It is an unfortunate thing that many people are losing their lives due to the Corona Virus. However, that should not blind us to look beyond that and see it from God’s angle. Corona is like the ‘Great wall of China.’ It has been a great barrier between man and nature in the past few months. Nature began to blossom and heal in the absence of human intervention. The air around us is now free from pollution. The ozone layer above our heads is purified of the deadly wound we had inflicted upon its skin and flora and fauna is alive and kicking. As the psalmist describes, the river seems to clap and hills are singing for joy (Psalms 98:8).

Not only between man and nature, but the corona has also taken its seat between man and man by creating a social and physical distance between them. This isolation of man from man has brought a massive downward surge in the number of crimes committed in the entire world. There are very few cases of rape, murder, robbery and other evils in pandemic era than that were in pre-pandemic ages. We can safely say that the best way to bring peace into this world is to imprison humans away from each other and from nature.

One of the most important position that corona has occupied is between clergy and laity. Lock-down has separated devotees from the temple, and clergy from the pulpit. As we have meditated upon the boon of corona between man & nature and between man & man, so must we try to understand why God has allowed corona to sit between the clergy and the Laity?

Christ Replaced the Levitical Priesthood

Many people think that Corona is an agent of the devil, sent to stop Christians from attending churches. These people are still like Israelites of the Old Testament era. They are like the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Like the Samaritan woman, they keep believing “Our place of worship is better than your place of worship (John 4:20).”

But wise men have realized that God (who is a spirit), cannot be found in temples made up of human hands.

Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

Acts 7:48

With the death of Jesus on the cross, God had vacated his Old house (temple/churches). He now dwells in his new house, the temple of human hearts. God No longer employs the old testament servants(Levites) who used to serve God in his old house. Christ has taken the place of the mediator between God and man. God expects humans to route their prayer requests not through Levites/saints or any middlemen, but directly to the Jesus Christ.  Christ mediating for us to God is far superior to white-clad saints praying for us to God. Therefore STOP giving the UNBIBLICAL MONETARY TITHES to YOUR WHITE CLADS. You need to give to Christ as mentioned in Matt 25:31-46.

“Our poor prayers are blotted and blurred and stained with sin, but our great High Priest sprinkles them with his own most precious blood, and so purifies them and then with his own dear hands, he lays them before the mercy seat, and for his sake, they are sure to be accepted.”

C H Spurgeon

Therefore the great wall of Corona speaks to them who were uncomfortable to pray to God at home, without the aid of human mediators. It speaks to them to give a try to taste and see God personally without the aid of middlemen. It is not strange but for a few days to not to visit the old house of God (temple/churches/TPM Fake Homes). Soon you will adapt to a new way. We should not look to white-clad saints to make our prayers to be accepted by God but towards Jesus Christ should we look who is a better option to make our prayers reach unto God. God directly speaking to us is better than we getting his words mixed with imaginations of the human mind when it comes via saints. Thus we can say that corona as a great wall between the clergy and the laity and between the temple and the devotee. It has been the greatest blessing to teach Christians the importance of trusting Jesus over middlemen.

Denominational Barriers Removed

Without any instruction from any clergy, from any church, many Christians stood outside their homes, during this lock-down period (on Sundays), and worshipped God in Christian colonies. Irrespective of what denomination these Christians belonged, they all were joyfully worshipping almighty God.

Inter Denominational Worship at respective homes in Chattisgarh

This Corona wall between our clergy and ourselves has demolished the wall of denomination and joined Christians together. On one hand, it stood as a wall between the clergy who was trying to influence his own control over us, and on the other hand, it demolished walls of the divide between Christians attending different churches. I think this was the style of the early church of first-century where Christian neighbours living beside each other were not members of different denominations. Early Christian fellowships were separated by geography (Church of Smyrna, Church of Ephesus etc) and not by ideological (Church of Paul, Church of Peter, IPC, TPM, CSI etc).  So we can say that this Corona had brought us into first-century church experience by making us forget our ideological differences.  It has taught us that the most important thing is not ideology but coming together and worshipping God and doing Good works as a community of Christ-followers.

Church is not empty 1 The Great Wall of Corona in The Pentecostal Mission

Miscellaneous Benefits of Corona

We have a count few more blessings of corona lock-down on religious gatherings. These prohibitions will continue few more months (I suppose). Its time then to look positively towards God ordained blessing in disguise. Here are few other boons of this corona lock-down which I can enlist.

  • It had put a temporary stop to unnecessary wastage of people’s money donated to the church, in buying lands and property in name of churches and pastors.
  • It had put stop to gluttons inside TPM who ran for Mutton-Chicken Biriyani restaurants too often when lock-down was not in effect.
  • Noise pollution is reduced and neighbours around TPM are feeling a huge sigh of relief.
  • It has taught us that worship of God and fellowship of Christian brethren is possible without taking membership in any denomination(Religious Business Houses). 
  • People like Luca and others have understood how the Clergy is stiff-necked and arrogant at this time. Click here to know that.
  • It has taught selfish workers of TPM to donate food to the poor. Be it one per cent of 900 plus faith homes (not even 9), and be it for sake of sounding trumpet when donating, and be it only for few days out of 45+ days of lock-down (until now), at least we had seen TPM distributing little of its food to those in need. This was never seen from selfish workers of TPM before Corona. Chiefs previously probably punished local priests from donating to poor and needy. But this time their fear on local in-charges seemed to have vanished in few faith homes at least. Elders and few pastors have dared to donate food packets. This is a welcome change. Listen to this video where the Clergy donates money and takes credit for what is pickpocketed from the believers in the name of Tithe.
Kerala CM Blowing the Trumpet for P V Chacko, TPM Kottayam Centre Pastor for the One Lakh he donated.

I would like to end this article with scripture below

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

Rom 8:28

 May God teach us more, to glorify him in this perilous times…


  1. Good Morning all. I want remind everyone the money in CPM does not belong to any pastors and sisters. It is not the hard earned money. It is just a donation. Some Good Samaritan believing that CPM is a good church and donate money. What the CPM pastor do with that money. Buy clothes, eat food, store groceries, build church, drive in luxury car, eat mutton biriyani and chicken biriyani, buy medicines for their own health. Nowdays they all are looking fresh like egg. Some CPM pastors think that they are very lucky to be CPM church. Since they need not worry about their needs. Food comes in tray. Very delicious. Servants are available to clean and wash. CPM pastors life is the most luxurious life in this world. They preach as if they are dying and world comes to an end. Spread the sympathy waves. Earn money out of it. Live a stable life. Washing their dress more than white. CPM pastors and sisters dress is pure white . It is because of the pure boiling blood of so many innocent donations. Sacrifice of innocent poor people. Imagine how much water it will take to make white. Imagine how much electricity and soap to make it white. The pain is atlast the white dress is just a marketing dress. Common and innocent beliver doesnt have proper food, no money to pay electricity, no money to buy groceries, unable to meet childrens need. On fine sunday tithes were collected from the suffering belivers. Then Lead a enjoyable life. Belivers are still poor. They are becoming more poorer day by day. I have done a case study how a CPM pastor or sister should be? A CPM pastor or sister should not have anything for him. He or she should not save money, They should not keep bank balance. They should live a life of faith. They should not worry about food or clothes. They should always take care of the belivers in prayers. They should help others. They should not drive in luxury cars. They should not use perfumes. They should be humble. They should be tolerable They should be listening the belivers problems. They should be lead the belivers in good way. They should not provoke religious voilence. They should not have ego. They should not lie. They should not kill their own CPM brothers and sisters. They should not build buildings since jesus coming soon. They should save their savings in heaven. They should not take medicines. They shall not have secret wives. They should not spend church money to secret dealings. They should not be selfish. Since nothing is there own. They should be prepared to spend without expectations. Now giving to food to poor people during this time of crisis is nothing big. Even a small kid donate Rs.3000 to the chief ministers fund for corona virus. Wherein the kid saved for three years to buy a bycycle. See the difference. I request the CPM belivers to watch News channels and get educated by the way other human beings around you are living. How they donate. How they spend. How they suffer. How they feel in their faces. You will feel the difference. A good human being will not be CPM church. I think if you are still in CPM church then you are not human being or animal. You are something beyond callled DEVIL.

    • john ,first of all there is no need of a cpm pastor or sister,even if they are good according to your case study.Jesus is enough for us he meets all our needs. cpm pastors and sisters are human beings,they have forsaken their loving parents who had brought them up. Cpm pastors and sisters do not love their own parents,then how do you expect them to love others who are strangers. first of all tpm pastors and sisters are disobedient to parents,because no parents would like to want their child to live like a holy saint.whats the use of living a holy life without loving your parents.Holiness without love is not a is the most important thing in our lifes.If tpm pastors,workers and sisters do not know how to love their parents,then there is no way for them to love others.tpm pastors like joshua love women because of the lust.tpm pastors could have lusting loves on women and girls who knows.

  2. Please tell me how to stop my parents from giving tithe to tpm.My elder brother went to this tpm ministry since my brother was a mentally retarded person tpm sent him back.Earlier my father has given 50000 rs to tpm pastor to celebrate my brother joining tpm ministry.Now they have sacrificed my younger brother also in tpm ministry.My parents are not listening to me,i tell them to save the money for my mentally retarded elder brother but they are not listening they think that tithe is mandatory.I feel very sad about my parents.My life has been ruined because of tpm.My parents are wasting the hard earned money in the form of tithes.I dont know how to stop my parents from giving tithes,i would not have considered tithe a problem if i do not have a mentally retarded brother.I am very sad and depressed about the money they give to tpm.
    This tithe problem is making me angry,i think the new testament people should avoid going to churches,in that way tithe problem will be solved.IF my family would have saved all the tithe money,it would have given us profit.who asked tpm to start a ministry,tpm is a money collecting ministry.tpm is destroying families.please stop going to tpm people ,tpm is a business company.they want your money nothing else.
    let us join hand in hands against tpm and destroy it

    • Dear brother Robin. I have read your testimony in this forum it is a horrible experience you had. Since you are a doctor please ask your parents to visit the hospital nearby. Please don’t allow your parents to deviate from hospital for cure. Continously keep talking to them that only doctor and medicine can cure your brother. Tell your parents cpm pastors and sisters can’t cure. Cpm pastors and sisters will just take money. Try to complete your course. Keep your bank balance. Eat well. Sleep well. Take medicines for yourselves. Get married soon. Have kids. Altogether try to live life on your own. I will tell you something. Life is like a walking race. You have to keep walking. Until you reach your destination. Keep talking to your parents. Educate them about the medicine’s and it works. Try to occupy their brain. This is what cpm pastors and sisters were doing. They are hitting our brains and thoughts. We have failed in that. Now we are strong. Rise up. Try to speak. Only speaking. Again I remind you that cpm pastors and sisters use mic and speakers to raise their voices. Our human body have a tendency of getting affected by such sound effects. Our eyes looking into the white dress. Made us to believe them. We have to be very careful. Cpm pastors and sisters are the i deviation in our life. They deviated very cleverly from the direction we have to go and reach the destination. Use the same weapon deviate the activities of your parents towards the cpm church. You know that if a human being is attached to the cpm church is no more a normal person. One way they are physic. I have watched very clearly. The same situation I had in my family. Keep giving money to cpm church, but they think twice giving Rs. 100 to their old parents. If want to give for a Cpm pastors or sisters. With all smiles in their faces they will give. They do all the extra curricular activities told by the cpm pastors and sisters. It means the brains of our parents are eaten by the cpm pastors and sisters. I have an attitude that is keep looking at the cpm pastors and sisters and have a smile. The smile means “you can no more cheat me’ all is over. Say o cpm pastors and sisters “I dont like your acts’. Dont allow them to talk. Rule over if they try to speak.

    • @ROBIN
      Dear brother eventhough you try to tell them the truth and convince them they wont be able to come out of the spell cast by the whiteclads, so just stop worrying and try legally by filing a suit to handover that money back to you against these LOOTERS

  3. i think tpm should sell the church and their lands and give it equally to the believers,thats the only way they can do us good.will they do it…….

  4. tpm pastors should be arrested ,tpm young workers should be allowed to reunite with their parents.
    tpm churches and lands should be selled and the money should be equally shared between believers.
    This is my desire and what about you people…..tell me

  5. Thank you Robin for educating me. I accept my case study is wrong. When it comes to Cpm pastors and sisters punishment and the abducting of the property is tough. Government should use the cpm churches for schools, hospitals, and other government activities. This will happen only if we keep drumming together in this forum. Only after government authorities will seal the premises. Government officials should Say cpm doctrines, pastors and sisters are no more fit for human beings. All the evidences given in this forum and further evidences in our near future will surely seal the cpm.

  6. Brother Robin,
    I know this will be difficult. None of what you expected will happen. Remember the Tares. So the only way is forward to Change our self and lead by example.
    Nothing of what we do will ever change our parents and peers. I can tell you from my experience with my pensioned Mom who is very particular about tithe. Despite my continuous intervention, nothing has changed with her over the years.
    Unless they learn to listen to the Gentle voice and yield, nothing will ever change. This is the beautiful choice the Lord has given mankind.
    What we can do is intercede & pray for them and let them see the Christ in us. This might be the catalyst for change.
    Meanwhile, please dont leave any stone un-turned to ensure your brother with determination is given the best attention he deserves.

  7. @ Robin
    I too feel sorry for the state you are going through. This organisation will keep flourishing untill God appointed measure of her sin is reached. But you can do one thing. All who are suffering can do something at least for sake of future. File FIR. Keep copy with you. Someday all police complaints against these monstrous organization might make combined effect. Just take lesson from the victim of Joshua. She piled evidences for months..Now it’s difficult to challenge her. Even the hardcore shameless psychopaths are afraid to challenge her evidences. So file FIR exert some pressure, collect evidences and pray. God willing they will fear you at least. You might be help and lesson to many other victims. May God give you his peace.

  8. Dear Robin, my heart goes for your brother who was thus described by you in this forum. Please look after him as you are a doctor anyway. You are the best judge as to give him the best medical care needed to him. But remember, our Lord is the HEALER and we keep all our hopes on Him only.He would surely heal him as he was turned away from TPM CULT. Good thing happened. Do not lose hope on the Lord. He is our CREATOR so He only will undo the things that Satan brought in his mental health.
    Happy to read the beautiful interaction going on between you and brother John. God helps us anyway ,sometimes we do the prayer with fasting .No..that way of CPM/TPM ways of fasting. This is JESUS way of fasting. Jesus also observed the fasting you know. Yes that way. Remove all kind of bitterness,hatred,and animosity against our all our foes, hand them over into the hand of Jesus. He will see to them. More over all our forum member prayers are also there for you. I am sure many of our forum members too would empathise with your mentally challenged brother.
    God bless you brother and brother John too.

  9. Further more earlier in 20018-20019 i asked my parents asked tpm to search and choose a tpm bride for me but they failed.I myself with my father went to three tpm church to find a bride for me but all the girls were saying that they didnt want to marry they wanted to join the tpm ministry.So i choosed a bride from my relative side but the girl ran away with her lover and i divorced her.This is all because of tpm,had they choosen a bride for me properly my life would not have been a hell like now.My parents were very stubborn to choose a tpm bride for me,but since tpm failed,i had to choose a bride far away in kerala ,and due to my mentally retarded brother we built a separate house on top,terrace.So i was forced to marry a bride because of my family situation you know.what to do my elder brother is a mentally retarded person,and my younger brother also went to ministry,so considerin all these situation ,i choosed a bride from my relative side but the girl ran away with lover.
    Now i never rely on tpm to choose a bride,so i choosed a bride from another church.See this all due to tpm marriage rules.Had i choosen a bride from other local independent churches in chennai itself ,i would not have had this problem.I BLAME TPM FOR FAILING TO CHOOSE A BRIDE FOR ME.PEOPLE i tell you really i am totally destroyed by tpm rules.i suffer a huge loss of money because of tpm rules.

    • Yes Bro Robin,

      Please don’t worry. Submit your situation into God’s hands and you will realise that you are no longer subject to the Egyptian slave drivers.

      Whatever you lost in Egypt- the fish, cucumbers… is not as relevant as the liberty you have with Christ, while traversing the harsh deserts alone.

      I have no means to console you or other victims like John, but please know that God loves you. Your cry and testimony has touched thousands. I myself cry when I read these articles, because I had no one to open my eyes when I was in this cult.

      God will recompense everything you have lost with his promises and glory.

      There are many scams in this world.
      Nigerian scam- (promise of treasure)
      Russian scam ( promise of marriage)
      Lottery scams
      IRS scam

      and then the
      TPM Zion scam

      I leave to your edification the verses from isaiah 54

      11 O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.

      12 And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.

      13 And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

      14 In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.

  10. Hey guys i want one advice from you people.My mentally retarded elder brother is a big nuisance for our family.He makes all kind of trouble in our house.My parents are above 55 and aged,my brother is always bothering them for even small work like ,drinking water .My brother has good physique and body .But only that my brothers development of brain is not developed his brain is like a 8 year old complicated.My brother has lust of eyes and lust of flesh,he always looks our neighbour girls with lust.He also tries to touch my cousin sisters.Since i am also going to marry after some months,my brother will definitely bother my wife.So what advice you people would give me to deal with my mentally retarded brother.Shall i send him to mentally retarded HOMES where they take care of these type of people for money or should i keep him with me.People please help me i don’t know what to do with my mentally retarded brother.Money is the big problem for me.
    Problem after problem for me.I went through divorce problem and now i have to deal with my mentally retarded brother.I don’t know what to do with him.His problems with lust is a big problem for me.Normal people like us take time to get delivered from the sin of lust,but what about my mentally retarded brother,he can never control his sexual desires and lust.
    I am sad,depressed and unable to do anything.My mentally retarded brother is a big problem in my life.I would be happy if he vanishes.My MENTALLY RETARDED BROTHER is big problem for my parents.If tpm gives some money for my brother it will be of great help,because tpm has devoured lot of our money.Shall i ask tpm to give back the 50000rs money which my father gave when my mentally retarded brother joined the ministry.
    Actually one tpm worker brother has forced my mentally retarded brother to join in tpm ministry earlier,before that we didnt know that my brother was mentally retarded.after tpm found about the weakness in my brother they called us and said that your son is not fit for ministry ,come and take him home.when my parents went to tpm church to take him home,my brother was locked in a room guarded by tpm worker brothers.
    My big question is,How did they choose my mentally retarded brother for tpm ministry.what a big blunder.

    • The thief comes only to STEAL and KILL and DESTROY; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10).
      The Thief(TPM) has achieved what he normally does. We will Pray for your brother and his healing. You may demand any money from them but I have not known of a Thief who has given back the money he looted. Remember that Vengeance belongeth to the Lord. He will deal with them. Till then, hold fort.

    • @Robin
      There was similar case with one worker sister I knew. Sister was in ministry for few years. Something happened. No one knows what…but tpm has their own fanciful angle to it….about devil attacking her… Eventually she became mentally ill. TPM then locked her for few months and asked family to collect her back from ministry. She was deemed unfit for ministry. They could not drive the demon as they said she is possessed, they could not her , they could not care for her. Family took her back and she died in few months..

      @ present situation.
      Talk to psychologists. Meet some pastors. Hope they’ll sort some ways.

      @ ,before that we didnt know that my brother was mentally retarded.

      Are you sure your brother was not mentally unfit before joining ministry ? I mean he must have spend atleast 20 years with your family …right ? He must have been schooled for 10-15 years…right? Nobody from school, say teachers, principal, friends, ever noticed him as unfit? That’s strange! After entering tpm how come he suddenly become mental ?

      If it is post ministry then you have sufficient grounds to sue tpm to court. File FIR. Make news. Eventually they will pay to keep the news local. You must take the initiative if your parents wont. Take help of friends, local pastors, psychologists, lawyer. Drag the demons to court.

  11. Actually it just hit me, when we joined TPM several years ago, the first impression you get from the SOGs is purity and holiness. I think the white coloured dress code had a lot to do with it. The second was holiness as they tend to repeat about waking up at 4 am and praying for all of us. You realize when someone keeps repeating something, it tends to register in your subconscious mind and the next time someone else talks about 4 am, you immediately remember the TPM ministers. You see how powerful repetition is or in this case deadly.

    But somehow, after some time (for us was 4 years) you will start to see the paint peeling off and the ugly scars and cracks on the wall. This is when you start questioning and you find all you get is a response and not an answer. I must say, along the way, there were many incidents that threw mud onto the very foundation of the ministry but we just brushed it off as “Nobody Is Perfect”.

    This is a very dangerous organization designed to deceive and lead sincere souls to damnation. The wardrobes of the TPM Pastors are like an open sepulchre filled with filth and abominations. Bribery, Scandals, affairs, lucre, lies. The list goes on.

    The sincere souls may be blinded initially but I believe God will start showing the flip side of the TPM coin just like he did us. There are those that even after seeing the signs and hints just refuse to accept the painful truth because of pride, fear and maybe really nowhere else to go. How sad! All they have to do is run to the WORD for therein is life everlasting.

    The numerous time’s Pastor Joshua & Sister Sharon prayed over us including my late wife and accepted our gifts and tithes and yet behind them was darkness that could not be comprehended. I thank God we left. TPM is the Synagogue of Satan.

  12. Dear Robin. First make urself strong. Take medicines. Control your blood pressure. Once after you are strong and your blood streams are calm. You will be able to control the situation. I was also like you. My blood was boiling. I cant think apart from CPM attrocities. I will be keep sweating. I will be very tired. I will be drinking lot of water. Like diabetes patient. I immediately try to switch myself to ac restaurants. Try drink chill juices. Keep drinking chill water. Keep yourselves cool. Take as much of medications. I think you are burdened. Try to shorten your thoughts. We are going to fight a giant. CPM a big devil. We need lot of strength and clarity. You know robin I left to ooty and stayed in resort for 3 days to bring down the burning sensation in my mind. No sound only chillness will cure the brain. The above activities are making ourselves safe. If any ask you say you are preparing for examination. Money you can earn easily. Dont loose yourselves. You are in difficult times. I understand that. Be calm and quiet. Try to give medicines to your brother. Try to get the certificate and medical treatment for your brother. The certificate will be helpfull to sue CPM. Try to track gunaseelan. Post inforum where he is located. Try to spread awareness. You will gain strength. You have a war in your hands. Take your own time. I pray God that thru you CPM will fall down to ashes and dust. You are important. Admit your brother in hospital. Dont be panic. I am following you in this forum. Hereafter we have to take care that no one put to shame. Try to listen to music (radio). Your brain cells will relax. Watch cricket try to know how scoring is important. I did this on my own. I am happy now. Altogether try to smile and happy. listen to comic conversations. Try to eat soft and less masala foods.

    • Dear John
      You seem to be under some wrong understanding that the Robin who is commenting here is Teju Robin whose testimony is published. These are 2 different individuals. Please do not mix them up just on a name coincidence.

  13. @Robin

    Please take your bro. a good asylum. Have you finished your course..? I dnt knw hw old are u.

    You have to be patient for sometime.. it is not a right time to get married.

    Sort out your brother first. One task at a time.
    hws your financial status..? Middle class..? Upper / lower..? Rich.. all these factors plays in your case.

    Just erase tpm frm your mind for now its not gonna help anyway.

    Just look after your brother.
    Take a break (dont even read fromtpm) it brings back bad memories.

    If needed i ll reach out to you personally.

  14. I am sorry. I think the affected person name is Teju Robin. Teju Robin keep following I have to give instructions. This forum is your strength. Let me know where gunaseelan is…..

  15. I was thinking about the sexual harassment happened on Teju Robin. I want to say something out of my experience that……. asking a junior worker brother to massage the body of senior worker brother. Cpm have no rule book for this harrasments. If no evidence for the harrsement. Within minutes cpm pastors and sisters will fly to Zion. We can’t tap under the rules and regulations, law and order. So far in my days spent in cpm. I have seen cpm pastors and sisters are not good in mental health. They all have floating mindset around. Left alone in a room. Unmarried. Not interested in what they are. Start there own world of sex. When days go by. They come up with the strong idea to do perform their sexual activities. No one to question them. This type of sinners are double careful with the activities. I mean they are having the control of situations continously. This cpm devils completely taking the control of the person before performing their sexual activity. They are checking the strengths and weaknesses of the person whom they are going to destroy. It is a horrible situation for the poor soul. Nowadays very much afraid of sending children outside. It is the most common problems. Ignoring the sinful activities of the nearby cpm pastors and sisters is a very big sin. Even a person says there is no GOD will not forgive you. Only way to end this type of sexual harrassment is…..taking the law and order in our hands. No FIR, No Police. The person who got affected have to take the same revenge. We have to remember what happened to Nirbhaya. Even Nirbhaya accused is finding all the ways in law to escape the punishment. For cpm pastors and sisters this type of sins is like a cake walk.

  16. What is Tithes ?
    As per the google definition, -> one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.

    2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV) says, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Tithing means you’re being obedient to God, so you should give without expecting anything in return.

    So you don’t actually have to give money it can be what you produce, for example if you work in poultry you may give a chicken as tithe.

    The tithe you give to the church, should be ordained for god not for the pastor / sister.

    To all the TPM believers, try this the next month beginning instead of offering the money to a pastor try giving it to a charity place for example,
    1. Provide a proper meal for a beggar, see that look on his face the satisfaction is
    2. Buying new clothes for children in foster care.
    3. Donate for the education of poor children and support them with necessities like tuition
    fees, school supplies, footwear, transport, etc.

    But if you’re not interested in doing the above and decide to give the one tenth of your earnings to the TPM ( can be any church ) church. Try this instead of giving the tithe to the pastor directly try dropping the offering in one of the drop zones ( offering boxes ). If you’re dropping an envelope don’t put any name or anything on the envelope. If you do this i assure you the attention you got before from the pastor / sister will not be the same. ( PS : If you did this the you have done a selfless good deed).

    Thanks for reading, May god save us all.

  17. Good morning Joshua. I am agree with you article. It is good. Tithes is very important in cpm. When I was in cpm church attending the Sunday morning service. In the end of the Sunday morning service, after three halelluaah. Cpm begins to pray for the sick and needy ones. From then cpm pastors and sisters will be busy collecting the tithes. They notify who are new and start collecting the tithes. Here is the important information the cpm pastors and sisters have an eye on nearby ones that belivers if any collecting the money from new comers. So that there business is getting hurt. In common cpm pastors and sisters don’t want anyone to interfere in their business. They want to do themselves. They want to collect money from the innocent belivers. They don’t want to take the chances. Money is important for cpm pastors and sisters. Without which they can’t build halls. For one day in a week four days in a month cpm pastors and sisters are planning for big concrete projects. Cpm pastors and sisters fail to think that belivers are poor and needy ones. Keep pressurising the belivers with biblical references in Sunday morning services and do collections. It is very pathetic to see cpm is asking money to construct buildings. The poor beliver doesn’t know what will the cpm building do for him. Nothing. At last cpm property gets a mid touch. Poor beliver will be poor. I like to share in this forum an important information is the pastor in the building site will be a good actor. Any moment rapture of christ is going to happen. Every sermon in cpm church ends saying Jesus Is Coming Soon. Needs a super building structure. With a balcony. When we compare the other denomination churches CPM church is the luxurious one. Imagine the money flow into cpm church. Nowdays Teju Kurien is singing songs like berchmans. What he will do. Is he a AR Rahman or Anirudh to give blockbuster hit songs. The songs I was listening in YouTube is very less in worshipping mode. A simple roadside bandmaster will sing like this. The mode of christianity is not in the songs. Cpm should leave the idea of controlling the believers saying don’t visit websites and Facebook. I think cpm pastors and sisters are afraid that your true color and shape will get displayed clearly. Cpm church don’t play with innocent lives. Try to play with equal criminals.

  18. Notice how TPM Flouts Indian Government rules when religious places were opened post lockdown.
    See how the believers are sitting..Hardly 3 ft distance separating them and also no separate mats for individuals.
    The Government directive states very clearly that at least 6 ft distance separating between people and individual mats are expected to be brought in by the devotees and taken back after they sit on it.


    • Interesting picture! Even if they all bring their own mats to maintain social distancing, I wonder how long they can continue to keep the separation from their buddies. At the sound of a drumbeat, they will all leapfrog screaming in unknown tongues and will end up on each other in one mat.

      How can any Government directive be effective in maintaining social distancing in TPM services, when they can’t obey God’s directive (Bible) and refrain from their unorderly and emotionally driven gibberish of unknown tongues in their meetings?

      By the way, where is Elina in this picture? (pun intended)

    • Dear TPM belivers
      Admin has Redmi Note 8 pro mobile
      He standing while taking above picture.
      Believer sisters who praying in corona Sunday service knows who took picture. So identify these believers and we can identify Admin.

      Let us invest our mind is finding who Admin is, where faithhome he belong, rather than reading website articles. That our saints do… that we do!

  19. Elina, do not try to fool the people.This is the F.H picture taken in one of the Telugu states,and then how do you surmise that we can cherry pick that particular person you are mentioning?Impossible.By the by, are you spying there in this picture ? But be careful someone would definitely fall near your surroundings and the holiness will be defiled,especially when the drum beat reaches its crescendo,(the loudest point reached in a gradually increasing sound,) a well laid out tactic employed by the luciferian CULT in these modern times.Mind you if they mock that way ,I tell you,they will have to give an account on the J-Day.

  20. Those Christians singing outside their homes is a beautiful sight to behold. Someone should upload this to YouTube so that all can see. Does anyone here know what song they are singing?

  21. @ADMN….//We should not look to white-clad saints to make our prayers to be accepted by God but towards Jesus Christ should we look who is a better option to make our prayers reach unto God. God directly speaking to us is better than we getting his words mixed with imaginations of the human mind when it comes via saints. Thus we can say that corona as a great wall between the clergy and the laity and between the temple and the devotee. It has been the greatest blessing to teach Christians the importance of trusting Jesus over middlemen.//

    //So we can say that this Corona had brought us into first-century church experience by making us forget our ideological differences. It has taught us that the most important thing is not ideology but coming together and worshipping God and doing Good works as a community of Christ-followers.//

    Quite effectively stated .
    This is a great lesson to the EMPTY,who still eulogizes his IDOL by keeping him as his mediator.But strange enough the wall of Corona silenced him not to utter his IDOL’s anymore.



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