This is an article fully based on a youtube video. The speaker clearly explains how a Cult functions. Each and every point he mentions somehow match with our favourite Cult. Let us first listen to the video. The transcript that is shown in the video is part of the rest of the article. 


For cults, the key word is CONTROL by submitting to the leadership. Leaders tend to be the absolute end, looked to as prophets of God, as specially anointed apostles. Alternatively, they can be strong, controlling , manipulating personalities who demands submission even if he changes his views, or conflict occurs in doctrine or behaviour. Sometimes they can be looked on as God himself, often to obey a leader and his teaching is equal to obeying God.

It can take time for them to gain power over the new convert, but it will eventually be there. Control is usually overwhelming and can cover most aspects of the follower’s lives. Dress codes, activities, finances, time, possessions and relationships. Various degrees of control can be experienced from subtle manipulation to blatant ordering. They expect rigid obedience to member’s time an activities –  involving their followers in physically and emotionally draining activities leaving little time for privacy and reflection or questioning their authority.

The methods of control which are used: usually FEAR of displeasing God, the leader or both. FEAR of rejection, punishment, losing one’s salvation, missing the rapture, going to hell. GUILT, FEAR, INTIMIDATION are weapons used to maintain their loyalty and devotion to the group.

Intimidation and accusation are often used. For e.g. Any questioning of the authority is treated as rebellion, and not trusting. They suppress question and confirm to the group’s behaviour. They discourage critical or rational thoughts and questions and it is called prideful, sinful or rebellious.

Control over relational and intimate issues

Telling one, who to date and who to marry. Decisions are made by the leader as to who and when you are ready. Extremes can extend from “No seeing the Opposite sex” to “Sexual Promiscuity”

Sexual impurity, especially among leaders is common. Doctrinal deception is more than often displayed by moral deception. (Polygamy, spiritual wives, adultery, fornication and sexual sin is acceptable for the leaders). The leader believes that he is above everyone or is an exception to God’s laws so he may not follow his own rules.

Public Confessions

Confession sessions are used to build relationships. Full disclosure of all secret sins, thoughts, temptations, desires are expressed with those you know and may not know to build up your trusting them with your life. These can build up a powerful tool to emotionally bond you to the leader of the group. They later can be used to manipulate or blackmail someone if and when they decide to leave.

Double Standards

There is one standard for the followers and another for the leaders. The leaders can do almost anything wrong while others will be rebuked, humiliated and made public examples of if they do the same things. Cult leaders exalt themselves requiring the followers to serve them or their church’s programs.

Misplaced Loyalty

Cults demand undivided loyalty to the leader, group and their specific doctrines. Loyalty to Christ is replaced by loyalty to an organization, church or leader.


Information control is practised where members of the group are not allowed or discouraged to have contact with outside family members, other ministries or Christians that could influence them. This is done to prevent information flow that may expose what is going on internally. They cut off or denigrating outside sourced of information (Like especially if it is critical of the group. One is not allowed to read or converse with those who say these things or was once part of the group and left for whatever circumstances. Ties are severed with former friends and family and the circle becomes tighter as the only people you are exposed are cult members. If evidence is presented that they have false prophecies, or cult members are exploited to make money the focus is shifted to question the motives or character of the person and ignore the truth spoken. Branding of anyone in opposition to the cult is vilified as outsiders and enemies.

Antagonism –  Outsiders are enemies

Anyone who challenges to cult’s doctrine is automatically branded as an enemy which is usually anyone who disagrees. The cultist feels that they are being persecuted unfairly. New members are told that Satan will cause friends and family to say bad things about their group and that they should only trust their new family. It becomes an US against THEM mentality. Outsiders are viewed with scepticism as to the enemy, evangelism is avoided. Since cultic leaders seek complete control of their members, outsiders are viewed with great scepticism. Potential members may be allowed in slowly and with great reservation.

Cultic churches are not committed to the great commission. Evangelism is avoided. Cultic churches are committed to power and control. Authentic churches are committed to the Gospel. Authentic Christian leaders have a passion to see souls come to Christ.

Focus on Imagined Enemy

The focus shifts from activities and lies inside the cult towards a common threat or enemy. The constant focus on the enemy keeps people bound together in order to “SURVIVE” the supposed onslaught. A common threat causes people to unite across personal boundaries and to compromise personal principles.

Rule of Silence

There are rules which govern churches which are not stated or written down. BEWARE if they say that the only statement we have is the BIBLE. Since the rules are not spoken verbally, you do not find out that the rule(s) exist until you have broken one. It is taken for granted that you should know them.


What happens inside the cult and the personal lives of the cult members are not shared with outsiders. These so-called secrets may make multiple rounds in the gossips within the cult.

Individuality Sacrificed for the interests of the group

The group’s concerns supersede and individual’s goals, needs, aspirations. Conformity is the key. The End justifies the Means – Any action or behaviour is justifiable as long as it furthers the group’s goals. To lie to those outside the group is OK as they are serving Satan.


Cultists may be willing to suffer persecution, martyrdom, or even die for what they believe to be true out of loyalty to the man or doctrines they follow. All opposition and resistance is re-interpreted as suffering for the faith and all failures due to the errors they hold are re-interpreted as trials and temptations from the devil.

Members are not allowed to grow intellectually

In Cultic churches and with Cultic leaders, intellect is dismissed. Members are discouraged from learning philosophy, history, science, systematic theology, or about anything with which the leaders are not familiar. Much of this anti-intellectualism comes by the leader being threatened with information that would show a potential weakness with the leader’s philosophy or theology. To show superiority, the Cultic leader maintains a domineering attitude to show his/her supposed intellectual or spiritual authority. Within authentic churches, all members are encouraged to grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Members are not allowed to ask questions of the Leadership

In Cultic churches, questions are condemned. Most likely Cultic leaders do not want to expose any weakness on their part. These questions are restricted and shown to be a sin. The leader may show that to question him is like questioning God because the Cultic leader has assumed a delusional god-like stature. However, in authentic churches, questions are a means for growth. The leader and leadership are transparent. People who have nothing to hide are transparent.

Exiting the church is difficult and may be met with threats

Since the Cultic church is about power and control, Cultic leaders do everything in their power to keep their members under their control. Therefore, if a person attempts to leave, the leader(s) will emotionally, spiritually, financially, or even physically threaten the member. In stark contrast, authentic churches realize that their ministry may not suite everyone’s taste. Thus, while authentic church keeps their members, threats are never employed.

Cultic Churches are Opaque

A strong sign on the spectrum of authenticity is Transparency. Authentic churches are transparent as they have nothing to hide. This includes every aspect of ministry including financial matters. Cultic churches are almost always opaque and secretive. Cultic Churches do not want the general public to know what they are doing. The more secretive a movement, the more cause for concern.

Cultic leaders want to make their members more like themselves

Authentic churches desire people to become more like Christ. When leaders become Cultic, they desire people to become more like themselves so that they can exert more power and control. Coercive and manipulative measures are used.


  1. Whats ur definition of the authentic church u r talking about?
    Im from tpm, since this website says n showing proofs of the dark side of this church which i agree for abt 10%… if possible pls let me know of a good church which follows god(chirist) 100% without taking a single cent by tithes i want to attend that church.

    Fyi i have been attending the church for 36 years and not once or maybe to be clear never paid tithes to anyone not even the freewill offering box which they have in church.
    But the workers still have good relationship with me. Im from a middle class family earning bits to support my family, the workers will do a house visit bi monthly not once i have given them offering. Not once they came to me n emphasise that i shd give them tithes or offering.

    Whoever is writing on this website… just to let u know that whatever u say may or may not be 100% true and whatever i say may or may not be 100% true, its which angle we see it from.

    I play music in church and also few other churches which i was invited to worship… every churches have thier own ups n downs if we only see the downfalls then all churches are screwed my friend.

    Many years back for a convention my mummy was fasting n praying with a prayer list which was given by the church, 1 particular point was please for new souls to accept christ n take water baptism(meaning joining the church(tpm)) that night my mummy had a dream a white man(not tpm worker) looking very glorious sitting on the throne and telling my mummy *ARE U PRAYING TO FILL UP THE CHURCH OR TO FILL UP MY KINGDOM* From that day onwards my mummy only prays for new souls to accept christ regardless which ever churches they go to.

    My point is TPM, Medhodist, Anglican, Independent, Presbyterian, bible churches all have ups n downs if every person who left each denomination and start creating a website to tarnish the church how are we going to gather souls for christ.

    * If i have said anything wrong please forgive me.

    • @ Mountain guy

      @ //Im from tpm, since this website says n showing proofs of the dark side of this church which i agree for abt 10%… if possible pls let me know of a good church which follows god(chirist) 100% without taking a single cent by tithes i want to attend that church.//

      1. Please let us know 90℅ part which you don’t agree.

      2. Do you believe tithes are biblical ?

      Let us start with this and we can discuss rest of your queries step by step.

  2. Hi brother,
    I didnt even get an answer about authentic church, and im already getting questions.
    Never mind maybe u dun have an answer for that brother.
    Giving tithes is biblical which is practised n still practising by many churches everywhere around the world.
    For the 90% which u r asking is personally for what i have seen from my own eyes the good things from tpm and the 10% which i didnt like the bad things of tpm.

    *Just to add something brother… all churches n doctrines are men made they can twist n turn as how they like today they will say something tomorrow they can turn around and sat another thing. By the way im a heavy smoker nvr once experienced holy spirit… but i do talk to god(not tpm worker)
    In a daily basis asking him forgive me for more worst sins ive done.

    • @ Mountain
      @ tithes being biblical

      Pls go through this link.

      Post your response to this article in comment section..

      Here is small summary for you..

      Firstly tithes were never in form of money. Secondly they were not given by everyone. Only those who were rich and had lands, were commanded to give 10%. Most of poor Israelites were labourers in field of rich Israelites. These poor labour class Israelites were not required to pay tithes as they were only employees and didn’t own land. Infact rich were asked to leave corners of their field for poor Israelites. In new testament ministry, you can give donations to church ministers.

      Based on above, the present tithe rule imposed upon believers of 10% strictly, is just like making circumcision compulsory. Just as there is no need for circumcision in new testament so is tithe also not required. With end of tribe of Levites, with end of physical temple and temple ministry, tithes should have been gone away. But unfortunately people blindly follow without studying scriptures.

      authentic church

      There might or might not be any authentic organisation (fellowship) in world. I am least concerned about it. My point is that atleast the fundamental of Christianity must be right in any church. TPM’s problem is that their fundamental belief is crooked. They have deviated from gospel and made christianity just another religion. Had there been itsy bitsy errors in tpm, I don’t think admin would have opened website. In fact I wouldn’t have left TPM..

      • There are SOGs who claim that they used to tithe close to 90 percent of their income, while they were yet low class New Jerusalem citizens.

        The same group denounce donating to charity or governmental agencies independently, or for tax reasons.
        The same threat- you make donations to the government but the government doesn’t care if you have a job or a future. We do, you can donate through us and see if God won’t bless you.

        Legally speaking, TPMs Modus operandi is not tenable, especially given the distrust for NGOs in the country.

        A time will come when donations to religious organisations will be centrally monitored and regulated. Both donor and beneficiary will be under the scanner

        • @Denzel
          //A time will come when donations to religious organisations will be centrally monitored and regulated. Both donor and beneficiary will be under the scanner//

          Maybe its possible when world goes for cashless economy. With e-rmb & digital dollar i dont think its too far.. Maybe 10-15 years at most..

    • @Mountain
      //By the way im a heavy smoker//

      Pastor Charles from Singapore writes a letter to church of mountain. Letter reads,

      Chapter 1
      Dear believerr mountain, I pastor Charles, servant of tpm Singapore church, sends you “same pinch.” As you know, one of our elder brother from Baramati also caught with cigarattes last year. He was also like us. But he getting caught. Remember, God loves white smoke of cigarate coming from gates of zion more than smoke of cigarrates in dwellings of Jerusalem.

      Chapter 2
      Mother Sharon demoted from center mother post. She now washing plates of akka.

      Chapter 3
      Pastor Caleb no grateful heart. One day pastor Joshua save pastor Caleb from getting caught watch dirty films. But pastor caleb soon forget it. He very ungrateful.

    • @ Mountain
      TPM has all the qualities of a cult especially when it comes to control. No other churches (unless they are a cult) control their congregation like TPM. No other churches recruit young men & women as their personal servants. Even Catholic nuns are allowed to get an education & be useful in the community!

  3. @nath
    Dear brother,
    Im very least bothered about giving tithes cos i do not have money.

    If there arent any authentic churches why was a cult church being compared to a authentic church?

    Im not here to talk about giving tithes is wrong or right.
    Cos i dun want to talk about something which i dont do.

    I just want to know if a authentic church exist cos i will 100% join that church.

    • @ mountain
      It seem you do not read or listen to someone. I said fellowship (church) should not compromise with gospel. Atleast gospel should be as authentic as it was delivered once to the original apostles (saints). As long as a fellowship does not play with fundamental of christian faith, petty issues will remain. We can neglect the little fights and variation in seeing things. But alas, TPM’s gospel is another gospel. TPM is cult not even a church. It makes men into blind bhakt(Devotee).

      Readers on this site can see, how it had turned you into blind bhakt(Devotee). Let me elaborate on what I mean by your blindness. I assume you have been tpmite from many years. By this time you should have learnt how to read the Bible, how to study and how to interpret it. That is what theologically sound leaders teach. They develop the instinct of flock to identify disease. As Christian, our history of breaking churches into multiple denominations should have taught you that problem arises when we read the bible with literal eyes, isolating passages out of context as per our desires. But tpm has never taught you these things. As a result tour view of the gospel is as perverted as tpm (it seems). It seems your Christianity starts with 1923 from Paul Ramankutty. You have no idea of world outside the well you live in (this how cults work, keeping adherents blind about before /after outside information). You read bible with natural fleshly eyes. The apple seems good to your view. Your are least bothered about comparing /inspecting.. I fear that unless you change you attitude, you will remain blind. You will never understand that tpm’s gospel in not authentic.

  4. @nath
    Brother i agree that tpm church, their doctrine and thier gospel is cult. Where can i find a authentic church, a authentic doctrine?

  5. Dear Brother Mountain,

    I am not sure if your acceptance that TPM is cult is out of sarcasm or genuine. But I will assume it is genuine.
    For authentic doctrine, you dont have to go far. It is right there in your study.. the Holy Bible. Every thing a person needs for his life and Godliness is there. It usually depends on how much we desire to know God and are willing to spare time with him. He proportionately reveals it to the person with thirst.
    As for authentic church ( or fellow ship) it depends on how authentic we are with God. Once this is set right, the Holy spirit will make ways and means to guide you to any nearby fellow ship depending on where & how you are willing to contribute to progressing the Kingdom of God.
    If you want to be a mere spectator then you will get to pick such a fellow ship. If you wish to spread His goodness, spend your life for others and be a living testimony of Christ you will end up finding such a fellow ship.
    This is what my four decades at TPM and my walk with God taught me. Hope It answers your query.

  6. Dear brother Redeemed,

    I agree on your reply authentic fellowship is within each n everyone of us

    I commented on this article cos i feel that it is misleading to say there is a authentic church. Cos when you are compare a cult church to another church (authentic) the writer should also stat where can we find such church.

    • @Mountain
      It is not your problem. Almost all people in TPM equate a church to an Institution (Organization). That is why you are asking such a question. Please read the articles in the following links and then you should be clear that the Church of God is not what you think to be.

    • @ Mountain
      @// it is misleading to say any church is Authentic //

      I think it is misleading to say there is no Authentic church (fellowship). Just as it is wrong to conclude that there is no air because i see no air, so likewise it is wrong to conclude there is no Authentic church because i know not any such by name or place. It is just like the argument of an atheist who says, there is no God because i see not any God. At most we can say we are not aware of any such authentic church (fellowship) around us. But to say it does not exist is misleading.

      Article clearly says ” Authentic churches desire to make people more like Jesus. Whereas cults desire to make people more like themselves.” Does this mean there ain’t no fellowship or group of believers who don’t try to be more like Christ? TPM assuredly doesn’t try to make people more like Christ. Now please don’t say tpm preaches to be like Christ. If that be so then Jehovah witness LDS Mormons Quakers shakers and all such cults – which are actually cults , preach the same thing – viz we must be like Christ. Does this mean they are not cults? In hindi we have phrase हाथी के दात खाने के अलग होते ओर
      दिखाने के अलग. It means elephant has two kind of teeth. One by which it eats and other which is only for show off. So also, a church may outwardly preach we must be like Christ, but a authentic minister of Christ , – who is really intrested in making members followers of Christ , he will be desirous to see people following charity of Christ. He will be day and night admonishing members to become servant like Christ was. Christ warned his followers from practising gentile manners, – manners that made juniors as their servants. Christ said as I have give you example , the greatest must serve smallest. This is what Christ was. Therefore authetic minister (leader trying to make fellowship authentic church ) will try to teach people to be servant by himself practising so, ( not unlike cults, where leaders ask juniors to serve them, and exercise control as the article says). An cult may preach Christ likeness by mouth, but will they teach that Christ was rod of correction for money changers who had made House of God a den of robbers? Does cults teach Christ likeness also means he was an enemy to them who sat in seat of Moses (Pharisees)?

      If you read article title ” freedom from fraudmen” then you will realize how tpm is like factory, where a person enters inside it to become like Christ, but after few years inside he turns up into a monster. Another article on this site explains (unlearning codes of cult) how in tpm, you begin to become more like tpm leaders, when you are cunningly brainwashed to use their language and become like them. (They who worship them will become like them, having eyes but yet cannot see)

      So my point is that there is heaven and hell difference in people who preach Christ likeness but make people more like themselves and people who preach Christ likeness and actually help people grow in nature of Christ..

      I hope the meaning of last lines of the article is clear to you. — viz..- “Authentic church desire to make people more like Jesus.”

      You have also said in your early response,
      //My point is TPM, Medhodist, Anglican, Independent, Presbyterian, bible churches all have ups n downs if every person who left each denomination and start creating a website to tarnish the church how are we going to gather souls for christ.//

      As I said earlier, a so called church/ fellowship (that which is authentic), must atleast have the gospel authentic (as it was delivered to saints). If it doesn’t have basic foundational gospel right, then it is not a church at all. It cannot be called authentic in anyway. Authentic church does not mean it does not have ups and down. Authentic churches have gospel rightly preached. A Christian may not be Christian even if he calls himself Christian. We had seen that such people existed in times of early church. Letter of jude is example of existence of such people. But then, it was not that those believers whom jude addresses (those who were authentic,) didn’t had ups and down. My point is having ups and down is not mark of whether person/fellowship is authentic or not. It is fundamental belief , it is the fruits emanating from that fundamental belief, that reveals whether fellowship is authentic or unauthentic.

      Back to your question then, that should we open website and expose cults and unauthentic churches, who say they are Christians but are not? My answer is yes. We are saving souls for Christ by exposing evil men. Christ saved souls when he tarnished image of Pharisees. Apostle Paul saved souls when he tarnished image of judagizers. Jude saved souls when he tarnished image of false people who unawares crept in church. Bible is saving souls by warning men to flee from false preachers.

      Saving souls is not an excuse to let masked wolves prey over naive sheep.

      You seem to be deluded that tpm is one of the authentic church, with ups and down. TPM is cult and fundamentally crooked in its foundational teaching. It is not a church.

      So back to the question, where will you find Authentic church (fellowship)?

      Answer; I suppose the need for Authentic church is to get right knowledge of authentic Christianity. Then I suggest reading through articles in website. You are free to comment on points you are not agreeing.

      I had forwarded a link to one book. Read it if possible. It is one of the most important book according to my understanding which labours to differentiate between true fundamental Christian faith and an cloaked one.

      Just reading bible with human lenses may not help. As I said, earlier, reading scriptures with proper knowledge to divide the word rightly , to see them in christo-centric, Christ glorifying context , to read them it’s original context is needed. Reading it with tpm lens and assuming I am right, might be spiritually hazardous.


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