Testimony of TPM Believers about The Life of a TPM Apostle

When we point out the erroneous teachings and life of TPM Apostles (False Apostles), their ardent followers tell us something similar to this.

Do not Look at them and their Failings, Look to Jesus Only

The testimony of TPM Devotees about their leaders is a confirmation that they are NOT following the LORD.

But is that how the Apostles of Jesus said. They were sure, that they are following the Master’s steps. Therefore, they had the confidence to tell others to follow them.

St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1 says “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.

Let us, therefore, examine the conduct of Jesus and Paul with their fellow brethren/co-workers while on this earth.

The Master’s Way

In the Gospels, we find that Jesus took three of His disciples along with him, leaving out the other nine. This happened many times. This is evident during the instances when Jesus heals Peter’s Mother in Law (Mark 1:29) when He raises Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:37), in the Mount of Transfiguration (Luke 9:28) and in the Garden of Gethsemane prior to His arrest and crucifixion (Matt 26:36-44).

The three disciples who were part of the “Inner Circle” of Jesus were Peter, James and John. The three members of the Inner Circle of Jesus was not only called to witness the works of healing, the raising from the dead and to behold the glory of the Son but also to watch and pray with Him (Luke 9:28, Matt: 26:38). However, in both the instances where Jesus wanted them to pray with Him, they failed because they were tired (Matt 26:43, Luke 9:32).

From the conduct of Jesus we know that apart from the deliverance that Jesus gave to the people, He also provided for His disciples (Matt 17:27, Matt 16:7-10; Matt 9:14-15; John 13:29) and for the poor (John 13:29).

The Life of the Apostles of Christ

During Paul’s Third Missionary Journey, we read in Acts 20:13 that Paul made his fellow workers travel by ship while he walked from Troas to Assos perhaps with the intent that he can share the gospel to more people while on foot than in a ship with a limited number of passengers.

Moreover, in Acts 20:33-34, Paul calls upon the elders of the Church of Ephesus to record the fact that he did not desire money or clothing from them nor from any of the members of the Church of Ephesus, rather he laboured to provide for his own needs and for the needs of his fellow workers. Paul reiterates the same to the Church of Thessalonians as in :

For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, labouring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to offer ourselves as a model for you to imitate.

2 Thess 3:7-9

Similarly, from the conduct of Paul, we learn that he worked with “HIS HANDS” to provide for his own needs and for the need of the weak ones in his group. However, I am sure that Paul did not work to feed the lazy ones because in 2 Thess 3:10 he writes that if any would not work he should not eat.

The Life of the White Clad Apostles of TPM

Now let us examine the conduct of the present-day self-proclaimed white-clad Apostles aka TPM Workers

The Life of a TPM Apostle
TPM Apostles as we see today

To begin, you can have a look at the following video of Joshua- The de facto Center Pastor of Singapore TPM having the body language of an adulteress depicted in Proverbs 30:20 (Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness)
In the video, one can see a believer benevolently massaging the legs of the lazy, comfort-loving pseudo-apostle.

Why should a so-called apostle of Christ make his fellow brethren massage his legs? Well, Jesus was more tired than his disciples whose eyes were heavy but he did not make them serve Him. The same is evident in the life of Apostle Paul who used the services of some of his fellow workers to write his epistles but never exploited the members of his church though they were ready to do anything for Paul (Gal:4:15).

Has Joshua the fat-bellied TPM Center Pastor walked miles that his legs need a massage? Has he done any physical work to merit any sort of pain in his legs? Then why is he making someone massage his legs?
The answer is simple ….He is a lover of pleasure.

In fact Joshua is not the only one who gets massaged in TPM. Most of them get massaged. In one of the testimony shared in this site by an Ex-TPM Worker, he says that that after night 11 pm most of the TPM faith homes simply transforms into SPA Centers. One can read the trauma that the young brother had to go through while massaging a renowned TPM Center Pastor named Gunaseelan. Please click here to read.

It is a common sight to see TPM Center pastors being accompanied by junior worker brothers, who are used as unpaid servants to massage these center pastors practically the whole night.

Similarly junior worker sisters, after spending a day packed with physical labour will be forced to massage the senior Ammachi (Mother) while the ammachi makes private calls to Center pastors/Pastors/Brothers at night from the comfort of her bed. Most of these massages cross the limit, they end up in sensual massage and thus an unholy relationship develops.

TPM is replete with such unclean activities. A junior sister of TPM once confessed that she had to maintain a lesbian relationship with her In-Charge mother to get basic necessities and “not to have her name spoiled with a Worker Brother”. The bottom line is clear, satisfy my sexual urges and I will NOT bear false witness against you.

A junior sister in Punjab Center, on her sickbed, confessed to her younger brother that she was being tortured by her senior sisters to have a physical relationship with them. Within a few days, she passed away. This incident happened in the 90s. We have an article on this site where a TPM worker named Katta Venus likes the physical way to satisfy her lust. Click here to read it.

The seniors in TPM like the Center Pastors, Pastors and Ammachis are fortunate as they have junior workers to massage them. But the less fortunate ones like the middle aged and young workers esp Males pounce upon the believers to get themselves a body massage. The TPM Center Pastors, Pastors, Ammachis, Elders and Senior Sisters are addicted to body massage. They cannot sleep without getting a body massage every night. They feel that they are praying and preaching for the lesser mortals- The Believers so it’s their birth right to exploit and get pampered by the believers.

What does the Scripture say?

Our body is the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16) and only God has the preeminence in the body of a spirit-filled Christian. Secondly, in 1 Cor: 7:4 it says that

The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.

1 Cor 7:4

Thus it is clear that God permits only marital bliss/pleasures in the body and no bliss outside marriage. But the TPM false apostles don’t have any revelation in this aspect. They profess and clandestinely preach to the believers that they are in a way defiled as they are married. They slowly intrude between the husband and wife and go a long way in presenting that the blissful relationship between a man and his wife is sin.

Beware! These people, who are “Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God” (2 Tim 3:4) will entice the women of your house as in 2 Tim: 3: 6

They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires,

2 Tim 3:6

Their modus-operandi is simple. They create a rift between the Man and his wife to abstain from maritial bliss through concocted verses and end up placing Satan between them as we read in 1 Cor 7: 5

Apostle Paul in 2 Tim 3:5 instructs us to “TURN AWAY” from such pleasure loving people who have a form of godliness but deny the power of God.

The Bible says that we should follow the footsteps of Jesus and lay our lives for our brethren (1 John 3:16) but it’s a pity that TPM workers will demand the life of their believers.


Dear blinded TPM believers,

Open your eyes of understanding and reflect on what the Bible demands. Recognize the hireling who pretends to be the shepherd (John 10:12) when it runs away when the wolf comes. These white clads locked themselves up inside the comforts of the Faith Homes built with the money of the believers during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Instead of giving their life for the sheep, they were busy protecting their own.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah suffered because they gave themselves over to fornication and went after strange flesh (the flesh other than your spouse) (Jude 1:7). But don’t forget that in Ezekiel 16:49 it says that

“‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.

Ezekiel 16:49

Once again take a look at the video of Joshua getting massaged. The video epitomizes pride, fullness of bread and abundance of idleness of Joshua without any concern for the poor and needy sheep. This site has exposed his adulterous life but TPM is okay with his ways until he keeps their coffers full.

Jesus said, “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant”. TPM Workers call themselves servants of God but behave like Owners of the Believers.

Jesus took the people in His Inner Circle to pray with Him but people like Joshua will take people in his inner circle to massage his legs and do gossips and scheme stories to entice and fool people.

TPM is the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah and the more you linger inside TPM you are going to vex your soul (James 2:8). If you are waiting for the angels to come and pull you out of TPM then remember you may end up outside TPM as Lot’s wife like a pillar of salt, as Lot- a fornicator or like his two daughters who gave birth to generations that were as forbidden to come to the presence of the Lord.

If you continue to submit yourself to the corrupt and immoral shepherds like Joshua in TPM then the Bible has no preeminence in your life. For such people, a Poem titled “Guru” by Nissim Ezekiel best fits.


The saint, we are told,
once lived a life of sin –
nothing spectacular, of course,
just the usual things.
We smile, we are not surprised.
Unlikely though it seems,
we too one day
may grow up like him,
droppings our follies
like old clothes or creeds.

But then we learn
the saint is still a faithless friend,
obstinate in argument,
ungrateful for favours done,
hard with servants and the poor,
discourteous to disciples, especially men,
condescending, even rude
to visitors (except the foreigners)
and over-scrupulous in checking
the accounts of the ashram.
He is also rather fat.

Witnessing the spectacle
we no longer smile.
If saints are like this,
what hope is there then for us?

Nissim Ezekiel

End of “The Life of a TPM Apostle – 1”


  1. Also we need a series on ” Life of a TPM Bhakth ” , from birth to slaughter ..

    When it comes to administration,secrecy , crookedness… rest of the christian leaders are far away in a black hole .. ..hahahha .

  2. Nice poem. The words. ” obstinate , ungrateful, harsh for poor, rude, and over scrupulous in checking accounts of Ashram are perfectly applicable to tpm saints.

    Free physiotherapy that saint Joshua is getting, reminds me of times when I was trapped in this cult. I can vividly remember scenes, where youths would surround the bed of saint. Just like the picture in article, one youth would be massaging his hand, other his legs and other his head. I would be sitting with my laptop doing computer work, making cd, dvd etc.

    Sometimes as youths massaged his body, saint used to gossip on landline.

    Elder sister would come to saint’s room with fruit juice and one of the youth would pick up the tray from sister , and like a waiter, he would keep the tray with juice on table beside saints bed. This lazy fat belly saint would then gulp the fruit juice and poor youths would continue to give massage to juice drinking fatso. If the elder sister was nice, youths would get tea, but if sister was rude youths got not even tea.

    In conventions I attended from north India to south, I have seen pastors and elders geting massaged. I don’t know how old this tradition is practised in tpm, may be from time of Allwyn De Alwis , but all center pastors , and even junior ministers have this bad habbit of enjoying free chiropractic treatment. A new joinee tpm minister watches his seniors getting free massage, and then he in turn will adopting this to make youths in his local give him massage.

    This kind of free physiotherapy treatment is too common in tpm. Those who spend time in faith home will acknowledge this. But those who only attend Sunday Wednesday Saturday meetings may have never seen this.

  3. What wrong is if someone give massage help to our daddy.

    He tirelessly worked so hard during pandemic time, that his legs paining terribly because of traveling from bed to sofa during six months faithhome lockdown.

    Tpm ministry very hard ministry.

    • Yes Sister. I agree with you. Our pastor Joshua is a true suffering servant. Our pastor Abraham Matthew writing new Isaiah 53 for pastor Joshua. It like this.

      Joshua 53
      He is desipised and rejected, man of sorrows acquainted with grief. He hid his face from us because of his sins.

      Surely he hath borne and covered our chief Pastors sin. The chastisement of ladies hotel bill and doctors pill was upon him. Yet he opened not his mouth. 🤭

      He was oppressed and afflicted in swiming pool. 😊

      He made his bed with sinner ammachi in faith home. By his keeping quiet on chief Pastors sins, he shall justify tpm. Therefore chief pastor will divide him portion with great.

      Your sister Melina

    • I hope Daddy Joshua massage was only till the legs not anywhere else above or in between 😜😜😜 maybe now lockdown cannot travel to Indonesia for honeymoon so he travels to red light district in SG and also enjoys in the faithhome with his 3 concubines EJ , Kala and Kazia.. yes I agree he is tired but from his sexual indulgence and over dose or Koda Pills

  4. The infamous Jalals again.. isn’t the church close due to lockdown and investigation? Only Special access pass entry permit for Jalals Clan.. indeed they are shameless and can stoop so low serving and massaging their precious fornicator sex maniac criminal Saint Joshua who will be among the 144000. such low class standard family.. I also heard the money Joshua took/stole some of it has been given to the Jalals as a bribe and also for the wedding of their limping niece.. disgusting Jalals.. Daniel Jalal if only you had took care of your late mother Jalal same this way massaging her being a good son instead she was left to be taken care of by helper (Maid).. isn’t that Pas Charles Rajoo brother Wilson Rajoo who is incharge of the church PA system in PCS.. Arrogant short minion size pretending to be holy preaching to Jalal family acting as their pastor.. This Jalals lead a double life from young to old in church they act like saints of God but outside they lead filthy gossip lives.. they strive to be caught up in Zion acting pure holy and wearing white for all communion service what a joke wearing white in the outside doesn’t means your are also pure and white in the inside this Jalals are the worse pcs believers of the church leading a hypocrite life. Saint Joshua is their secret holy brother in law definitely they have to massage feed and butter him all over.. Daniel Jalal the massager and Wilson Rajoo is like a watchdog sitting beside they should both leave their profession and be full time devotee to Saint Joshua.. May this wonderful act of massaging lead the Holy Jalals to Mount Zion on the right hand throne of God..Laughing out loud
    I heard there is holy wedding of their limping niece taking place in another church.. God have mercy on this holiest family of PCS

  5. I have decided to quit this TPM Church and have sent the following letter to the chief. Copying it on this site too.


    This is to inform that I, Ram have exited the church The Pentecostal Mission, Chennai due to following reasons on August 22, 2020, being a Sunday school teacher and believer for 12 years.
    1) Unbiblical Doctrines such as No medical support ( Divine Healing), Tithe ( Old testament law for Jews), 144000 Zion Theory, Discourage of marital relationships, misuse of unknown tongues and other gifts of Holyspirit etc.
    2) Extra-Biblical Revelation which has no biblical support
    3) Unmarried ministers ( men and women) staying in same premises ( leads to fleshly temptations)
    4)Disgusting behaviour of Saints of God ( Foul language, immoral activities, money transactions, luxurious lifestyle in the name of faith life etc.)
    5) No Love of God or concern towards the believers (Partiality in treating people claiming that as the leading of God) ( No phone calls to believers during lockdown period)
    6) Discouraging people to learn proper biblical theology and life applications from Bible
    7)Threaten people with curses to make them do what they expect people to do( Modern pharisee’s nature is seen)
    8) Discourage relationship with fellow human beings in the name of the doctrine of Separation
    9) The lifestyle of ministers does not follow/ match any of the doctrines what they preach
    10)Overall cultish behaviour is seen and witnessed in the church along with false doctrine and ruining many families.

    So far, i and my family members have undergone so many mental abuses and mind-control in this The Pentecostal Mission and did not get any edification in the spiritual life and witnessed the ruin of other believers. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a person who is so loving, tender and has freed us from all bondages. But TPM is another way around which acts like today’s pharisee denying the power of God.
    Understanding all the tactics of TPM I have left the church by God’s grace. GLORY TO GOD. I hope you will understand and am also praying for your repentance.

    Always in Christ

    • Praise God that you were led to the truth and the truth set you free from the clutches of this cult.
      Every time I hear such a testimony, I thank God for his faithfulness towards His remnant.
      The deception from TPM’s pulpit and their lifestyle is remarkably counterfeit and full of heresy. But the Lord only reveals this to those who hunger & thirst for righteousness.
      To this our Saviour rightly remarked that ” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied”.

    • Dear Brother Ram,

      You had done a good thing by leaving this concerned cult church. We in fromtpm appreciate that you had taken this decision & even published the letter to the Chief Pastor. Those reasons you had cited are indeed valid for anyone to leave this cult church as it is quite standing out as a sore thump around the world I hope that many tpmites who are reading this blessed site & the 450 plus articles by our admin, take note of your example & likewise leave this organization for good. God bless you my Brother in Christ!

    • Hi Ram ,

      welcome back to life in christ , also could you please write an elaborate testimony so that poeple are in a similar situation get the confidence and make a decision soon . pls send to admin .
      thanks .

  6. There was a SOG who became a centre pastor recently. During convention time, he refused to attend for health reason, and stealthily treated himself with appendix operation. Later he passed away and this truth was kept hidden. Pitiful state 😒

      • The following is what I understand. Please correct me if it is wrong.
        It’s about David Raj, Centre Pastor of Cudallore who missed the 2020 IBR convention by being admitted to the hospital. He had some issues in his private part and the operation was unsuccessful which resulted in complications and finally his death after a month or 2.

    • Yes a young brother whose whole family including his mother, three sisters and two brothers came for TPM ministry from Vellore. I would say a very loving and gentle brother unlike other TPM dons. But sorry to say the curse of this organization is hunting down their family. One of his elder sister (TPM accountant) died of a fire accident in the North East. Another sister died in Baroda Center. Both were very young. Two more brothers and one sister (in Australia) are alive in the TPM ministry. A life wasted. A family devoured by this TPM monster.


  7. I the most intelligent scientist invented massage machine for our saints. This machine very easy to use. It picture below.


  8. Today I heard few believers in Malaysia was tested COVID positive, and one believer passed away and the funeral is in the COVID hospital. They said it is Cardiac arrest, if it is cardiac arrest why they have to conduct the funeral in the COVID hospital

  9. Can SOG or believer guess why Daniel Jallal is giving special massage with happy ending to his secret bro in law Saint Joshua Thiagarajan (JT)??? It’s obvious that this idiot is crazy and power hungry for position , fame and to be in limelight. So typical of the Jallals. This idiot is so shameless and stoops low to impress everyone. The only reason why The Jallals are attending PCS Taigin is to support JT and their beloved Bollywood actress Elizabeth Jallal. Even though they know about all the filthyness both had been involved in fornication, stealing of church funds and abuse of their authority.
    Since JT cannot travel overseas for his Sexploits he has brought his Lover back to Singapore and made her the Chief Sister kicking his old accomplice Ammachi Sharon aside. Paavam Ammachi Sharon…. !!! How to swindle funds now to give to her family.

    Why do you think Chief Serpent Abraham Matthew is keeping JT and EJ in the ministry?? Both know all the confidential and secret matters of the TPM Ministry. Who else is going to send unaccounted church funds to India ? The Big crook has to take care of the smaller crook inspite of all their wrongdoings. Do you think all this fornicator/sex pervert/thieves/hidden wives(workers sisters and female believers) will go to heaven ?? Do you think they are all fit to be in this “Glorious” ministry ?? Asking believers to forgive them will not make them worthy to be our spiritual leaders. They have no shame or dignity. They should just resign and be good believers.

    I know of other servants of God who have fallen from grace who have resigned, married the believers who they fell in love with and live with dignity. I SALUTE THEM. For such people God will forgive them but God will never honour and forgive all those who bring disgrace to his Ministry. These are all wolves in sheep clothing. They are suppose to protect and feed God’s flock but instead eating them like a wolf 🐺. With all these filthyness how can JT , EJ , His Hidden Waives be still preaching and prophecying with their filthyness. Where is their conscious before God and Man. It’s so shameful for us believers to face other Pentecostal church leaders and believers who already know the truth about what has happened at PCS. They also know the real reasons why the Jallals,Dawson’s and other supporters of JT are attending PCS.

  10. Let’s look at the hypocritical fake life of Pastor Wilson Rajoo Jalala and his brainless critically low IQ wife Ebnes Jalala. This watch dog visits his beloved hardcore unrepentant Leader of PCS. Inspite of all he has done which was proven of all his wrong doings has no shame but to stay on in the ministry. Maybe JT knows that he can’t survive outside the church and PCS is the most coziest place to live with good food , special massages with happy ending by Daniel Jalala and special care given to him by his 3 Concubines. I wonder how many worker sisters believers (married women and unmarried) lives JT has destroyed in Australia, Medan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. Romeo is a sex pervert he needs professional psychiatric help. A leopard will never change his spots.
    Will you trust your wives , daughters, sisters and mother to get pray on by JT? Don’t you think the evil spirit that is within him could be passed on to you?? Do you think his prayers , his preaching and prophecying and giving holy communion is really from God?? This dubious pastor should have resigned or got married to any of his hidden wives and been a good believer. This is what a dignified man who accepts the responsibility of his defilement would have done. God and Man would have respected that.
    With all this said, shorty Wilson Rajoo Jalala and his brainless wife are still sucking up to Romeo JT inspite of knowing what he has done. Must be the benefits, gifts $$$$. Rumours are the Jalalas and the Dawson’s were bailing JT for custody.


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