A few years back, when Laloo Prasad Yadav was in Jail, he literally ruled the state of Bihar using his wife, Rabdi Devi as his proxy. Similarly, Joe Neo is in the chair of Rabdi Devi heeding to the prompts and orders of our Sayaang and the Mafia Chief in Chennai. When the TPM Mafia comes under the scanner of Law they will do all possible things to circumvent it. Let us see how things are progressing in the Pentecostal Church of Singapore(TPM, Singapore) with regards to the law of Singapore.

The Slow Machine of the Law

The Machine of the Law is generally considered to work slowly. It takes time to catch up. We have got some news for you which appeared in the Straits Times, Today.

Though the article is generally focused on Joshua Thiagarajan and just SGD 25K, it is just the tip of the iceberg that they are scratching. The Real Culprit is in Chennai, exhorting his subordinates to funnel in the money to himself. Whatever Joshua did was just obeying the orders for his Boss. He is happy that he met his target and therefore is being preserved by the Mafia Chief, by doing a farce investigation.

When the TPM Mafia comes under the scanner of Law

This guy Abraham Mathew needs to be in the ambit of investigation and should be extradited to Singapore so that he too can be put on trial. Joshua is a little devil and the real kingpin is in Chennai. He will drop anybody who may expose him when the TPM Mafia comes under the scanner of Law. That was what happened with Joash.

As long as the funds keep coming and the likes of Joshua meets his target, he can do anything and it will be forgiven by the White Boss of Irumbuliyur.

Recognizing the ConMen

While Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver ONCE, we have crooks in white, selling Jesus all around the world in millions of Dollars, every day. Surprisingly these Judases are the one who proclaims the name of Jesus and fleece scripturally unlearned people. They are an abomination to God and the Ones who support them financially are setting up themselves for the day of judgement. We have been telling time and again how a true Christian organization will conduct itself in financial matters. Let us look into a portion of the scripture which explains it.

When the TPM Mafia comes under the scanner of Law

If you have been a constant reader of this site, you would have realized by now that there are no partition in the Church of God where lazy people claim to be SERVANTS OF GOD extorting money from the spiritually illiterate BELIEVERS. That partition which we see in modern churches is condemned in the bible and Jesus hates this Doctrine and practices of Nicolaitans. Click here to read more about that.

When the church in Jerusalem was undergoing famine, other churches wanted to help the Jerusalem church overcome their difficult times. During that time, the church in Corinth also wanted to help them by pooling in the common collection. Let us see how it was conducted.

The Purpose of the collection is to bring equality among the people of God. Clearly, the purpose has to be concerned with HELPING THE POOR and not with the BUILDING FUND and EXPANSION PROGRAMS OF A RELIGIOUS CORPORATION.

13 Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. 14 At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality, 15 as it is written: “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little.”

2 Cor 8:13-15

It does not really need much thinking to know if this principle of equality is being followed or not. Every time you see Huge plots of land being purchased, Mansions being built, demolished and rebuilt when believers of the church are struggling to live with unsurmountable problems, you have to know that your White-clads are the cause. They are fleecing your money in the name of unbiblical Monetary tithes and enjoying luxurious life for themselves.

The Singapore church seems to be boasting that they have audits and annual statements of Profit/Loss etc. With this news of Police investigation of Joshua, they should have realized how selfish and careless were their trustees and the bearers of the office. They are hand in gloves for Joshua and Co. The silent approvers need to be questioned. Let us see what Paul says regarding collection management.

And we are sending along with him the brother who is praised by all the churches for his service to the gospel. 19 What is more, he was chosen by the churches to accompany us as we carry the offering, which we administer in order to honor the Lord himself and to show our eagerness to help. 20 We want to avoid any criticism of the way we administer this liberal gift. 21 For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

2 Cor 8:18-21

Each one of you will be held responsible for being Silent Approvers of the dishonest money management. The courts of Singapore may not notice, but God notices how faithful are you will the least of the things.

Jesus while Speaking about the least of things which is Worldly wealth, says that people who are not faithful regarding it, will not be handed the responsibility of greater value(Spiritual assets).

“Whoever can be trusted with very little(Worldly Wealth) can also be trusted with much(Spiritual Wealth), and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

Luke 16:10


If an advanced country like Singapore has audit structures that can be circumvented by the Clergy, you can imagine the fraudulent accounts management in India. The believers of this cult have to share the responsibility of this financial mismanagement. When instances like these are highlighted to the believers, they take the easy route of EXCUSE that they have given their money and it’s up to the clergy to be responsible. They say “God will ask the Clergy”. This is the Height of irresponsibility which is being abused by the White Clads.

Do you realize that when you come to a convention in India and get preferential treatment knowing that the locals are given a lower treatment, you are guilty of being partakers of the sin of the Clergy( James 2)? You love the puffing up of your fleshly desires, not knowing that God condemns you. Being unfaithful in the little money makes you ineligible for true riches of God(Luke 16:10).

Are you being a FAITHFUL STEWARD? The unjust steward saw his master’s resources as a means for his own personal enjoyment and advancement. Conversely, Jesus wants His followers to be just, righteous stewards. If we understand the principle that everything we own is a gift from God, then we realize that God is the owner of everything and that we are His stewards. As such, we are to use the Master’s resources to further the Master’s goals. Every penny you gave to these scheming Nicolatians, will testify against you at the judgement seat of Christ.

Being a scriptural Idiot is not an excuse. Each and every action will be up for judgement.

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

Luke 12:48

End of “When the TPM Mafia comes under the scanner of Law”


  1. Hello all,
    I new to this website. My sister forwarded this website to me. My name is Melina. I am sister of Elina.

    This article first in fromtpm, I appreciate. It because I am poor . According to following bible reference, chief pastor and saints must helpful poor believer like me.

    2, Corinthians 8;14
    14 At The Present Time Your Plenty Will Supply What saints Need, So That In Turn saints Plenty Will Supply What You Need

    We twin sister helped tpm when tpm poor. Now it tpm turn to help poor believer according to above apostolic doctrine.

    I am very confident that our saints who left all to follow Jesus will supply our poor believers need , because saints have much money in plenty. They very sacrificing nature. They have no love for money. Our saints will help us buy land in Singapore. I will give testimony in newspaper about our saints financial holiness.

    Melina sister of Elina

    • Melina……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What you doing here on enemy website? I told you not to open at this website. You not obeying me?

      Dont think because I am your little sister therefore I cannot instruct you. Do not our younger saints who are in twenties, command and order grey haired adult believer aunties? Many old aged akka minister humbly to young akka who senior by two three year in ministry. Jerald akka 60 year old, but she obey and do work given by 38 year old Sumati akka! That because Sumati joined ministry in 17 years and now she 11 year old senior in ministry. Jerald aka junior to her because she enter ministry when she 55. She only 5 year in ministry.

      Sumati akka making 60 year Jerald akka wash her clothes and iron it. She making her go up down on stairs morning to evening like angel in Jacob dream. She rebuking and punishing her also if she do not do work properly.

      I senior in tpm to you although you my elder in age.
      Obedience to senior in ministry is our tpm teaching.
      Dont ask questions. Don’t teach me bible. Just surrender to my order.

      Do not open this website. Not even to read my response. That my final warning. Or I will tell every akka not to talk with you or give you food. I will lock in upper room.

      Your loving little ordering sister

      • Absolutely True!! These so-called saints have no conscience. They use their seniority in the ministry and demand service from those who are much older in age without any regard to their health. They lay heavy burden on others and will not pick up any of it even with their little finger. I’ve never met such stinking selfish people in the world like in the so-called faith homes/house of God. What a shame to the name of Christ! Looking back, I’m so glad Jesus set me free from this cult! I’m no longer a slave, I am a child of God!

      • are you seriously even a christian?? how can you speak like that to your own sister, is this what they teach you at your church?? I am astounded, this is not christianity!!!

        • Dear chosen,
          It true. My sister always behave harsh with me. That because she preparing for ministry.

          Chief pastor lazrus teach us, that like David we must go through gutter experience and capture Zion (ii Samuel 2;5).

          That why if you want top post in Zion, you go through gutter experience . Center pastor eat lot and go to toilet too often. Then junior clean toilet and go through gutter experience.

          Then we get Zion after death.

          Clean toilet go to zion that junior worker learn in our best tpm church.

  2. While you make the some valid points on managing church funds and also going to the extent of naming programs like buildings funds etc., let’s also make it clear that many many churches are also guilty of such practices so just demonising TPM.

    I was attending this church. My dad and siblings continue to attend in KL. While there are weaknesses, let’s not demonise the entire church and call it names. Every church has its weakness.

    The ones that are real merchants will eventually be found out. Till then, hold our peace and speak wisely. Demonising one another will not get us anywhere near heaven, that’s certain.

    Romans 12:9-21

    • What makes you think that TPM can get a pass as similar frauds are running the show in other Churches?
      I can attest to the fact that most of the other churches have some structures in place to bring in transparency. But TPM as a whole is a den of thieves and they will never give a clear picture of the funds. The SG church has some structures because of governmental regulations. But that is not even there in India where 90% of TPM exists.

      Now the question is not what other churches do and what TPM Does. The question is about what the Bible demands.
      Can TPM say that they are clean with regards to finances in the Sight of Man according to what Paul taught?
      Now that you are claiming to be from KL. Do you know how much funds are officially there in the church coffers? How is it being utilized?
      Is that Utilized as per the Scriptural demands or is that used to build material assets as is with any Worldly organization?
      Can you please answer me?

      Why are you upset at name-calling. A Fraud is a Fraud. He does not demand respect because he is wearing White…Jesus Called them Whited Sepulchres, Paul Called them Whitewashed Walls…
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isa 5:20

      Woe unto you if you are trying to be politically correct with these Nicolaitans who have blasphemed and demonized the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

      • I fully agree with admin here.

        However, I’m here to defend Singapore as a nation and not the TPM.

        We have the most stringent and circumspect structure and system around, arguably on the planet thereby contributing to our lowest corruption index.

        However, if idiots furnish others with their personal PIN numbers and confidential bank details, then only so much can be done.

        Why blame the hunter for shooting when you hand him a loaded gun?

    • @Shawn valerio,

      As long as there are lazy spineless believers in any cult, corruption will be prevalent. It is only a matter of time before some unlucky Joshua gets caught. The deplorable thing about TPM is the inability of their leaders to take any action against these culprits who have been caught redhanded. The members of PCS should be commended to some extent as they have rebelled and gone to the authorities for action as the three idiots in TPM’s Vatican are too holy to lift their fingers or raise their voice or are they equally corrupt?

    • Dude.

      Your point isnt exactly valid here.

      While no Church ( or any institution is totally sacrosanct and blameless),

      TPM purports itself to be chosen by God and led by none other than the Holy Spirit.

      Sunil Abraham( or Matthew/Mammooty or whatever his name is) , even stated this explicitly in his letter to Joash. i.e They get their guidance directly from the Almighty.

      As such, by their own lofty standards and claims, there is NO excuse.

      If you dont have the intellectual ballast to know the difference, then stick to posting on the Disney channel my friend.

  3. Joshua the playboy has indeed become famous. The only mistake he made was getting caught. There are so many Joshuas and Sunnys currently serving in different parts of the TPM world enjoying the patronage of not only the Trinity of TPM but also the hard earned money of poor brainwashed believers. I think the three chief idiots would have called a meeting and told all the workers, “you can continue your shenanigans as long as you are bringing in the moolah, and please don’t get caught.”

    What a sick satanic organisation this TPM and its sister churches around the world are?

    Thanks fromtpm.com for keeping the folks from tpm updated on the wickedness of not only the culprits but also the apathy of the Chief shepherds of this demonic organization.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?

  4. @//Mansions being built, demolished and rebuilt when believers of the church are struggling to live with unsurmountable problems.//

    This statement is aptly stated that when one looks at the new church mansion at KL built duing the time of late cp Andrew Packianathan.

    @Shawn valerio, can you tell me one simple thing?

    Do you know that a section of KL beievers still believe that it was unnecessary and they never approved such lavish spending of the church finances.They stoutly opposed the new construction of that church,a totally brainless act when already the church property was existing at the very opposite end of the road?
    Amassing of the wealth seems to be the main motto of these new age white clads instead of serving the Lord in a most humble way.
    Definitely,our beloved Saviour Jesus would never tell these white clads to go for a costly new mansion.Probably,the idea was brain-child of late Andrew who must have got inspired by looking at the huge 4 storeyed the Irumbeliyur Headquarters.He must have thought:when a poor country like India could afford a giant convention hall at IBR,what lacks for KL, inorder not to possess for a similar one?
    So the late Andrew applied the word 2 Cor 8:15 to suit to his convenience.—-”The Goal Is Equality, As It Is Written: “The One Who Gathered Much Did Not Have Too Much, And The One Who Gathered Little Did Not Have Too Little.”
    Added to that he used to frequently visit his sister who was serving another denomination in KL.God knows how much of the church funds were channelled out from the coffers of KL to his sister’s church organiation.
    Probably,Shawn valerio,who claims from KL could please correct me in this aspect.

    • EE, you are full of shit. As usual what do you know about what is happening in Malaysia? What do you know about Pastor Andrew or the other Pastors, Elders, Brothers and Sisters who had served and who are serving in Malaysia. You morons in India just keep your comments to yourselves take care of your own shithole that is full of Covid cases. The decision that was made to build a larger church was because the original church was on a private land, didnt anyone tell you that imbecile? I doubt the bloody admin will publish this since it takes sides…but what the hell. AND Shawn Valerio is a real person and a friend..those that are from Malaysia will know who he is unlike you stupid thrash from India.

      • Wow!!! what a testimony about Shawn Valerio.
        A man is known by the company he keeps. Thanks for clearing all doubts regarding Shawn Valerio. Your words have packed the full punch of the unknown tongues which you were raised with. I would love to see your parents and the White Clads who inculcated all these holy vocabulary into you.

        And Hey BTW, the rest of TPM is well aware of the S***(your holy vocabulary) from Malaysia called Abraham Mathew who has removed all ambiguity regarding himself. Thanks Again.

      • @Warmonger

        You are indeed a piece of work, a TPM masterpiece sculpted by the holy celibate hands of your KL TPM slave drivers.

        Your words are testimony to your ultra-orthodox TPM upbringing. I will not be surprised if you are a worker or a Sunday School teacher or even a TPM prophet considering the amount of filthy TPM spirit your heart is filled with. You sure have a unique anointing.

        It also appears that you have personally served the high priests of TPM in Malaysia and their influence is clearly demonstrated in your language and in your prejudice towards people who have a different country of origin. They are masters in the art of discriminating their believers based on colour, language and most importantly in the colour of their Currency.

        It also appears that you are closely connected with the financial and development activities of this satanic organization, which makes you equally guilty as you are a partaker in your holy celibate masters’ crimes.

        It looks like if you continue in this perverted track, you are heading towards your favorite place – Hell and it will be too late for you to realise that it was indeed you, who is bloody and who was an imbecile.

        Also, since Shawn Valerio is a real person and a good friend of yours, the above destination will apply to him as well if he does not separate himself from your holy self.

        I hope and pray that God (not TPM’s) will have mercy on you and on Shawn and all the deluded TPM believers and deliver you from this TPM delusion before it is too late.

        Remember EE or the Admin will not be in your TPM’s Zion or Jerusalem for you to throw insults at, so Repent before it is too late.

        Your chivalry in defending TPM might earn brownie points from your TPM pharaohs but it will be of no use in Eternity as you will join these false prophets and servants of satan with their “The father of all lies” in the place destined for him. Repent my friend before it is too late.

        • If you check the root cause for the madness from this holy “Warmonger”, it seems EE stepped on the toe and hurt him. A simple analysis would bring us to the gate of the Faith Home Building which is newly built. Shawn Valerio, his close buddy is a Real Estate Broker(Photo Attached). Therefore, it’s a high probability that this Warmonger is his close associate. Now if EE’s question cheesed him off, it could also mean that he has profited out of the deal and inadvertently send out his screams. So there we go..Its open for all


  5. For those that have quoted my name in your replies and perhaps insinuating I’m an imaginary figure, go ahead and check me up. I’m not the one hiding behind initials and phrases. I reiterate I grew up in the church but have left as I have my personal indifference with the church. My family; dad and siblings still attend the church.

    All I’m pointing out is don’t paint the entire church with the same brush. If there are wrongdoings or weaknesses of individuals, then rightly point them out, even if it’s the church itself. But calling the church a cult, calling all those that join the ministry mercenaries, calling the church goers blind followers then you’re just out blindly demonising.
    I’ve personally encountered many servants of God in the church who truly show real care and compassion for the people. Same time, I’ve also experience cold shoulders from church leaders when they should be displaying love, care and compassion for people. As I said earlier, there’s no perfect church and we all have the choice to be where we feel right.

    But creating a dedicated website to vent disgust on pretty much every facet of the church, why so much hate? The wrong doings purportedly done, use the land of the law to the fullest by all means and let it take its course.

    Take care and good night.
    Romans 12:9-21

    • So whatever happened to the questions that I asked you? Did you swallow it?
      Now you are bringing in a strawman argument with regards to your name?

      //I’ve personally encountered many servants of God in the church who truly show real care and compassion for the people.
      Oh really? and did they not subscribe to the evil doctrines of this church which is alien to the Church of God?
      What you encountered are people who are themselves deceived or deceiving others.
      while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, DECEIVING and BEING DECEIVED. 2 Tim 3:13
      This website has around 450 articles. out of that, almost 350 are dealing with TPM Doctrines which are evil to the core. Why don’t you pick one that and try to defend it? You might then realise that this organization is the handiwork of the Devil.

      As far as the website is dedicated against TPM, what made you think that we are amateurs? Yes, it’s dedicated against the evil which many people do not realise.
      YES, WE HATE EVIL…And if you felt hatred, its because you support Evil.
      Let those who LOVE THE LORD HATE EVIL, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10

      You seem to be quoting Romans 12:9-21, not even realizing what you are quoting. Do you see us hating powerless individuals or the evil which is being propagated by this devil infested cult?
      If you truly love your neighbour, you will rebuke him from his wrong ways. (Lev 19:17). Rebuke is the Language of Love.
      Them that sin REBUKE BEFORE ALL, that others also may fear. 1 Tim 5:20

  6. “So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.””
    ‭‭John‬ ‭8:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    “And if anyone hears My words and does not believe, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him— the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭12:47-48‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    Words spoken by Jesus himself.

    Again, let’s not demonise each other instead let’s share words of encouragement to build each other up.
    Take care everyone and God bless us all.

    • Hey Shawn
      Your friend just dropped in showering some choicest words. I guess that was taught to him in his Sunday School and he practised in his home.
      Would you mind telling him that we appreciate the insight he gave regarding the Malaysian TPM Church?

      • The whole Sunday school syllabus is another brainwashing technique to equipped this small kids to be the slave. When I was a Sunday school teacher teaching Std 3, there was a subject about Divine Healing and I skipped those subjects and teach the basic things of the gospel. For that they pinnalised and put me on suspension list and many complaints were reported to the workers about me teaching not according to the syllabus. Many of the Sunday school children don’t even know the basic things of the Bible, when u asked them they said is not in the syllabus.

        I was terminated by the Sunday school and was banned from taking communion by the late CP Pastor Andrew just because I do street evangelism.

        This is my experience my beloved Bro.Shawn.
        I can share so many things.

  7. “Waw..500 crore ..hawala operations racket unearthed from KP Yohannan…”.

    An eye opener indeed for this TPM’s Charity society activities at IBR.

    Now,who knows it is time for Income Tax officials to plunge into action and start reviewing the balance sheets of this CULT for all these years.
    May be many secrets acts (committed) during de-monitization time may also come into forefront, beware!
    The big question could be what was the need for having such a giant 4 storey building structure that show cases a view of clear class distinction of rich and poor even as sitting in the main hall and as well as dining areas ,a totally unscriptural method— is soon going to be exposed!

    Oh IBR Walls,get ready for a thorough inquiry of your total assets.

    Below are some of the excerpts present a shocking news that can shake the IBR walls now.
    @//and most of them exist only on paper and have been found to be used for routing the unaccounted funds and for accommodation transactions. It has been found that the modus operandi of the group is to systematically inflate expenses with the help of other parties, who would return the inflated amount in cash through domestic hawala channels to the functionaries of the group. Some of these other parties were also covered in the search action. The search has led to the unearthing of a number of real estate transactions involving unaccounted cash payments,” said the Income Tax officials explain the modus operandi for the self-styled Metropolitan KPYohannan.
    Just as the recent US election 2020 witessed the wide spread frauds
    that are being exposed every passing day from now,oh IBR walls,
    remember,your time has come and your days are numbered!

  8. @ADMN bro.I am extremely sorry that you are bearing the brunt of the brickbats with that typical foul language aimed at me .I am so much humbled that you took it on your behalf and replied to Shawn Valerio.I bless the soul who became impatient by reading my mail and immediately gushed out his venom on me.Does not matter,the Word of God exhorts us thus:
    “Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation.”Phil 2:14,15.
    These verses describe both the human and divine element in our faith.:we “work out”our salvation ,and yet God “works in us ” to accomplish it —-16 th verse.expresses a similar paradox:Paul urges that we “live up to what we have already attained ”
    Therefore we pardon that soul who gnashed at us with the foul language.God bless him.

  9. Has anyone in youth camp in IBR questioned about fromtpm site and it’s info? What is the ministers response to it. This month there is youth camp I’ve heard.

    I attended a local church today and the minister openly confesses that he had not come prepared for Sunday service message, and request God to speak to us. Sounds weired.

  10. Every nonsense they do is attributed to God and hence they violate one of the 10 commandments.
    Exodus 20:7 says: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
    Even an Idiot should have known it by now. Look at how their Mafia Chief is cloaking is ex-communication of Joash to God’s orders as a result of prayers.
    Click here to read the letter of the Rogue
    Only a carnal worldly person will consider these white clads as spiritual.

  11. @//For that they pinnalised and put me on suspension list and many complaints were reported to the workers about me teaching not according to the syllabus. Many of the Sunday school children don’t even know the basic things of the Bible, when u asked them they said is not in the syllabus.

    I was terminated by the Sunday school and was banned from taking communion by the late CP Pastor Andrew just because I do street evangelism//
    Wow,what a stunning revelation from the dear brother from KL!
    God preserved the ‘truth’all these years only to come out ultimately after an appointed hour!(may be after 1.5 decades old,I presume),
    and look at the way God’s eternal plan….
    God would raise a web site called ‘fromtpm.com’ in the year 2016,and the CULT which is filled with so much of lies,frauds would be let known to His Universal Church,and the truth would be preserved till the day-November 14th,2020,and this site would reveal the truth of the Sunday School activity of KL’s church through such and such beloved brother’s testimony in these columns!
    A similar revelation is on the cards to be released by 20 th of Nov’2020.Watch for it.
    The hand count of the votes ordered by the secretary of state of Georgia is quite unprecedented and is being under progress of recounting in the US 2020 elections.We are soon going to see the curtain raiser of return of sitting President for another four year term by the revelation of this recounting process.
    No one can challenge nor change/alter/hide the WILL of God who is always pro-life,and not pro death.Well,I do not wish to elaborate further at this stage.(Hope the readers could get my view point by now).

    David (fromtpm.com) wins over goliath(TPM+ its subsidiaries …all across its 44 countries)
    Kudos to @ADMN+ his TEAM…[email protected][email protected]
    A BIG VICTORY IS ON THE CARDS for your vision& mission!
    Espeially for fromtpm.com and its site owner has been fighting his relentless battles over the years since 2016.
    With the latest mails seen from beloved brothers NMSTF and JOHNSON,on this current episode,new insights on KL church are also unearthed and quite a startling disclosures are coming to fore while S’pore church issue was being debated parallelly.
    This title of this EPISODE title reminds me that MAFIA gang was very working behind the scenes and the current USA election 2020 is mirror scenario of mafia gang that was responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths that took place in this CULT,in the guise of telling ‘divine healing’.This Mafia has to account for every death happened on this count.
    A tug of war has been going on between Good and Evil,and that was very much evident from from the days of the inception of fromtpm since 2016.Out of 450+ articles published from this site not a single article was challenged by anyone so far by providing sufficient scriptural proof.Especially TPM Mafia has got no answers for any of these articles except telling its church members –do not see this site.=and do not go to this website.A total mind control over its innocent sheep.

    If we see latest reports from US reporting media “EYE opener”,we get the latest report of the greatest FRAUD committed by the Dominion software,which was imported from the particular country( the name- I am deliberatelly withholding for the moment).This software was mainly held resposible for abetting and committing this biggest FRAUD occured in the US election.

    The most enthusiastic readers by now might have got the news items that TRUMP team is upbeat about their impending victory.
    The prayers of American believers and the prayers of belivers around the world were heard by the Lord God finally.Well leave it aside.
    We have to run our race of faith and victoriously at the end.
    Phil 3:10 :”that I may know and the power of resurrection……”
    I view this victory of American public in a spiritual angle that TRUTH prevailed over LIE, pro life vs pro death and God vs Satan.

    All the battles of fromtpm.com are going to be victorious in the similar sense that just as in the battle of -David vs goliath, David was the winner,and here in this case fromtpm will be the ultimate winner annyway.

    I congratulate ADMN brother and his valiant team members for their impending victories that are soon to come.

    • Dear EE,
      As far as the US presidential election is concerned, I do not know why are you so bothered about that. For me, Trump is more dangerous than Biden. He makes use of the Name of the Lord in Vain as does the TPM Pastors too. Biden at least does not deceive us by acting like a Christian. This short video shows why I think this Trump is a fraud just like our White clads.
      BTW, I know that TPM/NTC was fully endorsing this Trump. Crazy fellows. Birds of the same feather are flocking together.


      • Actually, I too didn’t understand why EE had to mention Trump to be back at the White House, Trump is another fraudster like the tpm ministers, All Trump does is give excuses for the grave mistakes or deliberations on the outbreak front & on the trade war with China. He just refused to do the right thing & that is being irresponsible as a President & Leader, At least Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are taking steps & being responsible for the control of the outbreak in the US & we are in a globalized, new world order., We can’t afford to disrupt the work of God in the end times , cos only by factoring in biblical prophecy, we will be able to engineer 2nd coming of Christ,. Donald Trump is a disrupter to the Plan of God. I also like to believe that God’s ways are not man’s ways too. There’s a time for everything as Ecclesiastes 3 says.

  13. Dear ADMN,’ve got your version.Thanks for your updates as far as the TPM/NTC of USA/CANNADA is concerned.
    I was a bit sceptical about airing my views in the beginning but thanks finally that you could open the issue for a wider discussion.
    But look at the 75 million Christian votes of American Publlic that have been divided in the ratio of 54/46 in favour of TRUMP.Only 46% votes have gone to BIDEN they say.Its only hearsay,we do n’t have any strong evidence for that anyway.
    Leave out thse TPM CULT and its subsidiaries issue aside,here I am counting the overall performance senario that TRUMP and the TRUMP admn’s measures that were taken during his past four years tenure.
    Here are the major achievements ascribed to him during his past 4yrs.
    *He shited his earlier stand of his own pro abortion to pro life stand.God loves pro life stand but not the otherway.He is our God of life,you knew it anyway.
    *He took the bold decision of declaring the Jerusalem as the Capital city of Israel that all his predecessors could never venture except
    left with empty promises.
    *That he constructed the southern boarder wall of 400/500 miles length was the very vindication of his keeping up election promise. No American President could ever attempt this huge wall and that too with huge billions of dollars funds crunch at the strict opposition of Nancy Pelosy controlled Senate.They stalled his proposal infact.
    But look at his daredevil act.
    This has got a huge impact on the American Economy,and millions and millions of dollars will be saved in the long run for the nation.

    So irrespective of our mutual divergent views,we still agree for disagreement.But I only wish,the love of God still binds together inspite of these worldly events happenning at a fast pace that we sometimes feel troubled at heart as to doubt the very promises of God.But God comforts us through His unfailing Word.
    Except the main stream media that declared the whole world,that Biden is its President Elect,the legal process of the law of the land is still underway .Till that time, you are right and I am also right too.But my gut feeling goes for the sitting man.
    There’s nothing wrong in agreeing for disagreeing.

    • I think EE is thinking like an american White Saxon. Some of his points are quite not acceptable to the Indian in me.
      1. Trump is NOT Pro-life. He is playing into the hands of the evangelicals just for votes. If he was really pro-life, he would not have behaved like this with COVID-19 being a cause for the death of so many Americans with his callous attitude.
      2. He sure took initiative to build a wall between the US and Mexico. But What kind of thought you are slave to? Are mexicans any lesser than Americans for God? Its natural that people would migrate to prosperous nations from poor nations. Is that Wrong? It is utmost selfishness that stops people from progressing like how Trump Behaved. I am still wondering why EE supports this Man.
      3. By moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, he did gain some brownie points with the Jewish lobby..But did that bring world peace? What is the cause for the excitement. Infact, it has infuriated Turkey and some other nations.

      Above all, When the Hindutva Gang was hunting down poor Christians in India, What did Trump Do? He considers Indian Christians as mosquitoes.He does not even care for Indian Christians. Then Why should we? He made closer friendship with the BJP guys that worked counterproductive for poor Christian Missionaries in India. He joined hands with Enemies of Indian Christians. And EE is all gaga over this man Trump. Wow.

    • @EE,

      //I was a bit sceptical about airing my views in the beginning but thanks finally that you could open the issue for a wider discussion.//

      I don’t think Admin has opened the US Presidential election issue for a wider discussion on this forum. On the contrary, Admin’s response appears to discourage discussing this issue here. I agree with the Admin on this as the US elections have nothing to do with the issues being discussed here. Trump doesn’t deserve a discussion on this forum. Discussing Trump will only cause a deep divide amongst Christians, and it will only serve to divert and dilute the issues being discussed here.

      //He shited his earlier stand of his own pro abortion to pro life stand.God loves pro life stand but not the otherway.He is our God of life,you knew it anyway.//

      It is true that God loves pro-life and hates murder (abortion). But, like the majority of the blinded Evangelicals who support Trump, if our focus is only about pro-life ignoring the other laws of God, then we are equally deceived like the majority of Christians. Just like murder (abortion), God also hates adultery. The lascivious, thrice-married Trump’s adulterous lifestyle is widely known to everyone and is abhorred by our God. “For the same God who said, “You must not commit adultery,” also said, “You must not murder.” So if you murder someone but do not commit adultery, you have still broken the law” (James 2:11 NLT).

      Politics is politics, be it India, or the US, or any other country. Politicians are the same everywhere, corrupt and unjust, be it Trump or Biden. Trump the fraudster acted like a Christian and used the Name of the Lord in vain to garner the Christian votes – much like today’s pastors in sheep’s clothing. Biden at least did not deceive anyone by acting like a Christian.

      Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.” (John 18:36 ESV). We are the servants of the Most High God and let us not take sides or fight for these earthly masters.

  14. Abas
    //I agree with the Admin on this as the US elections have nothing to do with the issues being discussed here.//

    Thank you brother for your mail and the mails seen from brothers Johnson,ChristmySaviour,ADMN that discourage this type of discussions to be carried further in this forum:Sorry I never intended to mix up this issue with our spiritual forum nor am I entitlled to raise up the passions of any one of our readers if at all they are generated in them.

    I am the one who believe in keeping the sanctity of this forum that must be safe guarderd at all times to highest level.

    I would even like to request ADMN brother to please expunge all my couple of previous remarks made on those mails that were referred purely in the context of bringing my point of view to the fore in that particular article and it was never intentional.

    • Dear Bro EE,
      I do not find an issue with you raising the comment regarding the US Presidential Election. Irrespective of our united understanding of the scriptures, we may have differing views about politics. There is no reason to expunge your comments. We are not good at politics, so let us not focus on those.
      God Bless You

  15. This website it important and informative and can be a force for good in exposing these things that have been hidden for so long, however as a suggestion I would advise making your articles more simple, short and factual without too much dramatic elaboration, from a place of love and true concern rather than condemnation. I think then the articles will be more effective and get straight to the issues and could then be more convincing for those who still go to TPM.

    • Dear Chosen,
      What is so DRAMATIC that we are presenting here? Are we adding some drama which is not being played by the White Clads of TPM?
      Please read Matt 23 and tell me if You enjoy the tone of Jesus?
      We need to be considerate to the sinners of this world, but not to these Pharisees who lead people astray. Do not compromise with these false teachers.
      These people are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them. 18 For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. 19 They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” 20 If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning. 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. 22 Of them the proverbs are true: “A dog returns to its vomit,”[g] and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.” 2 Peter 2:17-22

      I am sure that the words of Peter also sound DRAMATIC to you because he is using metaphors and phrases which might be uncommon to many.

  16. I am a former believer who has been in this PCS Tai Gin Church for 15 years. The chruch is now NOT closed due to Covid 19 / Renovation works but because of local authorities due to JOSHUA THIAGARAJAN MASILAMANI ( JT ) sexploits and money laundering. WHAT is CP of TPM India Abraham Matthew ( AM ) doing ??? Still investigating ??? Finding excuses to keep him? AM should have sent this fornicator / criminal JT out of this church, unless AM is receiving funds from Singapore. I am sure JT ” Hidden Holy Wifes ” are looking after him with ” TLC “.

    By the way all Secret hidden plans of Nikie Joanna Meshek and the shameless JALALS of getting their daughter / niece Liza Meshek married in PCS Tai Gin have gone down the drain. God has closed the church for these sinners. WHAT A SHAME !!! WHAT A DISGRACE !!! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT !!! All plans down the drain. ” Man proposes, God disposes “. How can this filthy people think of getting their daughter married in this church when i heard Liza Meshek has been secretly dating Singh Paul for more then 6 yrs and they are madly in love. Believers have seen both of them on MRT, Shopping Malls, holding hands and kissing in public. Even God has intervene to stop this unholy marriage in PCS but our JT would have loved to solumnize this marriage due to his connections with Queen Elizabeth and the JALALS. This is the double standards practiced by JT. I just received Hot Spicy News that Liza is getting married at a Anglican Church, ” Christ Church “. What a Shame !!! Such a girl from a so called holy Jalala family whose aunty Bollywood actress queen Elizabeth Jalala ( EJ ) Centre Sister of PCS Tai Gin. Getting married in an unholy church where both pastors and members smoke, drink and flirt around and its acceptable in an Anglican church. This shameless couple will surely come back to PCS Tai GIN for blessing from their beloved JT and Auntie Elizabeth Jalala. Auntie Elizabeth Jalalal and her sog supporters will be given permission by JT to send Lizaard Meshek from her home and to attend the holy molly marriage at the Christ Church on 4th Dec 2020. Dinner included. This church practises double standards. Is this ok with you TPM HQ AM? God not whishpering in your ears anymore?

    Is this OK with PCS church leaders + TPM HQ CP AM? Can this shamless Jalala family and holy couple be allowed to come back to PCS Tai Gin to take holy communication? Can they still be a church member of PCS? No excommunication from the church for them? The Jalalas put their shamless heads in all the ministries in the church pretending to be holy. YES. All exception will be made for the Jalalals because of JT and Bollywood queen EJ. Even an exception was made for their low IQ and arrogant 2nd daughter Esther Meshek. This daughter has flirted with more then 3 different guys including church believer Prashant who has dumped her and gone back to india to get married to a better person. Chii Chii Chii. What a shameful girl from a shamless family. Her marriage was solumanized in PCS Tai Gin by JT and even SOG in PCS knew very well about her filthy affairs. Why did the church allow that? Is this according to TPM global standards? CP AM is this ok??? This arrogant low IQ manly Esther comes to church in unappropriate attire and visits her beloved JT and Auntie EJ.

    Now their 3rd daughter Evengelin Meshek is now openly flirting with a PCS youth leader, JEREMIAH for the pass 2 years. Their youth ministry is a jolly molly flirting time for both of them. BTW i heard arrogant Nikie Meshek’s late mother died in Sept 2020 and she was saved by PCS, baptised, took communion regularly and was believer of PCS. When she died, the funeral, wake and cremation was conducted by clergy of other churches. As JT could not conduct the funeral, Niki did not want any other pastors to conduct the funeral of her late mother. What a shame !!!! PCS SOG including Queen Elizabeth Jalalal attended the wake and funeral service. Queen EJ was seen hugging an Indian pastor who conducted the cremation service. Is this OK with TPM HQ? The ashes were thrown in the sea like Hindus. Aiyoh Chi Chi.

    The Jalalas family name have been disgraced by their children and grand children. Niki Joana Meshek, your daughters are shamless and arrogant like you. You are a sunday school teacher and you go around preaching and correcting other sunday school girls about their grooming, clothes and spirtual lives when your own daughters are living a disgusting, filthy lives according to TPM standards.


    I heard JT is asking the sisters to call believers to forgive him of all his mistakes.
    And the sisters without any conscience or fear of God are following his instructions, knowing that whatever JT did was infact 100% true. I’m sure CPM HQ CP AM knows the truth and he is covering for him. He has to give an account to the almighty God.

    Believers are discouraged and upset that our servants of God are living a hypocritical life.
    They think they can do whatever they want hiding from the believers but God is aware and knows all their hidden and secret actions.

    Now Former Center Sister Ammachi is worried about her chair while current Center Sister, (Joshua’s secret wife) has achieved what he & she wanted. Now the king & Queen are ruling the earthly throne…and still dreaming of going to Zion.

    JT and company, Investigation with the authorities is still going on and you might be feeling scared. You wont get to enjoy good food, 5 star room service and fleshly satisfaction with your concubines once you get punished.

    Since you all dont fear God, atleast face the punishment with the authorities. Hope you will your lesson……Dont mess with the wrath of God. Its a pay back time. You all are accountable for every soul God has given you and you will be held responsible for any soul who have left the church because of your lust and greed.

    Dear HOLY Jalals, you all also can be in 144000 along with the king and queen by supporting their inequity and wrong doings. Look what is happening to your children. They have become like you, proud, arrogant, disrespectful, supporting inequity and fornication. Even the curse has come upon them and they have done the same. With what face are you all going to step into church after the king is pulled to jail. Do you think Abraham Mathew &
    EMPTY Thomas is going to save them from the authorities? Don’t ever think that the Bollywood actress will be there forever supporting you all. When God is against your wrong doings who can be for you”. The Jalals have already been put to shame but they still haven’t learn their lesson. Must be their pride an arrogance.

    The So called Pastor from Jalal Family Pastor Wilson Rajoo Jalal – – – who are you praying to? What are you preaching to your family? With what heart are you praying? Dont deceive your family members by your hypocritical holiness. You dont even support your Rajoos family but boot lick the jalals who are already shameless and disgraceful. Search your heart and stop pretending. The whole church knows your true colors. Your wife another pastress who dont even know how to behave like a proper spiritual lady. BIG BIG MOUTH….GOSSIP QUEEN….supporting her secret brother in law JT.


  18. The 2021 convention schedule has to be viewed with business lens to make sense. Based on available financial records of UPC, NTC etc. one can easily note that conducting conventions and special meetings is their only major expense and so called “ministry” that they do in the calendar year. If they don’t keep their routine, they don’t have other avenues to spend their amassed wealth (there’s a limit to how much they can spend on construction projects without coming under the scanner of the law). Also, if their routine conventions are not held, revenue streams would also dwindle as most “faithful” attend these like the Haj and grease the palms of their “saints”. A lack of these conventions would lead to an existiantial crisis for TPM/NTC/UPC. There’s nothing more to it. If they actually cared about sharing the word of God they would have utilized the internet or other resources that are available, but they don’t. They are running a business pure and simple.


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