In this article, we will try to expose two trickeries which TPM tells their believers. One of that is concerning their Consecration and another is about their monetary accountability. Let me remind you this is not ONLY about Joshua. The rest of the TPM Clergy are worse than that. We are picking upon Joshua here because we have a trail to show you.

The Den of Thieves

When it comes to dealing with money, many of their so-called consecration goes for a Toss. Mr Melchizedek is asked to go for a walk so that the money transfer can happen within the family. If in doubt, you should ask the Durai guy in Vellore where he is siphoning money to his family businesses. This is as per some mails that we have received. I have my own reasons to believe that it is true. However, as the givers of this money is not bothered, why should I?

Just as how our Sunny George found out a loophole with the Rev 14 Interpretation, We have our Joshua finding a loophole in the TPM Heb 7 interpretation. Let us see how the loophole was developed.

Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.

These crooked clergies interpret the above verse to disown and abandon their own parents who raised them. Shamelessly they misappropriate the money and use it for their own entertainment. Most of these guys immediately start thinking of purchasing land and building mansions for their own gang. That is because they do not know what to do with all these monies. They do what they know. If they happen to help a poor by mistake, it is like the recipient has to be eternally obliged to dance according to their tune.

They pickpocket your money in the name of God to enjoy for themselves. Absolutely no accountability about how they spend it. One of their chief Money changers(Devi Kumari) died and was buried on the same day yesterday. Let them shake her mattresses and will get lots of Dollar bills.

About Melchizedek and Monetary Accountability in TPM

Back to the Joshua Story

I am sure that TPM Clergy would have thought that it is un-Melchizedeklike to give money to their own parents. However, the above verse does not say anything about giving it to his in-laws. What’s wrong with sending some money to his Hidden wife/Son? Note the relationship area, it clearly mentions “IN-LAWS“. Did he violate the Melchizedek TPM interpretation? NO. That is what I call as SMART BOY.

Now if anybody thinks that Joshua was sending it for the stuff the victim purchased for Joshua, it’s not so. Check the amount remitted. It is S$ 1000.00(a round figure). The Victim has testified to us about that too. If anybody has a doubt, we can prove that aspect too. We have evidence of that as well. However, to save space, we are not putting that here.

Thailand Money modified About Melchizedek and Monetary Accountability in TPM

Now our Blind TPM believers who have signed up for mental slavery will say that they have given to God and it is between God and the Clergy. These people do not even realize now that the god of TPM is NOT the GOD of the Bible. The God of TPM sits in Irumbuliyur and calls himself as CHIEF PASTOR who is reigning from ZION. Notice his Fraudulent silence in this matter. I have no qualms in telling that. As long as we have fools, we will have organizations like TPM. Nobody has ever seen the inner walls of TPM audit, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statements or anything related to that. WHY?

The Christian way of Accountability

We are expected to help our fellow Christians. Nowhere in the New Testament, we see any fellowship giving, without any accountability. For our example, let us see how the believers in Corinth send relief to the believers in Jerusalem who was going through unprecedented Famine. Please bear in mind that Paul the Apostle did not take any money. He worked as a tent-maker for his sustenance as that was the profession he knew (Acts 18:3).

Look at this portion of scripture which highlights the transparency in which Paul is ensuring that the thing he does, is Right in the Eyes of GOD and MAN. Clearly Paul is ensuring that there is an audit trail which can be traced.

16 Thanks be to God, who put into the heart of Titus the same concern I have for you. 17 For Titus not only welcomed our appeal, but he is coming to you with much enthusiasm and on his own initiative. 18 And we are sending along with him the brother who is praised by all the churches for his service to the gospel. 19 What is more, he was chosen by the churches to accompany us as we carry the offering, which we administer in order to honoUr the Lord himself and to show our eagerness to help. 20 We want to avoid any criticism of the way we administer this liberal gift. 21 For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

2 Cor 8:16-21

In TPM, the Frauds have an internal white-clad committee and they misappropriate the wealth they have amassed by tricking the laity. They have a cover-up and consolidation exercise which they name as an audit. They make themselves as above any questioning as they are APOSTLES. Wow!!! what a mechanism of Fraudsters.

Biblical Stewardship

Look at how faithful was Joseph in the house of Potipher. Can you say this about your White-clads? Look how Potiphar is flourishing under the care of Joseph. Do you see Joseph building mansions for himself all around the land with the money of Potipher?

 This pleased Potiphar, so he soon made Joseph his personal attendant. He put him in charge of his entire household and everything he ownedFrom the day Joseph was put in charge of his master’s household and property, the Lord began to bless Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs ran smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished. So Potiphar gave Joseph complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned. With Joseph there, he didn’t worry about a thing—except what kind of food to eat!…

Gen 39:4-6


God expects us to be faithful stewards in whatever we have received from him. Money and Finance are of the lowest category, of things that God gives to us. But If we are unfaithful in the basest of gifts, why do you think that the Lord will bless you with higher spiritual gifts?

So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

Luke 16:11

TPM brainwashed fanatics may say that Joshua is a Judas. But, we are saying that the whole of the bunch, right from Abraham Mathew is the same category of Judas. Stop giving your hard-earned money to the Judases of TPM. Click here to read more articles which show the devious ways they dupe you. You have only yourself to blame for feeding these lazy fellows.

He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.

John 12:16

Take heed and obey to what St Peter exhorts us to do.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Pet 4:10


  1. not only this brother, they had done worse things to junior workers provident funds or their hard earned assets like houses to be sold & encashed to their corrupt organisation, I know of one worker brother whose entire hard earned provident fund was transferred over to IBR & not 1 dollar was spared to him or his family, this entire org is a scam & cheat

    • It is because of this reason, most of the TPM Ministers die prematurely. Though they say its divine healing, I know its because they forfeited the reason to live when they dishonoured their parents. Look at the below verses.

      “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Exo 20:12

      Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3 “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”[a] Eph 6:1-3

      There is no greater dishonour to parents than disowning and abandoning them in their old age. TPM Ministers do this dishonouring act, meticulously.

    • Dear Brother RichINChrist,
      I understand your ill-feelings over the fact that you did not receive any part of the provident fund of your brother. And so you called the church to scold them off. And even called your brother to yell at him.

      Have you forgotten that the provident fund belongs to your brother and not you?
      It is his say where he wants his money to go to. It is not your money for you to want a share of.
      If he feels he wants to give it all to the church, that’s his call.

      Also, have you forgotten that the chief pastor actually gave a portion of it to your mother out of goodwill?
      Don’t be so quick to condemn the church that not even a single cent was given to the family.
      You were expecting more, and you didnt get a cent for yourself, so you take it out here on this forum….

      • @idlythosaivadai,
        I think you got it wrong, I’m only telling you of an incident that I heard from a believer in your church in Singapore, i do not know the family in person. but having said that, what portion are you talking about?! You & your chief had already taken all of his portion entirely, to lavishly spend on your dear sayang..

      • Thiaga Massilamani,
        Why are you hiding from the presence of The Lord,? Why don’t you answer this & all the other matters & questions posed to you & your headquarters chiefs in IRBR?

        //…@idlythosai.. whatever

        Matt 23:24
        Blind guides, who strain out a fly and swallow a camel!

        Just as this verse from Matthew, Jesus predicted stiff necked people like you..
        & we are talking of what about a lifetime provident savings of 120k sgd at least? you people have swallowed an whole camel & claim to have given a mere few hundred as a portion? hence the above verse is meant for only stiff necked person like you & your chief wolf to spend in your lavish lifestyle! what outright hypocrites!..//

        • Lets see if the organization for which Joshua tricked people will stand by him when he is in a corner.

  2. Brothers & Sisters of tpm,

    Please don’t listen to fromtpm. It not our problem if saints give our money to their hidden wives, hidden sons and hidden in-laws. Who are we to ask account of it. God will never ask us , I gave you brain why not you use it before giving it to saints in my name? He never ask why not you make committe for saints to manage their daily need. In Acts our lord’s original Apostles made Stephen manager over 6 member committe to look after food requirement of Apostles. But what happen? Stephen the committee head was killed by stones. Therefore we learn, not make committee.

    Our job only to do hard work and give money to saints. He buy camera with it for sister room watching, then it not our problem. He buy ladies purse to give gift to worker sisters to touch them here there inside faithhome, then it not our problem.

  3. @elina..//Our job only to do hard work and give money to saints. He buy camera with it for sister room watching, then it not our problem//

    “Where there are fools, there will be deceivers”

    “A fool has no delight in understanding,
    But in expressing his own heart”..Prov 18:2

    According to this verse, there’s absolutely no reason to argue with elina cos he/she refuses wisdom & understanding. Suggest to @elina to read Proverbs & Ecclesiastes to understand herself better.

  4. Dear Admin,
    It would be of a great effort, if you could take time in exposing Heb 7: 1- & Rev 14: 1- , luke 14:26 in a single write up, becoz these are the verses which have created confusions in belivers and many innocent youths get deceived in to becoming TPM Clergy.

  5. @ elina, You talk exactly as a TPM fanatic believer. Be open to your heart and dont get deceived by yourself. Take an example that you got a friend who appears to be very poor or a beggar you help out of your compassion. One day you realises that this friend is too rich and dont deserve this help where there are so many others who actually need your help. OR in the case of beggar you helped, uses that money to get drugs, My question is will you help that beggar or friend again thinking that let the LORD deal with it and i will keep on help the beggar for him buying drugs and will help your rich friend. You say you stand for Yeshua, if so whatever is against Yeshua you should refrain from. Yeshua saw the moneychangers in the Temple and he straightly made them out by performing an act. He just did not say let GOD deal with them, i will do what im supposed to do. So i would advise you there could be many poor believers in your church, help them with your tithes rather than dumping your money to such people who doesnt stand for jesus and thereby prompting him to do more ungodly things. The punishment we deserve will be much greater than the others as we r blindly encouraging the others to perform more evil in the name of GOD. Its a hypocrisy!!! Beware

    • @ John Wesley

      As per TPM looks are important, since the friend appears to be ‘ poor’ Or ‘beggar’ (holy and white clad) you help him. Now what the poor or beggar does is not your look out. You have done a good deed and you get your reward we do not need to see how that money is utilised else you are cursed and you don’t deserve to get up from sleep in the morning ( for more details refer to Pinkies’ comments.

  6. @ John Wesley
    Good analogy! But what a pity in the city that you can’t see it from other perspectives.
    I feel much much pity peelings for you, my friend. What a pathetic state you are in…

    You need to read your Bible properly da macha.
    God calls us to tithe and offer NOT so that we should TRACE and TRACK where OUR money goes but because we give Him our best, trusting that He provides everything in return for us.

    So number 1 – to TRACE and TRACK and expect an audit and account of where YOUR money is going proves you have ZERO trust that God provides for you. And you are claiming your earnings as YOUR money when in fact, it was God who gave you your earnings and job in the 1st place. The cunning spirit of Cain….

    Number 2 – @ Richie: it’s NOT that we don’t need to worry about what ministers do with our offerings because every minister answers to GOD. Not to YOU. Not to Admin. Not to any reader here condemning the minister.
    Not your Prechaney why you busybody?

    Number 3 – John Wesley gave an analogy about someone who appears to be a beggar but later turns out to be a rich person. Well, this is one POSSIBLE assumption. How about considering another perspective? You give the money to church for the furthering of the work of Christ. Part of the work of Christ is helping the poor and needy in the congregation (Proverbs 19:17 and so many more). Who are YOU to say that YOUR money must NOT go to the poor in the church? That’s for God to decide and if God urges the minister to give money to the poor who are also HIS people, then who are you to HINDER that? Your filthy ways are not God’s. So don’t condemn. Don’t judge based on what you see.

    We do not know who this lady is, her background, her financial status.
    If you want to immediately condemn a minister saying he’s giving people’s hard-earned money to a lady, then be UNBIASED and consider that there are many factors unknown to you.
    1. You do not know WHAT the money was for. It could have been to help with a financial situation/ a medical need of a family member / an educational need / an emergency etc.
    2. You do not know if the name reflected is the sender himself or the sender was sending on behalf of someone else (herein the words “in law”)
    3. You do not know if God had urged the sender to send this money for a particular purpose
    4. You do not know if the receipt was photoshopped or created for the purpose of spoiling the TPM ministry since this is the main aim of this post.

    Please my dear readers, judge not with what your eyes see.
    My good name Idly Thosai Vadai, but do you see???
    See my point?

    • Too much of thinking. This fellow’s brain would have got steamed like an Idly, flattened like a Thosai and Fried like a Vadai. Anyway, our Playboy Joshua confesses that this is remitted to IN-LAWS(My Rose) and also WITH LOVE .

      May you continue to be blind.


    • @Idly dosa whatever
      //God calls us to tithe and offer NOT so that we should TRACE and TRACK where OUR money goes but because we give Him our best, trusting that He provides everything in return for us.//

      1. Where did God called people to tithe (10%) in New Testament? Just show me a scripture. (Remember you used the word tithe).

      2. If you think bible doesn’t want people to have accountability, then how come apostle John is able to conclude that Judas used to steal money that was collected , if he wasnt tracing and tracking or auditing (John 12:6)? Why does Apostle Paul say, one must be accountable not only in sight of God but also in sight of men (2 Corinthians 8;21). Why does Ezra makes the people accountable to whom he gave treasury of House of God, by saying, “Watch and keep this untill…..(Ezra 8:24,29).”

      The problem with morons like you is that you haven’t been trained in bible properly. You utter the dung from your mouth because your brain is filled with dung. Cant expect much from greedy servants of devil like you, who serve not God but their own belly. Your entire tpm system is designed to serve mamon. You cheat people by not giving them reciepts of donations them make, so that you can cheat government by not paying taxes. Shame on you.

      • 1. I don’t need to swoop so low like you to engage in a scripture attack. That’s what lucifer would do.. If you like, you could read your entire bible for a better understanding of walking with Christ and the role of tithing/giving as part of the Christian lifestyle and walk.

        Just for starters – Galatians 6:7 [A man reaps what he sows.]
        You sow into the kingdom of God, you reap it.

        Similarly, you sow seeds of hatred and discord and poison and confusion through this website, you can expect the same coming back at you like a boomerang.
        Having said that, I must also quantify that if any TPM church sows dishonesty, then that’s what it would reap as well. So you don’t need to worry about tearing down the church. God will do the needful according to each man’s heart.

        2. I did not say Bible doesn’t want people to have accountability. I merely said God does not call us to take account of our OFFERING. We give in faith. He distributes according to need. Don’t question God. Of course, your quote of John 12:6 is valid indeed. And just because there’s a scripture portion where accounts was taken, it does not mean God wants everyone to take account of their offering to the church and make sure it’s used in the way they deem appropriate and suitable. Seriously, God’s plans could be far different from yours. You may not know that there’s someone weak/poor in your church perhaps needing that money. But God sees. Acknowledge the sovereignty of the Almighty and take rest in that.

        Thank you for calling me a moron! I’d like to extend that very same well wishes back to you!
        Oh yes, I’m not so well trained in the bible .. and that’s why I’m still learning.
        Not as trained as you, fallen worker… so quick to quote and misuse for your own gains… I can’t outwit u for sure.

        I utter dung from my mouth? hmm, the last I checked, my mouth is only filled with good stuff and praises.. perhaps, you’re referring to the dung stuck in between your teeth? Go check and let me know please.

        I can sense you have a lot of hatred towards the entire organization, Nath.
        I suggest, for your own well-being that you quickly leave the church and find another soon before the devil rips your entire being apart and drag you down to hell with him.
        If you’ve already left the church, then I hope you find peace and happiness in another church and let go of all this hatred and vengeance and mocking of the church.

        In case you don’t know how to let go, please refer to a lovely song from the disney movie FROZEN – let it go…. let it go….. can’t hold it back anymore..
        God bless you, Nath ( I hope not short for Naatham which means stinky smell in Tamil)

        • @ idly whatever
          Dear Joshua T.
          //I don’t need to swoop so low like you to engage in a scripture attack. //

          Lol! What an excuse as you have no scripture backup to support tithing in new testament! You never had, and you have been fooling people in the name of God. When asked to show a verse you call it swooping low! So that means, citing something as God’s command with giving reference where God has said it, is very sublime! How long are you gonna fool people by play of words?

          //Having said that, I must also quantify that if any TPM church sows dishonesty, then that’s what it would reap as well//

          Ofcourse it will, at the coming of Lord Jesus, who will consume harlot daughters (like tpm) of harlot mother (Babylonian fallen church) with fire from of his mouth. But before that people must be called out “Come ye out , be not partakers of her sin……(Rev 18:4).” Therefore we will keep trying to pull people out of this abominable organization which has claoked itself into dress of prophet, but is nothing but false prophetess.

          //I merely said God does not call us to take account of our OFFERING. //
          I have cited reference that accounting was part church. Richie has also explained the same. You haven’t yet shown any scripture that believers should not trace track or audit money given for God’s work. What a shame! Again you are trying to fool people with threatenings and un-biblical imagination of your greedy money loving heart.

          // You may not know that there’s someone weak/poor in your church perhaps needing that money //
          Again you are trying to mislead people. First of all , it’s not your money. Church gave it for god’s work, and believers must be informed of the charity done by it (accountability and transparency). Nobody objects good work. But where there is no transperency , doubts are bound happen. That is why churches all around give accounts of charity they do with God’s money. It is not your personal money to give alms without your left hand knowing what your right giveth. When Paul sent relief he wrote about it in letters (2 Corinthians 8).
          And by the way, sending money to someone’s family with whom you are having immoral sexual relationship isn’t charity. Stop fooling.

          //I can sense you have a lot of hatred towards the entire organization, Nath.//
          ROFL. Your threatening dosent work dear. You better plan about your own exit from tpm dear Joshua. You can curse us after you are kicked out of singapore. Now eat some idly dosa vada and Pongal , and get your brain working to protect your a–.

        • @IdlyThosaiVadai:
          //God bless you, Nath ( I hope not short for Naatham which means stinky smell in Tamil)//

          Brother, Naatham is a colloquial or conversational word in Tamil, and the original or pure word for this is actually Naatram. The meaning of Naatram (நாற்றம்) is ‘good smell’, and ‘stinky smell’ is called Thur Naatram (துர் நாற்றம்) or Thur Naatham. If brother Nath’s name is short for Naatham (which I don’t think is the case), it means ‘sweet smell’ and not ‘stinky smell’ – which is a pleasant name. Please stand corrected.

          The owners of this website have clearly stated their intent in the “About Us” section, and I reproduce the same here for your ready reference: “The Purpose of this site is to bring out the devious teachings of this denomination. We also aim to bring out practices which are alien to the Church of God. Our Mission is to expose the devious techniques that are used by TPM to bring people into bondage. Most of its members do not realize this treachery which they are undergoing”.

          Hence, calling the owners’ works or commentators’ feed-backs as “hatred and vengeance and mocking of the church” is not correct. The “About Us” section further states: “If you think this website is hurting your religious sentiments, please close down the page in your browser. We are propagating the facts as we know and we are not responsible for your hurt sentiments”. The onus is clearly on you to stay away from this site if your sentiments are hurt. Don’t expect this site to close down or stop carrying out what they are doing. That is simply not going to happen.

          If you cannot suppress your urge to visit this site and refrain from commenting, please do it in a constructive manner by quoting appropriate scripture verses to support your position. Don’t simply accuse this site of “Using scripture and twisting it so profoundly to suit your accusations against the leaders of the church – exactly what Satan did with Christ in the wilderness…” Please show evidence where this site has done so with scripture as your defense.

          Coming specifically to this article and your first comment, you have stated “You do not know WHAT the money was for. It could have been to help with a financial situation/ a medical need of a family member / an educational need / an emergency etc.” However, if you have gone through all the episodes pertaining to Joshua beginning with “The Sexploits of Joshua-1”, it is overwhelmingly evident that the money was not used for any of the noble causes you have mentioned. It is very obvious to an average reader that Joshua misused the tithe/offering money to buy “sex”. Please don’t defend an evil man knowingly.

          By the way, your name brings nostalgic memories of my native Tamil Nadu and I sorely miss the Idly, Thosai and Vadai here in Canada.

    • Hi IdliDosaVada,
      //You need to read your Bible properly da macha
      1.) Bible la New Testament belivers ku kidaiyathu !
      Please watch these small clips in tamil on tithe and ill effects when you give or take it

      Please read this link. You are deceived

      3.) Your point is meaningless. We are exposing leaders like him so that others will be warned. (Ephesians 5:11 )
      Another question if victim is your own sister will you put her photo and details ? THE INTENT OF JOSHUA AND VICTIM IS NOT SAME. She wanted to marry him but Joshua needed her body only ! Joshua wanted free sex. That is his motive. So the name of the victim is hidden. The bill is not fabricated as you say.

    • Hello Idlidosaivadai

      You follow the old testament tithe system and your white clads have taught you from the time of your birth that you must put the money in the hands of the SOG and he will pray for you and you will be blessed manifold.
      I hope you understand the meaning of the word transparency. Since, you are still following the old testament tithe system I would like to bring your attention to a system observed during the old testament time.

      Please read 2Kings 12
      10 And it was so, when they saw that there was much money in the chest, that the king’s scribe and the high priest came up, and they put up in bags, and told the money that was found in the house of the Lord.

      11 And they gave the money, being told, into the hands of them that did the work, that had the oversight of the house of the Lord: and they laid it out to the carpenters and builders, that wrought upon the house of the Lord,

      Now Jehodia was a man of integrity and the money chest was opened by the priest and the kings’s scribe (who does not belong to your category of SOG), Its written “THE MONEY WAS TOLD” then again the money that was told was given to the people who had oversight of the work. What your white clads do ?

      Now, do your white clads ever do this? This is called transparency.

      Now in in the new testament when we turn to Acts 6, we find that there were some complaints by the helenists that there was some injustice being done. Did the Apostles curse the hellenists as your white clads do or did they call a council of disciples and delegate the responsibilities ? Thats Integrity.

      Here proof upon proof is given by the admin about the misdeeds of Joshua and people like you are busy showing that this is photoshopped. People are not fools, ask your so called cheifs in IRBR about this and if you have the ways and means to prove that the audio, video and images are doctored please prove it. You will be doing a HOLY work by bringing down the shutters of

      Come out of the pit while you can. Till that time enjoy your idli, dosai and vadai with chutney.

  7. WOW! What an amazing job at PHOTOSHOPPING… almost real that I couldn’t tell (except for your lapse at the sides and spaces…. oooooooooh)
    Come… I clap for you!

    Good try but u can’t fool readers…
    Why dis koleveri koleveri daaaa?

      • OMG!
        @ Joshua discussing bikini

        Joshua has made holiness of tpm laughing stock for the world. Thank goodness there isn’t any sex tapes… that’s only left to come out.

        Here is a song devoted for consecrated self made saints of tpm.

        Holiness into the Lord is our watchword and song;
        Holiness unto the lord as we marching along;
        Sing it shout it loud and long
        Holiness unto the lord, now and forever!

        After the song, then bikini, stamina pills and Sayang….. Nice holiness Joshua ! All your works are shining much whiter than your clothes.

    • Dear @ Idly..Thosai…Vadai….I think you forgot PONGAL….
      Anyways you are forcing your brain to believe that all these proofs are photoshopped… Do you think that the admin has no other job but simply photoshop images, edit videos and mimic Joshua to frame him..if you believe that these are so easy to be morphed then continue to loathe in denial ? Does someone whom the organization TPM appoints become a saint ? They should have a good testimony from all. Not just from creeps like you.
      If you eat lot of Idly Thosai Vadia and Pongal you are bound to get a sound sleep… So please wake up and just think what if all these evidences are true ?

    • Hi to idli vadai those,
      Have you seen joshua hillorious videos ?
      Please watch them.
      Well guess your an agency for joshua maybe, or maybe Joshua must have given you some dollars or maybe your someone who’s like joshua who knows???
      When this proof can be edited , photoshopped possibilities… then there are millions of possibilities you can be any of the above.
      If this happen to your mom or your sister I wonder what would be your reply ?
      Hey its photoshopped, its edited haha would that be your reply.
      Guys please have some humanity. Then talk about religion.
      First of all, yes ofcourse helping poor people is good.
      But idli vadai and dosai, why would he help only that particular person??? He has returned her for full filling his lustful desires with her or to fulfill in future.
      Wait wait guys….
      I have seen in TPM local church so many poor old granny is there..who cried to me for money for food and bed and a bedsheets…
      Idli vadai joshua can you please request joshua to transfer money to her ????
      Then lemme agree with your point.
      And to admin n others dont waste your precious time by replying to these foolish people. They are hopeless. And dont worry admin he’ll regret soon when he/ she suffer …that day is not very far.

  8. @ elina
    I can understand your sarcastic way of saying stupid people in tpm.

    Due to covid 19 , many have no income even to eat a meal a day. Help them. Instead of saving money for offering .

    • The currency of Indoneisa is Rupiah. That amount is in value closer to 50,000 Indian Rupee. The remitted amount was SGD 1000.00

  9. //Please my dear readers, judge not with what your eyes see. My good name Idly Thosai Vadai, but do you see??? See my point?//
    Hey IddliDosai and Vadai, the point is you have not seen the whole point which is why we are sincerely trying to point you to the only Point. Hope you see our point.
    If not, perhaps try vada-pav or Chole Bature so that you can see the Point we are trying to point.

  10. Actually… nobody is stopping any of you TPM-haters from leaving the church…
    if you’re so unhappy with the ministers and enjoy this digging of dirt on them to tarnish their names and the TPM name, then why don’t you just leave the church and find your happiness elsewhere…. in another church?
    If you’ve already found your happiness, then focus on your own spiritual growth.
    Why go on with so much hatred for the church?
    In doing so, you know what you’ll achieve?

    Poisoning the minds of everyone (which is probably your intent anywayz)
    But you also shake people who are coming to the church sincerely to know God and by doing that, you are sowing such poisonous seeds of confusion around… breaking up people’s faith – exactly what the anti-Christ would do.

    Using scripture and twisting it so profoundly to suit your accusations against the leaders of the church – exactly what Satan did with Christ in the wilderness…

    And I’m not even starting to side with any church/group yet.
    I’m just saying… if you are so against the church, then leave. Find your happiness elsewhere. And let others continue in their faith. Faith is between u and God anyway. Don’t go breaking up churches just because you were kicked out of the ministry for your pride… so you want to take more down with you? That’s the spirit of lucifer.

    Don’t go around sowing seeds of poison in believers, hoping to make them leave the church and hate the church just like you do… that’s the spirit of Lucifer taking down 1/3 of the angels.

    You hate the church? Ok, I’m sure you have your valid reasons and I’m not judging you.
    Who am I to judge anyway, right? That’s between God and you.
    But leave if you want to, and deal with your own feelings. Let go of such hatred before you find yourself roasting head to toe into a burning tandoori with no escape.

    And if you’ve left, then focus on your own spiritual growth in your new church. Don’t keep watering & nurturing this hatred and vengeance on TPM ministers and church, wanting desperately to bring down the whole organization.

    • Knock off, Joshua.
      Your bad days are just on the way.

      We have been feeding guys like you, all these days. Its time for a reckoning. Tightly hold on to the Veshti of Abraham and MT.


    • @idlisambarvadai

      Sorry my friend, is not your “Adyar ananda bhavan”. This place is not for TPM gluttons like you whose belly is your god. is only for the sheep of God who are lost in NTC/TPM/Ncpc/UPC/TPMS. Stupid TPM goats like you come here and make silly noise and go after a few comments.

      TPM goats like you come here mainly when one of your Sunny or Joshua or Some other wolf is stripped of their sheep’s clothing and exposed to the world.

      You come here not because you seek the Truth but to defend your liars. You will never win. Many like you have come here and gone back more confused. So beware, it will shake you and change you. ask our friend Bhubaneswari, who is the latest victim of

      Your silly narrative will not change any true Christians, so you are wasting your time and energy here.

      Best thing for you to do is have some coffee with your idlisambarvadai and read some more of the adventures of your Zion bound false teachers. You can either stop supporting this cult or learn from your beloved saints and train your children to join this cult and con people off their hard earned money.

      Enjoy your coffee, idlivadaisambar. You will not find it in Hell, if you don’t repent and follow the God of the Bible.

    • Tpm isnt a church.Its a group of whore houses and brothels filled with prostitutes and gigolos misusing religion to cheat people and government.

  11. Friends, I must share my experience in TPM too.

    There was a time in 1980s when I was a regular TPM believer too, going for all meetings regularly, fasting and praying and sitting right in the front in my white saree. But after certain number of years, there was an incident that made me so upset I decided to leave and go to another church. I told myself better I find another church. More happiness.
    So i left in year 2000 because I was very angry with the pastor then. His rules so very strict.
    Feeling fed up with the whole TPM, I left and go to another church.

    Now i am in other church and guess what? I am regretting my decision.
    Because every church has its own politics and disagreements and problems. no one church is perfect. But comparing the two churches, I know only one thing. At least in TPM, i could feel the spirit of the lord moving when the saints pray. I could see the works of miracles. I could see the word of god coming to pass. Even the saints are humans only, but God use them mightily because he honour their authority.

    In this church I am in, surface only is very happy. Everyone can smile. Talking is scripture only. But there is no depth like TPM. There is lacking truth. Lacking movement of holy spirit. lacking works and miracles. I regret for leaving TPM now only after so many years. because I choose to believe people who put TPM down and judge the workers the believers and badmouth the church.

    As long as the church is manmade, and we are operating in this fallen world, the devil will keep on seeking to destroy the church by taking down the leaders and workers and spoiling good name of the church. not only TPM. all churches. Because we are in a fallen world. the best thing to do is not to look right or left to pinpoint people’s mistakes as if we are more righteous. All have come short of the glory of god. Look to christ. thats all. that’s enough.

    • You have yourself to blame for jumping between cults and organizations. First Repent and then Follow the Lord, Not the CROWD. We are not propagating an alternative organization. We are evangelising for Jesus.

    • //At least in TPM, i could feel the spirit of the lord moving when the saints pray//
      //Lacking movement of holy spirit. lacking works and miracles.//
      Brother, The above tells me that you have got the notion of Holy Spirit completely wrong.
      You dont even know that you are the saint and the Holy spirit must be in you first.
      Holy spirit is not a magic gin which can be beckoned by these or any people.
      You got to unlearn before you learn. That is for sure.
      Unless you are ready for this, its better you stay in TPM.

      • @Redeemed
        These are dummy guys put up by TPM trying to show how better is TPM compared to other churches. Do you believe in their stupid story?

        They are worried that incidents like Joshua will make people think to leave the cult… this guy is telling the prospective leaver, not to go as he seems to regret.
        Don’t you find it funny that a NON-TPM church member commenting in this site advocating for the CULT TPM? Absolutely hilarious.

        • Oh yes Brother. You are right. There is lot of damage control attempt happening in the background.
          All tricks in the TPM book are being used out there by these cronies to hide their nakedness with an awful fig leaf.

    • Dear AA,

      The problem you have is that you moved to another church for soulish purposes rather than knowing the error they teach here. Hence, you had the TPM doctrines & experiences as your benchmark and the ideal yardstick rather than the Bible. Hence you felt letdown when there is no such “noise” in the next one.

      During these lock-down days, try reading the word of God with an open heart and mind. Ask the Holy spirit to guide you. And I mean the real “Holy spirit” (not the people who claim to be the spokesperson and utter some gibberish) and He will lead you to all truth. Try reading the different legit translations available to cross-reference to completely understand any difficult portions.

      After lock down, try some constructive church where serving the Lord and evangelizing is the priority rather than serving the clergy or playing petty politics. Check who they pray for. Is it only for themselves and their clergy or for the salvation of the whole world.

      Please do note that there is no “Perfect church”. All are imperfect. If someone claims to be in a perfect church, then understand that it is a cult. You have to flee from them as they will deceive you to damnation. The church is made perfect only by Jesus when He comes!

      • When these cult guys are neck deep in trouble because of Joshua like scams, they will shout saying that “No Church is Perfect”. After that within a week, this same guys will start propagating that their “Church leaders can make People Perfect” . WHAT DOUBLE FACED LIES THESE PEOPLE KEEP SAYING.

    • Dear Sister Antony

      I say Sister because you said that you used to sit in the front with white saree.

      As I was reading your testimony I felt as if I am sitting in the fake home and one of fanatic believer sister is giving testimony about the saints of TPM. There are always such believer brothers and sisters who stand up at least once in a month and say the testimony regarding the greatness of the SOG. We are aware of your tactics.

      KEEP IT UP SISTER ANTONY. If you are not feeling good in other church go back to TPM they will welcome you. Get FILLED.

  12. Hello Hello Idlidosaivadai,

    From your name it seems that you are an amalgamation of all worldly pleasures like your TPM white clad frauds. Don’t think that you can escape the judgement of God by saying that I was giving to God through these frauds. My God is not a beggar to collect the hard earned money of poor people.

    1 Cori. 4:4, “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.” When sits in the judgement throne you won’t be able to fool HIM like what you and your so called tpm saints do these days.

    Even Paul is not spared from criticism and microscopic testing of his works and scripture. Paul very clearly says in the 1 Corinthians, what would be his reply to critic,

    1 Cori 9:3, “This is my defense to those who sit in judgment on me.”

    My humble request don’t try to interpret bible using split verse.

  13. Let me recall to the readers that the pictorial representation seen in the recent series of EPISODES.
    Did you notice the 3 little dragons(Chameleons), trying to coverup for the prey caught by the lowest one?( PATRICK,JS.PINKIE)
    So since the 4 th dragon entered the fray…idlidosaivadai, I wish to communicate to them in the form of parables so that they can understand well.

    So let me hit a SIX and FOUR at them.

    “A TREE AND FRUIT “syndrome

    As JESUS says in Matthew 7 th chapter it is worth mentioning for these 4 dragons,.
    Verses 15,16,17,18,19,20,. come in the form of a SIXER.

     15“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? 17 Evenso every good tree bringeth forth good fruit but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree can not bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits,ye shall know them.

    Then comes “I NEVER KNOW YOU” syndrome ” for who ever it is …..not only to the dragons under the reference

    It comes in the accompanied verses,21,22,23,& 26
    21 “Not everyone that saith unto me who  ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils and do many mighty works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity”(meaning to those workers of lawlessness.) 26 And everyone that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand”.
    So to these 4 dragons ,the word further says in 27 th verse ”
    ” And the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon the house: and it fell: and great was the fall of it.
    We are not judging here anybody. Let the WORD us whoever is in the path of TRUTH or in the path of EVIL.
    Only time will tell.

  14. @A Antony, Dear Bro. Any TPM believer who has once attended TPM wont be able to digest any other denominational gathering. Bro. the prob is the organisational structure is in such a way that, even if you see something wrong, u r not able to correct. If you try to correct them you will be in great trouble. Of course you will feel great due to the ambience and the way the words which is coming to you in such a propensity to refresh you. But i would suggest you, if you are a true follower of Yeshua just see the doctrines this website has published like venom removal series, rapture series, and all doctrines and their comments on the so called separation and consecration, zion etc. This website is just arguing you to discern the word and they raises all questions but non of the so called TPM hypocrites could object. All of us who read this website knows in one way or other TPM mainframe peoples are replying to these questions raised here but could not give a valid objections for any of the arguments raises. We all came from different backgrounds and none are experts. If anybody comes up with a question we should be able to answer it. So for me this website helps many in realising the mistakes we make in translating the bible.
    Also about the ambience in TPM i would like to share something to you:
    There is only 2 energies in the entire cosmos which even NASA has identified and many religions have said it. 1 is Sound energy and other electric or magnetic or combination of both ie electromagnetic energy. Sound energy is the energy by which the whole cosmos has been created. And the bible says Word is god and he was with GOd and the word which was in the bossom of GOD came out of GOD. If we see it seriously,The Word or the sound energy what is the inception stage of Word or Sound?. Its nothing but a movement of something. A sound or Word occurs becoz of a movement. If we see a bit more in scientific terms. Bible says GOD is light, but in no way i am trying to compare GOD with just a light in our perception. In science they say its flow of photons. If there is no flow of photons there is no light. So if there is a flow, there is a movement which is the basis of sound whether its in our hearing frequency or not. We see the spirit of the GOD moving upon the face of the waters and the entire creation starts to begin. We see in John, everything was created through him and without him nothing was made that has been made. This is the energy which made everything in to existence, we also see Yeshua upholds everything by the power of his word. We knew it or not realise it. Every cells, every atoms, it keeps moving revolving around a nucleus might be the hertz is beyond our hearing range of frequency. Why does it moves. and who is the great centre to which it moves. And do we really realise our redemption/ressurection is going to happen by a combination of 3 sounds as it says in Thessalonians. A Lord shall descend with a shout, Voice of the Archangel & with the trump of GOD. These are a mixture of 3 sound notations that can make us raise from the dead. So that he Yeshua itself becomes the creator of resurrection, only through him everything is created and and the dead can be raised.
    So what i try to say is sound energy has got a peculiar feature that it can instigate or excite our very cell of being. See how Hindu festivals are going on , they pierce their cheek and dance to the rhythm of the drums and even Satan when they fly music seems to proceed when we read ezekiel. So by shouting or making a great sound ambience can change our moods but we should be wise enough not to be carried away by it. Even satan can carry away us by this sound energy he possess. We should stand by truth, when we get a new revelations we should be able not to deviate from the truth. If fromtpm says something questionable just think y he is saying it and try to reprove it if you have anything which you feel is wrong. So that all of us can understand and rectify our mistakes and be one in Yeshua.

  15. @ A.Anthony.”But there is no depth like TPM. There is lacking truth. Lacking movement of holy spirit. lacking works and miracles. I regret for leaving TPM now only after so many years. because I choose to believe people who put TPM down and judge the workers the believers and badmouth the church.”

    Certainly you deserve a better answer from those who quit TPM having stayed there for so long.
    First of all when we joined this flock from our earlier fellowships we had have we questioned ourselves?If we did we get some answers. But the TRUTH was,we never did so. Some white clad man comes to you with an AGENDA that he needs a better treatment from you than the contemporary denominational servants of God that they maintain family life and serve God and whereas in their case they eschew their families ,they sacrifice their family lives and serve the Lord like this.
    This is the TRAP . We fell on to it.
    Then they talk about their DRESS code. ( Brothers dress code and Sisters dress code)
    This is the TRAP. We fell on to it.
    Then they talk about your ‘moustache’ keeping,and then raise this very ‘topic’ in the very Sunday sermon.Instread of speaking Biblical theological subjects,they criticise those newly joined bellivers who maintained moustaches in front of the Sunday gathering and embarrass them.
    This is a kind of subduing act,a kind of exercising CONTROL on the laity.
    We simply keep our head down, and swallow all those humiliations because you are already under CONTROL of these white clads, and you can not afford to open your mouth.
    Then after service was over, one senior ,their most obedient Believer would be drafted by the clergy
    to speak to you to console you.Then that Senior Believer comes to you and talk to you with a strong defence mechanism in favour of the Clergy, he would use some counselling words from the Bible like a parrot.( Psalms 141:5). Actually he would never tell the reference of the Bible,but justifies the Clergy’s rebuke , that what brother…… a man like David himself surrendered to the servant of God, who are we brother?.This is what exactlly happened with me on various occasions.Still you never question them.
    There again we submit ,we never question. What was the exact context of the Bible, why that particular verse says so .We never went into to the deeper study of the Bible.
    Then comes to the SATURDAY TARRY MEETING fiasco of this aspect.
    Again a big TRAP. Have we ever questioned this aspect?
    How many times TARRYING meetings held in Bible times of Apostles. Only ‘ONE’ time
    Have we ever checked up ourselves why we had been duped by these white clads ?
    No, we surrendered.
    So if I go on giving examples like this ,,,,,this valuable space of this site does not suffice .
    Have we ever questioned ourselves what exactly Bible teaches/ like Bereans of the Bible (ACTS 17:11)
    we lacked the knowledge and wisdom to question these white clads in the beginning of our innings started. et us be honest.
    So under what circumstanes did it prompt you to write those above words, “depth like TPM”.. you only have to clarify and explain us brother. Be specific what I explained you in my brief TESTIMONY.It will be useful to many ,if you explain clearly.
    May be you may not be having the same experience that I had.Each one is a UNIQUE in its own way.

  16. @idlythosai.. whatever

    Matt 23:24
    Blind guides, who strain out a fly and swallow a camel!

    Just as this verse from Matthew, Jesus predicted stiff necked people like you..
    & we are talking of what about a lifetime provident savings of 120k sgd at least? you people have swallowed an whole camel & claim to have given a mere few hundred as a portion? hence the above verse is meant for only stiff necked person like you & your chief wolf to spend in your lavish lifestyle! what outright hypocrites!

  17. @John Wesly ….”So by shouting or making a great sound ambience can change our moods but we should be wise enough not to be carried away by it.”

    I appreciate Bro John Wesly’s,valiant observation and patient explanation of sound energy that makes a very interesting reading indeed.Juxtaposing the THEOLOGY with the scientific sense.

    A very fascinating fact I wish to record here in addition to your beautiful revelations that you brought here regarding sound energy is this: If your hearing is normal, you can hear sounds as deep as 20 Hertz( Hz) vibrations/second and as high as 20000 Hz.

    This is the CREATOR’S beautiful design aspect of our human body

    May be that is the reason why the Psalmist of 89 th Psalm says “BLESSED  ARE THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE JOYFUL SOUND.(KJV).In another translation ” BLESSED ARE THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE FESTAL SHOUT”(RSV).
    What a beautiful translation the translators have appended here.Though the title of the Psalm ‘Maskil’ —the Hebrew Word meaning is uncertain to those who translated it, but the Holy Spirit God is bringing a fascinating fact here in this context. The Second Coming of JESUS.As you ‘ve rightly pointed out three SOUNDS ( 1 THESS 4:16) will be uttered at the time of LORD’S second coming,this OT saint -ETHAN,a descendant of ASAPH,the Levite.also echos of the same second coming of JESUS.without his knowledge in those OT times. This is how Holy Spirit works.
    These are the newer revelations that come to us when we carefully meditate the word of God keeping different translated texts with us in these technologically advanced times than OT times. Hence  to know deeper revelations of Bible,we have to strive hard and sacrifice a lot of time and energy that this site OWNER is doing all these years Its quite amazing how many truths are getting revealed in these columns daily .
    It is a totally misnomer that only TPM white clads reveal the deeper truths .No God reveals His deeper truths to you, to me and to anyone who is genuinely interested to spend time with Him, and meditates His word day and night (Psalm 1:2)
    Now, all I want to say is this ….the person A.Anthony has to change his/her stance towards TPM having already gone out of it.  

  18. @ A. Antony… Do you think still Holy spirit is there in TPM… With all the doctrinal issues and mounting filth happening inside their walls …. Do you still believe, after putting on the whitelist clothes and with a fast paced song, HOLY spirit just starts to do mighty and powerful works as claimed by the clergy? Please understand the God of the Bible is HOLY and none and nothing can be compared to his holiness….


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