In this article, we will discuss three things.

  1. The crossing of the red sea (once again)
  2. Bitter waters made sweet
  3. Manna

The Horse and the Rider hath he thrown into the sea

We had meditated on crossing over of Red Sea previously. We had seen that it was symbolic of the New Testament baptismal experience. As Pharaoh was cast with his army into the Red Sea so will the beast that rules over nations be thrown into the lake of fire (Rev 20:10). This we had observed in the previous article. Today we will see other similar passages in the bible. First, we find that the locusts from the eighth plague were also cast into the Red Sea (Exo 10:19). Locusts in the bible, speaks of the army against Israelites (Joel 1:4, Judges 6:5, 7:12). So this signifies that enemy of God’s people will be destroyed similarly (in lake/sea). Secondly, we read the army of evil spirits having name ‘legion’ is also cast in the lake of Gergesenes ( Mark 5:13, Luke 8:33). I don’t think it is coincidental that the evil spirit army enters pig (beast/animal), and then the pigs are thrown in the lake! Locusts of eight plagues cast in the red sea, Pharaoh with his army in the red sea, the legion of evil spirits in the lake of Gergesenes, and beast in the lake of fire alludes to set pattern of God in destroying his enemies.

We also read that casting of Pharaoh in the red sea was described as God blowing winds from his nostrils (Exo 15:8-10). Moses says,

“With the blast of thy nostrils….thou didst blow thy wind and sea covered them

Exo 15:8-10

God also blew a strong wind to gather locusts in the Red Sea (Exo 10:19). Similarly, Paul describes God will destroy the antichrist with the Spirit of his mouth/nostrils (2 Thess. 2:8) (c.f. Job 4:9, Psalms 18:15, Isa 11:4, Hosea 6:5, Rev 19:15, 20-21). 

Now, after the swallowing up of enemies of God, something new results each time. In Exodus, the destruction of Pharaoh in the red sea resulted in new life for Israelites. In baptismal destruction of Old Man, we have the resurrection of the new man in Christ. Similarly, after the destruction of the beast in lake of fire (Rev 19:20, 20:10, 15), we find New Heaven and New Earth appear (Rev 21:1-2). We find ‘New Jerusalem’ comes down out from heaven (which is waters above – Gen 1:6-8) after the destruction of the devil in the lake of fire.

Bitter Waters Made Sweet(Exodus 15)

Soon after the Red Sea event, we see Israelites feeling thirsty and seeking waters for three days. Finally, they reached a place called Marah but the water was bitter. So they began to complain. God then showed Moses a tree. Moses puts the tree in bitter waters and the waters turn sweet. This event had a parallel in the New Testament days. Just like the waters were bitter for Israelites after crossing of the red sea, so was the life for early church after accepting Jesus. They had to pass through persecution. But like the tree in bitter waters made it sweet, so did the presence of Christ amidst his disciples made them rejoice in persecutions (Acts 5:41, Heb 10:34, Matt 5:12).

It need not be reminded that the symbolic spiritual meaning of the tree is the cross of Christ (Gal 3:13). As the tree sucked the bitterness of the water, so did Jesus took upon himself the curse of the law (Gal 3:13). Observe carefully, that unlike TPM teaches, that one will receive Job and blessings after taking baptism in TPM, the biblical reality was quite opposite. The first-century church did not become materially rich after crossing the Red Sea. They did not get material blessings of life after accepting Jesus. On the contrary, persecution entered their lives. What was sweet in their life was their rejoicing in times of persecution. What was sweet was their redemption from the curse of the law. Therefore getting job, wife, house, promotion after going through TPM baptism is contrary to the pattern set in scriptures. Neither the Israelites were materially blessed nor the early church received comfort and luxury on joining the fellowship of the Apostles. The question we need to ask is our experience after receiving salvation similar to the early church and the church in the wilderness, or is it contrary?

Manna (Exodus 16)

Then we read that Israelites felt hungry. They began complaining about flesh and bread. And God told them

“Then said the Lord unto Moses, Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no. ”

Exo 16:4
Venom Removal Series – Gospel in Exodus – 6
Picking up of Manna

Next morning the Israelites found a small round thing on the ground and they called in Manna. Jesus said that “I am that bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eats of this bread he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world (John 6:48-54).” We read that the mixed multitude refused manna. They said we remember garlic, cucumber, onion, fish, watermelon which we eat in Egypt. Now there is nothing besides eternal life (Num 11:4-6 paraphrased). To say there is nothing besides manna is to say we have nothing in this world besides eternal life! To desire cucumber, garlic and onion as more pleasing than the eternal life we have received is to despise the bread of heaven. Mixed multitude says “Our soul ABHORS this light bread (Num 21:5).”


  1. ADMIN,you are correct.The tpm pastors always take pride about blessings after coming to tpm.Especially pastor joel and durai are professionals in advertising their tpm market they always boast about miracles and healings in the name of tpm.
    Tpm pastor Joel from madurai is a bit further,he used to conduct praising meetings to get a huge collection of money.What a way to get money.In the name of god many people travel from very far distance expecting some miracle to happen in their life but they only come empty handed after spending money on travel,food and tithes.
    Tpm miracle attraction is advertising technique used by many pastors.
    Tpm creates a illusion of Miracle bait for believers.This miracle bait is to attract many people to join tpm in the pretext of healing or miracle.
    Pastor durai always boasts about tpm pastors.
    I have a question for joel pastor,joel knows that god can do miracles irrespective of a location or a person,in that case why he encourages many people to come particularly to his praising ,causing poor people to travel very far wasting their precious money.JOEL Should have encouraged people to pray wherever you are jesus will answer your prayer,instead he wants people to come to his church so that he can collect huge money in the form of tithes.

  2. Tpm is a titheopathic money lusting company.
    People work very hard for earning a small amount of salary,but tpm easily gets the money from people without any hardwork.
    I tell you this is not fair.I mean think about this why are people giving tithe money to no,Trmal healthy tpm people.THis makes no sense.IF atleast we give to poor people,disabled people,blind people.People who cant afford to earn money,ATLEAST if we helped them with some money,god would have blessed us by now.Giving tithe to tpm is a curse for us.
    I mean dont give money to to normal healthy people,who have ability to earn money on their own.

  3. First of all all tpm deaths should be probed,because nobody knows how healthy normal people are dying in such a short span of time.I mean there is a possibility of poisoning,suicide,murder and so on.
    Tpm cant go like this,not sinning like this.
    The tpm lifestyle will never bring out the true love of god.Holiness and love cannot be compelled.TPM IS A COMPELLED HOLY LIFE OF OUTSIDE WORKS.
    I tell you one thing,if tpm has the true love of god in them ,tpm would have closed the loan of all the tpm believers.tpm would have helped financially.

  4. tpm has given 2000rs to selected believers during this time of coronovirus.I dont know how to consider this.Are they creating a false trust.How i should see this strange character of donating money to believers.
    I would like admin to comment about this stange donating behaviour of tpm.
    what you say admin?I would like to hear it personally from you.

  5. Thank you admin now i understood.You mean the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table.
    tpm is giving only the leftover crumbs.ok ok

    • @Samson

      Just finish all the articles.
      Slowly withdraw from tpm slaves and its masters.
      Dont try to debate or convince them. It rises your bp only .

      Find a smaller church, dnt go to anyother corporate church. If you are from the south bit more cautious.

  6. To JS or Esther on May 6, 2020 At 12:05 PM you have given this message. “Hi, @ John and Admin. Days go by this site is directing to different angle. Now coming to CAST,RICH,POOR and STATUS. LORD JESUS never see all these, if He think allabove you commented most of the people didn’t get the salvation. Please think before you guys comments. You all very frustrated but can’t say about cast etc….Feel like repeating again and again the situation. As some advice please go to God, He will hear your cry. That is good thing to do Rgs . Anonymous. ‘. Let me ask you a formal question ” What and where does it pricks you if I mention caste, rich, poor.?. ‘This is the forum where one can vent all his grief and move on to life. One fine day this forum and my message will be helpful for a innocent victim. I was feeling like guilty in my heart before I read articles in this forum. In the year 2018 June I came to know about this forum when I was surfing the Facebook page of The PENTECOSTAL mission. In the options tab I saw “The Berians’. I also read some articles very interestingly. To my surprise I saw the murder of pastor Kanagaraj in the page. I throughly read the articles. Evidence and good police officers with strict legal systems. I found The PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters is a horrible, sinners, church. In parallel to that I saw in Facebook page of The PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters that Pastor Kanagaraj died of Heart attack. One fine day in the month of March 2019. When the preparation were going for international conventions. I entered the premises of the PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters. I was first questioned by the security guard who is a white dress trainee young worker brother. What is your purpose of coming to the church. My answer to him is just came to visit the church how it looks. I met Jonah the telugu asked about the pastor Kanagaraj murder. He said we dont know anything. We are not supposed to use internet. He started looking at me from top to bottom. He tries to frame me as Devil possessed. He tried to be different in emotions and words. I mean rude. Suddenly an another worker brother came from different places and stood near me. Js or Esther I dont need mask to explain all this. I am explaining how dare I am. I can’t keep quite and calm if some in the name of pastor or sister keep killing and doing crime, nasty things to the innocent. I speak for all the caste people in this world. Even after you know about this forum. You still want Chowdrys, Reddys, Naidus, Chettiars etc to massage your filthy and fall at your feet. Mind your words Js or Esther. This website is in the right direction. You are not in the right direction. Check yourselves…..I want a reply from Js or Esther. If not try to be bold before The PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters. The PENTECOSTAL cult have installed cctv . Be bold and brave…

  7. Please pray for my father to be delivered from this cult. When I try to convince him, he says that, they will give account to God. We don’t have to point out anything to them. Two of his sisters were in this ministry.


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