We had a discussion with one of the ministers who knew of the Joshua incident for years. When asked why he did not escalate the issue, the reply was quite astounding. He said that he is afraid that he might be punished by the Chief Pastors for exposing it. This gives me enough information, how the structure works in TPM. You already know how people like Sunny, Younis, Gunaseelan’s are ruling the roost. Rather than removing a Joshua who could potentially spill beans on many others, they would want him to be safely accommodated into the system. The Entire Bunch of TPM leadership is abominable in the sight of the Lord. All that they do is DETESTABLE THINGS.

Ezekiel’s Hole in the Wall

A similar situation happened in the life of the Prophet Ezekiel. He was asked to dig through a hole to view the activities of these scoundrels. The way the Lord works, have not changed. He gave us the privilege to get in through the hole in the Walls of TPM and show you, what we have seen.

Then he brought me to the entrance to the court. I looked, and I saw a hole in the wall. He said to me, “Son of man, now dig into the wall.” So I dug into the wall and saw a doorway there.

And he said to me, “Go in and see the wicked and detestable things they are doing here.” 10 So I went in and looked, and I saw portrayed all over the walls all kinds of crawling things and unclean animals and all the idols of Israel. 11 In front of them stood seventy elders of Israel, and Jaazaniah son of Shaphan was standing among them. Each had a censer in his hand, and a fragrant cloud of incense was rising.

12 He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of Israel are doing in the darkness, each at the shrine of his own idol? They say, ‘The Lord does not see us; the Lord has forsaken the land.’” 13 Again, he said, “You will see them doing things that are even more detestable.”

Eze 8:7-13

As of now, we are just telling you what we saw when we dug through the hole in the TPM Wall as the Lord led us. They do all kinds of detestable things. However, they also ensure that the Censor in the hand is there with incense rising (Remember the PTL Chanting?). That will fool the crowd, which has no clue of what is happening there.

The Tree Problem

When we say a thing about Joshua, you should not assume that its ONLY about him. He is just a sample that we have got to show you. However, the rest of the whole are of the same stuff. You cannot get ONLY ONE bad fruit from a Good Tree. The entire tree of TPM is BAD. We are using a particular fruit to showcase the Tree.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Matt 7:18

Next time, TPM fanatics bring you to excuse that its only a Joshua issue, they are in fact challenging Jesus. And if Joshua was an Anomaly, they had all these years to discard him. However, even now, they are doing the best to hold on to Joshua.

The Holy Spirit of TPM

I used to wonder how these people could do all these crooked things and still claim to be filling with the Holy Spirit. Would not the Holy Spirit convict them of Sin? Do not they fear Judgement?

And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

John 16:8

It was later only that I realized that these people were never ever filled with the Spirit. They are good actors who speak in tongues to put up a show before their ignorant believers. Anytime they come visiting your home and when they get up to pray, they make this show of getting filled in the spirit as if they have some divine connection. The spirit comes to them and vanishes from them in a matter of seconds. It works like a Switch ON and a Switch OFF. Look at this video when a Carnal Joshua Switches ON his Holy Spirit when he knew he is being caught in the Camera and he switches it Off once the door is closed.

There is a snake commonly called as Pipe Snake (Cylindrophis lineatus) which can raise its tail in a defence posture so that it can ward off predators. Similarly, TPM Ministers use their so-called duplicitous spirituality to dupe their believers.

pipe snake 1 TPM Idolatry Exposed
See how the Tail and the Head looks very similar. You need to examine closely to know which is the head.

Even the head lady of the Singapore Monastery uses this head like tail of the snake to defend her cult. She knows all these things done by Joshua and is highly cooperative with him. But this so-called prophetess will never ask the great man of God to repent and set his life right.

sharon merged TPM Idolatry Exposed
This Prophetess will use the Tail to threaten people saying that she is anointed using her Whatsapp profile(she has now removed it, I think). Anointed from where? The TPM Chief’s anointing is just straight from the PIT. Being a worker in a religious organization does not make you Anointed.

She is more interested in defending him and the cult. She speaks honey dripped words with the Victim addressing her as her Daughter. However, she would not take action to set the whole fiasco right. The Victim does not know that as per the TPM Model of Helping, its all ACTING. Look at the below picture of TPM Model of Helping

TPM Model of Helping 1 TPM Idolatry Exposed
Look how the Helper acts to help the one in the pit knowing very well that he has access to the Ladder which can be used to rescue the person in distress. Every time TPM Ministers follow this model with their poor believers.


St Jude describes these people in the best possible terms.

12 These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. 13 They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever.

Jude 1:12-13

Till next time, continue the Swimming Training.


  1. Dear All, There is a incident happening in facebook. “TPM Belivers Group” When some belivers are appreciating Tamil Nadu Government and Ratan Tata. Suddenly one cpm cult person call cylus benjamin commenting that it is of no use in offering to worldly people. Give your offerings to CPM church. To build new jerusalem and zion. I objected . Still found this person not in shy. and changed the profile picture.

    • @John,

      No surprises there, this Cylus Benjamin comes here as well and parrots his CPM ideology. Nowadays, we rarely see him as he is still recovering from the shock of seeing his beloved St. Joshua being stripped of his saintly celibacy.

  2. Keep it coming Brother Admin, at least some poor new believer will escape this cult. I strongly doubt any of the old believers will quit this cult as they are addicted to the toxic waste spewed by these servants of satan.

    Looking at St.Joshua’s physique, it appears that he is taking some steroids to boost his spirituality.

    What a disgusting animal this would be chief pastor of TPM is?

    The current and past chief pastors of TPM who support this predatory beast are more evil because of their silence and their inability to take any action.

    What a perverted band of brothers, these TPM animals are.

    What a bunch of weaklings are the Singapore believers who continue to keep quite and receive communion from the hands of these evil men. How can they continue to sponsor these charlatans is beyond my imagination.

  3. OMG! This guy Joshua is faking anointing! Is there any sincerity left in him? Looking at his jumping expression while uttering gibberish tongues, it gives impression that he is making fun of filling in Holy Spirit. What a quack!! Shameless!

  4. The SG church members are not bothered a bit, as it happened to someone else.. and will continue thr forever..

    memebers you re also have to answer our heavenly Father one day. You are worser than “Sssayang” joshua and its cult heads.

  5. All inhuman acts happens only in cpm they act as if they’re the supreme of all. But I ve not even seen one true or good hearted soul.
    My own bro n dad decived me in marriage just for him to get some property and for him to live happily. My mom immatured. My dad I got no.clue he hardly speaks to me. I’m from a separated family background.
    I remember one sister said yes back, you’ll not get a good family background guy bcoz you family is separated. When they searched alliance for I remember how they treated me. And hurtled me. Well now I’m married. Somehow I’m leading my life.
    But curse be to Tpm ppl, who thinks n act so high. Note my point,one day lucifer will come out from this church only.
    I know there are so many churches who are deceived, dancing,pop songs inside church. Like john jebaraj. But these ppl nah I feel I destroyed my life by trusting these fools.
    I’m still in find of love of God, I dont know how to pray I feel. I need to learn alot about true God.
    Just felt like sharing.
    But ppl like joshua ,its chi for him. Instead he can get married.
    Oh I forget, zion is waiting only for them right?
    Other missionaries like mother Teresa, amy caramel , Ida scudder are fools. Only Tpm people are wise. PhD degree it seems there doctrines are like.
    First of all do they really know what is PhD, how much research they do before writing a thesis.
    These idiots what research they have done? Then sitting eating . Getting money.

    • Dear sister/ brother Hi,
      It seems you have been through traumatic phase. Nobody can return us the precious day’s of our lives, which we all lost in this cult. It’s same with you. But thank be to God who showed mercy on us to bring us out of this bottomless pit, before we went up to the point of no return. Please feel free to share your life to admins email id.

  6. @ ADMN
    “10 So I went in and looked, and I saw portrayed all over the walls all kinds of crawling things and unclean animals and all the idols of Israel.”EZEK 8:10
    As you ‘ve correctly depicted with the Pipe Snake, here is the further deeper revelation for the readers. Lo its the firm call to the laity of S’pore
    These crawling things and unclean animals and all idols symbolise CHINA and you are very close and near to the revelation what I am going to disclose now.
    S’pore believers! are you all ready to catch it?
    Yeah he is the Chinese Pastor there that you ‘ve bee feeding him who is representing in with your clergy all these years that Lord has brought him light now through this EPISODE!
    What does he do there? He is the care taker man, attending KL convention and IBR con at the mercy of this BEAST . As the saying goes ,if you feed the dog with biscuits it will never bark!
    Got the point now!!!!!?????
    So this Chinese man must also be working hand in glove with S’porean predators all these years.
    As the days go by… even if the laity do not come out and choose to stick with this ‘BEAST’ watch for some more revelations keep coming through these columns .

      • @ Admin,
        Oh my my… Joshua lived in Indonesia “ Live in a relationship “ and in Singapore he lived like SOG. What a abominable act, how come joshua didn’t think God is watching from above.
        How he allowed somebody come in to his room if he went to give Holy communion? It shows hidden wife , son and joshua lived in one room. He cheated every believer in Singapore and other parts of the world. What shame he bring to God’s name .. so God can’t bear this abomination now put every thing out. “ writing in Luke 12:2,3…
        Heard every month with out fail joshua used to travel to medan Indonesia. This is his holiday place for his lust to fulfilled. When he can’t go he will ask to his hidden wife to come Singapore… he will book for them near church so he can go and spend with them plenty of time.
        After so many things exposed still Joshua sitting in his luxury room with out any guilt and shame…
        Wait for more news…..

      • I think EE is referring to a TPM pastor of chinese origin who travels to different conventions as a preacher. I remember him in Melbourne once. I just can’t recollect his name. He is based out of Singapore.

    • @ EE
      Beloved brother, sorry but even I am finding it hard to understand your chinese connection to Pastor Joshua. As far as I have heard, Joshua has Singaporean citizenship. Are you trying to say Joshua is like Chinese product – duplicate useless product? Are you saying Joshua has Chinese citizenship? Are you talking about his unknown tongues as chinese or are you referring that to the counterfeit unknown tongue of Joshua as comparable to Chinese products ?

      • @admin, there’s a few Chinese laity in the main church, wee wong was made pastor while chief wilson was ard, i know of 2 other Chinese origin brothers, one is, David but i understand he had some mental issues & he was not involved in any church activities & most of time he will be upstairs on his own while services are going on. There is one more Chinese brother or i don’t know he might be a pastor now, he usually is not stationed in Singapore but is traveling ard the region, his name is Bro Jorneo

  7. Sir / Mam
    I have already contacted admin longtime ago. Due to my personal reasons. I have disconnected. I’m married my husband is a tpm believer so you know…..
    So I sometimes visit this website, read articles and If possible comment.
    I go thru alot of mental stress sir /man so I dont want to create some more for myself.
    Hope your all safe n fine.
    Stay inside home.

  8. The video in the bathroom says it all.

    If any TPM/NTC/NCPC/TPS believer needs any more proof about the satanic nature of this cult, they are not only blind but also deaf and no one can prevent them from attending their eternal convention in hell.

    In that convention, you will not only have your current cheap pastors but also all your favorite past chief pastors in attendance teaching their deeper doctrines from the deepest parts of hell.

    To book your seats, all you have to do is simply ignore these warnings fromtpm.com.

    • To people who told us that Joshua could not possibly stay in a Hotel when they have a Faith Home, This Bathroom video replies them. Its a video taken in IBIS, Medan. A poor TPM family in India would be able to sustain for a month with the S$120(Per night charge in IBIS). That is the way these people are ministering to you. They act as if they are so austere in their lives, but I have not seen people who are more reckless than these white-clads.

      Keep feeding these snakes.

      • @Admin,
        Wow… what a coincidence. Joshua stayed in Medan IBIS hotel. Singapore he used to book for them same IBIS near church. One believer brother name muthu travel agent book under the victim nMe, do you know each time they stay how much Joshua payed $1600 to 2000. In a year they will visit Singapore and stay in hotel 4 to 5 times… All this believers hard earn money used for his lustily pleasure.
        This purely God’s judgement upon the who ever living hypocrisy life… They are not fit for the God’s glorious ministry.
        Countinue to post let the chief took right decision.

  9. Ultimate problem is they are deceived in the first place while they were innocently dragged into the cult system & they somehow thinks that they are doing favour to God by singing and other stuff which Jesus never recommended that for a special place in heaven rather he said to do charity and all other stuff you all know you read Bible I don’t want to quote verses as they do…so this sister was brain washed in to a system and now says that you are no one to judge because that’s what she Will do to protect the corupted system….we know Hollywood is corrupted satanic system no one speaks out about the ugliest things is because most people live in that system few who has nothing to lose when reached out they would be killed..so the system is same every where unless you unfollow the system and stand for what you believe is true and valuable…so the problem is people are pulled in to cult by ignorance or deceived by insiders …..but we can stop future recruitment and change the system if no one inside is gonna make a change….then site like fromtpm is crucial for its existence and God will make a change through it..

  10. Beloved Brother Nath,
    Along with other workers in S’pore f.h,this worker of Chinese origin Pas. David Lee also serves this BEAST. Like any other extra pastors he was a clergy there.That was all. But look at the absolute silence these Singaporean believer community they maintain even after this much of revelations have come out . They do not to spell out this Chinese man’s name.

  11. Yes brother No More a slave to fear, he is the same pastor.
    He came to IBR con also a couple years back. I saw him.I saw him in Malaysia con in 2016 .
    He would be sent as a make shift man for these conventions as you said.
    I only drew a symbolic picture of CHINA of those creeping things of EZEK 6:10 in my yesterday’s mail pointing out to this Chinese man,nothing else.Brother Nath might have got it right by now.
    Wait then, some more revelations may keep coming in as I was a part and parcel of BEAST till 2017.

  12. Yes dear ADMN brother i am extremely sorry,there is and there was no iota of any demeaning of ethnicity in me as far as I am concerned ,and I wish to openly ask pardon of my beloved Chinese BRETHREN or for that matter in the world everybody whom I love most as we are all washed in the precious blood of Jesus. Good thing you’ve corrected me and I fully comply to your observation.

  13. @esther
    Maybe Joshua not only paid the hotel for the victim but he also send them to the airport. I saw them in the carkpark when i was going to malaysia, Joshua dropped the victim, victim mother and son in the carpark.
    I saw Joshua hugging the victim like a wife and hugging the victim child like a son.

    • @Anonymous, Joshua liberally and knowingly done all these acts, now God openly showed to the people. What he did in hiddenly God bring it to open in front of every believer and SOG… Joshua took it for granted and lived as he like. Heard after he became Centre pastor more pride about position and money enter his life. Already he is lustful man now 2 other added. Joshua destroyed Singapore ministry…. what he is going to answer to God?
      Thank you

      • For everything in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–comes not from the Father but from the world. 1 John 2:16

        I would consider that God is Merciful to Joshua as he is alive and has a chance for Forgiveness if he repents and turns around like Zacchaeus, making restorations to all whom he has defrauded. However, think of those white-clads who did similar things in the past but could not be exposed. They continued acting and died in their Hypocrisy. Though TPM would say that they entered Glory, We all know where they entered. Is not it?


  14. After so many proofs in Joshua sex scandal been brought in public, what the hell Abraham Mathew, M.T.Thomas (DDT Wholesaler) are doing? I think Abraham Thomas has told his deputy, M.T.Thomas to spray some DDT on great womanizer Joshua to kill all the pest from him. Let’s wait whether this rotten tree(Joshua) is uprooted or kept back with some DDT (Deeper Divine Truth) treatment.
    Blind followers of TPM Singapore are maintaining absolute silence. Their silence shows that they have no objection against Joshua. Why should they object? Had this happened with any of their family members, perhaps then they would have raised some objection. But I would like to remind Abraham Mathew, M.T.Thomas, Sheela and all the blind followers of TPM that your complete silence shows that you all with accord are justifying the culprit Joshua. According to Proverbs 17:15 you all are abominable in the sight of God. And being abomination you have no access to New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:27). Oh….I am badly mistaken because, these guys have reserved their luxurious business class in zion (don’t know which zion). Keep going you abominable, you have your reward.

  15. To all the SG belivers who ever reads this…

    Just get out of your tpm cult, you are equally responsible for this atrocity. Your silence is considered as a token of acceptance…

    Now you knw where “Ssayaang ” is heading to you will also follow him.. you people are worser than the tpm cult.. beware God is watching you and you read my warning now. Dont fool yourself.. you people sinned along with your cult heads.

    @admin, brother please make a warning article for these cowards. . Consequence of being silent.

  16. I want to describe how TPM will be in the year 1980s. (1) Don’t take medicine however the disease until death (2) Dont watch television (3) Dont apply powder or cream to your face (4) Dont talk to Hindus (5) Dont love your wife and children (6) Dont love your parents (7) Don’t eat anything from non believers (8) Dont participate in marriages apart from cpm. (9) Don’t participate in family functions apart from cpm. (10) Dont wear color dress, wear only white dress (11) Dont buy land or house in earth. (12) Don’t keep bank balance, because jesus is coming soon. (13) Dont marry give in or take other than cpm. (14) Dont use scent (15) Don’t buy television (16) Give money to poor (17) Live a separation life (18) Cut your hair shortly. (19) Dont eat in hotels (20) Don’t read newspapers, because worldliness will get in your heart. After years I have seen brothers, pastors, sisters in cpm have very worst attitude in the above do’s and don’ts. Better Tamil Nadu government should take steps to close the TPM church and seal them saying. Hereafter this belief and faith is not fit for human beings. I don’t want to call chief pastor or deputy chief pastor. But I like to have a word. Hereafter don’t talk too much. It is useless. Your gimmick is only for poor people. Not for the sinners in your own church. In olden days communion will not be given to those take medicine. Those who are not peaceful in family. False preachings. False information. False promises. Do cpm pastor holding the light for Joshua. Hereafter in cpm no one can run from the wrath of people. People started understanding your standards. People reading the fromtpm.com website then coming to your church. Dont act smart hereafter. No more celebrity meetings. Slipper shots if I see you anywhere.

  17. John brother, in the DOs’ and DON’T portion you ‘ve forgotten one more important item.
    ‘Removal of moushtache’.It was a very very famous dictum in the early days of history. In those hay days this CPM/TPM did identify a pastor by name….moushtache removal pastor from TN,he was posted in VIJAYAWADA/SEC’BAD areas too. I think the old TPMites could recall his name ….Yes his name was Jacob. ‘MEESALA JACOB’ that was his branded name.Such was the height and degree of madness, and the stupor of this CULTISM in the yester years!
    If a young/middle class believer with a moushtache comes and meets him …gone …brain washed.
    Next time THAT BELIVER’S face would be a moustacheless face.
    Now on the similar line Satan has raised one more ‘EMPTY’ though not in that JACOB genre ,but in a different mode. This EMPTY has got his own genre….that is he utters scientific words to fool around the convention crowd. IONOSHERE,STRATOSHERE,CORONA rings around the SUN, His comparison of PM.RASHRAPATHI,PARLIAMENT MPS, LOK SABHA ,RAJYA SABHA,to God the FATHER, and SON JESUS. But when it comes to Holy Spirit God, his mouth becomes ‘EMPTY’ He would find no matching jargon. He just slips away.He repeats the same msg done in TIRUPATHI Centre CON, he would do it in S’PORE convention also. if we hear CONVENTION CDs of his msgs, those CDs would speak of him!
    Pathetic shows,
    How long these shows would continue?
    The plain answer is:
    As long as the blind laity feed them.As long as they do not read the Bible just as the BEREANS did cross check up what APOSTLE PAUL spoke to them.
    Well if we want to talk about educational standard, in those days too, there poor and uneducated mass were living but the educated mass like us used to share the biblical facts that this site is imparting. This is where the educated mass of TPM/CPM/NTC/UPC are in delusion. Because God has already sent spirit of delusion to them.They are under the strong influence of it.
    But by the time they come out of the delusion, Lord’s coming will be at hand.and thanks we were the blind sheep at one time but now no more …….The whole world will be under doom ,the present days show the signs! As long as we are here in this world, we need to drum the TRUTH that was imparted to us by the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.

  18. Hello,Bro,admin,
    I am a new visitor to this site,so i beg you to kindly give me more information about the things that had happened in tpm church as we people from Meghalaya knew nothing about what had happened in the past and till this present. For your kindness,i eill be grateful n God bless you

    • @ unity is strength

      click on home –>> All posts
      You can find all articles and all you want to know.
      Send it Meghalaya believers.

      • Hi unity is strength. Not only Joshua THIYAGARAJAN in TPM is doing this crime. There are many other pastors, sisters, elder brothers, brothers in TPM do lot of crimes. To type all their crimes, there will be no space in this forum. TPM have hell a lot of money. TPM don’t know what to do with the money. So they come up with crime reports. TPM is dangerous for innocent people.

        • John,
          I have come to know some of their names through the commence in this site.Actually i wanted to know most of their names so that we must be careful of ourselves in the days to come.i can’t imagine of all these things n if i’m not mistaken,most people from Meghalaya knew nothing about these secret things.i also find this site it was like by chance.

  19. Bro.Dominic, thnkyou somuch for your kind information.i have go through some of those articles and i was so shocked and so confused as i have never expected that those things is happened in tpm.i can’t imagine how these people whom we called them SOG did all those dirty things. By now i have no more words to say as i was really really shocked with a terror. Only few words came to my mind and that is ” God Knows the Truth but Waits”
    Thnkyou. May God Bless You

  20. Say Thank you to the admin of this group. Because the admin who saved all of us. He is a great. Say Thanks to him. Without him we all could have perished. Believing the evil words of TPM church pastors and sisters. Even our hard earned money could have ended in waste. Listening to the cult TPM church pastors and sisters we might have disrespected our parents too. All good will happen to the admin. I have no words to appreciate the admin of this group. Otherwise we all could have died of divine healing and left our children on roads crying.

  21. Nice one John! the below statement of yours brought a smile to my face.

    ///Otherwise we all could have died of divine healing and left our children on roads crying///


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