Once upon a time, a poor farmer used to live in the outskirts of a city of Punjab. Gurcharan had two daughters – Karina and Sunita. He loved them very much. Working tirelessly on farms day and night, he earned his livelihood. He also started saving money for their marriage. By the time they were ready for marriage he feared the money he saved would not be sufficient for the marriage of both of his daughters. Anyway, he began searching for suitable grooms. In few months his elder daughter Karina was married. Groom was a gentleman. When Gurcharan offered dowry money, the groom refused. He replied, “It is enough Sir that I have robbed you of your daughter. I don’t God’s curse for taking poor man’s money also. I assure you that I will take care of your beloved daughter as my own soul. I will always be obliged to you for trusting me with your most precious procession.” Gurcharan was very happy. Finally Karina his eldest daughter had been married in a good family. He was now worried about his youngest daughter.

He would pray to God to relieve him of his last burden.

Sunita did not want to marry. From her childhood, she had a desire to be in a temple as a devadasi. When Gurcharan heard her wish, he was angry. Initially, he tried to show his anger but he could not continue further as Sunita was adamant. She threatened Gurcharan that she would commit suicide if he married her off. Gurcharan prayed to God to help his daughter return to senses. Months passed but she refused to give up. One day he finally succumbed to his daughter’s wishes. He took her to the temple on the nearby mountain and told the pundit about his daughter’s wish to be a devadasi in his temple. The pundit was a greedy man. Though he wore a dress of a monk, his heart was as corrupt as corrupt could be. He straight away asked for money. He told the farmer that it was God who had desired to have her daughter serve in his house. Therefore Gurcharan must offer some thanksgiving offering to the temple with a heart of gratitude. He also began explaining that the temple management takes care of many devadasis, their food, and their needs all their life. It is, therefore, the responsibility of families to give a donation to the temple management to take care of Sunita and other devadasis. Further, he reasoned with Gurcharan that if he had married her, wouldn’t he have given dowry? Why then was he hesitant to donate money to god? Gurcharan could not argue. He gave all his savings to the temple. The pundit was angry looking at the small amount that Gurcharan could afford as his lifetime saving. Nevertheless, he accepted Sunita and the 500 grams of gold and sacks of grain that came with Sunita. Sunita was given the title of “Servant of God“. The temple pundit told her that if she Serves in the temple till the end, she will be awarded the highest position in heaven. He also warned her that if she quits midway, she will be suffering the torment of hell.

Six months later both his daughters returned to their home for vacation. Karina had brought a lot of gifts for her parents. She was very happy. She asked her parents to join her in town with her husband. She promised she and her husband will take care of them. But Gurcharan refused. With teary eyes he replied, I don’t want to be a burden to you and your husband. I still have strength left in me. I can survive. Please do not worry about me and your mummy. By this time Sunita had also come home. She came for a few days. She demanded money from her parents. She told Gurucharan that she wants to have a good name in the eyes of the temple management. If she would bring donations from her home then they would let her live a comfortable life. Temple management would also give her high profile work in temple services if she regularly fed them with ladoos made up of pure ghee.  When Karina rebuked her for demanding money from poor parents, Sunita was displeased.  She began to emotionally blackmail her family that they have no care about her. She had come for a few days and they had not left any effort to afflict her. She began telling them how all the devadasi would return with ample money. Finally, Gurcharan secretly gave some money to Sunita and made her return to the temple. Karina’s husband also arrived in a few days to take her back. Soon she too returned.

Few months later Gurcharan and his wife died. Karina came to serve them. However, Sunita was busy serving the priests in the temple.

Dedicated to all parents who are weeping for sacrificing their daughters to the greedy temple of TPM. We are getting a taste of the times when Samuel joined the temple ministry.

Now Eli, who was very old, heard about everything his sons were doing to all Israel and how they slept with the women who served at the entrance to the tent of meeting.

1 Sam 2:22

God’s Law in the Old Testament says that if an unmarried daughter takes Vow, that Vow can be negated by the Father of that woman. Therefore, I consider that those women who disobey their parents to join the Temples of TPM are in violation of their Father and Mother. They have publicly dishonoured their parents. They deserve the curse of Dishonouring the parents.

“When a young woman still living in her father’s household makes a vow to the Lord or obligates herself by a pledge and her father hears about her vow or pledge but says nothing to her, then all her vows and every pledge by which she obligated herself will stand. But if her father forbids her when he hears about it, none of her vows or the pledges by which she obligated herself will stand; the Lord will release her because her father has forbidden her.

Numbers 30:3-5

Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you

Exo 20:12

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Eph 6:1-3

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  1. @ Above parable
    Same thing happening with one akka. She calling her home and asking father to send money to center pastor. She also asking them to come to convention to see her, and bring lot of money to give to CP, Ammachi , Assistant appachen, and for her personal expenses. She asking his brother to come with parents to help then lift apple boxes.

    When akka mother told her, that appa didn’t get salary from two months, she tell them to take loan and bring money. Like that parents take loan from bank and give money to saints.

  2. Dear all,

    I see new vision. I was full anointing of day of today and saw that Corona not going. All vaccine test failing one by one. No vaccine will be made for one years.

    If vaccine comes, saints and believers of tpm will not take vaccine drop in their body.

    Communion in our tpm church will stop. We not going to drink from same cup. Our holy rule to drink wine from same cup saints have to change.

    Pastor if coughing while giving bread wine then many believer stand up and refuse to take communion of hand of pastor.

    Very dreadful situation coming. Please pray.

  3. Another brilliant comparison which should resonate with any worker sister who has access to fromtpm.com.

    It is unfortunate that most of them are trapped just like those in the flesh trade. In the beginning, these young vulnerable and easily impressionable women are deceived by these spiritual pimps with promises of zion and of living in the “house of god” all the days of their life. The Sunday School propaganda system ensures that these children are not exposed to any other truth and as a result they are totally brainwashed by the time they are ready to take a life decision – Marriage or Ministry (aka Misery). Once committed, it is a one way ticket to hell.

    They ultimately end up as slaves to their male boss till they are transferred to another fake home or another pimp replaces the previous pimp. It is a human tragedy what these women undergo. The cunning ones end up as assistants to the pimps and they help in recruiting more slaves to keep this satanic system flourishing. Within a matter of time, even the good ones resign to their fate and become like the rest to survive in the system, as they have nowhere to go.

    I remember an incident in the early 90’s when I went to meet my aunt who was in Kellys. I was looking for a job and went to Tuticorin for an interview and on the way back I went to see my Aunt. I did not have much money with me, so she gave me some money to give to the pastor there just to save her face. Her father was one of the earliest pastors of CPM and after his death, she had to face lots of difficulties, which is the case of many sisters who join this ministry because of their parents.

    This TPM celibacy system is living hell for women especially for those who have sincerely joined it with an intention to serve God. The others who join it for survival thrive by playing the system to their advantage.

    There are some pimps who are good and it will be the lucky ones who manage to end up in their fake homes. Ultimately all these pimps are agents of Molech looking for the next victim to keep their god appeased and to ensure that there is a steady supply of free labour to keep the fires in the concentration camps burning.

    This is the reason why the women who are brave enough to leave this cult are true heroes and need to be commended for their courage. We have a few testimonies on this site from such brave women and may God bless them and hope that many more will follow their example and walk away from this satanic system.

    Thank you fromtpm.com for relentlessly keeping the focus on these unfortunate victims of this evil cult.

    • @ No More a Slave to Fear
      “The cunning ones end up as assistants to the pimps and they help in recruiting more slaves to keep this satanic system flourishing. Within a matter of time, even the good ones resign to their fate and become like the rest to survive in the system, as they have nowhere to go….This TPM celibacy system is living hell for women especially for those who have sincerely joined it with an intention to serve God. The others who join it for survival thrive by playing the system to their advantage.”
      Wow! You’ve figured out this system so well! What you said is 100% true!
      I’ve witnessed the same while living within the system. You are promoted if you go along with all the wrongdoings but if you point out the errors, you are shunned. Especially if you are shunned by the center pastor/mother, everybody else will shun you & therefore, it’s constant striving to please the “elders” to preserve one’s image within this demonic community.
      In the beginning of my ministry, when I saw wrong things, I immediately pointed it out to the head sister. After a few times of doing this, she got frustrated at me & started ignoring me. Because of the brainwashing, I figured that I should stop pointing out the wrong & just go with the flow in order to be able to survive. For a few years, I went above & beyond my strength to “please” the “elders”, even in their foolishness, ignoring all my convictions. One day, last year, through a series of events, I came to my senses! I felt like an idiot! I asked myself “What are you doing?!” I forgot my identity as I was trying to please these wolves. I was not being true to who God created me to be but was a robot programmed by these wolves to obey their selfish agenda. I felt so dirty and used by these blood-thirsty wolves! I thank God for bringing me to my senses as most of these sisters don’t realize the snare they are caught in.
      I have a cousin who is in this pack of wolves for 22 years. I feel sorry for her when I see how she goes above & beyond her strength to stay on the good side of the elders, even if it means trampling on poor junior sisters to gain favor with the elders! She is also part of the faith home gossip club in order to gain favor with the prominent SOG. I realized if I stayed 10 more years in that place, I would become just like her! So I ran for my life!
      As “No More a Slave to Fear” said, most of the SOG see the evil in the system but because they cannot go back for various reasons, they stay within the system & milk it to their own advantage. They’ve learned the tricks of the system & are just going with the flow for their own survival. I feel sorry for them as they are all trapped within this system! If we can somehow pull down this system, all the SOG can be free to go serve the Lord in truth! I hope & pray that the TPM believers & clergy would wake up to truth & demolish this demonic system! May God have mercy!


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