In the previous article, we had seen the battle with Amalekites. We compared it with the believer’s individual battle of flesh vs. Spirit (Gal 5:17). It was also a type of the battle which Apostle Paul speaks in Ephesians 6, where a believer has to wear spiritual garments like a soldier, to defend his faith and at the same time propagate it, against the spiritual forces of darkness, which have bound eyes of many around us (Eph 6:14-18).

However,  we missed the significance of Aaron and Hur who were also seen standing with Moses atop the mountain (Exo 17:10). When the hands of Moses were heavy, they took a stone and made Moses sit on it, while Aaron supported the hands of Moses on one side and Hur supported his hands on the other side (Exo 17:12).

I feared that many self exalting heretics of TPM, will seize upon this opportunity to claim that we are doing the New Testament ministry of Aaron and Hur, of supporting believers in prayers. As brother liberated pointed out, we have heard them speak umpteen times, that they pray for believer at 4:00 am and 10:00 pm whereby their prayer acts like a wall around believers. Let us see the significance of Aaron and Hur in the below video.

Jethro – The Father-in-law of Moses and seventy elders

Then we read in Exodus 18, that after the battle with Amalekites, Jethro the father in law of Moses, took Zipporah the wife of Moses and his two sons, and came to Moses. And Moses went out to meet his family, and bowed before his father in law, and brought them to his tent. And Moses told him how God delivered Israelites from the hands of their enemies. And Jethro said, “Blessed be the Lord, who hath delivered you out of the land of Egyptians, and out of the hand of Pharaoh. ” And then Jethro offered burnt offering and sacrifices to God. And all the elders and Aaron came to Jethro and they all ate bread with Moses and Jethro.  Then next morning Moses began to Judge the matters of redeemed people. And Jethro advised him and his counsel became a blessing to Moses in reducing the burden from his shoulders. Finally, Jethro went his way.

THE MEETING OF MOSES AND JETHRO 1 Venom Removal Series – Gospel in Exodus – 8

This story is strikingly similar to the story of Abraham. We read that, Abraham also went to the battle with 4 kings (Gen 14:9, Eph 6:12). When he returned victoriously, a priest of Salem (Melchizedek) came to meet Abraham.  And he gave Abraham bread and wine. And he said the same words which the priest of Midian said to Moses “Blessed be most high God which had delivered thy enemies in thy hand (Gen 14:20, Exo 18:10).”  So we find that passages and events occur in a similar manner. History seems to be repeating again and again. Both these events occur exactly after a battle. In both of these, a priest from a distant land arrives to bless the winning party – Jethro is a priest from Midian and Melchizedek is a priest from Salem. After the battle, the family of Moses is returned to him. Similarly, after the battle in Genesis, Lot the family of Abraham was also united to Abraham. In both passages, we find bread is given by the priest to the winning party after the victory was won (Exo 18:12, Gen 14:18).

Priest of MidianPriest of SalemJesus is our high priest (Heb 7:26)
Gave bread after the battle was won (Exo18:12). Gave bread and wine after the battle was won (Gen 14:18)Gave bread after the battle on cross was won (John 21:13).
Gave counsel to help Moses (Exo 18:19), that became blessing to him in reducing his burden.Gave blessings to Abraham (Gen 14:19).Gave blessings to disciples and gifts to church (Eph 4:8, Luke 24:50,51).
Family was united back Lot's Family was Restored back from captivityNew souls are added as brethren and as part of same body of Christ.
Moses chose able men and made them head over group of 1000,100,50,10 to judge their mattersAbraham gave looted gifts to his men Aner, Eschol, Mamre (Gen 14:24) Jesus gave gifts of Holy Spirit to church; Some he gave gift of apostleship, some prophets, and teachers, for benefit of body of Christ (Eph 4:11). He said to Peter “feed my sheep (John 21:16).”
Rules for appointing head was that men must be able, men of truth, who fear God and hate covetousness (Ex 18:21). ---Rules for appointing Bishop and deacons is given in Timothy – blameless, husband of one wife, not covetous, not greedy, not a novice, having good report of character.


  1. @Admin

    Can you share your life testimony? How do come out from this church?
    my family wants to know. so kindly share.
    thank you.

    • @Jeyakumar

      The easiest way to come out of anywhere is to walk out on your feet with your head held upright.

      At the same time, pray and ask for guidance to be led in the right direction.

      There are plenty of wolves out there preying on the innocent.

      God bless you!

  2. Wonderfully written !!! I thank God for using you (Admin) to bring out the hidden truth.
    Aaron and Hur referring to Melchizedek Priesthood is a revelation. For years I was told that Aaron and Hur refers to our support for the ministers (Moses) so that we get victory.

    Being born and brought up in TPM faith for more than 36 years I was time and again taught from TPM pulpits that Jethro was a negative character and Moses heeding to his father in law’s counsel made him (Moses) lose his anointing (though partially) as his anointing was distributed to 70 others.
    On a lighter note my Elder Brother who is a TPM white clad scolded me for taking advice from my Father in law on a certain occasion. He told that I will loose my anointing if I heeded to my F-I-L advise. Thank God, my TPM white clad brother stands exposed. I can now perceive the spirit that is leading him.
    The TPM heretics trivialise the scriptures by finding themselves in the scriptures rather than Christ.

  3. Hi @ Admin…
    We have a question, All of sudden you stop posting Joshua series . Is it Joshua threatened Lawer notice or victim asked to stop posting?We wonder Joshua case not solved yet but from your side quiet silent…
    Do you know chief pass order who ever against Joshua chief is going to take action. Most of the believers come to know more truth about TPM and Joshua thru this site.
    so we request please post more so believers will aware of it.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      What more do you want me to do? My job was to put it before you people and tell you the facts. Now that the facts are before you and all Singapore believers. The trustees are also on-board with the events. Now the decision is on each one of you. Not on Me. I am just waiting to see what is the action each one of you are going to take.
      Will you follow 2 Corinthians 6:17 OR will you continue to be with the Company of these corrupt men?

      As far as I know, my work is not controlled by Joshua or Abraham or anyone else. I work for God and when God says to stop, I stop. He is asked me to watch NOW..So I am just in the gallery to see what happens.

      • Hi @ Admin,
        Yes well understood..As a believers we are standing for the truth. Chief is quiet silent regarding Joshua case, but come to know he contracting for everything Joshua only. So Joshua feels time goes it will be num and no one will bothers.
        Regarding trustees they might be looking in to it, but don’t have a power to remove Joshua, heard Joshua saying to some believers.
        chief not going to take any action most of the believers waiting to leave….
        Keep it up you good word according to the will of God.

  4. @ anonymous
    All the story about Joshua is too much for us to digest as believers. We are waiting for the leaders to action as they know and said.
    Where ever Joshua goes he is already MARKED. People already know the truth about him.
    He is giving a not right spirit to all the believers.

    • Hi @ Beliver…
      Do you know what the leaders said ?
      Who ever sign against Joshua they are going to punish by leaders.
      MARKED what are you trying to say??
      In Australia Joshua had sexual relationship nothing happens and he become a Centre pastor.. He still counting this sin he will claim to one of the chief 😀😃.
      Joshua spirit not right knows that but why the group of believers still contacting and encouraging him countinue in that position??
      You all don’t know what is happing inside.
      Chief pastor said I won’t believe all internet stories and he allowed Joshua to take a lawyer . Never happend in TPM history taking up lawyer to fight. what you guys will say.
      Weak up and see what’s happing..

  5. @ Anonymous ………:Never happend in TPM history taking up lawyer to fight. what you guys will say.:”

    This statement is wrong as it happened in yesteryears during late C P Ck Lazarus TPM was known to have been involved with a legal battles upon occupation of Nellore fake home (A.P state)by one its own believer translator…by name Bhushanam.In this legal tangle TPM under the guidance of C.K Lazarus and the later incumbents late PMThomas/TUThomas .this CULT lost its court case.and finally the court case went in favour of Bhushanam brother .TPM had to give up that original Nellore Fake Home to Bhushanam.
    TPM eventually set up it’s own one more Dargamitta in Nellore area.
    This is the history that it no one can shut its doors.nor rewrite the past record of this institutionalized church.So , such was the track record of this CULT in Telugu states.It may be worth noted that to fight these court cases in those days late B.Solomon who was appointed who was serving in North India .As serving as Delhi centre pastor, he used to shuttle across Delhi and Andhra Pradesh states by train journey.As an insider of this Beast in those days, I used to keenly observe these events.But we never dared to question them what all these white clads were doing because I was too led under the spirit of delusion.Thank God for His great mercy that He finally redeemed me from the clutches of this Beast.


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