All people at TPM(or its sister churches) are familiar with an oft-quoted verse in the bible which is used to blind their followers about their CONSECRATION. Let us have a look at that portion of scripture and we can see how devious are the TPM Clergy.

“These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes….”

Rev 14:4

The first portion of the verse does not speak about physical virginity as TPM enforces. We also know the kind of physical Virginity these people follow in various fake homes. Lately, we are quite familiar with our Virgin Pastor Joshua of Singapore. However, this article is about the text in Bold of the above verse. We would like to showcase One particular aspect of Jesus Christ which the TPM Ministers are not following.

The Path of the Lamb

Let us look at how the Lamb Lived and then we can compare the life of them who claim to be following the Lamb.

Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage;

Phil 2:6

but [a]made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the crossTherefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name,

Philippians 2:7-9

If anybody had a choice to be born in this world, it was the Lord Jesus Christ. We all were born in our family by providence and not by choice. Now think of the Choice of the Lord, who made himself be a son in the poorest family in Judea. He also knew that his birth will be a cause for ridicule for his parents. He rejected the power and glory offered to him by the Devil (Matt 4:8-10). He came to preach an eternal kingdom to people who are downtrodden and marginalised in this world.

Looking at his disciples, he said:

Blessed are you who are poor,
    for yours is the kingdom of God.
21 Blessed are you who hunger now,
    for you will be satisfied.
Blessed are you who weep now,
    for you will laugh

Luke 6:20-21

The above verses are NOT about his disciples becoming wealthy and influential in THIS WORLD.

TPM’s False Claim to fool ignorant people

Many people these days used to claim that during earlier times, TPM ministers used to live an austere life. That claim is baloney. If some TPM Ministers used to live like that, it was just because they did not have that kind of money. They were basically poor. So how do you know that they were living a life of austerity, by choice? That has got nothing to do with abandoning a rich lifestyle. If a beggar says that he has abandoned a rich lifestyle, would you consider that as a statement of value? To know if a person has truly taken a path to follow the renunciation as expected by the Lord, you need to give him wealth and all facilities. Then only you can know the attitude of that person towards money and the Lord.

What did the Lord do? He allowed some of the material wealth to land into the hands of the TPM Ministers, to test them how they would react. Most of these cult pastors responded by building mansions for themselves and also spending it on ungodly ventures which will put a worldly man to shame. Clearly they are not Following the Lamb. They have failed in the test.

The Joshua Story

Why would one among them be any different than the rest? Well, he has a comfortable mansion in Singapore and is the Chief of the Mission, in the City. So what should he do with all these monies that keep coming to him in the Name of the Lord? Should he not be spending it also in the Name of the Lord? And that is exactly that he did. Let us look at some bills which he spends on his honeymoon stay with his Hidden wife. Of Course, it is fully sponsored by the believers of The Pentecostal Church of Singapore (TPM Singapore).

Bill 0 1 Christ's Poverty vs TPM's Luxury
Of course Joshua believes that the Lord has Provided it. All Singapore Believers will attest to that. Right?
Bill 1 1 Christ's Poverty vs TPM's Luxury
When the Lord has provided, it is wrong to ask the Hidden wife to share the Bill. Absolutely Right.
Bill 3 1 Christ's Poverty vs TPM's Luxury
I am highly appreciative of the Singapore believers who would sponsor a holiday for the Saint with his hidden wife after the Convention.
Bill 2 1 Christ's Poverty vs TPM's Luxury
I do not want to keep you guessing from where the Saint learned the art of Massaging


So now that you have known the kind of SERVANTS OF GOD who are in your midst, think for yourself if they are following the Lamb or the Wolves.

I know there are some believers in Singapore who would say the following.

I still do not understand why are the guys having a problem when the believers of The Pentecostal Church of Singapore has decided to give their pastor a well deserved holiday and honeymoon stay.

Neither do we have a problem with another individual having some fun at your expense. We are just worried that our local clergy might be feeling left out of the fun. Just be prepared that he might end up demanding a transfer to Singapore. We shall sign off with some good swimming lessons by Joshua.


  1. Hi, This is too much to digest. Joshua forgot he is a SOG and went to enjoy the peek…. This is repercussion of his sins. Joshua might not be thought God is watching?? Now the cup full😩😩😩. Hope Joshua repented all his abomination acts and leave the minister chup chap… It shows He never loved The Lord neither he think of the believers God given his hand. He become so selfish…
    please admin we cannot take it any more.

    • But your leaders in Chennai thought these are not sufficient to remove him. I am giving those out to the believers in Singapore who will have to be served by the SOG. This same evidence was available to them. Why did they think these are some small issue? Even now, I do not think that they have an understanding of the depth of the problem causing us to publish more. Do you want us to stop publishing the next chapters of the book of Joshua??

      • [email protected], We would like to ask a very straight question both the parties deliberately did this abomination…
        Here go.. they book villa right then where they took Holy communion?????
        Always they stay together like a family in a one room you show to us in a video, how they took such a sacred Holy body of Christ and Blood of Jesus ?
        You should ask both the parties this question. What they think and did such a sin like Hebrews 10:26 written???
        It shows Joshua always travel to Medan
        name of Holy communion but actually no . He lied to 3 chiefs, believers and SOG.. It show God not there and sad to say He give to them to the enemy hand.
        Joshua if you are reading please truthful to your leaders, they are the one appointed you as a SOG. Now is the time to repent and preserve your salvation. Please don’t manipulate believers and don’t corrupt their simple mind.

        • //Joshua if you are reading please truthful to your leaders, they are the one appointed you as a SOG. Now is the time to repent and preserve your salvation.//

          You are misguided in your belief and are giving wrong advise to Joshua. Joshua need not be truthful to his leaders and repent for his sins to them. Do you remember what Judas Iscariot did when he betrayed Jesus? He went to the leaders (chief priests), with whom he conspired to kill Jesus, and tried to set right matters with them, instead of turning to Jesus for forgiveness. They just ignored Judas saying that it was his problem (Matthew 27: 3-4 Common English Bible Translation). The same will be the response of TPM leaders if Joshua heeds your advise.

          The way you ardently defend Joshua even after all this expose makes me believe you are a senior believer in TPM Singapore with close access to Joshua. If that be so, please advise him to confess his sins to Jesus and get right with Him instead of seeking repentance/forgiveness from his leaders. Don’t replace Jesus with TPM leaders, the mistake TPM laity do all the time. I hope you will do the right thing and stop defending or misleading Joshua.

    • Dear JS/ Esther

      Imagine if there was no fromtpm! Wouldn’t you be still found kneeling before the wolf Joshua?

      What if Joshua is just one sample. What if there are more like him. Do you want fromtpm to expose each and every one of them ?

      Don’t you realize that the real culprit is tpm doctrines?

      Awaiting for your response.

        • @Elina:

          I was skimming through the message you have linked in your comment and came across the below statement:

          “Late Pastor R V Peter while serving the Lord in Secundrabad Center some rowdies and Gundas came and threatened him saying, we will pluck out your teeth. He replied, why you should take, I will take it and give to you. This is called victorious life.”

          This guy probably had dentures, and there is nothing great about handing it over to the rowdies. What a silly example to illustrate ‘victorious life’. Can’t believe I was following these con artists for so long. Many examples and illustrations these clowns give in their messages are so ridiculous. Lack of formal training in Theology is so evident in these scammers’ sermons. But who really cares, these are DDT to the TPM laity!

      • Hi @Nath, Few of the believers come to know about Joshua visiting Medan & victim visiting to Singapore years before. Some of them moved away and some have a fear “ Touch not the annointed “ teaching… One thing from this web site every one come to know with the evidence. Very clear cut now Gods wrath came up on Joshua & exposed without any mixer.
        Still hearing he trying to convince to believers all these are victim manipulated and good intention he did to them.
        Most of the SOG doing same kind of sin against God, God will bring to light and they have to pay the consequences. Nothing is hidden from the Gods eyes. We are in last days, God start to separating Tares and wheat ( Matthew 13:30).

        • @Js & Esther

          Is not God behind the exposure of Joshua’s sin? Can fromtpm expose this without God allowing for it? Don’t you think Holy Spirit is speaking with believers, his own words which he spoke to church of Corinthians, that it is better to marry than to burn (I Corinthians 7;9) ? Isn’t tpm doctrine of forced celibacy on ministers a doctrine of devil ( I Timothy 4:3) ?

  2. No please do. Not stop
    Keep posting and exposing
    And one more question why you are not posting these videos on YouTube?
    Hasn’t the day come yet?

  3. Thank You admin for publishing this article. Admin publish as much as articles you want, until the irumbuliyur acting saints tear their clothes and run away like mad people. This acting saints should not wear the white dress in their life anymore. Irumbuliyur actings saints your dress are white it is because of dirty works of people like joshua. I know there are thousands of actings and dirty saints hidden like joshua. You will not accept your sins. You will keep playing with innocent peoples feelings. Haunting them until their death. Admin keep posting the other episodes of Joshua. I want to see the Tamil Nadu Government occupying Irumbuliyur Fake Home for Government usages like Hospitals, Schools, Government Offices etc before I close my eyes permanently. With severe pain in mind and heart..

  4. Dear TPM blind followers
    What more you need to understand the filthiness of your demigods (TPM)? Despite all these proofs been published, if you still play a neutral game, remember that you will end up with these sexomanias in the same place (Hell Fire). I know that still there are many stupid TPM believers, who would say, we don’t go to church to see them. We just go to worship God. I would say to such fools that, instead of going to worship the devil with these hypocrites, you better stay home and worship the Holy God. How can you expect God to be present there, where these dirty white clad frauds lead the meeting from the front. Oh, my dear friends of TPM, let this truth be driven in your brain that, GOD is not present in any of TPM fake homes. How can you expect God in a place where His Holy Commandments are trampled by these sex loving, luxury loving, money loving, food loving wolves stay. If you want to escape the impending wrath of God then run away from this SODOM(TPM).

  5. Dear Admin, having so much of evidence and publishing in the website. Doesn’t reaches the common people. I really thank for saving me and my family from this cpm devils. First time in the year 2018 I saw in CPM Facebook Pastor Kanagaraj died due to heart attack. Later when I was surfing internet , I got the information saying he was killed. CPM Facebook entirely covered the truth. I understood how criminal they are dressed in white. Later last year I saw a sermon by pastor kanagaraj was posted in cpm Facebook. Then I understood that white dress criminals are checking the pulse if common people that whether they have forgotten the rotten crime background. I really understood that white dress criminal is trying to renew his energy by blindfolding the viewers. CPM pastors are more dangerous than Corona virus. I request to come up in YouTube. This activity will be a great help for the human beings. So many people will understand the true status of Christianity. You will be rewarded by the God. You and your family will be Safe and fine forever. I often think how many criminal acts would have been happened for the past 40 years. So many lives are kept as sacrifices. So many innocent children and women are vulnerable to this white dress criminals. We have to save the future. That will be a great blessing for you in future. Please come up in YouTube. I

  6. @ JS or Esther

    /Still hearing he trying to convince to believers all these are victim manipulated and good intention he did to them./

    “Victim manipulated and good intention he did to them”. That is the way SOG manipulative people’s mind by, “saying good intention he did to the believers”.
    For their own covers up and shield.

    The pervert Joshua forgot how he manipulated the victim’s mind by saying ,”it’s the will of god to fulfill his pervert mind and lust”. “good intention he did to them”. And after he satisfied with the victim there always price to pay . OMG, it always take two hands to clap. Victim has come to LIGHT and confess her sin . She is bold. Salute her.

    Where is the coward pervert Joshua hiding ??
    Shouldn’t Singapore believers come to the LIGHT and see. That Joshua is the only person and laughing behind his comfort room . Laughing and celebrating the extended lock down in Singapore . Because no meetings, do not have to face the believers. And become the laughing stock.
    His coward by switching off his mobile phone.
    If you need to contact him. You may call him on his landline +65 6254 6389
    We all have been fool by pervert Joshua .

    //Hope Joshua repented all his abomination acts and leave the minister chup chap//
    Yes he should come to his boldness repent and confess his sin in public. Agree his should leave the minister chup chap and should leave the Faith Home NOW with immediate effects.

    //You should ask both the parties this question//

    As I mentioned in my previous comment.
    I am ready to show all proof and evidence to all believers but I want Joshua to be there too.
    I have done my part.
    As Joshua said this is manipulated and fake news that is published, then ask Joshua what is the truth?

    • Hi @ victim & Joshua, my dear Sister
      that is not the answer for my question. Please read carefully you and Joshua reply To us in this page our question posted to @admin.
      Both must answer, now believers and SOG going such terrible trial because of you both. Whole TPM is in trouble you both did very abobinable act in sight of God.
      Not only that “” because of you both now there is fighting in between children of God””.
      FROMTPM and TPM both are Gods people.
      You guys are fully responsible for this fight and God will ask account. Be prepare to answer God.
      Joshua we know very well you also reading & posting comment.
      We are waiting for your reply.

      • @JS or Esther:
        //Joshua we know very well you also reading & posting comment.//

        If Joshua is commenting on this site, would you please identify his comments for us?
        Thank you.

  8. His Patriarch AA would have been felt envious had he been watching these swimming pool jumpings.But wait, that does not matter as this Alwyn spirit dwells in him.He could have commanded that spirit of lust that ruins him. Whereas he is still fortunate unlike his GURU who was kicked out by CPM in those days. These are the good times that he should cry and come back to the Saviour Jesus quickly so that the site might not come with the second book of Joshua. Before it gets late,the early is the better for him. Even as his close confidents are peeping and replying those mails on behalf of him,he would better realise and the whole S’pore laity may realise that enough is enough and they should resign to the fact of total surrender. He would be saved on par with David lest Nathans would come and do the clinical operation even to those believers who are actively shielding him.Look what Apostle Paul is not sparing any one leave about this jumping man!(1 Cor 6:7–8–9)
    ” Why do you not rather accept wrong?(7 th verse )
    “Why do you not rather let yourselves be defrauded?(7 th verse)
    “No, you yourselves do wrong and defraud, and you do these things to your brethren!
    (8 th verse)
    ” Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the KOG?(9 th verse)
    “Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters,nor adultorers nor homosexuals,nor sodomites ( 9 th verse –the list is incomplete, we can further read it down the verses)
    But the grace of Jesus is still there for him if he chooses to come to Jesus for repentance and seek His refuge instead of his seeking his leaders to pardon him.

  9. Hi @ ABAS & Admin, please don’t post this just for your info… These are the incident happened but only the SOG known not any others like believers and junior SOG with the detailed written here.

    // understand your ill-feelings over the fact that you did not receive any part of the provident fund of your brother. And so you called the church to scold them off. And even called your brother to yell at him.

    Have you forgotten that the provident fund belongs to your brother and not you?
    It is his say where he wants his money to go to. It is not your money for you to want a share of.
    If he feels he wants to give it all to the church, that’s his call.
    Some of the comments regarding fighting for post and so on written Pinkie also only inside news…

    • @ JS & Esther
      So pinkie & idlythosaivadai is Joshua as per your insider information?

      If you are insider, why don’t you let us know why the chiefs are waiting to take action on Joshua. And not only Joshua but remove Sharon ammachi also for hiding and covering up. Action must be taken up regarding camera incident and Kesia and Kala. Let Joash be brought in.

  10. @JS or Esther:

    Thank you for sharing some insider information. From the aggressive tone of their comments, most of us know that Patrick PE, Pinkie, Dalwinmichael (Masquerader), JS, IdliThosaiVadai, Public, and now Calvin sam are all either Joshua (in disguise) or his accomplices.

    Now that you acknowledge Pinkie and IdliThosaiVadai are actually Joshua, why do you keep repeating “Joshua we know very well you also reading & posting comment. We are waiting for your reply”. Joshua has replied and his replies clearly reveal that he has no remorse. Throw him out of your fellowship and move forward.


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