The entire bunch of TPM Believers are moulded in such a way that they will abandon Jesus to stick to their Clergy. However, they will claim that they are looking at Jesus.

When you bring certain aspects of TPM Doctrines or the evil deeds of their Clergy, a Typical TPM Believer’s response is that We are not looking at our Ministers, but we are looking to Jesus. We will make an effort in this article to show who are the TPM Believers indeed looking at.

Ask them how do they look at Jesus and they are stumped. They basically are saying that they will not form an opinion on this matter as their God may strike them dead like the Norse god Thor in the Featured Image. A typical TPM believer is always in mortal fear of the ever schizophrenic God who could smash them in a fit of Anger. They would rather play safe than risk their lives. This whole culture is somehow woven into each of TPM minister and believers.

Al Capone scaled The God of The Pentecostal Mission
The Famed Chicago Mafia boss Al Capone

The understanding they have of God is quite similar to how people in certain cities view Mafia Dons like Al Capone, Dawood Ibrahim, Chotta Rajan, Varadarajan Mudaliar etc. If you even try to lock horns with their henchmen, you are doomed. It is natural that you pay up the protection money (10% tithe) and be safe. Do not even think to oppose them. They can unleash a barrage of curses and their God will ensure that you and your progeny will be in hell. What a Pathetic Existence?

Back to the Joshua Story

Let us see how our poster boy Joshua thinks about the God whom he serves. After reading this message to his hidden wife, it seems that the God of TPM is hand in gloves with his actions. He is praising and thanking Jesus for helping him in his Chennai Trip and the Chief being very happy with his ministry. The Favour of God was so much with him that the Chief did not even mention his Indonesian ventures. Wow, What a success !!!

Joshua Prayer answered The God of The Pentecostal Mission

Its even more interesting that Joshua believes in his own lies. He even commands angels to guard and protect his hidden wife. He somehow seems to be thinking that his service as a henchman for the TPM God is well appreciated and is being rewarded.

Joshuas ROmance The God of The Pentecostal Mission

See the confidence of this man. He is fully into the deception and believes that God is with him and is prospering him in all his ventures. What an Audacity?

Some Other Aspects of The God of TPM

If you would have read our last article (The testimony of a TPM Believer), you would have realized the double standards they apply. Please have a look at the last portion of the testimony and you will realize how finicky is the TPM God. He does not even need to think twice about throwing the laity out, especially if you have a thin wallet. But then when it comes to his henchmen (The clergy), he is quite merciful. Look at the incident, how softly and tenderly is the Joshua incident handled by the crooks in Chennai. I am sure, they are doing all kinds of permutations and combinations to preserve their Singapore leader. This long delay is enough of testimony how WICKED are Abraham Mathew and M T Thomas.


Now that you have realized what kind of god is the one served by TPM Ministers and believers, let us look at how the God of the Bible says to these crooked fellows of TPM.

When you did these things and I kept silent,
    you thought I was exactly[c] like you.
But I now arraign you
    and set my accusations before you.

22 “Consider this, you who forget God,
    or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you:

Psalm 50:21-22

The Noose is tightening. But then, this time, its not just for Joshua. Its also for all those who protect him and play ball with him. Till then happy Swimming.


  1. @Victim
    Sister we dont knw the current situation.. but we knew that its a failure.

    Why dont you take legal action against this Hippo-crite..?😆 Definitely you wont be in a mood to marry him. Atleast sue..? or settle for a million dollars. Damage them financially..

    (Btw is it indonesia or singapore.? Didnt get that watsap screen shot.. )

    • @victim and Admin,
      After seeing this article hope chief pastor must send Joshua out of the ministry. This is very much enough to proof Joshua done wrong according the bible and TPM doctrine. “ if you see the women in lustful eyes you already commented adultery”. But here joshua had a sexual relationship with victim and using God’s name…
      admin bro why can’t you send all these to chief pastor personal email and ask chief to throw Joshua out of the ministry. If chief didn’t took any action every one will come to know all these abominable things common in TPM. Surely believers avoid go to TPM, Other wise it will bring bad name to whole Christianity.
      Do according Hannibal advice take a advice from good lawyer sue him. Good lesson for Joshua not to do to any women in his entire life. Next time when he look at women he will think twice women are not a weaker vessel. After you expose Joshua we come to know he is a “ womaniser” and destroyed many women life. previous when we heard about him we didn’t believe. He never did any ministry for God, he lived for his lust to fulfill. Believers hard earn money used buy gifts for women and stay in luxury hotel. How God will be quiet…. This is very much eye opening to all believers in Singapore.
      Esther and JS Daddy

  2. The text sms true brother. Our Chief pastors thank Joshua pastor for lot of money he gave to them, after collecting it from believers of Singapore. Talent like him to gather so much Singaporean dollar very hard to find in our ministry. That is why Chief pastor not in mood to kick him out of ministry. They very wise. They think about how much loss it would be to kick such talented person out of tpm.

    But I not happy with pastor Joshua. Why? Here is reason.

    One day, I (Elina) also ask him (Joshua) for some Singapore dollars, but he not give me single penny, and started murmuring. He asking me “do you know how much money I need to live in Indonesia in seven star hotel?” ” Do you know how much expensive food is in those hotel?” Do you know much cute words we saints talk with Singaporean believers to fool them to give us their hard earned money,?” He also ask me ” do you know how expensive dress I have to buy for victim girl from believers money.” How much chochlates I give to victims son to make him call me papa?

    His questions I not able to answer. So my mouth shut after listening the hard difficulty life he going in ministry. I realised our saints do much hard work than that mother Teresa. Since then I never ask him again to give me some Singaporean dollars. I tell him put that money in your fat stomach, but don’t give to poor believer like me. And I went away in anger from his presence.

  3. Joshua was once caught doing his dirty work when he was in Australia but he escaped without any proof but
    this time his caught with evidence. He taught he can hide his sin and forget that God eyes are watching on all man.

        • I discuss all this with Akka just now all lockdown stories of pastor Joshua. I tell her pastor Joshua overcoming all girls in all places. Girls try very hard not to engage in dirty relationship. But he overcoming all girls resistance. As I tell to Akka all this, she telling me to listen to pastor MT Thomas doctrines. I listen to Pastor MT message. He is asking questions to the public in an open place, “ Worldy people do not believe that such an overcoming life is possible. All people ask how overcoming life possible without marriage.” Like that his message he preaches.

          Next time let him shout saints overcoming life, I show him picture of Joshua.

        • The contents of the letter/ communication are revealing.

          But as Brother Johnson rightly pointed the TPMites as Ostrich believers, they will not see that there is video of pastor as evidence but will ask what is the proof of all the other scandals as mentioned in the communication. They will need evidence for each and every scandal otherwise this is stray incident on part of the overcoming SOGs.

          I think what that disgusting man MT Thomas has to say. My blood starts to boil when I hear his voice.

        • @God Judgement, we come to hear more about Singapore faith home. Joshua used to play with young worker sisters when they go to arrange his meals. Ammachi sharon used to send always sister kesia, kala. Theses two sisters are secret informers to Joshua what ever happened in absence of him. So in return he satisfy them with touching and playing.
          These issues some of the people wrote e mail to chief but when chief asked Ammachi she refused and covered.
          When we dig what happened… slowly coming out one by one. As soon as possible chief pastor must to decision and send Joshua out of the faith home.
          All believers in Singapore pray to God do justice to soon.

        • @Esther
          Oh, So Sharon Ammachi used to send her dear girls(so-called Daughters) to Joshua? Anyway, you do not expect much from pimps.
          I guess he was not satisfied with the CCTV he put within the sister’s room. I think he convinced Pastor Abraham that those CCTV is required for the sanctification of the sisters and got the thorn Joash Shunted to KL.
          Anyway, this Sharon Ammachi is a great mastermind and one of the deceptive hooks within the church. This false prophetess is hand in glove with Joshua.


  4. I am surprised by the shameless attitude of the Mafia dons in Chennai. They must be thinking that this storm will blow over and then they can continue to fool their Singaporean Ostrich believers. Wow!! what a great strategy

  5. The more we dig, the more we realise how corrupt this entire organisation is from top to bottom. The Chief Pastors will not lift a finger because they are also equally corrupt with their own dirty little weaknesses. They know each others secrets and just like the catholic priests, they confess one to another and get their sins forgiven, and then protect each other. They will never let one of their own down, they are a pack of wolves and will stay united as they have no fear of God or man.

    I feel disgusted with the apathy shown by the members of the Singapore TPM. They are all stupid sheep who will not open their mouths and stop this open abuse. Shame on you folks, I doubt any of you are christians.

    Catch this bull by its neck and throw him to the dogs. How can you even attend the services conducted by this maniac? How can you let your children be under the mercy of these evil animals? How can you take communion at the hands of this filthy predator?

    Take your family and run for your life. Stop feeding these wolves with your hard earned money.

  6. Of late words like ….HENCHMEN,JUNTA have been automatically slipped out from my hand while I was drafting my comments to this site ….But now this latest EPISODE on this man finds no regrets to those words.
    Will the Singaporean believer community wake up now atleast now ?
    You are all in DEEP MIRY CLAY
    It is safe for you to flee away as QUICKLY as possible.
    Otherwise you yourselves are leading the way to your own GALLOWS there.
    Read your own CNA news blog that releases CORONA virus hourly updates that spread around 210 countries of the globe. It releases SINGAPORE TOLL separately Hourly release …I do not want reproduce them here.….Gosh….my dear ones in the Lord. ….Do you know why God is sending hourly STATS and for whomsake?
    It is only for yoursake my dear ones
    Have you found out the reason of their hourly release? Because people still kept ACHAN like a man with them —– Send him out quickly and save yourselves. OK. that is not possible for you ……then Run away ,run away run away before you face the greater wrath of God comes out soon..

  7. I’m feeling frustrated. My faith shaken looking at video. I thought this Admin is technology expert and enemy of tpm. He could fabricate any lies against gods church. But after video and text message about center pastors former adulterous life in sydney, my faith is completely shaken. Please pray that saints must remove lampstand of Joshua, otherwise I cannot continue longer if I see him continuing further in this glorious ministry. Kindly remember my family in your prayers, especially my husband. He is refusing to attend tpm church.

    • Dear Bhuvnesvari,
      Thank God that now your misunderstanding about the admin is clear. I would like to remind you that we all including the admin are God fearing and need His mercy to spend our eternity in Heaven. None of us are free enough to fabricate stories or morph anything to malign anyone. Jehu after he was anointed by Elisha destroyed with vehement zeal AHAB (once his master ) & his household. We too after witnessing the erroneous doctrines taught & immoral life being practiced by these whiteclads, publishing these things. What more proof than these are required for one who wants to live a true Christian life according to the word of God?
      I humbly request you that instead of fighting tooth & nail to throw that dirty Joshua out, you better get out of the bunch of hypocrites. How many Joshua will you throw out to stay safe & spiritual? There are many Joshua & Delilah in this cult. You better obey Revelation 18:4 & come out of it.
      As God sent his Angels to bring Lot & his family out of Sodom before He destroyed it, so also the truth being published are the call of God to come out of this CULT. Very soon God is going to overthrow this.

    • @Bhuvaneshvari – Please follow your husband because he is right, and you and your family will not regret it. God will protect you and take care of you.

      • I have noted this trend in many TPM Families. In reality, the Wife is the Head of the Family in many of those TPM Families. Therefore, they are out of the will of God.
        Click here to know who is leading the families where the Wife is the one that calls the shots/Head.

  8. @ Bhuveneshwari
    /Kindly remember my family in your prayers, especially my husband. He is refusing to attend tpm church./

    Sister, are you upset that your husband is not attending TPM? Please remember that there is a greater warning that’s coming to your doorstep.

    Perhaps the Lord is using him to tell you that TPM is not a religious organisation. It’s a fly by night chit fund. Whatever you lost, God can help you recover, but the choice to save your soul is yours.
    If you value your family and the souls of the ones who look upto you, don’t wait for TPM to fall down like Jericho.
    Rahab was wise, she ensured that her family was saved. She did not make the decision after watching few videos. She make that decision because her heart was serious and sincere.

    I will pray that God will use you to help others run from sin and hell.

    God bless you sister.

  9. @ Bhuvaneswari”Please pray that saints must remove lampstand of Joshua, otherwise I cannot continue longer if I see him continuing further in this glorious ministry.”

    I am doomed to read the statement from you Sister, ,,,,’in this glorious ministry’
    I too used to utter such words like ‘GLORIOUS’ ministry being attributed to TPM during my time I spent my precious time that God gave me(TWO and a HALF decades with them before God opened my spiritual eyes of my understanding)
    Usurping Jesus and the gospel of Jesus has become a favourite pastime of this TPM after. I realised the true colours of this ‘FLOCK’ with which I sailed across all those years.
    Are we aware that the following THREE great important things will be withdrawn from them that usurp Jesus?
    The Bible clearly states that they would meet :
    Let me quote the reference 2 THESS 1:9
    Like you were redeemed, we are also redeemed from the clutches of this ‘BEAST’ -TPM and on the appointed hour.
    Hope the S’PORE laity who read these comments from this blessed site would these lessons from your TESTIMONY too.
    You and your family will be remembered in the prayers.
    God bless you Sister

  10. //My faith shaken looking at video//
    Hey Sister please ponder over why your faith was shaken. As per Heb 13:27 Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.
    Your faith was built on TPM’s foundation of wood, hay and stubble which is why you were shaken.
    But if your faith was built on Jesus, then I dont think you would have to undergo this experience of being shaken.
    The foundation you are standing on will be burnt soon. So if you dont decide to reconsider on your choice of foundation, you know the consequences.
    Its God send that your Husband is refusing to attend TPM. Cheer up and follow him.

    • Chi yawlk….I wonder why dont he be transparent and marry her than doing all such this.
      And why people try to cover up…
      I think money plays a major role.
      Just let me know the founder of Tpm church. Or rye beginning days people are NADAR.
      Nadar traditional is bit mixed in this I feel. I dunno just saying.

  11. Happened to see J.Massilamani write in the text msg with his selfie, boasting about his wolf gathering in India as “power of India” little did he realized that God was about to unleash His Power & humiliate these pretenders by by tapping into the power of the internet..Amen to that!

    • No Wonder that they have been enemies of the Internet, right from the start. But then God had different plans. He started distributing Whatsapp loaded phones to the Clergy and the believers so that these records are sourced to us.
      This particular circular is the one that prompted us to start the site. Since then we have never looked back.


      • @Admin, chief pastor Stephen put a rule not to post any audio clips how Joshua send audio voice and video to love of his life?. And with so loving voice.. so joshua not following the rules kept by chief pastor how believers will follow?
        Joshua sending Photos from India to his love and to reminding buy dresses that to he was in international conversation?..
        Believers please request chief pastor to take a quick decision otherwise it is going to be big mess to whole Singapore.

    • Mother Sharon, Joshua and the two little harlots kesia and kala. In Christ days they made House of God a den of robbers, but these brigade have made it pimp house and red light area.

  12. @esther
    Ask Abraham to send Joshua and ammachi Sharon out of the ministry, Kesia and Kala be sent to Chennai faith home and put in the kitchen.

  13. Hi Admin,

    You have written so many articles in your website and trying to pull away many innocents souls from TPM. In the recent episodes of Joshua your trying hard to paint the atrocities of Joshua by Just looking at the views of the victim ( Sister from Indonesia ). You failed to understand that only mutual cooperation can make things happen, Victim stayed with Joshua , Victim enjoyed the money from the Joshua for many years. If my presumptions are correct Victim pressed for more money from Joshua and once it failed victim started to expose Joshua. This is truly a self sided judgmental threat by the victim.

    Admin, Can I ask you a simple question. Are you a righteous man ? who knows how many escorts and ladies you slept with ( Because your explanation in this article looks like a one who experienced many escorts in life). When try to expose the faults of other, try to look at the mirror and introspect your failure, your downfalls.

    I can call you a half baked personality because your looking at one side. In any court, if the poor victim do not have a lawyer to represent, he will be given a option to express his views on the case and fight for it.

    Paul wrote, “You, then, why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat… So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister” (Romans 14:10, 12, 13)

    Repent brother,


    • I am glad that you are calling the Victim as a VICTIM. That itself shows that Joshua is the Perpetrator. Do you also want me to publish stories of his adventures in Australia and how Vijayan helped cover-up that? Do you want me to tell you how Nelson (a Muslim convert) was defamed by TPM for pointing fingers at Joshua? DO you want me to expose the fantastic exploitation of many of your stalwarts who become the White commode of the 144000 Zion?

      So now you are making fun of the victim for having asked Joshua to fulfil his promises to marry her? Don’t you even have a shame to make such accusations? Well, I should have known how TPM has ONLY brainwashed people like you with empty upper storey. With all these pieces of evidence, why is Joshua not able to provide even one evidence? Why? BECAUSE HE HAS NONE. He is a much smarter guy than you are and would have taken any measures if he had evidence to back his claim.
      You have no shame for him misusing the name of the Lord for his sexual gratification? I guess that is how you are in your life. What kind of ministers do you want? Surely you deserve perverts like Joshua. I pray that you keep getting such people until the very end. Stop being a loose canon for TPM fanatics. If you want to share any pieces of evidence in support of Joshua, please do share. Do not be a madcap.

      As far as my life is concerned, what makes you think that I am living inside a Fake home with 4 escorts and maidens for my service/sexual gratification as your white-clad are? That is your standard of Holiness and that is how your perverted mind will keep thinking. I do not blame a pig thinking always about the pigsty. That is what it is made for.. Do you think I am being sponsored by unlearned people who dump a tenth of their income for me to run this forum? I am paying from my pocket, dear Calvin Sam. You call me half-baked…Why do not you have the guts to do a theological discussion on any of those things we have highlighted here? Do you realise that you are built upon sand?

      It’s nice that you quoted Paul. But for what? Who is treating whom with contempt? Are you not already accusing me with ZERO EVIDENCE for living a promiscuous life that you promote in your fake homes? Was not Joshua who treated the victim with contempt? Is not your Chief Pastor who refused the petition of the woman, guilty of treating her with Contempt?

      Go and read 1 Cor 5 written by the same Paul for what should be done to such perverts in a Church of God…Oh But you are in TPM…Not a God’s Church by any means.


    • Hello Calvin

      Are you serious. You belong to some church or are you secular. I think you are missing the point that we are talking about a pastor( a shepherd). He is supposed to live a moral life. He is a person who stands in front of the whole church and claims to make you perfect. He is supposed to be an example (1 Peter 5:3) . You come here and talk about court and law. We are talking about an organisation or church that claims to be built on the New Testament principles and whose doctrines are Apostlic. So Joshua will be seen in The light of that book. We are led by the Bible ( specifically New Testament) where certain qualifications are laid for a person to be called a Pastor. Hope you have a copy of the New Testament with you. You would not have posted such a comment if you have read it even once.

      We are questioning the spirit behind the church leadership that is incapable of making right the deeds of a Pastor.

      As far as the Standard operating procedure ( as per scripture)for such cases are concerned, the admin has followed it by bringing the matter to the pastor and then the leadership( please refer the first article on the atrocities episode of Joshua). It was after the silence and indifference of the above did he post the articles for the benefit of the people in TPM so that they know what they are feeding.

      As far as your accusations for the Admin is concerned, you should be ashamed for using such third grade language against a person against whom you don’t have any proof. You should be ashamed for your baseless accusations against a person, based on your fantasies. Whatever Admin has published, it is based on evidence. You have to the liberty to prove it otherwise. That none of you have done.

    • @Calvin Sam
      It seems not only your mind but even your eyes are seared with hot rod of iron. Your eyes have stopped working along with your idiotic brain..

      @ so many articles to pull away innocent souls from tpm
      Yeah indeed. Bible commands us to pull innocent souls away from becoming prey to hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      Jude 23
      And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

      @ You failed to understand that only mutual cooperation can make things happen
      What a revelation sir! Hatts off to you! Brilliant! You think believers are fools and will continue to remain fools when wolves like you will try to divert their attention by your outright lies.
      Why should believers be concerned about victim? Did they gave their hard earned money to her? Is she the one claiming to perfect them for rapture? Is victim to be blamed if sheep’s skin has fallen away from wolf hiding beneath it?

      @ tactic of defaming Admin
      It doesn’t matter brother, who Admin is or what he does.
      Believers of tpm should pull Joshua by his hairs, and kick him on his bum.
      Such demons and perverts should not be allowed to defile innocent women any more.

    • Hey Calvin, in the Name of God for once pull out your TPM lens and see what this site is trying to do. There is no room for presumptions here as every thing is based on scriptures and hard objective facts.
      You rightly as typical of TPM cherry picked three verses which again will not yield anything unless it is read in Context. You haven’t understood Righteous & stumbling block yet…
      Have you realized that TPM has programmed the following into all people like you…As a good faithful enabler & soldier of TPM since we will all stand before God’s judgment seat and since we will give an account of ourselves to God and since we are not righteous, IGNORE ALL HERESIES, CORRUPTIONS, WICKED WORKS, ABOMINATIONS, SPIRITUAL ADULTERY OF THESE CLERGY AND MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS, PAYING TITHES AND ATTENDING ALL MEETINGS REGULARLY SO THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN BE CAPTURED IN HIS SOON COMING.
      Dear Calvin, you are on the wrong bus my friend. Wake up before its too late.

      • Dear Redeemed

        I am not in wrong Bus dear brother, I have to correct you , Your in wrong bus. It appears to me that “Redeemed’, Nath, Richie” all are co workers in “fromtpm” domain.

        I already posted the following question to admin, I am posting the same to you .

        “Do not confine yourself in writing against TPM – because no one is going to file a lawsuit in India, if you have guts write articles about all the churches in India and expose independent pastors private and luxurious life, write above John Jebaraj , Write about Prophet Tijo, Write about Jestin and so many others then I will leave TPM and Join you this makes sense”

        • @ Calvin
          @ exposing others and leaving tpm!

          We give you that opportunity. Please feel free to open website against the names you’ve mentioned. If you feel they are wrong please express yourself.

          We will keep exposing tpm!

    • Hello Calvin Sam
      I was pulled away from TPM after reading many of the articles in this site. Before knowing about this site, I knew so many atrocities that were carried out by the white clads. But never had the courage as they were the Lord’s anointed, my eyes being blinded by the deeper doctrines of TPM. But when I read the articles in this site I understood the truth and realised that it was your white clads who were fooling the innocent souls. I am out of TPM and am more happy in the Lord.
      As far as people like you are concerned, you people have a load of shit in your brain so automatically you dont have the common sense to understand the truth.
      The Admin has been painstakingly putting out articles to make the blind belivers of TPM understand the truth and the hypocrisy of your white clads like Joshu.
      But morons like you will always fall for the white, and even if these white rape your daughters and mothers you people will say “Halle……lujah…. Praise the Lord…and blurt out some unknown tounges”…and allow the culprit to go scot free so he can do the same to the daughters and mothers of other Belivers.
      When will you realise that they dye their clothes white with your money and enjoy a lavish life.
      Do you know that by giving your white clads a lavish life…you are making them equal to Sodom…Ezk:16:49-50

      Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. They were haughty and did an abomination before me. So I removed them, when I saw it.

      Yes when they are used to prosperity and luxury then comes Adultery. So enjoy the blessings of your saint Joshua…may his spirit be bestowed on you !!! May he have an affair with your wife too!!!
      Its shameful to say from your side that it was mutual. So you agree that JOSHUA indulged in sexual activity (though with mutual consent). If he has committed adultery then why are you coming here to provide shadow to the withered fig leaves of Joshua?
      You are such a moron that without knowing who the admin is you are telling //escorts and all stuff//…So by your logic Nathan the prophet had more Bathsheba like experience so he pointed finger at David.

      Since you quoted Paul…then please do read this verse too…

      1 Cor:5:11-13

      But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator,or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.
      For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?
      But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

  14. Dear Admin,

    you wrote.
    “That is your standard of Holiness and that is how your perverted mind will keep thinking. I do not blame a pig thinking always about the pigsty. That is what it is made for”.

    @Admin, your perverted than me, let me tell you how. Your posting a video of Joshua pressing legs of victim in Hotel , then who knows you may be very interested to see the video of victim in missionary position as well”

    Few things are very clear from your post, your looking at a very very few of so called workers in the ministry who are fallen and trying judge the entire TPM, which is totally wrong.

    1. You’re a good in software and design applications.
    2. You’re one of the very hard hit victim in TPM, you dumped TPM and wanted to take revenge.

    When you said your paying money from your pocket to support this forum means, your something into very serious objective on revenge process. You forgot few things even if you try hard to hit will never be successful. Pastor Benjamin from Pattabiram want to revenge TPM he failed, Once IAF wanted TPM IBR campus to vacate they failed, many makkal katchi groups wanted to burn TPM church and murder believers they failed. I can give it in writing to you “No powers on earth can every overcome the power in the blood Jesus which is shed for his Church”.

    You’re using our computer skills to design beautiful episodes, why can’t you share the same knowledge to bring non christian to Christ, you will have more stone in heaven in your name.We are in full lockdown due to Covid-19 , why can’t you write a algorithm a to identify thermal temperature of Human bodies and assist Government of India and label it “fromtpm”. I will assist you with hardware and firmware support.

    Rom 8: 30
    “And those He predestined He also called; those He called He also justified; those He justified He also glorified”

    Your not in any one of those mentioned above, may be you were called but your seed fallen by the way side trampled by men and lost your glory.

    Repent Admin,


    • Why are you not answering my questions? Why are you jumping around? Am I to blame for your clergy having 4 escorts in white sarees and doing nothing but tricking people to make money and live a lavish lifestyle. Ask any of your gentile neighbours and tell me if they will agree to a person in a godman dress staying with 4 unmarried and unrelated woman. ITS ABOMINATION BY ANY STANDARDS. Let your SICK MIND understand that.

      You are yourself exposing your thinking to others.

      @Admin, your perverted than me, let me tell you how. Your posting a video of Joshua pressing legs of victim in Hotel , then who knows you may be very interested to see the video of victim in missionary position as well”

      It was your own TPM people, who refused to believe the Whatsapp and voice clips that we had to put in such videos to show the authenticity. PLease ask Joshua and your TPM Fanatics if we need to give more.
      Thank God for such evidence, or perverts like you will deny any wrongdoing. Now you guys are caught pants DOWN. Go and howl as much as you want.

      How low can you get defending immoral people?

      As far as Pattabiram incidents are concerned, you need to hold on. We are still in the interview process.

      What makes you think we are good designers. We had a very crude site till last year. We had upgraded just few months back. Stop your rhetoric. We have ONLY ONE AIM. That is mentioned in the ABOUT US section.
      You are not even worth a civilised discussion.

    • //I can give it in writing to you “No powers on earth can every overcome the power in the blood Jesus which is shed for his Church”.//
      Oh Yes Brother fully agree that Christ gave his precious blood between AD 31-33 ONLY for CPM/TPM established after 1923.
      You have lost your sound thinking.

    • @ Calvin sam
      You are piece of trash man (like Arnab Goswami). You can keep coming to fromtpm, close your eyes to what is written in articles, and vomit filth which is filled in your mind and soul. It doesn’t hurt us.

      Its not late yet to accept that tpm doctrines are taken straight from bottomless pit. Allwyn the sex maniac invented it all. All faith home workers keep thinking about sex 24 hours. They try to supress it. When they get chance they look here and there to see if anybody is watching. Then finding no one they pound upon every opportunity of fulfilling their lust. Some of them get flimed. Other remain happy that their sins are not out. But wait! God will reveal all your dirty works soon.

      • Hi Nath

        People felt “Arnab Goswami” did a right call to quiet “Timesofindia” and started “Republic” channel. You know the fate of him now.. Please take a Ultrasound to check if your stomach if filled with filth not mine brother.

        You don’t have lust brother ?, how many times your eyes were filled with lust when you looked at women. are you a saint. Correct yourself first then try to look at others.

        Good Luck

  15. Hi Admin

    you wrote
    Why are you not answering my questions? Why are you jumping around? Am I to blame for having 4 escorts in white sarees and doing nothing but tricking people to make money and live a lavish lifestyle”

    I am none to blame you admin, People call you “molly Anand” I don’t know if its your true identify. Your exposing failure in workers private life, you tried very hard to expose Pastor sunny private life when was CP in Dubai, people believed you’re right and big commotion outburst in TPM – ME, only very few believers left the ministry and found your wrong not pastor sunny are rejoining the churhc in ME, You tried hard to expose Pastor John Thomas issues in Thothukudi incident, very few believers left, the church is not stopped still running well and good . In short, TPM is not built on individuals morality, it is build of Christ centered doctrinal ethics which is very high in par when compared to other independent churches.

    Do not confine yourself in writing against TPM – because no one is going to file a lawsuit in India, if you have guts write articles about all the churches in India and expose independent pastors private and luxurious life, write above John Jebaraj , Write about Prophet Tijo, Write about Jestin and so many others then I will leave TPM and Join you this makes sense

    Good Luck


    • That is the problem that your CP wanted evidence for sunny. The bible says that by the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses a thing is established. And in that incident, the biblical qualification was met, but perverts wanted their camp to be safe and hence saved sunny. GOD SAW TO IT. And Lo here is an avalanche of Evidence…NOW WHAT WILL YOU DO?
      Bring a New Excuse?

      People like you are BEYOND REPAIR.

      AS far as me writing against the TPM, is concerned, well I was duped by TPM and not those churches. So there we go.

    • @Calvin Sam,

      The reason why people don’t leave TPM is because they are not saved and unfortunately it includes you. His sheep will hear His voice and leave TPM in a hurry. Hope one day, God will have mercy on you and your family and free you from this TPM delusion. Till then enjoy being a salve to TPM’s god.

      • Dear No More to Slave.

        Its my earnest prayers that GOD should have mercy on you and your family, I have come across 100’s who departed from TPM and years later they felt TPM is not a bad Church. Try to find the filth in other church then you will understand TPM is much much better.

        Stay blessed.


        • Dear Calvin Sam,

          I’m not looking for any filth in any church. I’m only looking for The Truth and I find it in the Bible.

          If any denomination or cult which teaches erroneous doctrines like TPM/NCPC/NTC/TPS/CPM, it is not a part the Church of Christ.

          This is not because I say so but it is because the Bible condemns these groups and I’m so glad that God opened my eyes to the false doctrines in TPM and I’m free today. If I find any false teachings in my current fellowship, I will run for my life.

          Once again I hope you become like the Bereans and search for The truth instead of being comfortable in the cesspool of TPM.

    • @ Calvin
      // In short, TPM is not built on individuals morality, it is build of Christ centered doctrinal ethics which is very high in par when compared to other independent churches.//

      That’s the issue Calvin. TPM is built upon belief in ethics and morality. It is built upon merits of ascetism. And that is blunderous mistake.

      Why doesn’t it go in your head that this belief in ethics is how all religions are made..all religions teach ethics morality..

      But Christianity is not another religion. Christianity is not founded upon human righteousness. Biblical Christianity is built upon the righteousness of Jesus. We have an article about it on this portal. Read it for your own soul.
      The issue is where do you put your belief? Upon merits of your good life or upon Christ?

    • @ Calvin Sam
      //I am none to blame you admin, //
      Appreciate that you accept that you dont stand a chance to blame admin. BTW you should have instructed Joshua to ensure that his muse switched off her phone when he was with her…just like you stop people from Videography and photography during ur Conventions.

      //Your exposing failure in workers private life, //

      What is private in a TPM WORKERs life ? His adulterous life ah ? One can ignore, provided thay dont cheat others saying that they are eunnuchs and the ones standing in Mt. Zion.

      //you tried very hard to expose Pastor sunny private life when was CP in Dubai, people believed you’re right and big commotion outburst in TPM – ME, only very few believers left the ministry and found your wrong not pastor sunny are rejoining the churhc in ME,//

      Pastor Sunny was exposed but there was no audio visual proof….but if there was no truth in that then why was Sunny transferred from Dubai?
      You say that only few people left…well … nailed it Calvin…because the Bible says…in Matt :7:13
      “…. For the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who go through it.’

      Yes only few will know the truth and come out of TPM. Now you can live in your own euphoria that only few are leaving .
      Morover those people who saw (i mean came to know) the erected penis of Eunnuch Sunny and left will come back but those who see the heresies and idolatry in the doctrine of TPM will never turn back to TPM

      /// In short, TPM is not built on individuals morality, it is build of Christ centered doctrinal ethics which is very high in par when compared to other independent churches.////
      The truth is that TPM is built by Ramankutty Paul and Pervert Alwin…They preach celebate life for 144000 but themselves live with 4 sisters who do all the duties of a wife like washing clothes including underwears, cooking, ironing and many more. Only a few keep themselves away from sexual life.
      Dont use the name of Christ to glorify your doctrines of hell.
      Calvin please tell how your doctrine is above that of other independent churches…is it the doctrine of enjoying sexual life without fearing your saints Joshua, Sunny, Younis Masih, Gunaseelan and many more.

    • @Calvin sam:
      //if you have guts write articles about all the churches in India and expose independent pastors private and luxurious life, write above John Jebaraj , Write about Prophet Tijo, Write about Jestin and so many others then I will leave TPM and Join you this makes sense//

      Your statement is void of any logic! Why would you or any TPM hardliner leave TPM if independent pastors like John Jebaraj or Tijo or Jestin are exposed. In fact, exposing these independent pastors will only reinforce your resolve to continue in TPM and not vice versa. If at all, exposing these independent pastors should cause a ripple only in their respective churches and not in TPM.

      Your absurd statement reminds me of a Tamil saying, that roughly translates in English as “Why would someone’s teeth pop out when he is kicked on his buttocks?” (குண்டில அடிச்சா பல்லு விழுந்த கதையா இருக்கே).

      As you are so enraged at Admin for unmasking your dear church, you resort to every diversionary tactic known to you to deflect Admin’s attention and resources away from a noble mission. Be assured that your tactics are not going to work here. Unmasking TPM will continue unhindered.

      For your information, many videos on the scandals of John Jebaraj, Tijo, Jestin and others are already there on YouTube. Please watch them and quit TPM. Admin is not running a church, so don’t say “I will leave TPM and Join you”.

    • Dear Calvin,

      Do you know that the people who leave TPM for any reason other than doctrine -related ones will always regret leaving. They are groomed to enjoy such community. They leave for trivial matters and for emotional reasons according to the flesh.

      People who leave TPM for doctrinal reasons never regret as they don’t go back to the TPM- sister churches ( those who are off shoots of TPM or follow similar doctrines). Any church announcing that they are the perfect “bridal church” is a cult. The bride of Christ is a work in progress of imperfect people who are really sinners saved by grace with repentant sins and not presumptuous holier than thou men of pride.

      I was rocked in my faith during Sunny’s scandal which led to deeper introspection. Upon realizing that these superfluous TPM doctrines are sand and not rock, I whole heartily surrendered to the Lord and He led me outside TPM. Even these days when I try to dialogue my friends who are in TPM, they accept that there are errors but say that they are not willing to come out of their comfort zone. It was then I realized on how this deception works. When I ask for scriptural reference for any of their interpretation, they just try to slink away or change the topic or talk about the weather.

      People who suffer ailment in the eye don’t visit a cardiologist. We have to tell what TPM does in We have to address it what ails it and not cover it up.

      Also, you cannot expect grocery in a pharmacy. So coming here expecting something about John Jebaraj is foolish. You have to go to forums exposing his evil work and read about their work.

  16. Dear Amin.

    I called you half baked personality in my first post, this is right again. You had very limited information on Pastor Sunny issue, you believed whose you sent information to you.

    The victim stays in Sharjah, till date he has not shared the videos to anyone, I know him, all believed his verbal conversation, if you have the video you can then post the video in pubic domain because all is seen and read in IBR.

    MY presumptions were right that your writing against TPM because your duped by TPM, well go ahead and keep writing one day you will terribly fail not because you exposed so many but because you will understand the real Judge is God and not you.

    Good Luck


    • Keep Spinning Stories…Sunny is the same.
      FYI, My own brother was there and I have enough reasons to believe him. He being a TPM Fanatic, agreed to the act of the Holy Man. I have also personally talked to Immanuel and I am satisfied by his testimony. And way back this Holy Man did the same act to one of my cousins When he was in Thirualla Centre. That Boy is now a Man and he still creeps at the thought of what he went through. STOP being an IDIOT even after seeing all these things… I told you earlier, you are not worth a civilised conversation.

      • Dear Admin.

        I am ending my conversation here, because I feel that your a hard nut to crack and something very deep in got into your brain to write against TPM. No one is stopping you, fortunately we are in India where law is not strong to bring you in court.

        You better keep your conversation with civilized conversation. All the best.


        • Man if anyone has to take to the court, It should be people like us who are duped. OK? We are the aggrieved party.
          Do you know that there are enough people who can file a case and pursue against TPM till they pay the last penny?
          Stop acting. We are being considerate just because many of our folks are there in this shit ministry.
          You have no clue of how hard it will hit this cult if we take an extreme turn.

        • and one more TPM believer came, made some noise and went…Calvin Sam has left the room.

        • Dr.Calvin

          You came and you left. So if I sum up your intentions of your short appearance is ;

          You wanted fromtpm to stop writing about the adventures of Joshua since he was involved with a woman who was in agreement.

          You wanted articles on other pastors and change the web site name to ( you can start with this domain name of you want as suggested by Bro. Nath)

          You Said that inspite of all the acts and sodomies of your SOG, this organisation will not fall same like the catholics and Muslims. Nice to hear that. I also don’t expect it fall.

          Then all of a sudden you left.

          Can you please ask your SOGs to write an article on the false doctrines that are being written against TPM and send it to admin. I believe that admin will post it. Article by article can you people refute whatever is written in the light of the Bible . You have lot of learned people like MT, Teju, Sibichan, Bijoy( both inside and outside), Durai, Gunaseelan, Sunny George, etc.

          ATLEAST ONE.

    • //MY presumptions were right that your writing against TPM because your duped by TPM, well go ahead and keep writing one day you will terribly fail not because you exposed so many but because you will understand the real Judge is God and not you.

      Of course, I spend decades of my life believing this shit doctrine of TPM. Then One day God opened my eyes and then the rest of the story is HAPPENING HISTORY BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.
      Read some scriptures and then you will know that I am not judging, but just exposing as is asked to me by the Lord in Eph 5:11-13.

      In case you are thinking that I am failing, you are in a delusion my friend. Even in this Joshua series, few of the ardent TPM Fanatics have crossed sides that I know.

      And why are you getting mad at me? Is not that because I am demolishing your Idols and you are feeling insecure that you had to bark at me?

      • Dear Admin,

        For a single Post, I am getting replies by your team members (No more to slave to fear, Liberated, Richie, Nath, Redeemed ) all in fake names are bouncing back, trying with words for brutality to prove I am wrong and your right.
        @ admin , you wrote
        I spend decades of my life believing this shit doctrine of TPM. Then One day God opened my eyes and then the rest of the story is HAPPENING HISTORY BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

        If your looking at revenge to TPM ministry and the workers inside by writing dozens of articles, that’s not going to work out, I’ll tell you why. You said “God opened your eyes one day”.. which cannot be true, if the real spirit of God is in you you will not take revenge, please read the below verses

        1. Romans 12:19 – Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
        2. Romans 12:17-21 – Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
        3. Mathew 5 : 39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also
        4. Proverbs 24:29 – Say not, I will do so to him as he hath done to me: I will render to the man according to his work.
        5. Leviticus 19:18 – Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD.
        6. Mark 11:25 – And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

        1 Peter 2:23 – Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed [himself] to him that judgeth righteously:

        If you and all your fake team members (No more to slave to fear, Liberated, Richie, Nath, Redeemed ) need a place in Heaven, then you have stop your website “fromtpm”.com and pray for workers and for the TPM ministries who duped you . This will show your a true child of Christ.

        May our heavenly Father touch your heart and your fake team members tonight and heal them from their iniquity.


        • Dear Calvin
          Please read your Bible removing the TPM lens. What I am doing is NOT avenging against a person for which you have quoted scriptures.
          I am avenging against a devilish organization which is pulling people to hellfire. I am in the business letting people know that TPM is a dangerous cult which is against the Lord Jesus Christ. I am just a signpost of warning. People can ignore me and go to the cult. I am not stopping anybody or “Avenging” as you would term.
          An appropriate scripture to quote for my action will be Jude 1:23

          Anyway, I do not expect people like you to even understand it as you are already deep into the cult sold out to the devil.

          What do you mean by fake names? People can take any pseudo names when commenting. These are real people who chose that name to identify themselves in the forum. Absolutely valid.
          Fake is when TPM try to peddle their Buddhist doctrines in the name of Christ

          We are determined NOT to join in your heaven of sex perverts and financial scamsters. Our God is different from your god. Read various articles on this site and you will realise that TPM is a filthy organization which follows all of the below works of the Flesh. The Bible says such people do not enter the kingdom of God…No amount of Acting and Hypocrisy is going to help you son.

          19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
          20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
          Gal 5:19-21

        • And Calvin came back, and quoted a few verses from the Bible just like his task masters.

          You are indeed a well trained TPM puppet or are you one of the Puppet Masters.

          By the way, you would have heard of the saying – “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

          Well the believers of TPM like you enjoy the TPM’s cesspool of filth, lies and every perversion known to man while we stay away from TPM while flocking together at

          You are welcome to join but only the God of the bible can save you and separate you from TPM. Hope and pray it will happen one day if it is God’s will.

        • Brother Calvin, did you realize that the six verse you quoted attests to the two central Commandment of God if read in context. Its all about loving God and your fellow beings. This is the very purpose this site exists.
          Just praying for the clergy will not help as God expects us to do beyond. Look at all Men of God in the historical books, they did pray and also used the sword. So its prayer + action.
          Read the epistles which Admin quoted numerous times. You cannot remain a dead wood in the fellowship.
          Please have this straight, as WARNING does not amount to AVENGING. Both of them are very different and this site is crystal clear on this.
          If you remember there was a Ring a Bell Initiative globally. The whole point was to ring a bell to stop a violence from happening. If we hear an issue and choose to remain quiet about it and just pray….do you think it will get sorted out by itself. See the video and check out if ringing the bell did make a difference.
          Adopting the TPM trick of just praying with conscience seared, will land you in the hottest part of Hell for sure.
          Martin Luther rightly said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
          Hope it rang some bell.

        • @Calvin,
          I will leave this quote from John Calvin so that you can ponder about the pastors in your beloved TPM and decide for yourself if they are true shepherds or wolves in disguise…

          “The pastor ought to have two voices: one, for gathering the sheep; and another, for warding off and driving away wolves and thieves. The Scripture supplies him with the means of doing both.”

          And you will realise that these your chief pastors have only one voice, the voice to put you and your fellow believers under their feet and strangle them with their rules and regulations. They don’t have the other voice to kick out pedophiles, sexual perverts and murderers from their ruling class because they themselves are false shepherds and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          Wake up, Calvin, from your slumber before you and your family are devoured forever.

        • Hi ” No more to Slave”.
          you wrote
          “I will leave this quote from John Calvin so that you can ponder about the pastors in your beloved TPM and decide for yourself if they are true shepherds or wolves in disguise…”

          I Pray God to open your eyes of understanding to see the good and not the bad, when 12 spies were sent to Canaan, except 2 rest got a evil report. But God helped 2 to see the good, their vision was blocked to the evil, I can count you and your team among remaining 10. There are more 7000 workers in TPM, may be your team got in touch with very bad ones in TPM and call yourself as duped by TPM. I view this in a broader spectrum, may be it was the will of God that your not the right fit inside TPM, I can give 100s of such believers/workers you left ministry and shined in other ministry.

          I can tell you this,, even you join hands with 1000s and trying to pull people away from TPM ( You call this Cultish organization) you will not succeed, the reason is, there are still very few faithful workers who cry out to GOD and live a pure life. God will fight for them. You and your team will never supersede , many tried this in the past and terribly failed.

          The idea of writing to you is, its wrong to write /expose evil of others because your none to Judge others, leave Judgement in the hands of God. Stand before the mirror and ask the same question to you.. Are you pure ? are you clean ? are you lust free?, this is few 100 question you entreat yourself and then come back and Point fingers at others to Judge them. The Holy bible says so.

          To close, among the many who prophesied for the year 2020 in many church around the world, I can call it 99 % said words of lies, you Just hear Bro. Teju prophecy in Dec 31st @ IBR, he exactly said how 2020 will be, all words is happening today.

          Please dis attach yourself from from this “fromtpm” team and be a part in the kingdom of GOD.

          God Bless.


        • @Calvin:
          //there are still very few faithful workers who cry out to GOD and live a pure life//

          You claim there are more than 7000 workers in TPM, yet your above statement reveals there are only very few faithful workers! Yes brother, for once you have nailed the truth. But for a very few faithful workers, the majority of them are workers of iniquity in TPM.

          The Lord is miraculously bringing out these few faithful workers by revealing the truth to them. There are a few of them regularly commenting on this site too, including one sister “Blessed Assurance” who has stepped out of the TPM ministry from the West a few months ago.

          Oh, Teju’s prophesy…that’s a big joke brother. How many times he has preached against Internet, Facebook and other social media, saying that these are devil’s tools to pull down people to hell. Now he is softening his stance on Internet and social media because he needs to reach his laity during this COVID-19 times through these channels. What a chameleon he is!

  17. Calvin should not become other flickering light that this has been witnessing in all these years.We were also once upon time sailing in the darkness of this BEAST.but now thank God our eyes of understanding have been enlightened, and are thus able to witness how we had been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus.No amount of his tantrums will work here as he is standing on a big sand dune cause it may any time will swallow him if he does not come out of this CULT called TPM. All that he needs is to search for the BIBLICAL TRUTH, and not the man-made TRUTH. Watch out for the Bible TRUTH that it spare anybody ,a spade is spade,no matter how ever he/she had been used by the Lord. The Biblical TRUTH did not spare Adam,Noah,Judah,Moses,Eli,Samuel,Gideon,David,Solomon, and the whole Israeli nation in the OT times whenever they crossed the limits. But again the merciful God did not leave them and did not feel shame to call them” they are my people of heart” .
    This is an eye opening lesson for not only Calvins but to the whole laity of the S’PORE and MAYATSIA who are safe guarding this man Joshua in the funeral service he conducted for Andrew the other day and the type of utterances he made in that funeral service. This laity of these two regions of SE Asian community must put their heads under shame, when the revelations are coming from other countries like India,Dubai etc.etc and such nations.These were the live ‘TESTIMONIES’ from them but not any cooked up stories.

    These ‘TESTIMONIES’ keep coming in as long as the Lord allows them and use them for His glory.

  18. God calls a spade a spade(i.e He speaks plainly and frankly to His prophets and to His saints.).Theres’ no doubt about that in Psalm 18:25-26 we read it.(25)To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, (26)to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.). 
    Abraham interpreted God’s command to mean that he had to kill his son, and he could only leave this traditional belief behind through the pain of a tremendous ordeal.
    God could purify his faith in no other way. If we obey what God says according to our sincere belief, God will break us from those traditional beliefs that misrepresent Him.
    This BEAST called CPM/TPM/NTC/NCTC/UPC/PCS/ has been misleading and misrepresenting God’s word in way that many were caught into its erroneous doctrines. As this site has put ample proof in all its 400 and carefully run EPISODES, it is worth to take due care about these EPISODES.
    There are many such beliefs which must be removed– for example, that God removes a child because his mother loves him too much. This was and is still a typical TUT (TU Thomas ) and TPM doctrine.Is it not dear brothers and sisters ?
    Is there any doubt about that brother Calvin?
    Enough was enough that we had been duped by this doctrines.
    But no more now.
    God opened our eyes.We have been redeemed.
    Now taking back about TUT’s ill gotten doctrines,this is a very simple but at the same time was made complex by his subsequent fanatics. Even today old believers of TPM still subscribe to this theory of TUT.That is the devil’s lie and a travesty of truth on the true nature of God!.

    If the devil can hinder us from taking that supreme climb of getting rid of our wrong traditional beliefs about God, he will continue to enjoy doing so.What is the supreme climb I am taking here?That is about GENESIS 22:2.Misrepresenting the word of God has become a favourite pastime if a little bit of English was known to that clergy/laity.
    That was what has been going on since the Alwyn days.
    But if we will stay true to God, God will take us through an ordeal that will serve to bring us into a better knowledge of Himself.
    The great lesson is be learnt from Abraham’s faith in God,(as it is said that he was prepared to do anything for God.) He was there to obey God, no matter what contrary belief of his might be violated by his obedience.
    Abraham was not devoted to his own convictions or else he would have slain Isaac and said that the voice of the angel was actually the voice of the devil.
    Alas, in this 93 year old history of this CULT,it is NOT hard to find out how many ISSACS had been killed by this CULT in the name of/ on the pretext of DIVINE HEALING.That is the attitude of a fanatic. If you will remain true to God, God will lead you directly through every barrier and right into the inner chamber of the knowledge of Himself. But you must always be willing to come to the point of giving up your own convictions and traditional beliefs.
    Don’t ask God to test you.
    Never declare as Peter did that you are willing to do anything, even “to go …both to prison and to death” (Luke 22:33).
    Abraham did not make any such statement— he simply remained true to God, and God purified his faith.
    Shall we learn these simple truths that this site has striving hard to put in the minds of God fearing people all these years?
    But surely there comes an end for everything and this site will be closed by God when it is due to be closed. It does not need to be kept in other social media as some brothers are advocating. It has got its own status quo .
    But before that any CLOSURE call comes from above, it is a fair call given to all for repenting and to come back to Him.This is a close call to all those to run away from this CULT, and a loving call to them who are still lurching in the shade of many CULTISH organisations

  19. Hi Calvin Sam,
    // There are more 7000 workers in TPM, may be your team got in touch with very bad ones in TPM and call yourself as duped by TPM.

    When TPM is a good tree can you explain how bad ones came in to it ? As per the below verses Jesus has told he will cut the entire tree which gives bad fruit. What is your answer to this ?
    Matthew 7:17
    Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

    Matthew 7:19
    Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

    //The idea of writing to you is its wrong to write /expose the evil of others because your none to Judge others leave Judgement in the hands of God.
    John 7:24 Stop judging by outward appearances and start judging justly. This was by Jesus. Also, read 1 Corinthians 5 where paul judges the immoral.

    //To close, among the many who prophesied for the year 2020 in many churches around the world, I can call it 99 % said words of lies, you Just hear Bro. Teju prophesy in Dec 31st @ IBR, he exactly said how 2020 will be, all words are happening today.

    Wow is that so? Don’t you know it was prophecized by Jesus in Mathew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13 long time back? Simply repeating by Teju with gibberish(TPM tongues) in between does not make him a true prophet. Listen to Teju doctrines where he bypasses Jesus to enter eternity.

    TPM does NOT preach the gospel of Jesus. They preach a different gospel and they are cursed.8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!
    First try to understand that TPM has wrong doctrines.

  20. @Calvin Sam

    Noah prophecized about the flood and he got a solution from God to escape it. That is to get in to the ark and be saved.
    Genesis 6:18 But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you.

    If Teju of TPM already prphecized like Noah , what is the solution he got ? Does entering the fake home will be saved ? Is that happening in lockdown or he will heal the COVID patients with divine healing doctrine? Can you get his exact solution what God spoke and share in this forum ?

    • @Calvin Sam
      @ Sister Surya

      Sister note the point. When Teju prophesied about impending danger in year ending meeting on December 2019, corona had already ramped up in China. So there is nothing miraculous. Didn’t Jesus say, Ye see clouds & winds and tell it will rain (Luke 12;54).

      He also said that Corona (he didn’t take name. these fraudster are very smart) will show difference between Egyptians and Israelites. But we know Corona has struck tpm believers. Lol! His so called prophesy failed. And this Calvin Sam could not see it.


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