A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, your possessions, your wife, your peace he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out”. Now in this case, as the avalanche of evidence is so huge, he is playing the victim card. Let us see how he is mocking God and his creations.

Again, before starting I would like to mention that this is NOT ONLY ABOUT JOSHUA. Its about all TPM Minsters. Joshua is just a case study.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Gal 6:7

There are different ways to mock God. We will discuss some ways that can be shown with evidence for the Joshua case.

Telling Lies and Deceiving people in the name of God

We had already shown you how Joshua used to his clergy authority to trap the woman and use her for his sexual gratification. Now, when the victim repeatedly asked him to fulfill the promise of marriage that he made to her, he is roping in God to continue his lascivious lifestyle of fornication.

USed by Joshua How TPM Psychopaths Mock at God

This is the Man of God of The Pentecostal Mission. He is the fellow who will be leading you to God. Are your brains fried with TPM Oil to not even perceive this? Listen to what God says to Joshua who insults and mocks his Name.

But to the wicked person, God says: “What right have you to recite my laws
    or take my covenant on your lips?

Psalm 50:16

Mocking God’s institution of Marriage

Marriage is a Holy Covenant between a Man and a Woman in God’s Presence. However, this great Servant of God who is a product of an organization that insults marriage and Separates married couples in the name of their TPM God feels no remorse at his antics. He thinks his God is with him for promising Marriage and also acting as if he is a husband to the woman. Watch this video where Joshua is relaxing in a Hotel room by massaging his hidden Wife’s legs. Even the son is enjoying the presence of Daddy with Mummy. Of course, this whole thing is Sponsored by the Believers in Singapore.

St Joshua Massaging the legs of his hidden wife in a Hotel Room

Mocking the Laity, especially the Women

TPM Pastors trying to show their holy face to the laity asks people to wear a white dress and asks women to wear dresses that are fully covered. I have at times wondered, what is the cause for these people to force their dressing codes on others. Is their God not able to help them with an overcoming life as they claim to be? In reality, they have a very corrupt mind with very fertile imaginations, especially when they see women. Look at this message where he is waiting to see this hidden wife in the bikini he gifted her.

Sayaang mothers day How TPM Psychopaths Mock at God

Of course, the Bikini is being sponsored by The Pentecostal Church of Singapore(TPM , Singapore). And its not only the Bikini, but many other dresses which Saint Joshua likes to see his hidden wife wear along with many other fetishes.

Joshua Fetishes How TPM Psychopaths Mock at God


Now think about it. Why would some woman want to go all these ways with Joshua if he did not really promise to marry her? In short, she was taken for a ride by the Man of God who is sitting comfortably in his Singapore faith home blessing people who come to meet him.

I would not be surprised if the people in his Singapore assembly shows characteristics of Joshua in their own private lives. This is in keeping with a spiritual principle where blessings are transferred to the one one who is being blessed.

Paul asks Timothy not to lay hands(Praying, healing, blessing or for taking into ministry) on anybody quickly without a thinking. This is because if he lays hands, he becomes partaker in the person’s sins. Now consider how much more horrible it is for the Joshua case where he is Laying hands on his laity and is transferring his spirit on to that person.

Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.

1 Tim 5:22

People who are blessed by Joshua and other such Clergies, need to think over the matter and get things right. This article will NOT deal with details about how it can be set right. However, the first step will be leaving that evil congregation.


  1. Dear admin,
    My wife just scolded me for not leaving the TPM sooner. She also scolded me for not warning her after I know so many inside info. I just told her I was brain washed until the day I decided to leave. We are no longer there anymore. In fact my wife took the bold step to leave immediately after seeing lesbianism among the worker sisters.

    • @ Corona
      It’s nice brother that you are finally out. Praise be to the God. But just coming out is not enough. You need to inspect that you haven’t become mini-tpm after you come out. You must unlearn all the codes you’ve learnt in tpm. Start reading website articles. If you find difficulty in understanding please comment.

    • @Corona
      Hello Corona Virus,
      My aakka want to meet you. She says she loves Corona. Amachi put her to lot of work. She has no talent to sing like me, she belongs to a poor family, she does not look good like me. I am beautiful but my aakka is a little black. No rich believer in tpm respects her. She feels dejected alone in tpm. I am her only friend. Aakka said, that she wants to meet Coronavirus and share deeper truth him. She wants to run away with Corona. She praying daily, “Dear Lord, let Corona come and take me away, because i want nothing in world.”

      I was talking to appachen our centre pastor about a dangerous scenario in world. Appachen very fearful of death. He very bold lion like man. Not like stupid aakka. He get lot of respect from faithful believer. He gets money and a lot of respect from all members of church. He don’t want to make Corona as believer of his church..

  2. The title is very apt.
    Last fridays clip from NTC Dubai was interesting. Tambi Durai was loudly chasing the power of Corona with the Power of resurrection. He then concluded that God spoke to him.
    Few years before when one of the Junior Brother ran away with a believer’s daughter in a Mumbai local fakehome, Pas Guru said that clergy are like Cherubs on the edge of the mercy seat. Any time they can fall. So he made the whole congregation pray that they remain steadfast.
    The trick they use is to make them imagine that that fruits have nothing to do with the roots.
    Such is the manipulation that the laity are made to believe that a mango can grow on a cacti.

    • @clergy are like Cherubs on the edge of the mercy seat.

      TPM cherubs are already fallen. The one above in video fell from heaven directly into hotel room.

  3. One thing for sure is the saints are on a super alert mode… whn it comes to watsap. Imagine what a torture theyre goin thr now. 🤣😂😂 cant talk to thr secret chicks like before. . All are paranoid now..
    Must be confiscating the smart phones by nw

    Compliments by Ssssayyaang.

  4. With one stroke of COVID-19, all its TARRY MEETING concept has gone nose-dive, no laity is allowed to assemble in the fake homes and further the yearly meeting calender of 64 meetings in a 52 week calender world wide covering 4 international meets has been upset in an unprecedented manner, and the rest of the conventions year round covering 4 major continents has got no takers for this ‘BEAST’Will the laity of TPM ever think what was the reason?.This is the time that they should deeply meditate and wait upon the Lord with open heart without wearing the TPM lense.

  5. Thanks admin for showing the true color of TPM. You saved my life and my beautiful feature. I really appreciate your efforts in showing the worst and cheating unseen characters of TPM.

  6. And the operational status of 24 hour PRAYER TOWER supposedly set up by IBR WALLS at its H.Q trs is not known.Whether COVID -19 has claimed it as its latest casualty only Chennai based dear ones could share the actual status of the TOWER. If someone knows about the status, it could be shared so that the fence sitters could be well educated.

  7. ADMN brother, Greetings
    Eagerly waiting for the 400 th EPISODE which must be on the anvil.
    Wishing you all the best for setting up yet another milestone by your relentless efforts -24×7 days.

  8. @Abraham Matthew, MT Thomas & Jayem,

    After seeing the videos and all the other messages, audio clippings and other stuff regarding your humble servant Joshua Thyagrajan, I humbly request your highness-es to solemnize the holy wedding of Joshua Thyagarajan with this lady.

    It is obvious this man is desperately in love but appears to be scared of TPM’s trinity and is telling all sorts of lies. Can you like good fathers bless the couple and release this secret family before something much more serious happens.

    Considering the stress he is under, Joshua might end up doing something stupid and you will be held responsible. So gentlemen, for a change, get off your holy asses and do the right thing before it is too late.

    • Hi,
      @ I humbly request your highness-es to solemnize the holy wedding of Joshua Thyagarajan with this lady…
      After sooo muchhh humiliation and expose done by the victim Sister how Joshua going to marry and spend rest of his life?? He might be thinking let me live with this humiliation instead of spend my life with victim.

      • Where were you when the Victim was tricked around for 3 years and sexually exploited and mocked by Joshua and Sharon?

        Weren’t you also part of the team who carried stories about her being mentally disturbed and under depression?

        Weren’t you also among the one who sponsored Joshua to enjoy his honeymoon trips in star hotels with the Victim?

        Even after knowing about all these things about Joshua, what have you done? Have you done what St Paul asks you to do in 1 Cor 5?

        Aren’t you among the ones who still say that the Victim has humiliated him rather than the other way around?

        Aren’t your leaders still sitting in their cosy rooms rather than taking action at this wicked person?

      • @ JS/Esther

        It was very humiliating for:

        David to take feedback from Nathan
        Eli to take feedback from the seer as well as from Samuel
        Elijah to withstand Jezebel

        As Christians, we have a higher standard and a greater responsibility.
        Has Joshua (god of lust) ever been reprimanded by the church? If no, then God will raise the government and the public to teach him a lesson.
        If even that fails, eternity will.

        The whatsapp messages indeed prove that he feels no humiliation and he will be considered unfit if left to the liberties of civil society.

        Its a proven fact that sex offenders who belong to any religious organisation are most criminal and not worthy of fresh air.
        Have you reported him to the police, if all attempts to reach IBR for counselling/ punishment have failed?

        Are you taking pleasure in his exploits? Is this the cup of communion that Singapore TPM partakes of?
        Sex, lies and coverup. Now added is a new dimension called the spirit of Amnon. He raped his half sister and then felt disgusted and angry with her.

        O Church, what is your standard? Is this what Christ asked you to die for?
        Is this the glorious ministry for which you have to abandon your parents?
        You have joined a death cult- a satanic tool for raping women, murders, sodomy, divine suicide… what not.

        Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel (TPM), which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

        And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. (1920’s onwards)

        Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. ( sick behavior/ unable to repent, unable to return to spiritual right standing)

        I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works. (So many rape-murders-mystery deaths within TPM)

        But I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned the so-called deep things of Satan: I will place no further burden upon you. (Unto those who have decided to shun the savor and the flavor of TPM, who have called out the deceptive so called deeper truths- God is going to show mercy)

        Stop playing the devil’s advocate. The more you defend a cult, the greater the damage to your conscience.

        • Hi, our conscience clear bro. How we force Joshua to marry victim Sister? That is his call and he should decide. Victim surely will know about Joshua very well, both had a very intimate relationship. What believers can do? Please don’t curse them.

    • @nmstf
      @ obvious this man is desperately in love

      Brother, if it isn’t sarcasm, then I beg to differ. I think it is apt to say Joshua knows nothing about love. None of the workers understand the depths of what love is. Just look at their theology. They have reduced the unconditional love of God to a bargain, – you give to God and God will bless you. Their love means,Jesus stops loving when you take a small medication. Therefore I am cent percent sure that these men & women who do not have understanding of love of Christ, can never love someone truly. True love will die for its partners. Facing humiliation of society is a not an issue for true love. Didn’t Jesus laid his life for us? Hasn’t he bore shame for us. Did not he forsake heavenly glory for sinners like us? Had Joshua really loved victim, he wouldn’t have been hiding in his white den, all these years. Joshuas exhibition in all the audio clips and videos is his hunger and thirst for sex. After the demon of lust in him is satisfied Joshua usualy returns to fake home from the hotel. He has been victimizing many women all along his life. Without new birth bad tree can never yield good fruits.

      Note: All wise women/men never get fooled by love bombing of demons in white clothes.

  9. @Anonymous
    Shame on you to have a Pastor like Joshua in the church.
    Me as believer also shame to have a Pastor like him who has already DEFILED HIMSELF in the church and he can pretend and deny like nothing has happened (disguting). Now many beleivers already come to know the reason Joshua often like to go Indonesia.

  10. I still remember there are spies in CPM church. This spy will be from one church of cpm and will be travelling to another cpm church. This happened in south India. Year 1985. This spy will be appointed by an cpm elder brother. Mostly this person will be very active in all domestic work inside the church. He will be sending messages to the elder brother. Since the elder brother will be a another church attending a convention. Entire day and night this spy will listen to all possible conversations and keep in mind. This spy is nothing but a low caste. He is also paid huge ransom. So many brothers and sisters were fired from the cpm church. I am asking the chief pastor thru this forum. Can’t you show some attitude towards the people like Joshua Thiyagarajan, Gunaseelan…..I think chief pastor, deputy chief pastor were acting for money. As if you are holy. Corona virus will enter your homes. So much tough rules on human beings. So much money you took from common people. But do nothing. Just cheating. It was nature that closed your fake homes. Hereafter com can’t grow. Before you eat food, the first rice in your spoon. Ask yourselves that if you have done justice for all the sins done against the innocent who attended your church. Close the cpm church handover the keys to the government and run away.

  11. If he had to marry the victim by logic.. so many
    “Me toos” gonna come forward.

    He is not a pastor just a predator. reminds me of harvey weinstein..

  12. Dear Admin
    //Weren’t you also part of the team who carried stories about her being mentally disturbed and under depression?//

    To answer your questions.
    Victim DO NOT have mentally disturbed and under depression.

    The pervert Joshua and chameleon Sharon ammachi have come to an agreement to say that kinds of phrase if any Singapore believers enquiries after reading your articles..
    This is their kind of weapons or shield for thier own covering ups.

    Think people, if the victim has mentally disturbed and under depression. She wouldn’t come to SOG asked for help. For justifying her own life. This type of think any lame man able to think.

    TPM SOG have the capabilities to psycho people mindset for their own wrong doings.

    The one have mentally disturbed and under depression are pervert Joshua and chameleon Sharon ammachi.
    I’m still in shocked after reading the comments of @ Eshter that chamellon Sharon ammachi send Kala and Kezia to full fillinghe list of pervet Joshua.


    Joshua used to play with young worker sisters when they go to arrange his meals. Ammachi sharon used to send always sister kesia, kala. Theses two sisters are secret informers to Joshua what ever happened in absence of him. So in return he satisfy them with touching and playing.

  13. Dear All,

    Anybody having white garment factory. Saints cannot buy new clothes due to lockdown. Extreme acute condition here. Food in plenty, don’t worry. 100 sacs of grain in faith home storage house given by farmer believers. Many workers planning to buy 1000 sacs and keep in store once lockdown lift. Like Joseph our saints want to store for 7 year famine. But only problem white clothes in shortage. If believer factory owner can send parcel then we will collect here. We will give you your money by minus tithe from it.

    As per order from pastor

  14. Admin fromtpm is doing good work by exposing all the nefarious activities going on in tpm in the name of God. There may be many more like JOSHUA,who are well hidden.
    May more people come out from this cult called TPM after reading fromtpm.


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