I know you should not be expecting much from a Cult which does not know what is the New Covenant of Christ. They have mixed up the Old and the New causing the wine bottle to crack up and leak all over. The New Dummy pastor of Singapore treated his believers with a funny message.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Even on this Sabbath day, let us remember that God has set us apart to be holy unto him and enjoy the divine rest of God. May God bless you.

Pastor Victor Leow, Centre Pastor, Pentecostal Church of SIngapore.

Remembering the Sabbath is an Old Testament Commandment which has been fulfilled if you have entered into the Rest of Christ. Therefore, Unless you have some alliances with the Seventh Day Adventist Cult, you should not be going back from what God has already given to you.

Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. 17 These are a shadow of the things that were to come; THE REALITY, HOWEVER, IS FOUND IN CHRIST.

Col 2:16-17

People who do not read and understand the scriptures deserve these kind of Blind Guides. It is God’s Judgement on people who throws his Son under the bus.

The Undiscerning Laity and their Fake leaders

TPM members proudly claim that theirs is the best church. And if you were to ask any TPM member the reason for their claim, they will, with a sparkle in their eyes say “We are the best church because our Workers (TPM Clergy) are Celibates”. They will further elaborate and claim that their White Clad Workers are the 1,44,000 standing on Mount Zion with the Lamb.

TPM Clergy has systematically built up the aforesaid notion through their Pulpit preachings, Sunday school lessons, Songs and most importantly their Publications. The blind TPM believers, unlike the Bereans, never open their scriptures to ascertain the truth. It is beyond the TPM believers’ imagination to think that their “holy white clads” can be wrong.

We have endeavoured to tell the blind believers of TPM that they have been taken for a ride by the false teachers of TPM, who have left no stone unturned to keep their supremacy over their blind believers. Once again we would like to enlighten our readers that TPM manipulators misquote sincere Christian Authors to validate their erroneous doctrine.

The Poignant Misquoters of TPM

Sample the following excerpts from a TPM publication that uses a Non-TPM Christian Author to validate their Celibacy Doctrine:

Robert H. Mounce in his analysis of the Book of Revelation says “A number of commentators understand John to be describing the 144,000, as an elite group of saints who have attained the utmost in spirituality by renouncing marriage with its detracting sexual relationships. They are celibates and virgins. That certain segments of the early church came to exalt celibacy is perfectly true. Jesus had spoken with approval of eunuchs (Matt 19:12), and Paul wished that all men possessed the gift of continence so as to serve without hindrance the cause of Christ (1 Cor: 7:1; 7:32)

An Exposition of the Book of Revelation, Publication No.2 , 3rd Edition, Page 162

Any common man reading the above excerpts will believe that Robert H. Mounce also sided with the celibate lifestyle.

Now please go through the entire observation (given below) of Robert H Mounce to understand how TPM has cherry-picked (highlighted) and misrepresented the intended meaning of the author to prove that their celibacy doctrine is correct. The section which was extracted out of Context by TPM Writers is highlighted.

The 144,000 are now described under three figures intended to reveal both who they are and what characterizes them: they are virgins who have not defiled themselves with women; they are followers of the Lamb, and they are firstfruits purchased from among men.

The first figure has occasioned considerable discussion.

. A number of commentators understand John to be describing the 144,000 as an elite group of saints who have attained the utmost in spirituality by renouncing marriage with its detracting sexual relationships. They are celibates and Virgins. That certain segments of the early church came to exalt celibacy is perfectly true. Jesus had spoken with approval of eunuchs (Matt 19:12), and Paul wished that all people possessed the gift of continence so as to serve without hindrance the cause of Christ (1 Cor 7:1; 7:32).

As early as the second century, Marcion had established a church solely for celibates. Origen, the great theologian and apologist, was said to have castrated himself to ensure chastity. The major difficulty with this interpretation, however, is that it implies that sexual relationships within marriage are defiling. This is contrary to the clear teaching of the NT. From the beginning, God made male and female for one another (Gen 2:18-24), and what he has joined in holy wedlock no one is to separate (Matt 19:4-6). 1 Corinthians 7 notwithstanding, Paul held marriage in such high esteem that he could use it as an illustration of the intimate relationship between Christ and his church (Eph 5:31-32).

Another interpretation takes the words in a more figurative sense and understands the 144,000 to be those who have kept themselves from adultery and fornication. They are virgins in the sense of having never entered into immoral relations with the other sex. While chastity was a highly regarded virtue in the Christian community, it should not be elevated to the distinctive mark of the redeemed in heaven.

Book of Revelation Commentary by Robert H Mounce, Section VL:F, Page 202

When we read the complete explanation from the horse’s mouth we come to know that Robert H Mounce clearly says that it is unbiblical to imply that sexual relationship within marriage is defiling and that chastity should not be elevated to the distinctive mark of the redeemed in heaven.

Did you notice how TPM manipulators are plagiarizers who purposely publish half-truth?

Now that misrepresenting the author’s ideas or main points amounts to plagiarism, will the present número uno of TPM, Pastor Abraham Matthew rectify this blunder? Or will his Deputy, MT Thomas, who leaves no chance to advertise TPMs extra-biblical publications, make an amend in the next Convention?

But Why did they Plagiarize?

  • When the Chief himself confesses that he is a Kleptomaniac, you should not expect anything better. Remember the Plagiarization by their Late Chief, T U Thomas? T U Thomas has confessed at many places that he had Kleptomania. Sadly the thing never left him. He spread it within the cult.
  • They did this because their Doctrine of Zion (The Celibacy Doctrine) promulgated from the deep pits of hell by a sexual pervert called Alwin De Alwis is a doctrine of the devil (as per 1 Tim:4:1-3) and has no scriptural backing.
  • They did this because they are false prophets and false teachers who secretly bring in destructive heresies (2 Peter 2:1-2).
  • They did this because their false Doctrine of Zion helps them to have supremacy over their so-called “defiled by marriage believers” on this earth as well as in heaven.
  • They did this because they cause division in the body of Christ. We are all Kings and Priests unto God through the washing of our sins by the Blood of Jesus Christ (Rev 1:5-6) but TPM’s Zion Doctrine claims that only their white-clad workers are priests unto God.
  • They did this because they are proud and exclusively exalt themselves on to Mount Zion like Lucifer who wanted to sit upon the Mount of the Congregation (Isa 14:13)

Dear Readers please don’t be snared by the false doctrines of TPM but be spiritual.

The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments,

i Cor 2:15

Kindly discern your white-clad TPM clergy and ascertain whether they walk as per the instructions of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Matt 20:25-28.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister, And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many

Matt 20:25-28

Did you ever notice their deception? They call themselves “Minister-in Charge” and “Servant of God” but …………

  • When did you last see your “Minister-in-Charge” sitting on the same type of mat as the believers in a meeting?
  • When did you last see your “Servant of God” cleaning his room and washing his clothes instead of outsourcing it to the sisters or a poor believer boy?
  • When did you last see your “Minister-in-Charge” standing in a queue to pay the electricity bill?
  • When did you last see your “Servant of God” serving food to a poor old believer in your Faith Home instead of being served special dishes in a separate tray?
  • When did you last see your “Minister-in-Charge” being given the same type of food and accommodation like the believers in a convention?

These so-called ministers are a burden on this earth. They should at least learn from the worldly Ministers of the Government. Click here to see how a government minister cleans the toilets when in need.


TPM workers are epitomized as in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

2 Cor 11:13-15

The onus is now on the believers to see the writing on the wall and save yourself from following the destructive ways of TPM manipulators and being a partaker of their evil deeds before it is too late.  (2 Peter 2:1-2; II John 1:9-11)


  1. @Admin

    Please mention the reference Colossians 2:16-17.
    For those readers whom you’ve written this article for. Because many of your readers are still available in the condition of “brain-re setting” (as they’ve been brainwashed by TPM).

    This is a supportive video for any one who has questions regarding “Sabbath”:

    • This man dr. gene kim appears weirdo.. He has some crazy YouTube video titles. Just another joker entertaining innocent emotional Christians who lack brain.

      • @Dominic
        Let me clarify something with you.
        There are two types of preachers
        1. Those who have something to say, & they use the Bible as “Secondary means” to say whatever they have to say- people commonly know these sermons as “Non- Scriptural Indoctrination”

        2. There are those who preach the “Bible” as the message, and they re-iterate the message given in the Bible.

        There are four types of Christians:
        1. There are those who do not read the Bible, do not understand the Bible & nor obey it- unsaved/worldly Christians
        2. There are those who do read the Bible, do understand it but doesn’t follows it- Hypocrites
        3. There are those who do read the Bible, don’t understand it yet ‘Blindly’ follow it – Manipulated Christians or Brainwashed Christians
        4. There are those who read the Bible, do understand it & follow it- True Christians.

        Regarding Dr. Kim, I have not seen all of his videos, but on this specific video regarding “Sabbath”, he has a deeper understanding then TPMites.
        (Oh & I never said to subscribe to his YouTube channel either!)

  2. Brilliant article my brother admin! kudos & may the blind followers of tpm be richly blessed by this site’s exposition & wonderful truths hidden gems in the Word of God.I like this quoting from the book that admin quotes..”Paul Held Marriage In Such High Esteem That He Could Use It As An Illustration Of The Intimate Relationship Between Christ And His Church (Eph 5:31-32)” ..May the truth prevail & may the blind followers of tpm have their long forgotten weary eyes be opened to know that these false apostles & false teachers are the very ones that had been written about that will appear in these days, Be awake!

  3. @ Admin

    Sorry to say this . . ..

    Not only cherry picking of the verses , infact lots of cherry popping of young brothers and sisters over the years .

  4. Dear friends,
    I am a ex-TPM guy from TPM St Thomas Mount, Chennai. I grew up there from childhood till age 22 (1994) . The Lord opened my eyes and I left TPM. I still love the clergy and believers of TPM but I cannot go there anymore because i am married to a CSI lady and also find CSI better than TPM. The average CSI pastor is more humble than an average TPM Pastor. Now I make a strange request. In all these years I have missed the TPM sambar and i request anyone who knows the recipe to post it on this thread so that I may enjoy rice, sambar and cabbage TPM style. BTW I am aged 47 years now.

    • Hi Samuel James,

      Tpm sambar recipie below:

      Step 1. Come to our church.
      Step 2. We feed you with our Alwyn manna.
      Step 3. Then you give our Ammachi little little thousand money.
      Step 4. Ammachi become happy. She ask akka to make food for you.
      Step 5. You sit down on mat waiting for food.
      Step 6. Suddenly food coming in your direction. This food has 2 egg + 1 fried fish + 2 banana + 2 vegetables + 1 rice bowl + rassam + sambar.

      But this food not for you.

      Step 7. A new food plate comes. It only has one rice plate with 2 spoon sambar. This for you.

      This true tpm recipie. It made in Zion..

      • Haha. I have witnessed this scene countless times sitting after TPM church service waiting for Sunday school teachers meeting come to an end and sunday classes to begin. Thank you Elina for the recipe, I’d rather eat the sambar my caring wife makes.

    • To Samuel James, I am also CPM beliver since birth i.e., 1980s . Here in this forum we cry for the irreparable loss with severe pain. I really wonder about your anxiety to have sambhar rice in cpm. Here in this forum we lament and became mentally retarded because of Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church. I say the most cursed food in this earth is the food served in Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church. Food comes to blessed human beings. There are so many varieties of sambar rice across Tamil Nadu. Everyday if you start tasting you shall really enjoy. Please don’t say Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church sambar rice is good, because behind the making sambar rice in Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church there so many tears, so many DEATHS, so many shame, so many irreparable loss.we being humans today, consider ourselves as a walking dead body. Such a gruesome story we have in our lives. This forum is full of tears. This forum is full anger against the false doctrines and irresponsibility of Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church pastors and sisters. If you are eating sambar rice in Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church. It is a cursed food you should not eat. Eat the food from the hands if your parents. Eat the food with your family members. Only cursed humans will have food in Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church.

  5. Not only on the Back page,you go to the TESTIMONY page,Sis Jayanthi K.was explaining her trauma of suicidal thought, curiously she was met by classmate who says to her “Jesus is good.Why do you have thoughts of suicide in your heart?”
    Pl ponder over here and meditate for a minute.
    All that we have to assume about a classmate who becomes her fortune teller and palm reader………because she tells about her classmate in her own words (page no 12..top end ..right side)..Observe her writing…
    “As the thoughts of my heart had been revealed to her,I began to think her God must be real God.She took me to her church.When the servants of God fasted and prayed for me,I was delivered from the evil power which was ruining my peace,giving pain in my body and making me unable to concentrate on my studies.”
    Here is the catch 22 context that the editor of VOP Thambi Thurai was caught.
    He would thus mesmerise the reader that Sis Jayanthi would find a classmate who would read her mind.
    Secondly the reader should think in the subconscious mind,that her classmate would invariably take her to TPM,and the servants of God mentioned there must be attributed (purported to be/implied to be)
    belonging to TPM only.
    Here the tactic is… editor of this VOP vehemently controls the mind of the reader right from the beginning(of the testimony).May be, if we ask for the truth from Sis Jayanthi,the truth will come out(if at all she would like to confide).
    But with whom she would confide?
    So long as she dwells within the walls of IBR,she would never dare to confide her real life story.Only after she comes out the fact would be known.
    Like this,every part of the TESTIMONY would be having many gaps,and the reader had to re discover himself/herself adjust to the frame of mind of the editor of VOP. The new reader would be made to think to certain standard paraphernalia of the CULT.
    So at the end of the story,full time ministry (f.t.m) would be linked.
    Here in this case of Sis Jayanthi,you read her words…”Thereafter I was urged through God’s Word to serve God.The Lord helped me to count worldly riches as nothing and join the f.t.m to suffer with God’s people.
    Finally the reader would be brainwashed thoroughly and be left in the vacuum to have a space walk…….
    Note:we do not know for sure whether these TESTIMONY columns are handled properly true to the letter and spirit of the individual’s conscience.To know that one must be endowed with the wisdom of Solomon.

  6. Reality check will tell us that the mass majority in TPM are influenced and controlled by a small group of staunched hard core senior believers. The clergy themselves do not make themselves easily accessible to all believers. They cherry pick who they wish to rub shoulders with. There is massive gossiping and slandering within the clergy about believers. I heard it myself and it came from a senior Sister who without shame it fear actually whispered to us about a certain believer and her family who were in the same prayer line as us.

    I did not put much thought into that then but irked to think that this women prophesies every week and yet speaks of others in such a way. I’m sure she would have done the same against my family with others. It’s amazing Pastor Victor Leow is now the centre pastor for Singapore. Truly TPM is short of capable and God fearing pastors. Was wondering if FromTpm God his surname wrong. It used to be Wong and not Leow. Maybe I am wrong.

    As much as we try and I’m not saying stop trying but most TPM believers after knowing the truth still choose to be defiant out of foolish pride to leave a church they believe is God given. God gave the church the Word of God and not the Consecrated Ministry of TPM.

  7. @..//The clergy themselves do not make themselves easily accessible to all believers. They cherry pick who they wish to rub shoulders with.//

    You are right on spot.

    For this reason,even these half educated clergy would hand over the duty of editing/and producing the proxy testimonies and articles also of their magazine ministry into the hands of those who they wish to rub shoulders with.
    Take it a classic case of Thambi Thurai. He is only a proxy.Some one well educated will be entrusted with the editing the work.

    //As much as we try and I’m not saying stop trying but most TPM believers after knowing the truth still choose to be defiant out of foolish pride to leave a church they believe is God given//.

    Haven’t you heard the verse 2 THESS 2:11 that has often been repeatedly referred in these columns brother?
    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

  8. The dust covered Bible crying aloud ” READ ME” says it all and is the root of all the problems.
    Much of the issues would have been sorted out if people would just be humble enough to read & follow the scriptures.
    One quick example which came into my mind was a “iPhone” which many people have.
    Only those who have read the operating instructions are aware of all functions and can benefit from the equipment 100%.
    Rest will just use it with brief knowledge of using a similar equipment earlier or depend on someones half cooked advise.
    Paul right said in Romans 10:2 that ” For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
    As a start for those interested in starting the real bible reading, I will like to recommend a practical solution which worked for me; i.e. remove all those fancy looking thin pocket bible with magnifying glass & leather chained covers and go for large print reference bibles and start your notes. You will notice the difference.
    Ray Comforts way of doing this is quite impressive and no doubt is the reason for his blessed ministry.

      • @NNSTF @ Redeemed
        We working hard on our tpm bible. It complete in 40 day 40 night. Pastor MT write this bible with his own fingers on two tables of stone.

        Our bible divided into 3 parts.

        1) New Zion Testament: only unmarried people can read this part. It only having few chapters ,(Rev 14:1-7, Matthew 19;11, Exodus 19;15). We remove I Corinthians 7;9 which say, it better to marry than burn. We also remove books like Timothy pastoral epistle ( I timothy 3:2) and doctrine of demon (I timothy 4:3) verse.

        2) Old Jerusalem Testament
        All tpm believer can read. It made up of chapter on tithes (lev 27;30) on first page. Chapter 2 made of Acts 5, Ananias Sapphira killed not giving church all your land. Tabernacle of faith home Exodus 25-40. It also has four gospels. Gospel of Alwyn. Gospel of Paul Ramkuty. Gospel of T U Thomas. Gospel of perfection. It end with book of deeper DDT revelation.

        3) New Earth Testament : This 3rd part of our bible. It other church can read it. It written with white ink on white pages. All white.

  9. Hello! Friends, the new dummy Centre Pastor does not know how to give a benediction.

    We saw at the 2 funerals on the same day that Gay boy Joash was whispering softly behind his ears.
    So odd but shameful.

    So this Gay boy Joash must be the one promoting SDA teachings to TPM.

  10. Suniraash bro ,it is a sheer wake up call to all the FENCE SITTERS who are closely observing the events through this site.We are leaving it to their FREE WILLIf they do n’t dare enough to take the call of their inner man it is entirely upto them.They need to utilise this golden chance to come out and run out of this BEAST asap.Well if they lose this chance we can not help.
    2 THESS 2:11 will into play.We wish them all the best.

  11. Suniraash….
    while everyone was at the funeral the latest news that I was told by a worker Brother was that Titus brother, David the backslider came to meet Sayang Joshua in his cave.

    He brought him down to bless his new car. Still being sought after although in hiding.

  12. How do you understand the passages on eunuchship, on it being better to be single than married in pursuit of God? Does the scripture encourage some to live that life, even if it is not for all?

    • The bigger picture of the passage is seen in verse 26 where Paul clearly says about the time they were in. They were undergoing a crisis because of persecution.
      Verse 8 and 9 says it all. It is better to marry than to Burn with Passion. Clearly, it means that if you are created in a way where you do not feel an attraction to the opposite sex, then you may stay unmarried. It is NOT saying that a person who has attractions and passions will become a Eunuch if he remains unmarried. That kind of twisted teaching is a TPM teaching and Events like Joshua Thiagarajan are just external symptoms of it.

      This is an event(narrated to me) that happened in the near past. TPM, as usual, try to canvass people to join their cult and be their minister. In one such incident, the young man said that he has passions and attractions and that would make his life difficult if he joins TPM. As a reply to him, Pastor Luke said that, IN TPM Ministry, you do not have to worry, you can fulfill that desire too. They just want people to get into their evil cult anyhow. This is the kind of corruption we see. IS THAT THE EUNUCH Ministry?

      • @Admin

        //The bigger picture of the passage is seen in verse 26 where Paul clearly says about the time they were in. They were undergoing a crisis because of persecution//.

        Precise Bible interpretation, expected from someone who once taught in Bible Seminary. Sir, as far as I understand, the Church was being persecuted Since the Time of Ceaser Caligula. However, 1st Corinthians was written around AD 56, and during that time Caeser Nero ruled over the Roman Empire. What you described was something I read it in a book By Thomas Hale “Applied New Testament Commentary” well I read that in another Language.

        Is it possible for you to share your point of View for “Porneia”??
        I just find out that due to multiple translations we have lost the meaning what Bible actually was trying to Say. Especially Regarding 1 Corinthians 7:2

        When I read another commentary on Matthew. In MT Ch19, Jesus was asked a question regarding Marriage & Divorce. He explained, afterward, Disciples said, if marriage might usually end in “divorce”, It’s better not to marry (If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry), but stay Single. Then Jesus corrected them by “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given.”

        >>The irony is ‘No-One’ except The Thrice Holy GOD, can know whom – It Has been Given! (Not, Paul Ramakutty, nor Alwin De Alwis, nor CK Lazarus, nor TU Thomas, nor Wilson Joseph, nor Wesley Peterm nor MT Thomas, nor Sam Sundar or any other person can know it)

        This is a very beautiful article, explaining what we should’ve understood.

        // TPM, as usual, try to canvass people to join their cult and be their minister. // Please, do note that their worship style is also one of the issues. I was watching “Missionary Spencer Smith” explaining repetitive song cause a strong “Euphoria” (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN10QNiAPE0); it’s not from God. If anyone can record and put the video on YouTube of IYC or any Conv. then they can explain- the Spirit working in TPM might not be HOLY SPIRIT, but KUNDALINI. Sign of Kundalini spirit: Erratic body movement, which explains why many TPMites Pastors Jumps. And during this time, they ask a question to youth- especially teenagers- As Christ Died for you, what will you do for Christ? What their expected answer is: You should die for Christ! Or Should I Say, die for Christ as in Join the TPM ministry.

        Do you know why they ask this to teenagers? Because they can be easily manipulated! And Girls/Females do become adults at the age of 18, however, their “mind” it’s usually(Should I say always) filled with emotions, that can be explained by their decisions.

        Dear Admin, kindly make three different articles on “Porneia”, an explanation of 1 Corin 7, and if it’s possible: How to Worship God? & what to sort of Music to use during Worship. Thing is “Cessationism” & “Continuationism”, I believe in Both. I will give you the reason. Why?

        Cessationism: involves a Christian theological dispute as to whether spiritual gifts (Apostolic) remain available to the church, or whether their operation ceased with the Apostolic Age of the church (or soon thereafter) And The Revelation of the Word of God.

        Continuationism is a Christian theological belief that the spiritual gifts have continued to the present age, specifically, those sometimes called “sign gifts”, such as tongues and prophecy. Continuationism as a distinct theological position arose in opposition to cessationism.

        >>I started reading many articles from this site since 24, March’20. And I have seen that what the Bible describes as “True Prophets” are unheard of! Since the Reformation, the reason being “False prophets”
        glorifies themselves or their denomination, and “True Prophets” like Moses, glorifies God-only.
        >>”False Prophets” brings heresies & subtly denies Christ(2 Peter 2:1) , “True Prophets” revelation regarding Christ (Rev 19:10;).
        >>”False Prophets” brings “Non-Scriptural Indoctrination” and they bring deceit of their Hearts and mislead people, And “True Prophets” relies on “Sola Scriptura”.
        >>Due to the above point, only when Gospel is preached, only then God performs miracles in his sovereign will – in his time.
        >>Now, in 1 Corin 14 it’s clearly mentioned, Interpretation of Tongues is mandatory to be in the Church, ironically “No-one” has ever heard of a Single “interpretation of Tongues”. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRtNm1qppYg: One of the reasons, is Cessationism asks how much of ‘each’ word of in Tongues is Biblical! that’s why it’s disliked in Pentecostal Circles, in IYC anyone can literally see how many of them are Hypocrites!]
        >> In Ephesians 5:19 is also a passage regarding worship, nowhere in NT repetitiveness of words are recommended. however, in TPMites use in Nehemiah (in of the Languages Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam Passage read they worshipped God after repetitiveness Song Chorus) and that’s why TPMites use that portion to Justify their repetitiveness of Song Chorus.

  13. @ADMN…//As a reply to him, Pastor Luke said that, IN TPM Ministry, you do not have to worry, you can fulfill that desire too. They just want people to get into their evil cult anyhow//.

    It is a very aweful lot of news that drove more live skeletons rolled out of this CULT as everyday passed by.
    (Thank God, he is now imprisoned in the IBR WALLS as this pandemic still persists along with two others(MELBOURNE& DUBAI) who happened to come to CHENNAI Con,COVID-19 came into force and locked them up..At least I presume so.May be someone can correct me if my presumption was wrong.)

    Oh,what a horrible,distasteful,unethical,illegal ,immoral,amoral statement he uttered !,
    Who will save him then?
    JESUS certainly, if at all they come to the throne of grace.
    Will they ever come?
    Many times I read in this forum that these people were not BORN AGAIN.

    What a correct statement made there.!!!!!

    In the year 2003,I attended KELLEY BIBLE STUDY conducted by this man of this CULT.
    That was a way back in my bad olden days that I sailed through this ORGN.
    The subject was:AAVI AATHMA SAREERA ,a 5 day meeting held at a college play grounds under aegis of KELLY’S f.h in CHENNAI.Still I possessed those 5 cassettes.It is time for me
    to destroy and burn those material
    Oh,what a great fool I was then to have glued myself to this man’s utterances on EUNUCH Ministry!

    I profusely thank my Lord who showered His abundant grace to me in due season.
    He redeemed me from the clutches of these rogue doctrines that haunted me all along .My Lord led me to the exit path by firmly acquainting me with this site.

    KUDOS to ADMN bro and his ever battling team.

    God allowed this pandemic COVID-19 to have swept across the whole globe only to assist you and your team to bring out more skeletons into light.

    • //God allowed this pandemic COVID-19 to have swept across the whole globe only to assist you and your team to bring out more skeletons into light.//

      @EE, it’s just amazing the work of the Holy Spirit these days, ever since covid started when it swept across the world, The Holy Spirit started His work of bringing light into the hidden word of God..& also Luke 8:17 & Matt 10:26 says nothing that is hidden which will not be brought out into the light..times have changed just in the last few years when this blessed site started & esp during covid, God had raised up true prophets & teacher likened to our admin bro..who prior to covid were hidden but were being prepared for this period of time .. coming to think about it, this Joshua story first hit theses pages like wildfire right smack when covid started back in March 2020..& the mega famous pastors & preachers whom we also know had been reduced to nothing, as word says, he has indeed pulled them all down from their thrones & set the lowly on high! Amen..these prophets are the ones that God is using mightily in these last days before He Comes to perfect the church from errors & heresy in doctrines & practices.. It’s just simply amazing to see the work of the Spirit these days..

  14. @ChristMySaviour…//the mega famous pastors & preachers whom we also know had been reduced to nothing, as word says, he has indeed pulled them all down from their thrones & set the lowly on high! Amen..//

    Well said dear brother.

    What amazed me was when these mega famous pastors & preachers were on their way to INDIA ,in the guise of attending CHENNAI CON during March’20,they were herded en mass and were brought to IBR walls and were under locked down since March ’20 as you ‘ve stated.
    In came COVID-19,in the form of an OCTOPUS first captured them who came Malaysia,Australia & Dubai.The Octopus has got few more extra arms to catch and imprison the others who came other areas also. That is what exactly being seen in IBR.The ruthless RULING JUNTA is remote controlling S’pore church by issuing such notices.Tomorrow they have to preach to the empty hall and stands only.

    Look at the mighty works of the Lord happening around the globe now.
    *No OLYMPICS now,(Japan had to shut down and postponed them to the year 2022)
    *No IPL games now( they are planning to play at empty stands,at Sharjah,Dudai& Abudhabi)
    *No football matches(all are getting played at empty stands only)
    *No grand slam tennis matches now .(empty stands only-The CZECK republic great champion got frustrated and were seen hitting the ball straight to the umpire.what a horrible sight was it!)
    *No mega meetings now in all its 4 INTERNATIONAL conventions of this BEAST now.
    (The OCTOPUS has already stretched its arms at IBR (CHENNAI-INDIA) KOTTARAKARA(INDIA)&PENSYLVANIA(US) followed by KOKKAWILA.(Sri Lanka)

    The OCTOPUS next arm is planning to catch the KOKKAWILA this year too.
    This BEAST has to play to empty halls at KOKKAWILA & MATTAKKULIA areas.Covid-19 would ask for commissioning for more mini OCTOPUSES to catch and arrest BEAST’s meetings all over the globe now.)
    Isaiah’s prophetic words are coming true now.
    Yes brother you are now graded in the watchmen list. How come I missed you earlier?
    just as I gathered a few names the other day,you are joined the select band of the watchmen.
    Let us be ever vigilant & be watchful about this BEAST and let us strengthen the hands of ADMN & team who do the relentless battles 24×7. Amazing battles are ahead.Let the grace of the Lord be with us.

  15. //Yes brother you are now graded in the watchmen list. How come I missed you earlier?
    just as I gathered a few names the other day,you are joined the select band of the watchmen//

    @EE, Thank You My Dear Brother Eagle’s Eye for acknowledging & adding me as a member of the watchmen list, Thanks for the recognition too as I believe this is led by the Spirit too.. It’s a privilege to be part of the watchmen list! Appreciate it! indeed our admin bro & team needs our strength collectively to do this blessed & mighty work by God’s Grace.


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