This is a testimony of a Brother who often comments in this site by name Richie.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I am a regular visitor of this website for the past 3 years.   I was born and brought up in a non-TPM Pentecostal family. It was God’s will that I should get married to a girl in a TPM family. I have very loving in-laws and a very caring and Godly spouse.

As I started attending the faith home I was constantly hearing about the holy life of the saints and how they got up 4:00 AM in the morning and pray for each and every family in the faith home. Me being from a non-TPM background, I was greatly impressed as these customs were unheard of in our fellowships ( now I know that other Pastors also do it but they never boast as in TPM). Dressing of the TPM believers was also impressive. Everyone wearing white and sitting on knees was a sight to behold. It was so nice to be a part of this blessed prayerful group.

When I was growing up I had seen that there were committee meetings in our churches that led to fights and arguments and lo here  I was at a place where there was no space for church politics. I used to see my spouse and all others making notes. I said to myself these people are so serious for the Word of God. I was so happy to see servants of God doing nothing other than worship and who have a burden for their believers. The annual conventions in TPM were so well organized and people were working tirelessly to make food for their fellow believers. I thought to myself this might be brotherly love as shown in the Acts of the Apostles. Slowly, I became very close to the SOGs and I was given many responsibilities also.  Above all my in-laws were also happy to see me getting involved in many activities.

I continued in this fellowship for a few years but I would say that the since my upbringing was from another Pentecostal church there were some messages  that came out of the pulpit that rang alarm bells in my mind. I said to myself “This was not what the bible says” “This is not how it supposed be” . I started asking my spouse about the messages and we knew what the SOG said was not correct.  Concepts like the tier system in Heaven were alien to me.  Ideas like the saints belonging to a different place and I would go to a different place was alien to me. 

I saw many young workers die young for divine healing for which I felt sorry. The activities of the tarrying meetings were a surprise to me. I could see the elder toiling very hard to fill up the people in the Spirit and he would not relent until there is a huge commotion.  I could see many people, especially the youngsters, filling in the spirit in a moment like a few seconds back they were seeing here and there and then just like the click of a switch they were filled). This particular elder acted as if he had the contract to fill the youngsters with spirit.

Then there were some double standards on the part of the SOG like he would not hit any child of a rich and influential believer but would hit the child of a poor believer.  I started to compare the messages of the SOG with some well-known bible commentaries and I could find that they were poles apart.  There was another practice that was a surprise to me. The rule that said that if you do not attend sanctification meetings you aren’t allowed to take holy communion. This concept was really unacceptable to me because my sanctification is between me and my Lord and I will answer only to my Lord if I partake the bread and wine in an unworthy manner. No SOG can dictate that to anybody.   Slowly I started to feel the rottenness within the beautiful looking fruit that is TPM. 

From the Superficiality of TPM to the Reality of Christ

The LORD detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales.

Proverbs 20:23

As I was searching and comparing the doctrines of TPM, one day I stumbled on and the first article that I read was about the Kanagraj murder case. Slowly, I started reading all the articles and could co-relate everything that was happening around me. Every attribute of TPM shown in was something I personally knew of. I knew the author of the website was not bluffing as I could see all that was happening around me. Everything written in the articles was what I was taught as a part of my upbringing. I did not want to force anything on my spouse and so months passed by. My spouse was also praying for the truth to be revealed. Then one day after a special service in the faith home, my spouse informed me that She was filled in the Holy Spirit and she could hear a clear voice to FLEE from this den of thieves. That day I knew, finally, God has spoken and our days in TPM are numbered. Nobody can challenge this because the sheep knows the voice of the shepherd. We knew we have to leave but we were worried about the impact on my in-laws who continue to be in this cult.

I thank God for giving me such a spiritual, prayerful and understanding spouse who was not blind like other people in TPM.  We continued to attend meetings in TPM for more than a year and were wondering how to make an exit and we knew we had to do this sooner or later. We understood that this cult can at best bring uniformity with themselves but not Unity with Christ. Then all of sudden on a beautiful Sunday morning we knew it was our last Sunday as TPM believers. After the meeting, we went to the SOG and informed him that we are leaving and won’t be a part of the fellowship anymore. He knew the background of our decision and was kind of annoyed but he knew we will not be back. We could escape from this cult as a family.

God helped us to connect to a very blessed fellowship .

This is a testimony for How God was gracious and led us to freedom.


  1. @richie,

    Thank you for the testimony brother, i could relate to you in some ways based on this testimony. I was always arguing with my family over these cult doctrines & never was confident or comfortable in their presence. Sovereign Lord watched over my decisions & got me out of this cult several years back & never looked back. But most or all I thank God for this blessed site through which I was able to convince my family & finally they can see the lies & the deception in that cult. I am praying for the day too when they will leave that den of thieves for good.

  2. Praise God for delivering Richie and his family from the clutches of this demonic organisation.

    Thank you brother for sharing your testimony here. May God bless you and keep you safe and secure in the true body of Christ.

    Thank you God for the hardworking folks behind This platform is an invaluable source of information and a stage for liberated souls to share their testimony and in turn influence others who are sitting on the fence confused as to what to do next. May this testimony encourage more children of our God to escape the snare of the TPM Fowler.

    These testimonies vindicate how God is using to liberate enslaved souls from this satanic cult. Praise God!

    Admin and team, God bless you and give you more wisdom and insights to uncover the filthiness of this evil organisation.

  3. It’s really nice to see families exiting this cult of tpm on basis of doctrinal issues. Nevertheless coming out is most important. I believe, sooner or later, people coming out will one day be able to identify the real threat that tpm is. It doesn’t matter if we identify this harrowing impact of tpm faith on our eternal lives, before or after quitting tpm. We must realize them as brother richie and family realised is the ultimate need.

    Thanks be to our father on heaven and his son Jesus our Lord. Congratulations brother for this great decision. When the prodigal son returned to his father, the whole family and friends celebrated it. Similarly says Jesus the whole heaven rejoices when one of his lost sheep is found. So let us rejoice.

    Luke 15:22-24
    22. But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet: 23. And bring here the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry: 24. For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry.

  4. Brother Richie, Praise God for your wonderful deliverance.
    The picture on the Header does this article justice. Like it.
    This is exactly why people fall for. The sea of whites, Hierarchy & asceticism of clergy, Coerced Obedience, instant burst of vibration and jumping, false prophecies, no public offering, strength in numbers, false & loud peaking of tongues, loud chanting and vain repetitions, etc is what is taken as the yardstick of the true blessed church of Christ.
    Many fall into this and stay content & proud forever in the superficial traditions. They get what they want. Only few with genuine thirst to know God step out to pursue the pilgrim’s path and to such our Lord comes down and guides him/her through.
    Your experience took me many years back when I recollect standing terrified at youth meetings, not knowing who will crash into me or give me punch from behind.
    Hope and pray that this site continue to motivate many with Genuine thirst and inspire them to get out of this cult.

  5. Where are you go and what ever church you and you should surrender only Jesus. Most of the people knows that Jesus loves enemies also. Yourself instead of criticizing, you start online messgae sermony and to prayer for the people who are going to God against churches. You four people changing names and write comments and testimonials. As per admin from TPM concept TPM PEOPLE AGAINST GOD AND YOU PEOPLE ALSO AGAINST Jesus Christ. You people more intelligent but as per God concern your and me all foolishness. Every soldier weapon is only prayer. As per admin concern he is taking revenge in the name of truth’. FINALLY JESUS LOVES THE ENEMIES AND YOUR WEAPON IS PRAYER AND ONLY BUT YOU PEOPLE ARE THINKING AS FLESH OF MAN LIKE ME . HOWEVER AS PER YOUR CONCERN I WILL TELL SOME CHURCHES NAMES AGAINST YOUR THINKING AND EVERYONE COULD SHARE SOME AMOUNT FOR PRINTING OF POSTERS and PAPER Pamphlets and to be distributed to all people. After completing of easy some CHURCHES and then people will believe and then we will go for tpm people’. Otherwise you people also cult like TPM as per Jesus Christ.

    • @Chandu
      //You four people changing names and write comments and testimonials.

      Have you seen that? Where did you get 4 people? Stop such stupid comments. Be warned. Next time Such comments are going to the trash can. OK?

  6. We should print posters and Pamphlets means we should write what Bible says with true verses and explanation and then people will know truths. We should love people and pray for them after distributing. Then we should start new church or rent veichle and to do canvas what Bible says. If you true believers of Jesus Christ.

    • @Chandu
      Please read this site before you start commenting. You are in a loop of thinking that we are out to start a Church. We are not into a church starting business as is TPM. PERIOD.
      We are happy to be a member of the Church of God.

      • Please understand what i am saying. Don’t revenge and don’t criticize and Don’t hurt anyone. Our Weapon is Prayer, Prayer,. There are more churches in bigger than TPM. First we should start from low churches in local languages. Your not loves your enemies. Do you know about Miriyam story. // my sanctification is between me and my Lord \\ in the same manner leave its God Judgement. You people are to Intelligent and Good Knowledge in Bible and Start discussion on Hebrew bible and to participate debates (Bible versus Qurran or Bible Versus Hindu) like Jerry Thomas. One Thing i want tell you that we are getting very happy when some people wrote testimony or articles against only TPM. Finally I will tell you, Your people heart is very pure and in your heart don’t put anything. To Pray God instead of you thinking about our enemies. If you are thinking about about TPM believers, to surrender to hand of God through More Pasting Prayers, and God will do miracles, if you believe Jesus Christ.

    • @ Chandu
      //We should print posters and Pamphlets means we should write what Bible says with true verses and explanation and then people will know truths. We should love people and pray for them after distributing/

      Dear chandu, let it be so as God inspires you to do. Admin felt inspiration to start website. So he did. Many joined him with time. If you feel inspired to print hardcopy poster and pamphlet, you may do so. As when Admin started he started alone , so you may have to start alone. It’s God’s work and God will raise you support. Perhaps many from fromtpm may join you. So go ahead. Minister God in way he is inspiring you.

      • What I am saying Jesus Christ loves enemies and in the same manner we loves enemies and to pray in fasting and this Church surrender to hands of God. God will help to his people’.why admin removed to comments with out answering. Finally we are against God like that Church and we are getting happy when some body wrote AGAINST TPM ONLY. YOU PEOPLE GOOD COMMAND BIBLE AND HAVING GREAT KNOWLEDGE. AS PER JESUS CHRIST, DON’T HURT ANY ONE AND DON’T CRITICIZE ANY ONE. JUST YOU SHOULD LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND TAKE FASTING PRAYER WEAPON AND PRAY FOR CHAGE OF TPM BELIEVERS. JUST WE WILL DISCUSS . HEBREW BIBLE AND SAVE THE WORLD


          Which Bible are you using? Which verse says not to criticize? Please read Matt 23 if you think so.

        • I am the spouse of Richie. I just wanted to write something as I am inspired to do so.

          Dear Sir @Chandu,
          With all due respect I would like to clear to you the purpose of fromtpm is to cry out loud to our family and friends who are trapped in the tpm cult to save themselves just as it was in the days of Noah. We are not here with great Bible knowledge neither are we scholars to teach, for that there are some real good teachers already. Bible is a living manna for each and everyone and it should be read understood and followed by each individual till he or she is perfect unto Him as He is. Testimony shared here though doesn’t contain a wow factor yet there might be many like us who do not realise they are praising songs/Sunday school chapters/ testimonies for saints than for God yet it doesn’t alarm them… it is high time people have realised the Tpm temple has become a den of robbers and thieves… A very stiff necked people… I still love them all and as I said they are the children of God too and want them to love and serve Christ alone.. I hope you have got the point.

          Secondly, I have my parents and family still in Tpm , whom I have been trying to convince and the reply I get are we are no one to question the saints, we should only take the good thing and not get involved in their personal life, no church is perfect.. my question for them is if Christ comes today where will your eternity be.. even if you have given your money, time, health and everything into this system but haven’t understood it wasn’t to God but to an idol where will your eternity be… Tpm believers just outrightly ignores things as if it is okay to do so… These faith homes have become a place of mockery, no emotions, no fear, a sense of so much pride. All these my God, though gracious, hates and shuns.
          Every step in our life, every decision decides where our eternity is.

    • @Chandu
      If the language is not clear, it may not get automatically approved. It is withheld. Quite a few of your sentences are incoherent and even now I am not clear what is meant by it.

  7. I have been a member of TPM for about 50 years now. Over the years I have come across embittered opponents of TPM like the man who wrote the booklet “To CPM with Love” and others like this current “fromTPM” site. Have you noticed that ministers, officials, leadership of or spokesmen for TPM have never answered this site? Personally, I have not much hope for or desire to try to change the mind of such adamant enemies as the admin of this site, but in case there may be young, new, questioning or impressionable readers who could be misled and stumbled by the relentless unanswered attacks and libel on TPM published on the fromTPM site, I will give an answer from my years of experience. In almost every case where I have had personal contact with or knowledge of those embittered enemies of TPM fellowship, all those slanderers, gossipers, and hate filled opponents, all of them where at one time challenged to forsake all, live by faith and follow Jesus like His first disciples did. Almost every case is of someone challenged by the TPM Biblical model and lifestyle and teachings but they would not pay the price. They are an example of Sour Grapes, if you know that Aesop Fable. These evil speakers (writers) were not willing to obey the call to forsake all and deny themselves. They would not pay the price so they want no one else to do so. They don’t like the message so they continually try to shoot the messenger. You can see evidence on this very site how the one labeled admin tries to teach, preach and instruct others. I am sometimes happier when he preaches his gospel of envy and strife as it means less poison vomited out against TPM. So since there has been no rebuttal, I offer the truth I have seen. Most people in the world could care less about TPM. The ungodly often think, “if those nuts want to forsake all and live and minister by faith like Jesus did, let them.” Most people don’t pay much attention to TPM. It is just those self-condemned rebellious ones who put so much time and effort into beating up on TPM. Yes admin, you may think you are doing a noble deed to deliver souls from TPM, but it may be seen another way, you are stumbling and offending little ones who would have obeyed the Lord and followed Jesus.

    • Oh really?
      Forsaking all and living like Jesus? LOLOL

      I am not able to see any of these white clads nowadays. Jesus was in the streets with the common men healing them and helping them.
      Where are your white clads now? Why are they cocooned inside the fake homes? Why cant they come and heal? I know most of the COVID cases in India is in Mumbai Pune Area.
      Do you see your Younis Masih around? or is he having a picnic in Shirdon PC Ground? Is that how Jesus lived? Is Saving oneself the way Jesus lived?
      If you know Malayalam, Please listen to this.

    • @ Bro Devaraj

      And what exactly is stopping the TPM ministers, officials, leadership from rebuking the fallen ones who are not willing to pay a price for a modest life. We do not want them to answer on this website or in any form of media since it is a sin ( thought it is not a sin for the so called ministers, officials and leadership to have a hidden smart phone) but since they are aware that the wicked enemy admin and people like me stealing the young sheep of TPM, why don’t they prove from their pulpits Article by article. There are huge international conventions where this can be done. Take any article from this wicked website and preach against it. We will get to know. Don’t you want lost sheep like me to get back or you have forsaken us and punsishing is. Ask them to do it. Does the Bible say that you should not speak or rebuke or rebuke the evil one. Start it. You have many learned and wise speakers like Teju Kurien, MT Thomas.

    • @ Devaraj,
      Your comment looks like a typical TPM sermon.. Long and emotionally stirring without any scriptural basis. You try to lend Aesop’s fables by Homer. But couldn’t relate it to your message.. In fact, it looks like you are the fox!!! Thinking that the grapes shown in this site is sour as you still desire to cling to your beloved TPM..

      Please use systematic theology and biblical expositions to show the truth of TPM specific doctrine. Not the cherry picking as is taught by the TPM clergy. I was deceived by that method for more than 34 years before the Lord graciously opened my eyes to see the unadulterated word of truth.

      • Brother Kumar,
        Please write down your testimony like our Richie brother for the benefits people like Devraj and for the glory of God.

    • Devaraj Sir
      50 years of your life you spent it into getting brain washed so I do not actually blame you for the thoughts and feelings you are having. Reaching to your own conclusion because someone has spoken against TPM. Pardon me if I am being rude but sir I fail to understand when you had a chance to ask questions and try to convince some why didn’t you try. Well I have absolutely zero hatred for you and trust me I can see as if I am reasoning with my siblings or parents here and so with all love I would like to know 50years into the system even by now you must be also be knowing the deep truths of this system and you purposefully remained silent. Is this living under same roof without being married Biblical? Which sour grapes are you talking about??

      Have you lived in a hostel? Weren’t those days the most pleasurable days.. the sogs are still staying and enjoying in a hostel.. You said ‘Tpm biblical model’ where did this terminology come from in the first place??? You think your saints lived like Jesus did??? Like really??? Mary was with Jesus till He was crucified unlike your sogs who not only leave their parents sick and helpless but later derive great applause stating as to on what all condition they forbid themselves from meeting them… When was Jesus served special food on specially kept trays and plates… When did Jesus have assistants to do all His work…

      Sir I am not even here dealing with major problems I am just highlighting on things happening in every faith home. Doesn’t all this ring a bell somewhere inside you. Admin has put his life, time and resources in stake to open atleast a few eyes. But then who can help someone who doesn’t want the healing, who does not want to see and accept. Please, my request is God gave us the capability to think and decide and if we don’t do it now will we have time tomorrow??

    • @Devaraj:
      //Over the years I have come across embittered opponents of TPM like the man who wrote the booklet “To CPM with Love” and others like this current “fromTPM” site//

      For the record I wish to reproduce (late) David Paul’s statement in his book “To TPM with Love” as follows: “I, therefore, write this book with a great burden and prayer that my beloved TPM ministers and believers would forsake their man-made, unscriptural doctrines and practices and return to the teachings found in the Word of God. Also I would like to state that I do not have even a dot of bitterness against them”.

      If one doesn’t have this book handy, they may read this statement on the Home Page of the book link This book is a great read for those who are interested in knowing the erroneous doctrines of TPM and the double standard they practice between their churches in the east and the west. Interestingly, even late pastor Michael Thomas (TPM head for the west) distanced himself from this church’s eastern wing due to his disagreements over certain issues – read the letter correspondence between Michael Thomas and David Paul.

      While David Paul has stated so clearly in his book that he has no bitterness against TPM, you charge him as an “embittered opponent of TPM” without providing any proof for your allegation. On one hand you have no hesitation in sweeping aside all the evidences against Joshua as edited texts, pictures and videos in a futile attempt to protect your dear church, while unfairly accusing an innocent godly man without any evidence to substantiate your charge.

      I have known David Paul well, and he was liked so much by the TPM clergy of his time in the Madras center (and beyond). He was the founder and editor of Voice of Pentecost (English & Tamil) and was an invaluable asset to TPM’s ministry in the 70’s and 80’s. After he exited TPM for doctrinal reasons, people who had a vested interest in guarding the flawed doctrines of this church began calling him as “slanderer, gossiper, and hate filled opponent”.

      I really fail to understand why all the critics of presume that every person who has quit TPM has done so because of “hatred” or “bitterness” or “revenge”. Why can’t they accept that doctrinal disagreement could be a factor for someone exiting TPM? The reason for brother Richie exiting TPM is not hatred but doctrinal disagreement. So was it in my case, and I am sure it was the reason for many people who quit TPM. I know of people who quit TPM for non-doctrinal reasons, but these people have eventually moved back to TPM after a few church hopping episodes.

      Please don’t do character assassination of individuals like David Paul or Admin of this site by calling them slanderers, gossipers, hate filled opponents, and embittered enemies of TPM. Instead, evaluate/debate on the soundness and validity of the messages they have presented. You have quoted “This type of fallacy occurs when someone attacks the person instead of attacking his or her argument”. Looks like you are guilty of the very same ‘Ad hominem’, that you have charged NMSTF with!

  8. //Almost every case is of someone challenged by the TPM Biblical model and lifestyle and teachings but they would not pay the price//
    Devdas, glad you acknowledged that you follow TPM Biblical model. Is there such a thing in the scripture? This model pedaled by since 1923 is poles apart from what Christ prescribed in the scriptures. TPM biblical model is built on the ideology of Catholicism and Buddhism and VERY SHALLOW; not worth challenging.
    //These evil speakers (writers) were not willing to obey the call to forsake all and deny themselves. They would not pay the price so they want no one else to do so//.
    Dear Devdas, abandoning parents, siblings for a luxurious lifestyle of well appointed villas, having multi course meals, hand maids ( sorry assistants), chauffeur driven SUV’s, entertaining laity thrice or four times a week is OBEYING THE CALL OR PAYING THE PRICE as per TPM Model. But it is not so as per the gospel which Christ and his Apostles commanded us to follow.
    Most people don’t pay much attention to TPM because on the outside they appear to be humble, simple, white wearing, non-medicine taking, non-ornaments wearing holy separated people. But when you scratch the surface you will notice; holiness outside and wickedness inside.
    Only those inside know the depths of counterfeit and deceit practiced inside.

    My FRIEND IN 50 YEARS IF YOU HAVEN’T REALISED THAT CHRIST IS THE ONLY MODEL WE NEED TO FOLLOW, then I feel sorry for you. You better make up your mind pretty quickly on which Model you want to follow.

  9. Devaraj you are a fool. Spending 50 years in cpm. Get an appointment with the psychiatrist and get the medicines and cure yourself. I don’t want to you to comment on admin. Devaraj I know what us happening in cpm. I know what happened to pastor Kanagaraj. Devaraj you are a m**********r. You are a b*****d. I am not like others in forum. I am mad and angry on you people like devaraj……

    • Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Eph 4:29

  10. Brother Richie,

    I am so glad that the good Lord has delivered you and your family from this bondage. Thanks for sharing your testimony on this site.

    Jesus said in Matthew 7:14 “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”. I don’t expect hordes of people to quit TPM by reading the articles/testimonies on this site or through other means. True to the words of Jesus, only a few will escape the snare of TPM’s web of lies, while multitudes will not even be aware that they are trapped and doomed. I pray that your testimony may deliver a few from bondage and point them to the road that leads to life.

    I could see a similarity and a dissimilarity in the deliverance of our two families from TPM.

    Similarity: Like in your case, I am blessed with a spiritual spouse who does not consume whatever is dished out to her but examines every doctrine carefully to see if it aligns with the Word of God. We both used to discuss and debate a lot on all the questionable doctrines of TPM, and our insatiable quest led us to the truth and eventual exit from TPM. We quit TPM only for doctrinal reasons and not because of hatred or bitterness towards anyone including the clergy.

    Dissimilarity: You mentioned that you went to the SOG and informed him that you were leaving and won’t be a part of TPM fellowship anymore – you were indeed very courteous to them. Unlike your case, we never felt obliged to inform the TPM clergy about our decision, and did not tell anyone when we quit. When the realization dawned upon us that we were enslaved in a demonic cult, we couldn’t help but show them a clean pair of heels. We were just fleeing to escape hell…



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