One of the seven steps of Salvation, as taught by TPM, is that you need to be Anointed by the Holy Spirit to be saved and be caught up in the Rapture. That is why they have these meetings called Tarrying meetings every Saturdays.

They end up shouting and making a big commotion in the place causing distress to the neighbours around. To add to that, they will switch on the microphone to ensure that the locality knows the presence of a Mad-house there.

23 If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?

1 Cor 14:23

Once you are successfully able to shout loud and fist the fellow next to you, the clergy will certify that you are filled with the Holy Spirit. One other purpose of the Tarrying meeting is for the clergy to understand who all are the real fanatic followers. The ones who come for the Sunday service ONLY are considered as the ones who cannot be depended on for a real need of the branch.

The Real Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit spoken in the Bible is also called the Spirit of Truth. By the simple implication of that name, we will know the Holy Spirit stands against all LIES.

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

John 16:13

Therefore, the more godly we are, we will always speak the truth. We also see that the people who stand in Mt Zion along with the Lamb has this character of the Lord. NO GUILE IS FOUND IN THEIR MOUTH.

No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless.

Rev 14:5

The Fake Holy Spirit of TPM

The Ministers in TPM does not even have an iota of guilt for speaking lies. You would have noticed in the Testimony for Kumari that she trained her subordinates to LIE and she herself lied. If the woman in the leadership is lying like that, what more do you expect the rest of the folks to do? We all know that the Doctrine of TPM is from the Father of lies.

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

John 8:44

If the Native language of TPM is LIES, they hate the truth. Now if somebody speaks the truth, they will hate them too. They will teach their believers also to LIE. So should not you expect the same from their Singapore clergy who teaches their folks to lie?

The Joshua Lie

This Joshua story is not a new thing. He had been exploiting the woman and ensuring that she does not slip out of his grip. But when the Indonesian adventure was brought to the notice of the then Chief N Stephen, he candidly denied it. He even made the victim lie to Stephen. Of course, Stephen was pleased to listen to these lies and exonerate him of any wrong-doing. So according to Stephen the one who reported the issue is a prankster. What an organization build upon lies?

Note the below clip where Joshua says to his hidden wife that She belongs to him and is not free to go. I believe that Joshua considers her to be his wife as per Romans 7:2. Note the wordings of Joshua’s text. It’s strikingly similar.

For example, by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law that binds her to him.

Rom 7:2
The Life of a TPM Minister - 3
The words of a Jealous husband

This same holy apostle of TPM Singapore has a problem with the truth of his hidden wife. But the Chief Apostle from Chennai is least bothered about ascertaining the truth. He is happy to hear about the Joshua version which is being certified by the victim.

The Life of a TPM Minister - 3


If you are following the game of cricket, you will be familiar with the term Match-Fixing. These fixers ensure that the crowd thinks you are genuinely bowling or fielding for your side. The crowd has no clue that the money has switched into the player’s account before the start of the game. Similarly, in TPM they give an impression that they are filled with the Holy Spirit and the white dresses reassure the laity of their supposed intentions. Rarely do they know that the whole bunch is playing for the opposition team.

13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

2 Cor 11:13-15

There are some rumours that Abraham Mathew will fly in from Chennai for sorting out this bump. We fully expect him to toe the Joshua line and at most secure him in a transfer to another place where the holy man of Singapore will be able to get a new cloak for his deeds.

I guess Abraham has to take care of Joshua. Otherwise, God only knows what all Joshua can leak out regarding Abraham’s past. This is a very very secretive organization. NOTHING IS TRANSPARENT.


  1. This EPISODE brought out a very top class starting disclosure.That the hoy man of S’PORE had successfully manoeuvered CP Stephen and got the victim to lie that strengthened his position.
    Now AM enters the scene, the same holy man shall play a different trick which I think he would be able to do without any difficulty.(since they got scores to be settled)

    Then the holy man would simply ask him this way……….. “let us settle the scores”
    In that case AM in all the probability would face a typical CATCH 22 situation.
    So in a typical tennis match, when the two opponents are facing, the match reached a climax stage.
    The innocent spectators watching the show with a renewed interest..
    (the hidden fact is —MATCH FIXING was already done between these two.Only to wipe out the tears the show goes on)

    Now AM serves a clean ACE.
    The holy man could not lift it
    AM serves the second serve.
    The holy man successfully caught the ball and could able to manage and pushed the ball back to AM.
    Now the game has come to DUES again.

    Alas We have to wait for another TARRY meeting now, that decides future of the holy man.

  2. I Feel for my younger brother who is in this tpm cult.My mother always worry about him.IF hE WOULD HAVE not joined this cult,my brother would have brought joy to my mother.but my brother is a slave to tpm.Tpm has brainwashed ,my brother i would like him to come out of this cult.
    Admin,how do you see the future of tpm after coronovirus ends?

      • Sister @SURYA PLEASE mind your own business ok.I am not the person who you think.This forum is only to share your experience not to interfere in personal matters ok.
        Sorry sister SURYA I am not the person who you think.I would like to advice you to stop interfering in others personal matters.e
        This forum and this website is only for knowledge.Those who acquire the knowledge of this website will be warned about tpm.
        But we cant do anything,ok god will judge.We are just to share our experience.
        There are some bad people in tpm,but it is unwise to say all people in tpm are bad.
        I think we should eat the good fleshly part of tpm,an spit the bones part of tpm.
        Dont be too much concerned about tpm faults.Focus on god jesus,focus only on him.
        There are people appointed like our admin to expose the faults of tpm and admin is doing a good job.

      • Focus on jesus.Focus only on him.I read your testimony.
        As for as jewels are concerned,my view is,i would advice not to wear it because nowadays you know chain theft are too much.
        Jewels are not to wear,but it is for emergency financial purpose.I would recommend not to wear anything for safety.Generally speaking i would not even recommend makeup.
        You know when women wear jewels and makeup,they look more attractive which creates problem like affairs and infidelity.I would recommend a true christian women to be humble in outward beauty ,because that is the true mark of a christian.
        God jesus sacrificed his life for us.I think we also should sacrifice unimportant things like jewels and makeup.
        The first reason i will tell not to wear jewels is the theft,you see thats the main problem.
        You definitely know that a womens makeup attracts all men,so why make other stumble.
        Wearing jewels is a sin,because it is causing other people to steal.
        Wearing makeup is also a sin,it causes all men to stumble,you know.IF you have any questions ask me,i would like to answer any questions you ask.please ask questions to me i am always ready to answer you
        what do you think about my opinion? I WILL Be waiting for your response

        • If you are a true Person in Christ you will not distracted on any other woman other than your wife. All other women will be dumb at your sight. I am disciple of Jesus and even a hair of my head will not fall without his knowledge. So I am under Jesus care so Jesus protects me . Iam not bothered about theft. John 1:12. Brother Robin you have no rights to insult my personal dressing. Hope you understand. I know how to dress modestly by the way for it is the holyspirit who can convict me if iam wrong, it is not your business. I don’t expect reply from you. Just stop harassing me .

      • SISTER you are not bothered about theft,but i have seen in news cctv footage .Many chain thefts.I know that god will protect,but why you are giving chance to the robbers and chain pluckers.There is a possiblity of theft right.
        Do you want to test god protecting you from chain theft?
        Gernarally speaking,if a person is truly in christ,he will not be distracted by makeup or attractive dress,but what about people who does’nt know christ.Tell me what about them.
        See i am not harassing you or compelling you ok.I am just expressing my viewpoint.Who am i to compel you or harass you?
        Its your choice your life.
        I am just expressing my viewpoint generally ok.
        I am sorry if I would have hurt you.

      • SISTER @SURYA please forgive me if i hurt you.
        love and holiness cannot be compelled.
        why you are using a big word like harass?
        I never compelled you.
        Nobody can compel others ok.
        I just expressed my opinion generally,not specifically to you ok ,you should understand that.
        God jesus never compelled judas iscariot ok.
        please understand

      • OK SISTER i challenge you to answer my question to know how you have understand god jesus character.

  3. Our friend Joshua will be transferred to Sri Lanka or somewhere in TN. If he was a Malayali, he would have ended up in Thrissur, which is the TPM rehab centre for sexual deviants and perverts. Our friend Sodomite Sunny was sanctified there and then transferred to Kochi, where he is preparing the church for his coming.

    Andaman is also possible but considering the dollars he has contributed to TPM’s Vatican, he will be given a plum posting somewhere more comfortable. I think Sri Lanka looks promising while somewhere in North India would also be a possibility factoring his ability to speak good English.

    Maybe he should go to Vik’s Faithhome so that he can interview him personally and clear all his doubts.

    • @ transferring saint Joshua to viks faithhome for interviews !


      I think Joshua is praying for vaccancy in Elina’s faithhome.

    • As I understand he is Singapore national and of this is true he cannot be a clergy in India or preach anything. To do that he has to come on a missionary visa and with current Government me might never get it.

      It will be interesting to see. Sodomite Sunny was an Indian national so no problem.

      I personally think TPM should open a branch in Thailand. Make Joshua the centre pastor and arrange an all male workers meeting every quarter.

      Disgusting man MT can give some Practical classes on Alwynism also.

  4. @ robin “Hello @EE YOUR TENNIS MATCH is boring”.

    Don’t You know the reason?The match is already fixed.Hence boring ,you are right.
    Read the conclusion part the episode. It says there will be a possibility of compromises.
    Anything is possible with this CULT so long as their LIES are getting paid by the ENABLERS.

  5. There is a CPM Elder Brother in 1980’s called A.J Benjamin. We can’t find such a person. He closes his eyes starts preaching. When listening to his message virtually. Anyone feel like time goes like a express train. Just closing his eyes he will start the sermon. Fluency to the best. Sometimes he will tell in messages when he is interrupted to end the meeting. He will say first I need to complete the funeral service for the time clock. He did so many prayer meetings. Open air meetings. Salvation meetings. One day with him will be a whirlwind experience. I mean full energy and josh. Best Manager. May his soul rest in peace. South Indian Human Being. CPM always put him in shame. CPM immediately corner them saying not obeying the “naddathippu” . When I was seeing the above evidence. CPM have killed so many innocent humans in his borders. That sin will never leave todays CPM pastors and sisters. The word CPM church is like a poison. I know only one reason for CPM hating A.J. Benjamin is often he will be preaching the gospel of jesus christ and conduct tarrying meeting in many belivers places. Many used to come and meet him. The word Jesus was sweet to me when I was one among them in meetings. I never felt alone. Feel like bonded more than all. Will be longing when shall go to church. No horror reports in those days. No sister feel bad as they feel now. A.J. Benjamin is a editor of Voice Of Pentecost. Started his career glorious and ended very sad. Time have answered all the questions. CPM will not treat any of his collegue loyal. Cult like Joshua instead of beaten to death and sent to police custody. He is transfered. Transffered to further do the business and generate revenue. Remember CPM Pastors and Sisters now days you people should be carefull when you are out in public. Because public know about your white dress gimmicks. Videos and photos of your attitudes in public will be taken before you are going to be given Slipper shots.

  6. @NMSTF…….”Maybe he should go to Vik’s Faithhome so that he can interview him personally and clear all his doubts.
    Agreed with you brother.
    But the question remains to be answered is: Will the BRIXTON queen accept him? He needs again AM’s intervention. I think going to Sri Lanka is a remote possibility for him as he doesn’t want to repeat a la ANDREW’s episode in him.
    More over the holy man looks to be the avid reader of this FORUM and the regular PEEPER of the COMMENTS section.
    When some one brought to his notice about and its constant tirade against its CULT activities, and “who is Bro.SAM ALAN”
    He promptly answered “ALANGARAMONEY is a typical Sri Lankan name, and hence he must be a Sri Lankan definitely.
    So even if he is pushed against his wishes to be sent to Sri Lanka, it will be no surprise for us.
    There will be nobody to help him.

  7. @Joshua’s text
    Wow…all capital letters. That muchJoshua love the victim and now he showing that he is not a gentleman and hidding in a luxury place.
    Joshua are you waiting to be transferr to another luxury place so that you can do this to another woman? How many more woman will you hurt?
    Abraham Matthew please read Joshua’s text to the victim, and see the love of Joshua towards the victim. Dont you realize many believers will leave the church. Rather than transfer Joshua is better you kick him out.

  8. Js or esther what happened to you.
    Why no reply. I want a reply from you. I want to tell the cpm chief thru you. Airports, railway stations, bus stations were alerted to inform about the movements of white clad frauds. Abraham Matthew if your father and mother could have bought you in good way. You may not keep quite, instead you kick that joshua THIYAGARAJAN outside the church and given a open letter to all regarding the outsted Joshua that he is chased out. Hereafter cpm people will hear from now that white cults were beaten in public. Abraham Matthew give respect to women. If not you will be bent down in public. Media were altered. Live pics and videos will be displayed to all. Js or esther I Dont know if you are a women or men. But I say you that this website is in the good direction. Js or esther do you want to keep myself like a psycho after seeing victory over cpm attrocities thru this website.

  9. I think “Js or esther ‘ likes cpm pastors and sisters to speak and spoil the life of innocent womens. I think Abraham Matthew and CPM chief Pastors and Sisters don’t mind any one speak against women. I think they don’t respect women. Every minute is precious in our life. I want a reply from the chief of CPM Abraham Matthew for the attrocities on an Indonesian women. I want to know only one thing from this forum and thru this forum. Will women be respected. How about sisters in CPM? Do CPM sisters also allow their own pastors to objectify the other womens. Please don’t wear white sarees. I will get you good colorfull chudidhars. Wear it and marry a good man and begat children’s and be responsible women in this earth. Keeping quite even after hearing and seeing the evidence of a pastor in Singapore involved in destroying a women’s life is a sin. Women were put to shame by this pastors. Why sisters in CPM are keeping quite. Give a quick call to the CPM phone room. Get the answer. If not answered what are you going to do. Are you going to leave your children and attend church in Irumbuliyur. Is this act is irresponsible. Where do the Women organisations Go? Please spread the awareness to all the women organisations. Abraham Matthew don’t forget that you are collecting tithes from all over the globe. If you are not answering the questions asked even after so much of evidence. Is a grave sin. Don’t eat food. If you eat food it is a blood of innocent souls. If you want to eat food. Earn yourselves and eat food. Eating food on others money and keeping quite and allowing your church pastors to do sin against women. How far is good. Abraham Matthew you know beggar on the corners of the road. Beg for food. They eat food which they begged all along the day. That begged food is far better than the food you eat on your table. Asking CPM belivers not to use internet is not the way of life. Let the CPM belivers know about your sins. You are trying to cover the sins of CPM pastors and sisters and run the CPM show. It will not happen hereafter. If someone ask questions in the The Pentecostal Mission Facebook page. Immediately deleting the question. Is this attitude of deleting the questions is good in your part.

  10. This is my response to all who are concerned on my wearing jewels and my way of dressing.

    First understand that if wearing good clothes with jewels is the main reason for unbelivers falling to sin , why TPM has sexual immorality even though they are covering and wear only white white ? Does sexual immorality prevent unbelivers from knowing Jesus ? Or me dressing like a married woman in India will tempt men and prevent from accepting Christ. I really cant understand what is the link between holiness and jewels ?
    Why this nun was raped ? Answer me ! I accept that if we wear bikni and go definitely we are causing others to sin. But modest dressing does not always relate to jewels or makeup ! Only if we dress wierdly especially TPM way of dressing people will enquire why are you like idiots. In that case can you share gospel with unbelivers ? They will think Jesus is a God who wants to remove jewels and makeup after accepting him. Mathew 28:19,20 is the great commission which Jesus wants to follow ! Once you are in Christ He will teach you to dress appropriately. Holiness is not related to outward appearance as quoted by TPM. It is internal transformation. None of the unbelivers will be tempted if a lady dresses modestly. Even without jewels or makeup dressing immodestly is possible as we see in western countries. I wear my wedlock as it is loved by my husband. It gives a sense of feeling he is with me. Also when people see they know I am married from my outward appearance. Only TPM is the only idiotic organization which prohibits even wedding ring. I think IPC also changed rules. It is our Indian tradition to wear mangalsutra once wedding is over. I want to share gospel and make as much disciples as I can while I live on this earth. THis wedlock is useful for that I can boldly share gospel to all since they know I am married and it will not make any doubts whether I am married or single. I am not testing God that just because of wearing jewels some theft will happen. I know when I am doing gospel work there is protection on me and i know it. I have felt the supernatural power of Christ in sharing the gospel and jewels is never a hindrance for me.
    John 14:23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.
    I experience this daily and worried about theft. TO conclude

    1 corinthians 9:20 To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. 21 To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. 22 To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

    I think this is the second time I am being asked the same question in this site. Really irritating guys why are you concerned on my jewels and make up ? Totally wasting time . Anyhow I am not going to respond again.

      • SISTER @surya why are you trying hard to justify wearing jewel leave it.
        I already said it is your opinion and your life ok.
        If you are a true christian let me see you answer my question.
        If you dont answer my question,i will think you have not understood jesus.

      • @Surya
        Hi Greetings,
        I just read few sentences and comments.
        Is wearing a Jewel is wrong?
        I’m a TPM, I dont wear jewels. But I support your point. Wearing jewel isn’t wrong.

        God sees our heart. If our Heart is with Jesus and Jesus is inside our heart. Rest He’ll take care.
        I have seen many not wearing jewels, do lots of makeup to office, and church the act holy. That’s hypocrite instead being who you are , and Truthful to God that’s more important.
        In the recent scenario, even the tpm people respect rich and well dressed up people lol..
        And as we see, sexual harassment, flirts messages, this is awful than jewels.
        @ Robin , Gosh you posses so much of tpm characters.

        Let’s grow matured. Freedom in christ.
        God is not full of laws. He is full of love. When he can still love a girl like me.
        Spread peace.

        • Surya having Nokia 1100 or samsung touch or apple? Every gadget is equivilant to jewel of a woman. Not just gadget, even car or bike. You go in moped or a suv?

        • @sister in christ
          @ Robin , Gosh you posses so much of tpm characters.
          sister i am not a monster.already my life is a living hell,with my mentally retarded brother he is big nuisance for me.I come here to chat here to get comfort from you please dont hate me sister.share your biblical knowledge with me in this forum
          You are correct sister i need to reconcile with god for my sins.
          Sister can i ask a biblical doubt from you?
          Forgive me @respected sister in christ

  11. Admin.

    look at what you have created. You are the cook stirring the put into whoch everyone is eating. You have exposed enough and we thank you for that, but it lookes like it is insufficient for you. You are not contented with this.

    Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. You are no different, neither anyone else in this group.

    Stop looking at denominations and atrocities, stop spending so much time writing articles to get your point across. We understand that you hate this mission and we understand that you will keep typing until you achieve your desired result, but maybe ots better to spend more time in God’s presence now that you have already made your point clear. God has used you, now commit this into God’s hands and allow the Lord to judge righteously.

    We all have to work out our own salvation with Fear and trembling, if others don’t then we should. Let’s look at our faults and failures and not continuously browse through the various faults of others and continue to speak out more and more. You have made your point clear. This can eat you up and can become very addictive.

    Many believers of various denominations are only fixing their eyes on Jesus and seeking divine communications with God for the Will of God for their lives and for Grace to live a God fearing life and to walk in the narrow way. Churches and various denominations are there to support.

    Some churches feel like they should make more money and invest funds in Pop music like City Harvest Church in Singapore. Other church Pastors present themselves and their messages with every similarity to men of the world. Every church has their way of doing things and we do not say wrong or right. The Spirit will teach us the right or wrong and help us to be prepared for his coming.

    Perhaps God is at the door of Grace and its almost time to close. We have so much to look into ourselves that we cannot have time to bother about the lives of others. It is not the church building or the system or the wrongdoers who will be caught up but the perfected bride of Christ. Let us not be found distracted and among those left behind.

    The comments section are a brewing ground for many more arguments and opinions that are insignificant because they are only good reads and do not edify.

    Perhaps a young youth in TPM would have spent alot of their lives growing up and building a relationship with God and to read the words where you tell him that tithing is wrong and drinking wine is correct, will this not lead him astray especially when that youth has tithed to God and for the work of God to continue and also perservered to be sober and vigilant?

    Tithing is not wrong. Misuse of the tithe is wrong and that is under God’s jurisdiction to punish, we cannot do anything about it except to write articles.

    Your articles are not governed by any law and you are like a free Spirit writing what you feel is correct so that you can liberate yourself and pull others away from the truth in Christ.

    Tithing refers to what you receive and also of your time. You give to God a portion fo what you receive so that the work of God on this earth can continue and again, we do not control what happens to the money. If the ministers misuse it, then God be their Judge because eventually, the end of all things is heaven or hell.

    Many of us have made promises we broke but sometimes have never accounted for them. Some ministers make vows with God that they break, of which some escape accountability to man and some are forced to react to it but NO ONE escapes from being accountable to God.

    We are all guilty of the blood of Jesus and we all need sanctification daily.

    He that does not have sin may cast the first stone, and the second and the third.

    • //Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. You are no different, neither anyone else in this group.

      When was the last time you told this above sentence to your clergy who keep harping that they are “SAINTS” and you are a “BELIEVER”?

      //Some churches feel like they should make more money and invest funds in Pop music like City Harvest Church in Singapore.

      Did you ask this to the TPM Clergy who does the same by spending the ill-gotten Tithe money to buy swathes of Land and build Mansions? How is investing in Pop Music different than investing in Real estate? Are not both worldly? Or would you want to tell me that spending on Honeymoons(Singapore TPM Way) are Godly?

      //Every church has their way of doing things and we do not say wrong or right. The Spirit will teach us the right or wrong and help us to be prepared for his coming.

      True, how are you being a good steward of your finances when you do not care how are the clergy spending the money? Is that how the bible teaches you?

      //Perhaps God is at the door of Grace and its almost time to close. We have so much to look into ourselves that we cannot have time to bother about the lives of others. It is not the church building or the system or the wrongdoers who will be caught up but the perfected bride of Christ. Let us not be found distracted and among those left behind.

      What are you doing by still sticking on to the cult which teaches all things contrary to the Gospel of Christ? Why are you following a different Christ? Gal 1:6-9.

      //The comments section are a brewing ground for many more arguments and opinions that are insignificant because they are only good reads and do not edify.

      So were you edified by the Sermons of Joshua all these days? What edification do you get in any of the TPM Sermons? Do you get edified by someone who presents a false christ for you?

      //Tithing is not wrong. Misuse of the tithe is wrong and that is under God’s jurisdiction to punish, we cannot do anything about it except to write articles.

      Tithing is NOT WRONG? Again my question is WHICH CHRIST ARE YOU FOLLOWING? If your Christ has not fulfilled the Law, then you still remain in your sins. Can you give me appropriate verses where you are expected to tithe?

      //Your articles are not governed by any law and you are like a free Spirit writing what you feel is correct so that you can liberate yourself and pull others away from the truth in Christ.

      True(Galatians 5:1). I am writing to pull people away from the truth of “your Christ” who is NOT Christ at all but an imposter spirit that is leading many to hell.
      If you are interested to know under which law I am doing it, then I am doing it as per the Law of Christ(Eph 5:11-13).
      But at the same time as an Indian Citizen, I have this too. Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution says that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of Speech and expression means the right to express one’s own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode.
      Do you wish to challenge that?

      //Tithing refers to what you receive and also of your time. You give to God a portion fo what you receive so that the work of God on this earth can continue and again, we do not control what happens to the money. If the ministers misuse it, then God be their Judge because eventually, the end of all things is heaven or hell.

      How is it that you are writing such a long comment but not able to substantiate anything from the New Testament? Shall I assume that you have no biblical backing for your point or shall I assume that you do not read the scriptures at all?

      //We are all guilty of the blood of Jesus and we all need sanctification daily.

      What exactly do you mean by sanctification? How do you expect to be sanctified by having communion with the idols of TPM? Should not you separate yourself from IDOLS which lead you astray? The TPM way of sanctification is just farce and have nothing got to do with being a true Christian?

      Therefore, “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.” 2 Cor 6:17

      Before replying, please follow the advice of 1 Cor 5 which is mandated upon you by the Joshua adventure. Once you have done that, let us discuss further.

        • Oh so you want to come to our forum and vomit your Nonsense without any scriptural backups and expect us not to reply?
          Start practicing that in your church?
          You are truly welcome here to discuss. However, the basis cannot be your cock and bull stories from the cult. It has to be Scriptures. PERIOD.
          All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 2 Tim 3:16

        • For the record, that was not what I said. I had sent in a long comment and the god of has edited everything out. and instead replaced it with “bla bla bla”.

          Why don’t you post what I had said?

          let’s do scripture reference number 1.

          Firstly, learn to understand
          1 Corinthians 14:20
          In understanding be ye men

          1 Corinthians 14:21
          In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord
          (God speaks to you through tongues but ye understand not)

          1 Corinthians 14:23
          You that this verse literally but the whole context here that the author is trying to explain is that speaking in tongues have to also be with prophecy for edification. The author gives an example that if the church only speaks in tongues, there be no edification but only through prophecy are the non believers edified, else they would think its a mad place.

          Speaking in tongues edifies the believer who speaks. Prophecy edifies the non believer that he may receive.

          You tale the verse literally and flip it and you call TPM a mad house.

          By the way some people bang and fist each other, thats true. But 1 John 4:1 tells us to test every Spirit to see which is correct and who ever said that banging and fisting means filling in the Holy Ghost.

          You speak with so much anger and sarcasm. You ……Bla bla bla….

        • If you do not know how to stick to a point in a discussion, You are going nowhere. I have removed all your Cock and Bull which is deviating from the substance so that people can see your point. Next time, be cautious that you do not deviate from the point and put a whole essay trying to wander into unknown territories.

          Now coming to the point.
          In the article, Did I say that “Speaking in Tongues” is Wrong? I am expecting an answer to this.
          Your reply should have an answer to this and not any cock and bull stories…OK?

        • @ God help us
          It seems the bible of GHU is not having 1 Corinthians 14:27-28

          If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by 2 , or at the most by 3, and that by course (one by one); and let one interpret. But if there be no interpreter let him keep silence in the church;

          So why do all believers speak tongues together like potato mishmash? Infact since there is no interpreter they should keep silence in church.

        • @Godhelpus:
          //this is exactly what I expected from you. You…………. Bla Bla Bla……//

          So you came here not for a healthy debate but to pour out your Bla Bla Bla. Were you expecting the Admin to acknowledge your Bla Bla Bla as absolute truth and close down this site right away without even giving a reply to you.

          You should do a lot better even to make a small dent in this forum, but I don’t think you have the mettle to endure the heat here. You are just wasting your time and others by your Bla Bla Bla that has no scriptural support.

          Preaching about the cross sounds Bla Bla Bla to those who are dying in sin. But it is the power of God to those of us who are being saved from the punishment of sin (1 Corinthians 1:18 NLV paraphrased).

          True to your name, only God can help you understand the truth!

    • Looks like “Godhelpus” is feeling the pinch of reduced revenue to his beloved mission. Well written comment but unfortunately very TPM biased. Appears to come from the mouth of a very unhappy TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC/TPS worker who is now very worried about his career. Initially it was only, now Covid-19 has added to TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC/TPS financial woes.

      You are all on the broad path and you are heading for eternal damnation if you don’t repent and look to the God of the Bible for mercy. All your CPM rhetoric is useless as it is from the pits of hell. Open your eyes and start checking if your TPM centric doctrines are aligned with the Bible or they are the vain imaginations of a perverted man.

      If you are a worker, get off your holy back and start working to earn a living instead of being a parasite, sucking the blood of the poor gullible folks who have trusted you with their present and future destinies. For a change, earn an honest living and then teach the poor believers the true Gospel of Christ.

      If you are a overzealous believer get off your TPM holiness high horse and start reading the Bible like a Berean. Investigate if the exclusive TPM teachings are true or not and then make a decision which will change your life forever.

      In either case, is the best place for you to start as it is a treasure trove of 400+ articles for you start your study. All the lies of TPM are exposed here and it is a ready reckoner for any genuine TPM follower seeking The Truth. Open your eyes for a change and start seeking The Truth instead of being comfortable in the cesspool of TPM.

      Once you do that, it will change you and your eternal destination. Otherwise, rest assured, you are on your way to meet your god, the father of all lies in TPM’s little zion in hell.

      So, my dear well educated CPM/TPM/NTC/UPC/NCPC/TPS believer, instead of maligning the admin of, please be grateful to him for his relentless campaign to unmask this evil cult.

      I hope and pray that you will seek The Truth and in turn The Truth will set you free from TPM’s slavery. All the best in your study of the articles on Believe me, it is worth it and you will be a changed man for better or worse depending on what you are going to do with the information.

    • @Godhelpus
      Such a specimen you are. Your problem is not with the white-clad who does all these things. You have a big problem with the admin who lets you know the dirt within the fellows you are following. Pathetic condition you are in .

  12. I am an ardent follower of this site. I was led away from the hypocrisy of TPM by God’s grace through this site. This site is the most visited site as per my browser statistics. I follow this site to the extent that I even follow the comments. I enjoy the comments esp of @ Nath, EE, No more slave to fear, Redeemed, Surya, Denzel Joy, Richie and a few more. I could see each one adding to the aim of this site and bolstering the cause. Of late I could see one Brother “Robin” and another Brother “John” posting a series of comments. Initially I liked it but as days go by I see the old rhetoric being recycled. I noticed Brother “Robin” going over board and posting negative comments on Brother EE and Sis Surya. Dear Robin this is not a Facebook platform to post sarcastic comments against readers whose aim is to fight against the cult TPM. Please maintain the sanctity of this forum.
    Sorry if I sounded impolite.

    • Hello @Liberated first of all i am not here to please you ok.If truth bitters for you i am not responsible.
      you ask any question to me i will anser for you.
      First of all you answer my question
      If you are a true christian let me see you answer my question.
      If you dont answer my question,i will think you have not understood jesus and also that you are not TRULY LIBERATED.

  13. Every day before I go to sleep. I think that after seeing all the atrocities of CPM church. It is the curse of this soil. I have to sleep keep worrying about this. Why God have given this life of Bitterness. No sweetness in this life. I am able to realize that time only passes away. No comforts in the heart.

    • Dear John,
      If you are so worried about this TPM/CPM, I think you need to do more than commenting here. Please get active in Facebook and Whatsapp groups by passing on the links about the erroneous doctrines that they are following. If people do not like to read the links, take some printouts and give it to them, This way you can do something fruitful. If possible let the CPM/TPM Clergy know that they are following a wrong path.

    • //Every day before I go to sleep. I think that after seeing all the atrocities of CPM church. It is the curse of this soil. I have to sleep keep worrying about this. Why God have given this life of Bitterness. No sweetness in this life. I am able to realize that time only passes away. No comforts in the heart.//

      @ John,
      Brother, perhaps you are going through a ‘Job’ like experience.
      Perhaps you are misunderstood and without hope and future.

      FromTPM and its visitors, I’m sure will certainly pray for you. I will also bear you in sincere prayers, brother.

      This song by Irish ‘Joseph Scriven’ truly touched my heart when I was also down.

      What a friend we have in Jesus
      All our sins and griefs to bear
      And what a privilege to carry
      Everything to God in prayer
      Oh, what peace we often forfeit
      Oh, what needless pain we bear
      All because we do not carry
      Everything to God in prayer
      Have we trials and temptations?
      Is there trouble anywhere?
      We should never be discouraged
      Take it to the Lord in prayer
      Can we find a friend so faithful
      Who will all our sorrows share?
      Jesus knows our every weakness
      Take it to the Lord in prayer

      Copypasting his biography for you

      Joseph was born on Sept. 10, 1819, in Ireland. His parents had financial means enough to afford a wonderful educational opportunity for their son. He was enrolled in Trinity College in Dublin where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

      In this young man, Ireland had the prospect of a great citizen with high ideals and notable aspirations. He fell in love with a young lady who was eager to spend her life with him. However, on the day before their wedding she fell from her horse, while crossing a bridge over the River Bann and was drowned in the water below. Joseph stood helplessly watching from the other side.

      In an effort to overcome his sorrow, he began to wander. By age 25 his travels had taken him to an area near Port Hope, Canada. He became highly regarded by the people of that area. He tutored some of the local children in their school work. It was there he met a wonderful young lady, Elisa Roche, and again fell in love. They had exciting plans to be married. However, tragedy reared its ugly head once again and she died of pneumonia before they could wed.

  14. OH CPM sisters and women in CPM church are you frying chicken cheese and preparing fine dishes. Why you’re cpm pastors are still having secret relationships with women. soon it brings shame to you. Instead ask your pastors after giving them food, shall I give you some relaxation for your physical body and share your bed whenever you want to. So that your pastors may not search for other women. Your pastors are creating so much of problems to other women’s who come to church. Church is not meant for sex relationships. Better you sisters satisfy your pastors.

  15. The mistake that most or almost all of us do is to hold on to a ‘label’ or a ‘tag’

    It could be:
    Born Again

    Well, all that is good and has a very limited utility.

    God is sanctifying his people, bring them out of the furnace, and some into another furnace and sanctifying them.

    Dear Robin, John…
    Please be advised that God’s Word is not black and white, and a set of legal do’s and don’ts.

    God will deal with each of us in completely different ways, long suffering to some, instant reproof to the other.

    On our part, we need to ensure that there are no false teachers, false Christs tolerated. It’s because many of our brothers are not mature to know right from wrong.

    Instead of squabbling over minor doctrinal issues, we need to take a holistic view. Are these doctrines tenable? Is there a willful misrepresentation? What is the cost of silence- especially to the ones who can’t discern.

    Are we truly looking upto Christ for consolation? It’s true some have lost careers and life-savings and even health. What next? Are we going to sit and cry forever?

    This website is like a signboard- Be careful- Danger ahead. Its important to read this notice, relate to our own lives, caution others. But, should we dwell at the sign board forever? No.

    So dear Robin, I humbly ask you to apologize to anybody who may have been hurt by your personal comments, with sincerity. This is also a way in which God moulds different hearts, torn by cultural expressions, but enjoined by the tenets of the Bible- love and humility.

    I have very often, since 2016 Dec made several appeals for calm and low-key commentary.
    Since our sole purpose is to warn the truly affected and sincerely brainwashed, of the real nature of the church, let us not dissuade anybody reading this website from falling in love with Jesus- because of harsh or ill advised comments.

  16. @Denzel joy .Thank you for your advice.
    I apologize ok.
    Everybody please forgive for all the comments i have made in this website.
    Sorry y’all

  17. During this lockdown, we started online worship with faithome in charge. We published within our believers that we are having bible studies, tarrying meeting and Sunday service as usual virtually. As always, had this just for a week and someone passed this system and circular comes to stop such immediately and wanted everyone to pray within family as a church. So sad.

    • Dear Saji,

      I fail to understand what stops you from having a joyous true worship with your own family. Why do you crave to hear from your faith home in charge.
      If you have the Spirit of God in you, you will be worshiping like this man here in the link below and never be sad for a moment.
      Please read and re-read John 4:14 but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall
      never thirst ; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. ( You will never have to be dependent on your fakehome incharge as you will never will be thirsty; as long as you have the water of everlasting life )
      Call your family or who ever is with you get on your knees and call on your Lord. You will be surprised to see that He is right there.
      Dont waste your time and money on online sessions.
      BTW, it will be interesting to see how the online Tarrying meeting looks like.

    • Dear Brother Saji

      From old times TPM formerly CPM was against radio, television, internet etc. They have preached hours and hours on Sunday meetings, even marriages about the evil that is television and internet. They claimed innumerable times that this id from Satan. Now how can they surrender and do online meetings.Will not other people from IPC/ AG/COG etc who are third class citizens i ask TPMites what happened to your divine revelations ? How they will face this horrific question?

      Anyway the decibel effect of filling with spirit is not possible on online meetings.

      Brother please open your mind and soul and listen to blessed messages on the internet. Pray that the holy spirit will lead you to those pages. TPM bible classes are brain washing sessions.

    • Respected sister @Surya please forgive me for hurting your feelings.I am very sorry.
      I personally apologize to you.I am a dust .I am a dog please forgive me.
      I feel embarassed.
      Please say you forgive me.please
      I beg for your forgiveness please
      Hereafter i will never advice anyone personally.
      I will only focus on my life.
      sorry sister

      • Sister @surya you are corect outside holiness is not important.
        I absolutely agree with you.
        I am nothing compared to your knowledge.
        please forgive me resspected sister.
        I want to ask a humble question which i have doubt can you answer sister please
        please sister don’t hate me like this i am sorry

  18. @Godhelpus “We are all guilty of the blood of Jesus and we all need sanctification daily.”
    Godhelpus brother,
    I feel this is my bounden duty to react to your claim as some of my beloved brothers already aired their views.
    Do you think sanctification daily is possible by sticking on to the unbiblical doctrines that usurp Jesus and contrary to the teachings of Jesus?
    TPM says salvation is also possible even without Jesus.
    Haven’t you heard this audio clipping uttered by Teju Kurien?
    This is the most dangerous statement he uttered,and now presently he is reportedly confined to sick bed and was shifted to IBR Walls. Unless he repents for whatever he uttered and get pardon from the Lord, we can not say how the wrath of God would turn to. Allready COVID 19 is obeying the Lord.
    Teju Kurien thinks he is highly educated and whatever he talks it goes well.
    No, The Lord thinks otherwise.
    Imagine when we stand before the judgement seat of the Lord and what kind of reply we would give,we should search now.
    Does this not amount to the BIGGEST BLASPHEMY available at present In this era?
    That’s the reason why the Lord is letting His voice known to His people in these days through this blessed site so as to reach out HIS SHEEP.Mind you, FACEBOOK and OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA are there anyway. But the Lord has chosen this site. We do not why.
    The Lord orders His people if they really wish to sanctify themselves daily (as you wrote) ,they should have a VISION and should stick to their VISIONS that they got from the Lord. But not to the PRINCIPLES what they have SUBSCRIBED from the man made doctrines like the one I explained above.

    What is the CALL from the Lord for those people who got the VISIONS from the Lord ?

    “Depart, depart,go out thence,
    Touch no unclean thing, go out from the midst of her,( who is she? verses 3-5)
    Purify yourselves, you who bear the vessels of the Lord.(ISAIAH 52:11)

    I was once upon a time lurking under the yoke of the bondage of TPM BEAST and under the FALSE VISION of this ‘BEAST’.Because I only knew what was the false vision, and the false voice.
    After 25 years of my faith life, I learned this CPM/TPM had been deceiving me, and this has been continuing the gullible believers even now. Fortunnately I woke up from my slumbering state.
    When I heard the voice of the Lord “,depart,depart, I obeyed to the voice of the Lord.
    This site has been doing yeomen service to all the Bible believing people brother

    I invite you too, to hear the VOICE of the SHEPHERD and do His will.

  19. Hi Robin bro,
    Greetings. Having a trouble in family I know it gives lot of pain. At this moment you must be seeking for any comfort or affection from people. After all we all are just humans.
    But bro, remember only God can comfort us.
    Psalm 23:4
    “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

    The Good News: Even death cannot separate us from the never-failing love of God.

    Romans 8:35, 37
    “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

    The Good News: God gives us the power to overcome even the most daunting circumstances.

    Only Jesus can fulfill all your longings. You’ll be in my prayers. Henceforth try not to come to this website. No I’m not saying to hurt you, but this will get you away from God.
    Why ?
    Because right now you need Jesus more than reading about false about organization.
    I’m not trying to offend anyone here. But please now it’s time to join hands and pray than articles about tpm.
    Today someone posted guess its @ Godhelpus. In way I support that discussion. Sorry Admin and others , ofcourse I understand your anger about doctrines issue, joshua matter. But let it not be a nightmare everyday.
    Even I have been following this site. For some reason hateful thoughts started creating in me.
    Jesus began to be missing while lot of mischief about tpm running on my head.
    See guys, I’m an ordinary girl.Maybe I was wrong forgive me. But my point is ,
    We need prayers for nation and world than finding faults on others.

    Trust me admin, my mind set was once like robin. I was helpless, hopeless, i was longing will someone care for me. If someone cares i try to cling on to them. I know it’s our fault. But atleast during church meetings or personal prayer i cry to Jesus. So people like robin or any adults if they started hating TPM they’ll not go to church or even pray

    Admin trust my words. I was like that.atleast I had fellowship friends to help me. But in case of Robin I have a burden for him. Robin please go to TPM church only. First you get close to Jesus. Please. He is our everything.
    Consider me as your sister. You just need Jesus.
    Now, how can I get connected to Jesus ?
    Right now say in your heart how you feel to him. Tell him about your bro and parents to Jesus. Just talk to him in your heart. Do you have a song book @ robin..? Please sing songs, Gospel songs are medicine to our soul. That helps me to get connected with Jesus.

    Now how to read bible, I dont understand when I read bible, bible seems boring how to read it, and from where to start?
    I was like this once every new year i take decision to read bible later in Genesis 15 chapter i get stopped..
    But now I find Bible WOW very interesting, it has all adventures stories from creation of world… histories how people travelled.

    Brother I would recommend you to read William tyndale Life application bible , after lockdown please buy that. Or if you dont have money, when I get my pocket money I’ll try to contact admin, and try to help to buy a tyndale bible, or commentary bible in the language you prefer.
    Read lot of missionary stories and their sacrifice for God.
    Example, sadhu sundar singh. Idaho scudder, William tyndale…actuall in you’ll find lots of missionary tracts just for rs 5. And lots of books available. If possible note down the books name, go to pdf drive website, download those books and read.
    And there’s a movie called ” End of the spear ” please watch that. It’s a true story. And please all of us let’s pray for people who are suffering, kids have lots there parents crying, parents have lost their children, etc…. let’s pray.
    Just got burned in heart. So said.
    And the above are suggestions to come out from your loneliness or depressed zone.
    Jesus is with you and He loves you so much that he died for you.
    He’s still waiting for you to talk to him.
    There’s a song…

    What a friend I’ve found
    Closer than a Brother
    I have felt Your touch
    More intimate than lovers
    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever
    What a hope I’ve found
    More faithful than a mother
    It would break my heart
    To ever lose each other
    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever
    Oh, Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever
    Oh, Jesus
    (Yeah, yeah)
    Jesus, Friend forever
    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever
    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever
    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Friend forever

    Jesus is our only friend. @ Robin keep all your bible doctrines questions aside. And talk and start to love Jesus.

    I was few days back depressed I posted here, Good souls have helped me but still only bible verse was the fully comfort I had.

    There’s a mobile app, tyndale bibles a green color leaf logo will be there. Try to download and read from that, life application bible. Initially you’ll find difficult to handle this app. Later you’ll understand.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sister in Christ
    God bless.

    • @ Sister in Christ
      @ Henceforth try not to come to this website.
      @ For some reason hateful thoughts started creating in me.
      @ We need prayers for nation and world than finding faults on others

      I think portal is for correcting people from erring doctrines. To see it as fault finding platform is to see it with blurred vision. Shuting your eyes ears from correction and saying Lord Lord will not help in any way. On the contrary you will get decieved may be by tpm’s kisses or by any other organisation’s if you refrain from correcting our theology. Better start reading doctrinal articles and help yourself and others. If you find something doubtful you are always free to raise your hand.

      I hope you will quietly ruminate over what I have suggested.

    • @Sister in Christ

      // But my point is We need prayers for nation and world than finding faults on others.

      Dear sister TPM has erroneous doctrines and as per Ephesians 5:11, admin is exposing the evil. Also you can identify TPM by its stinking fruits eg.) Joshua, Sunny, Gunaseelan etc. Both of things he is touching through this website, I mean errors in doctrines and other illegal activities.
      1 Corinthians 5: 12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”
      Fromtpm is not fault finding rather than warning about TPM doctrines which will take to hell (1 Timothy 5:20 )

      Remember that TPM god is not the same God of the bible. When you go TPM it is similar to going to hare Krishna etc. Then why are you asking Robin to go TPM alone ?. As long as you associate true God, Jesus with TPM you are going to be deluded.

      //But atleast during church meetings or personal prayer i cry to Jesus.

      Those who worship Jesus should worship in truth and spirit. John 4:24 God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” Why do you need a separate organization. When you truly love Jesus you can worship from where you are. Also God does not dwell in temple of human hands. (Acts 7:48, 1 Corinthians 6:19). We are His temple.
      // Robin please go to TPM church only. First you get close to Jesus. Please. He is our everything.
      Why do you want a wicked organization like TPM to act as mediator ? Jesus is not with TPM and He never came to establish any churches. He came to make His followers as institutional churches. Be the Church, don’t go to any man made churches. Church is an organism not organization. A must read for you

    • @SISTER in christ
      THank you for your kind and lovely advice.
      Thanks for your comforting words
      I appreciate it.
      I am getting too much angry towards my mentally retarded brother,how to control my anger towards him.
      will it better if a send him to care homes where they take care of these kind of people for money.
      please i need some advice from you guys my parents are both aged.
      Already i gone through divorce.
      Earlier i made a wrong decision because of my mentally retarded brother,i was not able to think properly while choosing a bride for me.I ended up in divorce and a huge financial loss
      all my hard earned money was wasted.
      Now by gods grace i have got a bride engaged.
      I about to marry after coronovirus ends.
      I fear about my mentally retarded brothers presence in my house.
      I fear whether he will look my wife with lustful thoughts.
      I am in a great dilema.
      He has lust issues.He is always jealous about me.
      Keeping in my house is definitely not a right choice i think,because i fear he will definitely look my wife with lustful thoughts.
      Please if you have some advice you can give me

  20. @ Robin,

    Do you think it’s feasible for you to find a small house next door or in the same vicinity, so as to give your marital life the importance it deserves?

    Sending your brother to a care home will destroy his identity.

    Have you discussed this with relatives such that a few of them can counsel him from time to time and keep his mind occupied

    Mental illness is usually because the person feels written off, snubbed, emotionally vapourised.

    At admin,
    Is it a good idea if you can arrange cash donations from any one willing to help? Perhaps it could help alleviate a heart rending problem to an extent?

    I know I am exceeding my brief, but even if each of us can contribute a very meagre sum, our brother Robin could find a solution, at least a glimmer of hope

  21. @ Robin
    As brother Denzel adviced a rented home nearby would be first practical solution. Meeting with psychologist might be of help. Another option will be sending him to mental asylum ( there isn’t much left if he has lost his sense to good and evil). Mental asylum are sort of prison to control mentally unstable people from doing unintentional harm to friends and family. Probably he might even get better as it like hospital treating mental illness. Please do a research over it and make s prayerful decision over your brother.

    Finally too much thoughts about our future is not adviced in word of God. Paul says “Be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6-8).”

    I know this song will not help you, but still forwarding

  22. @Robin,

    I do understand your frustration as God has also blessed me with a wonderful child of determination and so I can offer YOU some guidance.
    Know that God is sovereign in what he does and each creation is perfect. Humans are not and so they tend to see all these as handicapp.
    In Exodus 4:11, And the Lord said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth ? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind ? have not I the Lord ?. So you see its not by mistake or someones fault.
    Your brother was placed in your beautiful house BY THE LORD for a reason. This is what we need to find out in the light of the Holy Spirit. WHAT EVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, NEVER EVER GET ANGRY OR FRUSTRATED BY CARING FOR YOUR BROTHER as in the sight of God there is no difference between him and you.
    Well I can say with experience that, its not Easy at all. But TRUST me with Jesus its all possible. Consider all these as opportunities to improve our Relationship with Christ. In eternity you will thank God for blessing you with this brother as without him you may not have reached there.

    After having read your issue, I will suggest a balanced approach so that you can get on with your life whilst ensuring that your brother gets the right medical treatment and attention he deserves.
    I will suggest that you enroll him right away in a Mental Health Care Institution where they provide him medical care, a place to stay and also work in vocational craft works.
    I know Tamil Nadu has a lot of Mental Health Care both by Govt and NGO’s. Please see below link where you find some proper health care centres.
    After some proper research, you will have to select a right place based on where you stay so that you can visit him once every 2-3 weeks. REMEMBER YOU SHOULD NOT ABANDON HIM. YOU ARE JUST MOVING HIM TO A SAFE PLACE WHERE HIS VARIOUS NEEDS WILL BE MET PROFESSIONALLY. WHO KNOWS HE MIGHT RECOVER TOO.
    I agree with Bro. Denzel, I will support in some way through the Admin to make this happen. Just let us know how you progress.

  23. Greetings to brother Denzel Joy who mooted a best idea to help render to Robin’s brother in the hour of crisis.
    Yes, I too join the band of NATH,REDEEMED to help render the necessary assistance through ADMN brother.
    May I urge ADMN brother to chalk out a plan of action that makes it possible that many like minded brothers and sisters who wish to join the cause of CHARITY for Robin’s brother.
    I think for ADMN’s counselling and advise, reaching to his e-mail ID is better option for Bro Robin to follow than airing his views in this forum since the idea was already mooted by beloved brother DJ.
    Yes, I too join the band of DJ, NATH,REDEEMED to help render the necessary assistance through ADMN brother.
    God bless our cause of our CHARITY.
    Mary,Martha had a brother Lazarus who was ill.(JOHN 11:1-4).
    The matter was brought to the notice of the Saviour.
    “This illness is not unto death.It is for the glory of God so the Son of God may be glorified by means of it”
    Bro Robin, pl refresh your thoughts towards your brother.
    I do not wish to requote your words spoken by you in this section. Those words represent the spirit of fear.
    Instead of that be encouraged with the words of Romans 8:28 that says .
    I think this is a very skillful job to handle and I am sure ADMN bro would do well to glorify the name of the Lord. All the best.

    • @ Bro Eagleseye,

      Brother, I don’t communicate with valid email addresses… and use disposable ID all the time.

      It would be inconvenient for me to directly communicate or help, without this website.

      If admin is willing to receive money on Robin’s behalf, so be it- I have no problem- no questions asked.
      If Robin sends out a QR code, that also works, as long as my privacy is respected.

      • Dear brothers,
        As this is an initiative to help Bro Robin, I would have wish to help you. However, any monetary transaction to my account would require me revealing my details which I am not willing to do now. As brother Robin has already intimated his contact details, please do so directly.
        However, I would explore other avenues where you can make the transfer through this website without revealing much of your details other than what is necessary.
        Warm Regards

        • Friends,
          Please use the QR code for Paytm and Phonepe to send money to Ravi(Robin).
          This was facilitated by one of our brothers.
          Warm Regards


        • Dear Robin,
          This QR code is published already. The ones who visit this site have already noted it. Please do not add new comments for the same purpose.

    • Hi Robin,

      If you can send your QR code, that is linked to your number, I will have a neighbor/friend transfer some cash to your account.

      I am very uncomfortable disclosing my details, and its just easier to help anonymously.

      So, it is possible for you to reply with QR code, I will be happy to send you some money. I am not rich, and dependent on my mother’s pension, but I am happy to send your way some blessings.

      • @ Denzel
        Make a new email id if you are not willing to get identified . How much time it takes to make an email id?

        And be careful before sending any money.. You don’t know Robin…i can understand his pain but one should also be careful. Better than helping him monetarily with few thousand rupees , it would be better to first understand his background, qualification and exact condition. My guess is that one time help of few thousand will not do much good to bring any substantial upliftment to his condition.

        Better is to arrange him proper job (if needed) so that he can take care of his brother and parents all along his life. Today you might help with few thousand, but what about next month and so on?

        If he has a job and skill set ,one needs to properly access his condition , like what are the view of his parents? How much they earn? What is there parents say in this matter? Do they need assistance for getting phsycatric treatment or will they say we don’t want go take him to doctor. Or will they give the money you give to Robin to tpm fraudsters.

        My suggestion is to not to act in surge of emotion or think that by giving few thousands you have done something great. If you want to help , then help in such a way that you can uplift him from his condition.

        Therefore dear Denzel, please get into touch with Robin on mail id (,which you can make in few minutes over gmail free of cost. Nobody is hacking into mail id to find who you are. You can’t be so suspicious! ).

        I suggest Denzel to handle this little ministry with care (since you felt urge to help brother Robin).

        • Dear Cherian,

          I find your reply very distasteful, belittling and inhumane.
          Why do you think sending any amount of money small or large as anonymous will harm the recipient?

          When you give tithes to your local wolf, do you fill out a KYC or a TAN?

          Unlike your local wolf, this brother never asked for cash… It was I who opened up such a suggestion.

          Let Robin decide how to take care of his brother based on how much he gets.

          If it’s not feasible for him to do permanent justice, atleast it can help him take his brother on a family trip around the city, so that they can atleast forget their sorrows.

          I could be 100% wrong, but knowing that my parents have given lakhs to the church and I have also given generously to the church in blindness, what do I lose, if I give wholeheartedly a very small amount to someone who I believe is a brother in Christ.

          His brother is an ex TPM worker, just like me.
          I was also mentally troubled for a year.
          I don’t need lectures brother, have a heart.

          It’s very easy for me to send some cash to either Robin or the admin if I get the QR code or account number, payable anonymously.

          I am not expecting any high-fives, God will reward the cheerful giver.

      • @Denzel
        You take help of chennai believers (obviously by email communication) before sending money in surge of emotions.

  24. sbi account no: 20384400183
    ifsc code:SBIN0018394

    whatsapp no 9790435624

    Admin please help for donations.I
    I need to treat my mentally retarded brother,
    My life has become hell because of my mentally retarded brother.
    Because of my mentally retarded,i was forced to marry a girl from my relative family two years before but after one month the girl ranaway with the lover.
    we spent too much money like 5 lakhs on marriage.And then for the divorce i spent 1 lakh.since the girl was my relative we didnt ask any from them.
    Earlier before marriage,my mentally retarded brother causes big trouble in my house he always troubles my aged mother and parents.We sent him to care homes many times like 5 times,we gave each time advance rs 15000,but after 1 month itself my parents took my brother again from care home and brought into our house.This incident happened like 5 times.Whenever he gives too much trouble they will send him to care home,but after 1 month they will bring him back.
    For my mentally retarded brother ,we spend 3000 for his medications and tablets.But the tablets are working only little. WE ARE not able to control his emotions.He has lust issues.We would take care of him if he had not lust issues,but he has a desire to marry.
    So i think it will be better for us to send him to care home.
    Any amount of help is welcome

      • Name:R.Ravi
        Bank name:State bank of india
        sbi account no: 20384400183
        ifsc code:SBIN0018394

        whatsapp no 9790435624

    • Hi Robin
      It is not clear how much money are you expecting and for what purpose exactly? Please make it clear for people to understand.

      • @Cherian
        I have debt 1 lakh because of my marriage.
        I need 5 lakhs to join my brother in a mentally retarded care home,permanently so that they will take care of my brother.
        I will take care of my debt but i have to join my brother and i need 5 lakhs.
        Whatever help from you guys will be helpful for me.
        Bank name:State Bank of india
        Account holder name: R.Ravi
        Account number: 20384400183
        IFSC CODE:SBIN0018394
        Its all for my mentally retarded brother.

        • Robin
          That amount (5 lakhd) is quite big for individual believer like me to give as donation. Even if many hands come to help few questions remain.

          1) what is your parents say in this matter?
          2) will they bring him back to home after you put phsycatric hospital? If it happens then what’s use of raising help?
          3) I think it would be better if you yourself stand on your feet, I mean you get better job. May be someone can help you with job. That will be best option. In that scenario you wil no longer need money everytime from someone.

  25. we spend 3000 rs monthly on medications for my brother and my mother also has sugar for my mother we spent 3000 rd monthly.
    I also have debt of about 1 lakh.

  26. @Cherian
    My parents have decided to send him to the care home permanently.
    I have spoken to my parents.My brother will be sent permanently to the care home.
    Small amount would be of a great help to me.
    Whatever you people can afford.
    I Do not compel anyone.
    I its your opinion and your wish.
    Its all for my mentally retarded brother.
    I am not cooking a story here.If you want any proof i can send it to you.

  27. My parents have decided to send him to a care home because my parents are aged.
    Earlier my parents used to take care of him but since my parents are aging,they are not able to take care of him.And nowadays my brother is making lot of problems,he is going to our neighbour houses.
    He does not listen to us anymore we are not able to control him over his desires.
    S o we have decided to send him to a care home permanatly.For this we need 5 lakhs.
    whatever amount you give its ok for me.Its your kindness.

  28. Guys please if your not in a affordable position please don’t consider me.
    You should be affordable and rich to help me.
    I advice poor people not to help me,because i don’t want to bring a curse on me.
    If you are very rich you can consider donating me whatever amount you want.
    Its your opinion.
    Please guys don’t embarass me with your suspicions.If you are not willing to help,be silent don’t stop others from helping me.This is only for rich guys.
    Otherwise leave it god jesus will help me.

  29. All, let’s not blow it further. Bro Robin has forwarded his details. Let’s contribute as per our respective leading without asking further probing questions in this forum.
    Any further questions can also be asked on his personal email which was provided. Any contribution will be a help to him I guess.

  30. @Redeemed
    Thank you.
    You are truly redeemed.
    I Thank Jesus for your kind and loving heart.
    When I see your kind of people…I just go stunned…
    Looking at your kindness……I want to cry out in tears seeing the kind people who show mercy towards a stranger like me
    Its just amazing how you show your love
    I truly tell you from my heart ….I am very thankful and grateful…to all those considering help to me.
    God Jesus bless you with peace and happiness and long life

  31. @Surya (Comment dated May 8, 2020 At 4:52 PM):
    //Only TPM is the only idiotic organization which prohibits even wedding ring.//

    Not entirely true! The very same cult in North America lets their married women wear wedding rings. Though they do not allow the exchange of rings in the wedding ceremony itself, they are allowed to do this afterwards. The reason they give is: the wedding ring protects their women from unwanted approaches by single guys.

    You should remember that this cult is a chameleon, capable of changing colours to suit their needs. I recall Admin’s words: “the farther you are from IBR, the lesser you are bound by their rules”. Truly, the cult members in the west enjoy far more liberty than their unfortunate brethren from the east. In fact, this is a very big incentive to the TPM youth in South India to immigrate to the west – hypocrites!

    //Only if we dress wierdly especially TPM way of dressing people will enquire why are you like idiots.//

    When we were still part of this cult in India, my wife always mentioned to me that she attracted unnecessary attention from men just because she was not wearing any jewels. She worked as a Lecturer in a college and being a tall and beautiful woman, she faced embarrassing situations with the opposite sex many times. Once a man stacked her and proposed to her thinking that she was unmarried. When she explained to him that she was married, he simply advised her to wear something as a symbol to avoid such awkward situations in future.

    Now she is a grandmother of four and a Professor in a college. After quitting this cult, she never misused the God given freedom and overindulged in jewelry. She just wears simple earrings (most of the time not even gold ones) so that she doesn’t standout in a crowd and can blend well in a group. This gives her lot of opportunities to witness her faith to her students and other faculty members. Had she remained the weirdo she was, people would have simply shunned her. She is still baffled at the TPM doctrine that jewels defile a person!

    Jesus, during his days in this world, never distinguished himself apart from the ordinary people of his time. He looked and dressed exactly like the others. That’s the reason the chief priests wanted the help of Judas to identify Jesus in a crowd. If he was wearing a special dress (jibba and dhoti) and looked weird, the chief priests would not have sought the help of Judas to seize Jesus. Further, the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus, cast lots for his coat. This shows that Jesus was wearing a dress like any other man of his time. There is no need to look different or weird from other normal people of the culture we live in.

    TPM is an uncalled-for bondage to women, particularly the women in India. It is my sincere prayer that such people are delivered from this bondage.

  32. #JEWELS .

    its a simple cpm-nomics .

    prevent the sheeps from buying gold
    lmagine a congregation of 100 families with 50% above foolishmiddle class holding liquid cash
    suppose to fund the gold investments .
    so what the sheeps will do with the money .??

    goes straight into cpm bankers thr SIP or lumpsum .

  33. Dear Admin
    May God of peace reign over all your thoughts and actions.
    This whole website & contents, looks like you are targeting one single sect of Christianity – TPM and its ministers of God.
    I believe you have lot of grudge against this church and ministers. but this is the not the right way to bring out your hatred.
    While you have quoted lot of bible verses, let me remind you the word of GOD is a double edged sword. St. Paul writes like this.
    Romans 2:1,2,3
    You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.
    Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth.
    So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?
    Who has put you in the seat of judgement, when the word of God clearly tells no man to judge against his brothers.
    with your intention of bringing shame to TPM faith, let me also REMIND you that you are indirectly bringing shame to name of God Himself as every church was ordained by Jesus Christ and only he Himself has the authority to warn and judge of their wrong doings (Rev chapter 2 & 3).
    Am writing this long message not because you have written against TPM but to help you REMIND again that the viewers of this website could be lot of believers, new souls and unbelievers. Everyone who reads this will tend to generalize their opinions not just against TPM but against every Christians and their faith.
    Jesus Christ has Himself told this as a great WARNING. Mark 9:42 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.
    If you ignore this warning and continue with this reckless postings against word of God, you will find wrath of GOD very soon. Don’t be ignorant and naive to put yourself in the seat of God.
    May God bless you and give you wisdom and peace to do rights things.

    All Glory to GOD

    • Wow again rotten food in new packaging. In all these years since the inception of this website TPM could not quite anything other than these verses. The very same verse they use to scare their laity.

      Mr.Michael Angel, a person who tries to find an organisation may be led away from TPM but a person seeking Jesus cannot be stopped by this website.

    • Hey Angel,
      I was reading with amusement on your baseless statements based on the counterfeit and evil doctrines of TPM.
      Once again you have proven you guys have no sense of how to quote the word of God. Always cherry picked and never in context.
      Aren’t you joking when you say that TPM was ordained by Jesus Christ. If it was the case then TPM would have functioned as Christ commanded and this site probably wouldn’t have existed.
      Don’t worry about the readers as most of them save the ones with Blinders on, will benefit from reading the various deceptions and erroneous doctrines so that they stand corrected and warned.
      Finally be rest assured that you can continue to expect more heat in the coming days.

    • @Michael Angel:

      2 Corinthians 11:14-15: “But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no wonder that his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.”

      So ‘Godhelpus’ has comeback disguised as ‘Archangel Michael’. Bible has correctly warned about these evil servants.

  34. Mr Michael Angel, do you not know the heavenly Angels have been guarding are this web site,and when the appointed hour came ,God raised this web site to safe guard His Church?

    By simply quoting the irrelevant scriptural verses you wish to hoodwink the readers..

    Do you think you will continue the spoil sport of your businees of deceiving the poor for ever?

    How long do you wish to continue in your famous theft game of STEALING THE SHEEP from the other fold?

    The writing is there on the WALL for you,”repent and come back to Jesus,before it gets too late”

    Stop all your LIES,WRONG TEACHINGS,usurping JESUS power of salvation, and many more unscriptural,baseless doctrines spreading all across the most convenient places of the globe in these 9 decades of your CULT history.To educate the believer community,all these 400+ ARTICLES shall be translated into other native languages of India very soon.

    Are you in a position to advocate or prove that any SINGLE one of these 413 articles published in this site is wrong and scripturally baseless?
    Otherwise its time for you to repent and come back to Jesus
    Beware, the danger lurks at your doorstep.

  35. Dear Brothers / Sisters
    I have given 2 REMINDERS and 1 WARNING in my message before.
    I’m not arguing on this with you and I wash my hands off now. I’ll be guiltless as I’ve already forewarned you.
    Consider this as a Final WARNING.
    If you continue with this transgression and blasphemy, a definite judgement is coming upon you sooner than you expect.
    Our LORD is a consuming fire and He is coming soon.
    You will not hear from me again henceforth.

    All glory to GOD.

    • @Michael Angel
      Tell your cult god to go and scratch his back on a rock. That would help him from consuming himself in the fire of passion.

    • Hi Michael Angelo,

      Appreciate the warnings, we should pray about it and take appropriate steps.

      Did you see a vision or did you get these Warnings from TPM’s trinity.

      By the way, since you are here, any updates on ST. Joshua, is he still heart broken and lamenting for his beloved. And what steps has the chief pastors of TPM taken to alleviate the pain.

      Also I’m wondering how is St Sunny the sodomite coping with his rehabilitation? Has he sanctified completely or is he back in business grooming young boys? Just wondering…

      Stop your silly warnings and start focusing on reforming your satanic cult. Read the articles on and you will know who needs to be wary of The Wrath of God. Save your soul by swallowing your TPM pride and repent before it is too late. As you rightly said, Time is short.

      • @ Michael angel
        You have no idea what most of these people are driven by what was there fuel is it Godly or its deceptive..these cunning people are like a consuming fire …who likes to cloth themselves with fake holiness and extreeeeeeeeemly dangerous doctrines…’s the will of God that these people is to be exposed so that innocent people like u can protect yourselves…. from the danger your signing or involving..


    The end came to elder worker brother Godwyn who has been serving at SECUNDERABAD centre at the mid night yesterday.That was the time Michael Angel was contacting this site and the site was replying to him.
    He has been in the sick bed suffering for quite long time even before COVID 19 struck the world and was recently shifted from the local F.H. to centre F.H.
    During COVID 19 severe months , he has been ailing all the while in the local F.H only.
    You can imagine how hard time it is to live in those times in the F.H . There was total
    lockdown declared in that red zone area where was posted. But still the merciful Lord showed compassion to him. But soon at the behest of the orders of centre pas.Shamsunder.he was moved to centre F.H and the end came to him. He was the same brother transferred from DUBAI centre to U.K and from there he was brought to India, and was posted to SEC’BAD centre.Probably all the U.K and DUBAI based church must have known him well, and he is related to pas Robin Joshua of Australia. Since pas Robin is still locked up in India,he would attend his funeral service.
    So under the garb of D.Healing,this BEAST has claimed one more precious life of a relatively younger person hailed from a MAHARASHTRA state. Oh how horrible it is to hear these news!

    • Yes, this Godwin was one rare person who discouraged people from joining the cult ministry. He knew that he is sitting in Pergamum where the seat of Satan is(REVELATION 2:13). For that, he was transferred to Secundrabad to teach him a lesson.


      • Godwin as I knew him was a down to earth dependable peer, fine teacher, sunday school teacher, college lecturer having a well running coaching centre where he dealt with many senior college students. Had a very good rapport with all students he came across. Still beats what motivated him to throw all that away and join this cult.
        After he came down to Dubai from UK and then shunted to AP, I smelt something was amiss but did not ask him.
        I guess he was so popular among young and old that his peers could not have tolerated it.
        Like admin said, this was one rare person in TPM clergy I had respect for.
        One more life lost too early because of their cultish & evil beliefs.
        Feel sorry for his two sisters and two brothers and Mom whom he leaves behind. May the Lord console them and enough grace to endure.

  37. Good observation from ADMN brother.

    Meanwhile Michael Angel has become has issued a la PILOT warning to the esteemed readership of this site.

    “I’m not arguing on this with you and I wash my hands off now. I’ll be guiltless as I’ve already forewarned you.
    Consider this as a Final WARNING.”

    He emptied all his ammunition so quickly at the behest of his GURUS and retreated and disappeared.So all the paid people will have to pay their price through their nose as this brother paid .

  38. Redeemed brother, when he was shunted to AP region ,he used to coax me to attend DUBAI con on many occasionns. But somehow God never allow me to get those thoughts to me,even as I was actively maintaining my close walk with this cult in yesteryears,whereas for rest the BEAST world,my Lord took me ,this gulf area missed me . I resigned to the fact that it was the perfect plan of God as many of TESTIMONIES came in many tits n bits were shared in this august forum,but those valuabe experiences will keep on coming ,not over,
    But alas,another invaluabe,sacrificial lamb was thrown away to this Molech.that causes us more worry. Even his high education status what you described did not work for him particularly when he found out himself in a wrong footing he should have worked out his secret plans just as many ex -workers planned so meticulously like Bro. Denzel Joy did to come out of this SNARE.
    Will this be case of FORERUNNER for the many upcoming, truth loving, highly educated youth who joined this cult by mistake,
    Will they be able to take a CUE out of this sincere man like him?
    Will the parents draw any lessons from these live case studies?
    But whatever may be the case,we will continue to blow the conches like this in these forums.


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