Even while the series of Joshua’s Sexploits will continue, we would like to address our readers based on certain comments and emails we received recently.

As you all are aware of recent uncovering of the cloak of the saintliness of Joshua (click link numbers to read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), it is time for a midway retrospection. There are two types of people found in annals of sacred pages. As a part of retrospection, we must decide to which group so we belong to. One group hates correction (Proverbs 12:1). Bible calls these people as brutish/stupid (Proverbs 12:1). The word brutish means like a beast. Beast has no understanding. It doesn’t think nor does it retrospect its own acts of cruelty. It keeps committing its beastly acts. People of Israel who killed prophets since Old Testament times fall under this title. They kept repeating their act of killing prophets who were sent by God to criticize their sins (Luke 11:51). On the other hand, people of the second group humble themselves before God and amend their ways. Like David, they think “where did they commit the mistake that they landed in this situation.” Like David, who after committing sins with Bathsheba, wrote Psalm 51, these second group people retrospect their entire life and belief system.

They realize that problem is not outside them in the form of temptation but within them. But beastly brutish people like Joshua, keep unashamedly lying. Such people will keep telling lie after lie to control the damage to their belly. Such men are more interested in their bellies than their eternal life. Workers who are hand in glove with such culprits will make every move to ensure the smooth influx of believer’s money into their pockets. As a result, they will visit you and talk in a typical way. This article will expose their typical statements in such situations. As we study their typical response we will show you their erring ways. It’s time to retrospect our ways. 

An Imaginary believer’s regret

As a damage control activity, workers visit believers home. They will say that there was once a saint and or a believer, who was angry at TPM workers. He left TPM. Now he is regretting and repenting of leaving TPM. It is not hard to read the hidden intention of such storytellers. They fear that once believers leave TPM, then there will be great damage to the monthly fund they get in the name of God and tithes. Therefore these greedy mammon loving self-acclaimed godmen, tell such cock and bull stories. Let us see, whether is it really regretful act to come out of TPM!  

I am yet to meet ONE person who has left TPM for the right reason and has regretted that. If anyone would like to bring a single such person, we would like to interview him. No Imaginary person in TPM Stick man story…But real Live Person.

These are the Last days and the Devil is working mightily

Workers coming at your home will say that these are last days and the devil is working mightily to destroy the church. By the word CHURCH, they mean the organization TPM. This is their usual tactic to stir your emotions and make you think that leaving TPM is leaving God and destruction of God’s church. But the truth is quite different. Devil is not interested in uprooting a man-made building or organization under any brand name. The devil knows that a building is not the church, but the people who trust in the name of Jesus.

Retrospection After Sexploits of Joshua

So getting people to spread from one church to another is not a success to him! This is not the destruction of the church. Church will be destroyed if people stop trusting in Jesus. Therefore there is no harm in switching fellowship. On the other hand, it may turn out advantageous. We need the church for fellowship – a fellowship of Christians, who can stir each other to do good works in order to shine the light of Jesus! As a believer, we can get multiple benefits from multiple Christian fellowships. Each one has his own drawback and goodness. As a smart believer, you can take good from each fellowship and neglect that which is bad.

With the internet, you can reach beyond your city and listen to good preachers, read their books, read bible commentaries and Christian works of literature. You can grow in the knowledge of God. As far as what is wrong and what is right, you know it. Hence there is no need to stay limited to TPM fellowship and blindly believe the nonsense which TPM teaches. They will threaten you that God will punish you if you leave TPM. If so then ask them, is God so unrighteous that he doesn’t punish centre pastors like Joshua, Sunny George, Gunaseelans and workers like Caleb, Ramesh, Bijoy etc? Will he quickly jump to punish believers bypassing these demons? So don’t fear church hopping. Give it a try. It may be the devil is mightily working to stop you from learning new truths about the bible and letting you be confined to the evil tree of TPM which gives evil fruits.   

Our Faith Should not be Shaken

TPM workers will repeat again and again in such times that our faith should not be shaken. They will give sermons on Sundays and on every occasion to stop you from going out of their control. The truth, however, is that our Faith in Jesus is important in the sight of God, and not our faith in the human organization. Faith should not be shaken, does not mean, that faith in TPM should not be shaken! If you have faith in TPM and it is what they are telling you that faith in TPM should not be shaken, then it is not hard to imagine what Spirit is working, which has replaced faith in Jesus with faith in TPM. Therefore as I said earlier, church-hopping is not faith shaking but shaking off a bad faith in the organization.

TPM is truth; Do not go away from the truth. Saints teach you the deeper meaning  

This again is a false self-exaltation tactic to maintain you from fleeing away from the clutches of TPM’s deception. TPM pastors are illiterates in terms of biblical theology. A proper theologically-educated pastor knows history, he knows the context of the bible passages, and he will be well equipped in the bible and various interpretations of it. He will present all interpretation before you and will let you choose what you think is right. He will not impose control on you. On the other hand, TPM workers are trained in only TPM doctrines. They will ensure you are not exposed to other angles which might liberate you from their power. So what are TPM doctrines that they claim to be the truth? Let us do a brief analysis of whether they teach the truth.   

The Doctrine of Divine Healing

As we have already told you, “divine healing” or “faith healing” (as Americans call it), is teaching which originated with John Alexander Dowie, at least 50 years before TPM was established. Alexander Dowie used to print magazine called “Leaves of healing.” He formed a city called Zion in Illinois in the US. TPM leaders didn’t get this doctrine in their heads put directly from heaven above. They read this philosophy from faith healing literature of the US of 1900s and began propagating it in India as TPM doctrine. As proved earlier, TPM Ministers are masters in copying and plagiarizing. There is no direct statement in the New Testament or the Old, which says taking medicine is a sin on par with witchcraft. If bible could warn its followers to stay away from witchcraft (Rev 21:8), then it could have also warned from taking medicines. Medicine and Physicians were in existence from days of Joseph in Egypt (Gen 50:2). Medicine is not a 21st-century invention. Just by using one or two indirect scriptures and twisting it to suit it to fit mystic John Dowie’s teaching doesn’t make divine healing biblical. Using the term “DEEP” to bring it into practice that which is not mentioned in scriptures is an art of deceiving people by play of words. Anyways, if you still believe that the power of medicine can undo salvation, which Jesus gives us by his death on the cross, even then it is no reason to continue to stay in TPM.

The Doctrine of Dos and Don’ts

If you don’t want to wear jewellery, then do not wear it. Stay simple. Don’t use fashion. You are aware of the simplicity that bible demands (I Pet 3:3). But think of this. Has that doctrine of not wearing jewellery, stopped Joshua from committing abominable immorality? What is required is a change of the heart from within. Outward rules and regulations of Dos and don’ts will not work. Apostle Paul has said it clearly,

…why……….. do you submit to regulations—  “Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch” ….These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism….but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh

Col 2:20-22

TPM has all sort of man-made rules of dos and don’ts, which appear wise on first glance, but they are of no use to stop men from sinning. What can actually stop men from sinning is dying to the world along with Jesus (as Apostle Paul says in Col 2:20).

Doctrine of Holy Spirit Anointing

Again TPM workers will say that in TPM, you can feel the presence of Holy Spirit. Let me ask you, “is feeling good and excited a sign of the presence of Holy Spirit?” The 400 prophets who prophesied that Ahab and Jehoshaphat should go-ahead for war at Ramoth-Gilead (I Kings 22), made people feel good excited. They promised them of God’s assistance. What an electric environment it must have been when 400 prophets have gathered together and they all say in one voice, “I am God of Israel. Do not fear. I will destroy your enemies.”But you know how false spirits were behind it.

Let us assume that it was God’s Spirit, which has been moving in TPM Singapore church! If that be so then how come God was silent for the past 20 years when Joshua was involved in his business of womanizing and defiling so many sisters? Bible’s Holy Spirit had criticized people in Israel Old Testament by sending prophets to the people of Israel. In the New Testament times, the Holy Spirit criticized elders of seven churches of Asia. But the spirit operating in TPM tarrying meeting is quite unaware from past twenty years of what Joshua has been doing. This so-called Holy Spirit has never told chief pastors or leader about Joshua until www.fromtpm.com exposed Joshua. When David committed sin, did not Holy Spirit sent Nathan to rebuke David? Why is then spirit operating in TPM behaving differently than it had been behaving in the Old and New Testament? Did it tell about Centre Pastor Sunny George to TPM chief ever? Or what about many evil things which monsters like Joshua, Gunaseelan, Caleb, Ramesh, Bijoy etc keep hiding from church until they are exposed? You need to think, what is it behind TPM tarrying meeting which works only with super-fast drum beating! Have you ever read about the usage of the drum to beat fast to fill in tongues? The fact remains that tarrying meeting (like of TPM) is in fact discouraged in the bible (Read 1 Corinthians 14:27-28). Check these articles (Click blue coloured numbers to read 1, 2, 3).

Doctrine of the life of Separation

Again the doctrine of the life of separation is twisting of Christian principle. In the Old Testament, God asked the Israelites to keep themselves away from pagan and heathen so that they learn not their idolatry! He didn’t ask tribe of Judah to practice a life of separation from the tribe of Levites. What TPM practices in the name of “life of separation” is cultish attempt to control your exodus from their grasp. Where does the bible say that members of the church of Sardis should not marry members of the church of Philadelphia? Where do you find it is written that believers of church of Galatians should not take communion by hands of the elder of Church of Corinth? Have you ever read that Paul excommunicated any believer for attending worship meeting of Peter’s assembly or say Barnabas’s meetings, even though Paul parted with Barabbas? TPM rules of “life of separation” are erroneous teachings of the Catholic Church, which prohibits its members from taking communion in other churches, or attending other pastors meetings or taking baptism in other churches. It is twisting of life of separation of Old Testament principle. All cults impose similar control rules on its members because they fear that exposure to the outside world will illuminate members with the truth. That is why you will find most cults buying entire city and making a boundary wall to stop its members from communication with the outside world. Think upon it.

Don’t Tarnish the image of the saints, Don’t judge them

Another tactic of TPM workers is that after any Joshua like incident they will say we should look at Jesus alone and not at lives and failures of human beings. So tell them that Jesus is in all churches not in TPM alone. One needs a direct personal relationship with Jesus and not through any mediator. Hence switching church is not looking away from Jesus but rather it is looking at another fellowship. There is no harm in trying and tasting different food.

TPM workers will also say we should not judge saints. Well, we should judge TPM doctrines which appear utter failure, when a saint’s dirty life is exposed. We are not asking you to judge a man but to look at bad fruits and realize that a bad tree cannot produce good fruits. All tall claims of holiness and overcoming life of TPM are like the jumla like Modiji. They do not withstand the test of time and exposure. Had not this evidence come to TPM, Joshua would have continued in his dirty works, claiming he is the holy saint of God! Many such evil works keep happening in TPM in every faith home. But nothing gets reported. They cover up everything. This tells us that TPM’s teaching of salvation by human holiness and perfection is a deception. Its time to judge their fundamental belief! Salvation is only possible when we completely trust in the ability of the blood of Jesus to save us from condemnation. Belief in our own holiness to save our necks on the last day is a jumla.

All the attempts of TPM like saying it is fabricated and people are trying to tarnish the image of the saint is nothing but self-defence by attacking others. This is a damage control tactic assuming people are fool without brains. Well, why does TPM tarnish other churches when it says it is true and its workers are true apostles! Aren’t they tarnishing other ministers by calling themselves as true apostles? Aren’t they tarnishing other Christians when they say they will go to the new earth and other low degree eternity while TPM members will go to the zenith of glory in Zion? Aren’t they tarnishing many ministers when they say one needs be baptized and take communion by hands of TPM workers alone? So when they keep despising others, it’s not fair and when the evil works are exposed they think it is attempting to tarnish them! Hmm! Interesting! And think about it. A person sitting somewhere in Australia or Canada and running this website is fabricating and photoshopping against a man in Singapore?  What is the connection? There must be 5000 workers in TPM all over the world. Why Joshua only? Why not Pastor Abraham Mathew or Deputy assistant Pastor Jayem? There is a limit to fool people and say white lies. And TPM will leave no stone unturned to repeat lies after lies.


Dear believers of TPM, your time is up. How long will TPM taskmasters try to stop your exodus from their control and slavery of deception? Should not you think and retrospect? TPM workers will call you, or visit your home. They will begin a sweet talk with your family. They will make all attempts to ensure you keep feeding these monsters like Joshua.  This lockdown is the time given by God to study his word! Take time given by God during this lockdown to read all the articles on this website. It’s time to think, retrospect our old beliefs and thinking and decide what is right and what is wrong. 


  1. I have a doubt,
    Will anyone say his job is more important than wife.
    And accept even to divorce for job ? Though it’s less salary job ?
    It’s a missionary hospital he works though… but will he go to extend saying he can divorce but not leave job ?
    Will they be any women colleague behind this scene ?
    Stopped trusting tpm guys in this matter.

  2. Most, if not all of the contrary commentaries posted on this site about TPM is based on fact. But here I’m standing on the fence considering that the bible exhort us to not forsake the assembly of the brethren. In my country most churches are not unlike TPM.

    You can’t break bread alone by yourself, it is not scriptural, you have to be part of the assembly to break bread. So what do you ensure an African TPM Believer to do.

    • Dear Brother,
      There is no point of being part of an assembly which is non-scriptural. Let’s turn to the scripture you quoted.
      Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Heb 10:25
      In TPM its always a one-sided EXHORTING not about Exhorting One Another as this scripture says. Let me add in one more scripture to show how assembly worship should be.
      How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, EVERY ONE of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying. 1 Cor 14:26
      In TPM, when was the last time you shared a Revelation, a Doctrine, An Interpretation of the scripture? Is not it all done and controlled by the Clergy? Is that As per the scripture?

      When you come together, we always are expected to break the bread(Acts 2:46). Do you Break the bread in TPM ALWAYS?
      A TPM Fellowship is NOT a fellowship with the Father and the Son(1 John 1:3). It is a fellowship meeting of the cult. It is not better than any Club meeting.
      When you break the bread, you should ensure that you are in fellowship with the Father and the Son. So even if you are alone, you can break the bread IF you have fellowship with the Father and the SON.

      You do not need CULTS like TPM for Breaking the Bread.

  3. It is heard that Valakom faith home in charge Thiruvanandapuram native most gracious Vijayan is under quarantine at Kottarakkara Central faith home for his womanasing activities. This fellow is highly competent in this field. When he was in Trivandrum center, he was in relationship with another female worker namely Ernakulum Sa—-. They both were planning to leave, but he betrayed her. Afterwards she complained against him and TPM in “THAMMIL THAMMIL” program of Asianet News Channel. Later he was transferred to Kopttarakkara Center.

    Another adventure of this great man. When he was in one of the Trivandrum Center locals, one believer lady slipped and fell in front of his faith home. He immediately took her inside and prayed for her. One day she was coming alone to the faith home, immediately he hid himself in the corner of the fake her and asked her to kiss him.

    Anyway his TPM quarantine is going on, he will come out again as TPM saint once his quarantine period is over. What a pathetic situation?

  4. What a strict disciplary church of tpm! Weirdo chief thinks quarantining saints removes spirit of lust from these sex maniacs. They should now think of making a big central quarantining jail in Chennai headquarters. Because corona lockdown will make many saints copulate with each other inside fake homes. All of them should then be put in central jail of tpm, along with Joshua and Vijayan together. Make Sunny george the jail head.

  5. //Weirdo chief thinks quarantining saints removes spirit of lust from these sex maniacs.//

    Besides quarantining these saints, they should be made to wear masks (made of GI metal) to cover their private parts.

    • @ mask of GI metal to cover their private parts
      Yeah! And it should locked with 3 keys. Then throw all the three keys in Indian Ocean. ,😆

      • Not sure if this is adequate to contain these sex maniacs from abusing others. They burn with so much lust, the heat can easily melt their metal masks😉


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