A true Christian would say what he means and mean what he says. You can read this article on TPM Flip-Flops and know how they did a 180-degree turnaround on some issues which all of us can verify.  These dual-faced hypocrites of The Pentecostal Mission are now up for a new trick.

We are well aware of the emphatically stated boasting of the cult leaders, that they would not be preaching using modern media like Radio, TV, Internet etc. They have been classified as the tools of the Devil and they would not have any connections with these tools. Personally, I think this is a blessing as they are restricting their evil doctrines being propagated, to innocents who could be duped.

The Policy change in the Sly

The latest development is quite intriguing. They are using their star campaigner Jose Karakkal to test the waters in internet preaching. Look at this poster which is being circulated. He is appointed as the preacher for this channel. You can listen to him on the 5th of November.

Dual-faced Hypocrites of The Pentecostal Mission

We have no other option than assuming that he has the blessing of higher-ups, to be shown along with the other preachers. Yes, we do realise that Chameleons are experts in changing their colours. We are also aware that he has mega plans for building construction in his Local Kozhencherry. Of course, these white-clads are flush with money that they can undertake mega construction projects by demolishing the current setup for their own personal glory. For these Dual-faced Hypocrites of The Pentecostal Mission, the unemployed and the poor of their own assembly are not good enough to be helped with the surplus.

Dual-faced Hypocrites of The Pentecostal Mission


I know that our TPM devotees will not see any issue with this as they have been mind-controlled to welcome all such chameleon changes, gladly. Nobody will question this kind of policy changes because their memory is short-lived. The Saints from Zion can do no wrong.

Jesus once said about the Pharisees that they do not follow what they teach. He said

So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.

Matt 23:3

All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

Matt 5:37

I guess this is one additional blessing of the COVID-19 onslaught that they had to change their track and dilute the so-called CONSECRATION and SEPARATION which they used to often boast about.

We pray that the eyes of people who still believe in these white-clads and their evil doctrine be opened.

End of ” Dual-faced Hypocrites of The Pentecostal Mission “


  1. @ ADMN…..Timely article indeed!
    Yes,exactly the quote of Steve Maraboli’s is quite apt to the life first and then teaching.( behaviour part pertains to life).DOING first and then TEACHING.This is really what the Bible is talking about:
    LIFE first and then TEACH or preaching .
    1Timothy 4:16 “Take heed to yourself and to your teaching……” .
    This is what Jesus set an exemplary life pattern to all His disciples to first live a life of purity and then teach others.Now this CULT adopts a change from its earlier stand.We see there is a policy change in the sly as the article rightly points out.These CULTs teachings are grossly contrary and exactly a180-degree turnaround on some issues– what the article says at the beginning.They recruit some youth as full time workers with a white dress to be worn and then encourage them to teach/preach.These white clads never had their life of purity nor putting it as a practice.They would be trained to say some blah blah on some doctrines that they themselves never experienced!A time has come to put an end to it. Not we. But the Almighty God Himself determined.
    I was withholding the following clipping for quite some time to share it to the hungry souls of this site,but waiting all along for a suitable 
    context as to howI could share it.Now by seeing this excellent article
    I feel it is time that I should share it without any delay.
    Watch this clipping pl: 

  2. I heard that this white clad fraud (Jose Karackal) told this channel people to include my name also in the list. But when the enquiry started from his HQ, he said I don’t know anything, they added my name by including my photo taken from somewhere. This is nothing but FRAUD (തട്ടിപ്പ്).

  3. I am booking my slot for 5th November. This going to be big big day.

    Super secret mysteries gonna be revealed. Pastor Jose Karackal will teach on radio channel following subject

    1) How can we live victorious life (Joshua pastor testimony)

  4. It will not be a surprise if this publicity seeking Consecrated Celibate Servant of TPM will go rogue and start his own church. Maybe his construction plans are just the first steps in making his dream of becoming free from the bondage of the Chief Pharaohs of TPM.

    I wish him the very best and would also like to appreciate our favorite TPM eunuch – Joshua the Playboy for becoming an inspiration to the ambitious lot of TPM in India to test the controlling power of the Emptys and ATs of TPM. It looks like the beginning of rebellion in TPM in India.

    The inability of the TPM trinity to discipline the errant Joshua the Loverboy in Singapore will begin to bite them in their holy backs sooner than later.

    Once again Thanks Admin for keeping the spotlight on this satanic cult which continues to devour widows’ houses and exploits orphans without any remorse.

  5. Thats disturbing news as so far the heretic teachings were restricted to TPM walls only and some youtubers broadcasting pre-recorded messages.
    Now that they have decided to come out in the open could even mean more confusion among the Pentecostals as they will slowly inject heresy into the mainstream.
    On the other hand the blind believers will also have a chance to hear from other Pastors and perhaps have their eyes opened.

  6. I think it’s recorded message; you cant expect late Derek Prince to give you a live message as seen in their another ad nor Joel Osteen, TD Jakes or even Benny Hinn giving live message to a Malayalam radio


    • So did we say it is LIVE? All such programs are Preplanned and recorded before it is broadcast. However, to assume that they are broadcasting it without prior approval from Jose is to assume that they are also like T U Thomas who plagiarise the work of others.
      From the info I receive, Jose had requested them to put him in the Schedule and they obliged him. Later on, when the HQ came to know it, he has turned the tables (as is with all the white-clad) and said that THEY HAD PUT HIS NAME IN IT.

      • If that’s the case, how are they doing it for Derek Prince’s message ?
        This radio guys might also got in touch with TD Jakes, Joel Osteen to broadcast their messages ?
        I don’t think so.
        Common let’s be fair, I’m sure these guys picked up some messages available and just broadcasting it without any approvals.

      • Taking your point of them requesting Pr. Jose, they might have surely done the same with TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley 😀
        Now the question is from where did they get permission to broadcast Derek Prince’s message.

        • No wonder people like you still remain in TPM.. most of their work is open for anybody to take.. it is licensed by their organization’s for open circulation..these are posthumous.. but anytime you use a living persons work, it needs an approval.

        • Who invited preacher Saju chathannoor to kozhenchery faith home??
          Who popularized the photo in social media?
          He asked powervision to broadcast his sermons. But they refused..
          Who asked puthupally achen to praise him through whatsapp??
          Stand forTPM😂😂

    • They will not appoint you as their advocate.. You can act as gunda for them..
      Their advocates are highly paid, non christian, senior criminal advocates…🙂

      Cooooool brooooo…

      • Hello Sir
        I just raised a fact; facts must be fought with facts and not mud-slinging.
        When you have nothing for countering the facts raised, it’s natural raising mud-slinging
        Thank You

        • Dear Standing for TPM,
          The One that you did is not fact raising, but reinforcing your squinted view.
          The Radio has 2 channels 1.Malayalam and 2. English.
          These are basically Malayalees running internet radio channels. They have put up the English Channel for the youngsters. So they padded it up with preachers whom they think is speaking scriptures.
          However, the one in Malayalam are contemporaries and not a group of posthumous preachers as we see in English. Therefore, you need to evaluate it accordingly. Do you see them broadcasting some old sermons of old Malayalee preachers?
          So you comparing Apples with Oranges is because of your squinted view. First, you said this is not LIVE but Recordings, trying to attack a straw man. Then now this squinted view. You need a correction of the view and for that, you simply need to throw away your TPM Lens. It will set you with the correct vision.

  7. TPM believers are not allowed to marry their children to other pentecost churches.
    No other church pastors are allowed to visit tpm believer houses
    No christian songs other than tpm are allowed for tpm believers.
    But tpm pastor can now preach with other pastors. But other church pastors will not be allowed in tpm..

  8. Until and unless you bring out official stand of the radio on the matter, you are just making your own theories and forcing others to accept the same.

    So let’s have the official statement of the radio and open up on how a TPM pastor got in their ad.

    You should have done this before posting this article instead of making your own permutations and combinations.

    God Bless !

    • What makes you think we did not get that info? Again self-goal assuming we are just throwing anything. It’s your responsibility to prove that they are randomly putting people’s sermon without getting approval from them. The Burden of proof is with you.
      I exhort you again to remove your TPM Lens. That will do you good.

        • I have the confirmation. It’s up to you to prove otherwise. Try that. Why do you want to piggyback on our efforts..You have the burden of proof.

  9. Well, I don’t know how come the burden of proof is upon me ?
    You have brought in a matter and obviously it’s your responsibility to prove the same rather than any assumptions or any hidden informations you might be having.
    Just the way you have freedom of “assuming” that he has the blessing of higher-ups, I do assume that radio is broadcasting his messages which is freely available even without his knowledge.
    So, I believe the burden of proof is upon you to prove me wrong.
    I still can’t understand why are you not able to bring out official stand of the radio rather than beating in the dark.

    • Did I not already tell you that I have the confirmation? What causes you to ignore that? Do you have some dyslexia? We do not publish mails that we receive unless its some kind of threats.
      I even forwarded you a section of the mail, but it came back as rejected and then I realised that you do not even put a correct mail id. I do not know what kind of person you are.
      First, read the comment and then try to respond.
      Stop beating around the bush and start living a normal life without prejudices.
      Now you have the BURDEN of PROOF to bring out that The radio published it without the permission. I am sure a dyslexic personality like you will not understand.

      Consider this as the end of the conversation because people like you are do not deserve any response.

      • A typical TPM star. He calls himself “Standing for Truth” but puts in a FALSE mail id. Termites like these needs to be terminated without any second hearing.

  10. These so called ‘Standing for the Truth ‘people are prevalent everywhere.. They are like Tares in the company Wheet .They are much more harmful than the people who do not know the truth.Its like Fox news who give the impression that they are siding for Trump.But when the time comes their true color is seen.At this critical juncture of chaotic situation in U.S as the whole world is watching them they joined the other social media that parroting that Biden’s victory which was full of ‘FRAUD’ that U.S .Supreme Court is soon going to intervene and reverse the 2020 Election results..A historic decision is soon going to come.But it takes time..Till that decision comes the Federal Court is going to announce for Trump’s reinstatement as an interim President and not the other President Elect as the social media declared as the President..The social media is so powerful enough that it deceived Netanyahu and Modi who sent their greetings to the President Elect than the other European nations.They have to regret their decision soon.
    The Lord is on pro LIFE side and definitely not on pro ABORTION side .
    Exodus 14:13 is what the whole Bible believing Christian’s have to do now.Therfore what I wish to say is the ‘Standing for Truth’ could also be counted under similar category of FRAUD and deserves to be axed with immediate effect.

  11. Looks like IT and EOW is closing in on suspected Christian Organizations with unjust balance books.
    Maybe TPM HQ’s will be very busy now doing what is necessary.
    Its a strange paradox and I still don’t understand how people continue to approach clergy with prayer requests and little mammon in the Hope that God will bless them with more Mammon when He clearly said in Mat 6:24 that”…Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”
    These Clergy must be clearly having the last laugh.


    • When it comes to economic offenses tpm leads the race, though there are corrupt churches organisations, individuals… still they file some kind of tax returns every year. . But our tpm tigers pay the tax only to IT office. (Irumbuliyur Tax offeees).

  12. @Abraham Issac
    //What a fun, the sarcasm in your comment made me laugh enough to get rid of a two day head ache//

    Your fun part is fine brother.Your headache is gone.We are happy.

    But look at the events at Sec’bad centre that are taking place under the stewardship of Samsundar.
    As the latest reports show from Secunderabad centre,he has recently conducted his annual centre convention at Keesara and became the most’obedient boy’in the good looks of Abraham Matthews.
    But look at the after-effects of this centre convention!
    A suicide case reported on the day of the relief of your head-ache .
    Did AM ever evaluate the fruit of the efforts of Samsundar?
    A suicide was committed by a married youth in one of the locals of this centre,whatver may be the reason.It is a blatant shame on his part.
    This is yet another black mark on this TPM CULT stationed at IBR as it is bent on propagating its evil doctrines to the humanity.
    Does Samsundar know the reason of this suicide case of the former Sunday School student ?
    If he knows then,does he not know the minimum responsibility of his keeping in touch with the poor bereaved family?
    Till date there are no reports yet that the poor parents of this youth had been comforted by this cp- Secunderabad.
    What a shame on his part by maintaining stoic silence at this pathetic time!
    Even the worldly people would show some kind of human sympathy when a bereavement takes place to their neighbours.
    Look at the wretched state of the culture of this CULT.
    Brother Abraham Issac,could you please throw some light on this incident for the benefit of this forum?


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