The ways of the Lord are beyond imagination and our understanding(Romans 11:33).  Mr Abraham Mathew, the TPM Chief clears all doubts approving the Indulgent Life of a TPM Apostle 2. We immensely thank God for placing this man at the helm of the cult to help us expose the real TPM. Click Here to read the previous article of this series.

Re-Sanctification of St Joshua of TPM

As we already know, the chief had promised to investigate the Joshua matter. We are glad to inform you, that as a result of the investigation by Abraham Mathew, Joshua has been found innocent and St Joshua has been reinstated. Though there could be some delay for the announcement, the re-sanctification of Joshua is going the same way as they did for St Sunny and many others.

Re-sanctification is a process applied to the clergy when they are caught in immoral actions. The Chief cannot bear to see his close confidante bear the brunt for long. Therefore, TPM Chief cleared all doubts regarding the Indulgent Life of a TPM Apostle 2 with regards to his actions of immorality and financial mismanagement.

As a process to test the waters, Joshua was given the opportunity to preach a sermon in the Singapore zonal quarters in 6th Dec 2020.

Indulgent Life of a TPM Apostle 2
The Reinstatement of St Joshua of Singapore

A Farce Investigation – the feature of a Cult

As you would have noted, we had started a new series regarding other cults of the world, highlighting the similarity between cults. In the last one, we discussed the Jehovah Witnesses. One thing you would have noted was their justice system. They have something called the Judicial Committee. The primary purpose of this committee is to exonerate serious charges laid against their clergy and implicate all wrongdoings on the victimised laity.

How does God view the actions of Abraham Mathew?

The Bible is clear regarding people who give company to these evildoers. Let us read some scriptures which will help us understand God’s Viewpoint regarding Abraham Mathew, M T Thomas and the rest of the white clads who are fleecing the blind believers of TPM.

Siding with the Thief and the Adulterer

Abraham Mathew speaks from the Word of God as the so-called Chief Pastor, fooling people. God asks him WHAT RIGHT HE HAS TO TAKE HIS COVENANT IN HIS LIPS? Abraham Mathew casts the instruction of the Lord behind him. He is joining with the Thief and casts his lot with the Adulterers.

But to the wicked person, God says: “What right have you to recite my laws
    or take my covenant on your lips?

You hate my instruction and cast my words behind you.

When you see a thief, you join with him;

    you throw in your lot with adulterers.

Psalm 50:16-19

Refusing to Love the Truth and Believe in the Lie

People like Abraham are on the highway to destruction. They perish because they REFUSED TO LOVE THE TRUTH. Because they loved unrighteousness, God sends them a Powerful delusion that they Believe the Lie.

10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

2 Thess 2:10-12

His Companions

If you do not separate yourself from this evil man and his group, you are counted as WICKED. This includes M T Thomas who chose to keep silent for the love of his seat and position.

If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked.

Prov 29:12

The Glaring Double Standards

We have been exposing the double standards of this cult. It’s getting more brazen and visible nowadays with the internet becoming active even within the brainwashed of the group. Abraham is not doing anything different than what his predecessors used to do. Unfortunately for Abraham, he is at the helm of the same wicked gang, but with more visibility.

We would like to close this with an incident that happened in the year 2013 and how the then TPM Chiefs violated one of their key doctrines and kept it a top-secret.

The Heart attack of Pastor Wilson

Pastor Wilson (the then chief) was flying from New Zealand to Singapore, he was in the transit area of the Changi airport and had a heart attack. They sliced his coat/suite and used an AED(Automated External Defibrillators) on him. He was unconscious and was brought to Changi General Hospital. They injected on him and revived his heart. As is with the Typical TPM secret systems, they called a believer doctor by name Dr John Chiam but they could not get him out of the hospital.

Indulgent Life of a TPM Apostle 2
Automated External Defibrillators

Eventually, he regained consciousness and opted to be released from the hospital. He signed the papers and came out. The then deputy chief(Wesley) assigned 6 Brothers to look after the Chief, around the clock and also to keep this as a TOP SECRET.

Had this thing happened to one of the believers of TPM and if he was taken to the hospital, he would be defrocked of all his so-called ministry(Sunday School, Translation, Testimony, Holy Communion etc.) and he would have been made to sit in the last row till the stipulated punishment is not over. He will be forced to ask forgiveness and made to look like a fallen fellow with words of despise.

TPM Whiteclads have an assumption that God is silent because he approves of all their activities.

When you did these things and I kept silent,
    you thought I was exactly[c] like you.
But I now arraign you
    and set my accusations before you.

Psalm 50:21


Dear TPM Devotee,

You have yourselves to be blamed for the mess you are in. Show some courage and walk out of this cult. You have already lost a good amount of your time and any more of your sticking with these wolves in sheep’s clothing is going to make lead you to eternal hellfire. Get out of your comfort zone and follow the Lord.

End of Indulgent Life of a TPM Apostle 2


  1. There’s nothing left to say about the shameless filthy Joshua, and the dead conscience of his bosson buddy Abraham Matthew. But now since ex chief Wilson Joseph’s hidden secret has come out, it is appalling to believe that even he wasn’t innocent as he manifested publicaly. I always thought that Pastor Wilson Joseph was unlike the white wolves. I imagined him to be like a fish in salty water, which remains free from the salt of the surrounding waters. But now that it has come to light, that he too was a big liar, like his companions of tpm, lying from the no other place, than the chief throne and boasting presumptuously about divine healing, it reminds me of scripture,

    Be not deceived: Evil companionships corrupt good morals (I Corinthians 15:33)..

    The evil fellowship of tpm had made many a simpleton like Wilson Joseph into deceivers. When Christ will return, we will discover how dark and horrible pit tpm was, much horrible than fromtpm has exposed.

  2. // Get out of your comfort zone and follow the Lord.//
    This is truly the need of the hour.
    Its sad that people are very diligent about the career they want to pursue, the school/colleges their kids enroll, the country they want to migrate to, the hospitals that they have to go to get a symptom treated.
    Yet when it comes to matters pertaining to the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness they think any means will do.
    What a deceit they are all in. How much more careful and diligent we all should be in whom we fellowship with??
    This re-sanctification instance is an objective evidence of the stance of the TPM leadership and its not of what Christ taught us to do.
    Even the heathen have better moral standards when it comes to such things.
    Dear TPM believers know that they have managed to successfully brainwash you into recognizing the HIRELING’s voice as the GOOD SHEPHERDS’s voice. They will steal, kill and destroy your soul eternally.
    But its still not late to turn around and heed to the voice of the Good Shepherd.
    Jesus emphasized in John 10 that the sheep hear his voice :, and the sheep follow him : for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him ; for they know not the voice of strangers.

  3. Alvin Dawson… seriously not the “smartest” Pentecostal believer on the list..
    Fascinating Facts of Alvin Dawson:

    1) The Romeo of Tai Gin forced you into your marriage – even when you absolutely didn’t want to. (Seriously peeps. This dude didn’t want to marry that girl. What I understand is that Romeo needed to conduct a minimum number of marriages so that he could keep his license to conduct marriages. Hence Romeo didn’t give a hoot whom he put together… He insisted and Forced Alvin to get married – so the little sparrows say. And Obediently (though it is Alvin’s life.. and Alvin’s future wife…) Alvin Agreed!!

    2) Guess what peeps? – surprise surprise a marriage put together by an adulterer and fornicator, Broke UP!

    3) What’s more surprising is that even after the massive mess up – They go back to Romeo for Marriage counselling!!

    This sorry Joke just keeps getting “better and better”…

    4) What I heard is that many believers saw the girl being counselled alone by Romeo and Rosey… Doesn’t counselling need both parties, as in both husband and wife to be present? Hmmm.. common sense seemed to be severely lacking on all sides… (Or was it? I mean… looking at it from another angle – Romeo…. alone with a “heartbroken and vulnerable” girl…. providing the “much needed counsel” – sounds all too familiar for some reason.)

    5) Can Y’all guess what resulted from that fleshly/devilish counsel? Yes! they got DIVORCED!

    Wait peeps… the hideous story gets “better”!

    6) His parents are grieving.. Which set of parents wouldn’t be when their firstborn gets divorced within the very month they got married?

    I’m getting tired of saying this… But things got even “better”…

    7) As if seeing their son go through a divorce wasn’t painful enough… the Parents who were grieving now got BANNED From Communion!!

    So Alvin.. news then reaches my ears months later… that believers are seeing you in church.. SUPPORTING ROMEO and his illicit activities!

    Buddy… I ain’t got nothin against you… But you REALLY need a BRAIN CHECK-UP… What are you doing there?? Wasn’t the destruction of your life and the torture Romeo put your family through, enough?

  4. I wonder how many persons were present on that Sunday when he was preaching? The crowd would have had probably gone to Roshan & Joash’s church. Don’t see any point that tpm sg needs to carry on any longer as the entire sg assembly had given up on their clergy as long as JT is around.

    “Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits” Matt 21:43

  5. I am just curious about Pastor Wilson case and was it taken out of context. Since he was in the airport, which is a public area, he and the surrounding people don’t have a choice but to perform emergency procedures on him. He may not be in a state to decline as well. The paramedics at the airport had to perform the procedures on him regardless of the case and situation.

    • How is it out of context? Aren’t you giving an excuse because your holy white-clad is exposed? In a similar situation, a believer will be punished in TPM for being taken to the hospital even though he did not do it by himself. There is an umpteen number of such cases where sick believers were taken to hospital by relatives or neighbours and they were subsequently punished.
      This is a clear manifestation of the DOUBLE STANDARDS OF TPM.

      If they did not have double standards, they should have declared the punishment being taken by the Chief for defiling his body by medicine. Remember TPM says in its doctrine that medicine entering your body will make you ineligible for Rapture. This is the kind of deviant erroneous doctrine preached by this cult.

      And if it was such a normal thing, why keep it as TOP SECRET? is getting sick a Sin? You keep such things as TOP SECRETS because you are ASHAMED OF IT.

      I was given to understand by a believer in Singapore that Joshua said the following.
      Pastor Wilson was feeling unwell and we applied oil on him and prayed for his healing. After some care, he became all right“. This is a blatant lie. Why Lie unless you are ashamed of the truth?

      • This is just one of the many double standards. Also covering up is something that is becoming more common here as well. People avoid replying or provide a direct reply for these sort of questions (basic – what, where, why, when, how) and if the questions are forcefully repeated they get upset or mad with the people who question them.

        Few or a good number of the clergies in western countries (Canada, UK and USA) have also been to hospitals or equivalent places for some form of personal medical / dental / vision care – some without their knowledge were taken when they were unconscious or when they were involved in accident and partly conscious. Some have gone secretly on their own without specific permission from their leadership or some go with some other people who know the secret but they don’t spill the beans easily.

        I was given to understand that some clergies in India are openly advocating believers to do health check up (check blood or urine or some other body parameters) when they privately meet them when they are sick or when they perceive a decline in health or abnormal pregnancies (or a pregnancy that has complications) and other chronic health issues. Also, some clergy have themselves facilitated the hospitalization or medical treatment of their fellow clergy or other non-clergies.

        Also, there are clergy here in this part of the world who have taken vaccinations in the past which were required before they travel from their country to certain other countries.

        As far as the doctrines related to seeking health care or medical assistance are concerned, some of them don’t seem to be have a clear scriptural context or basis. Also, some commonly available items like HALLS for example are considered or classified as medicine or medical item by some clergies whereas others do not have the same view.

  6. What a horrible dubious double standard by so called saints of TPM. Singapore born Wilson (same TPM chief mentioned in the article) promoted another Singapore based Joshuva Thiagarajan to do all his endeavours inside the fake home with their form of holiness.

    How many TPM members know this incident? Many of you may be remembering the pastoral circular issued at that time regarding his sickness. They requested all of your prayers since he is suffering from heart attack. Did they mention anything about hospitalisation and signing of papers by Wilson. TOP SECRET is the hallmark of a devilish organisation like satanic church. I presume that Joshuva is one of the 6 brothers.

    How many Singapore members of this cult know actual facts? If these frauds can deceive you right in front of your eyes what else they won’t do behind you? At least now, get out this cult being led by frauds like Joshuva and Abraham Mathew if you want your eternity. Otherwise continue to sail in your dreams.

  7. @Question,
    When my late Dad had a cardiac arrest in our house, the local pastor rushed out of our house when he learned that my younger brother was preparing to take him to nearby hospital to administer life saving care.
    As a result, my father was banned from Sunday School, Translation, Sitting in front row and of course communion. He was DEFROCKED !!
    Being an ardent TPM devotee, this pained him a lot but he accepted it without holding any grudges against him.
    So the question here is when they knew they have performed all medical procedures on a holy, sanctified, undefiled & consecrated body, why didn’t he openly confess and step down as a demonstration of LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

  8. Glory be to God. Update on the shameless disgrace Jalala clan. I was informed that Elizabeth Faith Meshek went back to pcs taigin church after getting married in Christ Church the most holiest church to get the heavenly blessings from Fornicator/sex pervert beast, Thietf Liar Joshua Thiagarajan Masslamani and Beloved Aunty the most holiest undefiled Chief Sister Queen Elizabeth Jalala. I wonder how these filthy defiled SOG can welcome back this shameless couple and bless them. So much of these holiness of PCS

    I was also informed this filthy couple Elizabeth Faith Meshek and Paul Bhashindher Singh had a Traditional Sikh Wedding in the Sikh Temple. Elizabeth Faith Meshek has compromised her religion and faith by Bowing down to idol in the temple and selling her soul to the Devil. Even her wedding attire was revealing her stomach and adorned with jewelry like a Hindu girl and heavy make up and both her hands were painted with henna/mahnendi. Not only that her mother arrogant bitch Joeana Nikie Meshek her youngest flirty daughter Evangeline Meshek hands were also painted with henna mahnendi. At a tender age flirt around with pcs youth boy Jeremiah even his family were present at the wedding ceremony.

    Joeana Nikie Meshek hair was colored looking like a golden monkey. Is this acceptable as a Sunday School Teacher?? Chief Abraham Matthew are u blind ?? Waiting for the Lord to whisper to you the next course of action laugh out loud 😜 her 2nd daughter the arrogant low IQ manly Eshter Meshek police officer was looking like a transgender in heavy make up n short man gel hair gel with glue. Fevicol glue or Super glue it seems. U call this a holy pcs family holy Molly believers??? Such a shameless family. Chi chi chi!!! Thuu Thuu!! This family will look for every opportunity to be in the limelight and preach about the healing of their limping daughter and no shame Elizabeth Faith Meshek will preach her testimony for convention Sunday service ect… She was even limping on her wedding day walking down the aisle. Wow what a blessing 🤣🤣🤣 soon this fake PCS family will probably be giving testimony to be in the limelight on how blessed their limping daughter wedding was so beautiful can see the Glory of God 😜😜😜

  9. This SOGs are defiled , corrupted and biggest liars. Becos of them many new and old sincere believers have left this pcs taigin church.

    I just attended one of the pcs church service and could not feel the present of God. The Devil Lucifer, Father of Lies. Chief Serpent Abraham Matthew from TPM headquarters have lost the grace of God, fear of God, corrupted and is allowing Lucifer (JT) to rule.

    TPM is the only church in the world that condones their SoG to commit fornications ,misuse of church funds , misuse authority, and advocating their SOG to lie thru their teeth and still claim to be the most holiest righteous to go to Mount Zion. TPM/PCS have become a disgrace to the Christian community worldwide. Other churches and religious organisations will never condone their spiritual leaders committing fornications with believers and SOG Sisters , theft. Many thanks to Abraham Matthew for his leadership to HELL. You will be accountable and responsible for every valuable soul lost by your actions. U and your leadership will rot in hell. This is the only church where JT has secret SOG wives looking after him with TLC.


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