Singapore TPM is getting murkier by the day and the den of thieves are getting dirtier every day.

Joshua Story till Now

I am sure most of you would have been surprised why we did not carry an article regarding Joshua’s arrest and questioning of Sharon. But here we go with something more than that. If you remember, we had said earlier that Abraham Mathew and Joshua Thiagarajan are close buddies. Abraham will never let go of Joshua even after all this fiasco. He has planned for Joshua to rule by Proxy. Joshua is out on bail.

The plan hatched by these buddies was to put Victor who will dance according to the tunes of Joshua. Surprisingly to them, the puppet strings of Victor landed in another person’s hand who gave him instruction. We are not revealing the name of this other person.

Very soon Victor wanted to assert his authority and send out a few Announcements making it clear who is the boss. I also hear from people that Victor was not even picking up the calls of Abraham Mathew. By these actions, the stress levels in Irumbuliyur shot over the acceptable level. Let’s see what was the last announcement we received from Victor.

Dear Believers,
I am saddened to send this announcement to all believers which have become necessary arising from a series of unpleasant events at our Church recently.

To make sure the safety of all workers and to avoid any more unpleasant occurrences, I have decided to restrict access to the church premise with immediate effect.

Recently, two brothers came by to church and accessed the residential quarters of the brothers and hurled obscenities at the Servants of God. One of them also proceeded to punch one of our worker brothers.
He justified his punching the worker to the lack of adequate support by the brothers to the gross wrongdoings by a Pastor.

Yesterday afternoon a Sister believer was angry at the notice we put up at the gate, tore up the notice and also forcibly snatched the keys from our brother and walked out with her relative, a worker.

We cannot and will not condone such unacceptable behaviour, hence we need to impose some rules to avoid such happenings in the future.

If you would like to come to see us to pray, please do inform us before you come and we will gladly open the gate for you at an appointed time.
During the COVID-19 period, we are required by law to take temperature and record your particulars before admitting you in. We all must comply with Singapore laws.

Believers must comply with the rules I have imposed so that we may be able to maintain peace and order in the church.

We are always here for you and we are praying for you dear brothers and sisters.

We seek your kind cooperation, understanding and prayers in these very difficult times.
To God Be The Glory!

In Christ,
Pastor Victor Leow. Centre Pastor
Pentecostal Church of Singapore

We do not have any reports on how true are the events mentioned above(especially the highlighted portion). Knowing TPM, we have no issue in believing that they can lie through their teeth and twist facts for a wrong perception. After all this, they can act normal.

Abraham Strikes back

Now with Victor cutting off the puppet strings, undoubtedly Joshua and Abraham decided to remove him so that a new puppet can be installed. They wanted someone who will comply with his wishes and also be not exposing the nefarious side of the White Clad gang. So to get this done, Abraham had no issue using his so-called authority to issue an order.

The Chief Thief Strikes back - Joshua Case
Abraham Mathew Circular of Continuing Joshua as the de-Facto head in disguise.

This new guy(Joe Neo) is a junior and is known to be a short-tempered who cannot handle the responsibilities. He is also known to have issues with financial literacy. This is a much important factor so that he can be the fully controlled puppet of Joshua. He too is reported to have the Same Spirit of Joshua and loves to walk outside the sister’s shower area. His usual trips last beyond midnights. The above is provided to us from internal sources within the Cult. In case you need to know how he can bark on behalf of Joshua, just listen to the below clip.


Dear TPM Believers,

Are these the people who you would like to follow? Do you want to imitate their faith?

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Heb 13:7

The Carnal nature of these white-clads are shown when situations like this arise. When they are preaching to us from the pulpit, they can do all the acting. These people are what Jude classifies as Clouds without Rain.

For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about[b] long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

Jude 1:4

He continues to speak about these people in verse 12.

These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. 13 They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever.

Jude 1:12-13

The Choice is yours, you need to decide for yourselves.

Notice that Abraham does not believe the adventures of Joshua in Indonesia as he still classifies it as ALLEGED.. Both Joshua and Abraham are Bosom Buddies.


  1. absolutely @admin, these white washed sepulchers are just roaming around earth, foaming thru their mouths,
    pretending to be holy & corrupting other men while they are full of dead men Jesus Says in Matthew 23:27..”Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, PRETENDERS!, who are like white tombs, which from the outside appear lovely, but from within are full of the bones of the dead and all corruption”.. Judgement day had cometh & had already begun for these naysayers & deceiving lot!

  2. This is divine providence. The highly classified information within the secret alleys of TPM is being splashed for the world to see. The TPM management behaves like a highly corrupt Political party where the equations are purely based on quid pro quo.

    TPM boasts that it is God who gives directions to their Chief Pastor, but fails to explain the appointment and removal of Victor Leow. As the Admin has rightly pointed out the reasons for his removal, one can clearly understand that the powers that be in TPM Headquarters in India want to control the money coffers of Singapore TPM.
    It is very clear that the god of TPM is Mammon.
    TPM is a well oiled corporate set up where monetary profit is the bottom-line.
    Its high time the Customers ( believers) of TPM take note and run out of this dark organization.

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Rev:18:4)

  3. Dear brother Sister,
    Get ready. Prepare yourself. Time is near. Holy Battle 20-20 to start soon. All those on pope Joshua side please stand on left. All those who on pope Victor side, please stand on right. Dont forget below rules as you enter the Singapore Armageddon.

    1) We tpm people will only use white sword to fight with each other. No black sword allowed.
    2) When one of enemy pope die in this battle (Joshua or Victor) we will all say, one more stone added to Zion.
    3) Sister on left side not to be captured by pope of right side of he win.

    1,2,3 start..

  4. Dear Admin,
    An awesome article you publish it.

    “Yesterday afternoon a Sister believer was angry at the notice we put up at the gate, tore up the notice and also forcibly snatched the keys from our brother and walked out with her relative, a worker.”
    This worker sister none than other Bollywood actress is Elizabeth Masih.
    The Bollywood movie was played with her own people. They acted well.
    Only the notorious Jalal families have the advantage to do anything as they wish in SG TPM church.


  5. I sent an immediate thumps up to Elina’s typical picturisation.
    In her picture one can clearly see a battle and in the battle she foretold that a death would happen.Alas,that is really a terrible thing to happen.But we can not help– in any battle,death is imminent.
    Now here comes the Scriptural reference 1 SAMUEL 2nd chapter that came to me as a ready reckoner where the story of Eli,the priest,and his two sons,Hophni&Phinehas was elicited.
    Atleast Eli,could warn his two sons like this:
    “Why do you do such things? For I hear of your evil dealings from all the people.No my sons:it is no good report.that I hear the peope of the Lord spreading abroad.”(23 and 24 verses)
    But he gives a firm warning in the 25 th verse…
    “If a man sins against a man God will mediate for him.But if a man sins against the Lord,who can intercede for him?

    The Bible records the whole events at the very end of verse and rest was the history.

    @…//Notice that Abraham does not believe the adventures of Joshua in Indonesia as he still classifies it as ALLEGED.. Both Joshua and Abraham are Bosom Buddies.//

    It immediately struck me to refer the above verse and meanwhile Elina reflected her comments .
    Eiina,could we count Eli is wiser than than this person whom this EPISODE is clearly marking!
    In the range of 0-10 how many marks you would like to award to Eli and how many marks you would like to give to AM?Thank you.

    • Dare you take brother Joash and brother Caleb’s name with your dirty mouth , you bootlicker of Joshua and Abraham Matthew. The wicked company of Sharon, Joshua, Abraham, kala, Joe Neo, and Jalal family should be kicked out of holy ground of Singapore. Pastor Victor is our center pastor. All others will be kicked out of Singapore. We will see to it.

      • Singapore is holy ground hahahahaa. I knew about brother Joash and Caleb characters. Past 3 years I was in the church I was attending the meeting and also I stay there And Done some ministries works in my holidays. Both are worsened than pastor Joshua.

        • Remember defamation suits can be made against you if no evidence is provided. Lying will get you a spot in hell. So use your words carefully.

        • There’s only that many people in bed with The Joshua in question so wonder which one are you. This is your best shot? Laughable! Just remember, the Bible is very clear that ALL LIARS go to hell. So choose your words wisely.

  6. as what @Liberated, @Redeemed, there’s a saying, the people of God should realize by now that, not everything that appears white means pure & not everything that glitters is gold, know the tree by its fruits, come out of the deception & lies, for how long does the people of God live without knowledge & God warns in Hosea 4:6..”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget”.In these days God is using the internet media mightily for His own purposes & glory. If He could raise sons of Abraham from mere stones, imagine what He had & could accomplish more through this blessed site. This is the final warning, Come out of these den of thieves!

  7. Ceylon pentecostal mission in chennai and south india eventhough they are aware of so many sins in ceylon pentecostal mission church. People are not interested in asking questions. Instead continue going church and live a life without any disturbance. I think they were used to live like that. It means there life is something without responsibility.

  8. just last week since i was on the way out with my son decide to drive pass by this church.. i was shock nt a single soul to be seen. we drove 1 round the church looks so dark n dull dont feel like a church anymore one cannot feel the pressence of God.. some weird strange feeling. sisters kitchen area was locked usually can see 1 or 2 sisters at back gate area doing some kitchen work but now is so gloomy n quieet.. all the shit and disgusting things Joshua and his acompalice have done is reflected on the church.. my honest opinion SG TPM church should just close for good its better for both belivers and the rest of the few handful SOGs who are still doing their ministry with some honesty like sis Joyce Stevens sis Themoli Sis Sandy and Sis Malar poor senior bro roshan bro joahsh was a teenage boy i saw him grow up very polite and helpful boy who helped this church in his youth days i feel for them may the Almighty give them all grace to endure the atrocities by CP abraham and Joshua and his mafia gang.. dont know why the bollywood actress cheif sis now of SG TPM and her dumb dramatic bollywood family is sucking up to the fornicator beast heard Joshua own family his siblings and relatives are disgusted and not supporting him.. there is a reason God is keeping silent for now and letting CP and beast Joshua do wat they feel like WRATH OF GOD is terrible and soon will come upon all those who are supporting this FORNICATOR JOSHUA THIAGARAJAN MASSILAMANI.. look at ammachi sharon now must be even more depressed since she has been demoted..every dog has its day and the day is soon near for all this people supporting and for joshua.. Joshua is a criminal a fornication a cheater shameless buffalo and all his supporters are the same not only Jalals bollywood.. there is another small bunch indian fmily with 3 useless gangster baboon looking sons and 1 daugher heard tat joshua told one of the babaric looking sons to come down and threaten and whack bro joash and bro caleb.. nt sure if police case has been made about this but i hope they willl do it i belive there is truth in a sister believer snatching key and teearing notice is sure from the bollywood Jalal family they are capable THANK GOD I have left this SG TPM church definfiely dont want any of my childresn marriage or child dedication to be conducted by this dirty shameless cleargy

  9. @Shameless SG TPM,

    An excellent expose about this goondas . Is just like how Jesus described in Luke 11 : 17-23.

    Do you have any idea if , sharon chamelon and charles rajoo ever gave to their own family member in cash money to buy a car ?

    • not sure about Pas Charles Rajoo but ammachi sharon definitely supporting her family and her elderly mother with cash and gifts… i have seen her family coming to church empty and going back home waiting for taxi/car outside church with bags full of food and gifts maybe MONEY too.. its possible.. maybe the church funds/accounts have been severely misused and abused by Joshua sending to indonesia victim and many other women or HIDDEN WIFES he is hiding in his sarong and ammachi sharon to her needy family and elderly mother.. the church that i am attending after leaving this cult also practices freewill tithes/donation either we do a bank transfer to church accunt or cheque in the name to church acount.. but this theif in white always take in hand from us and slip into their pockets or small pouch and only God know where this offering money goes to

  10. Joash is polite??? Pls…dont be crazy he is no better.. truthfully over there all the males are out of order only sisters can make it. He is so rude,arrogant he loves to harass worker sisters espcially the younger ones I’ve heard loads of stories how he corner them in the kitchen and loves chatting with sisters. If they they dn like talking to him he will matchmake them with Joshua or give them a hard time. He’s got a serious problem up his head. He was nvr brought up in a proper home enviro he lived with 2 fat clumsies who have their noses up with big bums sitting in their SO great BMW. BIG DEAL im glad he is fired.

    • Be careful of what you say @stooge, you seem to hardly know the facts of what’s really going on in the sing tpm premises, stop the assumptions & if there are any facts associated with Bro. Joash, mention it if not keep your itchy fingers to yourself or you will be liable for undermining the truth, The fact is Bro Joash is still in the sg tpm premises & no one can dare to touch him legally speaking.! Don’t you dare open your dirty mouth & raise your dirty fingers against Bro.Joash on behalf of those fallen clergy who might be behind you!

    • Remember Stooge, lying gets you a spot in hell. And defamation suits can be made against you for maligning and making accusations without fact. At this point, defamation is not something Joshua can claim because the evidence is a clear as day. It’s time you get down on your knees and pray that the good Lord shows you the way before it’s too late. The Truth is out there but at the moment, it’s not with you.

      PS: you might want to change your name to In Bed with Joshua.



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