The Spell of Sinister Waters

The Pentecostal Mission is like a mystical river. From a surface level, the waters appear clean. People swimming inside it keep inviting others to jump into it. They say this is the best swimming pool in the world. Our rules will wash you and make you pure and clean. We do a lot of praying and praising. We are very religious. We do not watch TV, cinema. We don’t do this and that sin. We fast twice a week on Wednesday and Saturdays. Our waters are as pure as it used to be in times of apostles of Jesus. This, however, is just a view from the surface. From above the waters of TPM river indeed appears bleached and uncontaminated. But the danger is that the water beneath the surface is quite demonic. It enchants the people swimming inside it to turn them like frogs in a boiling bathtub. Until they die they cannot sense the toxic smell of the water that is having a toll on their minds. The sinister stink of the river makes people numb to evil waters. Their conscience is dead. Their heart is darkened. They are blind. They cannot see that God is departed. ICHABOD!  

ICHABOD - The Glory Departs
ICHABOD - The Glory Departs

Pharisees of Israel were swimming in a similar river like the TPM River. Jesus rebuked them for their dead conscience. Their ability to detect sin was crookedly distorted. He said unto them, “You blind fools, what needs more attention, this or that (Matt 23:25-27).” For them, tithing money to temples was more important than giving that money to helpless people (Matt 23:23). They could swallow an entire unclean animal like a camel but made a lot of fuss about eating unclean animal of the size of small mosquito (Matt 23:24). For them, washing of hands was more important than cleaning inner defilements of adultery, immorality, false witness, blasphemies etc (Matthew 15:1, 2, 10-15). They had a distorted sense of good and evil like TPM. Like TPM, they laid more importance to straightening of teeth than healing crooked morals.

Allow me to show that TPM believers have also developed a distorted sense of holy/unholy, and right/ wrong.    

Distorted Sense of Holy and Unholy in TPM Fellowship

It is a goose egg for TPM believers if the centre pastor is caught committing sexual sins. However, the believer’s blood begins to boil when we see a sister wearing jeans and coming to the church. A Sunday school kid dancing his heart out to a movie tune is to be rebuked than a sister covering up sexual misadventures of church ministers. The TPM sense of good and evil is so lopsided that the following are criminal and evil

  • taking communion in another church
  • reading a novel
  • Wearing a black T-shirt or red jacket on a Sunday morning

We cannot stay silent when we see a believer sister wear jewellery but our lips are sealed with steel chains when we hear adultery, fornication, blasphemy and false teachings inside the church. Listen to the audio below(in Hindi), in which a TPM saint, is admonishing members, that watching cartoon is an outrageous crime. He also says attending worship meeting in the church apart from TPM will meet merciless punishment in hell. This is based on the Trance given by the TPM God.

According to TPM Teaching Watching Cartoon is an outrageous sin and is worthy of hell
If you go to another church you will be in big Trouble

Few samples of crooked conscience in TPM Fellowship

  • Here is a story inspired by a true incident in TPM in Kerala, many years back in Trivandrum. A TPM nun became pregnant by a male worker.  When her sins started revealing through her bloating stomach, mother in charge began to cover up this act. Her lips to admonish believer getting married outside TPM were once wide open for rebuke, but when it came to abominable illegitimate childbirth in faith home she put duct tape in her own mouth. The nun was forced to go out and the Male worker was transferred.
  • TPM Pastor Emmanuel (who died in a road accident while he was In Charge of Chennai Kellys FH) when he was in Bangalore Center ended up in a physical relationship with Sis Sherly (who is a singer in Bangalore Center Convention) at Rajaji local FH in Bangalore Center in 2001-02. This was brought to the knowledge of the then Center Pastor Selvam who did not want to send off the talented Emmanuel from the ministry as he was a great help in the local language. Late Pastor Jasper (he was Asst. in Bangalore Center) played a pivotal role in clandestinely covering up the product of the illegitimate relationship! Moreover, Emmanuel didn’t go unpunished…he was given a token punishment of 6 months in Center FH. (As Testified by an ex-TPM Minister)
  • One TPM Brother Andrew and Sis Shakeela (both are in Bangalore Center now) were brought to the then Bangalore Center Pastor Mohandas in the year 2009 for having a physical relationship while they were in Sanduru Local in Bangalore Center. The In-Charge Moopathy whispered into my ears that Sister Shakeela had to undergo an abortion. Let me tell you both Andrew and Shakeela still continue their acts with different people. (As Testified by an ex-TPM Minister)
  • Do you know what happens if a boy or girl blows a whistle? Believers will start getting irritated. They feel begin to feel sad and angry. Clouds of smoke will come out from their nostril. They will take actions not to admonish the culprit but the whistle-blower. They will curse saying “Don’t speak against the saint,” or “God will punish you” or “don’t play with fire,” or “you Lucifer,” etc, etc. The voice of truth revealer will be lynched to silence by TPM believers but the voice of hypocrite saint doing adultery will be given ears.
  • This is another real event. Two years back a worker sister serving in Nagpur was punished by the TPM leader. Punishment brought such a mental trauma upon her, that she ended up being paralyzed. Do you know why was she traumatized? The story goes like this. She was serving as an elder sister in one local. Junior sister and the in-charge male worker were involved in a roaring affair. Unable to control their passions the junior sister eloped with the male in-charge. And this was the reason why she was held responsible. According to the crooked conscience of TPM leaders, this elder sister was to be held accountable for natural passions that arose between young man and woman. It was not their doctrine of forced celibacy of ministers which was responsible. Such is the crooked conscience of TPM that culprit escapes and innocent suffers!
  • Another version of a similar story is that of Pastor Thomaskutty, written earlier as an article on his site (click here). In his childhood days, Pastor Thomas saw TPM workers (male and female minister) sleep in one bed. When the consecrated couple became aware of Thomaskutty’s knowledge of their sensual nights, he was beaten badly, and falsely accused of having stolen 2 Rs. He was not given food, and believers were instructed not to help a thief like him. All the believers then persecute the little boy Thomaskutty but kept honouring the saints celebrating sensual nights. In yet another incident highlighted in this website, a junior brother witnessed an affair of a centre pastor and a sister. He didn’t say anything to the Pastor, but he made it known to the sister. This resulted in his transfer, persecution and final exit from TPM. Culprit escapes and the victim suffers in TPM. And no one says a word with his mouth.

Crooked Conscience of the TPM Pharisees and Jesus time Pharisees

Here is a point by point summarized similarity in crooked conscience of TPM believers and Pharisees.

  • It was criminal according to the distorted morality of Pharisees to eat food without washing of hands! Jesus criticized them for not stressing on murders & fornication which is greater defilement (Matt 15:2, 18). Same goes with TPM! Wearing jeans is sin in TPM! A kid watching cartoon will go to hell according to TPM! Marrying outside TPM is a punishable offence. Taking communion in other church, taking medicine is a sin to be punished publically. But a pastor committing sexual sins is declared innocent in TPM even after giving a number of proofs. A “saint” who has murdered another “Saint”(Kangaraj) or another worker silently is protected by TPM. These people can drink up an entire unclean animal (as big as a camel), but they will make it a holiness issue if one were to swallow a tiny unclean fly (Matt 23:24). Isn’t it enough evidence that the collective conscience of TPM is seared with a hot iron rod?
  • It was sinful for Pharisees to not give tithes; omission of weightier matters like the omission of justice for afflicted and mercy was nothing for them (Matt 23:23). Isn’t the same evil spirit found in TPM, which stresses too much on curses of not giving tithes, but omit the weightier things of spreading love and standing for the victim? Isn’t it enough evidence that the collective conscience of TPM is seared with a hot iron rod?
  • Such was the distorted conscience of the scribes and the Pharisees, that they sided with a murderer Barabbas and demanded an arrest for Jesus (John 18:40). Isn’t the same thing is TPM, where culprits are sanctified and those who speak of truth are hanged over woods of persecution? The whistleblower is termed as Lucifer, devil but the immoral leaders are labelled as God’s messengers! Isn’t it enough evidence that the collective conscience of TPM is seared with a hot iron rod?

The Leaven of Doctrines/Indoctrination make you Evil

Jesus called the Pharisees as blind guides. Blind because they could not see what is sin and what is not! They called it a sin which was not and called it not a sin which was a sin. Not helping poor parents was not sin but not tithing. Swallowing entire camel was not a sin for them but swallowing a little fly. Covering up sexual immorality is not sin but whistleblowing is sin.

ICHABOD - The Glory Departs

Jesus said to stay away from the leaven of the Pharisees which was their doctrine (Matt 16:11-12). It was their doctrines and teachings that made the people numb to the abominable sins. It was their doctrines and teachings that made them swallow entire unclean animal like a camel but make a lot of fuss about eating unclean insect of the size of a fly (Matt 23:24). As Paul said a little leaven leavens the whole lump (Gal 5:9). A bad fish makes the whole pond smell rotten. An evil company makes you evil like itself. Wrong doctrines turn you into a man with a distorted sense of holy and unholy. Brainwashing and indoctrination make a terrorist bomb on human society. A hate speech circulated to a crowd on WhatsApp and social media makes mob cow vigilante. The more you stay swimming in TPM river, the more sinister smell of water will take its toll on your mind.  The more you stay in TPM, the more insensitive you will become to what is evil. You will become like your idols whom you exalt (our saints our church….so on and on), (Psalms 115:8, 135:18).

Ichabod – The Glory Departs and the Heart is Darkened

Apostle Paul writes, on knowing God they gave not glory to God so their foolish heart was darkened (Rom 1:21). Foolish heart becoming dark means their conscience to detect sin became dead. They called evil as good and good as evil. Like Pharisees and TPM fellowship, they (gentiles about whom Paul is writing) started swallowing a camel and fussing over the fly. Claiming to be wise they became fools (Romans 1:22)… Claiming to be holy they became impure. Claiming to be the best church they became the worst church…. Their foolish heart was darkened. God then gave them up (Rom 1:24,26). When the church leaders of Samuel’s days committed sin in the tent of the Lord (sons of Eli), God also gave them up. He left their company… The ark was taken away…  God’s Spirit would not always strive with children of men..(Gen 6:3)

And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband (1 Sam 4:21 ).


Dear TPM Believers,

Every time you take the Holy Communion, a portion of the scripture is read for you which is what I would like to remind you now.

But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged.

1 Cor 11:31

To escape the fierceness of God’s judgement, you need to heed to the warnings and judge yourself. Make correction as per the reproof and rebuke (2 Tim 3:16). However, you have chosen the path of Eli by saying that Let God Judge, Who are we to Judge, you are asking for his fierce judgement upon you.

Eli was repeatedly warned (2 Samuel 27:36 and 1 Samuel 3:11-17). However, Eli in the typical TPM Believer style refused any action or correction and said the following.

………“He is the Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.

1 Sam 3:18

So now that TPM Believers and Clergy has desisted to Judge themselves, Let God Judge as they have asked.


  1. A wonderful article and it is most relevant as I was also pondering upon the same scripture portion for the last 3 days.

    We all are guilty of sin. Some sin and get away, some sin and are punished, some sin knowing they can always get away.

    The more lucky you are, the more sorry your end will be.

    It is better to fall at God’s feet saying ‘Lord I have sinned, I have shielded the wicked. Have mercy on my soul’

    The best church also has a strange fetish with construction activities.
    They use the analogy of Zerubabel’s temple whenever they want to demolish their existing structures
    “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts”
    This means that with every new construction, God’s blessing will be profounded monetarily as well as in ‘glory’ terms.

    Those who were TPM members of the 80’s and 90’s in South India will know that the ‘Punjabi’ attire was frowned upon and was an indication of a loose character.
    Those who sat on chairs those days were humiliated (never so these days)

    What changed?
    The revenue and sales are coming from across the world now and all old threats are silently retired and even a few workers shamelessly deny these.
    There were rich believers who were discouraged from investing in land/houses- who feel stupefied these days.
    I also feel sorry for Bro. Williams, he was so dedicated to the cult and and like the frog in the lukewarm vessel, never realized that one day his children will suffer because of his blind devotion.
    In fact, this example is true for all our parents, and for us as well- if we do not take notice of the sign board, or if we wilfully ignore the warning that God’s sending through this website.

  2. Moham-head and his jihadis..
    tpm saints and thr slaves…

    If you think only Mo will go to hell.. you re wrong.
    These people are spineless cowards and deserve to be ripped off all thr wealth by the cpm saints.
    #My 2 cents

  3. What a beautiful analogy was seen at the end of this EPISODE ………“He is the Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.” 1 Sam 3:18.
    This has been the persistent slogan of those yesteryears, and even been continuing even today.

    Could we attribute it to ills of the society?

    Or could it bracketed under the socio economic problem of the believer families?

    Whatever it may be grouped under, sin emanated from the father of lies that he pumped to his subjects in the form of lust of eye, and the lust of the flesh

    Well,this is the HEART of the problem and problem of the ‘HEART’ dear staunch TPM arch bearers.

    Mind you,in the hour of our judgement what answer we are going to give to the Lord is the matter of great concern. Again the same slogan would be repeatedly played in the minds of innocent laity.

    In my early days of joining this CULT in mid 90’s , I was taken as a translator to that worker brother of that particular F.home. That worker brother maintained an affair with believer sister of 4 children. Her husband was a lame man,obviously knew the affair and allowed that worker brother to visit his house even after the crime came into the light and the whole church whistle blew it.
    What this worker brother used to do was: After completing the message on the Bible study days(Thursdays),he simply used to vanish away. The particular F.H elder sister ( who was no more now) knew about the whole affair. The husband of that believer sister would not reach his house till this worker brother comes back to F.H in the night. That was how the mutual help was being rendered by the laity to the clergy. So shameful acts of the pigs you know

    I underwent this turmoil all along these years and used to adjust myself with that ELI’s way of uttering. But finally a D DAY was appointed to me by the Lord, and I had to quit the CULT.
    That incident was simply a sample in my faith life. Many such incidents were witnessed but I guarded them secretly in my heart with that famous ELI’s slogan.

    This was my HEART problem and the problem persisted with me for as many years as I had been drum beating in these columns dear brothers and sisters of my erstwhile kingdom of God.

    Would n’t you listen to this cry IN THIS WILDERNESS,and pay heed to the still voice of the Lord?
    Think over my dear TPM brethren before it becomes too late.Already Teju Kurien started his evil doctrine of PRIMARY PLAN A, and SECONDARY PLAN B,and polluting the young minds.
    Beware of the wolves in the sheep’s garments. They are out to kill the young and old minds.

  4. Excellent article, Praise God for the wisdom and courage He has bestowed on you.

    Hope the TPM/CPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC/TPS faithful read this and be enlightened. Much better than sitting through a 90 minute TPM sermon of deep doctrines from hell.

  5. An excellent article. When I read the line “It was sinful for Pharisees to not give tithes”, it stirred up memories from the past within me.

    It was good old days singer/composer sister Glory’s father, Pastor I. Joseph, who successfully laid and trapped my late parents into this cult in the 70’s. When my parents were members of the CSI church, Pastor I. Joseph used to visit our home every Tuesday evening with his wife to conduct a home Bible Study for my parents. As my parents had a genuine thirst to know Jesus more, they easily became captivated by his enticing talks of deeper revelations, and soon succumbed to this cult.

    My parents became such fervent followers of this cult, they started giving very sacrificially to this mission. They never cared to save any money for themselves or their children’s future, driven by the deep conviction and indoctrination that they were called to live a life of strangers and pilgrims in this world.

    My father was giving more than 10% of his income (he never revealed the exact figure to us) and my mother was giving 33% of her income to this mission till their very end. My mother revealed to me her giving details only when I got my first job, solely for the purpose of encouraging me to be a generous giver to the Lord. She always motivated me to give more than the customary 10%. Even after being so generous in their giving, they used to take stock of their finances at the end of the month, and give whatever extra that they can still afford. They were oblivious to the fact that their local faith home was getting richer at their cost.

    As both my parents were high school teachers living in a small town (part of the Madras center those days), they could have easily bought a house or two for themselves. Instead, they chose to live in a modest tiled house paying a meager rent. The house didn’t even have a decent toilet facility. They even shunned other earning opportunities such as taking private tuition, as these interfered in their busy church/ministry activities.

    Brother Denzel Joy’s comment in this thread stopped me in my tracks – “There were rich believers who were discouraged from investing in land/houses- who feel stupefied these days”. I am not sure if my parents felt stupefied later in their lives when they saw TPM investing in numerous mega building projects. Perhaps, they must have become conditioned like the frogs in the warm water pot by then, unconcerned about the happenings around them.

    I am thankful to God for delivering me from this cult and leading me to a Godly fellowship where the pastor teaches the congregants that the New Testament church is no longer bound by the law of tithing. My church encourages generous giving to the poor while meeting the just needs of the church. While God has blessed me with the gift of generous giving, He has also blessed me with the wisdom to save for my family’s needs, unlike my late TPM parents.

  6. @ADMN bro.
    @ Denzel Joy
    Denzel dear, Good initiation work done through you. Go ahead
    Happy to see some relief of the burden will take place since Robin gave the details.
    What ever help comes that is welcome for this dear brother in need. God looks at the hearts

    Indeed small drops make big ocean.Robin brother worry not.Your need is met.That is the faith we have.

    ADMN brother, KUDOS to you ,what a mighty wonder working God we have.
    Thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL VISION that God has kept in you.
    The most famous adage of man of God WILLIUM CAREY comes to my mind now.
    We thank God for the loving and caring FAMILLY of His REDEEMED people we have through this on line fellowship.I am not singling out anyone here because God knows the hearts of every one.We are able to succor the needs of the dire brothers and sisters in this manner both spiritually and materially.
    But for you dear, this huge inspiration and the tremendous task that God has kept in you, would not have been made possible. We the torch bearers of our Saviour Jesus are with you .March ahead.
    2 Timothy 2:3,4″ Share in suffering as a good soldier of CHRIST JESUS .No soldier on service gets entangled in civilian pursuits,since his aim is to satisfy the ONE who enlisted him”….is the word of encouragement for you and for dear brother Denzel Joy .

  7. Beloved ABAS brother, greetings in Jesus’s loving name.
    ‘am really touched by your faith life experiences that you were brought up by your godly parents.
    That is indeed a boon to have such a God fearing parents and see now you are being used as a mighty MISSILE in the hand of God .(Like ARROWS nay MISSILES in the hand of a warrior are the sons of one’s youth).
    I do relish the beautiful fellowship that God has given us thus after being relieved us both from the clutches of this BEAST. Glory to Him always dear .

    • Thank you for the kind words brother EE. Yes, I am thankful to God for my parents who brought me up in the fear of the Lord from a very young age.

      My only regret is, they could have accomplished so much more in advancing the kingdom of God, if they had not joined TPM. They both had such a zeal and passion for evangelization, they brought so many to the saving grace of Jesus, even when they were CSI Christians.

      My father volunteered as a lay pastor in a nearby village church, and was associated with several independent evangelists, including Bro. DGS Dhinakaran, for conducting gospel meetings in our area. DGS was an officer in SBI Dharmapuri branch at that time and was yet to step out for full time ministry work. Also, both my parents were involved in several outreach ministries of their local church.

      Once they joined TPM, Pastor I. Joseph and successive ministers after him progressively subdued and restrained my parents from doing any evangelical work. The TPM ministers managed to brainwash my parents that their calling was to be perfected as the bride of Christ and not going around evangelizing.

      Evangelism, they said, is the work of others, and the work of TPM is to gather the saved Christians from other churches and perfect them. They quoted Deuteronomy 22: 6-7 in support of this – “6 If you come across a bird’s nest beside the road, either in a tree or on the ground, and the mother is sitting on the young or on the eggs, do not take the mother with the young. 7 You may take the young, but be sure to let the mother go, so that it may go well with you and you may have a long life”. They compare the mother bird to an evangelist (other churches) and the young one to a new Christian, and say, it is not wrong to take away these new Christians as long as the evangelist is not disturbed and allowed to continue with his work.

      It is no secret that TPM does not work to win souls but only steals them from other churches – lazy gluttons. Not only are they lazy but they also cause others to be idle, like in the case of my late parents. I am only reminded of the verse from Jeremiah 48:10 “Cursed is he who does the work of the LORD with slackness”.

  8. Hello all
    This corona not stopping like our pastor preaching ! No knowledge how to stop..going on..going on… when stop I don’t know

    Pastor put akka on knees outside his room and tell them…” Pray loudly in chain prayer all sister turn by turn…until corona go away…”

    Then he went inside his room and sleep two hours.
    Poor sister praying , our pastor sleeping with loud snoring….khurrrrr…khurrr….like that..

    Then after two hour he open door and see sister saying praying lazily.. Suddenly he angry… He shout ” loudly loudly…, ye.,……. I told u to pray not to sleep…..
    Pray loudly…..if I cannot hear your voice how will God in heaven hear your voice ,?

    I saw all this when mother sent me with mango juice to pastors room..

    I will post what happen next when mother send me with snacks to pastor room at 5 pm

  9. @ABAS………..”Once they joined TPM, Pastor I. Joseph and successive ministers after him progressively subdued and restrained my parents from doing any evangelical work. The TPM ministers managed to brainwash my parents that their calling was to be perfected as the bride of Christ and not going around evangelizing.”

    A true befitting statement brother.
    To these Pas I.Josephs, CKLs,PMTs,TUTs,we ‘ve got no regrets but are thankful for spreading these canards against the true Bibical teachings. What they could able to fill the vast space with their erroneous teachings in for all these 93 years God equally could undo those canards that spread the space. His chosen a SPV (special purpose vehicle) to confront this evil enemy which is of 4 years old!
    The GREAT COMMISSION that Jesus told in Matthew 28:19 would never strike their minds.
    KUDOS to our godly parents whose secret prayers never went in vain .Their sons and daughters could able to finally nab these thieves and arrest these wolves in the sheep clothing.
    As though rekindling the spirit of GREAT COMMISSION, Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 2:9 reechoes this way….”you may declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” that too after addressing these Gentile believer community that we ever cherish in this grace period…..
    You are a chosen race
    a royal priesthood,
    a holy nation,
    God’s own people,

  10. I happened to come across one such incident where the innocent was punished. In the local church which I was attending then, one sister named Grace, who was the singer sister at the local congregation, held a sway among the SOGs and believers there. The elder sister couldn’t speak against her as this sis. Grace would punish any SOG who speaks against her with fasting and sometimes solitary confinement.

    This sis. Grace acted as if she was holy and prayerful and a patient listener to problems of the congregation and so they were happy with her. In due time, she pushed the younger sisters to do her chores and to have lesbian activity with her. Most of the sisters were forced to put up with her as she had a good name among the believers and higher ups. However, one young sister resisted her and ended up suffering brutal torture from her both physically and mentally.

    Unable to bear it, she wrote a letter to the asst. Center pastor explaining the sufferings she had to face at the hand of sis.Grace. She couldn’t pass on the letter to the asst. Center pastor without the knowledge of the said sister and hence she used the believers route to the asst. Center pastor.

    When the letter reached him, he visited the local FH and conducted an enquiry. The result of it was that Sis. Grace was given a warning and left of. But the younger sister was given a punishment transfer to another local FH under a much cruel some elder sister. This punishment was handed to her because she made the believers privy of the inside info and that she couldn’t bear the tribulation for 10 days (as mentioned in Rev-2:10)

    As an icing, sis.Grace was soon promoted as the center singer sister and till holds that position.

    I pondered upon this incident and thought that this gross misjudgement was one-off incident inside tpm. But after reading this article, I understand that this is the regular template that is followed inside TPM.

  11. On a side note, just came to know that Dr.Ravi Zacharias has passed away. He was a true servant of God and did a lot over his lifetime in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I know an incident in which a family was denied TPM’s holy communion as they had attended Ravi’s conference in New Zealand. This TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC is a satanic system created by a son of Satan and is now being promoted by more sons of Satan.

  12. Thanks Admin, I just realized it after checking RZIM and was about to post requesting you to delete the original post.

  13. @NMSTF
    Beloved brothers in Christ,
    Hereby I produce the excerpt from CT magazine–dt May11,2020,that was available in my inbox yesterday.
    By Sarah Davis (daughter of Ravi Zacharias) — 
    Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for my dad and for my family in recent months as he has undergone back surgery and treatment for cancer. Truly, words fail to convey the depths of our gratitude for your many expressions of love.We have just learned that while the tumor in my dad’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened. His oncologist informed us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that no options for further treatment remain. Medically speaking, they have done all they are able.Ravi, Margie, and Naomi are returning from Houston and will remain at home in Atlanta, where our family can be together for whatever time the Lord gives us.We are so grateful to God for His goodness and His love that we have seen evidenced in so many ways. The love and care that you have given to us is one of the most beautiful expressions of God’s kindness. We are deeply grateful for the care of the medical teams at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the friendship and love of those who served and cared so faithfully and came alongside in many generous and unexpected ways.After many weeks of separation, our family is anxious to spend time together. You are also our family. We love you and are grateful to share these thin places with you. Thank you for what each of you do to faithfully support my dad’s work and calling, and to advance the cause of evangelism around the world.We know that God has purposed and numbered each of our days, and only He knows how many more Ravi will experience on this earth. One day, likely sooner than later, we will be serving without our beloved founder, though I know his love and legacy will convict and inspire us to service of his Lord even greater than we have seen before. While we are full of so many emotions, we are also at peace, resting in the truth that God knows all and sees all and is sovereign and good. I think of the great joy my dad will have and I am comforted.Thank you for taking this journey with us, and as always, for your faithful prayers.With much love and on behalf of Ravi, Margie, Naomi, and Nathan
    Man of God Ravi Zacharias and the widely known apologist has been profoundly used by God for His glory.
    I was the one of the few fortunate listed ones that were trained under him RZIM ORGN ,when he came to New Delhi and conducted a training course in mid 80’s.
    I was presented with his book ‘THE SHATTERED VISAGE ‘one of his brilliant writings appended with his signature on it.
    A brilliant man of God indeed that shook entire Jewish,Arabic,Hindu,Buddhist,Shintoism world of faiths by his simple, patient answering of faith in Jesus Christ to them.
    Well, when the time comes, the Lord will call him.But as on this hour,our beloved Saviour has not sent any call to him. However we keep praying for this man of God
    Let me profusely thank ADMN brother and the 1% contributing authors of this blessed website that God has grated us for sharing the latest updates.


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