It started off with accusing us of manufacturing fake news. The blindness of TPM Fanatics was so deep that they even went to think that the Whatsapp clips were morphed pictures. They could not bear to see their Idols being smashed by a website. Obviously, we were hitting at the foundation of their organizational setup. We still challenge to prove even one of our articles fake. 90% of our articles are hitting at the false doctrines on which the organization is established. The rest of the 10% of articles are based on exposing the stinking fruits produced by the organization. We believe that ALL OF THE FRUITS IN TPM are at different stages of corruption. White dress concealment and honey-dripped words will no more be your defence

After reading yesterday’s testimony about Kumari, you would have realized how quickly they can switch modes. On one occasion, they are at their carnal best. Suddenly, when the occasion demands, they become super-spiritual. The more you are a hypocrite, the seamless the switch between modes. If you are dealing with such people, you are either an ENABLER or a VICTIM. These Clergies are basically PREDATORS by Nature. Every believer of TPM is an ENABLER. Some are Victims. Many of the Junior clergies are Victims and progressively, they too learn to adapt to the situation and become PREDATORS themselves.

Some of the Tools used by these white-clads are as follows.

  • Outright Lies will be told by the clergy in such a way that you will be thinking that the contrary information that you have is a lie and the clergy is right/truthful.
  • Deception is employed to a great extent where they strategise and implement plans on how to keep you in their grip.
  • Cruelty especially to juniors. You need to get into their inside chambers to know the abuse that is happening within.
  • Lasciviousness and immoral life is something that you will not miss if you get closer to them. Their Fake home life is just a breeding ground for that.
  • False Promises to people and authorities to get their things moving with no intention of fulfilling those promises.
  • Holy Acting as if they are some angel who came from heaven and is not worried about the stink around them.
  • Concealment of relevant information and misguiding with wrong information
  • Acting as Victims when they are themselves the perpetrators.

Their tongue is a deadly arrow;
    it speaks deceitfully.
With their mouths they all speak cordially to their neighbours,
    but in their hearts they set traps for them

Jer 9:8
venom inside Clergy System of Finest Hypocrites

Notice the image where venom is spoken as words of peace. You are least aware that you are the victim of this system.

The Mode Switching Evidence

Now consider this sermon by our Holy Man Joshua. I wish he listened to it himself. This was recorded 6 months back in which he is preaching at a funeral. Of course, he was even then sexually exploiting the victim. Can you even in your imagination get the thought of the Carnal Man he is? But he is not an exception. The rest is the same. Their white dress and the organizational setup will delude you to an extent that you will feel is your own mortal enemy. We are here to tell you the truth as we know it.

Now, this is the same man who is enjoying a nice hotel stay with his hidden wife at your expense, which you offered up to appease a god who threatens to harm you for not paying the tithe. Remember the God of The Pentecostal Mission article?

Clergy System of Finest Hypocrites
Sayaang confessions of TPM Clergy

The Hypocrisy of the Chief

Look at this text message. We had shown it earlier too. It clearly says that Abraham is informed of this Indonesian adventure by Joshua.

Clergy System of Finest Hypocrites

Now let us see how the Chief Pastor (Abraham Mathew) corrected the situation. He secured the life of his own clergy at the expense of the victim. We also have reasonable ground to believe that Sister Kumari had explained to him about the complaint. He safely ignored the plea of the victim thinking time will cover it up. Look at this text message from Joshua to the victim. Is this the religious leader you are following? When it comes to a critical matter, he will ensure that his clergy is safe. He will not bother about anybody who is sacrificed for his organization’s reputation. HE IS WICKED TO THE CORE.

Clergy System of Finest Hypocrites

So now you know why the Chief Pastor has been in a tight situation after the expose of his right-hand man in Singapore? Even if Joshua is made to exit, he will be given a golden handshake. And you believers of Singapore can keep crying as it was never your money.


In an organization where the top clergy are involved in the cover-up, you have nothing to gain by being part of it. You are either an Enabler or a Victim.

Woe to those who enact evil statutes
And to those who constantly record unjust decisions,
So as to deprive the needy of justice
And rob the poor of My people of their rights,
So that widows may be their spoil
And that they may plunder the orphans.

Isa 10:1-2


  1. This double- headed snake is nothing more than an idol in one of Vatican’s hall which has an image of the crucifix but if you look closely, there appears a devilish face which was a deliberate attempt to blaspheme the Name of Our Lord Jesus, which these false clergies from tpm refuses to mention or confess His Name in their sermons. This won’t be for long before Jesus Himself is coming to remove their lampstands unless they repent & make war with these false prophets & their false doctrines with the sword, the true Word of God which proceeded from His mouth! ..Rev 19: 20-21

    Rev 2:5
    Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent

  2. From top to bottom, entire TPM system is corrupt. Leaders try to cover up. Local believers are spineless. They fear to speak. Nobody is ready to stand for truth. Everyone knew al these things but they shrugged it off. Now when fromtpm has drilled hole in their walls and shown their dirty deeds, they are going to implement plan B. Plan B is to remove the blot of Joshua. Singapore workers want to get rid of Joshua as soon as possible so that there should be no damage to tithes and donation. Their strategy is simple. First step is to try to cover up. Step no.2 is to remove the blot , tread over them, and make efforts that donations doesn’t stop unless fromtpm exposes another minister of tpm , blind sheep will continue following old system.

    There is no wise men among Singaporean folks to sit down and ponder on what was the real issue. The video shows clearly that it is easy to get deceived assuming he did sin, but we wil not.

    Matthew 23:30
    ‘If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’

    This is how tpm Singapore workers and believers are thinking. They are thinking that problem is with Joshua alone. They are like Pharisees thinking the problem was with the one who is caught.

    It’s time for all of us to look into mirrors and retrospect our beliefs. Had I you or anyone of us in place of Joshua, under same circumstances, we all would have done same mistake. The problem therefore is inside us. The belief system of tpm of life without marriage, and belief is ability to not to sin on our determination is flawed. We need to stop trusting in our righteousness and completely surrender to imputed righteousness of Jesus.

  3. Quite strange he was giving a sermon on the mount like message on his former colleague who was no more in the good looks of the TOP brass.
    “He looks like a very hard man” was his very rude comment made on late pas.Andrew.
    Why was it so ?
    Could it be at the funeral service at Dubai convention?,since Andrew passed away at the Dubai CON.?
    Looks like I think Abraham Matthew asked this man to go and conduct the funeral service.
    The tone and tenor of his speech indicates that he was giving his sermon on his former Malaysia ministry centre incharge.who was a demoted man from Malaysia and was sent to CPM Mattakkulia centre as a punishment for all the activities he did in MALAYSIA. At that time CP Stephen was there.For Dubai CON 2018,I think he was sent from Mattkkulia and there that end came to him. So in this clipping, Joshua was seen giving a message on death,
    Since the clipping was ended half way,my presumption was this.
    Dear ADMN brother, could you please clarify. I can connect the threads later.

  4. Nath brother, looks like “I am holier than thou” approach was being followed by this man while speaking on the funeral service of his former colleague Andrew who was drafted to attend Dubai Con where the end came to him.

    • Dear brother EE
      @ Malaysian Scandal.
      Can you kindly shed more light on who was demoted in Malaysia? What were the charges? Please elaborate the whole story for readers who are outside Malaysia & Singapore.

  5. Hi, we comes to know who use this number to send messages to victim(90796738).
    One of the believers Daughter send this message to victim. Joshua took help of this believers Daughter to send to victim, other way he show to victim I am willing to come to Medan but chief didn’t agree for it.
    Hope Joshua listen his own message preched in Pastor Andrew funeral in Malaysia 2019.
    Through this message Joshua go to God with repentance heart for his hypocrite life he lived.
    Joshua might think to countinue hiddenly but his own sin find him out….! This is time to ponder and turn back to God for his salvation.

    • If what you are saying is true, then that believer’s Daughter is also guilty of being part of the scam/scheme. No wonder The Joshua blessings will seep into the laity and they will behave just as their spiritual leader.

  6. The simple reason why the leaders and the followers of TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC/TPS continue in this CPM delusion is because none of them are truly born again. If a person is truly regenerated and has The Holy Spirit indwelling him, will not accept or teach the false doctrines of CPM. A truly born again christian will never live or encourage the abominable lifestyle of CPM.

    From the chief pastors to the lowliest believer of TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC/TPS, all are deceived and the only thing a true Christian(freed from CPM) can do is show them where they are wrong and how they are being deceived. Thank God for and its contributors who have been diligent in this ministry of removing the mask off CPM. has give every sincere true Christian who has been liberated from this CPM cult all the information and tools required to educate their friends and families about the deception they are in. It will make us enemies and in some case we will lose our friendship and family in this mission but we are obligated to God to do this no matter what the cost. In the end, it is all worth it because you will see them on the right side of eternity.

    And to any current TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC/TPS believers who have been convicted by these articles on, please trust God and walk out without any fear, for God will ensure your safety and welfare not only on this earth but also in eternity.

    You might regret the amount of money you have paid for your non existent membership in TPM/NCPC/NTC/UPC/TPS, and you will fear losing your relations, and you will fear how your children are going to get married or you will be worried about who will conduct your funeral. These are valid fears but The God who is going to liberate you from this deception has promised that He will never leave nor forsake you, so step out without fear.

    Why do you want to continue to be a slave to fear, when you can be a true child of God?

  7. WOW….Joshua said in his text to the victim:
    He felt devastated even after explaining to Chief Pastor.
    Sooooo much love..he had for the victim. 😍😍

  8. Nath brother,yeah you got me right.
    There are two scenarios to retrospect.
    In the year 2016….Malaysia Con preceded S’pore CON,till that year S’pore CON. preceded Malaysia CON,Pas Andrew Packianathan was the CP for Malaysia.He conducted that year CON in a newly constructed 3 storied huge building. What was the grouse against him?1.He acquired this new property at a huge cost.
    2.In side the meeting hall, he brought a typical Anglican type architectural look.The shape of glass window panels,podium look etc.
    3.Then he frequently visits his own Sister who was doing ministry in another denomination in Malaysia leaving the clergy and laity of Malay ministry in the lurch.
    So against the backdrop of those allegations, 2016 CON was held, TPM TOP BRASS 1,2.3 attended. Stephen was the CP, & AM,JAYAM were there in the CON.
    S’pore centre pas Joshua also was there in the CON.
    What happened after the CON -2016?
    Pas Andrew was transferred to CTP/ Mattakkulia as an ordinary worker pastor and was asked work under another centre pastor, a typical demotion was effected for him.
    Pas Luke from India was posted there as Malaysia ministry incharge.
    In the year 2018:
    Pastor Matthew from U.S,Pas. Joshua from S’pore were present.
    Pas. Andrew was not invited,and was confined to SriLanka only.
    Pas.Luke held the annual CON as usual with a new face lift of the meeting hall.
    All the previous Anglican look was removed Inside ventilation window glass panels were closed and adorned with BIBLE VERSES.
    Pas. Andrew was sent to Dubai where he breathed his last
    Here in the YOU TUBE clipping, we hear the sermon on the mount like at the end of which those words were uttered and abruptly ended against the departed soul that prompted to say “I AM HOLIER THAN THOU”

  9. Sayaaaaaaang…. I LOVE YOU. MY LOVE WILL TAKE AWAY THE PAIN…. Joshua the pervert was feeling ” love in the air” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……
    But where is the pervert Eros emotional feeling Joshua now…. His not even helping the victim to take away the pain ???? Making her life more miserable.

    The real pervert Joshua & chameleon Sharon ammachi. Please refer to 2 Corinthians 11:13

    @ JS or Esther
    /Hi, we comes to know who use this number to send messages to victim(90796738).One of the believers Daughter send this message to victim. Joshua took help of this believers Daughter to send to victim, other way he show to victim I am willing to come to Medan but chief didn’t agree for it./

    Are you very certain with your words ????? Believers daughter. ?? Joshua is such a cunning man. He will not making himself fool to allow any believers daughter to know his dirty secret. Since you has informed us believers daughters texted to the victim and now whole Singapore believers come to know about pervert Joshua and chameleon Sharon amachi dirty secret and covering ups. You may also relieved the believers daughter name here. There are nothing to hide now !!!
    Admin is right. The believers daughter also is guilt and taking part of his sin.
    Or are you too covering up for pervert Joshua and chamelon Sharon amachi ??? by using believers daughter in your sentences……. ??? if you are , please refer to the word of GOD.

    Numbers 23;19 God is not a man, that he should lie;
    Gal 6:7-9
    7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
    9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

    // Hope Joshua listen his own message preched in Pastor Andrew funeral in Malaysia 2019.
    Through this message Joshua go to God with repentance heart for his hypocrite life he lived.//
    Your words are daunting. Did Joshua personally told you he went to do his repentance heart for his hypocrite life he lived ? Were you there to witnessed ?

  10. Good morning all. I like to share my views about joshua. First don’t respect the sinner like Joshua. Don’t quote biblical references for the sins made by Joshua. Joshua is a sinner. Mention him a third degree name. Have you noticed in the watsup messages that he is mentioning chief pastor like cp. Praise the lord like ptl. Joshua is not showing respect to anybody. Only law and order in india or Singapore should take this third degree guy joshua. Evidence were strong. Only hudle is chief pastor cp, deputy chief pastor DP are protecting this third degree acting guy for money. In early days of ministries in cpm year 1985. So many brothers, sisters, elder brothers were chased out of ministry for no reason and no proper evidence for their punishment. Very pathetic they will be left on the roads without money to have a cup of tea. So many were mentally ill. This cp, dp of olden days never give a chance to the person who were with them for so many to explain their situation or their regrets. Just chuked out. So many were mentally disabled by the way cp, dp treated them. First and prime problems with this cp, dp, is they will not respect their own brothers and sisters around them in ministry. Cp and dp will always listen to spies words around them. Spies who certify the brothers and sisters , elder brothers were most considered. I am personally angry on the white dress cpm criminals. During this lockdown periods or normal days . I used to search for any movements. No one is in the common places. Then how do the money comes to their places. Then how do they meet all the expenses. Here is the answer cp and dp were indirectly depending on the money sent from Overseas. That’s the reason cp and dp don’t take any criminal actions on Joshua. Now cp and dp are like pimps in the night just looking for money from the sinners. However or wherever or whatever the person may be who give money, only need of cp and dp is money. I don’t mind about the language the vocabulary, words that I use. Since I am ripping the siners. No need formal ways. This people are cheating and living on the money they earn illegally sinfully. I wonder how joshua able to preach and have an illegal affair. This is called trained fishes. No longer the time is left.

  11. Not only in this clipping what we see, he made a total mockery of the Bible and the precious word of God.

    Just look at the sheep how they are intently hearing him!

    All the Bible studies what all he undertook so far in these conventions of Malaysia,S’pore,since this affair started in 2016 till date what he was teaching will pounce on him.
    All the believer group is changed to a spectator group now to see and watch what would be the LORD’s judgement. A great judgement that is presently pervading the world.
    But that is for the world ….we may put the question that way. We do not know for sure WHY exactly God has been sending the pestilences and earth quakes. That is His way. That is the Bibical TRUTH.
    Now who are the other joint heirs to take the blame for allowing him to take the podium?
    1. AM,MT,JAYAM, All the like minded Clergy,
    2.IBR walls,
    3.And all the supporting walls
    4.And the staunch believer group of these S’PORE and MALAY congregations,
    Now when the people at the helm are refusing to take action against him,God’s justice will automatically plunge into action mode.
    But please DO NOT TEMPT GOD that will become terrible and horrible.
    A very interesting story we will hear shortly as MALAY CON was scheduled in MAY-JUNE,
    and then S’PORE CON follows suit as per original plans.

  12. You know what, when these people wear this white dress, and talk so holy…people can’t believe. And in that way, surely victim has trusted this guy blindly believing God is blessing her thru this guy. I cant understand victims part so we can not blame her .

    But this guy needs to be punished. And this videos why not public in youtube channel? So that many tamil tpm and all tpm believers watch and raise their hands and question them ?
    Just an suggestion

  13. The best thing that happened with Corona lock down is not attending this cult mission. But, I had a chance to have some hot conversation re: the hero Joshua with one of the faithful enabler of NCPC Australia. As usual the response was “no one is perfect, in every church it happens”. I said it’s not so in other churches but even if it’s so they would take swift action but here why the fraud chief Abraham is keeping quiet. The response from that person was mind boggling “Judas also was an apostle (clearly he didn’t know the meaning of apostle) , even after Jesus knowing that he would be an enabler to kill Jesus, he didn’t chase him off but kept with him till the end. So the same example Abraham also is following so he is actually following Jesus by not taking action against Joshua. Wow!
    What a pathetic bunch of brain washed idiots!!

    • Yes but Judas was contrite when he realised that he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

      He went out and killed himself as he couldnt live with what he had done.

      Would the “Judas” in this particular context, Thiaaga, do the same?

      He has not even publicly acknowledged any wrong-doing.

  14. Few typo errors :
    * people can’t believe : correction ” people can believe.
    * I can’t understand victims: correction ” I can understand victims “

  15. @Hi …..Is mattakulia is in hyderabad?
    Good to hear from you dear. Greetings in Jesus name.
    Mattakkuiia is ihe CPM head quarters located in Colombo,Sri Lanka.
    All those International Conventions were held there before a new 25 ACRE , a hotel resort property was acquired by CPM at KOKKAWILA, a typical rural area near CHILAW town .80 kms away from Mattakkulia centre.In the year 2008/2009 late pas.Joy Fitch of CPM acquired the property at a whopping 8 CRs (SriLankan rupees).Since then onwards,the international CONVENTION venue was shifted from Mattakklia to this Kokkawila.

  16. In continuation with the above conversation. Admin please publish in YouTube. Admin remember , when you save innocent people from this white dress criminals. You will be rewarded in heaven for sure. Because this website is not reachable by many. So many people will get saved from cpm white dress acting criminals. Once the videos are published in YouTube. Then all the cpm criminals will run away. Credit goes to you admin.

    • Dear John
      As of now, our purpose is being achieved by the website. If it does not achieve its objectives, we can go to other media platforms as suggested by you.

  17. You know people, if you analyze the picture of Joshua sitting in that hotel room, if that was taken in a Singapore hotel, he is wearing a lungi & a home attire. He must have taken these clothing with him to stay with the lady & family while the hotel is being short proximity away from the main church in Singapore. Taking all these into perspective, if he had to stay with his “family”in IBIS hotel in Singapore, its conclusive that the other church workers such as Charles, Wee Wong & of course our dear Sharon Ammachi, would surely had known prior knowledge about him missing a few nights in the church isn’t it? so what does that show? They had been covering for him all this time till this scandal came out through fromtpm. Who else within the church compound is involved in this cover up job besides these 3? Doesn’t it show that they are all liars & thieves (John 10:10) out to deceive the Singapore believers?

    • Brother,
      I am not really sure of that. As far as my records, it shows that he used to double up. The Hypocrite these Servants of Devil are, they can seamlessly shift modes between carnality and show-spirituality.
      Look at this conversation and you will realise that he used to shuttle between both the locations(Hotel & Fake Home) in a meticulous secretive way.

      BTW, this particular picture is taken from his stay in a Medan Hotel


  18. Brother, that online receipt from the watsapp conversion from “Christ’s Poverty vs TPM’s Luxury” article is a Singapore hotel receipt.

  19. Good morning all. Now days my blood pressure goes down, blood sugar levels are normal. It is because of this website fromtpm. com I used to think that why I was cornered in church. Why the worker brother is finding faults with me. Eventhough my parents are in cpm. My parents used to pay tithes. Is this not enough for the worker brother. One family only one person can pay the tithes. I used to wonder if my father is paying the tithes why I was not respected. Here comes the game. The game starts like this…bottomline is worker brother and elder sister in a church will aim only the payers. If the believer is government employee then he will given a position in church. Like sunday school teacher, sunday school headmaster, sunday school secretary. Special coffee, variety rice and dishes. If the believer is poor he has to sit down on the floor and eat common food served in Sunday afternoon. There will sermons in cpm church regarding building funds. In one word nowadays cpm church is having rowdys inside. Now it is uncontrollable. Collection of money is important. If the cpm believer who pays tithes every month, falls sick. One visit or two visit that all. No cure or enquiry whether he is good or died. I am unable to conclude my message. Because my hard earned money that I gave to cpm is waste. It went only to goons and frauds like Joshua, gunaseelan….and many more. I have hardly spent to my children and for my health. Took money from me like a sharks in the sea. No response of whether the believer is good or bad. Cpm frauds destroyed so many families. The result will be like this cpm will be rich eating biriyani and other delicious foods from hotel. Belivers will die pathetically. Belivers children’s have no guarantee of good life. Through this forum I ask the chief fraud if cpm to shutdown your job of preaching wherein it is of no use since 40 years. Don’t cheat anymore innocent people. Enough is enough.

  20. Dear all,

    The cpm believers are deserve to be decieved.

    They knw all very well, and submission to the tyrants is a mental illness.

    Most believers are adults, how cunning and shrewd theyre outside the church.. then why they act as innocent lambs inside the church.

    Not to worry, believers also culprits and they also
    Judged as per thr involvement..

    [Just want to knw how or when the victim realised
    She was fooled n used bigtime..? ]

  21. Hi..I am curious as to how TPM goons will keep control over the laity over the coming months…Looks like religious institutions will not be able to open for the foreseeable future. Since I left them some years back, I do not have any contact with them at any level and also wondering what is happening now. What is the take of the clergy on this situation?

    I would be thankful if anyone who knows the general inside situation can just post a brief.

  22. Just an addendum to the above post…As you know, other pentecostal churches and even traditional churches have some hold over the laity through Internet, but since Internet is devil’s device as per TPM I wanted to know how they are going about it…

    Admin , pls add this post to my earlier one

    • Sister, when kingdoms change, rules change. Now Teju and his cronies are busy posting his and some other sermons on YouTube.
      Some branches are streaming it on zoom.

  23. Thanks brother, but what is their take on this situation?…Don’t they feel that their SECRET COMING theory is busted. I believe there will be great persecution by the current rulers on these false building churches, which have so far successfully separated the believers from hearing the voice of Jesus. Now their control over laity for great extent is gone, next will be confiscation of their property, then arrests and God knows what next.

    Arogya setu or something similar will be a large part of our lives with regards to mobility, economic activity (buying & selling) though not right away, medical care, education, and what not. With Facebook and Jio joining hands, there will be a wide surveillance regime using blockchain technology.

    When all these happen, the god of TPM would not come to rescue them SECRETLY as they have all believed all these years. All these is not far away and this virus is not going anywhere for at least 12-18 months minimum. Like it or not, when TPM people contract this virus, they will be forced to take medicine, both clergy and laity, and they will be forced to do many more things which were unimaginable so far as per their theology or imaginations.

    I think Jesus started the first line of obituary of TPM in October 2016 when fromtpm was started and it is now in the subsequent lines, final word of which is not far away, and I thank Jesus profusely for this.

    Same goes to other Building Churches who deceived the laity through their false priesthood, false teachings like tithing, claiming buildings to be temples and so on. All have come to a grinding halt.

    I stopped going to any building claiming to be church for more than a year now and was waiting in anguish to see when all this deception, falsehood and abominations will end, and I am relieved now.

    Thank you Jesus.

    • Brother,
      Do you know why TPM is against TV? One primary reason which they said those days (privately) is as follows.
      According to Rev 11:9, it seems that all people in the world will see the bodies of the two witnesses lying in the streets of Jerusalem. This will happen through TV only. During those days when TPM formulated the twist, the internet was not able to do live telecast and it was not as prevalent as it is now.
      As they believed that the church will be raptured before the tribulation, it is understood that the people who will be watching on TV are the ones who are “LEFT BEHIND” as per their doctrine. So now If you happen to purchase a TV during those days, it was understood by them that this family will NOT BE RAPTURED. God is allowing them to purchase the TV as they are going to be LEFT BEHIND.
      These are the kind of thinking behind the TPM Clergy’s brain

      • Yes brother, I have heard about this and even during some sanctification meetings I have seen people who have TV asked to stand up and repent for having it. Of course, any cult would not want their subjects to be aware of any meaningful thing outside of their teachings.

        I have even heard that people were discouraged from pursuing computer education, branding it to be from satan (though as usual rich/elite believers would just ignore that and go about their business), and later many regretted that they did not pursue it when they came to know the truth that it was something God sent to liberate them from the cult.

        I am interested to know how they will carry forward their mafia business in these testing times when most of their EXCLUSIVE DEEPER TRUTHS are getting busted one by one, like secret coming, they being the bride and saved from tribulation of any sort, will not or should not take medicine, etc., since now they cannot even conduct their basic business of non-stop nonsense brainwashing meetings.

        4-year-old FROMTPM stood the test of time but alas 97-year-old business house is staring at imminent closure!!!!

  24. Please admin do publish on you tube and other media’s as well because there are lots of believers don’t follow from tpm, every one need to know what’s really happening inside. So many off them needs to come out from this cult system.

  25. //Do you know why TPM is against TV? One primary reason which they said those days (privately) is as follows.
    According to Rev 11:9, it seems that all people in the world will see the bodies of the two witnesses lying in the streets of Jerusalem. This will happen through TV only.//

    Not only privately, some of them used to preach this in bible studies as well. I remember one such message from late pastor Bobby in the early 1980’s.

  26. This is a letter that is being circulated in whatsapp.

    To The Respected Chief Pastor Abraham Mathew, ” A bishop then must be blameless…..The Husband of one wife……” (1 Timothy 3:2;) with great anguish and concern, I came to know about the developments in Singapore via different media channels. I am disgusted by the unscriptural, immoral and unscrupulous acts of JOSHUA – The Pentecostal Church of Singapore (CPM/ TPM) Center Pastor. TPM church speaks about celibacy as the fundamental criteria of the ministry. Here in Singapore, this TPM Minister is having an illegitimate relationship with a lady from Indonesia with a false promise to marry her. I understand that it is going on for three years. Even though his promiscuous activities are well known inside and outside TPM for quite some time, so far nobody has bothered to correct him. All his endeavours are available in and other social media. (Our Late Chief Pastor N.STEPHEN once prohibited the use of the internet and social media for all the workers of TPM. But now many of them are using it either overtly or covertly, which shows the pathetic condition of the organisation.) If it is required the whole details which have received through social media can be submitted to your good office for verification and confirmation. The morality and responsibility of Rebuking and Correcting this person entirely lie with Chief Pastors of TPM, having its Head-Quarters at Irimbuliyur, Chennai. I understand that The Pentecostal Church of Singapore belongs to the TPM Family, supervised and controlled by you. I would like to inform you that this type of Deafening Silence by you shows your compromised conscience towards such puerile acts of Adultery and fornication committed by a Center Pastor. In fact, you are shielding these outrageous men having already known it well before I came to know. It will definitely damage the trust and sincerity of the Church members towards God and fellow members, including workers which in turn will cause irreparable damage in the later stage. So I humbly request your good office to make a thorough and unbiased investigation among the Singapore believers and do a cross-checking of evidence for the veracity. (Please don’t blame and make the social media the culprit for highlighting and disclosing such perverted acts of a Center Pastor.)Once again, I request you to be serious in this matter regarding the investigation so that it can be concluded whether Joshua is a “CULPRIT or a SAINT” by removing the veil around it. The Silence of Chief Pastor even after submitting all the credential is definitely raising doubts about his integrity in this matter. However, A Bishop must be Blameless….. (Also I would like to inform you that copy of this letter will be sent to all other responsible Pastors and Pentecost Press Trust for your information). Hope you will take serious notes about such abominations among TPM workers.
    (A TPM believer,
    Name of the Author of this letter removed for privacy. A hard copy of this letter has been posted to TPM Head Quarters, Irimbuliyur, Chennai).

  27. New words coined by ADMN brother seem to be really vindicative in the sense they prove their worth.
    PREDATORS,ENABLERS,VICTIMS………Oh…these words could now easily replace tradutional
    Then talking about originnal theories about TV,one more theory professed by them in the early 90’s also comes into fore. I remember the present Shyam Sundar’s old doctrinal teachings about the ENABLER plus BLINND SHEEP’s dress code to be observed.He used to exhort in his convention messages that the typical ethnic dress of ladies wear of PUNJAB & HARYANA,DELHI (and other NORTH INDIA PLACES) is not good. That was the PREDATOR’S own theory. He says that its is highly revealing for that particular gender community. Hence he used to spend considerable amount of his message time to only comment about this ethnic dress wearing. Later this PREDATOR had to eat his own words that much his service has been spent in DHARIWAL,JAMMU& KASHMIR & LADAKH,NAGPUR(where he had some special encounters revealed through this site were really bizarre & shameful) where the same ethnicity continued .This PREDATOR thought finally he could not swim/tide over the sea waves(traditions dress is a law of the land) finally relented about that ethnic wear of my beloved mothers & sisters and daughters of our great country INDIA.May be his senior PREDATORS might have warned him sternly,then onwards we stopped such utterances in the conventions that whenever he went and preached in South Indian Areas.Shame on such PREDATORS.
    These PREDATORS have got only one lense –the lense of LUSTFUL eye whenever they look at others. That was the reason why this rampant unholy atmoshere prevailed over the years,and it may continue. God has chosen this blessed site to repeal and reveal the unethical aspects of these PREDATORS.God in His own right time brought this pandemic virus only to teach better lessons to these …..I do not wish to write and address these names again and again.
    I only wish to bring my fervent appeal to my BLIND SHEEP,to see
    So Lord Jesus was already mindful these characters of these PREDATORS and exhorted in the most famous sermon. The sermon on the mount.
    Particularly MATTHEW 5:28,29&30 are really handy to these PREDATORS.

  28. Dear Johnson
    It’s shame that Chief Pastors are trying to hide Joshua under their wings. They are not responding to believers. It seems they have no time to reply to believers of the church of God. They seem to be very busybodies in these times of corona pandemic, busier than doctors, nurses, policemen, and civil administrative officers.

    Here is the mail I wrote to Chief pastors.

    Dear Chief Pastor,

    Glory to God’s name. We have been hearing a lot about Singapore Centre Pastor Joshua. He has brought a shame to God’s church, saints and believers all over the world. TPMs name is maligned in front of all Christians. His audio, video and chat recordings are all over Internet..

    We want you to immediately take action and remove him from Singapore. As head of church of God, we do not expect you to sit silent and allow Joshua to live in holy faith home and defile the house of God further. Believers here have decided that if you refrain to take any action then we will stop attending church.

    We don’t want to quit this church, but few bad apples and inability of leadership to take strict disciplinary action have left us no choice. Workers and believers are gossiping here on why is Chief pastor unable to excommunicate Joshua from this ministry. When we ask workers they ask us to hold our peace. They are telling us that chief pastor is unable to conduct enquiry due to lockdown. Junior workers fear to report the matters to leadership.

    Kindly take action immediately and throw Joshua out of faith home. We can’t wait for lockdown to get lifted. It is expected that lockdown will continue partially till December atleast. And Joshua cannot be allowed to defile faith home till December.

    • Dear Brother Fustrated

      It is quite natural for you to feel frustrated. You also took the initiative to write a mail to the Chief Pastor which also is commendable. Going by the TPM standards I can guess that they might not even have bothered to send you a return receipt. All you can hear s gossips by brothers.

      Now coming back to the mail you sent to the Chief, I think the chief is caught between the devil and the sea. If he throws out Joshua, he may open up a pandora’s box and he might have to give a severance package (of course at your cost) leading to an exodus of the clergy on similar grounds from various faith homes.

      Regarding the ” HOLY FAITH HOME” mentioned in your email, God does not dwell in the man made buildings made of brick and mortar and there is no question of this being defiled. So you need to worry about the building getting defiled. You must understand it is this non biblical celibacy principle that is the root cause of the problem. There are these so called bad apples everywhere.

      It is only because of the stand taken by the victim sister that you are seeking action. If this sister could not have produced evidence, you people right from the chief to laity would have questioned the character of the woman and branded her as characterless and called her mentally unstable. Even after seeing the proofs there is a section who says the admin has photo shopped the videos.

      Bro. Frustrated, there are many victims like this in many faith homes. They are just scared or just leave because of the shame. If you are worried about // TPMs name is maligned in front of all Christians. His audio, video and chat recordings are all over Internet..//. I suggest that time is a big healer and all these ” NOMINAL CHRISTIANS” will forget about this episode as they have their own spirituality, and problems. While you can stay in your Holy faith home and hope that there is no other Joshua around.

      The system has to change, not Joshua. Rest I leave it your God given wisdom.

      • @ Frustrated

        Its clear that u didn’t read all the articles in this forum. If not, please dnt read.. people like you emotional pricks are the stain on christianity.

        You wrote a letter….? my foot.

        • @Hannibal:
          //people like you emotional pricks are the stain on christianity.//

          Don’t be so harsh on him. Once, I was a blind slave in this cult, but the sheer grace of God pulled me out of this. I won’t boast that I researched the Word of God or read a lot of articles or listened to a lot of messages, by which I extricated myself out of this cult. If God had not showed His mercy on me, any amount of reading articles would not have helped me, and I would have been stuck in this muck still. I am sure this will be the testimony of many who have been delivered from this cult.

          I am not sure if this brother has read any of the articles here, but it is clear from the tone of his comment that he is very much frustrated with the disgraceful activities going on in his church that is bringing shame to the Name of God. He apparently wants to see a change happen in his church for good, and I see this as a sign that God is beginning to work in this brother’s life to reveal the truth.

          Let us not be rude to this brother, but instead encourage him to read the articles on this site. As he reads more articles on this site and compares them with the scriptures, he will soon realize that he is in the wrong church and will come out of it. Our Heavenly Father showed us so much compassion and patience to deliver us from our bondage in this cult, let us show at least some of that to this brother.

          Let all glory be to God.

  29. @ frustrated
    Not only Joshua,but also ammachi Sharon must be kick out of the church. She have been covering up for Joshua.
    The victim and her mother came to ammachi Sharon and told her everything and ask help to settle the matter but she refused. She even mentioned forget about letting Chief Pastor Abraham know the matter.

  30. Good Morning All, Sometimes I feel like saying “FATE’ . Because from my childhood i am in CPM since 1980s.. If any problem comes immediately Fraud Chief and all responsible for mass conversion will adscound. A doctor spends 1.5 cr for completing the doctor course. But our famous LUKA just poos Body , soul, Spirit bible study … A doctor treating a corona virus patient have to wear the PPE suits for eight hours without being able to eat or pee and even breathe freely. This is the commitment of a doctor. Just bible study is not enough. Fraud chief cant answer any questions. Fraud chief wont react. Do anyone know the reason. I know the reason “it is because they are living in common people hard earned money.” If any CPM pastor earn money by hard working then it will be painful for them. No Pain No Gain Just enjoy. So much questions many people ask Chief fraud. No answer. This is called “Fascism”. I have to obey the CPM church. I have to sacrifice my life to CPM church. The End will be April Fool. I remember CPM brothers and sisters behaviours in CPM church when I supposed to give the tithes or the groceries. They will not ask even one question that do you have it for your family. They will take whatever is given. Gallons of Gallons groceries they swallow. Apart from that Mutton Biryani. Is this the way CPM pastors and sisters live?. Google and see How a saint should live. What a saint should have for his life. In CPM it is just all overruled. People are getting cheated everyday. 40 years no good thing happened in life. Except all my money went into the CPM pit. CPM dresses are white. People who sacrificed for you living were no more. Oh CPM have you thought of belivers who were in olden days. You took our life and money. Forgot us. You became rich. we are destroyed. I remember again this is my painful fate. I pray god atleast in next birth i should not see CPM.

    • Dear John, I can understand your frustration. As a born again son of God, know that our fate IS TURNED TO Hope and that’s eternity with our Creator God.
      At this turning point of your life, you should be filled with Joy, Peace and Gratitude knowing that Christ in his Love has shown you a new direction in life which many people dont.
      Now that you know TPM’s true colours, warn as many people of this Cult and stay away.
      Deep dive into the scriptures and to as much resources including this website where ever the Holy Spirit will guide you.
      CPM was just the first kindergarten step. Now is the time to move one step up and associate yourself with any Gospel centric fellow ship which the Lord will lead you to, surely.
      Try to lead a very normal & genuine life within our society just like how Christ did. People will see the difference when they see the genuine love & concern in our eyes. In TPM due to their antics & hypocrisy, all shun them out. When you prioritize spirituality over religiosity, you will see the immediate difference.
      Look at Christ. They needed a Judas to identify him as he was not identifiable since he was so much like the people around him.
      So Brother Cheer up, dont blame your past as it will do you no good. We now know what is to be done and the time is short. So lets make all efforts to Press on.

  31. @John….”I pray god atleast in next birth i should not see CPM.”
    Wait wait …Why such words are used in your frustration brother.?
    Hold on brother,you are not alone in your suffering and frustration, we too join your band, But even in such a state, we have to bring glory to God.I do understand your state of frustration.We ‘ve got only one birth and that we going to reign with OUR LORD till eternity.
    We are all saved people by the precious blood of Jesus. Our Saviour Jesus too underwent the greatest humiliation on the CROSS that you and I or for that matter any known human being suffered. What does the Bible talk about these spiritual battles and warfares? 2 TIMOTHY 2:5 verse hints us that we should fight like an ATHLETE (like OLYMPIC ATHLETE.In KJV we read—and if a man also strive for masteries,yet is he not crowned except he strive lawfully) But if we read in our own languages, we will get clear word …JETTI…which means ATHLETE…..The owner of this site is for example is fighting like an ATHLETE, Apostle Paul fought like an ATHLETE. We too fight that way .Do not lose hope brother.
    Mind you ,on behalf all of us the ANGEL of God is also fighting this TPM/CPM BEAST. But God has set a time for everything. That time is closing in..We will be the VICTORIOUS at the end.

  32. Thank you EE, For your comforting words. Since I am a hindu converted to christianity. Hope you understand my foundation. Often I used to think the way I came all along. Father became Christian in cpm. I was born in cpm. Named in cpm. I am saying this because people like cylus Benjamin used to say that how much money you took from rss. It is very painful and pathetic to listen such words. I was barely left with no money due to recession. The cpm strong weapon is put blame on others and stay silent as innocent. Cpm is very good in branding people. This is because of money power. No worries in their mind. No children to take care. They can eat whatever they want like Mutton Biriyani and other foods from hotel. They damn care about believers. Sometimes I think it is my father’s mistake of getting into cpm. I have no choice left rather than giving my head to cpm. I came through so many struggles and pure cheating and cheaters only. In the end nothing is left. My caste people will not talk to me. Normal CSI Christian’s also will not respect. Then what shall I do for my life. I need to live life. I need to get help of god. Now I understood what is the way I came through. Cpm is the wrong way. Today I made my heart hardened to listen to the YouTube from cpm. That fool speaking in YouTube saying that our pastors have already told not to listen to any social media’s. Such a fool during this time of severe fever because of Corona virus. Still branding cpm. In other words safe guarding the left over belivers in cpm. Instructing them saying not to be online. Very soon no food will be left over in cpm. Cpm pastors and sisters dont think that you can regain the past glory of cpm. That is also a cheating. Here no one is willing to get cheated. No more conversations. Cpm end card is ready.

    • @John
      Dear Brother,

      Never feel that you have lost money and time with TPM. JUST FORGIVE AND FORGET THEM WHO HAVE LOOTED YOU. Our goal is to be in eternity with Jesus. SO praise Him that we are able to understand that TPM is cult before our death. I was also saved from a hindu family like you. I am thankful to TPM in one aspect that without their atrocities over me, I would have never understood true love of Jesus Christ. I was attending sunday services in all denominations before coming to TPM. Still did not understand the true attributes of God. But only after attending this cult , I started to seek Jesus with whole heart. I always feel God places us in hardtimes with a purpose. He has placed you and me in TPM for a while only to understand that it is a cult and to deliver innocent souls from it. So never regret for it.
      Romans 8:28
      28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

      Always be cheerful in Christ (phil 4:4)

  33. Thank you dear brother John.
    Forget every bitterness against everyone.
    Let us forgive such people who harmed us.God will surely take control of them.
    Then God will immensely use us as a powerful instrument in His Hand.
    Like you, I too hail from a Hindu background.When Apostle Paul being a Hebrew was used by the Lord in such a wonderful way for the salvation of gentile people like you and me and also for the Jewish people salvation as well( though they rejected him that was different issue) why not He uses us ?
    The Lord will certainly use us His own vessels provided if we come into His terms of His usage and we stay not in our own terms.
    Queen Esther could save her Jewish people from getting destroyed. God made a wonderful plan.Do you wish to know the secret of her success?
    She confined herself within the plan of God.
    She could OBEY her cousin Mordecai words tooth and nail.
    Obedience before –Obedience after
    This was her great MANTRA that she learned and mastered.
    Mordecai was obviously a strict man of God.
    Under his able directions, strict orders were passed to Esther. She had to listen and obey in order to save her own people from destruction.That was the PLAN of God. That plan is same with us also.This site has been doing the battles of unmasking the evil designs of this CULT.This is the pure plan of God.
    As per Mordecai’s direction,…Esther 2:10……. “Esther had not made known her people or kindred, for Mordecai had charged her not to make it known. This is at first instance before she became a queen.
    Even after became the queen (come to the 20 th verse).Now Esther had not made known her kindred or her people as Mordecai had charged her , for Esther obeyed Mordecai just as when she was brought up by him. Rest was the history. (Book of Esther) .
    Why I am sharing all these Biblical facts because God kept for us certain lessons for future generations to follow.Through our emotional status or through our anger whatever God’s righteousness or the will of God can never be achieved. It could be done only when we submit to Him and obey His Word. We had been misled by this CULT all these years(no regrets now) because we also have to take the blame squarely by not reading nor understanding His word properly.Now like you I was also a slave to this CPM/TPM BEAST once upon a time,but now no more.
    I only only want to hear His WORD and wish to be led by hearing His voice daily so that these PREDATORS can no longer harm us. For achieving this objective I must tell you this blessed site has been doing yeoman’s service for CPM/TPM believers in bringing many lies into light that this CULT had been teaching as its doctrines. “Dispensations ” was another big farse.Sunday School Syllabus for STUDENTS was another great blunder that I realised of late.This site has been clinically examining every doctrine that this CULT has been teaching and found them on wrong footing.It has been bringing them into light.
    For example PRE-TRIBUATION doctrine as its one of its corner stone doctrine has been exposed.It is a big hoax that has no scriptural basis. These are only few I cited ,because I served this “BEAST’ as its slave for its faulty Sunday School ministry for long, and that was why I could retrospect where went wrong.
    Many more lies were came into light. It has been helping me a lot. .
    Wishing you all the best dear brother.
    Let us hear the Lord’s voice day in and day out and march ahead.

  34. Dear beloved fellow TPM servants of God,

    As we all know, our church is going through a difficult time of test in church history. The devil is working mightily against our church in various ways. Coronavirus has been attacking us from one side, and some severe allegations are coming against our servants of God from another direction. As the Leaders of this church, we have been praying to God for His leading. Furthermore, we have consulted with other senior servants of God of our ministry. Unfortunately due to the current lockdown situation, we are unable to conduct any workers meeting and explain the below-mentioned matters directly to you. So please prayerfully read this letter and consider what God wants us to do individually and collectively as a church.

    Our dearly beloved late Chief Pastor T U Thomas once said that we, “TPM servants of God are the proudest people in the world”. We are so proud of our consecration, our doctrines, our countless earthly blessings and so on. Unfortunately, we have been so narrow-minded all these years that we never rightly divided the word of God. We always interpreted the word of God according to our doctrines which were once handed over to us by our saints. We knew some of our doctrines and traditions were contrary to the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and also against the teachings of the first century Apostles. We understand that what we are going to tell you will cause some up-roarings in the church. But if we don’t make these changes now, we will never be able to do it, and we will be much ashamed when our Lord returns.

    Firstly, we should understand Zion is not just for servants of God. According to Hebrew 12:22, the apostle says to the whole church that ” But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem…”.
    Dearly beloved, we now understand that there is no special place in heaven according to our celibate consecration. It is all about our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether you are single or married, it is all about your relationship with your Lord.

    Hence, we are going to bring some drastic changes in our ministry. There is no more “compulsory celibate consecration” for any servants of God in our ministry. We are not against marriage anymore. Servants of God those who would like to get married, should inform their families and also to the local churches for the further arrangement. Please note that you are free to be married to whom you will, but only in the Lord (1Cor 7:39).

    Secondly, those who would still like to practice celibacy can be done with some restrictions. Unmarried servants of God should not live alone in the local churches. Only married servants of God with family must live in the local churches and carry out the ministry for the Lord. Unmarried male servants of God can help the Lord’s ministry by the direction of the elders (mature believers) of the church. Elders of the church should get the council from the Holy Spirit and lay hands on the unmarried servants of God and send them to unreached-gospel places as “travelling missionaries” (Acts 13:1-3).
    Thirdly, all the young female workers should go back to their own homes, get married and raise godly children for the Lord (1Tim 5:14). The local churches should support the elderly worker sisters, especially those who are 60 years above and also cannot be looked after by their families(1Tim 5:9).

    We believe these changes will bring the former glory of the Lord back to our church.

    Faithfully in the Lord,

    Dear TPM workers & believers,
    Just imagine if you receive the above letter from TPM Headquarters, Irumbuliyur. How would you digest? What would be your reaction? Are you able to submit to the word of God or Will you give preeminence to your emotions? Don’t think you will ever receive the above letter from Irumbuliyur. But please read again and consider prayerfully.

    My beloved TPM believers, please help those workers, especially the young ones, who are trapped with Stockholm Syndrome in the prison-like situation.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ give each one of us grace and boldness to stand for His Word and His Name alone.

    • @Christos:

      Thought provoking letter. Even if such a letter is issued by the TPM leaders, their diehard laity will not accept it, but will impose forced celibacy on their clergy by castrating every one of them. The blind laity has been so proud of the celibate status of their clergy for so long, it will be impossible for them to climb down from their ego pedestal to accept the scriptural truth now. No way they will let the celibacy system die, even if their poor clergy plead and fight with them to escape this cruel man-made system.

      Even when so many deeds of darkness of their clergy are exposed, the diehard laity don’t care to examine their church’s model or their church’s doctrines with the scriptures to search for the truth (as the Berean believers did in Acts 17:11). Celibacy is an important factor that distinguishes TPM from other churches, and in no way their clergy or laity will compromise on this, as this will bring their church on par with so many other pentecostal/charismatic churches and threaten the stable employment of so many of their useless, untalented, and uneducated clergy.

      I believe, pastor Freddy Paul once said that Alwyn’s revelations are from the ‘pit’, and wanted to bring changes to their ministry model by allowing marriage to the clergy and inducting married people into the ministry. His suggestion was vehemently opposed by the then TPM senior clergy, and this was never considered for implementation. If that be so, why would any one from TPM care about it now?

      //We believe these changes will bring the former glory of the Lord back to our church.//

      I would consider changing this sentence to “We believe these changes will bring the glory of the Lord to our church”. This church never had the glory of God in their 93 years existence. Where is the question of losing it and bringing it back?

  35. @ All SG believers…

    You rascals. you all think you are not responsible for anything..? nope. God will judge you all. I m not at all bothered abt Sayyyaaaangg.
    You belivers are the spineless, selfish, culprits.

  36. @Frustrated

    Yes sorry abt my way of expression.
    It took me just a year to enter and exit.
    Just dnt get emotional inside the church.. be relaxed, and observe whats going on..? The Holy spirit reveals everything.. and the grace to leave.

    *your chance of leaving the tpm is very less, cos all your friends are inside tpm. You never made friends outside the tpm.. even if you go out you ll compare the new church with tpm always.. and eventully come back. Just FYI..

  37. Judgement is God or GOD! is the Ultimate Judge.

    You guys are so spot on in all your comments, but liars will roast in hell which is a promise from the creator. If you all are Christian! followers of Jesus Christ! and we trust in that name, we should know that we are all sinners.

    Let HE! who IS! PERFECT!


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