As you might be knowing that one of our associates by name Molly has a youtube channel and it seems that she has given a nice poke to the hypocrites in TPM and they have gone crying to YouTube claiming copyrights to two of her videos. However, they should have known that Molly is not going to take it lying down.

We are therefore providing this space for her to upload those videos which are hurting the cult. To see all the blocked videos, just come to this page.



  1. This “Farewell Service of Abin Varghese & Bro. Alan T Johnson” – somehow I cannot understand it fully. Is this a common thing in that part of the world to do like this? Is it allowed for everyone like this or only certain privileged people are allowed to have this sort of event (similar to the concept of some clergy and non-clergy being entitled to certain exclusive benefits while others are not)?

    • @Anonymous

      That’s an interesting question.

      This ceremony is not done for every candidate who is selected for TPM’s consecrated ministry. A select few who come from affluent families or with good education are accorded this privilege. In some countries they call this as the “Bridge breaking ceremony” and this is used as a marketing ploy to attract more young people into this cults ministry.

      During this ceremony they prop these candidates on a pedestal and show the rest of the congregation that these young people have forsaken everything to attain TPM’s zion.

      The fact is that TPM’s leaders know that they have been deceived and that their consecrated celibate ministry is a lie but they continue the lie and feel encouraged when some rich kid or educated young person joins their ministry.

      This is all part of the drama called TPM and the Devil is enjoying seeing another child being sacrificed to Molech. This is the reason why we should encourage our children and any young people who are aspiring to join this ministry to visit before they decide. Who knows, maybe you can save someone from becoming a victim.

      • Just to add, in the west, the new recruit is supposed to handover everything they own including their dresses to the Ministers. You are not allowed to gift your dresses to whom you like, the TPM mothers and fathers will decide what they will do with your belongings. The new recruit is expected to give a detailed list of their property before they join the ministry.

        This is a cult with Satan as its head. They appear white as doves but they are the most devious serpents on this planet. The unfortunate thing is that the new recruit will just become like their masters in a matter of few years and the vicious cycle goes on.

        Many innocent believers like Vik are not aware of the inner workings of this demonic system and they think that this is the holiest church in the this world.

        In fact, the leaders of TPM are pimps of satan selling this false church to the simple folks. They not only deceive the believers but also use their guile to attract the youth to sacrifice themselves to their TPM god.

        If you read the Bible and properly interpret the verses which TPM uses to validate their exclusive doctrines, you will know this cult originated in hell and it is built on lies.

    • Anonymous – This is an absolutely new thing that has, as far as I know, never happened before.

      I am not sure who the pastors in the video are, but it goes against the very core of TPM practices for decades.

      By organizing such a “ceremony”, filming it and putting it out on social media, they have committed a grave error in judgement.

      I have been called many things like “fanatic”, “brain washed”, etc.

      The admin, Franklin, EE, No More Slave To Fear, Redeemed, Liberated, John and others will tell you that I am a TPM sympathizer, that I “defend” the “white clads” and that I stand by while they commit their “crimes”.

  2. Nice Video, Admin…Hope our friend Vik will enjoy this.

    This is another opportunity (just like funerals and weddings) they use to fleece the poor believers off their hard earned money. This Bridge Breaking Ceremony as it is called in some place replaces the weddings of these new recruits and it is expected that they are given gifts.

    The collection goes into TPM’s coffers and the cost of conducting this dubious ceremony falls on the poor parents, to whom this adds insult to injury. They have not only sacrificed their children on TPM Molech’s altar but are also expected to sponsor this evil exhibition of child sacrifice as if it is their wedding.

    One of the lies propagated by these Pimps to the young recruits especially to those from non christian background is the assurance that their joining the ministry will ensure their non christian parents and siblings both dead and alive will be saved. Can you even imagine the level of deception, these servants of satan use to deceive the simple folks just to keep their evil machinery staffed and running.

    I don’t expect readers like Vik to believe any of this but God will use the information on to dissuade whomsoever He wills.

  3. @Anonymous, This is very usual at least in Mumbai where I come from. Almost every TPM recruit which went from our local faith homes had a similar send off ( breaking the bridge) ceremony.
    One question, if one is truly burdened for the Kingdom of God will he/she have the time or the inclination to do this. Is this any different from the below Video of a similar function in Jain community.

    In TPM and other faiths like Jain, Buddhists, Hindus stepping out as Monk has one main goal. It is getting to Zion in TPM or getting Moksha in theirs. ITS FOR SELF FIRST.
    It is very different from what Christ asked us to to. i.e. being spent for the sake of others first. When the burden is for saving and evangelizing the perishing souls, it will be instant action of proclaiming the gospel in the community itself by being in the community. There will be no such send off dramas.
    How many great men of God who went across oceans to proclaim THE GOSPEL had this ceremony.
    These poor lads who will not even have previously shared a single word of God outside and most probably not even born again, steps out for Ministry.
    You see how TPM has cleverly emulated the world even for the Great Commission?

  4. @ No more a slave to fear and Redeemed …As a past insider, I’m a true witness to your comments. You are absolutely right when you said that giving up your children to TPM is like giving them up to Molech. No difference between TPM and Jainism! I wish social media existed to this level back when I was a teenager. It would have saved my life and so many others!

  5. I have a common question concerning the video of ” confessions of TPM pastor – TU Thomas” .

    While he is accepting the errors of TPM as TPM Cheif , why the confession is called a “Confessions of a Fraud”…I dont understand…

    Can someone explain me why?

    • The reason is quite simple. We confess our sins as an act of repentance to turn around from the false path to get it CORRECTED. If we do not have a true intent to turn from our wrong ways, the confession is called the confession of fraud. I do not see that he did anything to correct this wrong which he is confessing. In fact, we have enough reasons to believe the reverse. Rather, this clip is circulated among tpm folks as a matter of PRIDE exalting their chief for his SO-CALLED HUMBLE SPEECH. Words mean little if it is not followed by actions.

      if you have not heard of False Humility, please read Col 2:18
      Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind

  6. What if he genuinely confessed it but he could not correct the system due to administration which has strong foundation with so many cult beliefs

    I am not able to understand the intent of you calling this confession as fraudulent one…

    • He is the one who threw out people just based on allegations and without any proper enquiry. He preached about forgiveness and hardly practised it. I know of one Pastor who died in Railway Station and was cared for by the RPF. He had his favourite Deputies in Wilson and Wesley who will do all his bidding. Moreover, you cannot get any more powerful than to be the Chief Pastor of TPM. Therefore, not able to make a change is just an excuse.
      When Pope Benedict could not correct many wrongs in the Roman Catholic Church, he simply resigned. And T U Thomas Resigning would have made a huge noise and pushed the wheels of change.

      • For the person who died in Railway station, did TPM clergy abandon him (no TPM clergy / non-clergy were willing to take care of him when RPF took care of him)?

        As far as Bro TU’s forgiveness there were both sides to it. Some who have really committed adultery and have been influential (or can influence him through another individual closer to Bro TU) have received forgiveness (some form of minimal discipline but let off later) apparently. I am told one such person who received this forgiveness is a clergy who passed away in 2018 or two years ago as Trichy center in charge. However, he and some of them who received such forgiveness were perpetual offenders later.

        The other side about him reported by some of those in UK / USA is that when an issue is reported about X by Y, a judgement or punishment on X is already decided. If X tries to defend to explain their position or point out inconsistencies or errors in Y’s complaint, they are made to feel it’s not heard. Whatever Y told about X becomes the truth. If X shows some evidence that Y is wrong to another individual (Bro. TU’s junior worker for example), Y gets informed by him or some other clergy about it. Now Y gets an opportunity to update the complaint with fresh details (all complaint specific information – how, why, where, when, who – gets updated with newer information) and this cycle gets repeated so X is still condemned or never forgiven.

        • Very true Analysis of TU. He makes me remind of Rash Driving. At that level, you need to be mature and not play into the inner politics among the clergy and throw out people based on one’s version.
          As far as the Clergy that was thrown out and taken care by the RPF, nobody cared for him. TPM believers are devoted to the guy in authority and go the extra mile to show their devotion for their clergy.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      As you have noted Pas.T.U Thomas’ inability to correct the entire system, which may be true as this system spans many states, countries, languages and cultures, I bring to your remembrance, the power of the organisation itself in the way it is structured. This power, when used wisely by a willful servant of God who is in the power to change it, will bring in the real change.

      1. The system of communication from the top tier to the lowest tier in the following order: Chief Pastor —> Deputy chief pastors —> Center Pastors —-> Elder ministers —–>Senior Ministers —–> Junior Ministers —–> Sunday School teachers ——>Believers. A pyramid style system similar to that of Rome.

      2. The powerful letter from Chief Pastor that is read in the Sunday Service. Show me one believer who has yet had the guts to speak against the guidance and orders delivered by the Chief Pastor to the millions of believers.

      Using the pyramid tier system, the chief pastor can easily communicate (if he is willing) the message of Christ to the Deputy and Center Pastors during the Pastors Meeting. If the agree, the Lord will confirm it with his anointing and the whole ministry will be blessed. The Center Pastors, once they return to their Centers, can spread the same fire of the gospel to the rest of the ministers in the center. The ministers can spread the same doctrines and leading to their respective churches once they disperse from the Center Faith Home. You see, the point here is, communication is well structured and is in a closed loop. Hence, we can never claim the administration is strongly rooted in cult beliefs. With the power vested in the Office of the Chief Pastor, it is really possible to instruct the church, follow it up with a letter to be read in the Sunday Service and wait on the Lord for an anointing to give grace to follow the path of Christ.

      Most of the cult beliefs that we are talking about here, has been spread through the pyramid system of communication. Why cannot the truth and conviction be allowed to spread that way?

      If Pas. T.U Thomas could not use this power to communicate and if he is pushed to the state of instructing to the believers through the common platform of sermons, then I fear he is controlled.


      • //Most of the cult beliefs that we are talking about here, has been spread through the pyramid system of communication. Why cannot the truth and conviction be allowed to spread that way?//

        @ Dave, I do understand your point of view. But fortunately the new testament does not allow for such kind of functioning which is why it is evident why pyramid failed to proclaim the gospel as it is.
        The biblical model is 1 elder : 20-30 people ( Size that will fit in a house)
        The typical secular Institution model is 1 Chief: 300 Centre Pas: 3000 Pas: 6000 Brothers/Elders: 12000 Vishwasi’s
        The former is for the sheep (little flocks) while the latter is for the goats.
        The only way is to stick to the fellowship model as in the new testament. Any other creative institutional ideas is bound to fail.

        • @Redeemed @ elders @ pyramid structure

          My assumption is that biblical elders (bishop/deacon of church) were not eating from church’s tithed income. Maybe church collected money (not tithe) for sponsoring evangelical work and may be for act of God like calamities. However in pyramid system the bottom level laity bears the burden of sponsoring entire pyramid system, siting on top of their head. From housing maintenance electricity transport electronic gadgets all needs of pyramid bosses are financed by people like Vik.

  7. First for all, Thanks much for your kind and patient responses …
    Since i am an outsider i dont know about T.U.Thomas in person but when i listened to the audio i was moved to amazement looking at the audacity of a TPM Cheif to expose themselves in a Public platform- Church not at a Workers meet…All i am wondering is what if he really confessed it but could not walk the talk like most Christians today irrespective of denomination. still i am giving benefit of doubt to him like why could not he confessed in genuinely…

    • Brother,
      His sermons about FORGIVENESS are truly Masterpieces. He will convince you and make you feel that he is a HOLY MAN OF GOD. But in reality, He is one person who has been far from the practice of FORGIVENESS. He is known to be very harsh and UNFORGIVING.

      • Really, any incident that happened before? Because a lot of pastors gave a good testimony about him. Would like to know more

        • @Watchman of Truth

          Pas TU Thomas…The doubting Thomas indeed!

          Pas Podikunju, a renowned preacher of TPM ( during late 90s and Early 2000s) was offered a post paid mobile by an over enthusiastic sly believer of TPM from the Middle East. This believer used to pay the monthly mobile bill but in turn he could access the numbers that Pas Podikunj made calls to. He was curious when he found that Pas Podikunj was speaking to a particular number late into the night. This believer discovered that the number was that of a woman. Well that was enough stuff for this high ranging beliver to inform the then TPM Chief Pas TU Thomas. Without wasting time Pas TU also called that particular number and heard a woman answering the call. Subsequently Pas TU who kept Pas Podikunj in high estate… simply dialled Pas Podikunj and told him that he never expected him to have relationship with a lady. Before Pas Podikunj could give a reply Pas TU disconnected the phone and ensured that Pas Podikunj was sidelined. Within months Pas Podikunj died but before dying he told one of his close associate about Pas TU’s one sided judgement because the woman with whom he was speaking late in the night was his sister. And Pas Podikunj was trying to sort out some family issues.
          One more issue was that of Brother Bobby (musician) who was thrown out of TPM by Pas TU Thomas at the behest of a center pastor. Pas TU never bothered to hear the version of Bro Bobby. The person who used to perform on the stage of Irumbiliyur at every Youth camp and convention was not even allowed into the gates of Irumbiliyur by Pas TU Thomas.

        • Oh my GOD, i wish we should have a documentary to expose dark secrets of Pastor TU.Thomas

      • I have read it previously,besides that was there other issues that happens when he was a Chief pastor.
        Lies need to be exposed

  8. And I absolutely agree with you confession without repentance carries no mass…As Our Lord God looks for fruit of repentance not mere confessions …

    Like Caiaphas the high priest during the Jesus` times prophesied about Jesus though himself and many not realizing the Truth went about plotting ways to kill him but at least few of the listeners might have repented listening to it…

    The Ways of the Lord are Higher than our ways…His thoughts are Higher than our thoughts…

  9. @Anonymous….”Like Caiaphas………….
    Well said in that context of .repenting before the Lord.But look at the case of Medan ,Indonesia’s adventurism.
    Here is the modern Caiaphas manifested in the PCS’pore .In the latest release of the institutional mouth piece The Youth Herald(Jan-March2020)VOL 49 NO 1
    In the very Editorial he says this with a title–“-I am the unchanging God”
    Then the 2 nd article goes with the title….God who never forgets.then the 3rd.I am saved what next–4th .Life is not fair
    5th…David,Ammonites and Syrians….and on and on
    He brought a Testimony.titled God,My Healer…..
    When a freshers read this mouth piece one gets an impression as Anonymous concluded …..the Ways of the Lord are higher….how true it is!!!!
    Will the members of the PCS’pore institution got any tuition classes from the latest issue of this mouth piece?
    OR have they ignored him?Nay…..has Abraham Matthew given to him a tacit support by telling “””””.You go ahead.We will see who will in our way “”””””
    Only time will answer

    • These TPM White clad clergies have no conscience and they can lie through the teeth. Look at this message send by the New TPM Centre Pastor

      Praise The Lord. Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
      Many of you have been asking about the reopening of our church since the government has been easing down on restrictions due to the covid-19 situation in Singapore.

      We have gone through the list of guidelines stipulated by the government pertaining to this. However, we regret to inform you that we are finding difficulty in certain areas to be compliant to those guidelines due to the architectural design of our church building and inadequate logistical support.

      For your information, only 4 churches out of the possible 400 odd churches in Singapore (1%) are applying under the pilot program to open their premise with the imposed restrictions.

      Please be rest assured that we are keeping a keen eye on those 4 churches that are opening and how they are going about their meetings within the boundaries of the stipulated guidelines, and we are actively seeking to emulate them.

      Meanwhile, we hope that you would continue to seek God during these unprecedented times that God will have mercy on us and on our land. (2 Chro 7:14)

      May God bless you,
      Pastor Victor Leow. Pastor in Charge,
      Pentecostal Church of Singapore

      The truth is that quite a lot of churches in Singapore are open. All that they have to do is, orient themselves to the new reality after COVID-19. Basically all the churches have to do is have fifty people at once at any one time and have empty seats between each other and no singing. Now the big elephant in the room is the Big QUESTION.

      Why is PCS not starting the services?

      Even an IDIOT will know the reason.

      The statement that only 4 churches in Singapore are OPEN is a BLATANT LIE

      • Joshua can’t face his failure and people have disliked him for his own mistakes.
        Using Abraham as his own shield. Joshua is a crying baby 👶🏼…. 😂😂😂
        Wonder if Joshua the coward and pervert is truly bold like how confident he was when he blasted the believers from the pulpit. Will he leave TPM?
        Bottom line is Joshua is a coward and a pervert.
        He needs to be delivered from that bondage like how he uses these phrases. “Must be delivered from the bondage “ ….
        Hmmm, 🤨 why is he not practising what he is preaching …?

        • Majority of the TPM pastors, they preach like as though heaven come but actually they don’t put it to practice

      • The pastor who wrote the circular, i don’t think is Pastor Victor because his English is not so good maybe someone wrote on behalf of him

        • Very true.
          I suspect it is the De-Facto Centre Pastor who is in hibernation now because of his misadventures. He is waiting for the moment when he will be reinstated.

  10. I honesty pity the innocent souls who are trapped inside such an illusion…May the Will of Our Lord prosper through His Hand..I thank everyone who chose to respond to me

  11. PCS’pore posted the YOUTH HERALD under the new management of new Incharge so as to give an impression that all is well as of now.By dispatching their ‘mouth piece’all around the world they meant the business and want to drumbeat as if everything is fine with them No,it is only a show just to hoodwink the innocent and ignorant sheep The Truth is otherwise.The Lord of heavens is watching every action and inaction of theirs.All their blatant lies will be further exposed in the days to come.

  12. real chubby crying babies in Singapore
    CALEB & JOASH can buy pacifier so faster! Nobody earring their cries 2 chubbies trying harder so many bt no happenin..
    CALEB BABY crying to go OCBC bank,look the MGR tamil movies
    JOASH BABY tantruming no cry he want to play toys camera, wifi,GPS he favourite to type comments here many nickername all this babies have many mobile very hidingly useing Chinese paster very no brains.

  13. @Giri-dhar
    Big daddy Joshua is there to comfort Chaleeb and Joash when they cry. Chup….chup….chup…sayang daddy Joshua can buy for them news toys to play and new mobile.

  14. Can someone share things happening in Malaysia faith homes. I heard some hanky panky things are happening over there.

    • Not sure of Malaysia…But i see some hanky panky going on on the US. Somebody forwarded this to me…If you have some details please let me know.


      • Another Sunny George , Ramesh (banglore Nagpur) discovered, and fanatics like VIK will begin to defend him, asking veracity of news. But he will blindly believe all cock and bull stories told by few of his saints.

        Dear believers from Dominican Republic , please forward this news to believers and be aware. This Abraham matthew is horrible. He has no spine to take action against anyone..

        • Brother Dominic,
          By chance, you might see 1 or 2 cockroaches in your house (esp kitchen). But does that mean there are only that 1 or 2 you saw? To see the real problem come back late at night when all have slept. Then suddenly switch ON the light of the kitchen. You will see a big army of cockroaches. So similarly, what we are exposing is just during the day. We need to switch ON the light at NIGHT in TPM.

      • Interesting development but not surprised at all. When we preach and practice the doctrine of demons, it is natural to expect the fruits of the demons.

        1 Timothy 4:1-4

        “Now the Spirit [a]expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, 2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, 3 forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.”

        If you want to know more about this poor sucker, please read his testimony in NTC’s Pilgrim’s journal..turn to page 10.
        If this guy is guilty I pray that he will be brought to justice and pays the penalty for his crimes.

        The same applies to the leadership if they are guilty of covering this up.

  15. @Giri~dhar
    This is what exactly I meant DEEP STATE concept that is sweeping the entire CULT system
    of CPM/TPM/NTC/NCTC/PCS’pore/PC Malaysia,Thank you all your revelations are the behind scenes of the ‘DEEP STATE,a kind of Mafia power centre within the CULT system.Therefore do not get agitated by it.A big COMMOTION is taking place. You simply watch and pray and preserve your own faith life.These walls are soon to crumble down.

  16. Dark secrets of the kingdom of Singapore is ready availble…

    A mighty Kingdom like China now is Singapore its conquering by a Chinese learnet Paster english no very good he is led gently by 2 accistants having imperial personalities.

    Chief officer CALEB & Chiefest officer JOASH. They 2 asking tribute money from beleiver for surroundings work doing in Singapore church and to paying xtra tribute for Chinese Paster so beleiver receiving many contract in future. Bribery doing this 2 workers!going outing wit this beleiver this 2 discussing under table.Dark secrets of the kingdom of Singapore is ready availble…

    A mighty Kingdom like China nw is Singapore its conquering by a Chinese learnet Paster english no very good he is led gently by 2 accistants having imperial personalities.

    Chief officer CALEB & Chiefest officer JOASH. They 2 asking tribute money from beleiver for surroundings work doing in Singapore church and to pay xtra tribute for Chinese Paster so beleiver receiving many contract in future. Bribery doing this workers!going outing wit this beleiver this 2 discussing under table.

    • As far as I am given to understand, it was breathlessness and bleeding.. the government has asked for a covid test to be done before the funeral.. if it turns out to be positive the entire set of people who came today needs to be quarantined.

      • This is god’s judgement upon tpm. Because pastor Abraham matthew had disobeyed god in removing Joshua, gods wrath is now poured over all of tpm. Until now there was not a single case of covid in tpm faith homes. But now is the beginning of god’s judgement. All of us will have to suffer because of aachan in our midst. Please pray for tpm church. god must forgive our leaders.

      • Yes!! very high probability if she is positive.
        None of them have gloves, hazmat suits and some not even wearing masks all of which is mandatory when handling dead bodies.

        • From some information I receive, it seems the COVID test is negative. But I hear some other issues are lingering..Not sure how correct it is.

  17. @SVP,

    Interesting statement—

    ///Until now there was not a single case of covid in tpm faith homes.///

    How can you know that when none of the TPM faith home inhabitants take medicine or go to hospitals?

    • @ No more slave & franklin
      Our church is protected by prayer of saints. It is like wall around us, impenetrable by any covid corona etc. But this is only because of Aachan and his golden brick. Let chief remove Joshua quickly or more judgement is sure to follow.

      • @SYP,
        //Our church is protected by prayer of saints. It is like wall around us, impenetrable by any covid corona etc.//
        This is a typical understanding of your cultish group.
        How on earth can you be under the demonic illusion that you institution is being protected by prayers of saints. Is there such a thing?? Do you think the Almighty and Sovereign Lord of Lords is the sub contractor of your saints.
        Common brother/sister, open your eyes and ears, KNOW THAT,

  18. @SVP ……..”But now is the beginning of god’s judgement.”

    This site has been repeatedly writing about it to get ready for course correction of all their blasphemous statement of usurping Jesus and prepare for the consequences. Never they showed any traces of inclination.Now the plague has turned around its destination to VilleParle/Panvel Mumbai.Tomorrow the plague’s journey will be IBR walls/KOTTARAKARA walls. Who knows?
    How can predict the ALMIGHTY GOD’s wrath if it is kindled.
    The need of the hour is…… a PHINEHAS has to trigger the action and this CULT has repent for the lies it spread around all its NINE decades old history. We have to wait and watch,who will be the PHINEHAS…..

    • The whole organization need to be revamp. No matter now many people stood up they will never change because the system is such.

  19. @ADMN brother….
    So horrible sight to watch the video of S’pore F.H.
    In the entire history of this CULT spanned more than 9 decades ,one never finds a scene of this kind.
    It is the first time for me to watch a dead body that is supposed to be belonging to ………….( Zion bound) was fully covered with a black coloured garment from head to toe. Oh… just unimaginable..

  20. Saw the video the 2 fat brothers Caleb and Joash with the China man oh sorry china pastor doesn’t know what to do also lol lol lol

  21. Some one wrongly reported in this site in the past that this China Pas has been sent out of the F.H because of his unsoundness of mind.So he is back to the pavilion now as per this clipping display.

  22. @EE, please don’t be mistaken, its 2 different Chinese clergy, The person you’re referring as unsound mind is Bro David, who is not in tpm ministry at all. Wee Wong is entirely another person.

    • @EE, also another correction, Ps Wee Wong is Chinese but not from China, so that’s another assumption that South Asians have who had not travelled
      to South East Asian nations usually generalize, that as long as someone looks Chinese, he or she is from China. To make it clear, Chinese origin are born & bred in both Singapore & Malaysia & neighboring nations.

      • Hello sword
        China chinese… all world problem of Corona because of China. Don’t do china Chinese. It send terror spike on my skin.

  23. @elina..”crying baby of tpm” title suits you perfectly.. stop your crony cringy crying & instead cry to God to open your eyes that you may repent & see what’s about to happen to your already crumbling organization

  24. A Big Thank You to Elina and well said.

    Pl tell Sword that EE had an unique experience by visiting S’pore thrice,and Malaysia twice for conventions and in return brought so many gifts back to be handed over to IBR phone -in charge who passed away during this COVID19 season.(These gift packs have got secret stories which will be revealed whenever the need arises!). More over Sword need not label the reader community of this blessed site under the tag of South East Asian nationals,We all belong to same family,though our views are diverse!

    Here Sword is involved in for another correction.One can find easily CLERGY-LAITY division.Why was it so?
    When will people learn the Biblical truths?
    Is it not the time for them to learn them at least in these COVID19 days?
    According to Paul and the whole of the New Testament, at least within the Christian communities of New Testament Church there is no distinction between Clergy and Laity,SOGs-and believers.(Galatians 3:26.27,28)
    We find this principle throughout the New Testament, and it helped to determine strongly the New Testament view of gospel ministry. This Clergy-Laity divide was an early Christian egalitarian ecclesiology concept that must be buried in order to eliminate the major ills/head aches of your CULT.This clergy-laity divide and the consequent lack of power-sharing in the Church are largely responsible for the apathy and inertia that one notices in the bulk of the laity today. There is, to be sure, a small but growing member of lay people who are clamouring for a say in the decision-making process in the Church. But they are not really representative of the lay people of our country who are mostly passive. This is in striking contrast to what is happening in secular society. A large number of Catholics are making significant contributions in the professions, the media, the civil services, the police and the armed forces. The sad state of affairs in the Church, I believe, is the result of the concentration of all power and initiative in the hands of the Clergy and committing those adventures(I use those mild words,I hope you understood them). I understand,Elina you people follow RCM diktat as your hidden agenda which is still top a secret,not known to any of your gullible believers! Even I was too deceived till this site helped me open my eyes!
    This Vatcan II(RCM) do many inspiring things that attract your believers without empowerment.
    In spite of all the inspiring things that Vatican II said about lay people and their share in the life and mission of the Church, no real empowering of the laity has taken place in the CPM/TPM.Hence, it is necessary for us to examine the causes of the clergy-laity divide and find ways and means of overcoming it.
    This is the main reason why our beloved brother John laments in his oft repeated comments in these columns.

  25. @EE, my apologies if I had offended you or the readers community here in this site, my intention is not to divide or cause a division between the SE & SEA readers here but just to highlight the facts of the South East Asian (SEA) community & cultural upbringing in the context of Singapore community. Appreciate that you Eagles Eyes had visited Singapore & Malaysia many times & understand the various cultures of these part of the world. Again my apologies to EE if any views unintended

  26. @SwordofTruth
    Pl forgive me too as we are of the same page.
    I never intended to hurt you nor any body in the reader community which is a God given group for the welfare of the whole humanity as we belong to the same family for which Jesus is our Head.
    Sometimes it is possible that in the hurry of our presenting the ideas,even without our intention the words might simply slip away from our fingers, though we never meant them in literal sense.
    It did happen with me too,that I crossed the line of keeping the highest standards of ensuring civility and maintaining the dignity of the individuals,I was lovingly reminded by the owner of this site,I obliged and quickly retraced my steps and conveyed my apologies to the site owner.It is with the pure virtue and reflection of brotherly love as our Heavenly Master cherishes it to be ever displayed among His Flock.

  27. @EE, God Bless You Brother, don’t need to use big big words brother, God knows our hearts & intentions. We are tireless of this blessed site till the work of God is fully determined & retribution is of the Lord. (Zech 1:6) (Heb 10:30) Already the structure is on the verge of crumbling in just a matter of time.

  28. I heard sources saying that Sis.Annie from Singapore already passed away few years ago, i don’t know how true. I got to know through someone but some said she is still in Singapore

  29. Never happened before ? What ?
    It happens at least once every year in Kottarakara Centre. From the time Josepehkutty came, this Advertisement drama has been done consistently.


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