We (fromtpm) are publishing a testimony of a TPM believer(probably a parody). We know it will be a headache for normal Christians to read this testimony. Nevertheless, we want Christians belonging to different denominations (all over the world), to read this foolish piece of writing with great patience. In her foolishness, this girl posting her testimony to us has identified all the brainwashing done by TPM on its believers. She will explain out how TPM leaders teach about Christianity to their members. I hope many Christians outside TPM read this and stay away from this cult. We have corrected the language to an extent. Other than that, we have kept the testimony as it is. Here Elina begins her testimony.

Praise the Lord!. I am a strong believer in the TPM church. I start my testimony by telling you from the beginning. First I tell you how our church was established by God. Then I tell you how I joined this church. Then I tell you little more about our saints so that you can also join this glorious church and get a lot of blessings from God.  

History of The Pentecostal Mission (TPM)

One day Jesus came on this earth. He does ministry for 3 and a half years. He selected 12 disciples and said to them, “Go and preach the gospel to every nation”. They preached the gospel on all earth. They taught all churches the true meaning of the bible. But slowly after their death, the world did not maintain the high standard. Slowly false teachings crept inside these churches. In such apostasy times, there was one true church shining true doctrines. Only one church saints not marry, did not take any salary and did not have any children. Only one church lived like the original 12 apostles of Jesus! It was the Catholic Church. Their nuns had a very kind heart. They used to help poor people. But this church had one problem – they worship mother Mary. Later on, they become idol worshipers.

One day God sent Martin Luther to the Roman Catholic Church. He started asking questions to the pope. He said, “O Catholic Church, why you worship Mother Mary? But Chief Pastor of the Catholic Church was very satanic. He called the council. He told to his centre pastors, “If we allow this man to expose our dirty works, soon people will leave our church.” So they all excommunicated Martin Luther immediately. God fed up with the Catholic Church. He said I send my prophet to tell your mistakes, but you beat him and excommunicate him? So God left the Catholic Church forever. The Catholic Church now lives in an idol-worshipping state.

Then God said to himself, “I will make the new church like the Catholic Church, but they not marry, not do idol worship but speak in tongues. I will reveal them the deeper bible truths. ” 

So God’s eyes kept searching on this earth. He was searching for a man after his own heart. Then he suddenly found a little boy by name Ramankutty. God said to himself, “This man looks super to me.” “I will give him the top secrets of the bible.” This is how our church was established in Sri Lanka.  So our church is just like the Catholic Church but no idol worship but we speak in tongues.

TPM Church’s Journey Overcoming all hurdles and hindrances

Satan was very unhappy when the TPM church was established. Pastor Paul Ramankutty was working hard to expand our church. He started making new churches in India. He sent emissaries to America, Australia and all foreign countries. All foreigners listening to the true doctrine and daily keep adding to our church. Like this God make Pastor Paul a big blessing to the world.

But Satan was watching all this and thinking about a plan! He started moving his tail over our faith homes. Firstly, he attacked Pastor Paul. He made Pastor Paul marry and produce children inside the faith home. He also made him keep moustaches. The Deputy Chief Pastor of our church became angry because it was not our doctrine to marry. He said to Pastor Paul, “We cannot marry and you keep wife and children and still go to Zion?” Like that, the Deputy chief Pastor Alwyn continued his fight in faith home like a devil. There was great tension in faith homes. All saints praying night and day with fasting. The Dragon with his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven on earth. Many sisters got defiled by Pastor Alwyn! He did intercourse with them. It was a great tribulation for our TPM church. Finally, all pastors joined hands and threw Alwyn Pastor out of the faith home. Like that the first hurdle of this church was overcome victoriously.

Then came the second temptation upon our church. Tamil People in Sri Lanka was fighting for a separate homeland! As a result, Our church was divided into two parts – CPM and TPM. The Name of our Church in India got changed to TPM from CPM. There were great trouble and issues within the church. Like that second woe past! Two woes went and the third woe still remaining to come!

This 3rd woe came on TPM church came in 2016 when another group of TPM divided from TPM. This group is called fromtpm.  They are like a boil in our church’s private part. We cannot tell others nor show it to others. We have to bear it.

Like these three woes happening, on our TPM church. We overcome all three hindrances. Our church still standing victorious! This is our church’s short history.  

My Testimony

Now I tell you how God brought me to this church. We were belonging to a different protestant church. TPM saints came visiting our home. We thought they are like us and invited them in. They said to us “Can we come inside and pray?” We said OK Fine. I gave them cold drinks and some snacks. Then they told me about the TPM church. They tell how they only are true Apostles. They told that me your church pastor is married but we are unmarried. They said that our pastor was not like the 12 apostles. They mentioned that He does not know real bible truths and therefore, just preach about superficial things. Only the TPM Pastors and sisters can make people perfect.

They went away after the prayer. Then one day God gave me a dream.  I see two TPM sisters in white Sarees. God’s voice told me from behind, “Follow them and join their church.” Like Peter followed Jesus, I also immediately followed TPM saints without asking any question. Now I am a very strong believer of this church. 

Servants of God wants people just like me. I do not apply my brain to anything. I surrender to whatever instruction God’s saints’ give me. Every Sunday I go to church. I had many troubles. I wanted some money to buy a big bungalow, a car and a good job. So I went to TPM church and prayed to God with tears. God started to speak to me through prophecy from Zion – “I will give you what you are demanding.” Tears kept flowing from my eyes during the prophecy time! Like that, I attend every meeting and hear the voice of God.

I don’t look at saints like Teju who do flirt with young girls. Many saints do many bad things in faith homes. They see many porn films in their mobile phones! Sister talks with boyfriends on mobile. But I don’t look at what saints’ doing in their personal lives. God is happy with my attitude! He said, she is not looking at my saints’ shortcomings. One day God talked with the devil. He said,  “have you seen TPM’s best believer girl? Have you seen how she is not thinking how much money tpm saints are making, or how much property tpm is buying, but she only looks at me! Only such people I want in my church who not interfere in saints’ life.”. So the devil said I know she is a good girl. But show her all evil things happening in TPM and she will leave the true church. So he started showing me the real life of saints. But I was very strict on my plan! I only looked at Jesus. So God blessed me finally. I become rich. Everybody respects me. I have a car also. Saints are happy with me. They use my car whenever they have to visit. They use everything I have for their personal use! Now I am a very strong believer of TPM church. 

Signs of True Apostles

Now I tell you more about TPM church so that you can also join TPM, when you read my testimony.

Do you know who the true apostles are in our 21st century?

“If anyone comes to me and DOES NOT HATE his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:26 

To be a disciple of Jesus, we must hate our parents. This is what our saints’ taught us!

Only TPM saints hate their families. They hate their father, mother, relatives! For Zion, they can hate everybody. They can even hate you. This is the sign of true apostleship!

Is there anyone in the world who can hate their parents as TPM workers can? This is the high calling they have. Come join our church. Become a servant of God like them. Follow them. This is my dream. What is your dream?

Our Church Rules given by God to the Chief Pastors

After listening to my testimony, if you desire to become part of this glorious TPM church You have to follow important rules. I am telling to you in advance. Afterwards don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you. Nobody in TPM will tell you about our church rules before joining. We don’t give you rules and take your signature.

Testimony of a True TPM Believer

God’s revelation will reveal you all rules as you become perfect day by day. Saints will tell you all our rules slowly, slowly.   

  • We don’t recognize your church pastor’s water baptism. You church pastor has no right and authority from the Lord. They are not apostles. We believe water baptism is only valid if our TPM saints baptize you.   
  • We punish those who take communion in other churches which is not TPM. We think your communion is not Ok. When someone takes communion, he becomes part of the body of Jesus. How can someone be part of your body and then he tries to come to our church and become part of our body? This is strictly forbidden.    
  • We don’t allow our believers to marry with your church members. It is a great sin among us to get mingled with Christians belonging to any other churches. Such marriages end up in conflict.
  • We don’t allow our believers to attend your church, listen to your church pastor’s messages and sing songs belonging to your church.
  • We do not go to the doctor. We believe going to the doctor is sin. We punish them who go to doctors. We don’t give them communion who went to the hospital in the last six months. If you are too sick, you can ask one of the believer doctors or nurses to use medicines and help you. But you should never tell it to anyone. Do not even testify about that. Just tell that you were healed by the prayers of the Saints.
  • Our eternal future is better than all other Christians of the world. We are a special group who will get to live in Zion and New Jerusalem. Other churches people can get to new heaven only.

I hope after reading my testimony you will join our TPM church. Please print out my testimony and distribute copies, in all other churches of the world. Let all people read about my church’s glorious truths and be blessed. I invite you all to join my TPM church.

Praise the Lord!


  1. @Admin:
    I admire your fortitude in dealing with people like Elina. Surely it requires a lot of patience to read a stupid testimony such as this and edit it to make it somewhat presentable to the readers. I found it very hard to read through this testimony, I could only skim through it.

    //One day God talked with the devil. He said, “have you seen TPM’s best believer girl?//
    Ah, sounds similar to the dialogue between God and the devil in Job’s story!

    //Saints are happy with me. … They use everything I have for their personal use!//
    You mentioned in one of your earlier comments that you will lend even your future husband to your elder sister for her sexual enjoyment. No wonder saints are so happy with you!

    //I hope after reading my testimony you will join our TPM church.//
    Na, the opposite will happen now. Many will leave TPM after reading your testimony.

  2. Dear Elena,.
    I will definitely take hard copy of your testimony and give to my relatives belonging to CSI church. One thing is sure that after reading your testimony no one will even think of joining tpm in their dreams. 😂 Atleast the last part of rules of tpm are much required to be published in all churches. Let them know how hate speech against Christian brethren is propagated by tpm.

  3. Is this the @Elina from those ridiculous comments we get every now & then in this site? 😀😂..omg, what a great testimony elina sis or brother, I’m pretty sure you will gain much believers from other churches after reading your wonderful testimony, they will be so glad to have heard it from you here rather than hearing it directly from the pit that you are in.. how much deeply deceived you & your tpm churches are.. even God cannot save you from your peril if you insist on remaining blind!

  4. Well finally the whole inside out of ELINA factor has been solved now. This is the perfect parody, played by the virtual person by name Elina. Kudos to her in mesmerising people like me ,NMSTF,Denzel Joy,Sis. Surya,and host of others too……There is nothing much left,The real Elina is revealed . Afterall what will be there to add for any virtual person. Its all parody,parody,parody…But in the end I do appreciate the writing skills of ADMN, who smashed her with one single stroke of his palm (whether it is his left hand palm or his right hand palm, I do not know ,ADMN only has to reveal!) on the day of RESURRECTION, and Elina is vanished. now..….and lo…I am totally mistaken.
    After reading this parody two things will certainly emerge …. either there will be a permanent exit of her playing such witty,butler english type of writing skills,or else she would again take a RESURRECTION with another name and re appear in these columns is a million dollar question. Well I would prefer ADMN to banish her permanently from appearing in these columns.
    Much depends on the ingenuity and the inventive style of the owner of this site whether to allow such useless type of utterings ( or useful type writinngs at the end purported to be emanated from her as per the comments of my fellow brethren)
    Even if this virtual personality takes some other name and comes to this site for haunting and taunting the readers, only ADMN is the right judge how to tackle the issue.

  5. Thank you all – ABAS, Cherian, RichinChrist
    My testimony best testimony in heaven, earth and under the earth. It is super testimony inside tpm and outside tpm.

    I told pastors my testimony coming on fromtpm.com. They surprised and very happy. They said, Only you could have done such an act of bravery. Only you can go in enemy territory and post tpm flag on its planet. All sisters clapping and tears of joy felling from their eyes.

    One Pastor said, from so many years I telling believers that our life should be so faithful that even devil should give testimony about our lives. This testimony he said, belong to that category. Devil personally left all his work and was deeply engrossed in reading this testimony on fromtpm, when he got news about it. Devil told to our Chief pastors, ( he keeps talking to spiritual giants of his level), that No satan, no demon no evil spirit has ever given testimony like this.

    Elina S.

    • @Elina:
      //My testimony best testimony in heaven, earth and under the earth. It is super testimony inside tpm and outside tpm.//

      It is super testimony inside TPM (wow!). Forget about us, even people inside TPM will be perplexed at your self-boasting. You are so naive even to realize what an embarrassment you have become to the TPMites. Continue with your buffoonery, your chance to mock at God and His Word is only when you are on this earth. You will be shocked to see what the eternity has in store for you, unless you repent and change your ways here on earth.

      Let me borrow a line from Denzel Joy from one of his recent comments that aptly depicts the state of TPMites such as you. “My poor little TPM mice, please follow your favourite charlatan, after all these are the last days, and its the best time to sin. You don’t get such a chance in hell, right?” I don’t think you will understand the gravity of this statement.

  6. I seriously feel sorry for this woman and I have no idea what is driving her to make a fool of herself on this forum. She has been doing that for so long with her foolish comments and now she has submitted a silly testimony to encourage people to join her in this cult.

    There is empathy for genuinely sincere people who are trapped in this cult either by being born in it or for some other deception, however this person deserves no such feelings as she is willingly living this life and it is not benefiting anyone. It is obvious she has an agenda but not sure what it is.

    The enemy has a tendency not only to steal, kill and destroy but he also likes to showcase his trophies. I hope Elena(or whatever their name is) is not one such trophy of his evil exploits.

  7. One thing is true about you @Elina…unlike your white clads you speak the truth !!!
    And the truth that you spoke about the third woe stands out.
    //This 3rd woe came on TPM church came in 2016 when another group of TPM divided from TPM. This group is called fromtpm. They are like a boil in our church’s private part. We cannot tell others nor show it to others. We have to bear it. //

    Yes the impact of fromtpm.com is just growing inspite of your white clads RPDs (Resist the power of Devil) and DDTs (Deeper Divine Truths).
    The following things happen during the Third woe in the Book of Revelation:
    3rd Woe (7th Trumpet)
    The trumpet sounds (11:15)
    The woeful events occur: which includes many things, but primarily all 7 bowl judgments (11:15a-16:17)
    The woe is past when Babylon has fallen (recapped in Rev ch. 17-18), and the revealing of God on earth is over (Rev 19:1-16), and the beast and his armies are taken care of (Rev 19:17-20)

    Similarly TPM as a church in this world may grow huge with buildings and people but remember TPM will be decimated during the third woe.

  8. I have always found it so incredibly hypocritical that theses same church members and saints have no problem singing hymns and songs written by brothers and sisters from “other denominations”…… to be fair, NT song books are probably over 60% non TPM or NT written songs?!?!

    Keep in mind that these same believers who wrote theses beautiful hymns and worship songs, that TPM and NT sing every week……these same believers would not be allowed to lead worship and sing their own songs on stage or take communion in these same faith home buildings and oh, let me not leave out that their water baptisms are not recognized or at the very least considered invalid by NT and TPM? How utterly ridiculous.

    I feel sure when all the TPM and NT saints and believers reach the pearly gates and are refused entrance because they sang songs without “higher knowledge” and “deeper revelation” they will be very sad.

    Lord please open their stubborn eyes, unstop their deaf ears, and massage and tenderize their indifferent hearts before it is too late. In Jesus name I pray from the depths of my being.

  9. Easter Disaster

    As soon as i got an alert for the new article, i dove into the testimony…

    Soon i reached the 4 th line.. wtfudge…?🤮🤮 all my cells were screaming 🥺😨 Its from ” Escort”Elina.. 😂😂.. .

    *Admin you need to compensate with a good article for the ‘Easter Disaster’..

  10. Why many people writing mean comment on this poor girl testimony. If you don’t like tpm church then keep opinions for yourselves dont insult others who go to tpm.


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