A scholar once called Luther as a man between God and the devil. There are many harsh and vulgar words which he had spoken, which a man of his stature should have taken care to utter. While studying his life his flaws are not to be neglected. In this last part of his life, we will highlight his good and bad philosophy.  We will see the words for which he is applauded and the words for which he is criticized.

Criticism of Luther over the Peasant Revolt

The Holy Roman Empire used to tax every country. This caused much pain not only to the poor but also to princes and noblemen. This economic pressure of taxation led many princes (which ruled over states) to break away from the Catholic Church and established German churches under their control by saying “German money for German churches.” They introduced Roman civil law to gain more wealth for themselves and gain more control of lands. The gap between the rich and the poor, the taxation, and the formation of unrest between the centre and the state were instrumental in the political-economic unrest. Religious divide added fuel to the fire. Poor peasants who were oppressed by noblemen sought support from protestant reformers like Luther and other reformers like Thomas Muntzer. Martin Luther initially sought the middle way. He criticized the use of violence and also lashed at injustices and oppression of poor under hands of noblemen. But later he sided with the ruling class. Luther believed that role of nobles is to maintain peace and the role of peasants is to work. Each must maintain his role. He believed that the Government and Authorities are appointed by God (Rom 13). There are other evils about which we need more attention. Luther used very harsh words for which he is criticized even today. For example, he said, “(the peasants) must be sliced, choked, stabbed, secretly and publicly, by those who can, like one must kill a rabid dog.” He also wrote, “I Martin Luther during the rebellion slain all the peasants, for it was I who ordered then to be struck dead.

Life of Martin Luther – Part 3
The Peasant Revolt

Criticism of Luther for his anti-Semitism

Luther had many flaws. He is rightly criticized for his awful words which he spoke. He is highly criticized for his sinister words about Jews.  One Jewish Rabbi notes “Among all the Church Fathers and Reformers, there was no mouth more vile, no tongue that uttered more vulgar curses against the Children of Israel than this founder of the Reformation.” Luther never encountered any Jew in his lifetime. He lived in a place where Jews were expelled 90 years before his birth. The primary reasons for Luther looking down upon the Jews were

  • The Predatory Lending practices of Jews, which induced much poverty and suffering upon the masses
  • The Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Jews

Luther’s Opinion of Study of Biblical languages

In Luther’s age, the Bible was in the Latin language. It was not allowed for people to translate the bible into the English/German language which was the common language.. Common men were not even allowed to keep a copy of the bible at their homes. The Roman Catholic priests, who knew Latin could understand the bible but a common man could not. In one sense it appeared right to the Catholic church that giving liberty to each man to infuse his own interpretation and read scriptures with his own emotion-based lens will create a schism in the church. But there was another way than banning it. Rules of interpreting bible should have been laid as they are laid in theological colleges and seminaries of our times. Principles of hermeneutics could have been a better option than keeping control in the hands of the pope. The denial of liberty to verify, to dissent, and ask the question was sinister indeed. 

Concerning learning the original language of the Bible, Luther said, “Do you inquire what use there is in learning the languages?

Languages are the baskets in which the loaves and fishes are kept to feed the multitude. No sooner did men cease to cultivate the languages then Christendom declined. It fell under the undisputed dominion of the pope. As soon as this torch re-ignited then this papal owl fled with a shriek into congenial gloom. . . . people who think language isn’t of any use have often erred in the real meaning of the sacred text; they are without arms against error, and I fear much that their faith will not remain pure. If the languages had not made me positive, I might have still remained a chained monk, engaged in quietly preaching Romish errors in the obscurity of a cloister; the pope would have remained unshaken.

Martin Luther

It is a sin and shame not to know our own book or to understand the speech and words of our God; it is a still greater sin and loss that we do not study languages, especially in these days when God is offering and giving us men and books along with every facility and inducement to this study. He desires the Bible to be an open book.

Luther’s Opinion regarding the Study and researching the Bible

Luther says, “Some pastors and preachers are lazy and no good. They do not pray; they do not read; they do not search the Scripture. There is great danger, in thinking we have ever gotten to a point when we fancy we don’t need to study anymore. Let ministers daily pursue their studies with diligence and constantly busy themselves with them. . . . Let them never cease until they are sure that they have taught the devil to death and have become more learned than God himself and all His saints”—which of course means never.

He observed, “All our study is futile without the work of God overcoming our blindness and hardheartedness.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Tim 2:15

Luther’s opinion on trolling against him

Luther said, “If the Devil can do nothing against the teachings, he attacks the person, lying, slandering, cursing, and ranting at him. Just like the pope, Beelzebub did to me when he could not subdue my Gospel. He wrote that I was possessed by the Devil.

Luther’s Opinion on Freedom of Human will

In his book, The Bondage of the Will, published in 1525, as an answer to Erasmus’s book, The Freedom of the Will, Luther explains that human will is “FREE” to move to action, but beneath the human will there is a bondage that can only be overcome by the free grace of God. According to Luther, man has freedom of the will to do or not to do works, but man cannot by his own power purify his heart and bring forth godly gifts, such as true repentance or sins.

Note: We do not know whether all of the accounts published in various Christian literature concerning Luther is factual or not. We believe some of it can possibly be propaganda as there are controversies surrounding them. We at fromtpm cannot verify the authenticity of events related to his early life. Nevertheless, we are making available things which are commonly believed to be true.   


  1. @ADMN “In one sense it appeared right to the Catholic church that giving liberty to each man to infuse his own interpretation and read scriptures with his own emotion-based lens will create a schism in the church.”
    I think coinciding this precept, CPM/TPM discovered its own ways and means to fully involve the believer community to various F.H bound programmes in a week, some times 4 days in a week (mothers prayers,youth prayers,elders prayers etc.etc) by denying the much needed family time they needed. And if suppose, you are well read, you would be confined to Sunday School ministry,and its weekly programmes,and Sunday school examinations,anniversaries,paper corrections,result announcements,gifts buying activities, what not……oh to think of those past ghost activities….I shudder to think them……
    Then where was the time available for the typical job holder to have own personal Bible studying at his/her house ?
    So this has been the routine trick of the trade of this BEAST being successfully implemented well over these 9 decades of its existence.The gullible believers never thought about these hidden tricks involved.,and even today this trick is being successfully executed by it.
    Thus there is hardly any time left for these truth seeking believers(to become BEREANS) to cross verify those teachings that they had been bombarded in the weekly Bible Studies, and weekly tarry meetings.
    Even many household daily chores that affect the children education, and later their marriage issues were grossly neglected by many unfortunate poor and middle class families.

    This was the stark reality of my 25 years of my close walk thay I maintained with this BEAST before God opened my spiritual eyes of my understanding.
    I salute ADMN brother for his heavenly vision of opening this website and for placing the invaluable treasures of heavenly fodder right from the day one.

    • This is u r personal opinion don’t criticize as a universal to truth. If u r strong in studies, tution is not required for you and if I am in weak in studies, I need tution. Moreover My opinion is different because if we are sitting home, some indifference will occur and there is a quarrel between family. I want to increase my spiritual growth then I will spend more time with my children at churches

      • Yes, Mr. King, you are right about tuitions if you are a weak student. If I were you, I would be very careful about who is going to tutor me. To learn algebra, I will not go to an English teacher but go to a Math teacher.

        If you are going to TPM to learn about God, they will definitely teach about the tpm god who doesn’t exist in the Bible. So please be careful about what you are being taught. Please go to a fellowship where the God of the Bible is taught.

        • If I am weak in English then I will go search for English tutor who are best in my area and I will study as per my syallabus means as per my bible. If you know very good tutor better than him, you can guide me which tutor will tell best teaching instead of criticizing. otherwise why don’t start tution center means churches with this website followers. You should start from basic means when we haven’t financial support and the god will help you with financial help and increase facilities to your center to save the more lives for enternal life. If you’re not chosen by the God, then pray for yourself. Then leave it matter and I agree that pas. J William did wrong and in the beginning, like new text book, some of servants will start worship with fire and after middle of the time, they will fallen. It is fault of the human character. And moreover they are not to teaching like sexual, lust and greedy things are correct. Every time they are telling you should obey bible only.

  2. @ Article
    // Luther opinion on study of biblical language /

    M. Luther asked people to study Hebrew Greek. But our Chief pastor told workers, – you people forget Hebrew Greek study. That not important. Learn tamil malayalam hindi during training. This language more important to preach our doctrines. Greek Hebrew learning for people who research bible. Our job not to research bible but to preach doctrines once delivered to saints.

    Our center pastor learn by themselves English because they get chance to go to preach in convention. Good enlish speaking sister get chance to go to america Europe dubai.

      • @ MJ king

        First tell me which side you belong. If you love tpm you are my friend. Then no matter how many sins you do I will cover it for you. I will say to everyone shhh..shh… Don’t judge … keep quite… I will fight with fromtpm calling them devil lucifier ….. enemy pakistani….terrorist ..if they expose you….

        But if you belong to fromtpm then I will tell to the world how you go to third level place in heaven…..I will tell everyone you not Apostle…you not servant of God…your Baptism not valid… your meeting cannot take to heaven…like that I will tell everyone that only tpm better , rest all low quality Christians.

        That our tpm technique taught to us by saints of MBBS degree in spiritual life. Martin Luther not like this. He know nothing about not marrying, Zion, not taking medicine, not watching tv. He had no revelation. He only preach Jesus Jesus all the time. He enemy of pope . He fight against church & divide it.

        • I am Jesus side. I don’t have any grudge against any church or people. I am telling don’t criticize any church until you start new church and until you are preaching true Jesus

        • @M J King
          // I am telling you don’t critisize church …..

          Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth correction is like brute animal…(proverbs 12;1).

          Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear ( I tim 5:20).

  3. Yes,Mr King,I am not criticising any one here.When you are standing in the court of law, and if you are asked to give your personal testimony about the life you were living on earth.. describe it in few lines . That was what I did .That was all.
    Suppose if you are asked to give your testimony, will you be able to give.or will you not able to do it . Pl tell me.
    Well if you are willing, you can also briefly explain yourself in a few lines.
    Take it as a challenge .
    May God bless you dear MJ King.

    • To be frank, i am stopped going to church from 2013 onwards due to my office works. I will listen all pastors message in online and I am reading online bible studies and commentaries. Everything I can anylisis as per bible only without harm any one or criticizing. After COVID I am planning to go for Church and to worship JESUS Christ.

        • His wife’s name was Katharina von Bora(Katharina Luther after the wedding). She was a runaway sister(ex-nun) of the catholic church.

  4. @ Admin bro, we like to check with you any updates Joshua story? We come across nothing happening all going as usual. Joshua still counting his centre pastor position.
    Many different story passing around…

    • Yes, some developments are happening. However, Its not something which should be put in the article as of now.

    • @ anonymous
      Many saints easily transferred after getting caught. But pastor Joshua unshakable like Mount Zion.

      Very intresting chess move happening. All players of Singapore chess board very experience in playing political checkmate games. Suddenly chief pastor Abraham in grip of pastor Joshua. He helpless before pastor Joshua stamina horse. Pastor MT taking help of Vishwanathan anand’s deeper revelations. Pastor win Wong lee trying to capture queen Sharon by advancing rook to opposite end and becoming King.. Believer watching this chess game closely.

      • @Elina, 👌👌 very interesting chess game played. Joshua pumping funds to India and pastor Abraham is very much
        money minded. No transfer and joshua not moving anywear. He will be here and run the show.
        There is no David Lee…only pastor Win Wong Lee. He came from Malaysia taken role as Asst centre pastor.

  5. I am asking one question. You people are strong in biblical verse and then why don’t start a new Church for saving souls on earth or you people should TPM churches and question that your preaching wrong with biblical proof in front of TPM believers or u can start new church beside TPM church and to preach as per bible and god bless you church and to be sent more souls to you. Your names will be written in heaven’s.

    • @ chandu
      //why don’t start a new Church for saving souls on

      fromtpm online church only. It new church on website. It preach on website. All people come for listening messages not only on Sunday but 24*7. It Very spiritual church. Many people saved. They not take tithe that I like. They not buy property car with believers money that I like.

  6. Is he pas David Lee who is now waiting on the wings?
    There is no pas Win Wong Lee by that name.
    Some time ago brother Richie clarified that David Lee was mental case and was solitarily confined to first floor room in S’pore f.h.

  7. @EE,

    David Lee is no more in tpm fh in sg, he had been kicked out long time back brother, Also this same bunch of hypocrites did something to another worker sis some years back, she had gangrene on her leg & since medical treatment was not an option in that cult, it became worse & this sis tried to do medical treatment & since it was not seeked on time, doctors had to amputate her leg. thereafter she was asked to leave the cult. If there’s anything or anyone as cold calculated , it has to be this bunch of heartless creatures.

  8. @Elina
    Thank you for your hollow interactions that some times they result in bringing the truthful data comes to light.
    This is particularly true with the clarification posted by ChristmySaviour for whom I salute for keeping us informed with latest updates of S’pore clergy.
    Therefore more missiles may be expected from ChristmySaviour.
    Should we not?

  9. @EE

    //Therefore more missiles may be expected from ChristmySaviour//

    Paul writes like this..
    Acts 20

    27 For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God. 28 Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood. 29 For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. 31 Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.

    @EE, We must continue to do the work that Paul did of warning & exposing these wolves who are preventing the flock from receiving the whole counsel of God..

    • @ChristmySaviour,

      What a touching verse. “Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears” – Acts 20:31.

      Apostle Paul was constantly and continually cautioning his flock against false teachers, and their doctrines, shedding tears at the thoughts of what damage would be done, and how many souls would be ruined by them.

      No wonder Paul had the boldness to say to the Corinthian church: “For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel” – 1 Corinthians 4:15 NKJV. That’s why he is often considered to be the most important person after Jesus in the history of Christianity.

      I thank and praise God for the author(s) of fromtpm.com for doing a similar work of warning and cautioning other Christians from being deceived and carried away with the false teachings of the wicked. I also wish to express my gratitude to fromtpm.com for providing us with a platform to participate in this work and boldly express our faith for the benefit of many. May God bless the fromtpm.com team.

  10. Exactly, I am on the same page with you dear.
    With this aim and purpose only God has chosen a few dear ones like ADMN brother and his TEAM members with whom we ‘ve determined to wage these battles 24×7.Am happy, you too joined this relentless battles day in and day out.All the best .

  11. @ChristmySaviour..
    Look at the bold statement the Steve Smotherman gives a FIRST AID box treatment for the injury hit.
    Let us get to know his credentials.
    (Steve Smothermon is senior pastor of Legacy Church, a large and growing church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He earned a bachelor of theological studies degree from Vision International University and is the author of Large Large Living in a Small Small World. Steve and his wife, Cynthia, have been married for almost 30 years and are the proud parents of three children and a growing number of grandchildren.)
    In the present contemporary world we need to save the souls of the people with a simple gospel truths free of contaminated food items like milk and bread pieces than to serve them with strong meat filled with BIRYANI packets.
    When the injury hit people’s wounds are healed they can be served with the strong meat

  12. @ dear ADMN bro
    @ All the dear 1% contributing AUTHORS of this blessed website.

    May I invite you for the late Ravi Zacharias Memorial Livestream event 6 DAYS from today .
    Its an event being conducted to honor the life of Ravi Zacharias (1946-2020),who finished his course on May 19 after a brief battle with cancer.
    The celebration of Ravi’s life and legacy will be streamed live on YouTube and on Facebook on May 29 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.



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