When the Singapore scam of Joshua’s exploits was flashed in this website, we were treated with disdain by many Singapore believers. Waves of abuse were thrown at us as if they are standing for a righteous cause. For them, to expose Joshua was like blasphemy against the Lord himself. But we are glad that the tide has turned and some sense has returned to them in small quantum.

Though they are yet to recover from the shock treatment they received at the hands of the Chief at Irumbuliyur, they will gradually come to their senses, knowing how they were duped. Click here to know the Five stages they would cross.

Though they still have a long way to traverse to get out of the CULT MENTALITY and the deviant doctrines of the Cult, We can pray that they are delivered soon.

The Following are the chain of communication to us which elicits the previous communications between them and the TPM Chief/Joe Neo. We are publishing it in the same form.

Dear Admin

The believers’ petitions (refer below) to Chief Pastor Abraham Matthew (CP) and Pastor Joseph Neo (JN) fell on deaf ears! On the contrary, they took unilateral action using the help of a lawyer (who claims to be doing pro-bono work for the church), the Court and Police to throw out Bro Joash – so much for Christan forgiveness and TPM unwritten rules not to use the legal system! The current CP is breaking every rule in the rule-book of the ‘consecrated’ saints! 

Also, Elder Roshan was not allowed to resume after he withdrew his resignation within 24 hours – instead, the lawyer and police were called to evict him from the church premises! In his 6 page letter on insubordination to Bro Joash, CP has cited divine inspiration and counsel of his deputies (who have always expressed their inability to do anything as CP does not consult them)! That letter reeks of CP’s huge ego and pride and self-conceit!  The whole episode of the ‘scuffle’ was orchestrated and planned well in advance based on the evidence provided to the court for the injunction!  This is a vindictive retaliation on two honest workers who wanted to stand for the truth, question wrong practices and fight for what is right.

Due to inaction by the leaders, the Singapore believers have decided to boycott the church, send tithes for other worthy causes, and take up the matter with the relevant authorities for justice and righteousness to prevail.   We call on all sincere TPM Believers & Workers worldwide who want to continue in the same doctrines, to unite and create a separate clean organization, where we can worship God in truth and Spirit without corrupt clergies like CP, JT, JN and a host of others, whose wrongdoings have been exposed by your website.  There are reports that one of the reasons that CP is supporting JT is for the large tithes sent in cash illegally from Singapore to India through innocent carriers.This is after under-reporting the total collections received on the books. This is clear from the fact that a recent move to move away from cash tithes and offerings to electronic means, in order to improve corporate governance, was severely opposed by CP and JT.

If TPM believers and workers cannot do anything with the current CP Abraham, then we believe that God will at the right time! Only most of us may not be around in this church by then, as we are running out of patience!

PCS Believers (TPM Singapore Believers)

———- Forwarded message ———
From: PCS Believers <pcsbelievers@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2020 at 12:30
Subject: Kind attention: Pastor Abraham Matthew, Chief Pastor
To: <tpmibr@gmail.com>, <tpmadyar@vsnl.com>

2 October 2020

Kind attention: Pastor Abraham Matthew, Chief Pastor

The Pentecostal Mission Society

Roja Street, S. V. Nagar Post


Chennai  600063, India

We,  the Members of Pentecostal Church of Singapore (Church)are deeply concerned about the sad state of affairs in our Church, following serious wrongdoings by an errant Pastor (M. Joshua Thiagarajan), who is currently undergoing police investigations for alleged financial misconduct by the enforcement authorities.  Also, allegations of sexual misconduct are being investigated by you for the past several months, with no resolution in sight.

We have lost trust and confidence in the current Management of the Church, and have sadly not received adequate support from you as our Chief Pastor. You have been procrastinating on important decisions related to change of leadership in the Singapore church, and making unfair and arbitrary decisions from India, without making yourself available for discussion with Members of the congregation in Singapore.  A recent example is the swift “ex-communication” and eviction orders issued against Brother Joash Vinod Ramadasan, a consecrated servant of God, without proper basis, or natural justice. 

The above action comes as a surprise to us given that you have condoned the serious offences of Pastor M. Joshua Thiagarajan for several months without ex-communicating or evicting him, while you have issued instructions to dismiss Bro. Joash, with no investigation, or without giving him an opportunity to be heard. 

You may lose the Church in Singapore.  Unless you act now, you are not likely to resolve all difficulties facing the members.

We humbly request you to urgently resolve the serious issues faced by the Singapore congregation as follows:

1.       Withdraw the wrongful excommunication and eviction orders against Bro. Joash

2.       Remove Pastor M. Joshua Thiagarajan from the consecrated ministry

3.       Send a new senior Pastor to Singapore, who will rebuild and restore the deeply divided and frustrated church, through much prayer and divine wisdom

4.       Call for a Special Meeting/EGM to enhance the Church Constitution and improve internal controls and governance for the Church

Please also find below our petition sent to Pastor Joseph Neo, the current interim Pastor-in-charge.

Kindly respond to pcsbelievers@gmail.com

From the following Members of the Pentecostal Church of Singapore who have signed the petition (185 names of believers removed for privacy):


Email to Pastor Joseph Neo,

Pentecostal Church of Singapore, 1 Tai Gin Road Singapore 327872

Praise the Lord!   We, the believers (Church Members) of Pentecostal Church of Singapore, have been compelled to write this letter, as there is no other way of contacting you, in view of your refusal to meet us to discuss current issues affecting the Church and the members, to express our serious concerns and burdens regarding certain unfortunate incidents, which have occurred between September 22 and 24, 2020.  

We understand that you were appointed as the Interim Pastor-in-charge of our church on 22 September 2020.  Your pastoral duties will include the sharing of burdens and concerns of believers and servants of God.   With reference to the incident of the scuffle with Bro Joash Vinod Ramadasan on the night of 22 September 2020, five representatives of the Church Members (Bro. xxx, , Bro. xxxx, Bro. xxxx, Bro. xxxx, and Bro. xxxxx – names redacted for privacy) expressed our desire to speak with you on 24 September 2020. However, they were made to wait for over 2 hours, without being given any specific reasons.  When they finally had access to you, you were not willing to speak with them. Instead, they were directed to speak with your representative, a lawyer, Mr Alfred Dodwell. 

This is the first time we experienced a scenario where believers had to go through a lawyer to share their burdens and concerns to the Pastor, who has the responsibility as the Interim-Pastor-in-charge to address the concerns of the believers of the church.   Our representatives were also told by Mr Dodwell that due to COVID19 restrictions, we had to take prior appointment to meet you. This excuse was not convincing, because these restrictions did not seem to apply to himself, nor to the three other believers (Bro. Wilson Rajoo, Bro. Daniel Jalal, and Bro. Alwin Dawson) who were already there!  We are being forced to think whether a church institution is even required if the believers are not allowed to approach their church pastor directly. “Bear ye one another’s burdens; and so, fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2  

With respect to the incident of the scuffle with Bro Joash on the night of 22 September 2020, we understand it was started because you had taken a video of the two brothers, when there was no reason or anything untoward happening to record. Bro Joash tried to take away the phone from you to see what you had recorded of him.  When he approached you, he was pushed by you first, and he responded by pushing you back in self-defence. We also understand that in this scuffle, you kicked Bro Joash repeatedly three times. This should not be the conduct of a consecrated Pastor.  Although Bro. Joash rightly asked pardon from you for what had happened the night before, an ex-communication letter was still issued by you to him on 23 September 2020, instead of pardoning him as Christ would. If the reason for ex-communication was disorderly behaviour, we are confused as to why the act of kicking Bro. Joash repeatedly by you is not considered as disorderly behaviour from your side.   Further to this, a police complaint was also filed against Bro. Joash either by you on 23 September 2020. When the police tried to reconcile the matter, you vehemently refused any form of reconciliation.

This was not a good reflection of the Christian spirit of forgiveness, particularly by a Pastor. Bro Joash was willing to ask pardon again but this was not accepted by you. You chose to disregard the word of God in James 3:18 (And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace).   We have been taught that one facet of the apostolic ministry is the ministry of reconciliation– reconciling your flock with God and man – 2 Corinthians 5:18(…and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation). We are saddened to mention that as a pastor, you have failed to lead by example in the full view of believers and non-Christian police officers gathered there.   To our surprise, the next day you went ahead and issued a letter of eviction to Bro Joash, which clearly reflected that there was no Christ-like virtue of forgiveness and restitution on your part.

On 24 September 2020, after refusing to meet with the believer brothers, you immediately issued visiting guidelines  to the church members due to COVID-19 measures, asking us to take prior permission via email, and this requirement again did not seem to apply to certain believers, who continue to have unfettered access, including at odd hours. As no telephone number was mentioned, how will the believers seek appointments by email for even urgent matters like death, sickness, or giving of tithes and offerings! Ministers of the church should be easily accessible to the congregation, without partiality.  From the inception of this Church, never has there been such a rule imposed on believers by any Faith Home.  Further, the Church belongs to God and ALL His people.

  Please also be reminded according to the Church Constitution, the Trustees are the custodians of the Church property and assets, and as such, we would like to remind you that you do not have the authority to issue an eviction notice.   We would appreciate it if you kindly provide an immediate response to this letter by way of a reply to us or inviting us to discuss these points in person.   On 27 September 2020, another request was made by two brothers (Bro. xxxx and Bro. xxxx names redacted) to discuss a settlement for the above matters. Your response was that you were willing to pray with them, but not discuss this issue. You will appreciate that it is difficult to pray when the underlying issue of forgiveness and reconciliation have not been settled by you. (Matthew 5:23, 24 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother and then come and offer thy gift).   Kindly note that as the believers of the church, we have lost our confidence, and will not be able to take counsel or instructions for our spirituality from you as our Pastor.

Finally, we request you to immediately withdraw the letters issued to Bro. Joash for wrongful ex-communication and eviction order. We reserve our rights.

Copy sent to Pastor Abraham Matthew, Chief Pastor                              Pastor M. T. Thomas, Deputy Chief Pastor   From the concerned Members (Believers) of Pentecostal Church of Singapore who has signed the petition (185 names removed for privacy)   


The above chain of mails should be a reminder to all of us that people who try to save their own skin will come to a situation when others will also respond in the same way, they treated others.

I feel sorry for the people in Singapore PCS but they have a reason to ponder into their own lives. As far as I know, M T Thomas is just saving his own skin and not getting involved because he has his Chair to protect. When it comes to situations like this, we will realise that what is good for the goose is NOT good for the Gander.

Now some hard meat for the PCS Believers.

When People were violated by the TPM Clergy in different places, and the PCS believers came to know of that, did they confront the local clergy who represented the institution for them? Of course NO. Because that event happened many miles beyond the oceans in a different land. Every time the one who took the risk and exposed these scoundrels in white was Villified and abused with threats of Destruction.

  • When Rapes Happened in TPM
  • When Homosexuals were exposed
  • When Murders happened
  • When Extortions happened
  • When Believers’ Land was unjustly Appropriated
  • When the Rich and Mighty was Protected by these Clergymen against the Poor and Helpless?
  • When Poor Believer women were violated by these men in White?

Why were you silent? All that the Typical TPM Believer would say is that this Website is Run by the Enemy and they are slandering the CONSECRATED SERVANTS OF GOD( We call them Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing). God will Judge them and Bla Bla Bla etc.

The Basic Concept of a TPM Believer is that “As long as it is not affecting you, it’s not your Problem“.

Why are your fellow brethren in India, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Australia etc not coming to your rescue? Why are they not confronting their local clergy? Have you ever thought about it? Why are they turning a deaf ear too?

I would like to end this section with an Anecdote which I had even quoted earlier. Let them who has a brain, understand it.

The Rat Trap

(Author Unknown)

A rat looked through a crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opening a package. What food might it contain? He was aghast to discover that it was a rat trap. Retreating to the barnyard the rat proclaimed the warning; “There’s a rat trap in the house, a rat trap in the house!

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Rat, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it.”

The rat turned to the pig and told him, “There’s a rat trap in the house, a rat trap in the house!” “I am so very sorry Mr. Rat,” sympathized the pig, “but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured that you are in my prayers.”

The rat turned to the cow. She said, “Like wow, Mr. Rat. a rat trap. I am in grave danger. Duh?” So the rat returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer’s rat trap alone.

When the Rubber met the Road in Singapore

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house, like the sound of a rat trap catching its prey. The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught. The snake bit the farmer’s wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital. She returned home with a fever.

Now everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the barnyard for the soup’s main ingredient.

His wife’s sickness continued so that friends and neighbours came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them the farmer butchered the pig.

The farmer’s wife did not get well. She died, and so many people came for her funeral that the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide meat for all of them to eat.

So the next time you hear that someone is facing a problem and think that it does not concern you, remember that when there is a rat trap in the house, the whole barnyard’s at risk.


  1. @admin, only one thing is needed here, aside from the trustees, the believers should come out from that denomination called tpm/cpm & find a fellowship elsewhere cos this deception & as you has described, the self conceited CP AM, will continue as long as they can perform on this stage drama & this long mega serial. What a corrupt thinking of a CP is such that he still reckons that after all what has transpired over these months, he still can think that he can continue earning his tithes & offerings from the SG believers while trying to keep that Joshua T hidden in his closet? You thought wrong AM, perhaps if you had kept Bro Joash, people in SG would have given you at least a thumps up & you could have earned your sing dollars but instead you had kept your bosom buddy JT & now you’re the one in the rat’s trap. Too bad for your wrong strategy.

  2. pcsbelievers@gmail.com

    For you Sayang JT is the only problem and if it get resolved . your church will become the holiest

    than any other church in sg .

    lets say if the same sexcapade happened in srilanka or india ,you dont bat an eye . like the

    believers in other countries in europe , north america , asia ..so you deserve this cult and its cult

    heads . A real sincere believer never bother to save this cult cos its not a church in the first

    place .

    enjoy what you sow .. Good luck .

  3. Many believers in India think that some issue is happening in Singapore TPM and they need not be bothered. When I shared this Joshua incident to TPM diehards, they responded exactly like “The rat trap” . Our brother in India is good, we need not worry about them. They are strongly under the deception disciples of Christ can be sexually immoral and they have to only pray. The below verse never makes any sense to TPM believers.
    1 Corinthians 5:2 And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have gone into mourning and have put out of your fellowship the man who has been doing this?

  4. @ // call to body of believers worldwide who are desirous for creating a clean new church //

    Firstly my heartiest congratulations to believers of Sg. for getting the idea to get out of this sinister canopy of tpm. Just as the angels told Lot and family to not to lok back at the land of Sodom as they get out, so must you men of women of faith move out quickly without lingering.

    Make sure you do not end up making a copy of tpm. Do not even think to continue in same doctrines. It is no use to get rid of one evil spirit and then get possessed by seven more sinister ones. So be cautious of how you to proceed.

    My heartiest prayers are with you all. May God give you all wisdom to take right initiatives.

  5. Aiyo, why la SG believers have to cracked their head , AM not kicking JT out ?
    Probably , AM could have some sexual “balls’ too in the past ? Only JT have to cooperate and expose the dark secret of AM.

  6. Good.The stage has finally reached to a la GALTIANS FIVE NINE stage.
    Let me cite the context:
    Those who trust in Christ have been set free. Paul’s readers were in danger of wasting that freedom, by veering off in one of two directions. On the one hand, false teachers were pressuring them into circumcision in order to be sure of being right with God. On the other hand, freedom can also be squandered on serving only our sinful desires instead of investing it through serving others in love. God’s Spirit gives us the power to do that when we let Him lead us. Life in the Spirit bears powerful and positive fruit in a Christian’s life.

    Galatians 5:9 says thus:” A little leaven leavens the whole lump”

    This is my humble appeal to those Sg pore believers who are in touch with ADMN bro.You keep the Scripture portion in mind and try to get relieved yourselves from the clutches of the TPM devilish doctrines and get yourselves transformed to the likes of believers of Bible as referred in ACTS 17:11,while simultaneously fighting for your cause of your worship rights in the church. Do not lose it.

    Afterall the Sg main church premises equally belong to you as well.Nobody,not even AM/MT can fight with you if you maintain total unity together.The Lord is on your side,fromtpm and its active contributing authors from all over the globe are on your side.

    The very fact that the owner of this site who has been fighting tooth and nail on the evil and wicked practices of the devilish cult has been fighting relentlessly keeping specific goals in mind and we are in total unity with him in his battles.Infact God is very much on his side.Therefore continue to follow and take the appropriate advises from this site as you have been doing now all along.
    All the 1% contributing authors of this GLOBAL site are with you and they have been continuously praying for you thus far.
    I am sure you will be the overcomers in this fight.
    To encourage you further,let me cite a similar case,the famous Bhushabam court case -he won the case against the mighty Goliath of TPM),I shared it in this forum long time ago,( one has to dig into these comments section of EE against that particular episode.I can search thru’ no issue) that happened long time ago in India,(Andhra Pradesh state).Nellore F.H(happened during the ruling time of CK Lazarus–mid 90s’ ).Ultimately,believer brother Bhushanam won the case,God granted him the victory.TPM lost the court case.
    Finally TPM had to concede the defeat and evacuate the premises handed it over to Bhushabam,and set up its own another branch in Nellore,Dargamitta,by leaving the main premises into the hands of Bhushanam brother.
    Therefore, the present Thai Gin premises of Sg church may ultimately belong to you,but then follow the advise what the site gives you from time to time.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Do not shirk your responsibility towards God and man.
    YOU ‘ve fought well till now.March farward.
    The redeemed souls from all the countries are eagerly watching you.
    Go ahead dear brethren.

    • By winning the control of the sg church what these sg zombies gonna achieve .. ?

      lets say JT kicked out of the church , the chief – AM makes Joash the next king ..

      the sg zombies , dnt they dance for joash and AM’s tunes ..?

      and surrender their lives and their children’s lives @ josh’s feet. ..?

      WARNING :

      Just because the SG zombies fighting AM and JT .. Doesnt make them doves .
      just a reminder they were anti – From tpm till the day this site exposed JT . Also theyre peeping around this site .. just to get an update .

      sg zombies are just Anti – JT , NOT Anti – tpm. mark my words … just one visit by AM they all
      will stand in a Q .. just to kiss his cheeks , hands and feet .

      i bet they still thnk that theyre the upper class and we non Tpm believers kinda gentiles .

      • Hi Hannibal, you said,
        “i bet they still thnk that theyre the upper class and we non Tpm believers kinda gentiles”

        This is a FromTPM website. What is a non TPM believer like you doing here?

  7. i dont know why you ppl bark so much on tithes and offering. For all i know TPM/ PCS is one of the church that never ask/ display for tithes/ offerings to be given.
    People praising the admin, please be mindful that the admin was also shown the door from tpm and is so full of animosity and hatred that he calls the church leader names. People following the admin and his messages or whatever its called think you will be saved/ redeemed or caught up.. look at him look at the word he uses to address the people in charge of the church.
    I know Josh before he joined the ministry and after, he turned arrogant after joining so its not a suprise he was shown the door as well. People who dont like the leaders or their ruling, remember the leader are in the position as God as ordained them, dont agree with them, there are other plenty church to welcome you.. go find the church to your liking. dont trouble the church here.

    Coward admin, if you brave/ man enough – give ur name and pic.

    • //i dont know why you ppl bark so much on tithes and offering./

      Look at the choice of this man’s words. Speaking against tithe is barking for him. It hurts him so much that he got frustrated. People cry out in pain when you press their nerve. Tithe seems to be this man’s nerve. So he got frustrated. This shows that this one is greedy wolf.

      He is so much addicted to ruling over people that it hurts him if people raise their voice against injustice. So he seems irritated that people are praising admin and that he is providing platform for people to stand against filth of tpm. He wants to kick out every opposition to him out of door. So full of pride us this man that he calls himself leader of church who needs no correction.

      These two traits viz., addiction to ruling and greed for money is sign of wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing.

    • @SinnerSavedByGodsGrace

      If you are sinner saved by God’s grace you have fallen from that grace once you believe that by following a OT tithing law you are doing a great thing for God.
      Galatians 5: 4 You who are trying to be justified by the law have been severed from Christ; you have fallen away from grace.
      You are totally deceived thinking tithing is God’s commandment for us. Please read the 4 articles in this website about tithing. If you are having queries please comment.

    • Hey Hi.. Well, Im or was in this organisation. Well, Bible is true, but followers ain’t. BTW, I was a victim for such carnal lusts cropping up by white clad workers. Both male and female workers are indulged in such activities drawing attractive faces towards them. The whole management or its system like coverups, lies, accusations, vested interests, groupism, nepotism, everything exists since 3 decades. Unfortunately, followers are victims paying their hard earned money and these white clad spend for selfish desires. Since Im the victim and have come across all these activities, I’m highlighting these points. No wonder they curse mentally and emotionally if one refrains on tithes/offerings. Bias between those who cash in more ..Oh My God..!.. this organisation is operating just like Madrasas and Mutts. No difference.

  8. Only 185 people only signed the petition?, that is not even half of the Singapore church members. Out of those 185, 3/4 will be India Indians living in Singapore for work and as usual starting controversies.

  9. There’s no hope for those who left TPM because of herd mentality as much as for those who stick within it out of herd mentality.

    Brothers and sisters, there is no one true church. You are the house of God. You worship God individually and privately with a reformed heart that seeks nothing but God. Then such a collective assembly of like-minded hearts can truly bring glory to God and God’s presence to earth.

    I don’t understand why people run after their chief pastor as if he’s the Maharajah. Maybe I am missing the point. Why can’t people walk away instead of trying to change goats into sheep? Do you still want to play wolf knowing that this mission is all about wolves.

    4 years after this website started- even the innocent can see that CPM is just a mafia. Only thing is they don’t indulge in cricket betting and flesh trade. Almost all other practices of a mafia ring is practiced in CPM. So friend, why are you so keen on staying back? You know better.

    The bright spot is that CPM has never been so shaken up, all thanks to the relentless ministry of admin bro and his team of journalists.

    • 4 years after this website started- even the innocent can see that CPM is just a mafia. Only thing is they don’t indulge in cricket betting and flesh trade. Almost all other practices of a mafia ring is practiced in CPM. So friend, why are you so keen on staying back? You know better.

      Hope Pastor Joash can lead us out of this mire clay.

  10. When God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, God asked not to eat of the tree of Good and Evil. But the serpent deceived Eve.
    Beloved brethren in Christ, satan is the admin here, the apple from the tree of God and Evil is this website. Be wise and dont fall prey to it.
    All that the admin wants to do is divide and destroy the church, please be aware of his wares and stay away.
    As Pastor Martin always said, lets not be the cat on the fence. If you dont like it at PCS, dont compel yourself and trouble the church. If you trouble the church God will trouble you.

    Remember the church never asked the Johnsons/ Koshys/ Sams/ Subash or any member for offering/ tithes. Its between you and God to give tithes or not.

    We all have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory, lets humble ourselves and if possible submit to the authorities, if not the door is always open, feel free to step out.

    Lets submit to God and the authorities that God has placed.

    • Now the Admin is changing our names to TPM FANS hahah you’re a real BIG coward. One we will know your face and name. You can’t hide for long honey bunny. Love you so so so much work harder for your website we will meet you soon darling.

    • Let us humble ourselves? You just labeled the admin as satan and the website is the fruit of the tree of good and evil. The more you utter such baseless accusations the more people will doubt your true intentions. BTW I am not sure which bible states the fruit on that tree being an Apple?

    • Deep deep revelation you speaking brother. We TPM people always master of deep revelation.

      Let us plant a garden in our Sg TPM church. We call that garden as Eden Pentecostal Mission. Adam our pastor Joshua we keep in garden. Ammachi mother of all believer will be Eve in garden. God bless them and say, “be fruitful and multiply.”

      One day, a little girl make our Joshua Adam naked before whole world. His spiritual eyes still closed. Chief pastor stitching coconut leaves clothes and trying to hide nakedness of pastor Joshua.

      We still stay inside that garden. All kind of fruits our saints can eat from garden. We saints in habit of eating fruits and living luxurious life garden life. Eating sleeping eating sleeping what a wonderful life we have in this Faith home Eden garden. We only keep white flower, plants in our garden. We keep “Jaalal family sword” to protect our garden.

      Cain (JNeo) born out to Joshua Adam and Sharon Eve. Abel (Joash) killed out by Cain (JNeo).

      Then after few years we collect lot of money from tithe and build white tower of babel.

      Thank you

      • Elina, you need to see a Dr leh. I think you have undiagnosed ADHD because all your comments sounds as if you got something wrong somewhere one. Either see Dr or get screw then only you get better. The Bible got say, got forth and multiply, I scared there are many of Elina’s around, all mad one. You see Dr fast, see shrink as well, maybe your brain got problem since you got funny dream all the time.

    • Hey Daniel Stooge, how are you my brother! Its nice to see you writing so much remarks about the admin while your JT is behind you, whispering to you like an unseen devil. You guys are simply amazing, wow, you accuse the admin of slandering & dividing your divine church of tpm but you can’t see thru the faults in your JT, Why do you love to remain blind to JTs 20 odd years of his misbehavior with women ard Singapore Australia & Indonesia while you are massaging his legs in the meantime? Isn’t that a willful blindness which Jesus aptly mentioned to the pharisees of his days in John 9:39 “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.” and rightly so, cos He had given your blindness over to your own delusion that your clergy are saints indeed. The admin doesn’t need to defend himself here to you cos the truth is out here in these 430 over articles for all to see & understand that your tpm days of concealment & hiding is over.

  11. Exactly what a joke P.Joe who’s 60 over in age kicked that fat Joash even a mad fellow wont believe that! Shameless to attack workers who are no match to him. He always wanted to be somebody by shortcuts never the right way.

    In the end his rival P.Joshua has still found mercy though he is being stoned at.

    How true is this website so many infos are fabricated and twisted admin must prove himself that he’s a true Christ follower before publishing biasly because he has grudges against TPM i wonder why the hatred were u also excommunicated from the ministry or church? Very fishy abt u dear admin the website expert.

  12. Rev 22:11a – He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy let him be filthy still. (KJV)

    Sometimes God will do nothing and allow people to hardened their hearts with every reproving and then finally deliver the deadly blow. I just don’t get it why the Trustees and believers would even bother filing a petition? They seriously think if AM has a dialogue with them, things will change for the better or that a new Pastor will simply rebuild and restore the church? A fruit doesn’t fall far from its tree so good luck on reforming this Cult. You would probably make it a better cult for the filthy will remain filthy.

    The uprooting if this tree can only be carried out by God himself and according to his time. He has given us the liberty to choose to stay or leave. To stay would mean to continue in the ways of the cult and to leave would mean you have been regenerated and your eyes are open and your ears are no longer dull in hearing.

    Those who condemn and whack the works of the Admin and his team @fromtpm take a look at all the articles that is shared. They are not all Joshua centric. There are edifying ones and if you read them I am quite sure a sort of stirring would start in your life.

    Have a blessed week.

  13. maybe only in the Jalal clan bible has the forbidden fruit mentioned as apple.. Blind JT supporters will always be blind condemning Admin and his team about bringing all the atrocities of SG church JT and his 3 concubines to light because somehow they have benefited from him and if he gets caught by authorities they will lose their self made limelight and benefits.. CP Abraham will NEVER remove JT if not how will his Irumbuyur TPM church survive.. JT could have also given money to bribe/shut the mouths of the punjabi/dawson clan.. This SG church is gone not a church anymore money laudering sexual intercourse lesbian acts have been acted out and defiled the holy ground.. the church has lost its holiness they should nt be singing its a glorious church without spot or wrinkle anymore.. lets say JT is out and a new pastor comes how will believers feel when they enter this church all the dirty sick things have taken place previously.. while mending a cracked glass pls remember no matter how much u glue the cracks are still visible.. Admin and team are not Satan for opening our eyes infact the one u are supporting/worshipping/massaging & feeding good food to is SATAN JOSHUA THIAGARAJAN MASSILAMANI..

    Pastor Martin was a fatherly no nonsense pastor during his time as centre pastor before JT , he managed the church well and made sure things were in order no nonsense but sadly his health deterioarated and he passed away.. I can humbly say he is 1 Pastor who took care of every believer and worker.. at 1 time a senior chinese sister was suppose to be transferred from SG to HK for 2 yrs minisrty to go along with JT 1st holy wife Elizaebeth Jalal, the chinese sister started crying n throwing tantrums of not wanting to go.. Pastor Martin counselled and advised her accordingly as a father would to go and serve the Lord do his ministry and she went n came back.. aft the demise of Pastor Martin , JT took over and abused his authority and made the church into HELL..

    finding or hunting down the admin is of no use and there is no need to .. admin has exposed all the wrongdoing and now they are feeling the pinch when the stories are out.. ouch ouch pain pain.. keep your own family and house in order 1st is what Pastor Martin always say dont interfere in matters not concerning you..

    So why isnt JT and his 3 concubines stepping out they have sinned terribly and fallen in God’s glory they should move out !!! SG Believers and India SG believers or any believer of this church taking communion or not taking communion we have our say and we are members of this church.. Why ? is it because the punjabi clan the Dawsons and a few more supporters wants to rule the church and do more n more dirty sins twisting the bible and making it for your own needs.. 185 are bold enough to sign however there maybe many more who are against JT and not sign because people in their family or extended family are supporting and to make peace they did nt sign or they just leave it to God and Authorities to handle.. and what a JOKE ” church lawyer” since when LOL.. its clear cut JT Joe Neo and Jalals n Dawson have schemed and planned to remove Bro Joash… Now elder bro Roshan also left but not sure if he was also forced to leave or left on his own will..

    This cult is opening its door soon and JT will be preaching shamelessly very soon and speaking his gibberish tongues.. some stupid zoom prayer pcs group started on sunday.. both JT supporters and non supporters were present.. the current centre sister from the punjabi clan is equally dirty and cunning calling up believers and sweet talking to support JT indirectly and prepare for the church opening.. JT would have given a monthly lump sum to his 1st wife while she was doing her ministry in HK church.. Poor HK bellievers new souls all left alone there but JT only concerned abt his bollywood wife brought here her thrown old ammachi sharon aside and made his lover Queen Elizabeth centre sister.. all power hard up crooks and claim they are God’s chosen and called.. God is watching!! CP ABraham , JT and 3 concubines, bollywood family Dowson family and more supporters will soon face the wrath of Almighty either here or ROT IN HELL FIRE and they can scream SAyanggggggg

    • Yes buddy… @ “at 1 time a senior chinese sister was suppose to be transferred from SG to HK for 2 yrs minisrty…the chinese sister started crying…”

      I remember this same Chinese sis cried to me also she always gets condemn for having flings with B.Kaleb and with a Nepalese good looking chap whom she treated as only like her own brother poor thing she was under punishment for having hicky all over her white neck which she said she was innocent abt aiyo she should have left this Indians long ago. Pitiful.

  14. Well ultimately the issue is petering down to’driver’and’being driven’.
    There are some word pictures I wish to present before you as many accusers are coming in this site and slandering the beloved ADMN for the yoemen service he has been rendering to the hungry and way ward believers.But it hardly matters the word of God doublly strengthens him the more they slander and revile.
    ” Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter a kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.Rejoice and be glad
    for your reward is great in heaven:for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you” —one of the pronouncements of blessings.—Matthew 5:11
    The pictures are:a two wheeler,a car,a bus ,a metro, a long distance train,an aeroplane,
    In every vehicle you ‘ve a driver,a pilot,passengers,and pillion riders.
    Bracket yourself in which group you are in.The second group will have no say so long they are driven by the driver,but ultimatelly the
    Bible wants us to be driven by Jesus followed by the Comforter-Holy Spirit.John 14:16-18.
    Once upon a time we were babes in the Lord as Paul tells in 1 Cor 3:1-9 verses.The Holy Spirit is talking here that we are God’s fellow workers,we are God’s field God’s buillding.
    Gone are those days that we were led by the other kinds of spirits and were under the slavery of the enemy but now we are redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus.
    If you ‘ve not yet acquired to the status of ACTS 17:11,try to work out your own way of preserving your salvation instead of slandering your own brother in Christ.Bible calls you as ‘murderer’.Be careful.

    Why do you slander someone who is helping you to know the spiritual truths?
    Are you not being led by your inner conscious man ably helped by Holy Spirit that the Bible is referring?
    Keep your conscience pure always.
    Better own your vehicle and learn to driver your own vehicle instead of being driven by your driver.If you choose to be driven,learn the driving skills and correct the driver when he does wrong.If one engages a drivers it will be exceptional for a different purpose.

    If you can afford,try to own your house even at the fag end of your llife and stay put in it.If you choose to stay in rental house through out life well it is upto you,you ‘ve got no ‘say’ in it.You will ‘ve to live at the whims and fancies of the owner.Come out of the ownership of the enemy.
    Those are the word pictures I ‘ve for you.

  15. my last comment on this site (forbidden fruit).
    Apple was a mistake I intended to say forbidden fruit.
    For all the admin stooge – good luck. Am happy you love him and you dance to his tunes, stick to it..
    Others plz take a minute and ponder.. who is this admin, what did he do to be shown the door from tpm, what kinda of person is the admin. Unknowingly we could be joining a wicked crook – the admin behind the website. – so stay away
    How come the women who was a stranger was able to talk to this person for over a month and then the exposure. What kind of relationship does the admin have with this women that she could share her all??? How much of the content was modified/ fabricated to show Pas Joshua in the way the website did. Remember all we need a story and a group of actors to make it real, like in movies.. and in this website, the website has enough to make things real…
    If Pas Abraham is unable to conclude on this matter.. it means he sees something that the ppl blindfolded by this website are not able to see.
    So good luck, God bless you all. God is in control of all situations. Taste and see that the Lord is Good, don’t test the contrary coz the God we serve is a consuming fire.. if you doubt you can read what happened to Korah and group when they rose against Moses.
    -Joshua Stooge

    • //my last comment on this site (forbidden fruit).
      Apple was a mistake I intended to say forbidden fruit.//
      I hope all that you said next is also mistake. You intended something else 😜

      who is this admin, what did he do to be shown the door from tpm, what kinda of person is the admin.
      Whatever kind admin may be, atleast he is better than sexual pervert Joshua T, and thousand times better than spineless AM. AM could not help the voiceless victim, atleast Admin had spine to stand for justice

      Unknowingly we could be joining a wicked crook – the admin behind the website. – so stay away

      Better than joining white brothel whose leader is JT and whose members are JN , Sharon , Jalal, and other two harlots of Joshua

      How come the women who was a stranger was able to talk to this person for over a month and then the exposure. What kind of relationship does the admin have with this women that she could share her all???

      A better relationship than she had with Joshua. 😂

      How much of the content was modified/ fabricated to show Pas Joshua in the way the website did.

      By the way, what did chief think of digital evidence given by Joe Neo about Joash? How come chief was able to say he doesn’t believe digital evidence given for Joshua case and he was strongly convinced of that which was given for Joash ? Is not chiefs behaviours suspicious? Think about it. May be Joshua has chiefs balls in his hands

      If Pas Abraham is unable to conclude on this matter.. it means he sees something that the ppl blindfolded by this website are not able to see.

      Yes, we know. Abraham is able to foresee his own nakedness exposed if Joshua is thrown out. This is what others are not able to see

      if you doubt you can read what happened to Korah and group when they rose against Moses.


    • //What kind of relationship does the admin have with this women that she could share her all???//

      Hey Joshua Stooge, fyi, since you ask the admin, then what about this relationship that your Centre Pastor JT has in this attached article video, who is meant to be a celibate massaging a women’s feet? ‘What do you make of this relationship then? I want you to come back with a answer & don’t say that this is another fabricated or fake video because He is indeed doing exactly what He is doing in a hotel room, massaging a woman’s feet. evidences don’t lie only men like you are in denial of the facts..


  16. @ Joshua stooge
    //How come the women who was a stranger was able to talk to this person for over a month and then the exposure. What kind of relationship does the admin have with this women that she could share her all???//

    This woman you are talking about BEFORE she came to admin, she approached amachi Sharon and Joshua telling them to settle the matter. Please open your eyes and read all the messages to amachi Sharon and Joshua in the article. Where were you then?
    How corrupted and filthy minded you are who refusing to know the truth.
    So your dirty mind is thinking every woman who ask help from admin for their help is having a relationship with admin. So if any female from your family ask help from admin,you will also say that they are having a relationship with admin? This is how your Pastor Joshua teach you to have a dirty mind as like his. Now that big fat man hidding behind his stooges and you are so misled by him.

  17. This is from I got from US. Another brainwashing technique to recruit people for the ministry.

    Dear Brethren,

    Please pray for the work in Canada and the USA, especially, for God to raise up consecrated servants of God.

    We are in desperate need of more ministers in this part of the world. The harvest is plentiful but laborers are so few these days. Please fast and pray for this need whenever you could. Make this prayer request an integral part of your daily prayer. The Lord of harvest should send His laborers.

    Those who are called and chosen by the Lord must have the willing heart to step out in faith to serve Him. They must obey His call. God should remove all hindrances and give them the boldness that they need.

    Praise the Lord!

  18. Yes exactly TPM lost the case there in Andhra but as far as I remember it was Bhushanam பூஷணம், won the case and named it as Nellore Pentecost something like that.

  19. For ppl who are quick to jump at a conclusion,
    What makes you think it’s a woman in the room..
    How come you are so sure that it’s the leg of a woman, did the admin through his wonderful narration lead you to believe that its indeed a leg of a woman or did you see for sure and determine that it is a woman’s leg. I don’t see any thing on the video to show that there is a lady in a video.
    The admin has been putting pieces fabricated or not who knows and enticing you ppl, some quickly jump to conclusions and judge.
    First you got to know the author and his intentions and it the case of this website it pure anti TPM so the author will present facts all anti TPM and against the servants of God in TPM. Ppl on the fence quickly jump to conclusions and judge.
    As I said it’s a good narration by the admin and he has enough ppl on this website to repeat it over and over again to make it look true. There is no context to any of the materials here. Admin stooge I don’t care about for the other take a step back, the admin has thrown some questions at you through this so called exposure, take a step back don’t let your emotions take control and relax. Pas Abraham is and will look through the matter thoroughly and determine what needs to be done.
    For the admin and his pack the delay is getting their desired outcome will keep you frustrated, learn to live will it, ppl can see beyond your hatred and lies.
    For Surya and others who quote the so called articles on this site, I don’t read them coz
    1. I am happy and content with the doctrines of the TPM church and don’t need any other preaching’s/ explanations/ clarifications. Keep them to yourselves
    2. Its written by someone who can’t even show his face and name.
    3. The author was thrown out of tpm so they will be against the church and hence no merit to it.
    Ask the admin to reveal himself name and photo, lets see how many ppl follow him after they get to know who he truly is.
    I am done with this site – sinner-saved- by – gods- grace

    • Oh, So you want the details of the Admin.
      Why don’t you gain the right of even asking that question by revealing your own details, Photo and putting in your NRIC details? Once you have done that, at least you have the right to even ask it. I will wait for your details before approving all your further comments.

    • Joshua’s stooge, you are so keen to know who the admin is but you close a blind eye to all the sneeky & secretive moves your JT Pastor had been doing with the woman in question. you are not willing to question your tpm doctrines fallacies but turn a blind eye to it. What more blindness is needed than this? Whether is a man’s leg or a woman’s in in the hotel video, the right question you should be asking is what a center pastor of a celibate doctrine church doing in a hotel room with 2 other persons when he is supposed to be staying in the FH in any given country where he is ministering!? You should question yourself why is Pas. JT not portraying the saintly image that he had been projecting to the church while he is uttering jibberish language in the name of speaking in tongues mocking the holy spirit gifts? what was he doing in the hotels in medan Indonesia squandering on the expenses & tithes paid b the tpm sg church believers while he is swimming happily in the hotel pool? It will be at your discretion to question all these as a probe with all the evidences of hotel receipts & remittances in his name to the lady in question but you will not cos you are so blinded by the false light that JT is portraying to you that you would rather remain blind than to see the truth behind what admin is pointing at.

  20. Start on church. Bettet not yoke with unbeliever. More quality. Can talk different thing not all time wear white saree, white dhoti, white jippa, white underwear all white. All white black heart, use for what? Must have diffrent view point, as God said I make you fishes of men, that may start own church, new church, more people cum.

  21. Dear Brothers and Sisters. Please let me know the email id of important pastors and sisters in The Pentecostal Mission. Thanks

  22. @/For ppl who are quick to jump at a conclusion,
    What makes you think it’s a woman in the room//

    You right brother Joshua stooge,
    now my eyes opened. 👁️

    That leg may be legs of man, or chimpanzee . Joshua pastor taking another man in dirty hotel room. It possible. Joshua pastor may be gay sexual. Such nice thoughts cross our chief Pastors holy mind . Very wise.

    He also not watching tv. That only cartoon.

    And that child doing what in hotel ? We need to see if it same child with him in swiming pool and other photo where papa Joshua celebration father birthday. Is that duplicate looking like child of victim. Admin very clever. He able to found another child who look duplicate to victim boy. I not understand, why he not find chief pastor duplicate and kidnap original chief pastor and put his duplicate chief pastor in his place? That wisdom admin not having.

    I know deep down in my heart chief pastor working like detective. He will come and visit to hotel and look for hotel entry to check if Joshua come in hotel or not. He go on bed and do forensic testing to see if hair or DNA sample we can collect from hotel room. He will look for fingerprint on remote control of ac and tv and door handle. He will also check mobile tower location if Joshua pastor was at that place from his service provider. He will do enquiry from hotel staff that have you seen this man in hotel with this woman. Such great detective our chief pastor doing since so many months. So many question he ask and waiting. Pastor Joash case open shut case, but this not. I like your wisdom.

  23. Elina, you alive still? Got see Dr or not? No dreams of Yesu and hiz saint? Yoy got married or not? You married, Bible say make vergin multiply you fel better. Pope now say he got support same sex married. I hope you dont support sane sex married.

  24. Admin and team – It would be nice if you can come up with an article or set of articles that can be an eye opener to many. One of them could address these or similar prompts –
    1. “Did Jesus excommunicate St. Peter for attacking Malchus?”
    2. Why TPM doctrine and decree on selective excommunication practices are unscriptural?
    3. Why a physically abusive Saul who later became Paul was chosen by God?

  25. Dear all Admin and the rest why waste time like that and using vulgarities as usernames?

    JT and his makals r all so relac enjoying themselves not bothered an inch also life is romba jolly molly for them but ony here u all r romba tension da what’s the point aiyo kaduvellei!!!

    • So Rukumani
      What is that Vulgarity that we are using as usernames?
      Its Joshua church folks speaking in tongues. They can only give out what they have. Let them.

  26. Well said SWORD OF TRUTH.. just look at how obsessed & protective the Jalals clan/Joshua Stooges are over their sayangggg JT if only they had shown the same protectiveness on their own backyard and family.. SO what if admin was thrown or left on his own will none of your business.. just because your Sayang has been exposed to the world??? JT is undefiled without spot or wrinkle or blemish he is a virgin for them a perfect example of Zion’s candidate.. Once PCS tai gin opens they will be the 1st in queue to again run and pray with him bible study tarrying meeting sunday service all the service can see the Jalals clan are the 1st in queue can continue hug & kiss his cheeks.. He shameless they also shameless so no issue Birds of the same feather flock together.. Jalal clan and their beloved Pas JT can sit on PCS tai gin fence and flock their wings to Zion bringing along 1st wife Queen Elizabeth Jalal 2nd Mistress Kala and 3rd Playgirl Kezia.. if a virginity test is conducted for these 3 amazing women I wonder what the results will be.. God have mercy

    No tats not a woman he is massaging he is massaging the hotel pillows and bolsters and they are alive to be able take their own video LOL that is not victim son rather Admin search for a look alike and fabricated LOL all his Sexploits 1 2 3 4 are morphed facbricated bullshit defaming ect… LOL Admin so free no life nothing to do then to expose Sayang Joshua.. LOL.. now the whole world can see the mentality of the Jalals.. How thieir wonderful brain actually works* smack head * Its pointless showing JT supporters the truth..

    His seeds have been planted into innocent women while he was doing ministry at Australia.. JT whole life living a life of a Playboy.. How many innocent little children he has fathered or made them call him Daddy with a promise to marry the women or even aborted his own seeds ? Only God knows.. Horrifying Terrifying Disturbing and yet Jalals and his other supporters are trying to be in complete denial not accepting all he has done and doing.. Maybe JT wants to plant his seeds in his supporters 😛 Such desparate supporters

    Elina yes u are perhaps right.. CP Abraham is waiting for DNA sample CCTV FIngerprint samples ect.. Lol u really made my night Elina by saying kidnapping CP and replacing with duplicate CP.. atleast the duplicate will have brains to take right course of action then original dumb CP.. maybe CP has a hand in the recent death of Sis Kumari and JT knows in out left right all about CP both holding on to each others balls and never letting go.. Both may be Gay and has intercourse thats why they are BB Buddies(Bosom).. JT Sunny George CP and many other so called fallen zion candidates can come out and form their own cult group and the Jalals / Dawsons / Spineless Supporters can join them and from 1 happy family cult..

    if JT was innocent why was he in his room at PCS tai gin for all this months and did not conduct funeral service for late Sis Ruth who is his relative in law maybe the Jalals could have an answer for this matter since they know Sayang JT very well.. perhaps its indeed true about his carnal relation with Elizabeth Jalal current Chief Sister of SG PCS and the so called bollywood family has no objection to their relationship as he is their Bro In Law not legal or biblical law but carnal sinful law and its acceptable for them.. Its amazing he has not contracted AIDS or any STDs going around planting his dirty seeds into every women he can charm with his sweet words..

    PCS zoom meeting sunday was also conducted by his beloved Elizabeth Jalal soon both can wear white veshti white sari and preach on the pulpit togehter or maybe late Sis Ruth singing microphone will be handed over to his 1st wife he preach she will sing.. What a joke and mockery of the church…

    God is still silent and sitting on the throne watching every move JT and his supporters are making as something BIG according to God’s time will happen to JT and all those involved.. Victim will eventually have justice sooner or later.. JT can fool who he wants to but not GOD..

    • Hello admin
      Your trick not working. You post a beutiful sleeping girl photo and try to seduce our chief pastor Abraham ? Not possible. Our chief pastor not attracted to any girl. He like Wesley Peter. Only Sunny pastor his true weakness.

  27. Honestly all glory be to God that my talented son/nephew is delivered from this ministry he is still young he’s got his new future awaiting him im so happy he will sure soon get married and have kids etc. We as family are very happy to have him back. We just went around to get signatures for the petition just to please him since he wanted to stay on.

    Im glad he is back he will still continue serving with those who have left TPM like the trustees and all are inviting him to host meetings im so proud of him. Just to let the others know we dont lose anything from this church.

    • @Sis Shoba, Thank You for informing us in regards to the well being of Bro Joash we are indeed glad & blessed to know that Bro Joash had been delivered from this cult & God had done a marvelous deed thru the efforts of this site’s admin. Joash has been a witness to the atrocities of this cults leaders & withstood them fearlessly & that will go down as a testimony to the church in SG & everywhere. God had indeed placed Joash as the exemplary SOG in the midst of these chaos & we also believe that many current tpmites & ex tpmites are & will follow after his example & come out completely out of Tpm’s Babylon church. God Bless You Sis Shoba!

    • @ShobaSubash better tell him to get married and have kids. 7 years in service no joke, sure he desperate or dried. Better start soon, he is not so young anymore. Dont look back, with his attitude he can go far. Honestly, those who told him to join the ministry in the first place ought to be spat at. I heard Joash and JT are related, nephew and uncle. Is this true?

  28. @Sis.Shoba
    Best comments for the day so happy for Joash that he’s out yes I heard the news that he’s in the Zoom with the former trustee Gabriel and his wife Meerah what a celebration may they prosper together. He is not meant for this ministry he can now be free. So happy for him.

    • C Peng Giam you are really twisted. I pray judgement shall come upon you. You masqueraded very well pretending to support Joash but you are toxic. Just realised who you are after you complimented my comments previously. I got a missed call and it was you. You called and hung up after the first ring hoping that I will return your call. You are truly sneaky. With people like you, the SOGs have a free hand at raping, molesting and plundering innocent lives. I Guess all these months of not being able to translate English to mandarin live before an audience has hit your pride and ego real bad.

      • Dear Andrew, I am not sure if you assume the comment is put by C-Peng. The email id used for the comment does not seem to match with the name. Please do understand that it might cause you some confusion. People are not so straight forward here. They will do whatever is needed to mislead people…

        • C-PENG GIAM. Is sis Judith’s elder sister. Sis Judith still in SG ministry.
          Like Admin wrote, “ that it might cause you some confusion. People are not so straight forward here.”

  29. @Revelation
    Bro is her name Judy or Judith?
    oh all this while I didn’t know they’re sisters so much of difference in their looks…


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