You feed the Crocodile and you hope that you are the last one to be eaten. This is the mind of every TPM Believer. They are trying to find favour in the eyes of the Crocodiles.

All the crocodile lovers of TPM may continue to act. They are in mortal fear that if they leave the park, they will be swallowed by the imaginary python at the gate. Therefore they are in this state of Dichotomy. When will people realise that even the crocodiles are acting and trying to be tame when they are true wild?

The Latest from the Singapore Crocodile Park

As you are aware that the Chief Croc from Chennai has strategically arranged for a new ruler in the park who can be a proxy for his bosom buddy undergoing some serious charges with the Singapore Law. One of the intentions was to control the so-called rebels. One of the primary rebels was excommunicated without any investigation. Remember that the Chief Croc is still investigating Joshua’s misadventures in Indonesia for close to a year.

Sequence of events for the past 2 days.

The events are described in the following mail from a Brother in Singapore.


I dont know if you have heard the sequence of events happening in SG.

Joe Neo has become the center Pastor according to the letter that was published. 

The same day, when Joash and caleb were coming back after their visiting, Joe Neo was standing at the entrance of the church and took video of them coming in. Then Joash Parked the car and went to him and ……

Joash: What are you recording on the video?

JN: I dont need to tell you. Get out.

Then Joash tries to take the phone to see what’s been recorded. Then JN kicked Joash hard 3 times. Joash tried to defend himself and JN fell on the floor and started screaming POLICE-POLICE pretending that Joash was beating him.

Then Joash went up to his room.

Then JN went to complain to JT and JN & JT prepared a Letter asking Joash to leave the ministry. Joash went and asked for forgiveness(God knows Why?) from JN infront of JT. JN said no “I cannot forgive you”. JT said I’m just a typist, I just can type what centre Pastor ask me to type.

Then Joash went off to his room. After a while Joash, Caleb and Roshan went to JN’s room to ask to forgive, but JN said he would never forgive him.

After pleading him for a while the three of them left. 

The next day Joash started to call CP AM from 5am till 6.30pm but no response. 

JN & JT along with Jalals planned to call the police to evict Joash from the church as he didn’t abide by the letter given by CP.

So while the evening prayer(To whom are they Praying?) finished at 8.30 pm every one went up to their rooms and JN along with Daniel Jalal(Joshua Stooge), walked into the church with POLICE to evict Joash from the church. Then Joash, Caleb and Roshan tried to explain their best to the police and tried talking to JT & JN. But JT explained that CP has given him full rights to take decisions against Joash and his decision is to send him out. So they had no choice called the believers & trustees for help. Then about 20 believers have come down and talked to Police and explained that JT & JN are taking revenge as the brothers are witnesses among many other witnesses against JT cases filed by believers. After a hard battle of 2hrs Police left. Then JT arranged a lawyer who is also a believer of the church who according to his statement said that he has been called by CP AM to represent JT. Then the lawyer told Joash that he has to go out or else they will get a notice of evicting from court to send him out.

There are all the supporters of JT, The Jalal family along with a few others have come to support and stayed in JT room till 12.30am planning the next move.

Then today 24th Sept around 2pm JN has pasted another notice on the brothers door asking him to leave the ministry by 5pm or court notice will be issued and all the charges of the court will be barred by Joash. 

Joe Neo Letter 1 The TPM Crocodile Park
Letter by the Proxy of Abraham Mathew and Joshua Thiagarajan.

What a pathetic situation the church is going through. All this is the revenge being taken by JT using JN against a brother who spoke truth about the wrong doings of JT. CP told the pastors there that even if police come and ask the brothers for witness the brothers have to tell a lie and protect their center pastor. What a CP.

A chief pastor asking the brothers to lie to cover up the sins of Ex-center pastor. A center pastor JN doesnt have the heart of forgiveness and lies that Joash kicked him which is the other way round.

I think you heard of Elizabeth Jalal becoming center sister. 

Today’s(25/09/20) update: We are really frustrated. Yesterday again JT & JN started their drama. They sent a letter to the 3 brothers asking them to return back their hand phones as all the evidences against JT investigation case are in their hand phones. Then they said they cannot return. Then JT called his lawyer to send a letter. Then we believers called the police and said that JT & JN are threatening the witnesses to return the phones as they are the witness in JT case. Then 4 police officers came to church and told them they have the right not to return the phones. So they wrote a letter and gave JN saying that they wont return the phones. 

Every day is a night mare and Bloody Jalals are everyday there to protect and support JT along with JT’s Lawyer. What a shame and disgusting.

Yesterday believers went to talk to JN about the situations happening in church. He said he is mentally stressed and they had to talk to his Lawyer. What a pathetic situation of SPM.

Before the incident happened yesterday, there was a message to all the church members……as below……You can think for yourself who wrote this.

Dear fellow believers,
I am saddened by what is happening in our church.
I hope we can come together and pray for our church and not take sides and try to bring anyone down.
It’s so sad and I have been crying as a Believer I have been here for so long and I am just upset for our church now.
I hope you will join me to pray for our workers, and not cast stones at them. Which of you is without sin to cast the first stone
A police report was made. In all our years in Singapore church we have never had a police report and now police are coming.
These brothers have such hatred for their fellow workers and can make police report.
How to ever respect them as workers?
How to listen to their sermon and think that they cannot teach me about grace or forgiveness or to pray.
The chief pastors and the deputies will do their job with prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
So let’s not get involved into church matters. Let the chief and 2 deputies lead us.
We must guard ourself and our family and be ready for Jesus return.
If we spend time checking the fromtpm website, we will be left behind. Don’t read the bad and evil website fromtpm. It only wants to destroy our church.

Praise the Lord.

A concerned Believer…..

Written By:  Not a Believer brother or worker sister……..

Set By: Not a believer or worker brother……

Regards Brother……..


So friends, this is the latest to you from the Croc Park in Singapore. If you happen to read, the Clergy and their stooges believe that you will be LEFT BEHIND.

The Question to be asked is LEFT BEHIND FROM WHAT? Its a Blessing to be Left Behind from the Company of these Immoral perverts

The New Testament church had problems as evident by the writings of the epistles. John’s epistles describe the challenges faced by the children of God. The second and third epistle of John specifically deal with false teachers and men such as Diotrephes.

Through the Holy Spirit, John gives direction and exhortation concerning those deceivers. 2 John 7-11 reads:

“For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward. Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.”

2 John 7:11

If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them.

2 John 1:10


  1. A message from the holy one:

    Dear Jalal family,

    If I asked you for $1000 to send to my mistress for her shopping pleasure, would you provide me?

    If you choose not to give me, I will still take it from you because I cannot resist myself.

    After I do everything, please forgive me and accept me and I will be sure to bless you and serve you wine and bread, right after I return from my adventures. I promise I will wash my hands with soap.

    Accept me and dont forget that I will always pray for you.


    Mr You cant touch me

  2. Dear all,
    All who are seeking for the truth let’s we join in prayers in one heart and mind for God to put a stop to all Joshua’s and his supporter’s wicked deceiving thoughts and plans.

  3. Applause to Admin for publishing remarkable expose of Crocodile Park in SG

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Jalal. Your family are good actors and actress of Bollywood. You won your position as a becoming center sister. JT must be over joyed now. His favorite girlfriend is able to help him now, when he needs comfort.
    You might want to use Titus Samuel Seth as your chauffeur his another name is Patrick. He is jobless now. And Daniel Jalal will be your body guard .

    JN said no “I cannot forgive you” . “Then Joash went off to his room. After a while Joash, Caleb and Roshan went to JN’s room to ask to forgive, but JN said he would never forgive him.”
    Ouch, is that doctrine of TPM ? can’t forgive his own brethen ? No wonder you all are called goondas.

    My Jesus teach me this in Matthew 6:14-15 KJV
    14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

    15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.


  4. We believers have decided that unless Chief pastor comes and communes with Sg. believers openly before the entire church and unless he tell us reasons transparently why he didn’t excommunicate Joshua and why he excommunicated Joash, we will take the case to court. We will show who runs this show..

    This church property belongs to believers with whose money this land was purchased and built. So people who eat food (workers) with our money and go to hotel and do swimming in hotels, they are answerable to believers for any nonsense they are doing in name of leadership.

    If workers built it by their money let them show evidence from where did they accumulate all the money. If they can’t then they must ask for church’s decision (entire congregation) before removing or not removing violaters of our trust.

    So let Abraham Matthew come and discuss openly with all Church members, or we wil decide who is to be excommunicated and who should remain leader of Singapore church. Church is property of members according to registry of Society act..It is not one man’s property to kick anyone out.

    Dont try to threaten believers in name of God. This is God’s judgement on evil leadership of TPM worldwide and not vice versa.

  5. @ admin
    Joash went and asked for forgiveness(God knows Why?)

    “It’s de same question in my mind”
    Cause I know this Brother very well during my youth days we were in the same batch. Personally I liked him we went out a few times I told him to settle down and not to join this weird group he said God is calling blah blah and said he’s sorry to end our story with a sudden break. Now what happened. It’s a really pity. He should just leave it’s not too late wasting his abilities and many good things outside that weird group I never believed this people thank God my sibling too wanted to join God heard our family’s prayers and stopped him.

    • Joash should not have joined the ministry, We were in same batch for youth camp in 2010 together with his brother. Then after that in 2012, if I not mistaken when I met his brother in KL convention then his brother told that he is in the ministry. After that I was surprised, but one thing I noticed that once he joined the ministry his face countenance began to change, not the cheerful Joash as before. He is a very talented person, if we would have did his ministry outside it would have been better. But sadly he sold his talents to the white slaughter house

    • In tpm constitution, excommunication is not when you have done scriptural transgression, but when you have done tpm specific transgression (which are no transgression at all). Like taking communion in another church, or marrying outside tpm, or critisizing Ill works of leaders.
      Joshua is to be excommunicated as per biblical standards, but Abraham Matthew has excommunicated Joash as per tpm standard.

  6. New whatsapp message started circulating fromast night again from “concerned believer”

    Dear fellow believer

    I truly don’t understand why some are so upset by my messages to cast aside hatred, anger and bitterness and embrace love, joy, peace and harmony within our church.

    He or she who is without sin cast the first stone at me or the workers.

    When a Chief Pastor has made a decision, it’s final. Here brother Joash was excommunicated. He did not leave voluntarily. He had been asked to leave. So there is no turning back on this decision.

    It is sad for Brother Joash to be asked to leave and obedience to the leaders means he must leave and yet he remains and refuses to leave. This is disobedience of the Chief Pastor’s orders and I think all who support the disobedience will also be asked to leave. They don’t like the leaders in the church, leave! Don’t ruin our church.

    There is a group who are supporting Brother Joash defiance of the Chief Pastor’s decision to excommunicate him.

    The Chief Pastor can decide on all matters and for us, believers, we either obey or we can choose to leave. But we cannot stay and challenge it.

    Chief Pastor is led by none other than God. He seeks the wise counsel of God. He can listen to advice on matters but ultimately he seeks out God for all directions and he leads the church with humility, fear and trembling before the Holy God.

    Any decision to excommunicate any worker must be complied with and the true believers of our church will know this.

    When men think they are smarter than the Chief Pastor and the leaders of our church, they are ruining our church.

    Let’s pray for restoration of order in our church, a proper order, and not mob justice and men intimidating workers to their demands.

    God bless you and have a prayerful weekend.

    I am a nobody. I am just a simple believer who wishes for our church to abide in the spirit of love and harmony. Even dealing with any worker, we can do it with love and peace. No need for shouts and screams and demands and causing a scene at the church.

    I am in prayer with other mothers and believers who also are so sad to see our church going to ruins by a few men who think they know better than the Chief Pastor and the pastor in charge.

    A Concerned Believer 🙏

    • @NYSM2
      @//Chief Pastor is led by none other than God.//

      Is chief led by God in contradiction to what God made Apostle Paul to write in scriptures? Is Abraham Matthew become so arrogant that he doesn’t feel any need to give any explanation to the congregation for his decisions? If AM thinks he is dictator, let him decide to lead another church. This property belongs to believers. Let Chief and Joshua walk out of Sg. Church, if they cannot give sound reasons for impartial behaviour.

      1 Timothy 5:21

      I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things *WITHOUT PREFFERING ONE BEFORE ANOTHER, doing NOTHING BY PARTIALLY.

  7. Unbelievable how low the Jalals can stoop.. instead of being JT bodyguard dogs they should look after their own family and children mind their business and stop poking their noses into every church matter.. Telling bro Joash is rude not polite Ur not a angel Joshua Stooge/Daniel Jalal.. u are personally arrogant in character among the rest of the Jalals.. u only talk to well to do believers and carry them so high and mingle with them aft Sunday service but don’t give a damn about poor or humble believers.. u are such a show off.. Daniel Jalal is the youngest son of late Mr and Mrs Jalal who were pioneer believers of this church very humble and loving mother Jalal and her husband and my parents know them well as they were same time old believers.. Daniel Jalal has thrown dirt to his family name.. heard his sister now Chief Sister Elizabeth Jalal have been personally calling believers and also Informed her Jalal family not to open this website oh u traitor Daniel Jalal u open this website and used name of Joshua Stooge so much love and honour that u needed to use JOSHUA even in ur fake name 😜

  8. Dear tpm ,

    Enough is enough ..

    we are going to start a new congregation , and joash is going to be our chief .

    those who wants to continue the current SG better find another place . church and its building is

    ours ..

    • Dear Real Sg CHURCH,
      The reason for this whole mess is Punjabi Family. It is only because of stupid Jalal family that the wicked Joshua continues to stay inside. North Indians have no spiritual discernment. They are fools, (I am saying this with utter sadness, but fact is fact!). South Indian are blessed with sharp spiritual discernment, especially tamilans. I know deep in my heart that tamilans can never be fooled by likes of JT, and JN.

      One more issue I would raise is that had beloved pas. M T been chief decision maker, (instead of knucklehead AM), Joshua would have been out by now. I strongly believe pas M T should be promoted to chief and moron AM be removed quickly.

      • Brother Sanju,
        You have provided with some new insights on spiritual discernment.
        As per you only south indians have sharp spiritual discernment and rest are fools. Which spirit gave you that revelation.
        Assuming that you are from south india and that your spiritual discernment is very sharp, what are you still doing in TPM.
        Do you know that your beloved pastor EMPTY is the biggest heretic and supporter of Alwyn.
        Once again let me reiterate that you people with so called sharp spiritual discernment and still continuing in this heretic cult will be in for a big surprise when you stand on the Judgement day to face the wrath of God.
        Till then you can trade blame.

  9. Dear brother ADMN
    Can someone from Sg church help me with the photo features of Joash who has been mentioned quite often in these columns?
    He looks quite young I suppose, as I wish to recollect him that I might ‘ve chatted with him during my many previous visits to the Sg annual convenntions.

    • @EE, it’s in Molly Anand’s YouTube on Sis Ruth’s recent demise, you can see his features there on the right side he is the younger brother but he’d be wearing a mask though. Bro Joash is to be much appreciated for being true to God & honest.

  10. Alright I was born and brought up in TPM SG. As a youth I’ve seen and heard the generations before me that build this church.

    Firstly while reading the comments all i can see is “affected believers” and “busy bodies” shooting workers names la, this believer name la that family name but dont even dare to reveal your own identity.
    If you got the guts to be a keyboard warrior, be the men or women you are to reveal your identity and then start your busy body comments.

    2ndly, you’ll did a great and awesome job and still doing your best to tear down the church apart but did you realise or cared anything about the young infants or the youths in your family like us.

    You brought us to this world, besides our parents we learned the truth from each and everyone in church. Good or bad we still look up to you’ll. What you’ll got to say to the growing generation ? That you’re sorry you were born in this faith? You’re sorry we have to change to another church? Did you least cared about what they are going through?
    To all the young youths who got married and have a child or children? What are they gonna answer to them?
    To those whom attended Sunday school and doctrine class.?

    All you’ll do is to condemn Pastor Joshua for his wrong doing.
    Isn’t it written in the bible that in God eyes there isn’t such thing as a Small sin or a Big sin.
    Yes, what pastor Joshua did was a sin or a mistake but who are you’ll do judge. “Wonderful believers” already reported him to the authorities, let him alone be answerable to the almighty.
    Who are you’ll to stir up things and worsen it to this extend?
    And what good or peace you’ll get?
    Don’t like it either move on rather then stirring it again and again.

    Are you’ll that holy or what.?
    Open a church then, run the church then, preach then and save souls then.!

    3rdly, to all the believers, we all know we have to give 10% of our salary as tithes, cause he Blessed Us.
    So we return it back.
    When you give money to someone unless you’re loaning the money, then you dont have the rights for them to be accountable for it!
    All these years our forefathers in church, did anyone ask the church for records?
    AGM aside. But why was there a need to ask or throw words say you got cheated la blah blah. How can you in first place react such when you give money as tithes to the church. That means in 1st place you were not wholeheartedly giving the money. That means you were so concerned about it. Then you shouldn’t even have given it!
    So can i also assume that you gave for name sake and for them to know you’re earning that much!
    When you give someone cash, you do it wholeheartedly and Bless the person which in our church pastors or sisters Bless you in return and thats not all.
    Our Heavenly Father above will Bless you double or triple fold and that’s more important!

    There are times when things don’t go well, do you curse and swear at God? Do you file a police report against him? Do you condemn all the followers of Jesus and say because of him Jesus never Bless me? Please la be Practical abit la.

    Rather then doing this “JingJak” work which i already know the believers are good at doing and now they are doing playing the instrument even well after this situation, can you’ll either move on to another church or just seat down Fast and Pray for the deliverance as what we were taught.

    When you’ll needed the church, it was always there to welcome you.
    When you’ll needed prayers, workers were there to Pray for you.
    When you’ll need this and that they were there for you then why condemning them to this extend now!
    Evict la, accuse womanizer la, whats all this!
    Why didn’t anybody come forward all this while and now wanna bring it up!

    Have pastor Joshua or whomever as you’ll accused behaved wrongly to any TO ANY BELIVER SISTERS IN THE CHURCH!!!
    All these years did any workers abused you’ll physically or sexually????

    And since when TPM SG became reptile park for it to be named crocodile park whatsover? Aren’t you insulting God’s creation? Was crocodile created by the devil? Not that i know of! Unless the person whom name;the article is a Greatest God and that Holy i guess!!

    You’ll are the one we saw growing up all these years, seeing you’ll hiding behind and playing the keyboard warrior game is so disgusting to see. And the worse part, people all over the world are condemning the place we were born and brought and you’ll supporting them and making it worse. They are not doing it in their church and what rights they have to talk about ours.
    Be it you’re new to our faith , still you attend our service ,ate our food and atleast did 1 ministry in our church.
    If you’ll cant be supportive and loyal to you’ll then just leave this faith or the religion cause you practice what you preach.

    If you’re the one who say dont talk about workers and you cant do this and that as a pentecostal beliver and now you’re doing all the opposite thats the biggest shame and humiliation to your own self.

    Get a life and wake up.
    Stop stirring up or “JingJaking”!!

    • Dear Sir hard fanatic of Joshua

      You have written a long nonsense.

      You are asking people to reveal their names. What about you? Which of the Jalal you are?

      Regarding pervert Joshua

      Remember in bible, God punished wicked kings and wicked nations, through hands of his chosen people. Time for wickedness of Joshua is over. Upto a time God waited for him, that he would repent and return. But he went from bad to worse. From son of devil he went on to become a devil himself. So this site is one of the tool in God’s hands. God has used it hitherto. He has other instruments as well. Like government, police, and believers themselves. Maybe Joash is there to be used by God to kick the filth of Joshua.

      Much has been said by us before, that unlike hypocrites in white we do not claim to be holy. We preach Christ for sick, not Christ for they that are whole.

      @ Sunday school
      Sunday School teaching of tpm is all for brainwashing kids into evil mindset of tpm. TPM Sunday school is slow poison. Look for articles on this website. We have special articles on how to save your precious ones from this evil doctrines of tpm.

      @ Wonderful believers” already reported him to the authorities, let him alone be answerable to the almighty.

      Why are you defending him? Did he give you something? It’s between us and God, whether we check him from continuing in his horrible sins or turn a blind eye to his filth? We contue to do justice. Why are you worried about how we stand for justice? I believe God is using all the believers around the world to confront the monster that tpm has grown into. Isn’t it a wonder, that a weak girl, who was victimized by powerful monster, has been used by God to demolish this tpm demon? God always uses weaker vessels to shame arrogant monsters.

      @ Financial frauds of Joshua T
      All these years, JT has managed to throw dust in eyes of believers. Now no more. Tithe is not a new testament concept. It is sin to fall back into old testament laws, having been redeemed from it by precious blood of Jesus. People gave it to JT believing him to be man of God. But he was fraud man from the very go. He never was one of the child of God. So let him go into perdition where he belongs. Such a sin of perdition is now claiming ownership of God’s money and land. And as a church and body of Christ, believers have right to protect it from misuse. They are not asking it back for themselves but for greater good of all the body which has laboured to raise it up. They have raised it, and it is there responsibility to guard it. Otherwise they will be answerable to God as to why they left it go into evil organization’s hand, when God had warned them by this incident.

    • Oh Really? Shall I pray to God to save me from the wrath of this great person coming from the Greatest place on earth(Singapore)?

  11. Well firstly i did post it with my Name. I ain’t hiding my identity here.

    2ndly whatever you got to reply above is purely rubbish too cause you ain’t practicing what you’re preaching!

    3rdly i dont have to be a Jalal family to support the church that i was born and brought up into. Not as tho they are the one whom are running the church. Our forefathers were part of the pillars of TPM Sg!

    I won’t be surprised if you are or not a believer but just doing this to past time as you’re that free.

    And why do Pastor Joshua have to give me something to talk for him. Are you that dumb? Did i not state that he did a mistake / sin. All im asking is why do you’ll have to stir it up more.

    Oh so sunday school is teaching and brainwashing evil isit?
    Then all these years why you losers didn’t come forward to write a petition to stop TPM Sg from conducting Sunday school?

    Why now only got the guts to play punk isit?

    If what i typed was nonsense, why do you have to be so defensive , you’ll can utter rubbish here so why cant i state facts!
    You must the chief of the Jinkjak gang maybe. Well i can see.

  12. @Joshua’s Stooge aka die hard fan of JT,

    Also remember that God had raised up prophets time & again when He wants to deliver His people from bondage, go & read the many instances of deliverance on how God sent Moses to deliver His people from Egypt, from captivity in Babylon, finally God sent Jesus Christ to deliver us from sin & when the Son sets us free we are free indeed John 8:36 So in these days God had raised up people especially this site to be the means of delivering his people from false doctrines & false teaching being so prevalent all these decades in TPM/NTC/UPC/NTPC but not anymore as those days of hiding behind your uniforms & your cloaks are long gone & thank God for this year’s pestilence that we now have a true reflection revelation of what the church is & how it is founded only on the apostolic doctrine found in the writings of the 1st apostles, if you @die hard fan of tpm or tpmites in general say you are following the doctrines of the apostles, why then are your tpm ministers, workers & your chiefs are still ignorant of the 430 plus articles written here in this blessed site disputing, correcting & shedding a light on your hypocrisy & stealing the word of god to see it only through your own tpm lenses?!.. your hypocrisy is long gone my friends in Christ, repent & stop believing in these imaginative man made doctrines of Alwyn & come out to be delivered from your TPM darkness!

  13. Yet again you’re just uttering nonsense.
    Im not defending him!
    All im trying to say is stop this “Jingjak” crap!
    Police report has been made right, let him be answerable.
    If it’s meant to be shown out to the light let it be.
    You’ll stop creating your own gossips and accusations.
    The church was built by the great pillars like our forefathers and believers who were loyal and truthful.
    Just cause of one person mistake dont tear it down to this extend.
    At the end of the day i seriously dont understand why you’ll are saying one thing and doing another!
    So what you’ll tryna say here!?
    You’ll promoting your church or faith here while you’re uttering rubbish and gossips how is that even right in the sight of God.

    Don’t act like a holy joe to type crap here and say you have the fear of God and carry on with your life.

    If he is a Sinner so are you’ll!

    • Ok let us do a litmus test.

      If you are really so concerned to protect tearing down of TPM Sg. then join us kicking JT and JN out. Join us in making Joash new CP. It is only then we will know how much concerned you are..

      Remember it’s our duty to safeguard our property. If someone is molesting a girl we don’t wait for God to deliver the poor and afflicted. James says, our faith must be coupled with Action.. Only sitting down and praying, is no good..We pray to God and ask his support to clean this place..

    • //You’ll promoting your church or faith here while you’re uttering rubbish and gossips how is that even right in the sight of God.//

      how is it that you don’t understand this simple truth, that this site is not a church but the church consist of the greater body of christ everywhere whoever’s name are written in the book of life…we are uttering rubbish? how about your tpm ministers who had been uttering, misleading & speaking vain doctrines not written in the word, while living secret sin lives & preaching to the people all these years! compared to that, I think we are doing a blessed job in revealing the truths found in the word of God!

    • //The church was built by the great pillars like our forefathers and believers who were loyal and truthful//.
      Yes you are right. This great cult club was built by great pillars and your forefathers and believers. This is why it is still a cult club.
      But the Lord Jesus proclaims That “ I shall build my church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”.

  14. Im just amazed when i see “the message is under moderation”
    Cause each time i put my name, it simply changes to “Die hard Joshua Loyalist”

    Haha hilarious bunch of losers , tryna play with real identity whereas you’ll are such cowards to come with some pathetic nick names and splurge rubbish.


    • Oh, Really dear little Johnny? Do you want to have a free ride in this forum? And you say that you have identified yourself. Do you think we are IDIOTS to believe you? Anyway, let us know who in the pic are you? I know Titus might not be in here. But then you can choose from this pic of the Jalal Clan.


  15. Actually if the Admin is brave enough he should put his photo and speak up instead of having a website and hiding his identity.. why fear when u helping the innocent people from such a trap you must boldly proclaim it. Bro we will support u all the way reveal yourself then you can open a church we fans of yours will be there to support u as believers.

  16. @Die hard Joshua Loyalist
    If from day 1 Joshua had confess and admit his doings,this mess will not happen to the church. Joshua cheated on a woman and promissing to marry her and now he is saying he was framed by her. He thought that by saying he was framed can make us believe him but God has brought out the truth of Joshua.

  17. Oh gosh i ready said im not even in the jalal family.
    I did gave my real name, and the spelling also wrong. Suppose to be jonny and you put johnny. Hahah admin it seems.

    Why change my name to Die hard Joshua Loyalist?
    Well you’re IDIOTIC ENOUGH TO ASSUME IM FROM JALAL FAMILY, that itself shows how idiotic you are. Bunch of morons.

    FYI The church name is TPM Sg and not Jalal TPM.
    I know them since young but doesn’t mean im one of them! So you’re telling me only they are defending and not others!
    We don’t have the rights as a youth in the church.
    Come on la i ready mention clearly, im frustrated much on why you’ll have to stir this up again and again
    Let him alone be answerable for his mistakes.
    You’re also carrying the sins by gossiping and publishing articles. One day for sure youll be brought to light and you’ll definitely pay the price for all that you’re doing. You’re family will be answerable too.

    》One who is touch with you in whatsapp
    I do respect Joash anneh alot. Ive seen him as a elder brother since young.
    But im not here to kick people out. No-one has the rights to kick anyone as i ready mention if Pastor Joshua has to serve his sentence or etc he will be placed where he is supposed to be. Ofcourse as a family we will pray for a miracle to happen, cause thats what we were taught. Aren’t we believing in the true one?

    How is that you don’t even understand what im trying to say.
    You’ll keep saying this and that, so what you’ll trying to prove here? Stay and worship the true one or leave this religion???
    If you did your research well enough about the workers then where were you all this years? Should have the guts to bring it to light before that right, why wait till now then start to jingjak??

    Yes when our forefathers and the truthful workers were there we dint have issues. All these years. Again im stating this clearly, Yes Pastor Joshua did a mistake, i ain’t supporting him but what rights you’ll have to publish and open a forum as such. Like what you’ll gain from it?
    I clearly understand and can see that you’re not from our church cause you dint state anything about your forefathers , so don’t come and poke your nose on this matter where it doesn’t concerned you. Just for entertainment sake you read that’s about it, don’t have to state your rubbish crap here.

    》admin fromtpm
    Well Hello to the Big Loser of the JingJak Gang,
    Free ride ah? You’ll get the free posh ride soon.
    Choose myself in the jalal family, dumbo, Tpm sg dont just consist of Jalal fly idiot. Got other believers too. Get that right dumbo. Dont just assume as tho the jalals only attend the church and service.
    Know how to be the admin here but cant get the facts right la.. come i clap for you!

    Another one come i clap for, wah im so shook la. Very shook till i forgot my name and that im here in the midst of unknown specimens.
    Please la im part of the church, a youth whom has the equal rights to fight against specimens like you.
    Well sorry la, my life revolves outside the phone too, have a life and job unlike you’ll 24/7 reading this crap and stirring things up.
    You yourself come with the pathetic name Nath and hiding behind the keyboard as a coward champion by not revealing your identify , and you asking me to send my pic ah?
    You trying to promote comedy central or what la hahah.

    Proverbs 15:29
    》ill definitely agree to this tho, but since it was brought to light then why support this Cult Tpm website.

    This admin got much things to say. When he dont even dare to reveal his identity. And ppl just believing all the crap. You wanna publish an article you jollywell put your name. Not some fake shit crap. Not that im saying you’re not stating the facts which are happening but look at how you’re tryna mess things up by accusing and bringing the past. Very shamelss to be honest. Is this part of your life? You feel very satisfied demoralizing someone as such?
    Saddist much tho.

    • Hellooo…You know we have enough backend process to know who is commenting… At least so that others in SG could know that you are from Jalal Family, just look at the verbiage you are using. The Most famous being JINGJAK which I have often heard from members of your own family and NOBODY ELSE in SG TPM. How could you, All Of a SUDDEN deny your favourite WORD? I told you already that we are NOT IDIOTS to believe your nonsense.

      Now for the message in the article being circulated among SG TPM believers, it does not need any investigation to know that it is the Work of Daniel Jalal only. Notice how he is scared of being Left Behind in the coming of the Lord. He thinks that if you read, you will be left behind. TO know why he lives in such an illusion you need to hear this testimony which he gave early this year.

      Attachment  jalal-online-audio-converter.com_.mp3

      • Angel sitting comfortably on 3 seater sofa of Daniel Jalala’s Master Bedroom.😂 Funny. By the way, it’s sad to hear that he will be left behind having taken the mark of Joshua. Very true.

      • Hellooo…You know we have enough backend process to know who is commenting

        I have given my email id and ive given my name.
        Im no-where related to any jalal family.
        I dont understand how am i related to them.
        Furthermore ive stated clearly im a youth from the church. We also have the equal rights to fight for our church! This is not jalal family church! They are just part of the church thats all i know!!
        Oh btw not sure you’re Singaporean or you’ve to much gossips in your numb head dumbo, Jing Jak is commonly used by all the indians especially in Singapore. Cause believers or specimens like you love to play that instrument well! So if you’re truly the admin go get your facts right dumbo

        • Why am I not surprised that these Joshua stooges lie through the teeth? Oh, yea…That’s what they always do.

      • @ Testimony of Daniel Jalal
        Pure cock and bull story. Totally unbiblical account.
        I am sure he might have watched the LEFT BEHIND series the previous night and in the morning he had a TPM version of the same.

  18. @Proverbs 15:29…. //Joshua cheated on a woman and promissing to marry her and now he is saying he was framed by her.//

    To whomsoever concern it may be noted that this site has published a record number of articles/episodes 435 with a specific objectives goals and targets in mind.I feel it is my privilege to have trolled to this site in an appointed hour and thus got to know how the false teachings are being spread around by this cultish institution called TPM/CPM/NTC/NCTC/UPC etc.etc all these years.
    I knew its very origin was taken place in CEYLON in 1923 and slowly spread its wings to India,mainly,in KERALA,TN,ANDHRATELLANGANA and later spread its wings to Maharashtra,then North India,then N.East India,West Bengal,Orissa and so on and so forth (slowly Andaman also).Parallelly its spread its wings in the West afflluent countries like USA,UK,then far east Australia, New Zealand, PNZ ,FIJI islands,etc. Now currentlly this CULTish organisation is boasting that it has spread through out the world to neary 44 countries.

    Why am I giving these statastics because I was roped with this CULT and sailed together for a solid 25 and odd years of prime valuable faith life and leart that what I was following all those years was a pure myth and a not a truth.But it happened good thing for me that I could learn where went wrong and what were the positives that I could course correct it. I was protected safely under the mighty hand of God who redeemed me from the quagmire of the clutches of the darkness,and from the man-made doctrines of so called of ZION and New Jerusalem concept.

    After coming to know through this blessed site, I realised my mistake happened (all those previous years of faith life) and God revealed some more truths like,post -TRIB, RAPTURE ,and 2 nd coming JESUS CHRIST.I was actively involved in this CULT ministry’s SUNDAY SCHOOL too.There also I was involved in spreading its false teachings which were totally unbiblical.Slowly I started sharing my personal testimonies in these precious columns of this site and I was excellently encouraged and supported by ADMN brother and my all other beloved contributing writers namely…….(all those names I did enlist in these site comments-)—–if one happens to follow my comments in the couple of years.
    I stand by all my comments and testimonies I shared through these precious columns because they stay live-wire with me.They are all my personal encounters and experiences that heaven rejoices with me too.
    No regrets for me because I shared to all my fellow brethren who were equally washed in the precious blood of Christ.
    I am ever thankul to my Lord for showing me this site in due season and for giving me the boldness to declare my faith and share my thoughts to my fellow brethren through these precious. I once again thank the owner of the site- brother ADMN and his team for whom I ‘ve been upholding them in my daiy prayers.
    Kudos to them for their relentless fights against the forces of darkness through 24X7 basis.
    Running and maintaining a blessed site of this kind amidst the highly controversial minds of believers is not an easy affair,I know it involves the total guidance of Holy Spirit these battles coud be won.

    Prayer is the only weapon that could be used here in these difficult times.

    My humble suggestion and simple rule to follow by my fellow readers is –if one does not like this site why should he/she troll or surf it and get impacted by its matter latter and ultimately loosing one’s peace of mind by abusing others?Flee away from the hatred. Therefore keep peace with God and man.

    My testimonny is,it is with pure grace of God that I am running my race of my faith llfe and thus able to keep up my fellowship with my fellow brethren of this site with pure conscience as and when I share my thoughts through this column to them.

  19. @ admin fromtpm

    JINGJAK this quote is often used by Nikkie Meschec . She is Daniel Jalal’s sister in-law.
    JINGJAK is one kind of slang. it could be singlish.
    JINGJAK means like the whole gang.

    @ Nath
    Joshua is called of father of LIES
    John 8:44 KJV Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    For Joshua stooge “it’s sad to hear that he will be left behind having taken the mark of Joshua. Very true.”
    Matthew 12 :33 KJV Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.


    • Let me educate you Mr Greatest Revelation, Jing Jak is a traditional percussion instrument.
      In another words as how it sounds jing chak which our church belivers like you also go with the beat. Thats called jing chak.
      Nothing new to India belivers like the admin himself.
      Oru kathai kadaicha pothum, nalla briyani sapuduvinge ningala. Yenna polapo.

      Expose to the maximum, first go and expose yourself la, rather then been anonymous. No guts at all still wanna splurge rubbish.

  20. Repeatedly am mentioning im not from their family.
    Ive ready revealed my name when i post this!
    And please la FYI Jing Jak is a musical instrument!!!
    What do you mean gang?
    Please la you’ll over assume too much and you’ll are splurging rubbish after rubbish! Im not standing for pastor im standing for the church. Just dont spoil the reputation of tpm sg just cause of the people there.
    This stories are like eating briyani for you’ll ah!?

      • So from day 1 of building the church up till today the church dont hold any single reputation?
        Or isit cause of 1 worker everything goes down the drain?
        So you’ve never heard anything good about TPM Sg at all?
        This goes to the rest too, TPM Sg is a cult place thats why you’ll paid the air ticket to attend our convention?
        If its not respectable then, then why bother attending all this while?
        Since you’ll know the workers too much then why you’ll are sharing your experience by saying this and that now but never told all this before!
        Just cause one 1 person mistake, don’t just spoil the reputation!

        • It is clear for anybody unless you close your eyes. All these days, TPM was wearing a Mask and now the mask is removed. More than the actions of TPM its the evil doctrine of TPM which is to be condemned and that stands exposed now. You still think removing Joshua would solve the problem…No dear, that is just trying to cover up ONE symptom. The disease is deep inside your church and that is not going to go just by removing Joshua.

  21. Admin oh Admin
    Please la. If you’re so against the jalals , go straight to their face and talk la.
    Why keep saying im them when i ready mention im not part of them.
    Wakeup la please.

    • @Mr Die Hard Joshua Loyalist

      Hey loyalist of Joshua (The TPM saint with an un consecrated male genital) your comments sucks. But I’m pretty impressed with how positive you’ve managed to handle and cover up the adultery of Joshua T. Since you are a strong TPM believer please cheer up that you could also contribute your 2 cents for Joshua’s honeymoon trips to Indonesia.
      This site has kicked TPM hard by exposing the dark deeds of your Whited sepulchres which were hitherto done secretly. Blind fanatics like you think that Joshua T is a one off case but remember the founder of TPMs Zion Doctrine Pr Allwin was also a sexual pervert. You can rejoice in the fact that Joshua T is not alone in this hall of shame. He has many center pastors, who were caught in sexual acts, to give him company. But your hero Joshua was the smartest…he left behind a trail of video evidences.
      Joshua T has been stripped naked in this site and so was the false doctrines of TPM. So STOP barking at the Admin and don’t ever think that by barking you can discover the identity of the Admin.
      When Gideon (Judges 7: 22) and his men blew the trumpets and shined the light, the host of Midian began to slay his own fellow ( it was the Lord’s doing). Similarly the Admin has been shouting from the roof top and shining light on the dark deeds of your white clads. And today we see your white clads fighting each other. Within the Singapore Fake home there are two groups, each holding on to the other’s throat, and ready for the kill.
      Mr Die hard fan of Joshua, move out from the cultists TPM before you are consumed in the cross fire.

      • Thanks for your advice but again and again im mentioning this. IM NOT SUPPORTING PAS JOSHUA FOR HIS ACTS OR WHATEVER. Go read up my msgs. I ain’t supporting him or whomever names you’ll referring to.
        Im just asking why vent all this when there is no solutions given. What you’ll tryna implement here. State the facts or what should be done. Simple. You’ll wanna publish on whats happening, go ahead. But why wanna stir unnecessary things? If you’ll are not happy with individuals then come face to face and clear it off. Why wanna rant it here? You’ll feel satisfied doing that?

  22. @Die hard Joshua Loyalist
    》ill definitely agree to this tho, but since it was brought to light then why support this Cult Tpm website.
    If according to you the matter brought up to light, to which light?? What action did AM took towards YOUR Pastor Joshua? What is the justice? That shows they are still in darkness. Did Joshua at anytime confess and admit his wrong doings? Did the depressed ammmachi sharon confess Joshua’s wrong doings? If Daniel is afraid to be left behind,he should not support Joshua or else the mark of Joshua will be given to him. All proves on Joshua’s doings is out. For how long Joshua can deny and hide????? We shall wait and see THE POWER OF GOD.

  23. And i do have a name. Jonny is my name and my family is not even a inch related to the jalals. Not to be classified as Joshua loyalist or stooge. I aint like you’ll playing the keyboard warrior game. Lie through the teeth? Says the one condemning tpm workers and our church and yet name yourself admin from tpm. Siripa sirikuthu unodeh polapu.

  24. WOW so good to see the whole Jalal clan pics all beautifully dressed like Bollywood Superstars and some people in the pic are far relatives n their extended inlaws.. anyways im sure NOT all the Jalals are supporters like 10% are against and the remainder 90% is supporting.. if DIE HARD JOSHUA LOYALIST claims not to be a Jalal then its also likely someone from the barbaric babbon looking family with 3 useless goondas son and 1 daughter heard from some believer friend they are also die hard supporters of joshua and ammachi sharon….. they are also thugs capable of threatening/bashing/stealing ect.. the mother n sis of this useless goondas family does alot of church work cooking mostly and massaging ammachi….. joshua must be feeling so honoured to have the support and fan following of goonda barbaric family and bollywood Jalals.. anyways the Jalals are capable of imposting they should join bollywood if they enjoy such stardom and being famous..

    even in church act like holy believers doing cooking ministry PA ministry sunday school ministry youth ministry watever ministry in church JALALS are always there to be seen as NO.1.. now poking nose into their beloved Joshua fornicator beast money swindler issue going all out for him… u can ignore forgive the deeds of a ordinary common man/believer but PASTOR JOSHUA THE SAINT THE CALLING FROM MOST HIGH TO BE IN ZION has done this how to turn a blind eye chi chi chi so disguting the same hand he indulge in sexual acts the same hands he touch and pray on the Jalals and his supporters..

    his supporters praying for a miracle??? miracle so that this fraud fornicator goes scot free?? pray for God’s wisdom to open ur blind eyes and clogged brains!!! he was the beloved pastor of SG church because his wrong doings was not brought to light just like his hidden life and wife/wives all abiut him and ammachi was hidden.. why dont u all pray for justice for the victim/victims he has cheated on??? shattering the feelings and trust of elderly Amma’s/Paati’s in church who go to him every sunday and pray treating him as a son/pastor.. poor believers giving him and ammachi thites every month faithfully thinking its used for the church purpose even if poor belivers they have not enough for themself Youth boys who see him as an solid example and wants to join this cult ministry hope their eyes open and parents who say my son grow up should become like Pastor Joshua serve the Lord wholehertedly.. aiyo kadavulle pls help

  25. Jonny, Let me ask you one question, let’s ignore Joshua and whatever happened. Just the church of SG TPM as it is. Do you believe it is the only church that has correct teachings? Do you think all the teachings of the church can be backed up by scripture? Is the reputation of the church a good reputation before this drama or a bad one? Hope to have a discussion with you 🙂

    • For once someone is polite enough. I would love to have such conversation. I hope you can read my msgs above that i aint supporting pastor Joshua, sis sharon, the goondas as they claim or the jalals. I only see them as a church beliver and workers. Simple.

      Im not 40 or 50 years old to have seen much things in the church. Even worse, so much of things about tpm sg, now only im hearing, its a huge shock for youths like us.

      We were born and brought up there. We were taught this and that. But now when all this is happening, ofcourse in one way or other we are affected. Thats the fact im tryna point out. But from the admin to others whom are simply framing me as im part of the jalals la etc. No! Im not.

      Already we are like an lalang, a plant that sways everywhere when the wind blows then this blow is too much. You’ll vent out your anger here but why not for a minute think about the youths. You’ll leave us hanging here. All these years we were taught that this is the right teaching, until we explored ourself.

      As long the truth is within us and we manifest what we learn from the bible thats more important. Im not stating what we learned from tpm. I do attend another church. And im enlightened bit by bit which what i lost all these years.

      Im still struggling to find myself and to learn the truth, ofcourse , we all want to be caught up in the coming of our Saviour. There are many souls like me still wandering.

      To the rest, youll can vent as much as youll want but dont bring it down. You’ll wanna state facts by all means go ahead but dont shame each other here. Dont shame the church. The church is going strong just that the belivers and workers are like a lost specimens.

      State facts, share what should happen next, share teachings, share advices on how we can still help out each other. Share what you learn from your church, share the gospels, share your testimony. Rather then venting out everything, framing ppl and arguing its like making us even more confused on what you’ll trying to prove or which should we follow.

      I still dont understand this “admin” and “shameless” as he is , why this people keep mentioning jalal and the barbaric fly as tho they are the only families attending the church service?
      Do they not know there are other believers and their generations following this church too?
      Yenala research pandringe?

      • @Jonny
        I would like to ask a few questions:
        You said ..//We were born and brought up there. We were taught this and that. But now when all this is happening, ofcourse in one way or other we are affected. //
        Whoever taught this and that to u, didn’t even think, they have to live atleast what they preach and teach..Isnt this the real issue ? Isnt this hypocrisy ?
        Good to hear that you are not supporting Joshua, Sis sharon.. Let me ask one thing …as per your Holy Bible ..can a person fell to these level can be a leader of a church in New testament ? I donut deny if he had reconciled with God and Man ( who ever he/she has wronged affected directly/ indirectly ) , he can be in member in church . But will Apostle Paul ( of bible ) make him to be an elder in the church ? Can he lead a church ? Answer honestly .. Please don’t quote Old testament and say David fell..Solomon had 300 wives and all.. also don’t give excuse like “judge not..”..”touch not the anointed ”.. { some of the usual replies which comes out , when one understand that the other person telling is truth but don’t want to yield in the discussion } ..
        We would like to see an honest reply from you ,, based on which i would decide should i post the next para of my comments to you ….

  26. @ I would love to have such conversation.
    @ Im still struggling to find myself and to learn the truth, ofcourse…………..

    Then start with any the doctrinal article presented in this site. Show us we are not in line with scriptures. There 400 + articles which extensively deal with nearly all of the heresies of tpm. Choose whichever topic you want.. We are waiting.. You can take support of your theologically illiterate Joshua.

    • Nath, this will be the last reply to you, cause just like the others you’re just uttering rubbish after rubbish. But you won them all by just typing crap and still repeating the same thing again and again.
      So just zip it up and continue what you’re doing the best being a typical paruppu jing jak.

  27. Jonny Jonny yes papa 🤣.. Dear Jonny/Joshua Stooge/Joanna Niki or her 3rd son in law to be youth boy Jeremiah…
    Who is shaming who? The whole of SG church youth girls and boys know the truth and current situation & the adventures of TJ… and 98% of the youths are not supporting him unless they are from Jalals or Dawson’s and a small handful of backsliden believers now in cahoots with Joshua Thiagarajan worshipping him all same character like him are supporting only.. A fornicator needs to be put in his place either by law or punishment by God.. for almost 6months CP Abraham Matthew has done nothing except confining himself in Irumbilyur and refusing to speak to any believers and still claiming to investigate adventures of Joshua Thiagarajan for how long 1-2yrs?? From Top cheif TOP TO BoTTOM all useless fools and Zion is awaiting them smack forehead
    speaking of Lalang u are a Lalang.. twisting n swaying your words and making admin and the rest of the people who are reading to be fooled… And I am a believer of sg church no such youth by the name of Jonny but Jeremiah yes there is😜… This is the very church our forefathers went to so all corrupt ppl must be evicted look at the mess TJ has created in church and among families.. if day 1 he was a gentleman humbly apologize yes we believers perhaps would have fight for him to be given a 2nd channce or accept his apology and let him go.. as old believers of this church we have every right to intervine and stand up for the truth and be not partakers of Joshua Thiagarajan Sins.. we are accountable and we have consious fight for our. Church and for Bro Joash who is being treated badly by Joshua and Joe Neo.. Joshua gets to stay and enjoy all luxaries and worldy pleasure with his 3 Queens sis Kala sis kezia and sis Elizabeth by his side but poor boy Joash did nothing and was excommunicated by CP / Joe Neo ? CP very fast to respond to excommunicing Bro Joash and make dumb Joe Neo pastor in charge And CP Abraham Matthew teach Brothers to lie and cover up for TJ but cannot remove Joshua Thiagarajan… very great fantastic now who is the Lalang Jing jack aluma doluma balle balle ho ho ho person? Its your own so called going to Zion white cult clan… Other believers and young generations have their eyes now opened and looking into Jesus alone no longer looking at Joshua or Ammachi Sharon or any servant of God.. Thank God for this website.. it’s time Jonny u get a hold of yourself and Ur mind pls read all the articles posted by admin from day 1 and be enlightened dun be a blind follower If u are child of God stand up for God if not in time to come U will get the wrath of God too Fear God don’t Fear Man/Joshua and don’t be a Lalang🤣

    • I seriously dont understand where am i supporting pas joshua and his acts. Gosh.
      Can you’ll read the above msgs! Im ofcourse saddened for the secret wife or whomever are affected. I stand for that.
      My full support for joash anneh definitely.
      And stop framing me up with the jalals
      Dei dei im Indian da!! Tamilan !!!!!
      Whoever the Jeremiah you’re referring i dont have a single clue. But the other Jeremiah i know whom is older.
      And there is no Johnson? No Joel? No Job? All this believers you don’t know ah?
      I ready say Jonny. If you cant get your sources right then come find me lor since ninge semma dolama freee illeya maaaaammmmaaaaa.. get a life la SgBeliver PP 😛

    • We are on the same page brother. Even I think the same. As per the Holy word of God, JT must be excommunicated.

      But , if he apologizes in front of church and confesses all his sins, which includes his adultery, his consuming medicines , his misuse of church finances on hotels, food, sex, dresses for his gf, & not only this but all his immoral life from the time he was in other parts of world doing hypocritical ministry, then there is a chance church may forgive him.

      But then he must not only confess but also do restitution, like Zacchaeus. We all know Zacchaeus gave four times of all the harm he did to people. So must JT repay back all the losses he had done to the body of Jesus (church) by his filthy lifestyle.

      This is so clear teaching from bible that even a small beliver like me understands it.

      But strange that AM is silent on these matters. It appears Joshua has Abraham Matthew’s chord in his hands. Chief AM appears to be puppet in hand of Joshua. AM fears that if JT is removed, JT will expose Abraham Matthew’s secret immoral life. Now there is smell of rotten dead corpse coming from closet of Abraham Matthew. He also has secrets dumped in his inner chambers.

      May AM be removed at earliest and let Pas M T take his seat.

  28. @ Jonny

    I believe the youth is much happier now . No more in bondage from this cult TPM teaching . The youths are more smart to read the bible and compare with the cult TPM doctrine.

    “Im still struggling to find myself and to learn the truth, ofcourse……………”

    Basically you , never read BIBLE.

    Let me give you, my 2 cents bible knowledge

    Genesis 1:27 KJV
    27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    Isaiah 43:1-2 KJV
    43 But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.

    2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

    Ephesians 2:13 KJV
    13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.
    There are many more references in the bible to answer your questions.

    Child, is time for you to read your BIBLE and get your identity in Christ rather than defending TPM church.

    When I started to get to know to this website , I personally email admin and enquirers about the bible and comparing the TPM teaching. Admin thought me a lot .
    If you have any doubts related to TPM teaching and personal questions I suggest you email admin .

    We are here not to condemn anyone. But we will guide you throughout to know the truth cursed TPM doctrine.

    Admin ministries have helped a lot of people from this cult teaching.
    You may read the testimonies ex-workers and believers from this TPM .

    Our prayers may God give you wisdom and answers to questions.


  29. Ofcourse my eyes are wide open now knowing about all this acts. Very much cheated as we always look up to him.
    I did not support him at all. You guys are framing me up with him. Did i say pas joshua so poor thing please him. Please la he have to get his sentence and yes he have to be answerable to God alone. And yes i agree if only he apologised or moved away will be better. Wouldn’t have come to this extend. Yes i agree which part i didnt agree la dolama sg believer, yenna brother ningalum comedy pandringe. State the facts, dont rub in and come for me as tho im supporting. Ive a life and a true church which im attending that have enlightened me. So yea. Dont worry about me. Buts its sad to know you’re a sg beliver yet don’t know me. Comedy.

  30. Hey Jonny, it’s me the polite one again haha. I would love to privately talk to you away from the forum if you don’t mind 🙂 please send admin an email and he can connect you with me over whatsapp. I’m not here to condemn you or take sides. I’m glad you’re not supporting Joshua and friends and I know this whole thing just be very disappointing and difficult for you having grown up in the church all your life. Hope you are open to have a purely theological discussion, joshua saga not included 🙂

    • @ TPM’s madness for Zion

      Nearly all cults have peculiar penchant for establishing their own cities town and islands. Here is small list.

      Jim Jones formed a city (Jonestown).
      Osho purchased 65k acre land and named it US
      Swami Nityanand has entire island purchased to gather his followers.
      Guru Ram Rahim purchased 800 acres of land to make his own mini city
      Alexander Dowie (wore high priest dress) founded his own city called it as Zion
      Vissarion reincarnation of Christ has founded his city of Sun
      Inri Christo brazilian reincarnation of Christ has founded city called New Jerusalem
      David Koresh had his seculded compound called Mount Carmel
      JW have their own claim over 144000 in city of Zion.

      The list goes on and on….

      And last and most dangerous to identify is TPM and it’s dream for Zion.
      TPM has mini control area in every place called faith home. They keep purchasing lands and build seculded compounds to exercise control over sisters caught inside. Not allowing external information to get inside thier cabes. From FH they will be evaporated into imaginary city of Zion the creation of their own cult.

    • AM and company would be happy and laughing in getting these Free Ads every month and also knowing that VOP is still subscribed by us 🙂

  31. Quite true.The trumpet of zion started with the testimony column,and then when you come to middle of the pages you will be brainwashed with the Alwin’s own creative word ‘the consecrated servant of God’by invoking the snobbery number 7 (a fantasy number for the CULT alone — always used to mesmerise or to hoodwink the innocent people like 7 steps of salvation–they ceated 7 surprising facts about the pandamic in this issue.
    Then you come to the last page THE CULT DOCTRINES —the same old trumpeting —7 steps in new birth,the Rapture-which high lights the ‘Secret’coming just to bulldoze the people with PRE-TRIB concept and finally ends up with yet another 7 number-7 steps of Resurrection.
    So long as the sheep that go to the butcher keeping their eyes shut / hearts blind to the precious word of God,and that they are ready to buy whatever the man made concepts are floating around,and that the blind sheep refuse to become like the’Bereans’of ACTS 17:11,these VOPs/The Youth Heralds(S’pore) continue to thrive on.
    Bro WoT,these mouth pieces will continue to haunt the blind sheep with their false teachings,otherwise these particular sheep will slip away from the CULT strong hold of quagmire.
    As long as they do their business,God also will be using this blessed site as His own ‘mouth piece’ to thwart all the evil designs of this satanic sect.
    Let us not slumber in our God given duties,
    I am reminded about Isaiah 60:2&3 verses and our Lord bless ADMN bro and his restless team fighting their spiritual battles.We are so fortunate enough that we lend our 100% support to him.

  32. @ILove Jesus……
    Over the past years when cps CKLazarus &PMThomas were ruling the roost,TU used to invariably conduct review sessions onSaturdays during convention week at IBR for the CULT ministries mouth pieces,do you recollect brother?Almost from 14 countries these mouth pieces used to be reviewed.That showed how much importance they used to attach to these mouth pieces.Subsequent to his elevation,he passed on the matlle to Joy Thomas to review the mouth piece ministry.After JoyThomas,there were no visible reviews.

    As a blind man of this CULT,I used to necessarily participate in those review meetings by spending the hard earned money apart from taking pains to attend these annual meets leaving away my family and my mundane job’s tight responnsibilities.My eyes were so much blindfolded,I used to take flights to attend the funerals of those CPs and the degree of madness was so high that attending IBR annual meet was like a annual Haj Yatra,or like a Jerusalem visit.Such was the rate of depth of quagmire of mine.But thank God,He has shown me the grace to flee away from these clutches ultimately.

    Hope ‘ILoveJesus ‘must have got this kind of encounters or exprns/ opportunities to have participated in those meetings.I would like to hear from him.(My be I must have seen him if he were to be the one of those participants in those review meets),
    What I want him to appreaciate and understand is (not the free advertisement part of it//No….) but the other side of the story.
    God wonderfully raised this blessed site in His due season and unmasked all the CULT activities.its unscriptural ethos quickly in a matter of couple of years.How much more we are thankful to ADMN brother for his visionary approach in deflating the all lies.
    View them in this angle brother –ILoveJesus.
    Do not worry about AM/MT.etc,etc.
    In order to imprint the false teachings of Alwin and other PRE-TRIB and secretly rapture BRIDE’s CHURCH,etc etc,just look at the way how seriously they used to conduct the review meetings,and tried to remove whatever impediments they faced in those respective countries.
    Thank God,because of the Saviour’s intervention slowly over these years,and the passing away of these people,no more magazine review meets were held at IBR,and each country was given full freedom to bring out their own mouth pieces.So now the present strength of those earier 14 mouth pieces are reduced to bare minimum 4 or 5 (VOP,TYH,TT of the Lord-U.K,PILGRIMS Jrl–USA–During Pr Don’s time,the journal was regularlly brought out.But now I am not sure whether it met its natural death).After Bernard Singam’s passing away,there was no Malayasian mouth piece(the petecostal messenger–You can correct me if I am wrong)
    I exhort you bro to share these historical file of facts for the sake of many younger generation so that they get course corrected.

    For example Sg/Malaysian, UK,USA youth might not have heard these historical facts of mouth piece ministryof this CULT and how the Souveign Lord has been working slowly and start ripping apart their evil designs through the active hellp of ADMN and his TEAM.

    • Just curious, would like to ask is there any conflict between Pastor Don and Pastor T.U. Because Pastor Don’s last message about the fault of TPM doctrine and during his funeral Pastor TU did not come.

      • #TU Thomas ,(Torturing Thomas)
        Back in time, when I was fanatic upholder of tpm, TU was like a demi god to me. Workers, (few of them), used to tell me about wickedness of T U, but then i used neglect their opinions, and think of TU as real saint.

        Now when I look back and analyze TU, and his overall personality, which is sum of his sermons, his twisting of Scriptures behind that charming tone, his narcissicm for highest place, his anger and rude behaviour towards junior worker, his plagiarism, and all,

        Then one thing I can say, that TU was perfect example of what I could imagine as perfect Pharisees! Very much appearing as zealous for righteousness from outside, but very wicked from within, and blind to see his own rottenness . He would certainly be contender for chief deciever award in hell.

        • Possible. I heard the testimony during his funeral, his brother testified that before he died he was asking for the share of his property to be sold and give to the church. If he is consecrated servant of God ,he should not be bothered about the share of the property. From here we understand his true nature

        • There are other things also you should know, like the,way he acted as lover of Christ like charachter, but in practice he was opposite. He destroyed many lives because of his holier than thou attitude. He threw workers out of ministry because of they confesses their past mistake.

  33. The Title of this article is absolutely spot on. After reading all the pro- Joshua and anti-Joshua comments by the Singapore Laity, it is obvious they are dwelling in the TPM crocodile swamp.

    It is a battle of the flesh between these two unregenerate group of souls trying their corrupt best to put down each other in a battle where there are no winners.

    Both groups are blind and are heading for an eternity in hell except they start studying the Bible like Bereans and challenging the exclusive false doctrines of TPM, and then repent and run from this demonic cult before they are consumed forever.

    It is a hard pill to swallow, to accept that you were wrong. The church you once considered as the best is not even a church but a satanic organisation with its own exclusive extra biblical doctrines which are nothing but heresies and lies from hell.

    After reading the comments, it makes me realise how blessed I am to have been delivered from this TPM delusion by the mercy of God, Praise God.

    I will continue to thank God for the admin and his team for their unwavering, relentless pursuit of removing the mask off TPM. It is a thankless job but God only knows the impact it is having in delivering His sheep who are still lost in TPM/TPS/NCPC/NTC/UPC.

  34. I thank brother’ILoveJesus’ —for helping us reach to our nostalgic memories by keeping that comment //Free advertisement for VOP & TYH ?//
    In his earlier comment too,he reiterated about this’FREE AD’.
    I sensed there was something that Holy Spirit God wants to communicate to us.This ignited me to add on my encounters that I had with BEAST.
    Had he not made this ‘4 word briefest comment’,probably these skeletons would not have been unearthed from the rubble.There are more in the rubble.

    In order to unearth more skeletons,I wish Holy Spirit God may speak through ADMN bro to release such comments from the reader community.

  35. What a tragedy no way!Joash anneh can be excomm…
    All the workers like Pas.victor, Pas.charles, Bro.caleb,
    Bro Roshan,Sis.Judy,Sis.Sandy, Sis. Malar,Sis.Leela are for him no one is for JT/JN. Sure joash anneh will be nominated as the nxt leader of our church. The believers trustees and big shots are all there for him.

  36. I remember a year ago or two, one of the daughters from nikki’s fam told me that I’d actually be burning in hell fire if I don’t attend this pathetic church 😀 well all of the whole clan of jalal family is gonna be burning very nicely in lake fire for supporting such an adulterer. Good luck boot licking to your saviour joshua.

  37. @REALSgCHURCH”what a tragedy no way”…………..

    What if he is excommunicated?
    Why should it bother you?
    Do not follow any one except our beloved Saviour Jesus.
    Read these articles in this site which gives you clear cut guidelines how to continue your spiritual life in Jesus particularly after you have delivered from the darkness of this CULT’s evil influence

  38. To the SG believers , if you think just because sayaaang joshuas ex communication your church will be purified , please read all the articles . .

    your joash anneh may be a good person but will still hold on to the devilish doctrines of tpm , in reality even sayang joshua also a victim of this cult . is thr is anyone who dont want sex or marriage ..? imagine .

    tpm taught against Gods gift of marriage and its benefits .. . people trapped into it .

    joshua or joash it doesnt make any difference .

  39. admin, so you’re saying you can’t boldly do your good work by showing your face because its a battle against the kingdom of darkness? just say you want to preserve your anonymity to get the dirty, inside- scoop

    • Yea Havoc4777, Admin could be anybody out there, perhaps even an angel or elijah, to bear witness to the truth. Let’s not forget, to destroy the kingdom of darkness, we would need victory & power from above. This ain’t no feat for a mere man, If the pen is mightier than a sword, so is the Word Of God.

      Hebrews 4:12-13
      “…12. For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 13 And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”


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