God has been gracious to His people by exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing. We have many readers who visit this site and many get back to us stating that all this while they were being led astray by TPM and now they have been exposed to the Light of Christ. These people call themselves as “Liberated”, “Redeemed”, “No more slave to Fear”, ”Blessed Assurance” and the list continues. But we also have TPM intransigents that come here and make a lot of din. They begin with threats, curses and dares. But none of them endeavors to defend the teachings of TPM scripturally. A handful of them who try to defend TPM, evaporate into thin air, when shown the fallacy of TPM doctrines. However, there are some sleeper cells like VIK G who visit this site regularly, shed crocodile tears when given proof of the evil deeds of TPM but will lose no opportunity to defend TPM and make sharp comments against the Admin. This article is a case study on VIK G, which is applicable to many TPM Fanatics who are basically hypocrites and fools as per the scripture.

VIK G has been an ardent reader and commentator in this site. If we were to compile all his comments it will run into volumes. Some of our readers may think that why are we singling out VIK G now. The answer is simple. Till now we followed Proverbs: 26:4, which says:

“Answer NOT a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.”

Proverbs: 26:4

However, VIK G’s recent comments warranted that we give a reply in accordance to Proverbs: 26:5, which says:

Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.

Proverbs 26:5

This tactic was used by St. Paul when certain men at Corinth deceitfully pretended to be apostles of Christ. To safeguard the Church and not to give the impression of approving their claim through his silence, Paul spoke in 2 Cor: 11: 23 “Are they ministers of Christ?–I speak as a fool–I am more:….”. Paul answered these false apostles’ claims, by telling, in a “foolish way,” who was really an apostle of Jesus Christ, so that they would not appear wise to themselves and to others.

Hence, we will be using VIK G’s own comments in this site in the past two and half months to expose his hypocrisy.

Vacillating Tones of Vik G

Sample the following comments made by VIK G in the comment section of various articles in this site.


  • “Although the admin and I have exchanged brief skirmishes in arguments, I can vouch for the admin’s statement. From my experience, he/she definitely does not edit any comments. Appreciate his/her transparency in that respect.”
  • “This (fromtpm.com) is entertaining and enlightening stuff.”
  • “It (fromtpm.com) has had a positive impact on me and has helped me increase and improve my knowledge of the word of God.”
  • “That is actually a good practical solution – to have some method of helping victims get out and supporting them as they try to re-enter the real world.” [VIK G’s words in the context of helping Sisters who quit TPM full-time ministry]
  • Br Vargis…Your comments are quite right and agreeable. No one with an objective mind will disagree. TPM is NOT a church. I repeat. It is NOT a church.
  • TPM, just like any other organization that is called a “church”, is merely that – an organization.
  • Christ said “I am the way and the truth and the life. He did not say “XYZ church is the way….”
  • This site has helped me understand a lot of things and listen to other perspectives.
  • I don’t agree with everything, but I come back hoping to find another morsel of good information.
  • I disagree with anyone who says that Zion (as it is preached) is reserved for a specific group as defined by human criteria. I think that is an arrogant and self-serving statement. I personally know some TPM pastors who choose not to preach the concept of Zion because they simply do not believe it to be as it is made out to be.
  • I am shocked to hear of the adventures of some of the people (TPM Workers) who have been named and shamed on this site.
  • Their (fromtpm.com) frustrations are quite evident and TPM does not help the situation but aggravates it through a lack of vision and foresight.

Any reasonable person reading the above comments would have no doubts in believing that VIK G is a supporter of this site because he goes to the extent to say that TPM lacks vision and foresight. These statements, if he were to rehearse in the ears of a TPM White clad, would make him worthy to be called a “backslider” questioning the leadership and imminent punishment in the lines with Miriam.

We chose to name it as VIK-G Syndrome


  • Your suggestion of a debate is pointless. Neither side is going to accept the other, so it would be a futile effort and may only result in more division and strife.
  • Forget about face-to-face debates. It is never going to happen. Neither side has the courage nor standing to do it.
  • Zion – is there a question as to the existence of Zion? I am not sure. Who decides who goes to Zion or any of the other mansions in the kingdom of heaven? No pastor, “church” or website has the authority to do this. God will decide.
  • I am shocked to hear of the adventures of some of the people who have been named and shamed on this site. However, the presentation of the same has been quite sensationalist. It reminds me of some click baiting techniques seen on the internet. I understand the motivation but do not agree with the methods.
  • My faith in God has not been shaken enough to walk away. At the same time, I am not attached enough to TPM or any such entity to have any withdrawal symptoms
  • TPM pastors/elders may choose to preach their own revelation which may disagree with me, but that is their choice.
  • I take offence to your clubbing me with whatever you called “TPM fanatics”.
  • Who decides who goes to Zion or any of the other mansions in the kingdom of heaven? No pastor, “church” or website has the authority to do this. God will decide.
  • I may have mocked some of the commentators, but it was not intended to be offensive.


  • The argument that TPM doctrines, songs and other material are published without attributing authorship is rubbish. This is not a new thing and it has been from the very beginning. However, whatever is published or sung is also done in public in front of hundreds and thousands of people. So, that cannot be qualified as secrecy
  • Divine healing is a promise of God. Am I wrong? Laying conditions down, the Lord promised to heal his people. [Supporting TPMs heretic Divine Healing Doctrine]
  • Celibacy is a matter of choice. If you don’t like it, don’t practice it. It is not WRONG to choose to be celibate. The apostles say that if one cannot control his/her urges, then let him/her marry. Is that not correct?
  • Hierarchy of pastors is an administrative affair. It has nothing to do with doctrines.
  • White dresses, grey suits, trousers and shirts – these are mere outwardly appearances which do not matter. You want to wear a clown suit? Go ahead. Your choice.


  • “This irks our FROMTPM friends, because their arguments against TPM doctrines are not getting any traction, they simply go after purported immoral activities. (By the way, some of these activities have been evidenced here and elsewhere, so there may be some truths to the matter). From TPM and its proponents have an obsession with celibacy, sex and communal living.”
  • The only people hiding actually are the contributors and commentators of this website.
  • The accusations that you level are against specific individuals – Alwyn de Alwis, TU Thomas, Abraham Mathew, MT Thomas, etc. with faces, names and addresses. However, the accusers are anonymous. Perhaps more than the accused, it is the accusers who are afraid if their “truth” and identities are revealed. The only reason I can think of why the accusers would continue to hide behind the cloak of online secrecy is because they continue to congregate with TPM in their respective places. “So, in effect Admin, Liberated, Redeemed, Franklin, No More Slave to Fear and the rest of this gang are the true wolves in sheep’s clothing”
  • My own theory is that there are disgruntled and “liberated” TPM workers supporting this site and working behind the scenes.
  • Rather than walk away, they (fromtpm.com) have donned the mantles of Paul and the other apostles to save only those who continue to congregate with TPM. They have no interest in anyone else. Doesn’t that strike you are odd? They have no interest in any other independent pentecostal churches or evangelists or other pseudo-Christian organizations.
  • Perhaps you should emulate Paul in that respect as well, instead of hiding and spewing venom at anyone who disagrees with you or has another point of view.
  • You can mock these comments as well and come up with all sorts of ripostes, which is the best that is expected of you.

Reverberation of Vik G Like Characters in the Scriptures

Vik G and King Saul

VIK G reminds me of the deranged King Saul who finds solace when David plays the harp and at the same time tries to kill him with a javelin. He pursues David to kill him but when cornered says “Is this the voice of my son David”.

VIK G’s Masters-the TPM Clergy also behave like King Saul, who spared Agag, and the best of the sheep, and of the oxen, and of the fatlings, and the lambs, and all that was good, and would not utterly destroy them: but everything that was vile and refuse, that they destroyed utterly. (1 Sam: 15:9). TPM clergy will take strict action against poor believers who don’t adhere to their doctrines but they will always pardon and facilitate rich believers/and their own clergymen like Joshua, even if they do grave mistakes.

Vik G and Herod

Herod was also a hypocrite because Mark:6: 20 says “For Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.

It is clear that Herod observed John the Baptist, heard him and heard him gladly. But at the behest of Herodias, he had John beheaded.

VIK G type of people in TPM are the ones who gladly hear the truth from outside of TPM circle but cannot follow the truth as they have fornicated with the false doctrines of TPM. 

Herod when he came to know that the King of the Jews had arrived he sent his soldiers who killed numerous children to keep his throne secure. Similarly, TPM is threatened that this site is exposing them, so they keep sending soldiers like VIK G to slander the innocent. Sample this comment by VIK G “  So, in effect Admin, Liberated, Redeemed, Franklin, No More Slave to Fear and the rest of this gang are the true wolves in sheep’s clothing

Vik G and the Chief Priests

Likewise also the chief priests mocking him, with the scribes and elders, said, “…. If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him.”(Matt 27:41-42)

Now please compare the above statement of the chief priests with that of VIK G, “If you were truly out of the “cult” as you call it, truly “redeemed”, truly “liberated” and truly “no more slave to fear”, then you would have nothing to hide. You should be out there basking in the light of the glory of God’s word, proclaiming it from the rooftops.”

Chief Priests: “If he be the King of Israel”……. VIK G: If you were truly out of the cult”

Chief Priests: ”come down from the cross” ….VIK G: “proclaiming it from the rooftops”

Chief Priests: “we will believe him”…………….. VIK G: “there basking in the light of the glory of God’s word”

The Chief Priests never believed that Jesus was the King of Israel and nor does VIK G believe that TPM is a CULT. Though there is a gap of 2000 years between the Chief Priests during Jesus time and VIK G, the spirit of intimidation is the same.

Vik G and the Demons

VIK G says to one of the commentators, “You ardently quote the scriptures and rightly so. Why don’t you keep doing that and go your way instead of obsessing over TPM and its fanatics? I’m sure you can find lots of people who have not been exposed to the word of God, to whom you can expound the word and possibly guide them to salvation – as we all ought to do. Instead of trying to point out the immoralities of TPM, perhaps you should try and preach the gospel to the gentiles of this world. I’m sure there is more fish in the oceans of the world, than in the ponds of TPM. Don’t you think your life will be more blessed by gaining some new souls for the kingdom of heaven?”

One can easily summarize that VIK G wants to convey that please leave TPM alone just like the devils said in Matt 8:29: 29 And, behold, they (devils) cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God?”

VIk G and the Spirit of Roman Catholic Fanatics

 VIK G in one of his comments said “Remember, Judas too had a purpose and place in the plan of God.”

Pope Benedict XVI on 18th Oct 2006 said “Even Judas negative role is part of God’s mysterious plan of salvation. God takes Judas’ inexcusable gesture as an occasion for the total donation of the Son for the redemption of the world.”   (ref: Click here )

But the Bible in Matt:26: 24 says “…woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been good for that man if he had not been born.

One can note the similarity in the thinking of VIK G and Pope which is quite contrary to what the Bible says.

The TPM Clergy and Fanatics cover up the evil deeds of their clergy with the example of Judas. Now sample what the Pope says “Here,is a final lesson: if even in the Church there is no lack of unworthy and false Christians, it is up to each of us to counterbalance the evil they commit with our own clear witness of Jesus Christ.

But the scripture in 1 Cor:5: 11-13: says But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person”.

The Bible says to put away that wicked person but TPM and Roman Catholics believe in peaceful coexistence of Darkness and Light. It is very clear that TPM shares an umbilical cord relationship with the Roman Catholics. (Check this out: https://youtu.be/z7rE5jRygqw )

Examples of Vik’s Own Doctrine and Spurning of Scriptures

 We will quote some of the statements of VIK G which are in contrast to what the Scriptures command.


VIK G says, “In summary, each person must work towards his/her own salvation and place in the kingdom of heaven.”

VIK G says,”In order to be truly saved, one must be free of the bonds of all man-made structures – physical, social and psychological”

VIK G follows erroneous TPM doctrine of “Salvation by Works” whereas the Holy Bible says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Eph:2:8-10)


VIK G says, “ If you believe that certain teachings are wrong, then pray for them and finally stand still and let God do this work.”

VIK G says, “TPM pastors/elders may choose to preach their own revelation which may disagree with me, but that is their choice. Is it grounds for me to leave the fellowship of TPM? The simple answer is “No”.

But the Bible never said to pray for the false teachers and leave it to God to throw them out.

Holy Bible says “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” (2 John 1:10-11). Also read Gal:1:8-9


VIK G says, “Divine healing is a promise of God”

Then why are so many TPM workers sick?

Is God unfaithful in His promise? God forbid.


VIK G says, Celibacy is a matter of choice. If you don’t like it, don’t practice it. It is not WRONG to choose to be celibate”

If Celibacy is a matter of choice then why TPM claims that their unmarried workers belong to the 144000 in Rev 14? If it is by choice then it means it is by works. Matt:19:11 says celibacy is a gift.

VIK G says,” I disagree with anyone who says that Zion (as it is preached) is reserved for a specific group as defined by human criteria. I think that is an arrogant and self-serving statement. I personally know some TPM pastors who choose not to preach the concept of Zion because they simply do not believe it to be as it is made out to be.”

Dear VIK G when you don’t believe in the basic premise of TPM then how are you keeping fellowship with them? Isn’t your fellowship hollow?


Dear VIK G, you said I joined the debates because I enjoy serious discussion and would like to hear other points of view.

And now that you heard ours can you give us clear Biblical answers?

Off late you have been crying hoarse at some of our readers/commentators using pseudo names but the way you sway in your comments from being a “fromtpm.com sympathizer” to a “TPM’s defender and sympathizer” it seems that VIK G is a pseudo name for MANY TPM FANATICS.  

Well you may say that we come up with all types of ripostes but we would like to reiterate that….

Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” (Prov:26:5)

Finally we borrow words from your statement (“I may have mocked some of the commentators, but it was not intended to be offensive”) to say that this article is not intended to be offensive.


  1. @Admin and team, This is one of the best piece of writing on this site. The timing of this article is brilliant and the dissection of this subject is beautiful. Well done and may God continue to give you more grace, courage and wisdom to continue the unmasking of CPM/TPM/NTC/UPC/NCPC/TPS and its Viktims.

    Vikramaditya represents a section of educated believers in this cult who are too scared to give up their allegiance to TPM despite knowing very well that it is a false church. Only God knows what his particular motivation or fear is. Vik reminds me of the rich young man whom Jesus loved. This young rich man was a good self righteous man just like Vik but was not willing to forsake his riches in exchange for an eternity with Christ.

    I think this profiling of Vik is top class and I’m looking forward to his typical beat around the bush, laborious response which is very verbose and very articulate but unfortunately always means very little.

    Here you go, Vik, now that you have made it to the fromtpm.com Hall of Fame, the stage is yours, please continue to enlighten us with The Gospel of TPM according to Apostle Vik.

    • Very true, Not every one gets to be on the fromtpm’s Hall of Fame so easily.
      But Bro. Vik made it after few years with us 🙂

  2. @ Vik G I don’t agree with everything, but I come back hoping to find another morsel of good information.
    Till now Vik G was visiting this site for a morsel (mouthful) but today he has got Stomach full from the Admin.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. @ Vik G. You may say that you don’t care about the evil practices of TPM as it has not affected you nor happened in your vicinity but please read the following verse:
    1 Corinthians 4:4
    My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent.It is the Lord who judges me.

  4. Let all readers see the scriptural explanation of pastor Anil Kodithottam in YouTube regarding the false teaching and doctrine of TPM, but it is in Malayalam. That is good enough to understand TPM teaching totally wrong as per scripture. More over TPM teaching is purely denominational and institutional and their teaching has two part – one side their all workers and other side the member believers.

  5. Well done brother ADMN.
    Never did I expect that the AXE would fall on him so soon and so swiftly. In fact you gave a long rope to him all these years that he would mend himself sooner or later.But never was it happened,You are perfectly justified by these ‘mild reprimands ‘ as a true owner of this site!!
    It sends a strong signal to those who toe the line of this brother Vik G.
    Even while I and NMSTF used to plead to show some kind of leniency to this brother by virtue of his association from the inception did not hold water.at all.He dragged himself to such a situation which is really deplorable.He made a complete mess with himself by sending his ill
    conceived notions and his baseless comments .replies without any Scriptural base. Well the inevitable had to happen anyway and it happened and there are no regrets.But we can expect one thing!,this action sends a strong ng signals to all others who are wayward in their approach while visiting this site.
    We still however love him if he chooses to mend his ways .The article correctly portrayed all his statrments and justified why the AXE had to fall on him finally.

  6. Firstly, may I say that as Liberated said, I have indeed received a stomach full and feel very gratified.

    Secondly, although I am not worthy of the attention, I am flattered by it.

    Since its a working day and some of us have to labor for our loaves, I shall take your leave, albeit for as brief an interlude as possible, in order to compose my thoughts and responses.

    While I do so, may I persist in asking the admin one simple question: why won’t you publish my email address, –EMAIL ID TRUNCATED–, for all your viewers to see? Especially, for John – who seems to be a troubled soul?

    Please don’t digress by claiming that I have some ulterior motives.

    I also urge all the open-minded, objective and truth-seeking visitors and readers of this site to ask the admin the same question.

    Surely, when seeking the truth, one must look at all sides of an issue.

    Perhaps I might offer a different perspective that is lost in the cacophony of this forum.

    Till then, thank you and God bless!

    • While I do so, may I persist in asking the admin one simple question: why won’t you publish my email address, –EMAIL ID TRUNCATED–, for all your viewers to see? Especially, for John – who seems to be a troubled soul?

      @ VIK G
      Can you specify the reason for your unsolicited concern for @ John ?
      The Admin has put up with the pain of maintaining this site to spread the light of Christ among the TPM blindfolded crowd. I am sure he will not allow Pharaoh and his soldiers to take back the redeemed from TPM to bondage again.
      The motive of this site is not friendship but fellowship. You cannot claim it as a right to get your email id published…you have to earn it !

    • @Vik G:
      //While I do so, may I persist in asking the admin one simple question: why won’t you publish my email address, –EMAIL ID TRUNCATED–, for all your viewers to see? Especially, for John – who seems to be a troubled soul?//
      //I also urge all the open-minded, objective and truth-seeking visitors and readers of this site to ask the admin the same question.//

      I was carefully evaluating your request to the visitors of this site to appeal to the Admin to let him publish your email address, but could not come up with any good or valid reason for doing so.

      John, whom you think is a troubled soul, with whom you want to establish private communication, has not sought your advise or email address to alleviate him out of his distressed state. Why do you want to thrust yourself on John uninvitedly?

      Even if the Admin publishes your email address, what makes you think that John will communicate with you in private outside this forum? Your best bet to help John is through the comments section of this forum. By doing so, you may even inadvertently help another person who is ensnared in a similar situation.

      Admin has allowed and published email addresses of others in the past when a gentleman (I think it was Robin) requested for financial help on this forum to take care of his mentally unstable brother. There could be other situations where the Admin may have allowed this depending on the merit of each individual case. But your case doesn’t appear to be a valid one.

      As Liberated pointed out above, one cannot claim it as a right to get their email id published on a forum. That decision rests upon the Admin who runs and maintains the website. Everyone needs to play by the updated rules of any forum if they want to participate in it, and if they can’t, should quietly move out.

      You claim that you offer a different perspective that is lost in the cacophony of this forum. The problem is, you offer too many different perspectives that contradict each other, as pointed out in this article.

      Notwithstanding any of the above, if you still give valid reasons why we visitors to this website should appeal to the Admin on your behalf in this specific case, some of us may take up your request with the Admin.

      • To the Visitors of this site,
        This is to let you all know how “straight forward” is this Vik-G
        There is this guy(Who comes as a TPM Fanatic or Open Truth etc) who is an agent of TPM/Joshua who wants to fish here. He sends me communications abusing my family using all kinds of sexual expletives. The communication is filled with TPM’s Unknown Tongues.
        The frustration of this guy showed up when he sent out some typical list of Malayalee Christian names assuming that one of them would fit the admin. He is claiming to know the identity of Admin. I asked him to go and publish the details of admin on a Facebook page and let all know it. I have blocked him in this site for his unruly behaviour.
        Now Vik Wants to promote this guy in the forum and hence the following is a vik comment which I trashed.

        Send it to me: –Vik’s email id–

        I’ll find a way.

        Will be surprised if this comment gets approved.

        Clearly, Vik also knows what he is doing is an unacceptable thing.
        Now you tell me if this guy is in this forum for a discussion or something more than that?
        If Vik had a little bit of shame, he should have known it when I took off his comment with the email id. But then how can you expect shame from a TPM Fanatic supporting another who has a vocabulary of a prostitute and a pimp combined.

        • Your disclosure is shocking, however, I am not surprised by it.

          The Bible very clearly states that we can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act (Matthew 7:16 NLT). What more proof we need than what is revealed in your comment?

          Truly, these guys are disgusting beyond words! They will go to any extent to protect their harlot church.

        • Oh! That’s shocking. When admin skinnned him, his true inner man manifested.
          Serves him right that he is out of this forum. He had enough opportunities which he missed.
          Bro. Admin be strengthened in the Lord as there will be more to come. The accuser will not remain silent.
          Now to all TPM followers, this is a good example of what TPM anointing does. It gives unknown tongues inside the Hall and expletives outside.

        • Vik G exposed yet again !
          His game of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds is over !
          It’s time for Vik G to stand up and speak in clear tones if he is here to malign the Admin/this site along with TPM fanatics OR to discover the heresies of TPM.
          If he choses the former then he is further exposed as per
          Psalms 50: 18
          “When you see a thief, you join with him;…”

    • @Vik G:
      //While I do so, may I persist in asking the admin one simple question: why won’t you publish my email address, –EMAIL ID TRUNCATED–, for all your viewers to see? Especially, for John – who seems to be a troubled soul?//

      Oh! now we understand the real reason for your desperation to get your email address published on this forum. It is not for John to communicate with you as stated by you, but a clever ploy to communicate with “Open Truth alias I am a TPM Fanatic”. Now I feel Admin was right in not publishing your email address.

    • @ Vik G
      Two weeks and still labouring for your loaves ?
      Vik G who was so eager to offer his help to some of our readers…has evaporated into thin air.
      This is typical of TPM blind fanatics. All hollow talks.

      • Hello Liberated,
        He will come up with a unique interpretation that his day comprises of 2000 hours because all of them are opportunists like all TPM white clad promiscuous saints.

        • @ Franklin
          Even if Vik G assumes that his day comprises of 2000 hours…he will never come and give an appropriate answer searching the scriptures because he is SEARCHING FOR A CORNER IN A SPHERE

  7. Dear Admin.
    Thank you for creating the website fromtpm.com. It is really a wonderful one to help people understand about the cult organization TPM. I have been in TPM more than 25 years and undergone many painful situations because of their doctrine and brain washing technique. I was not aware of the real truth. I really really thank God for helping me to come across this website and exposing me the truth. Not only this , when i read your posts i had some doubts and questions because i was completely indoctrinated by the TPM fanatics but to make me realize the truth God consecutively helped me to come across various sermons biblical commentaries. In the beginning i was afraid to read this website because TPM taught us not to read or see or watch anything that talks wrongly about TPM. So many things happened in my life being in TPM. Lost my mom last year because of their divine healing doctrine …from then i could not sleep or do anything properly…Lost our wealth and no savings for our family…. My grandma was a secret tpm christian from hindu background..She too spent much of her wealth to this cult organization. Because of TPM i have lost any many good opportunities for success in life. TPM ministers forced and even threatened me to come to the ministry. I was yielding to pressure when i was young. But When i went to a christian college for higher education God spoke to me various truths and from then i used to call myself as non denominational christian because i felt TPM is really questionable..Yet i did not come out of TPM but felt very struck whenever i had an urge to help poor people and become a missionary. Few years ago i was asking God lead me to the right doctrine and ask God why you have given me a passion for doing ministry of different kinds which the tpm does not allow.. yet i never thought i would come out of the TPM. This lockdown is a wonderful period for people like me to engage with God and God brought me out of bondage of TPM 10 days back. God not only revealed the truth to me , He revealed the truth to my dad also. He was a sunday school supervisor and had done many things at church. We are well known in our centre. yet after much prayers and Gods guidance , my dad called our local church minister and informed that he would not come to church hereafter.. There is a big story attached how we came out of it. If you like i will share. Let it create awareness for others. Please create many short video clippings about how TPM is a cult organization and we need more tamil articles or atleast translated ones ..And also create one article with verses and little explanation which comprises all the points against TPM and exposes their cult behaviour. Thanks a lot. Praise God !!

    • @ Jennifer
      Happy that God has shined His light on you. Please remember that moving out of TPM especially for a family which has close ties with TPM is going to be painful. Problems may come hereafter but don’t attribute those problems to be fall out of your leaving TPM. Our God is great, He leads us through a challenging path to prove how great He is. Buck up in the Lord when you are landlocked from the sides, Red sea in the front and Pharoah and his boisterous army following from behind! Remember the Red Sea is going to be divided for you to pass.

    • Praise God, This is wonderful news! Looking forward to hearing the rest of your story. May God Bless you and your family and keep you safe. Don’t worry because the God who led you out of TPM is faithful to keep you safe out of TPM.

    • @ Jennifer
      Praise God for the courage He gave you and your dad to come out of this cult!
      Please send your story to admin@fromtpm.com. It will be a blessing to many others who are trapped in this cult.
      Looking forward to it!

    • @Jennifer,
      I am very glad that God has delivered you from the clutches of this demonic man-made legalistic religious system called TPM. Let all praise and glory be to His Name.

      Once trapped, escaping this cult is impossible with one’s own wisdom and efforts, unless God shows His mercy and compassion to such a person to set them free. I am overcome with emotion and get teary-eyed when I read testimonies of deliverance like yours.

      Your story is similar to my wife’s, who too lost her dear mother to this cult’s demonic doctrine of divine healing when she was only 16 years old. Being an only child with no siblings to share her agonies, she suffered a great deal of anguish from these thieves until she was 22 years old when she got married.

      Jesus warned us in John 10:10 that the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. Don’t be disheartened that these thieves have looted your family’s wealth, caused the death of your dear mother, and destroyed your life. Now that you are under the care of the Good Shepherd, you have His promise of abundant life.

      God’s people are mentioned as “little flock” and “remnant” in the Bible. The Scripture says that only a few will find the way to life as they must enter through a small gate and pass through a narrow road for that. Don’t expect to find the true church of God in big buildings or great gatherings. God’s true church will be always small, outwardly unimpressive, with fewer followers in attendance. May God lead you to a true fellowship where you may grow and abound in His love.

      As you have expressed an interest in Tamil messages that expose the false apostles and false churches, you may listen to the following ones.
      I have listened to the messages of this preacher and found them to align soundly with the mission of this website.

      Please share your complete testimony on this website. It will be a blessing and deliverance to many.

  8. @Jennifer “This lockdown is a wonderful period for people like me to engage with God and God brought me out of bondage of TPM 10 days back.”

    All glory belong to God.Let the marvellous name of the most God be exalted.

    Welcome to yet another REDEEMED soul sr.Jennifer .
    I am so much delighted to read her brief TESTIMONY. She not only withered herself from o the snare of the TPM fowlers (Psalms 124:7)but also helped her Dad to come out this miry clay/bog (Psalms 40:2).

    My heart goes with her Dad as I too was blind folded before but now I can see clearly
    One must realise that the ‘SUNDAY SCHOOL MINISTRY ‘was yet another ploy/bait being used by this CULT orgn upon the educated YOUTH & ELDERS too.I can surely tell that those Sunday School Syllabus books are filled with full of trash just to mislead the unlearned believers.Do you notice why nobody’s name is written on those S.S books? —
    Do you know reason why?
    No chance is given to the public that the clause ‘RIGHT TO INFORMATION’ can never be invoked by anyone now or in future or perhaps if it is challenged in the court of law, the CULT kept its escape route ready by not disclosing anybody’s names.
    Their false teachings have been getting on sold even for decades together and this TPM CULT had been duping the gullible educated believers for sure.
    The innocent YOUTH of this nation and not only so, many other countries of the world had been really mesmerised since decades by the false teachings of SEVEN STEPS OF SALVATION, DISPENSATIONS are some of the book portions written down by unknown authors in the syllabus books.Since I too was closely involved with this dubious ministry for more than a couple of decades before my Lord finished my great RESCUE act on me.
    Surely I await for her Dad’s ‘RESCUE’act too.That will be helpful to many new souls.

    What a great joy it is when so much of burden/dirt had been removed by the sheer grace of God!
    This is the day we rejoice in the Lord,for the great work done in the lives of many

  9. @Jennifer sister,
    Praise God for the wonderful deliverance of your family from this cult. I know its not easy.
    Please continue with your efforts to rescue as much souls from this place till the time God gives us.
    I am sure Admin will appreciate your testimony as much we all do, as this is one way to Glorify our Redeemer, create awareness on the various cultish practices and be a source of true inspiration for many other souls.
    God bless.

  10. Just the DAY before the site’s sensational disclosures of the real face of the inner man of Vik G, in the form of this detailed analysis in the article,I retrospected and retraced my earlier impressions with my eyes of discernment that he was a sheer double tongued,severely envious of this site,I sent my comments that I changed my opinion on him.
    His favourite pastime has been to visit this site for entertainment and fun loving even when serious issues like murders and immoral activities were dealt and brought to light by this site.Being a complete bloke on Scriptural front,he simply takes the middle path,sometimes acts as a THIRD UMPIRE by invariably leaning on to the CULT managers at the end of decision making.
    Was there any doubt in that?Just look at his any of his comments,one gets this impression.
    Hts frequent utterances would be ….”I haven’t seen with my eyes,nobody spoke to me. or the information was tampered/ possibility of marphed photoes etc etc”
    There was never an instance that he accepted the site’s views/comments.
    Hence it called for his immediate banning of his comments which are found in total contravention of this site’s aims and objectives.
    It was obvious that there lurks a strong mafia/goon gang behind his mask.

    • Dear EE,
      I would like to clarify. It is not VIK who wrote those comments with sexual expletives. Its the guy who came in the alias name of OpenTruth who also camouflaged as I am a TPM Fanatic. Vik is the one that wanted to create an alliance with him for whatever was his intent.

  11. Dear ADMN,am fully with you then,but still there seems to be some slim chances for him to visit this site so that he could update himself with the TRUTHs being divulged by this site, when he reconciles with us by dislodging those forces operating from those high places.

    That will be possible only when he completely disassociates himself from these ‘OpenTruth’who camouflages as ‘I am a TPM Fanatic’ & I am another TPM Fanatic or whatever proxy names these forces choose in future.
    Good to know you possess the most complex checking mechanism of these devilish forces.
    All our prayers are with you.
    We are essentially not contending with Vik G, but with these forces of darknesses
    (Ephesians 6:12)

  12. Good evening all. Now the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission have to repent and go back to Ceylon and start from scratch. Pastors and sisters have to fast and pray and sanctify themselves. They should know that they are under the rule OF TPM CHIEF HITLER ABRAHAM. Also TPM Chief Hitler Abraham can’t punish Joshua Thiyagarajan, because Joshua Thiyagarajan is a bread winner for TPM Chief Hitler Abraham. Altogether I think all the pastors and sisters in the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission are suffering from white blindness. White blindness means however crime happens in their faith home with evidence and proof. Still they say Praise the Lord. what a pity. Now its a tough time. Uneducated people also able to know the crime stories of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. No more slaves to Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. No more rupees also ceylon Pentecostal mission. Starve and death is the end of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission.

  13. There is no difference between Germany HITLER and Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission Chief Hitler Abraham. Germany HITLER killed so many people for the sake of war. Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission church chief HITLER Abraham killed so many innocent people in the name of Divine healing. We have to understand that whole world is fighting against Corona virus. Just keeping the hands on head and make some bullshit prayers Corona virus Infections will get cured. What a foolishness. Those who are uneducated. I mean not even went to school, know that Ceylon PENTECOSTAL mission is a fake. Even our HITLER Abraham also knows that he is running a fake homes just for money. Now the race is how long will this cheating continues.

  14. I was not born in Germany, but I lived under the Hitlers. At least will the Hitlers will be punished. There will be no good heart to ask about this Hitlers. Our lives are sacrificed in this earth to this Hitlers. Its True that this Ceylon Pentecostal Mission Pastors are behaving like Hitler. After all nothing belongs to them . All that they have is from Poor Belivers. I have not seen Hitler. I am able to see Hitler in the form of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission Pastors. Will this pastors repent at least now.

  15. Vik G,
    How long we should wait for your elaborate response? Are you hiding behind white clad frauds? I have been waiting patiently for more than a week now for your reply?

    Admin, kudos for your well constructed reply. Now I am sure that some technically and technologically sound IT people with humongous dedication having great burden for perishing souls are working behind this site.
    May God bless all of you including Vik G.

  16. I heard some people said that before Pastor Wilson passed away, he wrote in a diary saying that “Jesus is out of TPM”. IS THAT TRUE

    • The CPM system was designed by Crooks with the sole objective to deceive simple folks off their money, their peace, their children and their freedom.

      The pyramid structure allows no accountability but plenty of control on the followers. The CPM Clergy replaced Christ as the mediator between God and man, so Christ was never in TPM and the god of TPM is not the God of the Bible.

      CPM/TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC/PCS is no different from the Mormons (Latter Day Saints) or the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Seventh Day Adventists or the RCC. Jesus was never a part of these so called christian churches. They are as pagan as any cult in the world.

      Please evangelise and pray for your families and friends who are still trapped in this satanic system because they are all heading for an eternity in hell.

      I still have 99% of my family in this cult and it has been a painful process in trying to get them to see The Truth. But I keep striving, hoping that the God who had mercy on me and saved me from TPM will also deliver my friends and family from this demonic cult.

      Thank God for fromtpm.com for their relentless pursuit in unmasking this satanic system. They provide anyone ready made material to evangelise a TPM/CPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC/PCS believer. They address both the corrupt theology of TPM and the morally corrupt fruits of those professing these heresies.

  17. Dear ADMN’
    After closely following the horrible incidents that have been plaguing this 9 decade old CULT,
    I strongly get an idea that a kind of ‘DEEP STATE’ is parallelly running the show within the CULT.
    This is only my inkling of my thought process.
    These Chief Pastors ,followed by Deputy Chief Pas/Asst to Dy CPs,were being used only for name sake people.Deep within the CULT there is a DEEP STATE running the very Chiefs.
    Just take a broad outlook of this series of events happened over the decades and decades of years old its history,you will invariably end up with this satanic hold of the ‘DEEP STATE’
    That is what exactly God prompted you to unmask the real VISAGE of this DEEP STATE,I feel in these end times.
    Let’s be ever vigilant of the wily and dirty activities of this CULT which has been duping the parents/youth/tiny tots of Sunday School children.
    This is the greatest malady of this CPM/TPM right from the days of their inception.In an
    right opportune time God raised this blessed site to remove the real mask of this D S and these henchmen through closely involving you and your TEAM.

    Perhaps some of the 1% contributing authors of this site might concur with me.

    Let me elaborate further.

    If you’ve been following politics since President Trump’s election in 2016, you’re probably familiar with some of his frequently used words.”Fake news” is a term you’ll hear him use a lot and “Deep state” is another.Neither of these terms is newly coined by the billionaire businessman, in fact, they’ve been around for quite some time. However, the deepening of divisions within the country after his election has brought these phrases back to life.
    Even in the present Israeli government the DEEP STATE politics are running high it looks.
    Bibi Netanyahu has got no control over his own govt functions.That is what Israeli media reports.Okay that is what prince of this world is ruling the roost.(sabotaging the sovereignty
    of peaceful ruling of the Almighty God)
    It is worth exploring the apparent examples of the Deep State’s activities with in the CPM/TPM and form of RULE within RULE has been taking place as I retrospect further.
    For example :
    *In IBR WALLs …..highly influenced by this DEEP STATE(DS)
    (earlier it was ADYAR head quarters ruling the roost)
    * In PCS’pore ,theres’ a D S
    *In US there s a D S
    * in Kanakaraj’s murder case ,theres’a D S.
    *In Sunny George case……same D S
    *In Idaway Lee’s case ……..same D S
    Therefore, you take any case that you have been making them in the form of beautiful EPISODES in this site,one can smell,those horrible incidents have got a strong influence of this D S.
    @NMSTF brother’s timely reflections… “The CPM system was designed by Crooks with the sole objective to deceive simple folks off their money, their peace, their children and their freedom.” are worth noting in this context.Whatever bro John was waging the war on these forces of darkness is certainly reflecting the fact that a strong influence of D.S is embedded in the system itself.
    Of late I have been coining the words like ‘mouth pieces’.After I got the real meaning of D S
    I came to the conclusion of ‘FAKE NEWS’being reported in these mouth pieces too.The Testimony Column of VOP,and other magazines reflect the spirit of the D.S.
    I feel there is an absolute necessity for this blessed site to fight the relentless battles on this front.March ahead we are all with you brother.

  18. Out of my shear Pain and Loss. My thoughts were asking “What is the use of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission’. The answer is nothing. Its a zero. No healing happening in Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. More money keep pouring in Ceylon Pentecostal Mission but the pastors and sisters never work their belivers who gave them thousands of rupees inspite of their family commitments. New pastors and sisters forget the belivers who worked hard for the church. They never try to find the belivers who worked hard and poured thousands of money. Pastors and sisters in ceylon pentecostal mission never ask the belivers “how is your health” . Their motto is money and cheating, cheating is painfull.

    • @ John

      Let the names of the victims fall from our lips in grief along with prayers for their families and friends.
      Let us pray that the menace of TPM be exposed more fully, and that God might bless the efforts of this website.

      You are representing the pain and cry of thousands of TPM faithfuls who belatedly realised that it was not just a scam, but it destroyed their identity and future forever.

      It doesn’t matter if a hundred Viks come here, flaunt their apathy and runaway… for our God has promised that He is a comforter to the comfortless.

      Please find strength in the promises of God and let us all uphold each other with warm and cheerful words.


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