I have dealt with people of Many cults including the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists and other minor cults. The difference between these cults and TPM is that TPM is slightly more advanced. They exhibit all the trappings of a Christian group and we need to scratch deeper to know the perversions in it. Even their erroneous doctrines have a coat of Christianity. Let us see How the Seared Conscience of a TPM Fanatic becomes the weapon for his own destruction.

This site is extensively dealing with many of those perversions. To add to the list of corruptions, we think it is important to add this section to show how demonic possession works in TPM Believers.

The Story of TPM’s Good Conscience

This is a story about Conscience alteration in TPM. Remember how they lie through their teeth and still act holy? For a start,

  • Click here to know about one of their stalwart sisters trained others to LIE
  • Click Here to know how T U Thomas Plagiarized a book of another author shamelessly.

We all know how they make their folks confess before the Holy Communion to tell that they have a Good Conscience before God and Man. But do you know what is the Good Conscience in TPM Vocabulary?

As per my understanding and involvement with TPM for all these decades, I have known that a Good Conscience in TPM Vocabulary means

  • To defend and ignore the sins of their clergy.
  • To NOT Question the actions of their clergy
  • To act Holy even if you have all the wicked things in your life.
  • To become enemies with them who question the Clergy and the wicked doctrine of TPM.

Now I am not saying this just for the sake of it. I have experienced it through and through. Let me show you one comment by one of such fanatic who even goes to think the act of Fornication and Deceit by their clergy is a lesser sin which can be washed away without any repentance and reconciliation.

The Seared Conscience of a TPM Fanatic

Notice the highlighted portion in Yellow – the last line. Notice the way his conscience is altered to defend the wicked deeds of their Clergy. He is just a representation of the cult. Jesudas Devadhas is not an anomaly. Right from their Chief Pastor to the little sister is of the same DNA. They justify their evil deeds and make statements like this to show it as a small issue. He says Fornication and adultery is an ORDINARY SIN. Which clearly also means that the Believers and Clergy of TPM indulge in it and considers it ORDINARY.

Whatever happened to verses like the below ones?

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not Be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

1 Cor 6:9

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

1 Cor 6:18

In the case of Joshua, he not only sinned against his own body, but he violated the body of a woman by DECEIT. With the Zion Bound 144,000 issuing them an entry pass to New Jerusalem, they think it is their duty to defend the Scoundrels like Joshua. For them, the scriptures can take a back seat.

Christian Justification

Christ justifies us before the Father NOT BY LYING or MINIMIZING our sins. He took the punishment of our sins on his own body and gave us the gift of being Justified.

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Rom 5:1

How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?

Heb 9:14


Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, with a hot iron.

1 Tim 4:1-2

Paul identifies those who have a seared conscience in 1 Timothy 4:1–2: In this passage, we learn three things about false teachers who lead others into apostasy: 1) they are mouthpieces for evil spirits since they promulgate “things taught by demons”; 2) they are hypocritical liars since they wear a mask of holiness but are full of falsehood, and 3) they are unscrupulous since their consciences have been cauterized.

william ewart gladstone quote lbj7j8a The Seared Conscience of a TPM Fanatic

This explains much. How can false teachers lie with no shame and spread deception with no compunction? Because they have seared consciences. They are past feeling that lying is wrong.

Needless to say that the GOOD CONSCIENCE OF TPM is, in reality, an EVIL CONSCIENCE BEFORE GOD.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isa 5:20



  1. Hello,
    Brother Jesudas Devdhas spoke true. He Very very right. Adultery only small sin in tpm.

    Adultery murder sodomy all small small sins inside our tpm church. Because such mistakes regularly happen in our church. But that sin very big sin, that not happening regularly. Wearing red dress not regularly happening. Therefore that very big crime.

    One day, Akka come to my home. She see me in red dress. Suddenly she become angry over my unholiess. She rebuke loudly. All neighbours hear she rebuking me for red dress. Everybody looking at me. I bow my head in shame. Then my mother telling neighbours such high level holiness standard our church.

    Then Akka returned faithhome. Then akka secretly going to brother room hiding from mother, in night. There inside she commit small mistake for one hour. I see from door crack. She come out and tell me don’t tell mother ok? I said, I will tell mother. Now it was my turn. Then akka thinking what to do. Then she said, what if I give your permission to wear red dress ? I said, then I not tell mother. Then she said, tommorow we go to market and buy red dress for you. Ok?
    I said, Give me two red dress. She said ok take two red dress but keep quiet. So next day we went to market and brother gave her money to buy me two red dress.

  2. The extend to which these people idolize TPM frauds is simply nauseating.
    Their conscience is indeed seared and leprous with no sensitivity to sin or the Fear of God.
    They fear satan and their clergy more than God and so the end result is for all to see on how they end up arguing based on non-relevant texts.
    “In this argument Jesudas claims “ If Joshua did make a mistake and he repents and ask forgiveness, God said we must forgive Him 70 times.
    Do anyone remember Joshua or his Boss asking for forgiveness at all.
    During the sermon on the mount, of all the sins Jesus particularly highlighted two sins which could get you into hell. One was Adultery.
    When was the last time anyone heared on this from the TPM pulpit. The chances are we wont; as it is the same another jesus which runs both.
    How deplorable is that fact that TPMites considers a sin condemnable to Hell as an Ordinary sin and vice versa.
    That’s how the Counterfeit spirit or the Anti-christ works.
    I’ll leave with this video by a similar blind TPM believer who saw it worth launching a video to pay his tribute to his saints of god. The comments are even more interesting.

    • This video and the song in the background says it all… the delusion in which a TPM believer is caught in is completely demonic and only God can save anyone from this cult.

      Take a donkey, dress it up in a white juba and mund and tell a TPM believer that the donkey is celibate and has forsaken everything, the TPM believer will humbly bow down to this celibate donkey and believe every word the donkey utters and accepts it as the gospel and will obey its every commandment.

      However, the same TPM believer will not hesitate in calling anyone who tries to correct him as an heretic and liar but swallows every word his favourite TPM donkey without questioning.

      Thanks be to God for saving us from this TPM delusion and also for raising up fromtpm.com to unmask the celibate donkeys of TPM as to who they truly are – False Teachers and enemies of the Cross.

  3. @Redeemed —- your clipping further exposed the talk of EMPTY often glorifying an excommunicated person who was not found in the clipping as someone greater than all the rest of the others.
    He drum beats him day in and day out in all the possible platforms he goes.Another white lie from these white fraudsters . Hope you ‘ve got me what I meant. A WHITE LIE by the white fraudsters.This means that falcons can not even make white lies for the comfort of others, possibly at the risk of their lives.Finally COVID 19 has shut him.

  4. People will say that we give room to the devil when we point out their mistakes. At the end of the day who will have the real devil. We will see

  5. My friend was so upset because the believers fired Bro.Roshan
    What’s wrong if he confides with my friend his emotions and ministry much.
    Is it wrong to love someone? He is so cute.…AWWW!
    How about the others like Bro.Caleb he too I heard had a great fling with a worker sister explicitly for years till now and he cannot get over her…
    This is not seen but swept under the bed. DECEPTION!
    I was also told with strict confidence that Bro.Joash is a GAYboy. OMG!
    How about such love? Is that correct
    He grooms young boys and gives place to his special friend to enjoy his friendship and dreary look.
    Are these things proper? Who will correct them?

  6. Bro Roshan is the elder brother there and I witnessed that day at IBR Walls at Chennai a couple of years ago when he was elevated along with his batchmates in Chennai.
    Is he the same Roshan you are referring?

  7. You got it absolutely right EE… cute Bro.Roshan became elder 2 yrs ago in IBR…I heard the other brothers make use of him he does of alot of work thought he’s not that young a worker

  8. When shall we expect these brethren come to Jesus,the wonderful Saviour?
    In fact many are still looking at Jesus as the Forgiver of sins but not as Saviour from all their lusts.
    Let them understand that God is faithful ,has been using this site to bring the much needed awareness in all these years to all such dear ones ,may be for a season or two and thus bring the correction in them but a time comes that there will be nobody to say come back to the SAVIOUR who saves from all such lustful desires!

    • EE these brothers are burning within themselves with lust but mask themselves as holy saints to their blind followers who helps and encourages them.

  9. Dear Brother Liberated,
    What an amazing fellowship of love and grace that the Saviour gave us through this blessed site !
    Time and again I would cherish these blessed moments of joy whenever we come in contact like this.
    When I retrospect it,I profoundly praise and thank God for our ADMN brother who is like an airport tower of exchange for us.He constantly keeps and guides all the spiritual flights that we make in this site.Many would come in contact with him, day in and day out.He carefully manoeuvres each one’s flight for a safe landing,and thus his endless efforts put in daily 24×7 bear fruits to fight these battles over the forces of darkness.
    What an amazing great VISION God gave him to PLAN and redeem His people who are struck in a kind of bondage in this modern era of spiritual realm!
    I am still awe struck with the feeling how he was motivated by the Lord and what was the strong reason that fuelled him to have this strong commitment to help people come to know the Biblical truths.Some where I read in this site that he is well versed with Hebrew language also. It is really a blessed boon for him.
    What prompted him to open up this site waging these spiritual battles against this CULTish organisation is still a mystery to me.
    Perhaps he could enlighten us for the glory of Him in an appropriate time keeping himself with a strict anonymity.No issue.
    Being an insider of it for quite many years just as we were,he totally committed to do this kind of yeomen service to the BRIDE’S CHURCH is something commendable and is beyond my comprehension!
    May God shower him abundant grace in his future endeavours too.
    Like us when God opened up his spiritual eyes of discernment,
    probably he could not have wasted a single minute in order to start this site,and am sure God gave him the amazing power to tackle this GOLIATH like institution.But then you need to arm yourself with an amazing dexterity,wisdom and understanding of the Scriptures.You need the grace to wear the whole armour of God coupled with a knowledge of IT skills for effective handling and identifying the proxy email IDs of the reader community!
    It is rare gift anyway.
    We are indeed fortunate to have him as our dear brother in Christ. Otherwise it would have been very difficult affair attending to answer hundreds and hundreds of comments during the past years that reader community posed in his site.That is a great unique quality that he was blessed by God.
    I personally salute him for this exceptional spiritual gift of answering that God granted him so patiently for the most critical issues that ran through EPISODES that the contemporary church is facing today.
    I presume when he obeyed to God’s calling and in due season God added me and you to him in his relentless battle as His soldiers in His band of army.
    Almost around the same time that you mentioned in your mail,God also spoke to me and liberated me to bid good bye to the CULTish fellowship.We are grateful to Him forever.
    Even before we identify with our similar views,ADMN brother was fortunate to have built a strong army of beloved brethren who deserve a deep appreciation mention.These beloved brethren: Nath,Franklin,NMSTF,Abas,Richard,DenzelJoy,Johnson,Redeemed,
    Richie,Kumar,Fred,Dominic,UnmaimuttumaeNilaikum and many others,and not to leave Sisters Surya,Rosylene,Joice,Blessed Assurance,
    (if perchance I might have forgotten any other names, may I please be excused).
    I am not belittling anybody by not adding nor deleting.We are the precious inheritance in Him.Hope all the 1% contributing authors are covered in my long list).
    I haven’t forgotten yet another great brother in Christ,a veteran bro Sam Alangaramoney whose valuable tips of his great encounters with the BEAST was a great source of support for this site.
    It is needless to say that I remember daily all these dear brethren and many others in the reader community in my prayers. 
    Let the humility of Christ dwell in us for ever brother Liberated.

  10. Suniraash I know this B.Roshan I’ve spoken to him before I also know that among all brothers he’s most educated…so these brothers will treat him like slave he is very small built the other brothers are really overweight that tells a lot..

  11. Dear brothers Anthony Parker and Hannibal are in the mainstream watchmen list which need to be updated.
    How come I miss them?
    Infact they deserve to be in the first list.But good thing is happening-the WATCHMEN list is continuously getting updated as the days go by.
    Kudos to all such watchmen who are in the pipeline!


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