Life in TPM is like slavery in Egypt. It cannot be expressed in words. We will continue to publish testimonies of people who could recollect the nightmarish life of Egypt(TPM). The excitement of escape can only be explained by the one who crossed the Red Sea on their way out of the Cult. Let’s have one such testimony from Sister Jay about Strange Memories of TPM Life 1.

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story– those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,

Psalm 107:2

Hi Admin,

I haven’t thought about TPM in decades but I accidentally stumbled on your site this week. How a site like yours would have helped me in those days when I was still young and naive and attending TPM ! Thank you for your work, I am sure you are helping many.

I was born and brought up abroad, but returned to India for college. At the foreign faith home & church, I guess I was very much shielded from most of the discrimination /misdeeds etc that we see here in India. Though I was first in Sunday School, I was always shy. I could never let go of my inhibitions and freely sing, shout and praise loudly youth convention style.

For this, I was despised and there was even once a sermon in my Sunday School calling out the “youth who only study with the mind, and do not worship God with heart”. Anyway, that is the memory of my childhood relationship with this church and by extension, God – being shamed for who I am.

This is the video of A TPM Sister(Ruth) who died because of the false doctrine of Divine Healing in Singapore. She died of excessive Bleeding just as the mother of Jay. So many are in the path of unintentional Suicide caused by this evil cult.

When I came to India, India itself was a shock to me, but more so the TPM church. The caste, the poverty, the hierarchy in the church & among the workers! How even Hindu and political organisation are doing charity and social service while this church is serving fruit and meats and “ministering” means something different.

How can it be? These are indeed Strange Memories of TPM Life 1. Jesus embraced the dregs of society, but his “one true church” treats people differently on basis of caste and money! By the way, we were not very rich returnees, and many of my extended family had married outside TPM (Thank God!) so we were not very “favoured” believers.

None of this deterred my mother, such an ardent and faithful believer, trusting every word from the pulpit, praying for hours each day. She suffered from bleeding for 2 years. She steadfastly refused to go to a hospital, but attended every prayer meeting and believed the words “You are healed.”

How many times she got healed in those two years by those fake healers! Finally, our sane relatives carted her off to the hospital and got her treated. Treatment for a curable disease was started too late and she passed away, wracked with guilt over having gone to the hospital, leaving behind young children.

One day, when my mother was still alive, the wife of a very prominent believer (read super-rich) in the church came to our house. She called me aside and asked, didn’t you know she was sick – why did you wait so long to take her to hospital. She was very lucky not to get slapped by me that day.

It is the so-called “Servants of God” whom this rich lady tithes and feeds and treats like royalty who urged my poor mother to wait for God to heal. The same “Servants of God” hold up these rich people and say – you can have wealth and health and prosperity like these people, only if you pray hard enough, treat us well enough, do x, y and z. 

And these same people are getting the best medical treatments – it was not at all God’s work- but we poor people didn’t know. That day I realised that its wrong to support people in this. It is murder, plain and simple. I can recount many more harrowing incidents from her sick-bed.

The workers who would imply or even outright say it is our lack of prayer or our misdeeds responsible for mother’s illness! When I read the article about the poor blind man in Mumbai who is not allowed to get surgery vs the rich man who is “permitted” to take medical treatment, I remembered like yesterday how horrible it all was, and how horrific it is that it is still going on.

Strange Memories of TPM Life 1

If anything, things seem worse. When I started reading the ‘Reflections’ series, I felt Joshua could be me. When I reached the end and saw their mother pass away, I thought that maybe you know me!  Later while perusing the comments, I realised that so many people went through the same.

Many of the things you write about, from within the ministry, the various financial and sexual misdeeds etc were not known to me, I guess I was too young at the time. I always thought many of the scripture interpretations & doctrines as obviously stupid. But after their hypocrisy and deception ruined my life, I could not imagine being part of this.

As such I don’t know if this account would be useful to you as a testimony, but I have just attempted to pen down some long forgotten and terrible memories. It is the least I can do.

End of “Strange Memories of TPM Life 1”


  1. Thank you sister Jay, for penning down your escape story from this cult.

    We have all seen our close by family and friends, surrender to the demands of this blood sucking demon of faith healing. I believe the number of victims of this sucidal doctrine is a colossal number. Yet many are still hesitant to step out. Dungeons of tpm has this mysterious air that keeps people bound inside these dungeons. Many remain hell bent to stay glued to this cult. It’s indeed miracle and thing of wonder how few manage to come out of it so suddenly by reading few articles..

    May God open their eyes too. God bless you.

  2. It’s sad that a lot of workers, who meant well and joined this cult to serve God, is now tied up with chronic illnesses with no escape, utterly crippled from serving God! I remember laying in a dark room for days & days when I was sick within this cult. The worst is when they tell you that you are sick because there is sin in your life. When the chief pastor is sick, it’s a “trial of faith”. Looking back, I cringe at the remembrance of all the mental torture inflicted on me by this doctrine!

  3. My sister is in this ministry, really young girl, suffered from excessive bleeding, i asked her to have some healthy food, she said she has never cooked anything specifically to cater to her needs, it was what the Lead Bro/Sis wanted.
    When i was speaking to one of her co-workers, that sister (slightly older in the ministry) said, that’s it no one will care of this girl’s ailment.
    My sister said, no one will help until she becomes serious and then she will be brought to centre fh and allowed to die.
    Despite extreme weakness due to continuos bleeding, she was supposed to be doing all her chores, no rest or respite.
    These people have no heart, they will suck someone’s life until their death, they do that because more young girl’s will sacrifice their life, this will continue until there is accountability. Who will bell the cat?

    • @Escaped from TPM, Why do you expect someone to bell the cat? TPM is Gods judgement on people with itching ears and those who dont want to Know God or follow his commandments.
      What is important is how we can rescue people from this cult. I would strongly recommend that you do what the good Samaritan did. Get her out, get her some good medical help and then explain to her the madness she has landed herself in. Hopefully God will give you the right direction for this.


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