Did you notice the 3 little dragons(Chameleons), trying to coverup for the prey caught by the lowest one? They might be thinking that the more the coverup, the better it is hidden. However, such cover-ups are itself the proof of the crime. It just lets you know who all are the guilty parties. What we exposed was just one Joshua. However, the actions (or inactions) by his group just tells us a lot more than just the man in the ring.

The Great Cover-up of The Pentecostal Mission
The others covering up for the leader Joshua is equally guilty

The Cover-up queen – Sister Sharon

This article is about the different layers of a cover-up. Sister Sharon is not oblivious to the frequent travel that Joshua is undertaking to the victim’s place. In fact, there are others in the Singapore assembly who are also aware of the same. Notice this text message that was sent by one such stalker to the victim. Therefore, it is quite impossible for us to think that the incident was totally hidden.

Text to victim The Great Cover-up of The Pentecostal Mission

It is also interesting that Sister Sharon used to address the victim as a “DAUGHTER“. However, when the Daughter started asking her for a resolution, she showed her true Chameleon colours. Notice the embarrassed Sharon who wants to hide away the matter under the carpet so that the rest of her daughters do not see what has happened to this particular daughter. In this screen, the “Daughter” is forwarding some voice clips of Joshua to prove the genuinity of her case.

The Great Cover-up of The Pentecostal Mission

Look at this clip where she is trying to act neutral like many of those Chameleons but we can gauge her true intentions. She is saying that she is listening to both sides. If Joshua has some thing to say, should she not tell the victim that. How can the victim know the Joshua side if Sharon also tries to gobble up the facts?

The Great Cover-up of The Pentecostal Mission


Did you notice that the entire setup is a cover-up mechanism? Sounds more like North Korea than any Christian organization.

  • Some believers know it, and they cover-up
  • The Sr Sister knows it, she covers up
  • The Young Brothers know it, and they cover-up
  • Kumari knows it, she covers up
  • Abraham knows it, he too covers it up.

Fromtpm.com is the last one to know of this scandal. Every layer of the system feels its a failure on their part if the matter gets escalated. See this clip where Sharon does not want this matter to be brought up before Abraham. Knowing that Abraham is made with the same DNA, she wants to use this as a baited hook to keep blackmailing Joshua. Once it reaches Abraham, the baited hook also reaches him and the blackmailing can only be done at Abraham’s level which I guess is being done now.

As far as you believers are concerned, you are of not even worth the COVID-19 Face Mask. They can discard you, at will. YOU ARE JUST BEING USED.


The Great Cover-up of The Pentecostal Mission

It’s like EVERYBODY KNOWS IT AND ALL ARE TRYING TO COVER IT UP. May I ask, FROM WHOM ARE YOU COVERING IT UP? If you think you are covering it up from us, You have a high probability of success. However, do you think the Lord God is like your demi-gods in white uniforms?

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Heb 4:13

Do you people even fear DEATH and JUDGEMENT? Does Sister Sharon think that Blocking Whatsapp will close the story?


  1. I just heard that that massilamani (this chameleon does not deserve the name joshua)is not allowed to conduct any meetings in Singapore as it is churches are closed. Pas.Charles who is in the other branch in Singapore had been told to go back to main church to probably take over massilamani’s roles. I think this is going to be taken seriously among Singapore tpm believers & we will continue exposing these chameleons as long as it takes until there is no where they can hide. This credible news is from a Singapore ex tpm believer who is still in touch with them.

    • Dear Richinchrist

      This is a classic textbook TPM move. When a SOG is caught they transfer him. The same happened with Sunny also. The question is will he be PUBLICLY thrown out of TPM. Do the chameleons at IRBR have the guts to do so. Can they do this without themselves getting exposed.

      Let’s see.




    • Abraham (Sunil) never ever cared for the victim and her son. For him the reputation of his organization is paramount. I guess he had an agreement with Joshua to keep him on the promise that Joshua never goes back to the Victim’s place. As we see, he came to know of this Joshua adventure well ahead of time when that believer told him. Now he is stuck as he already have an agreement with Joshua and his covering up is also exposed. These are Servants of Mammon. They will do anything for their business interests.

  2. Hopefully the leaders ask Joshua to leave the ministry. The queen sister can hide all these in the church? So she been covering up for Joshua?
    Poor victim sister.

  3. If the IBR transfer Joshua to another place that means they want Joshua again to do his dirty works to another woman because they know now Joshua must have a woman in his life and if Joshua is transferred to another place surely somehow believers will come to know.
    He can run but he cannot hide and anyway he already got his hidden wife.
    As for the Senior Sister Sharon , she do not have motherly love. She calls the victim as a daughter because that is her way to safe Joshua.
    Just like her text to the victim saying ”forget bringing the matter to Chief Pastor”

    These cults have to give a very big account to God.
    We pray God will bring Justice for the victim sister and her son.

  4. “Sssayaang “Joshua gonna get kicked out of the pigs mission.. and theyll make him as a scape goat.

    his name sounds like a tamilian.? or singapore /srilankan tamil maybe.. it is well known that theyre considered 3 rd class in The Pigs mission.
    Maybe not.. lets see if my theory…works..?

  5. Is it true Joshua is taking stamina pills??😧
    Someone comments in the erliear link saying Joshua is taking stamina pills.
    What stamina pills is it? So he dont stand on divine healing?

    • @NN //What stamina pills is it? So he dont stand on divine healing?//

      I had an inkling on what ‘stamina pills’ could be, nevertheless, I googled to confirm this. Google search shows that ‘stamina pills’ are actually ‘male sex enhancement pills’. See this link https://www.amazon.com/stamina-pills-men-sex-ENHANCEMENT/dp/B079Q4FV5B.

      Joshua being 50+, may have a willing spirit (to indulge in forbidden sexual deeds), but his flesh may be too week (to achieve sexual gratification), and hence he takes ‘stamina pills’. Where does ‘divine healing’ come here?…are you joking?

  6. I don’t understand, why Abraham (chief wolf) is delaying to take a stern action against Joshua (sex wolf)? This delay is raising the doubt, whether Abraham too has his hands in Joshua’s gives. During the time when T. U. THOMAS was the chief of this wolves pack, he even dug out the skeleton and punished the innocent. T. U. Thomas, the subtle wolf got the confession from the sub-wolves of the wrong committed even before joining the pack. As T. U. Thomas had a mask of forgiveness, most of the sub-wolves got trapped in the snare and confessed everything. That cruel chief wolf without any mercy packed some of them back home. He did this with the innocent who didn’t have the guts to oppose & he knew it well that the exit of those innocent would not affect the Organisation.
    My question based on the above said matter is, why Abraham is not throwing this Joshua out, even when clear proofs are in public? He might be fearing the post-exit scenario in Singapore congregation. I think, even this Abraham knows well the final destiny of his Organisation, so he might be permitting his people to enjoy the world to its maximum. There it will be weeping & gnashing of teeth, so enjoy atleast now before your organisation take a nose dive into that destination.

  7. The coward Joshua & chameleon Sharon

    Joshua has his weaknesses. That are
    1. He has that erosion that need to be expelled. Which can only do it with certain people ( women).
    As a lion walks slowly and steadily to look for it’s prey when they are in hopeless stead. He will run and run target it’s eyes only to that weak prey.
    He will attacked and to satisfy it’s stomach.
    That’s is Joshua spirit. Which the TPM thinks his good in his admin work & good in getting contact with powerful ( worldly) people for his project for short called God’s work.
    Joshua is good in acting. He should not join the ministry. Should be an actor in movies. Will benefit the film industry alot.

    2. He mentioned that it was from God to help the victim to explore his sexualities.
    OMG . That was a shocking sentence. Hope Joshua didn’t hang himself how Judas Iscariot has betrayed Jesus, by selling Jesus to the Roman soldiers.

    3. The queen Sharon.
    If the victim have plead for justice why the queen just take it as if it some ordinary matter which can only be sweep under the carpet.
    Perhaps we need to refresh the queen mindset. Late Pastor Martin love to used this quote”don’t bring your spiritual matters and sweep under the carpet”. Face it and deal with it.
    Perhaps he was referring to queen sharon.

    Queen Sharon, knew what Joshua,her “pet” has done. She leaves it as if nothing has happened. Isn’t this ministry is called a high and glorious ministry. Without spit on wrinkles. Why queen Sharon just let the matter rest and not solving it.

    In her fear or should we said her self defense. She said that her phone was seen by others worker sisters in church.
    Where is the trust in het when we are facing problems and allowing other sister see our personal matters in her phone.
    Aren’t the other workers Sister also have family of their own . By seeing our personal text to seniors sister and other workers sisters , will share out our personal stories to their own “families” I doubt she have eyes problems.
    If she have eyes problems , wonder how she reads her Bible . Which is compulsory for the TPM workers.

    Queen Sharon knew what Joshua was doing. She has indirectly support his dirty works in sexualities.
    Come on people is the church God is going to take when Christ come???

    She boldly & confidentially with shouting voice prophesying. As if that message really come directly from God. We as their prey believes her prophecy.

    She just saying out loud for just to comfort her pet , Joshua. Been noticing she only prohescy only when her pet takes the meeting. If her pet is not taking meeting. That prohescy is only for her “people” that has shared pour out their sorrow to her.
    Wonder if her prophecy is truthful revelation given by God. Or is other voice is telling.

    TPM motto quote from
    Colossians 1:28, KJV: “Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:”
    Hmmmm. Wonder are the Singapore TPM workers practising as the logo given to them ????

  8. Dear Bro admin,
    After reading your articles about cult so many people benefited. May God Bless you.
    Recent article you posted Singapore and Indonesia believers issue. You didn’t commented or posted about the victim sister and son?. Where is victim sister and son voice record and pictures? She also equally part of this whole story. I would like to request do the justice both parties.
    Thank you.

    • Dear JS(Joshua?),
      Joshua, Abraham(Sunil), Sharon and many more in Singapore knows very well about the victim sister and son. They even have relatives in Singapore Church. You using their name is enough of proof how low you can stoop. We do not expose the victim to open media. We are not here to harass a victim but expose wolves. The identity of the victim is not for public consumption.

      Next time, something similar happens in your own family, we will make it a point to publish the pics and all other details as you have requested.

    • @ Dalwinmicheal
      // justice to both parties? justice to Joshua? ,//

      Justice in what terms?
      This isn’t rape accusation that you are demanding justice. It was mutually agreed on a consensual relationship. Text messages are clear evidence that right from start the culprit was delaying the idea of marriage. Had it been other case that both of them had agreed for a one-night stand, and later the girl went on threatening Joshua with evidence, we could have assumed the fault lies equally with the girl. But right from starting (text evidence dated 3 years back), Joshua was the one who was making false claims of love and romance. He never intended to marry her. He was a liar, deceiver. Girl therefore become victim and Joshua culprit. The question of justice for Joshua does not even arise.

      Further, it is matter from believers perspective. It was Joshua who wore white dress, behaved as messenger of God, prophesied, baptized people, gave communion, and showcased himself to church as saint. Victim never decieved church members that she wears white, or if she is extra holy. She didn’t condemn anyone from taking medicines. The question is not about her. The question is about so called saints, who lie, and do all works of darkness behind the veil and keep believers in darkness about their real truth.

      So dear Dalwinmicheal , kindly refrain from your sinister theatrics , as it won’t work here.

    • @ masquerader

      You are as guilty as your sex starved predator Joshua. You should be ashamed of yourself, you useless retarded idiot.

      I feel sorry for you and your family. If you are a father, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you are a brother, you should cover your face, you imbecile. If you are a husband, you Should be ashamed of calling yourself as one.

      The judgement which is reserved for your beloved pastor is reserved for you as well if you don’t repent. How can you justify the vile deeds of this so called servant of Satan and come here pretending to be a saint defending the helpless. You are as vile and deceptive as your teachers.

      Let me guess, are you related to Joshua the playboy in anyway- beneficiary, partner, relative, chsmcha, friends with benefits?????, fellow worker, broker, agent?

    • @JS:
      //You didn’t commented or posted about the victim sister and son?. Where is victim sister and son voice record and pictures? She also equally part of this whole story. I would like to request do the justice both parties.//

      Thank you for acknowledging who the victim is. You seem to admit in your own words that the sister and her son are the victims here. When you identify one party as the victim, the other party (Joshua) is called the perpetrator. The Bible as well as the worldly court of law advocate justice only to the victim, whereas, the perpetrator of the crime is punished. It is so irrational that you (and other TPMites) request justice to the perpetrator (Joshua).

      Demanding voice records and pictures of the victim is not doing justice to the victim, it is called ‘victim shaming’. Victim shaming can be the effect of denial by those who have never experienced such atrocities in their own lives. They don’t want to admit it can happen to them or their family members. Its a pity you have stooped so low to defend a sex maniac.

      Isaiah 1: 17: “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

  9. Dear CuriosityJS,
    You using our name in the blog shows how manipulative and deceptive you can be. As you already know us, please come and meet me
    I will show you the photo of the victims along with her son. From there, we can take it forward.
    Thank you

  10. Dear Bro Admin,
    This Singapore and Indonesia case both parties equally blamed. Victim sister should know she is divorce and she has a son. With out her permission how Joshua had a sexual relationship with her? She also should know she can’t fallen love with SOG and should know her limits. As everyone come to know through the article Joshua went to give Holy communion. Victim sister mother complained about Joshua , Why Victim’s mother didn’t discipline her daughter and why she allowed this relationship counted 3years? Please consider all this before you post it any messages.
    Thank you

    • Biblically speaking both of them have done the mistake. We do not condone any of their sinful acts. Both need genuine repentance and restoration. However, deception and manipulation are what we do not expect from a TPM Minister. If Joshua Promised to Marry the woman and promised the Son to be his Dad, he better follow and fulfils that. Why TPM as an organization which already knows of this whole scandal, keeping quiet? It clearly indicates that Abraham(Sunil) and MT Thomas are hand-in-glove with the Culprit Joshua. For them business is paramount.

      //She also should know she can’t fallen love with SOG and should know her limits.

      First of all, who names Joshua as the SOG? He is not serving God. A Servant of God will not LIE, Make False Promises, Commit Adultery/fornication and Take the name of the Lord in Vain. He is expected to be more responsible with the Laity. If he has a CONSECRATION, he is the one responsible for it, not the woman. He is SOD or SOTPM as we know now. Secondly, who says the Servant of God cannot Marry? Which Verses gives you that understanding? Have you read 1 Cor 9:5?

      //Why Victim’s mother didn’t discipline her daughter and why she allowed this relationship counted 3years?

      If you would have read all the whole Joshua series, Joshua said clearly to the victim and her mother that this is from the Lord. Of course, these are deluded souls like any TPM People who do not read the scriptures. Now Joshua being a minister should not be deluding people with these kinds of things IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. When you depend on Frauds like this to be your bridge to God, you should not be surprised that he deceived you. This is not the case for the Victim only, it’s the case of all TPM BELIEVERS.
      Go to this article ( https://www.stas-afke.com/blog/2020/03/28/octopus-garden-tpm/ ) and see the Whatsapp message in my conversation with the victim’s mother. YOU DO NOT HAVE A SHAME ALSO TO SUPPORT THAT MAN JOSHUA? How can this man even qualify as your Minister?
      Of course, you still display the Joshua attitude when you are using someone else’s name. How can you be any better than your Guru Joshua?

      As you are from Singapore, why have you not acted in accordance with 1 Corinthians 5 and thrown Joshua out of the congregation? PLEASE REPLY ME if you intend to continue.

    • @Dalwinmicheal (Masquerader):
      //With out her permission how Joshua had a sexual relationship with her?//

      Your statement is so bizarre!! Even if that victim sister had given permission, Joshua, a consecrated servant of God who has taken a vow of celibacy, should not have had sex with her. Joshua cannot be so greedy to covet Zion and sex at the same time (according to TPM doctrine).

      If Joshua cannot control himself, he should have married, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. (1 Corinthians 7: 9)

      //As everyone come to know through the article Joshua went to give Holy communion.//

      So after he committed a sexual sin, he gave holy communion, or, he gave holy communion and then indulged in sex, or, both…that is very interesting. A true disciple of pervert Alvin, the inventor of this doctrine.

  11. Dear Bro Admin,
    Very much appreciated for Biblically you explained what the both parties must do. Now we all take this Holy Week opportunity come close to God with broken and contrite heart. We may say Joshua wrong and victim and mother right. But always we must see Gods perspective, how God is looking this whole situation. I am not supporting Joshua or blaming victim family. Most of the time we take judgement in our hand not knowing what God is going to teach us and how He going to discipline us.
    Thank you

    • Biblically, the responsibility to remove Joshua from the church is with YOU. Have you done that?
      As you have not yet removed Joshua and still having fellowship in the same group, you are partaking in his sins. YOU ARE GUILTY

      • Why should we ignore the faults of the TPM workers (especially the richer ones) and also the faults of the rich believers?

        According to TPM theology:

        Saints in Zion can also become sinners. They refer to the verse- sinners in Zion are afraid. They become infected by the poor laity and ultimately fall into sin. That sin is comparable to a flu. It can get swept clean with a transfer.

        So dear brethren, count it all joy when your favourite pastor becomes a child molester, a promiscuous wolf or a sodomite. It is not their fault.

        1. They are busy eating the sin offering and so they get affected by the sexual habits of the congregation, who refuse to uphold the requirements of semi-celibacy.
        2. The poor ones take medicine, go to the hospitals, but do not fund the church in a big way, so the clergy get sick.
        3. There are families who don’t do RPD and that creates a domino effect on the clergy staff in the TPM franchise outlets.
        4. Many families don’t send their youth to the ministry. How on earth (Zion) can they raise a crooked finger against the chosen of the Lord.
        5. God appreciate the efforts of the celibate monks and has given them deep discounts, so after 20 years of no sex, having a few encounters is okay right?
        6. IMPORTANT- Church of Satan is doing witchcraft against TPM workers according to Rev 2. Instead of fighting the sinner, we should shout a few hallelujahs, right- just like Co-ro-na- go.
        7. 1/3 of the stars are falling, but we should look at Jesus.
        8. If you even think about the sins of TPM, you become a leper and then you will be forced to seek forgiveness from the same sinning clan.
        9. Even if they sin, so what… aren’t they praying for you, so that you should not sin? Have not a few workers become the scapegoat, so that the poor laity can live without marital bliss?
        10. “What is that to thee” Didn’t Jesus himself snub Peter when he was trying to get too analytical, in John 21? What is your problem dear little blind flock of TPM? Don’t look at the faults of your saints. God has justified them because of their celibacy. If they rape or murder, its because of frustration. You have spouses and children, you naughty mice. Just spare a thought for the highly consecrated servants of God. All their emotions are bottled up. If it spills out once in a way, just look away. Don’t interrupt. Don’t catch a falling knife. Do not become like Uzza.

        Next time your favourite wolf is caught with his pants down, its because the poor laity are busy on whatsapp and fromtpm.com and are not faithful in washing vessels at the TPM outlet.
        Who knows some dirty spirit could have taken hold of your cute little wolf and he could be in heat.

        Let us not listen to ‘admin’ because he is like the devil that tempted Jesus, after 40 days. He could be like the snake in Eden which provoked Eve to take a bite/byte. Shhh… Let’s give our saints some privacy okay?

        My poor little TPM mice, please follow your favourite charlatan, after all these are the last days, and its the best time to sin. You don’t get such a chance in hell, right?
        If TPM becomes too powerful, you will soon see their true colours, you will see poor workers abused, you will find politicians and goondas passing laws within the church.
        There’s no need for any more proof that the head of the TPM cult is the old serpent and very soon it will have a global CEO called the anti-christ.

        What shocks to me to this day is that workers are using whatsapp. Because its 8 years since I have quit this mission, I just can’t believe the evolution.
        Promise of the Lord for the month sent on one whatsapp group & marriage promise to a divorcee sent on another chat window.


        If you want to legally sin and feel no shame, please sign up for the ministry. Bookings open.

        @ agnes, Vik, JS etc… Keep up the good fight. You are beyond repair. I have been watching from the sidelines for a long time and its clear that there’s more hope for John Thomas, Sunny, Joshua, Kaleb etc., than for you and your ilk.

        Had these fallen angels read their Bibles when they were young, they could have discerned between the wolf and the sheep.

        • Well said Brother Denzel, it is absolutely clear that the believers and leaders of TPM are not saved and they are all destined for an eternity with their beloved chief pastors in Hell unless they repent and turn to the God of the Bible.

          Our Lord promised us an abundant life contrast this with the miserable lives of the followers of this cult.

          Miserable in life, more miserable in death, and even more miserable in eternity.

          God should have mercy and deliver His sheep from this cult.

        • @Denzel Joy:
          //If you want to legally sin and feel no shame, please sign up for the ministry. Bookings open.//

          You have so well presented a weightier matter in such a lighter vein. Hope the misled sheep see the truth in serving God, and not be deceived by such high sounding words as “consecration”, “celibacy”, “calling”, “separated from the world”, etc. etc.

          Serving God is not an exclusive call to a select few, but to all who are called to a relationship with Christ. At salvation, every Christian enters into a relationship with Jesus in which He becomes our Lord and we become His servant. As Christians, we are given one life to live. How tragic it would be for us to waste the opportunity to be a co-worker with Jesus Christ in our generation. Every Christian is called to serve God in the New Testament church. Let no one be deceived that serving the servants of the mammon is serving God.

          Love your posts brother. God bless you.

    • @Dalwinmicheal (Masquerader):

      You may be wondering how am I responsible for removing Joshua from the church. In the first century church the believers were united and were ever ready to obey the instructions of the Holy Spirit given to them through their leaders. In this context, apostle Paul instructed the Corinthian church to expel the immoral man from their fellowship and the Corinthian church obliged.

      However much you browbeat or harp that TPM is a model of the first century apostolic church, every true Christian knows that this is not true. The very fact that they never obey the scriptures in instances like Joshua’s case is enough proof that they are not the true church as they claim to be.

      When you are in a church where the leaders are hardened criminals themselves, people like Joshua will never be expelled, and will instead be protected and promoted. We understand your helplessness that you cannot do anything to expel Joshua. Even if you raise your voice against Joshua, it will be you who will be disciplined or expelled from TPM.

      The only thing you can do at this time to save your soul is to leave TPM and not have any fellowship with them. This is not my advice but this is what the scripture advises. Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 5: 11 “But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people”. When apostle Paul mentions ‘do not even eat with such people’ he actually refers to breaking bread (Holy Communion) with such people. Please run away from this false church and save your soul, and that’s what I did about 19 years back.

    • @ JS (Masquerader)
      You are right dearest holy brother. That victim girl is our enemy. We must expose her. I talk to Chief pastor, yesterday. We discuss, how to cope with current problem..He told me “come immediately to war room.” I run like that only to war room. There we discuss new plan. I now sharing with tpm believers this new plan.

      We devide into three parts.

      First troop to be led by our cover up commander Sharon Ammachi.
      Her job is to attack. She must taking support from believers. Call her evil, devil, remove her from congregation, warn believers not to talk with her.. Put all blame on girl to wash our saints as clean white. She remove all chat from her whatsapp. No trace remaining of any talk with enemy girl.

      Second troop to be led by our wounded commander Joshua.
      He wounded by married girl. But he not to show any shame but be courageous.
      He send prayer point, promise message to believer. He still try to show that he is very prayerful man.

      Third troop to be led by our new commander.
      We assign new commander very soon. He first tell church that we are in last days. He tell them dragon took stamina medicine and now his tail become powerful. Like that he charge people. He also adviced to use Corona death case in world to put energy in public. He also conduct one fasting prayer, one communion meeting, to boost people spiritual level. He tell in lockdown we not get opportunity to serve God, so let thank God for lifting Corona and lockdown. People now fully charged. Now he start shouting overcoming life, holiness, and again tell everybody we are saints. Like this we can win no matter how many Joshua like case open before public.

    • //We may say Joshua wrong and victim and mother right. But always we must see Gods perspective, how God is looking this whole situation.// So how in the name of God, you started seeing from God’s perspective. Paul says in Rom 12:33, O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God ! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out !
      //I am not supporting Joshua or blaming victim family. Most of the time we take judgement in our hand not knowing what God is going to teach us and how He going to discipline us.//
      I can see where you inclining to.. None of us are passing any Judgement. A Wolf, the TPM’s hypocritical leadership and its Spiritual adultery is being exposed here in the hope that blind herd see the great deceit in the making. Focus is not on their personnel deeds committed between the walls of their house or fake home. Those will be and are being exposed by Him on High anyhow in His Time.
      Question is what did you deduce from this whole thing?

    • Dalwinmicheal (Masquerader)

      What will you do if the victim was your daughter or your sister?

      That is all you need to do in this case as well. So instead of victim bashing, please stop spiritualising this situation and throw the maniac from your midst or report him to the police or if he is genuine, get him married off before he offends again. Also get the animal to compensate the victim and her son for the physical and emotional damage he has caused.

      If you don’t do any of the above, you are hand in glove with this criminal and by giving money and moral support to this organisation, you are equally guilty. You have innocent blood on your hands so please do the right thing.

  12. @ masquerader
    It is the man Joshua who is too much in love with the victim till he sent her a voice text saying “ sayang please dont leave me or i may die soon.” Didn’t you read the text that Joshua is saying to the victim that he has already fallen in love with her? Joshua is a COWARD.
    Admin can you please send the voice record to the believers of Joshua?

  13. Dear @ bro Redeemed,
    //Question is what did you deduce from this whole thing?//
    When we look in to full scenario as a SOG Joshua should not entangled like this kind of sexual sin. Some times women should careful how they behave with men especially SOG(Brother or sister). Here both the parties not close walk with God, either they didn’t think if God put to shame how many are going to effect. I feel victim’s mother has experience in the world and church she should stop at the first not stay in the hotel and allowed her daughter to spend nights with strange man. Without any guilt both did terrible mistake.
    Joshua going now his part of shame and his ministry in trouble. About victim, not bother about her son, very carelessly she lived. I would like to ask one question “ if Joshua is not a SOG, a normal guy in the world how she is going to get justice. Whom she is going to complain?
    My request please think before throw the words or judgement. In this world everyone won’t think same.
    Thank you

    • Stay away from fools,
      for you won’t find knowledge on their lips.
      The prudent understand where they are going,
      but fools deceive themselves.
      Fools make fun of guilt,
      but the godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation.
      Proverbs 14:7-9

      • @IK

        Yes, IK, you are absolutely right. Stay away from TPM or it will devour you, your soul, your family, your money and your sanity. The evidence is right in front of your eyes, but if you still pretend to be asleep, no one can wake you up.

    • @JS:
      //if Joshua is not a SOG, a normal guy in the world how she is going to get justice. Whom she is going to complain?//

      If Joshua was not a TPM minister (sorry, I cannot call him SOG) and if he was an unsaved man from the world, fromtpm.com would not have published this post about him. Can you show any article on this site warning/judging about immoral people in the world?…you cannot. Judging those in the world is not our job and it is for God. But scripture instructs us to judge those inside the church, and this site is doing only that.

      Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 5: 12 & 13 as “12. What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13. God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”

      We are living in a fallen world and the victim sister may not get a righteous judgement if the perpetrator was an unsaved man from this world. We hear so much injustice being meted out to the poor, widows and destitute people in this world by the rich in power and authority. But the church should be different, shining as a bright light in the community, providing justice and protection to the poor and the widows. This is the type of church we see in the New Testament.

      Brother, your comment is so biased towards Joshua. You seem to ignore the fact that Joshua was the one in authority here, who should have corrected the erring victim sister, but instead, used his power and position in the church to manipulate the victim to his advantage. Admin very clearly mentioned in his response to you that both parties have sinned in this case and both need genuine repentance and restoration. He is only against the deception and manipulation used by Joshua. Even now, if Joshua acknowledges his sin, repents for it, and seeks God’s forgiveness, our God is merciful to forgive him and restore him. Will Joshua do this? People like you should not try to shield him and be the cause for the death of his soul. Please examine your stand brother.

      The real issue here is not Joshua but the church, sorry, the organization called TPM. We clearly understand that Joshua is a victim of an evil organization called TPM, and so is the sister involved in this case. If TPM had remained true to the Word of God and expelled their immoral ministers and believers from the church in the past, it would have instilled a fear in people like Joshua and the victim sister to refrain from committing such sins. You know very well that TPM is not going to implement this scriptural guideline in their church, and things will get worse in the days to come.

      How many times the TPM ministers have preached about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife incident from the Bible and advised the laity to resist sexual temptation. Alas, when the TPM clergy is faced with similar situation, how easily they give in, making a mockery of their own preaching and the Word of God. Do you see their hypocrisy? Do you see what they preach and practice? It is this hypocrisy of the TPM clergy that this site wants to expose and warn the innocent laity. It is clearly scriptural and don’t get offended by this site. Let these incidents be warnings to the TPM fence sitters. Flee from TPM to save your souls from eternal punishment. The very articles in this site will speak against you on the day of judgement.

    • Dear JS

      If we do a root cause analysis, we will understand that people like Joshua are all normal human beings so God put in place the institution of marriage. Why is TPM still propagating the pseudo eunuch and virgin theories ? What I understand Joshua studied the vulnerability of the victim and used it to his advantage.

      The fault lies in the doctrine of TPM and that is what is being exposed in fromtpm. If TPM does not rectify that theory many more Joshuas will be born and the already fallen ones are still continuing in this sin.

      TPM is responsible for giving birth to this depraved people.

      Anyway, I don’t expect TPMites to understand.They feel a high when then see these white clads.

    • Dear JS,
      Bro. ABAS has very clearly answered your query in plain language. So I will not repeat.
      Hopefully you should by now understand why we ensured Joshua and his Leaders got the global attention their evil deeds deserved.

  14. @ ABAS
    @ How many times the TPM ministers have preached about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife incident from the Bible and advised the laity to resist sexual temptation. Alas, when the TPM clergy is faced with similar situation, how easily they give in, making a mockery of their own preaching and the Word of God. Do you see their hypocrisy? Do you see what they preach and practice?

    Spot on brother.
    The real culprit is tpm doctrines. They don’t let workers marry. Their evil teaching infuses a sense of false confidence of achieving righteousness of God, by their works. And lo we see their failure again and again.

    God is exposing the hollowness of tpm’s false teachings, but these people are stiff necked. MT Thomas is proud demon like Pharaoh, who is refusing to let people go. May God break his haughty pride into pieces with the rod of iron.

  15. @JS
    I believe you got your answer for your question from abas and redeemed.
    My question to you after all that has been said and shown in the link regarding to this issue will Joshua be willing to come out from his hiding in the tpm fake home and be responsible for what he has done and has been doing?

  16. Dear Bro @ no more a slave to fear.
    // What will you do if the victim was your daughter or your sister? //
    If my daughter, my sister or my wife. If I come to know they are involved like this kind of sin with SOG, i Will advice don’t fall like this kind of sin. Because in sight of God this is very abominable. With prayerful I will bring them back to God and I won’t Allow to public to know, it is very shameful thing.
    As I come to know joshua is 57 year and the victim late 30’s. Why she has affair with so old man and a SOG, what is her intention? As the article show Joshua is a womaniser, she must more careful not to go in trap with such kind of person. Victim mother should make her to understand and I didn’t read about victim father. Where is he and why he didn’t check daughter is not coming home in the nights? Parents duty to bring them right path and advice not to involved such kind of things. Tomorrow victim sister son grow up what is the advice she is going to give to him?
    See in bible Eli didt correct his children at the end whole family God destroyed.
    Our duty to check on our children did they are doing right thing or not. though the victim divorce and staying with parents. Parents duty to advice and show what are the consequences she has to face if she didn’t follow the advice of parents. Now at the end nothing she got only blame Adultery and fornication. What a shame….
    Thank you

    • Dear JS

      I think you have mistaken fromtpm.com as a court. This site is for showing the blind believers of TPM about the true nature of Their so called SOG.

      It is you people (Proud TPMites) who go out and steal people from other churches claiming that that your apostles are the one ‘ who are perfect and make others perfect’ . You are the people who claim that tour SOGs are supermen. When they are confronted with evidence they become like ‘MURGICHOR’ and say who said we ever claimed that.

      It is the TPMites who look down on other churches.

      It is in your churches where you have written in Bold letters ‘WE PREACH TO MAKE YOU PERFECT’ and Joshua instead making the victim perfect he himself became imperfect. Joshua is not a young worker who joined ministry last year, he is a CP.

      Convention after convention that disgusting man MT THOMAS brags about the greatness and the robust nature of the SOG and exhorts people who are not a part of this so called apostolic church to join this church.

      It is TPM SOGs and believers who claim that they their SOGs are special and there is none like them. They have the licence to fill people with Holy Spirit.

      Joshua fell so can all human beings even David fell. Nathan did not go and ask Bathsheba, Nathan asked David. The question is what action is being taken by TPM.


      • @Richie
        You right brother. Gud revelation you have. I like your compare of our Pastor Joshua with David. Our Centre Pastor truly like David, great anointed man of God , who after heart of God is chosen leader to defeat Goliath of other independent churches pastor (Murgichor not good word – remove it immediately).

        All our tpm soldier fighting in battle, defeating other churches and looting their money. But our pastor Joshua David, sit at faith home, enjoying. There his first mistake. From there he watch beautiful enemy girl – victim bathesheba. She very beautiful but she taking bath and our pastor looking at her, at time of Corona battle going on. He call her and teach her how to become perfect. She not listening to joshua pastor. He tell her again again I take you to seventh heaven – become perfect like i am perfect. But she earthly girl want to marry and remain on earth. That problem between two.

        Then fromtpm Nathan Admin comes and rebuked pastor Joshua.

        Then another Nathan JS come and rebuke Admin. He also rebuke girl for making relationship with David Joshua.

        Now I am confused who real Nathan and who false prophet ?

        • It would be nice if you take a deep look in your mirror and ascertain who you are first before wasting everyone’s time here with your witty but stupid baseless comments which is not helping anyone.

          Any day, I prefer reading the comments of the defenders of TPM to your silly childish mockery of TPM. Grow up and chose whom you want to serve because fence sitters don’t go to heaven.

    • Dear JS,
      I am waiting for your answer to my question. As mentioned, YOU ARE GUILTY. You seem to be saying that Joshua and the Victim are guilty. Fine. But as of NOW, YOU ARE THE ONE GUILTY. You are partaking in the sins of Joshua and is trying to beat around the bush. Please answer me about that.

      If you do not answer my question, you should understand that your comments will not be entertained.

    • @JS:
      //If my daughter, my sister or my wife. If I come to know they are involved like this kind of sin with SOG, i Will advice don’t fall like this kind of sin. Because in sight of God this is very abominable. With prayerful I will bring them back to God and I won’t Allow to public to know, it is very shameful thing.//

      Brother, if it was your family member, you would not have allowed the public to know about this incident, because you consider this act very shameful. Whereas, if it was any other person, you will demand that their voice recordings and pictures be exposed, because you want to shame them. You have said in an earlier post “Where is victim sister and son voice record and pictures?” You are so heartless to demand the picture of the victim sister’s minor son, even though he had absolutely no part or control over this incident. Why this double standard brother? You seem to display the hypocrisy of your masters, the TPM church.

      //As I come to know joshua is 57 year and the victim late 30’s. Why she has affair with so old man and a SOG, what is her intention?//

      It is evident that Joshua had promised to marry the victim time and again, and the victim hoped that this relationship will end in their marriage one day. Hence, it is safe to say that the intent of the victim sister was to get married to Joshua. What makes you think that a woman in her 30’s should not get married to a man in his 50’s? The victim being a divorcee, is legally free to marry any bachelor, and hence cannot be blamed for carrying on a relationship if the intent was to get married. On the other hand, if Joshua’s intent was to marry the victim, he would have eloped with the victim by now after looting a lot of money from his church. This is not uncommon in TPM and has happened/happening over and over. So, you should question the intent of Joshua for this affair, especially considering his old age, SOG position, and his celibate status. Clearly, Joshua’s intent was to enjoy free sex with a false promise. He wanted a double dip, Zion and sex, and that is a very common greed in TPM.

      //Tomorrow victim sister son grow up what is the advice she is going to give to him?//

      She will advise her son never to join the TPM celibate ministry and ruin the lives of so many gullible women like her.

      //See in bible Eli didt correct his children at the end whole family God destroyed.//

      Brother, the illustration/example you quote here is fundamentally flawed. This is the problem with all TPMites, as they either don’t read the Bible, or, read it out of context (with TPM lens). Eli’s sons were serving as priests under Eli, who was the high priest of Israel at that time. Eli’s son’s sins were appropriating the best portion of sacrifices for themselves, and having sexual relations with the female attendants at the tabernacle. God was displeased both with the conduct of his sons and with the indifference that Eli himself was showing to his sons’ behavior. God punished the whole of Eli’s family in the end.

      Eli and his sons are a type of today’s Servants of God or Pastors (I don’t isolate only the TPM pastors here but include all pastors from all churches). In TPM organization structure, the chief pastors can be identified as Eli and the other ministers, such as Joshua, can be identified as Eli’s sons. As is known to everyone these days, the chief pastors of TPM exhibit negligence and indifference to the sins/atrocities committed by the cadre below them. If the chief pastors of TPM don’t mend their ways and act in a Biblical manner, God will destroy this false church at His coming. It is wrong to compare this example to the victim sister (she was not doing any priestly/ministry duty in the church). This Biblical incident aptly fits Joshua and his ilks.

      //Now at the end nothing she got only blame Adultery and fornication. What a shame….//

      Yes, let this serve as a warning to all the innocent laity of TPM. The visitors to this site should not be fooled into thinking that this will not happen to them or their family members in TPM. This can happen to anyone, and in the end only the victim (laity) will be blamed as the adulterer and fornicator and shamed, and the perpetrator (clergy) will walk away scot-free. Readers, just flee this cult…

      • @ABAS
        @ if Joshua’s intent was to marry the victim, he would have eloped with the victim by now after looting a lot of money from his church.

        I think he considered this possibility. In the first article there is a link provided to Joshua Sayang’s linkedin profile. He probably made this profile so that other independent churches could hire him on salary. May be chief demon and witch Sharon convinced him not to abandon Zion.

        • He is a man with lots of skills. Smart guy. But finally, he could not bring himself to get out of the cult. He has gotten used to the luxury of TPM.


        • @Admin
          It seems other churches didn’t show any interest in him, which made him look for alternative options. Godly churches usually demand degree in theology (25 years experience in tpm , rightly makes resume of pastor horrible,😆).

  17. Dear Bro Admin,

    Thank you

    • Because you are partaking in Joshua’s SIN and not REMOVING HIM FROM THAT ASSEMBLY. Read 1 Corinthians 5 and you will know what exactly are you doing.
      Click here to know more about what you should have done as per the scripture(ABAS Comment).

  18. ADMN brother greetings.
    Just now posted a 11 page transcript of TELUGU translation matter as discussed earlier.
    When the whole of the nation has been undergoing lockdown and total blockade,this PROJECT was to be completed and God helped me to see its completion and sent to you as it was much delayed already, I do not wish to continue the situation anymore and after having finalised the finishing touches of the article, I was frantically searching the ways for the last couple of days as to how to transmit it. I was really worried as to how to transmit it in express way.No shops,no scanning facilities are available. Suddenly God opened the way or me from an unknown friend Mr VINYL ( an IT employee) who came to my rescue. He helped me to send all those 11 pages through his iPhone quickly.Look at the way how the help has come from above.
    Looking forward to continue the translation part of the blessed site.

  19. So impersonators started with PATRICK.P.E ,Dalwinmicheal(Masquerader) and ended with JS. In between Elina would come with a 3 point solution for the problem by going into the war room with her CULT manager.Unfortunately there were no TAKERS for their pleas.
    But inspite of their pleas,the thief was caught already.

  20. @ all
    Can some one please tell me who is faith home boy..? How theyre selected..? Hw the life behind it..? tpm strategy behind this? Definitely thr is a road work behind this..

    an article on this would be great.. we can save another soul.. i believe so many parents are thinking thr kids are into the serving God.. but not.

    • As far as my knowledge goes, faith home boy is one who lives in faith home, but he is not yet into ministry. The reason for them to live in faith home can be one of the following,
      1. If his entire family (parents) sold all property and went inside the cult. Then child lives as faith home boy or faithhome girl.
      2. If married minister in tpm bear children inside faith home (This is a very rare case and probably in foreign countries).
      3. Usualy youths who are utilised to do faith home labour works return to their homes. But those who live outside their hometown for job or schooling, usually sleep in faith home in brothers room after labouring for him day and night as his assistants. They have hostel fees paid, or rented rooms, but because they spend most of their time working as servant of local incharge, they sleep in brothers room instead of returning to their rented homes at late night. These usually start spending all time in faithhome if they are willing to join tpm ministry in next year’s convention. If Chief demon does not keep his hand on such youths, then these youths returns to their local and starts living as faith home boy waiting to be absorbed next year.

  21. @Nath

    thanks bro.nath . so literally a modern day slave .. admin should write a story on this . he never covered this before , maybe here n there bits n pieces .. but definitely need a coverstory .
    thanks .

    • No bro not all, not happening such kind… He is safe in his luxury palace and not going to leave the ministry. He is doing as usual his routine councilIng and meeting believers. Not looking for job.

    • @NN
      He was looking for job probably few years back, and possibly before witch Sharon Ammachi convinced him to stay in Zion, as she will cover it up.

  22. Pervert like him shouldn’t be in the Faith Home. If he is finding a job. Gigolo suite him well.

    Doing his “secret” ministry by sending Pastor Charles Good Friday voice record to his “secret” groups in What’s App. How many little foxes still inside him ????

    @JS —> His ministry in trouble ?????? Knowing his cunning and manipulative ways knows how to get away from the TPM leaders’ punishment. With his deceiving ways and poisonous words doubt his ministry in trouble. Only will believe if his ministry in trouble, the leaders sack him out with immediate effect.

    • @Wisdom
      //Doing his “secret” ministry by sending Pastor Charles Good Friday voice record to his “secret” groups in What’s App.//

      Can you explain in detail please

  23. @Dorthy
    The pervert Joshua indeed went for a “vacation” or perhaps went for an interview for his gigolo job.
    Good Friday and Easter messages were taken by Pastor Charles. With the sympathetic seeking, Joshua is sending to What’s app groups and trying to prove the leaders he desperately needs to get his celibacy position back in TPM organizations.
    How can Singapore believers never come to their sense and thoughts about why Joshua as the centre Pastor is not taking any of the services?

    • Bro@wisdom, most of the believers come to know about the news posted in your web site. They can’t voice out and waiting what is next…. Now all are waiting what chief’s taking a decision. Heard they think the messages posted victim created.

  24. @ wisdom
    /How can Singapore believers never come to their sense and thoughts about why Joshua as the centre Pastor is not taking any of the services?/
    1.Could be Joshua went to look for his hidden wife.
    2. Dip himself in the swimming pool.
    3. As a daddy looking for easter eggs.
    That is why he didn’t take the services. 😂

  25. @ esther
    //Heard they think the messages posted victim created.//
    If that is what they heard and think that I created this evidence, why don’t they approach Joshua who they say is a SOG. Ask him the truth and let him report the matter to appropriate authorities? I am open to examining my pieces of evidence by any appropriate authorities.

  26. Good job victim! You have bravely brought these matter up.
    Now we realize that all this time we been partaking in Holy communion with the SOG name Joshua after he defile himself.
    To all believers we must pray and ask God to show us to whom we can continue to take Holy communion in this church in Singapore. I wonder why the leaders still allowed Joshua to partake in the Lord’s table? So the leaders also partake with Joshua?

    • @believer
      If that is your benchmark, you never gonna have a communion.
      The leaders are also culprits, may be theyre too old now unable to ‘perform’ like before.. we dnt knw the old scandals.. as they re good at coverups.

      Better gather 2-3 families and start a. Fellowship..
      This is the right time, by God’s grace this octopuses
      Reach you people only through fone or watsap..no face to face control.. Be bold fear only God..

      Just leave this cult, save your soul.


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