When his breath departs, he returns to the earth; on that very day his plans perish.

Psalm 146:4

Sis Kumari, the Voice of TPM, who answered your phone calls whenever you happened to make a call to TPM Headquarters at Irumbiliyur, passed away on the 18th of April 2020. This news was already made known through a testimony of a Sister (who was trained under Sis Kumari) in this site. Click here for the testimony. Moreover, we came to know through some WhatsApp forward that Sis Kumari was buried the self-same day. However, there was no official statement from TPM regarding the events preceding her death.  

A TPM Worker, requesting anonymity, spilled the beans about the voices being spoken in hushed tones within TPM Clergy circles regarding Sis Kumari’s sudden demise.

Note: This site is not advocating any reason that may or may not have led to the death of Sis Kumari. But, we at fromtpm.com want our readers to be aware of the gossip within TPM workers in Irumbilyur regarding the reason for Kumari’s death. If anyone has any doubts regarding this, they can ask the TPM Management or request for a Post Mortem from concerned authorities for the exact reasons for her sudden death.

The TPM Worker said, “These days the regular morning 4 AM praising for the Workers at Irumbiliyur is being held at the floor above the Main Meeting Hall due to restrictions on large gatherings to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Climbing the stairs (almost equivalent to three storeys) to reach the floor above the main meeting hall is very difficult for the old, sick and weak people. Sis Kumari, of late suffering from diabetics, finding it difficult to climb the stairs, missed the morning praising one day. This act of hers infuriated TPM Chief Pastor Abraham Matthew. He was so angry at Sister Kumari that he stopped speaking to her. Though she was the Phone Room In-charge, Pas Abraham Matthew avoided her and started interacting with Sis Gresilda instead. Sister Kumari was passing every second in anticipation thinking that Pas. Abraham will set aside his anger and start giving assignments to her like before. Seven days passed but there was no sign of the subsidence of Pas Abraham’s anger. The plight of losing her strategic position and repercussions of being blotted out of the good books of the Chief Pastor was too much for her. Moreover, the prospect of her competitor, Sis Gresilda occupying her space, added insult to injury. When Pas Abraham Matthew forsook her, she thought to take the help of God. And alas the diabetic and weak Kumari took three days fasting (survived only with water) to get back the favour of Abraham Matthew. Her fasting and prayers went unanswered. On the third day of her fasting, she vomited blood and passed away into oblivion”.

The version of the TPM Worker regarding the events leading to the death of Sis Kumari is not surprising in an organization where the rise and fall of a person is a game of snakes and ladders. But I would like to make some observations and comments as follows.

  • Is missing a morning praising such a big sin that it angers the Chief of TPM? Couldn’t he have shown a little leniency towards the ageing Kumari who has slogged in the phone room of TPM for more than two decades?
  • TPM clergy claims that they are the 144000 on Mt Zion with the Father’s name on their forehead. By Father’s name on the forehead, they mean that they (the white clads) have the Father’s Character i.e. love. Where was the love of TPM’s Chief Shepherd towards one of his close associates?
  • It is difficult to digest that Abraham Matthew became angry on Kumari who knew all the dark secrets of TPM for a trivial reason. From some of my interactions with Pas MT Thomas, the Deputy Chief Pastor of TPM, I could sense there is a cold war between Pas MT and Abraham Matthew. MT Thomas always lamented for not being made privy to the many decisions of Abraham Matthew.  In this context, was Kumari being sidelined for sharing classified information with MT Thomas?  Was this the reason for losing the favour of Abraham Matthew? Mind it! TPM is a corporate organization to the core with no ethics but only politics.
  • TPM is an organization where carnal minded people will go to any extreme to hold on to their position within the organization. Kumari, the tough taskmaster of TPM finally lost the plot against her taskmaster. Her act of silent “dharna” (protest) in the form of fasting to death reminds me of a portion from the Scriptures:

And when Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not followed, he saddled his ass, and arose, and gat him home to his house, to his city, and put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died, and was buried in the sepulcher of his father.

2 SAMUEL:17:23


The common public will always look at the White Clads of TPM as the most humble and simple people on this earth. But remember dear readers, TPM white clads are whited sepulchres, clean and white from outside but rotten inside! Their fruits are there for all to see. The self-proclaimed eunuch who forsook her family and possessions to lead an ascetic life could never forsake power and position.

The extremes of Self Obsession among TPM Clergy

Paul has prophecied about people you would encounter in end times. He was not speaking about people in the world, but that of the church. Read the following scripture and know that this incident is at the first of the list. But the rest of the items are ALL found within TPM without fail. If you know how TPM works, you cannot miss the below scriptures without associating it with the CULT.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be LOVERS OF THEIR OWN SELVES, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

2 Tim 3:1-5


Will you TURN AWAY from such people who are listed above?


  1. Yes you are correct admin.In the pretext of holiness they do not show love towards others.Tpm believes on their own works of holiness,rather than depending on god to show mercy.Tpm has too much pride in their work of holiness,they consider themself very high in holiness,outwarldy they act like humble people.But their true character can be revealed according to the situation.
    Tpm pastors,workers and sisters show a outwardly form of holiness to attract people in their business company.Tpm do everything for money.Once Mt thomas pastor came to our church,the first thing he asked to the younger tpm brother was,whatyou have only a small number of believers?.
    See tpm pastors only want many people to join their church because more people means more money.
    If you do not give tithe to tpm,they will even stop visiting your house.
    Earlier tpm sisters used to visit all the believers house to collect money in the form of tithe.My stupid father,always gives some 200rs whenever they visit our house.Knowing my fathers character,they purposely visit our house twice a week.
    Tpm only loves you as long as you have money.If you dont have money tpm will throw you like trash.This is the true love of tpm.Their love is only based on the amount of money.

    • //If you do not give tithe to tpm,they will even stop visiting your house.

      I am yet to understand why do you need these thugs to visit your house?
      Do you like Thieves visiting your house?

      • Admin, Absolutely not i never wanted tpm thugs to visit my house.You see since my parents have given my younger brother in tpm ministry there is no chance they will hate tpm.I Have two brothers my elder brother is mentally retarded and my younger brother is a normal healthy person.My younger brother is in tpm ministry.Thats why my parents are very faithful to tpm you see

        • These people just know THree things. STEAL, KILL, DESTROY. Keep yourself safe from them. They are dangerous.

      • Hello admin!I am Kenyan and from Nairobi city. I am deeply saddened to point out that almost everything I’ve read concerning the life of the biblical Pharisees unrolls before my eyes every time I come in contact with TPM ministers! And concerning the kill,steal and destroy commission of theirs, they’ve taken it to another level where they do it openly on the pulpit with an awful carefree kind of attitude! They have actually mastered the art of butchering the flock whenever they chance such an oppotunity! They counsel you against ABCD…when they themselves fall short of it on a multiplied scale in broad daylight without their notice! They even have laws on how to shake hands,in that it would be immorally suggestive and fleshly to shake with your whole palm wholly swallowing the palm of the second party,at worst,if the act transpires between opposite sexes. One has to touch,not shake,with only their fingers coming into contact two inches from the tips of their fingers! How absurd! Such nonsense and hypocritical acts have led to believers quitting church here in Kenya,after having tolerated so long a time with a flicker of hope for experiencing change in the long run,with perhaps the incoming “servants ” but in vain.and so,since their petiance couldn’t get any thinner, they were compelled to exit! Am proud to project such sentiments painfully,having been their victim for so long,but now at liberty after exiting also! I say,if I were in any position, I would have skinned them all alive!!!!

        • Dear Chris,
          I know how they live a very opulent lifestyle in Kenya. and how they do not even allow the Kenyan worker brother to stay in their quarters but ask him to stay in the outhouse. This is nothing but pure racism.
          I have still not understood why they make you people worship in the hutment rather than in the house they stay which has ample space. I am well aware of the situation in Kenya and am upset at the way they treat you Kenyan brothers. I am not sure why you guys stick around that stupid church.
          May the Lord Liberate you people.

    • Can someone clarify me. Is thites compulsory? Did Jesus collected thites? Did the apostles collected thites?
      Offering, Yes. But thites???? Tks.

      • Brother…If you give the tithe, You are cursed. Anyone who gives tithe believes that Jesus was not able to fulfil the demands of the Law and hence his sacrifice becomes invalid. That shows how abhorrent is that person who subscribes and prescribes tithe.
        Please read the series of articles published which deals with the whole system of the tithe.
        Please click the below link and you will get a page with 5 articles…Read it in sequence starting with the WOLFONOMICS OF T U THOMAS.

        • @admin brother, perhaps you can elaborate or clarify regarding this matter in Acts 4:34-35 we see the believers from the generosity of their hearts to God, sold their land & houses & laid it at the apostles feet, to be re-distributed to everyone’s need. Perhaps this re-distribution, could be defined as administration & operating cost of running a church (physical location) in modern times as now but in olden days, the church was defined as the congregation. So if there’s such a need as vast as now in current times with high inflation rate & costs associated with church administration requiring finance to maintain a church, isn’t it our responsibility as members of the body of Christ, to offer our perhaps not our land or houses, but at least some aspect of our income or finances to.a certain extend to support the Body of Christ?

      • @ is tithe compulsory
        Show me verse where tithe is even mentioned in New testament for believers.

        We don’t find Jesus rebuking any church of seven churches in Asia for not tithing (in seven letters of revelation).

        New testament letters of Paul Peter have so much instructions for correctuon rebuking to churches in their letters of Corinthians Galatians John Peter James but no one ever critisized ant member or gave any instruction for tithing faithfully as tpm insists.

        Tithe is Old testament law under mosaic law.
        And anyone still following law is fallen from grace.

        Galatians 3:10-13
        10. For all who are of the works of the law are under a curse: because it is said in the Writings, A curse is on everyone who does not keep on doing all the things which are ordered in the book of the law. ……The upright will be living by faith. 12. And the law is not of faith;

        13. Christ has made us free from the curse of the law…

      • Salvation is free.Worshipping jesus is free.There should be no fees collected to get saved in jesus or to worship jesus.Tpm collects fees in the form of tithes.
        If anyone want to proclaim the gospel let him tell it freely no tithes.Avoid going to any church worship jesus in beauty and holiness love your parent love your family live a holy life under the guidance of holy spirit.Do not give any form of offering or tithe to any body.

  2. I tell you secret news

    Our Chief Pastor Abraham Matthew was angry with kumari aaka when he read in fromtpm that kumari aaka did not let Indonesia victim talk to him. Why she take decision. She only PA category aakka. Her work to give all information to Chief pastor. Who give her right to not to allow Indonesians girl to talk with chief pastor. Does she doubt chief pastor will fall for her?

    Sister kumari think chief pastor will fall in love with Indonesian victim. That why she not allow ladies to contact gents. That why Chief pastor Abraham Matthew Angry on kumari. He said let little woman come to me. Do not stop them.. there’s is Kingdom of tpm.

    That why Chief pastor trying to remove kumari aaka and giving that position to Griselda Akka telling her never judge my character. Don’t ever try to control ladies from meeting me personally. I know holiness. Ok. like that politics internal.

    Joshua Pastor , and Abraham Matthew responsible for this suicide. They must be punished.

    • elina,nobody is responsible for suicide.The person who commits suicide is only responsible.She is not a small girl to commit suicide whatever may be the reason for suicide.if,she is a true devotee of jesus she would have never comitted suicide.This shows that people inside tpm are only doing ministry for positions and getting respect from others.Tpm pastor,worker sisters and brothers must have heart full of pride in them.Thats why they dont have meekness and humility.TPM workers become too proud of their outward holiness.
      I tell you one truth,as far as i have seen they give too much importance to outside holiness.Can i say it in this way,TPM gives more importance to outside of the cup,they polish it so that from outside the cup will look white,clean and blemish free.But inside the cup it is dirty and clean.tpm doesnt clean inside the cup they give importance only to outside the cup.Do you understand what i say i mean,they give so much importance to wearing white clothes.
      Earlier when i used to attend bible study and tarrying meeting in tpm church,after the meeting is over before the ending prayer i come out of the church because if i stay after the ending prayer,the brother will ask me to wear white shirt whenever coming to church.,Thats why i never like to talk with tpm ammachi,brothers or sisters.They always inisist to wear white clothes.They don talk with love,they always think they are like god and command us very harshly

    • Hi, @ Elena
      // Joshua Pastor , and Abraham Matthew responsible for this suicide. They must be punished //
      Punishment is very very far… latest hot news s from oven .
      When chief pas Abraham enquirered regarding the Joshua issue posted in fromtpm.
      It seems Joshua rejected and said to chief victim framed and ammachi also said the same when chief enquired her. Chief decided Joshua going to transfer out of the Singapore , not sending out of the ministry and no wedding with victim. Please take care victim Sister conformed no wedding with joshua..
      Joshua relaxing and enjoying his stay in his room and packing things.
      No one is responsible for death of Sister Kumari , they both good friends chief and Joshua.
      This is inside news come to know..

      • True. If Joshua starts spilling Abraham beans then they are doomed. Abraham will have to save Joshua at any cost.

    • @elina,
      //Abraham Matthew responsible for this suicide ???*/
      shocking…! why some comments like this ? Sis Kumari committed suicide ? any evident s or leading news on this ? why are you making some baseless comments like this, if so why there is no action or police case ?
      can you or admin clarify on this. … if its vague comments admin please don’t approve it …

      • Elina is NOT Technically Wrong.
        The definition is as follows
        Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.
        All deaths in TPM which happens that can be prevented by proper treatment is SUICIDE. You may call it Divine Healing or Fasting or Hunger Strike or by whatever name.
        The people who see this happening before their eyes and do not do anything to prevent it is guilty of Abetting the Suicide.

        Now that you know it, please go an raise a police case and also ensure that a Post Mortem is done on that body.

        • Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.
          Did Jesus, Stephen, Paul, Peter etc intentionally cause their own death? Stop being stupid. Did they do something to kill themselves or someone else killed them?

          You need to associate Judas Iscariot, Ahitophel, Saul as coheirs to the Kumari and all the other Divine healing suicide brigade.

  3. This is the only church dont follow the rules and regulations. Where is the postmortem report. What happened actually we don’t know. Horrible death by sister kumari. Dear cpm belivers don’t send your children to cpm church. Your children’s end will be a horrible. If a girl marries a men. She is a wife only to that men. In cpm it is not like tgat she has to wash inner wear and clothes of different men throught out her life. Cpm sister have to cook for different men. Adjust their taste buds. Wash the plates of all men and women. At last she dies . She doesn’t even have good respect and care. If a non cpm Christian married woman dies in his old age. She will be surrounded by her husband, children, grandchildren, brother in law, sister in law, friends and colleagues. All shedding tears. Photos will be taken in memory. Only in cpm death is made advertisements.To gain sympathy. I don’t want such a pitiful death.

  4. Gone were those days when we used to hear from the precious, just saints life stories that God would speak to His beloved saints about their blessed end.That they should get ready to leave this world and on that particular day and on such and such time and hour that He would call them to His heavenly abode. That they could declare to every one in the home and church.Exactly their end would come as per God’s advance hinting.
    Unlike such news, now a days we hear a contrasting style of news about these CULT people. Indeed any death news was a hard wrenching news to digest but to read this death news of an eunuch who ruled the roost for well over two decades of this corporate style regime put every God loving child in no surprise. I heard news at IBR wall the staunch TPMites ( some mothers/sisters) who loved her so much observed for a half day/day fasting after the news was declared!
    As a mark of their love and respect to her, such was the state oi madness of these people

    ADMN brother, thank you for this episode which threw some light on this suspicious death of sister Kumari. You ‘ve kept the things in proper perspective, that if anyone wish to demand for a Post Mortem report it is entirely on their jurisdiction.Let me put a previous example here.
    Some time ago such a death news item was covered in these columns too under similar circumstances of a worker sister Ruth at Ramagundam f.h at SEC’BAD cetre. When she passed away in suspicious way, her body was buried before her family members arived,but later at the instance of her family members, police exhumed her body from the grave and Post Mortem was conducted and latter an enquiry was held.Mind you,the actual reason of the death would always be hushed up.Thanks for the corporate style of management of this CULT.The facts of such tragic ends would never be allowed to come to the surface.
    That is the ‘BEAST’ style of management!

  5. TPM is no different from the political parties. As there are multiple power centres in politics so in TPM. Every power centre has group of foot licking followers. In TPM Irumbiliyur there are Abraham Mathew power centre, M.T.Thomas power centre and so many other power centres. The followers of each power centre are suppose to pass information to their boss about others. In fact in this cult all are power hungry and go to any extent to grab the power.
    You know this Abraham Mathew is the puppet boy of Rachel George (UK incharge sister). What I think is that, this Griselda seems to be very close to Rachel George. And in order to support Griselda to take over Kumari this Rachel must have told Abraham Mathew to frustrate Kumari to the extent that she should die. Now some of the readers might think why should Rachel support Griselda to throw Kumari from the coveted post? This Rachel George is favouring Griselda in return to the favour she once had from the latter. When Rachel George’s love affair was blooming with Wesley Peter (ex Chief), this Griselda may have overlooked certain things of the lovebirds. But, such favour to Griselda from Rachel that forced Kumari to take such a serious step cannot be accepted. One thing is very sure that it’s Rachel George who is taking most of the shots under the covering of Abraham Mathew. What should I say more? I can just say that this entire TPM is a bunch of rotten people covered with the glittering white uniform to deceive the brainless followers.

    • @ Anthony Parker
      Very much agree with you that Rachel George is calling the shots from behind Abraham Matthew. she was doing the same thing during the times of Wesley Peter too. In the words of Late Sis Susan ( Sister of Ex TPM Clergy Jacob Williams) “Rachel George was the one who schemed along with Abraham Matthew (both were in UK then) to defame me (Susan) in the eyes of Pas Wesley (The then Chief Pastor) and shunted me out of UK”
      Rachel George can ELEVATE you or ELIMINATE you based on your relationship with her.

    • @ Anthony Parker
      What cooking story you doing? Are you more insider spy than me?

      I number one spy for tpm. Don’t try to take my place like sister Griselda trying to take sister kumari place. You never win.

      I invite you to open challenge. Let us see who sit 1st in 1st row. Let us see who shout more praise the lord more loudly. Let us see who testify more about saints in testimony. Let us see who gives more money to saints. Let us see who wastes more time in faith home.

      Those who please saints will become real news breaker. They get all information.

    • Could anybody please upload a photo of Pas Abraham as well as Mother Rachel?

      Just trying to get an idea.

      Someone told me that they are blood relatives.
      Is it correct?

      Admin, if it is possible could you add a gallery section with photos of most ministers discussed in this website.
      It need not be the most recent one.

      I believe a bit of pictorial representation helps in reliving memories.

      Again, it’s not the need of the hour. If only you have the time and resources.

  6. One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.
    (Ephesians 4:5-6)c

    Dear Admin,

    Really love and appreciate your articles , and your priceless effort in bringing those at darkness of the devil to the eternal light and life of Lord Jesus.

    By the grace of God ,I was never a part of TPM(CPM) , and I am perfectly sure that I will never be in the future!😁

    I earnestly and wholeheartedly pray, in the matchless name of Jesus, that your arms recive the might of the LORD at all times, and be blessed to help many more innocent lives out of the grips of TPM Pharisees and Sadducees.

    I wish I could give you a hug!!!😊

    God Bless you!

  7. @dhs, yes your right brother, these articles are an amazing work of God through admin’s hands, he is bringing lost souls into biblical perspectives, by providing wise counsel & insights into word of god through admin brother.. good for you brother that you had not been entangled by tpm/cpm before, but our God is even a more terror to them that opposes his ways (Deut 34:12)

    Yes even like you I wish i could give admin brother a hug myself!

  8. Dear Elina
    I will take your challenge to discuss on the subjects of Bible. But, I will not take the challenge to sit in the 1st row among the dirty stinking TPM white-clad frauds. I don’t have money to offer to the coveteous people. I don’t have any good testimony about the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I beg you pls, don’t call me to waste my time in your fake home, because I don’t have time to waste. I already wasted much of my precious times. Somehow by God’s grace I got out of the stinking gutter. See, I am not a swine to return to that gutter, but yea, I wish you that blessing. Stay and enjoy there.

  9. Well said Antony Parker. I want to share my views regarding the ownership of the PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters. Today Government of Tamil Nadu acts so smart. They need good name. They do things like good. We don’t understand there plans. It is something they will teach us. I am sorry to discuss this all in this forum. But no way. Because I have pain in my brain. No way to make the owner of PENTECOSTAL mission church to handshake with this sharks. Because sometimes I feel I am not the right person to prove and bring down this Babylon. Sharks should handle the owners of The PENTECOSTAL mission church irumbuliyur headquarters. Then the entire game of all pastors and sisters will come to an end. I know what this sharks will do. Either die pathetically or enter jail. Just two options. This will be the start.

  10. I know about the death of some pastors and sisters in adayar cpm church. In the sick room if pastor or sister suffering from end of days unable to leave their lives. I mean if stuck in breathing. Either they suffer to breathe or unable to die. They will be given milk mixed with egg. Which block’s the breath and brings death immediately. This is the practice in cpm. I am exploring this incident to educate all should know how cpm treats their own pastors and sisters. This is the cold blooded murders they do for the sake of their organization growth. Those who read this article try to spread the awareness. After spending 20 years and above in cpm. Only way is death. No relatives no parents will come. No one to ask what has happened. Only postmortem report will reveal this deadly report. Why this was given. There is a death declaration also taken from the victim before they die. I mean a signature. Paper works should be available for sure. Phone calls around the victim’s will be the strong evidence. Please don’t send your children to cpm. They get trapped easily. Especially those children are playee. Don’t allow your children to stay in cpm churches. We have no clue what will happen to them. Police can’t find the evidence. Cpm is powerful to handle police with huge money. Once our dear ones life is gone. No point in fighting against cpm. There are separate departments in cpm to handle situations. We will be speaking about love and happiness only. Cpm is ready to handle the innocent at any cost. We are the losers in the end. Cpm playing with our breathing system. Just like Corona virus. Even corona virus wears mask seeing cpm pastors and sisters.I came to know there are many other ways to end the life of human beings inside the church. Let’s keep our ears open and brains keep working to listen to any calls and movements inside the any cpm churches. No safe guard our society we have to change our selves like detectives.

    • @ John
      //…… In the sick room if pastor or sister suffering from end of days unable to leave their lives. I mean if stuck in breathing. Either they suffer to breathe or unable to die. They will be given milk mixed with egg. Which block’s the breath and brings death immediately. This is the practice in cpm. //

      That’s shocking revelation John! How do you know about it? I have heard they give injections to kill person who are I’ll during convention time. But milk+egg will kill someone..?

  11. Few years back. A sister was sick. Taken to adayar. Just within few days that sister died. One visitor went to the sister sick room to see her, said this while she is crying for her. I think giving milk and egg to stop breathing is the old technique. May be nowadays they use as you say. Cpm means it is not christianity. It is something going to kill someone who is stepping inside the church. There technique is to kill you by making you to believe that they are good. For sure you are going to get killed if you enter cpm church. A cpm pastor or sister preaching deeper doctrines means you are targeted. First tool they use is hitting our brains. Making us dead in brains. Then continue the massacre.

  12. I remember once when I went with my bro to meet grsilda sis. She was very sweet to me. Bcoz my dad offers ______ to this church.
    Later when I went alone to meetings like youth camp etc she didn’t even bother me lol.

    My life almost ruined bcoz of these ppl lies.
    My dad false promised me saying if you marry this guy I’ll buy car, build house etc
    But he has build house for his second wife now for my bro. Said car will come on marriage day , but I didn’t even travel in car after marriage
    Not even went to beach or park.
    Husband parents lied about education salary. I know it’s been 7 months. But hard to digest . I have made tons of mistakes and sin. But I have been honest. But these ppl wearing white dress and his parents wearing white sarees and holy spirit tongues acting so spiritual I wonder how they lie

    When I hate my husband parents I hate my husband very badly. He doesn’t think to prosper in life. I have to teach him every single thing.
    But he’s disciplined, now a days read bible and prayers at home. We both are far.
    What should I do ? Shall I continue to live with him or claim divorce?

    Sometimes I feel to run away from him. Sometimes I feel paavam for him and I feel without Gods knowledge this wouldn’t have happened. So did really God wanted me to marry him and be a support or I’m being fooled ?

    • Dear sister in Christ,
      I was in your situation few years back. Ending a marriage is not the solution. If you believe God United you in this marriage, you have to patiently wait and be a moral support to your husband. I m not just writing this, I m writing my experience. Don’t try to argue on any doctrinal issues initially. Trying to explain the doctrinal issues will only create difference of opinion between a husband and wife. Only God can deliver some one from this cult. Pray for God’s grace and opening of the spiritual eyes of your husband. God will surely lead your family out of this cult. After couple of years now we are free from this cult and this site played an important role for our exit from TPM.

  13. I was shocked to see cpm pastor and beliver saying we have sanctified the murderers who murdered Pastor Kanagaraj. I was shocked that doctor giving fake postmortem report for pastor Kanagaraj. Only cpm belivers and pastors complete the funeral services without the doctor certificate. Now I understood cpm is running it’s own world. Is there no one cares in this Christian world about the cpm crime reports. Another shocking revelation is even cpm belivers also don’t accept that their church does all the crime. Such a fools. That is why we have to end the process of cpm. It is not good for humans and animals too. Cpm will be good for those who come from jail, drug addicts, illegal activities. Only a criminal will know how to come out of crime. If cpm is escaping and hiding all the crime. Then it is a criminal organization. Compare the other Christian church’s. We shall find the difference. Cpm is the only Christian society with luxury amenities.

  14. Dear brother John, you ‘ve brought No,No ,No, the Spirit of God has brought the most SHOCKING revelations through this blessed forum. You.are being used as a live wire.
    For this reason I must commend the owner of this site, our beloved ADMN brother. who had been chosen by the Lord even when he was in his mother’s womb for doing this yeomen service to the Nation,I mean to the Christian Community at large.

    Now imagine how many cold blooded murders might have been done by this TOP BRASS of this CULT called CPM/TPM devil since its inception of its 93 year old history. Every thing will come out now.

    This fact is also going to come to light soon. If not today or tomorrow this fact will certainly come out.
    If a thorough ENQUIRY and INVESTIGATION is held by the CONGREGATION of all (TPM BELIEVERS of INDIA and CPM believers of Sri Lanka) and TAMILADU GOVERNMENT, about these suspected deaths and cold blood murder activities that are regularly being committed by this CPM/TPM church, more SKELETONS will be rolled out. There will be no doubt in it.

    Now with the SUSPICIOUS death of sis Devi Kumari that has seen the light, and with the more startling disclosures came from our beloved brother ANTHONY PARKER, it is now firmly established that there exists a strong NEXUS between Rachel George and Abraham Matthew in eliminating her just as the cold murder that might have happened in the year 2017 about the case of late CP. Stephen.I ve got my own suspicion now. That will come to light shortly

    Now its anybody’s guess that will easily suspect the strong underhand dealings of Rachel George and the present Abraham Matthew in eliminating the people whoever are coming against them.


    The late CP Stephen’s death at BRIXTON fake home in U.K in the year 2017 could be well taken as CASE STUDY .

    I will definitely pour out my supplications unto my Lord in this matter and He is certainly going to show me the way. The Lord is going to reveal me the TRUTHS that are being suppressed by this BEAST till date.

    Very shortly ADMN brother will be flooded with more disclosures of the secret activities of this BEAST

  15. @ JS & Esther
    //It seems Joshua rejected and said to chief victim framed and ammachi also said the same when chief enquired her.//
    If the victim framed Joshua then why must Joshua be transfer out of Singapore? So now we know the teaching of tpm when we are not wrong we will be transfer out of the church and when do wrong we will remain in the church. My question is if Joshua did not do wrong why Abraham will transfer him out of Singapore?

  16. @Sister in Christ….”But he’s disciplined, now a days read bible and prayers at home. We both are far.
    What should I do ? Shall I continue to live with him or claim divorce?”

    Dear Sister in Christ,Glad to hear your beautiful ‘TESTIMONY’.
    You ‘ve spoken so truthfully about your husband.
    Please take my humble advise and suggestion from an elder like me.Do consider me as your father figure.
    Hear me please.
    Do not desert your your dutiful husband. Lord is taking care of you through him.
    Never ever allow that faint idea of that word ‘divorce’ in your thoughts.
    God is good to bring you to this forum to seek a godly advise .
    God bless you dear

  17. Holman Christian Standard Bible—–ECCLESIASTES 10:20
    Do not curse the king even in your thoughts, and do not curse a rich person even in your bedroom, for a bird of the sky may carry the message, and a winged creature may report the matter.
    International Standard Version——ECCLESIASTES 10:20
    Do not curse the king, even in your thoughts. Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom. For a bird will fly by and tell what you say, or something with wings may talk about it.
    Yesterday late night as I was adding these words in this forum “WALLS HAVE EARS AND THE FOWLS OF AIR SHALL CARRY THE DREADED NEWS” there was no time to refer scriptural reference. But today morning to my surprise,God showed me the very words I used by the above scriptural references.
    IBR WALLS plus BRIXTON queen wait, the noose is getting tighter and tighter around your neck as the days go by

  18. I thank the admin of this forum. For showing the deadly activities of cpm pastors and sisters. Admin you are the real hero. Even in cinemas hero is to dupe some scenes. Admin you are really great. I will explain how. First you saved the hard earned money that could be given to the cpm church. Instead I shall spend to my beautiful wife and children. Spend precious time with my family members. Eat good and tasty food. Have good sleep. Be fresh entire day. I have been giving smiles in my face for the past 14 months. Since I read articles in your forum. All the credit goes to you admin. May God bless you and your family abundantly. I pray that I shall repay the same enjoyment to you one day. Before i read the articles in this forum. I was feeling guilty. I can’t smile. I was burdened. Now it’s all gone. It is very easy to gather the evidence for all murders in cpm. Doctor often visiting cpm churches are the first people of evidence. Phone calls. Paper works.

    • Brother,
      Its God who deserves all the praise. Admin and team are just vessels. I guess God was looking for some Javelin to break open this cult and Lo I was there. We all are types of equipment in God’s kingdom. May the Lord use all of us for His Glory alone.

      • Admin,My father is giving tithe from the government money for disabled person.
        Government gives 1500rs per month for my mentally retarded brother.My father thinks it is a source of income so he gives 10% tithe from this money.This morning i had a confrontaion with my father.
        I feel sick and embarassed.How can he think like this.Admin,i feel depressed,i cannot believe how he thinks like that.I hate tpms stronghold on my father.
        Earlier tpm used to appoint my father as a sunday school headmaster.For this reason he always attends all the meeting of tpm just to show his outward holiness to others.My father never loves our family,he only loves tpm.
        He always attend tpm meeting and comes late to the home.My mentally retarded brother does not likt to attend meetings ,he want my father always to take care of him.BuT MY FATHER Is always busy doing tpm chores like a slave.
        My father is ultimate slave of tpm.I feel embarassed and depressed.Tpm is full of money but they dont have love.If tpm truly love,they should give money monthly to my mentally retarded brother.
        Tpm does not have the love which government has,because government itself moved with compassion is giving monthly money for my mentally retarded brother,but tpm is only willing to take that money.
        First of all,when receiving tithe from the believers,tpm dont even ask where the money came from,they simply receive the tithe and store it in their storehouses for fulfilling their own desires.

        • Robin are you from Ponmar fake home in Chennai ? I got delivered from the same fake home. I know a family just like yours. Is your full name Ravi Robinson ?

      • Admin first of all why tpm needs to build tpm churches in each and every corner of the city,when there is so money other independent churches already in that area.You see now i know admin they want to show who is the no1 in this business.Tpm is well versed in marketing their church across the city,They attract outsiders with their outside humility,and holiness but inside they are ravanous wolf waiting to devour.
        If tpm is truly interested in saving a life from hell,saving a soul for jesus.Then they should preach in other churches.You see thats called pride,tpm always think low about other churches.

        • @Br. Robin .

          dear robin , you need few sessions of counselling asap . please consult a
          good counsellor . before you plan to do any thing . . help from this site is very limited whn it goes outside tpm .

          it is not that we dont want to help u , we cant because of the identity
          and practical issues .

          Let God deliver you from the miseries .

  19. Now i know why tpm is recruiting more young people in this ministry,because tpm company is growing bigger,it is recruiting young people into the ministry because young people can be easily controlled and duped.
    According to my past observance of tpm,tpm is not interested in saving a soul for jesus.Tpm is interested in peoples money.ThE ELITE TPM PASTORS AND SISTERS live a luxury life in tpm,but the poor young worker brothers and sisters fast often and live a meaningless life,thinking that they are living for jesus.
    I mean i have a big question,if anybody wants to do ministry for jesus by saving souls why go into tpm,you can do it in your home.If you dont want to marry,if you think you want to sacrifice your life for jesus,then its your choice but in the pretext of not marrying life dont go to tpm,instead you can take care your parents and live a celibate life.
    Tpm does not give too much importance to worshiping jesus.EVen in each SUNDAY meeting you can see they are wasting our time singing songs other than our languages.See suppose you know that there are only tamil believers in our church,then why you need to sing hindi,telugu and malayalam songs,dont you think its a waste of time.And come to the preaching,if you go to tpm church,they will preach in such a way that it is always tpm centered,they dont keep jesus as a centre in preaching,they always boast about tpm pastors,brothers and sisters.
    Many believers,would be biting their teeths inside when hearing a long meaningless sermon of tpm.

    • @robin
      I thank the Lord for opening your eyes from the deception of this Cult. Spread the Word. There will be oppositions and distractions, keep persevering.

  20. Admin,thank you for allowing me to pour my heart in this forum with help of your website.I hope my message will reach many young people.
    Admin,do you think my understanding about tpm is correct.I mean do you know admin,i understood the love of jesus only after listening to some youtube messages and sermon from john piper.I realised that All the time was waste going to tpm church.I understood the love of jesus sacrificing himself to save my soul from hell,only through the sermons in youtube by john piper.
    Tpm sermons never going to save a soul.I mean you can see it in tpm conventions,what a oppurtunity to preach about jesus ,but they preach a sermon which no one can understand.

  21. I have an answer for a common question about cpm church pastors and sisters. Why so many were mentally disabled and bothered about cpm church pastors and sisters. It is because of “Qualification ‘. What is meant by qualification in cpm church pastors and sisters. I was listening a YouTube testimony belong to Durai in cpm. He is called cpm pastor. I know duria since he is in thiruvottyur Chennai. I came to know in the testimony his father is a liquor dealer. Imagine if we have a pastor with rowdy background don’t we have severe behavior problems. This person will inject all the bad stuff into our lives. Now I think how murder’s gonna happen and many escape from the murders. For a church pastor there should be a qualification. He should be from a good Christian background. Growth in cpm church need not be 400% in a year. Just for money, recruit any one as cpm pastors and sisters have brought this shame. If I am in serious headache and unable to go further in life. I mean professionally and commercially. I used to think about my good friends. How they live. This is what I try to implement here. Look into other organizations either it is a church or software company. Everyone should learn to select the qualified. Cpm recruits any from any corner of earth. Imagine if we have a snake in our home as a pet. This is what happened in cpm. Uneducated and educated cpm pastors and sisters with different sources of background. There is a group of pastors with durai. Expose themselves like civil engineers. This is how this uneducated group of pastors grown. Not in scripture. This is the big difference between cpm church and other Christian churches. Cpm wants to grow at any cost. Bribing police officers. Encourage giving bribe to corrupt police officers is a sin. Dont you know cpm church. How do other organizations handle police officers if any bribe need to be given. Learn from them. Cpm have wasted so much of poor belivers money. So altogether cpm pot is full of unqualified and corrupt fruits.

  22. I imagine how robin could have felt. Robin the problem is we have joined with the serious of low class humans beings. Person like durai think that they are very smart in CPM. Even senior cpm pastors also like people along with durai. Because people like durai can handle crime scenes and police officers. CPM church have entered an advanced stage of do or die situation. It means to grow the church they are not handling in proffesionall ways. This is here I am saying False promises, No set of rule books to handle the church. This is the situation person like durai will undertake. No protocols in CPM church. They can do whatever they want. They can build Halls and other concrete structures. They will utilise all the man power in the church. Like sister kumarai utilised a young worker sister to dig ditches in the construction sites. If any young training brother or sister say ” Sorry I cant do this mason work means’ . They will be immediately cornered and blacklisted. Our parents could have educated us well and with good intention they may sent us in CPM church. But actually what happens is we are exposed to the cpm indescent goons. They make us to bow ourselves unnecessarly and make us to do filthy jobs. In the end we are cheated. We have no evidence against this CPM goons. Teju Kurien is safe. We are not safe. Because Teju Kurien is also the part of the goons. I know Teju Kuriens Father and mother also. They are the four come in white car with no sun film in car windows. You know how Teju Kurien escape people like gunaseelan. Because CPM check the background of each young worker brother and sister. If the background is poor, then that younger brother will be tortured and given all the filfthy works like washing bathrooms, Giving massage to the legs of the senior in charge brother, sweeping the hall, sometimes cleaning the kitchen septic tanks also. This is called cpm. Teju kurien can play casio. He is not told to do the low class works. That is the difference. This is called Fate. Everyone can imagine why i am keep typing about the happenings in cpm. Because I know how I should be handled. I am keep trying to propagate the incidents happened cpm. Shuffling the alphabets between a to z. Hope one day I want to see the chief pastor and pastors get arrested by Good Police officers. Photos of the arrested Pastors and sisters in News Papers for three days, Breaking News in all the news channels. I challenge today. It will happen soon. CPM church will be declared a scam. Buildings to be taken by Government authorities. Government School should get operated inside.

    • Hi, @ John and Admin
      Days go by this site is directing to different angle. Now coming to CAST, RICH, POOR and STATUS.
      LORD JESUS never see all these, if He think allabove you commented most of the people didn’t get the salvation.
      Please think before you guys comments.
      You all very frustrated but can’t say about cast etc….
      Feel like repeating again and again the situation. As some advice please go to God, He will hear your cry. That is good thing to do.

      • How is John and Admin connected?
        John is just another commentator like you. He has his own views and ideas. This site has no connection with what John comments. It’s his personal views.

  23. i m always anxious about how to spend my health , wealth , talents for the glory of God . we all have one life and how to use it wisely as per his will .

    but when i read abt a soul spending all her life answering phones as a phone room in charge (you will never find this even in catholicism .

    tpm is a biggest scam in india , asia , europe , and the americas ..

  24. Yes Sir, you are absolutely right. This is the reason why TPM is headed by a Boot licker(Wesley’s) and assisted by an Empty Bus conductor and a very humble Jayem. How can you expect these three very spiritual idiots to steer TPM’s runaway train when no one knows where the brakes are.

    The TPM believers deserve nothing better because they are equally blind and both are taking the highway to Hell.

    Praise God for opening our eyes and saving us from this wicked cult.

  25. Robin only way to quench your thirst for revenge is. Check where gunaseelan is. Your are forgetting that gunaseelan can’t be punished. Gunaseelan can be punished only by you. I really tell you gunaseelan will be afraid of you for opening the secrets about him. Gunaseelan have done a sexual harassment to you. You can ask him face to face why you tortured me to massage and handle your secret parts. Only way face to face punish him. Inform police at your nearest, give a written letter to the inspector of police. One fine day take over him as much as you can. Beast should be handled like beast. If you are not doing the revenge. I think you may be mentally disabled soon.

    • Hello john,excuse me i am not the robin you are thinking.I am not such a coward or fool to be harassed by a stupid tpm pastor.Please be careful when addressing someone.Don’t just use my name like that ok.I am a believer.Only a cracked dumbhead will be harassed and i am not a dumbhead ok.
      Please be specific when addressing someone with name.John you have embarassed me.
      Dont do this anymore


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