who are perverts, even though they personally have not done it.

      16 But to the wicked person, God says:
      “What right have you to recite my laws
      or take my covenant on your lips?
      17 You hate my instruction
      and cast my words behind you.
      Psalm 50:16-18

      I hope you understood it. For some people(Like Joshua), their sins are exposed in this world, but for others, it follows them to the Judgement seat of Christ.

      The sins of some are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them; the sins of others trail behind them. 1 Tim 5:24

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Appreciate your polite rebuttal. Thanks.

      //Do you mean they do not have any other place to go? Can they not take their issues to the Lord in prayer? Do you believe there is a God who hears and answers prayers? According to Luke 18:7 and 8, the Lord will avenge them speedily who cry day and night to him.//

      You are being an apologist or perhaps playing the devil’s advocate defending the indefensible.
      What makes you think that each of the victims here have neither cried to God nor have tried voicing dissent within reason? What makes you believe that God is vindicating TPM because he has not thrown thunderbolts?

      I am a coward by my own admission in not being vocal in trying to expose TPM… but that does not stop me from extending moral support and prayers towards the Admin and his team who have fully taken up the mission that thousands of us simply sidestepped. In a sense, FromTPM represents the tears of a million workers and believers right from 1922 till today. It was not their fault that they could not fight back.

      I really cannot decide or justify whose calling is sure and whose isn’t, but the God of the Bible has nothing to do with hirelings who rob the innocent flock through religious and emotional abuse.
      Yes, I also have the calling to be the CEO of Microsoft- so what? That’s just my dream and I have no bragging rights beyond a ditty.

      I am from Bangalore and I know Pas Varughese & Pas Selvom well. By the way, I have had excellent personal relationship with both Pas MT and Pas. Luka, who were instrumental in blinding and indoctrinating me. Does that mean that they are ethical even if they have followed the ‘Divine Command theory of Deontology’ per their version, to the hilt?
      Just as MT is an Alwyn apologist, P. Selvom was a ‘Pas.C John’ apologist.

      You have also written in your reply about forgiveness and not holding grudges- yes brother I agree with you here and it is so difficult to truly pray with a sincere child like spirit.

    • Dear Anonymous….
      TPM through its deceptive doctrines is putting a stumbling block in the way of true believers who have been bought by the Blood of Jesus. Hence its imperative to judge these false doctrines by shouting out to the world and alert the good souls from stumbling.

      Romans 14:13
      13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.

  13. @Anonymous,

    You seem to be a an educated person with an excellent way of articulating what you want to say.

    It would be interesting to know your views about the exclusive doctrines of TPM? If you are not aware of what their false teachings or deeper truths are, you should read the other articles on this site. If you can refute these lies of TPM with Biblical support, it would be beneficial for readers like me to come back to TPM and once again congregate in the best church on earth.

    BTW I personally know both KC Varghese and Selvam, whom I once held in great esteem but have since realised that they were heretics and false teachers just like every TPM Apostle since Ramankutty and company. They esteemed TPM greater than Christ and deceived thousands of simple folks in their lifetime. I’m not sure where their eternal destiny is?

  14. Today I feel very sorry for Ravi Zacharias. He not join tpm consecrated ministry. If he had join our calling, our tpm leaders would cover up his small mistakes of abusing only 10-20 girls. In addition we would have all finger pointed victim of Ravi abuse as devil possessed fallen backslider woman. We also would have made him enter glory on his death. And we would have covered body of Ravi in white clothes. We would have written in his grave, ” I have fought good fight, I have finished my race. ” We would have caled Ravi “father of many nations.” All tpm junior brother would listen to his sermon. But sadly Ravi joined other church ordination and now nobody covering up even his small sins. This big lesson for all who reject to join our tpm consecrated ministry.

  15. @Anonymous
    //As an adult, if others do something wrong or fail to do something right you are not going to be responsible for their failures. But if they are doing something that’s against the word of God, use the method listed in Matthew 18:15-18.//

    By sitting coolly within the walls of TPM,you are generating enough amount of interest in the minds of the readers and the redeemed souls like us,by bringing out the names of old timers like K.C.Varghese& Selvam ,N.Luke and correlating their acts of commission and omission with that of RZIM and its finder Ravi Zacharias,the apologist in between.
    But what is that you’ve gained  over us  in return?
    You are looking like a person of Elihu’s stature,the fourth friend of Job as mentioned in the 32 nd chapter.
    The Bible says that Elihu is shocked at Job’s vigorous self-defence.Surely God can not be unjust ,he insists.Submit to the pain even if  you do not understand it.( like telling submit yourself to the pain of TPM even if you do not understand it).God has shown too much of His wisdom and perfection especially in nature for anyone to doubt  Him,This is the kind of argument that he put forth to them in that book.
    By advocating on behalf of your favourite CULT church,you are not going to win a single soul who did step out from its arena.Only insane people will go back with your exhortations.
    From time to time,TPM has got a habit of revising and banning the hymns composed by  its erstwhile writers who were not in its  good looks anymore OR who were known to have left its flock.What kind of yardstick they use for banning such of those hymns written by them.But strangely,it still keeps the songs composed by Sam Sundar in what ever language they are in.Now for us who were totally redeemed from its clutches ,it is so disgusting to even look at the hymn books(in whatever language it prints) leave alone singing the tunes.

    VOP stands next in line.It hardly generates anymore  interest to read any of its contents.
    This is the greatest  legacy that your organ has left behind after its 95 years of existence. 

  16. First of all, I don’t believe the doctrine as given by Christ is the backbone of all these filthy works. The teachings of Christ could not transform or do a perfect work on the life of Judas Iscariot. So, Christ could not be blamed directly or indirectly for what Judas Iscariot did or what those who followed him did from time to time (for example Peter cutting off the ears of Malchus was not something that Christ asked him to do). There could be so many other reasons for all these filthy works or filthiness. These are something that start from a location mentioned in Matthew 15:19. It’s also mentioned much clearer in Mark 7:18-23 and possibly in other locations in the Bible as well. Now, you may be telling me that the doctrine of TPM or another organization (RZIM for example) is responsible for the immoral activities of people or so called leaders in that organization. I don’t think that is a correct conclusion either. Let me make it clear that I am not interpreting anything here based on my views or from the “TPM lens” or “ lens” point of view. I am interpreting or writing these based on what the spirit of God speaks to me as I read through these verses. Some of you may tell me that what Jesus refers here is physical hand washing (based on what is mentioned in Mark 7:2) and it has got to do only with physical infirmities or physical illnesses, but if you look at the verses in Mark 7:20-23 you can understand where the wicked works originate. So, even if TPM teaches false doctrines or if you believe that those false doctrines are responsible for immoral activities or those are the backbone of all these filthy works, I have to simply disagree. So, whenever or wherever you hear those wrong or incorrect doctrines, you or other individuals have the option to reject it or you differ on that specific count with those who mention them.

    One ex-TPM clergy, whose letter was published in this forum earlier (regarding the alleged immoral behavior of the clergy in the middle east as partially seen by him in the video shown by Basil), was closely associated with the chief Bro. FWJ (chief from 2006 – 2014) for some point of time, if my understanding is correct. He had a few or lots of differences with Bro. FWJ but they were together in peace, happily ministering to one another when one or both of them were not traveling to different places. Their differences in biblical interpretation or other matters didn’t come in the way of maintaining a strong and Godly fellowship. Both were from different backgrounds, different families and from different generations. Bro. FWJ did not try to forcefully impose anything on him – that he, a junior worker or a new entrant to the ministry should strictly follow his dictates or this or that rule or doctrine. Later he left the organization voluntarily when Bro. FWJ was no more. You may be able to find out more about this but these are something that I heard from other sources and may not necessarily be fully accurate. We also had a brother here since the early 80s who died sometime back in February 1998. This brother would gladly point out his differences or issues in whatever preached or taught or instructed with Bro. DMS.

    Now, some of you may be telling that if X seduced Y or X started preaching or teaching Y to seduce literally or physically or do any immoral activity, and Y agrees to it then Y is left with no choice and X is the sole person to be blamed or that’s how this whole episode started or happened. That could be true in a case if Y is handicapped physically or mentally or spiritually or there is a cognitive impairment to avoid the entire episode. But, I can only tell you that if X seduced Y, God has provided Y with many talents and resources (legs to walk or run away, mouth to speak back to that person and clearly say “NO” or take the matter to others in authority, hands to push X out of the way and many other things and above all the name of “JESUS”). When the second chief was trying to do some of his immoral activities, certain sisters were able to find their escape route and did not allow their bodies to be used for pleasuring that man. The name of “JESUS” has more power. He has given us the power and authority to shut down or subdue all evil, wicked and seducing spirits. I can give more and more examples.

    One of our brothers was praying for a woman and while he was praying with eyes closed she was trying to grab that brother by the neck and harm him. Suddenly the brother said or rebuked in a loud voice “In Jesus name” and the woman fell backwards on her own and she could not harm that brother and that brother also did not try to restrain her from attacking him or harm that woman. Similarly in one of the worst neighborhoods one of our brothers was surrounded by multiple men ready to harm him and take away any currencies and other valuables from him. Since they were many of them, there was no escape route for this brother who was alone by himself. When these multiple men queried him whether he has any money or anything else to offer, he said he has something to offer them in “Jesus’ name”. Suddenly, those people ran away on their own in different directions without harming him or without even physically check the pockets or other things in his clothes for any other valuables. They probably started looking for another prey instead of willing to hear about anything what “Jesus” had to offer.

    Going back to “Guilty by Association” concept written above based on the verses 16-18 in Psalm chapter 50 – I think this entire chapter is an excellent Psalm written by Asaph. We need to look into the entire chapter for complete relevance here. If we are selectively choosing a few verses then we can do our own interpretation or misinterpretation. Also, we can use selective verses from other places in the scripture to selectively condemn certain individuals we don’t love or like. Based on your example, can you consider asking yourself the following questions:

    If there’s a certain Judas Iscariot responsible for theft or money laundering, conspiracy to murder, then by virtue of this “Guilty by Association”, would all the 11 other disciples and anybody else associated with him earlier while he was living in a sinful life or pretending to live a saintly life be considered “guilty” even though they personally have not done those? Would his activities be connected to the doctrine he heard for many days?
    If there’s a Simon Peter who started attacking Malchus and physically harmed him, would all those who were with him at that time with whom he had supper earlier be classified as guilty terrorists or violent people by virtue of this “Guilty by Association”?
    If RZ was wicked once upon a time, would that mean that all those in his family (Margie, Naomi, Nathan, etc), his organization RZIM employees and employees of other organizations who worked together with him, would they be condemned as wicked or guilty by virtue of this “Guilty by Association” concept even though they personally have not done those or were part of his decision making team when he decided to open the spa business or when he was involved in other wicked or immoral activities?
    Likewise, let’s say if there is a software firm named Tata systems, and if they have a few employees who work unethically and do immoral activities in their workplace, would all other Tata systems employees and owners by virtue of this “Guilty by Association” be guilty even though they personally do not do or commit those immoral acts?
    Also, if one person holding a passport of Indonesia is wicked, do we call or classify others or everyone else holding passports of Indonesia as wicked, by virtue of this “Guilty by Association” concept?
    So, many parallels we can drag here like for example in banks or financial institutions there are so many scams and frauds happening – so if I take a bank, for example Citibank in this case. If a Citibank employee or someone like a broker associated with Citibank commits a good number of fraudulent transactions in the bank, would all the Citibank employees, shareholders and account holders associated with it, and continuing to do transactions there even after issues come to light be condemned as fraudsters or fraudulent by virtue of this “Guilty by Association” concept?

    I can only tell you that each individual is responsible for their own salvation. You can try to prove this concept of “Guilty by Association” through your explanation for TPM only but again to me that’s a selective application. According to verse 20 of the same chapter in Psalms whose few verses you quoted, there is a warning for those who are sitting and speaking against their brother – so, we need to keep that in mind as well. The last verse in the same chapter says, “Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God.” Based on this, can we conclude that when we don’t order our conversation right, we cannot see the salvation of God? In Zacharias chapter 3 we read about a certain Joshua who was a high priest. Who was resisting him or trying to bring the accusation on him – Is it the people to whom he does the teaching or ministry or those that bring offering / sacrifices or a common man or the congregation or one of the renowned men in the congregation that is resisting him?

    I am not asking anyone to run a private detective service, or selectively condemn a few individuals or selectively exonerate one or two people. If you read the next verse in 1 Timothy 5 which you had quoted it says “Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.” So, when we hear some of the good things God does in them or through them, we have to recognize how God works through them and glorify God. So, we can strictly focus only on the negative aspects and selectively leave the good stuff which indirectly means you are here to only condemn a person possibly chosen by God. Also, the same chapter in 1 Timothy starts with the text “Rebuke not an elder”, and it does not give any pre-conditions or conditions and so we need to keep that in mind on how we treat our elders.

    Regarding TPM doctrines, I believe that whatever is called or known as “exclusive doctrines of TPM” is the result of some form of pride (1 Timothy 6:3-7). We brought nothing in this world including any new doctrines or exclusive doctrines and so we cannot claim that this doctrine which Christ gave is exclusive to us or another earthly individual or organization. The same “pride” or “spiritual pride” is responsible for the irresponsible statement made by a clergy or some clergies that you cannot hear the doctrines revealed to the church by Christ from any other non-TPM sources. Any church would simply follow that which Christ taught and that which Father / Christ / Holy Spirit revealed to Apostles. If they claim whatever Christ or the early apostles taught as exclusive to them (TPM) or if any other organization does that as well then there is a big problem. That can also imply plagiarism if you are trying to take credit for what Christ taught or what the apostles taught as your own doctrine. If they received any special revelation that could be for their life or for the life situation for someone around them and that cannot be called a doctrine for every other human being to follow. For example, while preaching some may mention about their own life experience or what they went through or what another individual encountered and they may connect that to a portion in the scripture. Or some may try to make a story to explain some commandments of Christ to little children. Those are different or they cannot be called doctrines and those are just merely used for that specific circumstance. Anything beyond that, for example if anyone preaches a Gospel other than the ones preached by Christ or the early apostles, according to Galatians 1:8, Paul says “let him be accursed (KJV or ESV), under God’s curse (NIV), condemned to destruction! (Amplified bible), condemned to hell (GNT) or anathema (ERV)”. Some of these versions, I don’t use for my regular reading but I hope it is okay to mention them here, though they may not be very accurate in describing the truth. Also, those who teach for doctrines the commandments of men, they are worshiping in vain (Mark 7:6,7).

    Also, I need to note that man’s view’s or a human doctrine or commandments of men (some people may claim their personal doctrines or their private group doctrines as Biblical doctrine) or thinking may change from time to time. For example, I heard from a source that one of the Zach’s (either Ravi or Poonen) used to condemn or sarcastically say something against men or youths who had slightly longer hair or very long hair in the 70s or 80s or 90s. But, when one of their children started sporting longer hair the same person who taught something different earlier started saying something new or modified, or you can say their stance on that aspect changed since then. So, after one of their sons started growing longer hair, they started saying that the Bible or word of God only gives a suggestion or recommendation regarding hair levels or how to keep your hair and it does not mandate anything or requires trimming your hair to a certain level all the time. They had a choice to say the same earlier also, but only after their personal situation changed they changed their position in that matter. Likewise when changes happen in personal life you would see people change their views or their practices.

    For those who are ex-TPM and not in TPM or one of its affiliates anymore, my words are not meant to be considered as an appeal to return. If you had a specific vision or calling to do some form of missionary activity separately, or God spoke to you to leave TPM, you should leave, especially in locations where ungodly activities are on the rise. There have been instances in the word of God where God told people to specifically move from one place to another and later to return. If you are happily doing some ministry on your own somewhere, and you feel the presence of God wherever you serve, you should stay there as long as God tells you to stay there. If you hear God’s voice to return, pray about it and seek confirmation or reconfirmation and then only you should consider your return and not based on anyone’s personal appeal. You should not hop from one fellowship to another based on your emotional feelings and personal needs. I understand that there may be people who move from one branch of TPM due to problems with the clergy or other members in that location to another branch even if the newer one they moved to requires more travel. If they were to do this due to some form of bitterness or grudges, that’s not appropriate either.

    Your efforts to identify and disclose erroneous doctrines are appreciated. If you find a false doctrine or incorrect interpretations, and if the Spirit of God tells you to say it, please continue to write about it, so people gain awareness of it and correct it. When a software is written there is bound to be lots of errors which are called “BUGS” or there may be a different word for it. People in the software field cannot produce bug free software or products or devices all the time. Some “BUGS” continue to remain in the software or devices while some are addressed one by one in a future software. Likewise, when people start writing their own books called doctrine books or textbooks for Sunday school, or start preaching their private thoughts instead of teaching God’s word, there is bound to be some or lots of errors. So, if there are incorrect interpretations of the scripture or wrong/false doctrines, put them up as a listing in one page (if possible) in a respectful way. You people can do something where each error is identified with a unique reference id – include which book or periodical says it, page and line numbers and the text and what should be the correct or expected text there. Alternately if it came out of the mouth of a clergy, you may write details of who, when (what date) and where (location) that item was misspoken or mentioned – whether that statement is completely wrong or unexpected or what should have been the expected text or message that preacher or teacher should have conveyed. Currently, you may claim you have written multiple articles to capture those errors or have so many articles written. But, it’s hard for individuals to go through each and everything by reading long passages. So, if there is one location where you can list all the doctrinal issues in a tabular format without using derogatory words that would be more appealing or easy for those to look for it and know how to react when they face or read or hear similar erroneous doctrine. This can also be used by the documentation writers to fix the issues seen there. In a professional software firm that develops high quality software, if the testing people write “BUGS” or issues identified by them in the software using derogatory words, would those employees or testers be appreciated or would they be condemned by the higher management of that professional software firm?

    DMS – Don Means Spires
    FWJ – Farly Wilson Joseph

    • Anonymous seems to be going overboard with the GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION definition. That is because he is unable to excuse his behaviour of siding with the culprits of TPM, in his conscience. Therefore, he is creating excuses for himself to continue in association with TPM.
      Let me answer his thinking in an imaginary incident. Suppose I am travelling in a Bus and the seat next to me is occupied by a criminal who just happened to rape a minor girl and killed her. The police are investigating him. I am unaware of this incident and is therefore considering the co-passenger as a fellow-traveller who is just as you on his way to a destination. Would I be “GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION” because he was occupying the next seat? According to Anonymous’ weird understanding, I am guilty of association. However, Is that what I meant by the incident of the Psalmist’s quote?
      The Psalmist is not giving any reason for ambiguity as to whom is this wicked person siding with Clearly, He is siding with the Thief and the Adulterer with the knowledge of the Sin. That is Exactly the Chief Pastor of TPM did with Joshua.
      It’s very amusing that Anonymous is trying to weave around a story to cover up the nakedness of his white clads.
      Quoting his words below.
      //Going back to “Guilty by Association” concept written above based on the verses 16-18 in Psalm chapter 50 – I think this entire chapter is an excellent Psalm written by Asaph. We need to look into the entire chapter for complete relevance here. If we are selectively choosing a few verses then we can do our own interpretation or misinterpretation. Also, we can use selective verses from other places in the scripture to selectively condemn certain individuals we don’t love or like. Based on your example, can you consider asking yourself the following questions:

      Did Anonymous even Bother to read verse 16?
      It clearly contrasts the earlier scenario with that of the Wicked who is introduced in this verse. He changes gear by putting the words BUT.
      “BUT to the wicked person, God says: ” is how the verse begins. Clearly, any sensible person will understand that it is about a totally different person who is being introduced into the scenario. The BUT is a direction changer. It’s not about the one about whom we read in verses 1-15…Sadly Anonymous has the burden of being associated with the Wicked Whited Sepulchres of TPM and could not brush it off. I hope he reads the Scripture without any bias of association.

      Now let me ask certain questions regarding his thinking about Guilty by Association in the scenarios he provided.
      1. Did the Apostles know specifically that Judas would be the one betraying him and still associated with him knowing well about his intention of Betrayal? If they did not know, how can they be guilty of association? You become GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION after you come to know of the person’s intentions by certain actions which prove it.
      2. Did Simon Peter’s attacking of Malchus make him a sinner by intent? He was following what his understanding was regarding the situation. The Presence of the Sword in the situation can be justified by the words of Jesus in Luke 22:36. You are pulling in a straw man in this scenario.
      3. As far as RZ is concerned, you can see the pain underwent by the family and they promptly distanced from his actions. The same RZIM, who is now headed by his Daughter Sarah Davis has exposed the person RZ. What more proof do you want that they have drawn a line and would not be guilty by association. Was this how your Chief Pastors behaved when the dirty acts of their clergy were exposed? Clearly, the Chiefs of TPM are guilty by association. Even the ones who stand there without any question of accountability is guilty too. I am yet to know of any clergy who has raised this issue with the chief and has publicly disassociated from the actions of the chief. Leave alone a clergy, even the spineless believers who feed this monster did not have any guts apart from few in SG.
      4. As far as I know, there is an ethics committee in every software firm, and I would believe that it is there is the so-called TATA SYSTEMS too. If you have noticed that an unethical work is being done, it’s your express responsibility to bring it to their notice and inquire of the actions taken thereafter. However, if you see that they have ignored your request and they are fine with the unethical work, you need to to find a job and quit the unethical company. It does not give you an excuse to remain in the same company and continue to aid a work which you consider as unethical.
      5. This Indonesian Passport anecdote seems to be an exercise to dive deep into stupidity. You really have got no clue of the scriptures. I feel sorry for your pathetic state. Let me quote scripture and do not try to make excuses after reading it.
      I wrote to you in my letter NOT TO ASSOCIATE with sexually immoral people— 10 NOT AT ALL MEANING THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. IN THAT CASE, YOU WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE THIS WORLD. 11 But now I am writing to you that YOU MUST NOT ASSOCIATE WITH ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE A BROTHER OR A SISTER[c] but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.
      b. 12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those insides? 13 God will judge those outsides. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”[d]
      1 Cor 5:9-12

      This is the kind of Blindness and stupidity which TPM Leads you to. Now let me quote you some more scriptures where the apostles are giving a stern warning about those whom you should be doctrinally disassociating with.
      If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, DO NOT TAKE THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE OR WELCOME THEM. 2 John 1:10
      For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough. 1 Cor 11:4
      6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently, some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse! Gal 1:6-9

  17. @ admin fromtpm
    //Was this how your Chief Pastors behaved when the dirty acts of their clergy were exposed? Clearly, the Chiefs of TPM are guilty by association. Even the ones who stand there without any question of accountability is guilty too.//

    Well said, ADMN brother.

    May I put a query to Anonymous in this context—–@ Anonymous—–Don’t you have any rejoinder to the above query?Let me help you if you like to listen………..
    I have one anecdote to share…those were the days of my sailing in the same ship with this monster.
    As we all knew well,the IBR H.Qtrs,allot a whole space of floor for accommodating its flock who attend in large numbers from Sri Lanka every year as it does for Nepali flock and SG & Malaysia/Dubai
    However of late, the flock from SL appeared in huge overseas flock (may be in the range of 200/250) unlike from other countries.If you go to KOKKAWILA convention,in the hymn sheet,you have the order of singing pattern goes like this …1) SINGALA,2) TAMIL,3)ENGLISH.
    But when you come to IBR convention, the order stands as: 1)TELUGU,2).KANNADA3)MALAYALAM,4)HINDI/PUNJABI,5)TAMIL —6)ENGLISH.
    After clolsely watching this scenario for both IBR & KOKKAWILA conventions together with a TPM lense for almost a decade,I decided to give a suggestion to the then Chief Clergy N.Stephen and I did approach him whether a SINGALA hymn could be accommodated in the IBR convention hymn sheet which could be termed as a fitting finale for upkeeping its true colour of INTERNATIONAL STATURE.Though he promised me that he would look into this impossibe task,he looked totally bewildered for a moment as it involved a very complex issue of politico-social in nature.
    Anyway the rest was the history–There was no time for seeing any SINGALA hymn appearing in IBR hymn sheet any more.The Chief passed away in BRIXTON F/H and it was time for me to bid good bye to this monster too.Meanwhile COVID 19 had its huge sway with this monster in distrurbing the traditional set up of this fellowship throughout its global net work.

    Anonymous brother, do you have any similar experiences if any, that could it be shared for the benefit of many,especially to the present incumbent of this CULT ???


  18. As a result of not complying with COVID precautions, more than dozen believers and Elder get exposed to COVID-19 at Doha TPM ( IDC centre) as on last Friday & Saturday. Many are in quarantine centres.
    Poor believers and their children are now suffering due to laid back attitude and carelessness of the leadership.

    • These people will not learn. The same thing happened in Bahrain. I also know of some believers in Dubai having covid…Check out the below notice where a sister was cremated because of Covid.


  19. The leader is not strong is what I feel. Even if you see the HQ, which is in writing located in Chennai, the Keralite has took decision to have a separate HQ in Kerala as well. Young ministers coming for ministry are being trained both in Kerala and Chennai. Why these language sin has not gone from our leaders? Language difference is equivalent to today’s millennial being asked ‘what’s your caste’ and 21st century people hate such ask to the core, but our so called leaders who have denounced all (which they say outwardly), can’t come out of language and money and rich.

  20. Admin, please tell me who “Sunny George” is. There is a believer in our church in America with that name. Is he a pastor or a believer?


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