Now that we know that a Pseudo Centre Pastor is installed In Singapore, he is gotten the wind that the believers are not quite on-board with the Drama Played by the Chief Clergy. Therefore, he was asked to send out a communication to the spineless laity so that the cash flow does not get impacted. He is surely worried that the COVID season has dealt a deadly blow to the TPM Monster.

The following is a communication floating among the SG believers.

Important Announcement

Dear Believers,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Please be informed that Pastor M Joshua Thiagarajan has been suspended w.e.f 10th April 2020 for committing serious wrongdoing against the Church doctrine.

As such, he has been suspended by the Chief Pastor. I was appointed as Centre Pastor w.e.f 19th May 2020 and all churches were accordingly advised by TPM HQ. Please see attached the notification.

His suspension includes not taking any meetings whatsoever, giving sermons or sending religious messages to believers. He’s only allowed to visit at the advice of the Chief Pastor.

He is in breach of Chief Pastors orders and I have not allowed him to do any of the above. Any messages from church will come from me or an authorized Pastor.

1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV
Let all things be done decently and in order.

May God bless you.

In Christ,
Pastor Victor Leow
Centre Pastor
Pentecostal Church of Singapore

CC Chief Pastor
CC Deputy Chief Pastor
CC Associate Deputy Chief Pastor

The True Drama

People who does not know the context might think that this is a great step forward. But Rarely do they understand the game behind the scenes.

From what I understand, this TPM minister by name Victor needs an assistant even to draft this communication. So it’s pretty clear that he is being used by the higher-ups to show that the Joker at the top is cleaning the system. It does not take a second guess to know that Abraham Mathew and Joshua Thiaga are buddies trying to hogwash the hapless laity of Singapore. The communication quotes 1 Corinthians 14:40 which says that everything should be done decently and in order.

Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Cor 14:40

How come these people missed out 1 Corinthians 5 before coming to Chapter 14? So what was the Decency and Order set by the Apostle regarding a sexually immoral pervert in the Church? Was it a Suspension or a Termination/Excommunication?

So when you are assembled and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present, hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh,so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough? Get rid of the old yeast,

1 Cor 5:4-7a

They are backtracking and making an announcement with a retrospective date about some dummy suspension order after 5 Months. How come they did not respond all these while the Trustees and the victim were begging them?

Do you want to know the answer?

Their coffers are getting thinner and they want to fill it again. The conventions are not going to happen anytime soon. Now with this Joshua case lingering in the minds of people, the wallets will not open as it used to do before. These white-clad clergymen did not have the courtesy to ask forgiveness to the Victim or their family. Why would you want to keep a Reynolds ball pen when its ink is over? So they simply used this lull period to discard the victim and their family. Thanks for that. At least they have come to know the value given by the White-clads when you are on the opposite side. I thank God for people who realised it at least now.

They are playing the good cop and bad cop to throw dust at your eyes. Very soon Joshua will be reinstated and this makeshift Victor will be back to the same old pavilion. They will continue with their lecherous ways. These people are not at all contrite. Rather they are trying to save their reputation. For them, this is all part of the business.

TPM Throwing dust in your eyes
A sample of the friendship between Joshua and Abraham


The only reason why Joshua is dealt with Kid gloves is that He can bite back and Abraham will get a bleeding cut which will keep festering to a bigger wound. Anybody else who is not pally with Abraham would have already been on the streets, for the very same crime.


The Drama played by these crooks in white, is plain as the day. They will continue to Steal, Kill and Destroy you.

Have a look at this video where the partners in crime are walking as close associates. This is an excerpt of a video of Pastor Wilson’s Funeral. Gunaseelan the other crook is also closely following the joker pair.

“Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


John 10:10

If you are new to TPM and would like to catch up with the Joshua series, Click here.


  1. Keep it coming Brother Admin, this org has no bounds. When this site was started 4 years back, I’m pretty sure admin brother must have struggled with all sorts of trouble telling the truth reaching out & teaching the real gospel through this platform & your fruits are paying off Brother Admin!, If any of the true tpm believers still planning to stick ard this brood of vipers in spite of these evidences,
    please be their guest as this org is becoming like a sick joke around the world! Rest assured, you are in safe hands of your org, till kingdom come..

  2. ADMN bro, thanks for these valuable updates
    Even the very term ‘DEEP STATE’ otherwise known as ‘RULING JUNTA’ whose existence was felt by the remote control from IBR walls has been vindicated in playing these dramas. They are the masters who has got the art the trickery to control the laity & the clergy as the article correctly depicted about the coffers slowly getting depleted.Hence the DEEP STATE has to enact more dramas.
    The dramas include releasing the VOP,& THE YOUTH HERALD on time with dubious literature that is possible for them only just to hoodwink the public. But, till date no one bothers there why the Malaysia magazine did not see the light of the day for the last 9 months or so. Could be the passing away of brother Barnard Singam has got a telling effect on this cult.Only the site is competent enough to bring the truth into light.
    Its likely that no competent person is available for this RULING JUNTA to hand over the charge of spreading their canards.

    //It does not take a second guess to know that Abraham Mathew and Joshua Thiaga are buddies trying to hogwash the hapless laity of Singapore// —is well said about these drama masters.
    Now the public is slowly waking up to get to know the truths that were veiled so far.

  3. Hi wise people let me tell some dirty secrets behind this clergy system.

    Pastor Victor Leow is a real DUMMY (China uncle) as the dear admin has quoted. Now the self-ordained Chief Pastor of TPM is JOASH V.RAMA everybody knows especially his seniors like other Pastors or Elders are all under HIS command like a slave.

    This recent message or other media announcements are done by him in Singapore.
    The silly believers are bowing to him.

    You know TPM is such when the position is vacant it’s a power crazy game.

    Sa-yang Joshua has been suspended as they claim
    “so-young” Joash has ascended by a strong support from an ex-member who also had a bad immoral past in life himself, now resurfacing to destroy the church.

    • If I can recall, Joash was just a novice worker when we left that corrupt Organization. I agree, that Victor Leow has no ability to communicate effectively whether written or spoken so it has to be Joash but there are also worker sisters that are fluent in English. Kala used to handle the accounts of the church and she is able to.

      TPM is never interested in self cleansing because there isn’t anyone within us qualified to cleanse that organisation. They will not turn to God because God himself cast out their master from heaven for rebellion.

      • Yes I remember this Brother Joash as a novice.
        Apparently he was never treated as one in fact there’s an elderly Brother small built way senior to him he’s a good man I know him before he joined this group.
        Yet he will boss that elderly one around.
        That elderly once told me Joash was very much pamapered and loved by this Ammachi Sharon. I guess there’s lots of favouritism issues among them.

        I know that from those days no worker sisters will help this Victor Leow he has behaved very unseemingly towards many sister’s and yet they are keeping hush about it and made him a centre pastor.

  4. @//Tis a glorious church . without spot or wrinkle//

    Wonderful, what a compliment of the day!
    So shall we have to correct ourselves then?
    You are sure they are not the conglomeration of business buddies.

  5. This Joshau solemnize marriage but he has a hidden wife. Get out of the church and go and get married Joshua. God will not let the church to prosper if you are still in the church.

    • due to his issue alot of families in SG TPM church are against each other now because some families support him and some families against him has caused confilict btwn families in SG all because of disgusitng filthy shameless joshua..

      • From the time of Pastor Sunder Rose, Pastor Sam Paul and many others, Singapore church has had conflicts. Many Pastors and senior sisters left the country with tears in their eyes and grief in their hearts.

  6. An excerpt from Angelica Zambrano’s 3rd testimony of visit to hell:

    We moved to another location. I heard a young man yelling, “Help me Lord! Help me!

    Lord! Help me!” The young man who was yelling had been an evangelist on the earth.

    He also committed fornication. He committed this sin a multitude of times.

    The Word of God wants: “But if they can’t control themselves, they should go ahead and marry. It is better to marry than to burn with lust.” If you are burning with lust, get married. It is better to get married and avoid sinning. If you live in sin and die you will go to hell.

    This young man fell into fornication and went to hell because of it. He was a preacher of God’s Word. This teaches us that we must pray without ceasing and be ever vigilant of the traps of the enemy. The enemy is continually on the outlook for how he can attack the ministries of God’s Word.

    There are millions of demons ready to tempt preachers. It is very important for the church to intercede for its pastors. Not only local pastors, but pastors all around the world, the ministers of God’s Word need protection, because they are continually under attack. You know, it’s not easy to be a minister. We have so many attacks of the enemy. As I walked away from the young man, flames engulfed him and he continued to be tortured. My heart ached for that young man. I still feel bad for him. I share this with you to realize we must obey God’s Word.

    After leaving that location I went to another place. In this location a pastor was burning in torment. This man was holding his hand in a manner in which he seemed to be drinking an alcoholic drink. He was acting drunk. I thought, a drunken pastor in hell?

    He had been a hypocrite in church. This man had pastored a large congregation with multitude of members. The Lord revealed to me, not only had he been a drunk, he was also a liar and an adulterer. Next to the pastor was a demon that appeared to him like a woman. In hell he continued to be a drunk and an adulterer with the demon who tortured him. The man told me. “I was a pastor. I preached God’s Word, but I did not live God’s Word. I would get drunk and I also cheated on my wife. I never repented of my sinful ways.”

    This man knew that God’s Word says that adulterers shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven, neither shall drunkards. Many people on earth preach God’s Word but continue to live in sin. People need to stop sinning and begin to seek God. The pastor told me, “You must warn people not to come to this place. Please, you must warn the churches to escape the flames of hell.”

    The Lord showed me a large screen that showed a part of his life. On earth he would preach while his wife was with him supporting his ministry. He was wealthy and prosperous. But you know what? In hell he no longer had opportunities of salvation. He no longer had the women he had loved on the earth. For all eternity all he had was eternal torment. Torment, torment, torment, this is all he had.

    I was discouraged when I saw how a pastor could end up in hell. I told the Lord, “I don’t want to see anymore, I don’t even want to preach anymore.” The Lord spoke to me and said, “Daughter, you must fulfill my will. You must obey. I will show you why.”


    • We should not be misguided by such false dreams and vision of visits to Hell.
      Remember what Abraham said, in Luke 17:26
      And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed : so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot ; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.
      Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets ; let them hear them.
      And he said, Nay, father Abraham : but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
      And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.
      Without doubt, I don’t think God is so low so that he should take earthlings to Hell to make them believe…..
      No where in the gospels or in epistles have anyone encouraged to visit Hell and spread the message of Hell scenes here.
      When God has fixed a GULF it stays as a Gulf. Only the fallen angels can counterfeit it.

  7. all the marriages Joshua had solemnize during his time as a disgusting centre pastor of SG TPM church have now all end up in divorce and separation.. how can a filthy man like him do blessing for anyone’s marriage and ammachi sharon blaming the poor female victims that their life is not right thats why marriage ended in divorce/separation.. this SG TPM church is famous for matchmaking and servants of god claming I SAW A VISION THIS SISTER MUST GET MARRIED TO THIS BROTHER / THIS BROTHER MUST MARRY THIS SISTER or innocent female/male victims from malaysia church or india church will be made to matchmake with son/daughters of useless hypocrate SG believers who suck up to joshua and sharon ammachi and this servants of God will say what God has joined together let no men put asunder Matthew 19:6 and in the end not even a month or year marriages end up in divorce/separation and they blame oh their life is not right or they did past sins so God has punish the couple but this servants of God wont accept thier mistakes

    • The ‘I saw a vision….’ is very famous. You have to bold and not follow blindly. I have seen a few marriage crumbled because worker sisters pitted daughter-in-law against mother-in-law. Or else, it is the beloved believers poke fire and cast doubts. These people are right hand of the workers. Their lives and that of their children are questionable. I have seen them in social settings. Double wardrobes and double standards.. There are some who apply lipstick and powder their ‘noses’ just seconds before receiving Holy Communion.

      • Are you hinting at the Jalal Family where they have a curse of daughter-in-laws deserting them? People like them who support Joshua and co, should have already known it. But alas, the Blind continues to lead the Blind.

  8. this joshua issue has caused most families in SG TPM church are having misunderstandings.. some famillies still support him 100% running to him giving tithes gifts special food special massage special special advise and counselling to joshua to stay in church oh we will support u pastor ji you are inncocent being framed u did no sin no sin found in you pastor ji zion is destined for u u are without spot wrinkle or blemish pastor ji.. some families are strongly against him and wants him removed from the church as he has abused his authorirty as a centre pastor and made use of innocent women and cheated his hidden wife who was hoping to be his legal wife as promised by him.. all the families who are in support of him are stupid and shameless who have no consious left, rather than taking care of their own families & own children they are sticking with him like Fevicol glue

    • Let Joshua keep cheating but remember the one whom Joshua has cheated will be BLESSED. Now he is also cheating on the Jalal’s family but they will only realize untill they fall into his lying traps.

  9. Ammachi Sharon likes to blame others because she don’t realize she is a DEPRESSED woman. As she says peoples life is not right, is she living a right life?
    She is CRAZY!

    • Hiiii Believer I’m Believer 2,

      Ammachi Sharon has the BIGGEST mouth in the world so don’t tell her anything if you do,
      Bad luck! Cause so many millions of people will come to know your stories…butttt in a more exaggerated manner.

      All in SG church knows about her even internationally also. That she will exaggerate and misinterpret about others and especially matchmaking stories are her BEST gossips on workers and believers.

      She has done many horrible damages to many workers who have passed on and believers as well.

    • @ Believer 2

      ammachi sharon not only have the BIGGEST mouth. but she also have a “skin” of CHAMELEON.
      beware of her. she will change colour on her surrondings.

  10. when ammachi sharon and her gang come for house visit to believer house she or another sister as told by ammachi sharon will call believer house 1 or 2 days before going down to visit to prepare special food like mutton prawns crab.. some poor financial difficult believers cannot even afford a decent meal have no choice but to prepare a feast for this so called going to ZION servants of God.. ammachi now lockdown eat and eat good food cater food from outside poorthing junior worker sister cooking for amaachi sharon special diet menu and not forgetting Joshua enjoying freshly made sandwiches burgers japanese food special food .. wad a good life thats why these 2 shameless creatures doesnt want to leave this church cos of the feasts and luxuries they are enjoying and stupid families/believers who are supporting them are providing food tithes and gifts for them secretly going up to the chucrh when this church is in lockdown and not opened for public or visiting.. during late sis ruth funeral she can beg and shed crocodiles tears to a believer who came to pay respect saying “PLS PLS THAMBI ORDER SOME FOOD POORTHING CHURCH NO FOOD PLS HELP” and they are hell sure ZION tat for them with this kind of aattitude shameless no conscience so disgusting her 1 foot is already in grave sharon ammachi pls turn to the LORD and beg for repentance so atleast ur soul can go to some place in heaven

    • It is a painful thing when we realize that ministers who surrender themself to this full time ministry receive a small dose of the importance of salvation during training and are forever doomed for the rest of their lives to preach a cult’s doctrine.

  11. Q&A session is often found to be the timely tool for solving many of the day to day problems and for other doubts expressed the spiritual realm.
    For the benefit of Singapore congregation at large and for the rest of the followers of this CULT around the globe this following clip will be highly useful I believe.
    This will also serve as a timely help for the reader community too.
    Pl click this link:

  12. Yes true Johnson by the time I left this cult it was the same time during their 2 daughter in law issue Joshua and ammachi Sharon were full aware of all the injustice done was to the poor 2 daughter in laws.. and tat family put all the blamed to poor daughter in law 1 was a Catholic girl converted and took baptism in this church married to the elder son and the other daughter in law was love marriage from our church believer daughter married to the 2nd son.. from what ammachi Sharon told some believers that the 2 sons have abused physically and ill treated the daughter in laws.. 1 son is a divorced backslider the other son is a like a wandering depressed man who still comes to church pretending he is innocent and pure as snow like his beloved pastor Joshua.. but the family has gone round telling to believers their sons have done no wrong and have been cheated by their 2 daughter in laws just like now Joshua issue tis family saying he is innocent and being framed up by the victim at Indonesia.. being related to late Pas Ghulam maybe far distant not close relative.. now I can know why they are die hard fans support for Joshua because he has covered up for their 2 sons and allowed those sinful son and family to take communion from what I know those who abuse divorce ect are to be banned from communion but Joshua did not banned them

    • If Joshua was framed by the victim, then why is Joshua now suspended? Is it because the leaders know the truth about Joshua. I think it is the other way around. After watching the video and listening to Joshua sayang audio only STUPID ones believe Joshua was framed.

    • @ Shameless SG TPM

      Is true Cp Abraham help in second son divorced and told his ex-wife not to take communion and not to attend TPM church ?

      • Oh 2nd son also divorce his wife aiyo yo? just same like the elder bro.. from what I heard n was told by one of their family member they are separated consider null or anullment not divorce as the marriage less than 2 yrs so not staying together considered as separated ..the last I saw the 2nd son wife was during the funeral of his grandmother.. wad a respectable old women who always put her trust in the Lord and never misses attending all the church meetings no matter how sick she is.. but aft her demise the family has thrown shit on the family name oh if only she was alive to see all this how the rest of some of her children and grandchildren are supporting the sinner Joshua.. poor old mother such a nice old lady.. anyways chi chi so disgusting what this family is doing now.. only this family is going the extra extra extra mile for Joshua.. family hv ruin the 2 girls life no wonder early last year onwards didn’t see the 2nd son wife and her family in church anymore.. heard that 1 of her sister was suppose to join this cult for ministry but they was told off to leave this SG TPM church.. such an unfair and unjust treatment for this poor girl and her family..

        • Came to know that there is girl in the Jalal family who at times need help support in walking? Is that true?
          What i also heard that this girl’s mother is gossiper.

        • @ Believer
          The girl’s mother name is Nikkie Meschec. She is so haughty and snob and also she is a gossiper. Do you want to know why she is so haughty and snob ? She and her 3 daughters can speak and write chinese very fluent.
          In 2019, she and her limping daughter which is her elder daughter went to US convention.
          her testimony more like educating SG sunday schools children . She was comparing to USA sunday schools kids with SG sunday schools kid. how about their behavior and character. Highly educated woman alias error brain she is having. Does she think before she said that ?! How hurtful can be for parents when they heard how she testified about their kids and comparing them with another kids.. Every parents have their own way to bring their own children life up.
          And she also comparing USA and SG church. OMG. looks like she got culture shock .LOL….

          Btw, her entire family worship Joshua sayang alias kuda like their own idol.
          Heard that her limping daughter will be getting married. Do you know, who they want their daughter to get solemnize ?
          kuda sayang.

          bottom line these entire Jalal’s families are very snob. Think highly and mighty of themsleves Because they are so proud of their sister, aunty or whatever related to them. Elizabeth Masih is in the ministry.

          Their entire family put their nose in every ministry in SG church. from kitchen to main pulpit. because of the support they got from kuda sayang and his gf elizabeth masih.
          and other cult clergy families members too are easy to poke their nose in any ministries in church .

  13. Looks like a battle between the Malayalees and Punjabis in SG church, Like China and India. Aiyoh!

    Latest news their nearest believers said that Gay Bro.Joash was seen sitting with the sisters during the recent funeral. Gay and Worker Sisters! OMG

  14. Hi! People small built elderly bullied brother told my friend in one phone conversation that Gay Brother Joash should not have come to the ministry.
    One of his parents mentioned that he would have done well now and look after his ailing father.
    His brother is struggling now and looking for a maid-wife after rejecting one good offer lately called off.
    Like a psycho he is having conflict within and without.
    What a mess!

  15. I just wonder why the chief pastor is keeping quite on this matter. even in KL they have not appointed a center pastor. all instructions are coming from the former center pastor Luke. he has already left KL almost 1 year ago and still controlling KL from India. Pastor Joshua Lee should be appointed as centre pastor. why the chief pastor keeping quite about this. somethings are not right here. why must Luke control the affairs of KL from India. what a mess!!!!

  16. Well, the furore consequent to the //Important Announcement ……Dear Believers,….signed by Pas.Victor //
    And the digging of the past issues amongst the believer group was started…………
    And thus to dragging down to the two groups in the congregation,……………………………
    is quite understandable.
    Now whatever clippings like the ones…,…..(through which one could get some relief,I thought) that was posted in this forum is simply a futile exercise I believe.
    In fact the believers groups can come out of the present chaotic situation can get some solace from the prevailing mess by simply paying heed to the Holy Spirit God that speaks to their INNER MAN is hardly cared by them in the present juncture.
    But then the present CHAOS created by the devilish forces should be well understood by them anyhow.It will continue to haunt them because of their they are digging in their nostalgic memories.So, so long as they do not wish to come out of them and come to the Lord with the spirit of forgiveness of their fellow brethren,and with a true spirit of repentance.
    My humble appeal to them is to pay heed to the INNER MAN’S voice and ask the Lord’s forgiveness and for His total guidance to come out of this chaotic situation.
    I remember you all in my prayers dear ones.

  17. @Revelation

    This family you’re talking about have beautiful daughters including the eldest daughter whom I’ve seen Bro.Joash pretending to minister but blushing and flirting with joyfully.

    Also Including the youth sister Cheryl who helps in the music ministry he dotes upon her and many other young girls so im shocked to hear that he is also a GAY maybe works on 2 modes in life.
    A safe mode that no one can suspect.

  18. Dear all,
    So much has been said and written on these Joshua issue.
    I believe, all belivers who are reading on this website knows the matter between Joshua and the victim in Indonesia
    True we all read and get all the information regarding to this story. Many comments and viewpoints are given by the believers and are eagerly waiting for the whole truth to be reveal. These truth can only be reveal and brougth by Joshua himself for he is the main reason in these matter and all other believers will be calm once the truth is out.
    Joshua knows very well these incident has happened,he should not be hidding and denying to all beleivers.

    • Wow.

      So all Courts should just do away with the notion of overwhelming and incriminating evidence, suspend all law enforcement agencies, judges and lawyers and just sit and wait for the suspect to admit to his wrongdoing?

      Just brilliant.

      Thats the problem with most TPM people.

      Most have barely cleared their PSLE ( standard 6 National exams in Singapore) but talk like Neurosurgeons.

      Im grateful that this website is publicising their stupidity for all to witness.

      • Hello Hritik79,
        //Thats the problem with most TPM people.
        Most have barely cleared their PSLE ( standard 6 National exams in Singapore) but talk like Neurosurgeons.

        We tpm people not believe any neuroscientist doctor engineer. Your worldly knowledge no value to us. We believe the deep revelation of our saints only.

        Today Jemmima Akka see vision. She telling god said to her, there big armageddon fight happening in heaven, sky. She tells this in her testimony. Pastor asked everyone to shout hallelujah praise lord loudly. He telling more we shoot more heavenly angels win the battle with the devil.

        Suddenly akka crying with fear. She telling in unknown tongues, my people we losing fight because not praying properly. Then mighty anointing come upon our center pastor . He jumping in air standing. All neighbours ear deaf such loud our pastor shout in mic. Loudspeaker also begin to burst with sound. A big bomb like voice pastor shout. All believers suddenly jumping like a spring in the electric current here and there.

        Suddenly akka seeing a vision that fight won by our angel. Devil lost. god giving a medal to our pastor for helping us win the battle.

        Tell me now, will neuroscientist help in winning heavenly battle like this? Answer me how come doctor engineer much much educated people fight devil in vision/dream, like our saints? Tell me tell me. No answer you have.

  19. @revalation 2
    So it is just like Joshua? Pretending to minister but his eyes was on indonesia victim when she comes to church.
    Now he denying everything and say he was framed. Framed for 3 years??? Doesnt make sense sayang Joshua.

  20. @ believer……// I just wonder why the chief pastor is keeping quite on this matter. even in KL they have not appointed a center pastor. all instructions are coming from the former center pastor Luke. he has already left KL almost 1 year ago//

    See believer brother,he is not the only one chained inside the IBR walls.
    Even Thami Durai (Dubai)& Robin Joshua are giving company to Luke.
    Why are you biased only to KaulaLumpur only?
    Why don’t you show some degree of concern to Dubai & Melbourne based dear ones also ?
    You should also wonder when the MODI(INDIA) govt is going to brace itself to start the International fights,much depends on his govt.Till then you will be under the remote control button from CHENNAI,and under the express command of the RULING JUNTA from IRUMBELIYUR.
    Frankly,no one knows the mind of the JUNTA.
    Match FIXING AM & Joshua was already in vogue brother.
    Tomorrow Cp AM may send the tainted man Joshua to KL,it will not be a surprise.
    Be prepared for it.Because anything is possible with this RULING JUNTA.
    Till that time relax,dear believer brother.

  21. Jalal’s families and their children life aren’t questionable.
    With their clothing to church. Some of them even came with clothes shouldn’t be wear in church.
    like Nikie’s daughter is allowed to wear short dress. And rest of girls in their Jalal’s families have a “special” privileges to wear clothes.
    And here, their beloved aunty Elizabeth, educating women how to wear clothes. LOL.

    once I wore clothes . Like how normal people . wear to church. I received a call from her . And she was educating me.

    Have she forgotten to educate her beloved nieces ?

    Message for Jalal’s families. Before pointing your fingers to others. Mirror your life first.


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