Straight Shots is a short drama series. Each episode focuses on one specific conduct of TPM believers. You will be able to identify how TPM believers instinctively act in specific settings. Each behaviour will be met by a candid response from Molly.

Major Characters: See episode 1 for knowing character backgrounds.


As the contagion of SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly spreading, fraudulent messages from WhatsApp factory is advancing at double the speed of spreading of the virus. In fact, even the SAR-CoV-2 virus is amazed looking at the speed at which unwanted panic spreads among humans. It used to think it is the fastest enemy to mankind till date; however, it was brought to shame when it saw the rate at which hysteria spreads in humanity. In an interview to the unidentified news agency, SARS-CoV-2 virus said, “I was able to empty the supermarkets with my entry on this planet, but the hysteria among ignorant folks has amazingly managed to empty people of their brains, especially the religious nuts.

As we have informed you in Gospel in Exodus-2 (click here), the book of exodus begins in the same way as the book of revelation begins. The purpose of God in briefing Moses and John by the vision of Jesus standing in the burning bush and among the candlesticks was to send them with a message of comfort to people. Both John and Moses were aware that people of God are in times of trouble and persecution, but they were lacking the knowledge that Jesus stands among the candlesticks and angel of God in midst of the burning bush. They were unaware that bush will not consume nor the gates of hell would prevail over the church. God sent Moses to Israelites with the message of comfort that “Pharaoh will not listen to you, but I will ensure that my people come out with great substance at the end (Exo 3:19-22).” He didn’t send his prophets to create panic and hysteria among his people. The idea of revealing what God was planning to do to his people was to strengthen them not to cause them to panic. Knowledge of future and assurance of God standing with us in the fiery furnace should make us strong. This is the concept which we want readers to understand through this episode.  

Scene – 1

Brother Murthy, who is an active member of “TPM whatsapp group,” forwarded a link of Dropbox to Manju, wherein TPM pastor is preaching that the new pandemic is sign that rapture is very near. Manju on receiving this message became as if one who is on LSD. She started receiving dreams and visions about end days. Today, she saw a dream that the doors of grace are shutting down. She woke up with the idea of Antichrist appearing any time soon.

Scene – 2

We again see the same reception counter of – “e-Motors Pvt. Ltd.” But Manju is not on her desk. She is in the cubicle of Molly; sharing with her the WhatsApp message of corona as a sign of last days.

Manju: “Molly, Don’t send your children to school”

Molly: (Molly raises her eyebrows. Then she looks at Manju) The are already in lockdown Manju!

Manju: Yeah I know.. but I wanted to say, make them sit in prayers. Because the world is going to end soon. Jesus can come at any time. Anti Christ will also appear. This coronavirus is the antichrist.

Molly doesn’t look up. She smiles and continues with her work.

Manju: Why are you not serious Molly? Always taking things lightly! You know, God showed me a dream. Doors of gates are just on the verge of closing. It is just open by millimetres now. So small! You see! So very small is the gap left to close! Once they are fully closed, tribulation will begin.

Molly: Tribulation will begin ……….now……?

Manju: Yes…now… Open your eyes.. see what is happening.. Its pandemic Manju.. Jesus said in the last days there will be epidemics..

Molly: Is this first pandemic in history of humanity? Have you not heard about the “black death” and “Spanish flu” and other deadly contagious pandemics of history? Why are you so hysteric Manju?

Manju: Yes… I know …, but my guess is that antichrist will soon appear on the world stage. There is a sign of epidemic… China USA, RUSSIA IRAN are all in fighting mode… Triple-six mark will soon be given to people. Christians will be persecuted. These are times of the beginning of last days. 


We are already in the last days Manju. You are 35 now and the day when you were born, it was close to 2000 years past from the time when tribulation days began. Last days according to scriptures began when Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and preached to 3000 people that they were in last days as prophesied by Joel (Acts 2:17). The types of AntiChrist was present in the days when John the apostle wrote his three epistles. Jesus made John write that Pergamum church dwelt in place where Satan was seated (Rev 2:13).

Christians are suffering since the first century church days! Don’t you remember that Stephen was martyred and stoned for his faith? Doesn’t the book of Acts mention that apostles were beaten and put in prison (Acts 4)? Doesn’t scripture mention that there was a great persecution against the church (Acts 8)? Was Apostle Paul writing a bluff, when he said, thrice I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, thrice I have suffered shipwreck? Wasn’t they already suffering a tribulation that you imagine that it will begin now? Have you read about church history? Don’t you know that John the apostle wrote letters to seven churches who were undergoing persecution? Are you even aware of how the Roman government persecuted church in 1st, 2nd and 3rd century? Not 1, or 2 or 3 or 7 years Manju…! They went through great persecution for 3 centuries…. That means 300+ years!. Children were born in a state of persecution. They died in the same state. Then came the next generation and next-generation….. but persecution for church continued!

Have you read about middle ages and dark ages and stories of inquisition? How about them whom Catholic Church persecuted for reading and translating bible in layman’s language? Any idea about Christians in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other persecuted parts of the world? Have you ever read of the horrific sufferings and persecutions which these people of God went through for the name of Lord? Do you know that in 1666 people thought that the world would end as the year 1666 had 666 in it? Didn’t someone brief you that incumbent Chinese president had asked Christians to replace the image of Jesus with his own image in churches?

Have you searched how many rulers in past tried to do such a thing, right from Assyrian Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar to Xi Jinping? These kings had no regard for any of the gods. They presented themselves as gods of people. What about the churches burnt in Assam and Orissa a few years back? What about those missionaries who forsook their homes and families and preached the gospel in remote jungles of Africa and Asia, and suffered violent martyrdoms? What about burning of Graham Staines and his two kids? Wasn’t all this tribulation?

The future one that is prophesied in the bible(Matt 24:21) just before the second coming of the Lord is called the GREAT TRIBULATION as that will be globally applicable to the disciples of Christ during the end-time beast empire. If you keep thinking that you should somehow try to escape the great tribulation, please go and ensure that you are indeed saved (Matthew 24:13). The Clergy of TPM who closed their gates and warned poor believers not to come in this corona time, will act very similarly in those days too. THEY LOVE THEIR OWN LIVES. As of now, they are waiting for the virus to go so that they can start with their divine healing services.

Take my advice Sister! Go home. Dip your head in cold water and wake up out of sleep of ignorance. Be calm. Don’t panic and make not others to panic. Be not like children, who get tossed ‘too—and–fro’ by every wind of new spicy material.

Try to acquaint yourself with knowledge from scriptures, rather than only bits and pieces of half-knowledge from the internet. If you are indeed serious about knowing end days then start comparing scriptures with scriptures. Try to see the big picture from the start of time to present days. Try finding all the occurrences of “The Day of the Lord” in the bible. Read apocalyptical prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and another minor/major prophets. Compare them with what is revealed in the New Testament, by Jesus, Paul and other apostles.

Make charts, patterns, diagrams, maps and do your own study. Read various commentaries. Search typologies in the Old and New Testament and try to see what they reveal concerning last days. For example, let me inform you that Nimrod, Esau, Pharaoh, Absalom, Ahab, Goliath, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Judas Iscariot were all prototypes of antichrist. Go through them and compare them. Try to see what you can find from their descriptions. Compare all the magnanimous amount of information given in scriptures with each other.

Read every interpretation of eschatology available in the market. Read the history of Christendom and meditate on the persecution of apostles and the first-century church given in scriptures. Share your findings with people. Participate in debates on eschatology. When you are ready to do all this and find the truth yourself, then I will believe that you are actually worried about the end days. Don’t show fake worries about last days, when you are not even an inch ready, to spend a cent worth of efforts, in seeking truths hidden in scripture. Stop gobbling what is being taught in the TPM church.

(Manju realizes that she finds it very boring thing to spend time in studying scriptures about end days. She knows she will never take a pen, paper, and draw diagrams, patterns and charts, by comparing all scripture, which speak about end days. She knows that even her saints who have ample amount of time in the world will never do this. They are just busy in buying properties and feasting in conventions. She realizes it’s better to invest time in knowing scriptures and history and comparing it with events of present times is difficult than to get paranoid by forwarding whatsapp excitement bubble ).  

Manju walks away in shame from Molly.  


  1. Bro she forgot to mention Nazis concentration death camps the evil the humans invoked against Jews..where many innocent people both great and small were killed under the dictator ship of Hitler influenced by evil. it’s written that there are many antichrists rises in this world and i believe Hitler is one among was estimated that under joseph Stalin the holocaust counts might be upto 20 million.All Tpm folks pulls up interesting story like The place Michael Jackson lived is haunted by his spirit and he is wandering there and all the innocent preacher blindly believes way the story they say in there pastors meeting gets reached to the poor audience who can nothing but listen to the fake news which facts they didn’t discover.

  2. Hi,
    I speak to all. Is anybody hear our tpm prophesy that corona virus is plage of God on earthly people? If you have please give me it.

    • Bhubaneswari – welcome back, you are at the wrong place for any TPM prophecies but there is one true prophecy which you can find here and it goes like this:

      “Run for your life, TPM IS A PLAGUE FROM GOD on unrepentant TPM Believers like you who continue to believe the TPM lie even after seeing all the evidence on this site.”

  3. this is a nice clipping for a true believer of JESUS CHRIST But this will be highly un-palatable clipping for the tpm JUNTA,the inner core and for the henchmen of this CULT.
    Its really a surprising thing how this CULT developed over these 90 odd years and still going strong( seemingly for the satisfaction of these unread Bible reading people)
    But a day and ,a sure time is set already by the Lord, that those opposing forces of JESUS will simply vanish away. .


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