The last week was one which created a lot of distress to TPM Devotees. Few articles of this site caused the wrecking of brains for many of them. Almost all of those extreme fanatics had exhibited a behaviour we term as COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. I have even heard of many WhatsApp groups which removed people for having forwarded the links. Violence and abusing words came from their mouth as they were filled with the spirit of TPM that makes them yell every Saturdays.

It was a period of mental stress where they could not reconcile the deeds of their Singapore Clergy leader and their expectation from the clergyman. The struggle within their minds gave rise to very high blood pressures trying to find a way out of the situation.

The Complex Scenario

Consider someone who has invested very heavily into their retirement funds and has been monitoring the graphs mailed by the retirement fund manager, every week. Now experience the feeling when another source informs you that the fund manager you trusted is a fraud. The source provides evidence that he has been enjoying his life on your funds. This source also shows how the funds that you have been regularly investing, is siphoned off for purposes that were not intended for. The brain goes for a storm. You are left clueless. At this point, the best that you would wish to happen is that the “Source which broke the news of Bankruptcy” is not True.

You will tightly hold on to anybody who tells you that this source is wrong. Even if it is said by the same fund manager who had duped you. You have a feeling of enmity with the source that broke you the uncomfortable news. You may go to any extent to deny the truth that you know now. It hurts you so badly that you can go off a tangent to protect that state of brain which you enjoyed till then. Even though you know that Lying and cheating are NOT RIGHT, you seem to be aligning with the perpetrator because of your inability to accept the changed reality.

Cognitive Dissonance

The above-mentioned scenario is what we happen to call cognitive dissonance. Many people get super upset when they face this scenario. Some even resort to violence. Think of someone who has invested at least One-Seventh of his life, One-Tenth of his income and hope that you will get an eternity close to God in New Jerusalem. Your whole life is spent obeying these brokers who lied to you about the relationship they have with God.

Dissonance would be caused if we spent a great effort to achieve something and then evaluated it negatively. We could, of course, spend years of effort into achieving something which turns out to be a load of rubbish and then. This causes violent ripples in our brain. In order to avoid the dissonance that produces, try to convince ourselves that we didn’t really spend years of effort, or that the effort was really quite enjoyable, or that it wasn’t really a lot of effort.

Paul Explains Cognitive Dissonance

But Holding on to a Lie is not making you any safer. It just pushes you into a more precarious situation. You end up loving the scoundrel who brought you to this state.

When someone is forced to do (publicly) something they (privately) really don’t want to do, the dissonance is created between their cognition (I didn’t want to do this) and their behaviour (I did it).

Paul’s Prophecy

This kind of behaviour for believers are prophecied by none other than Paul, the Apostle. 2 Thessalonians 2 is a chapter that deals with the end times and Rapture of the church. Paul explains the kind of people who will end up following the Anti-Christ.

10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

2 Thess 2:10-12

In this prophecy, the apostle is saying that GOD WILL SEND A POWERFUL DELUSION. Think about it. When Men and Satan will send delusion, we can be saved by God’s grace. However, for people who refused to love the truth will be confronted by a Delusion that will be unleashed by God himself.

If you continue to follow the pack of wolves who have fed you with doctrines from the pit of hell you have no hope. If you do not verify the teachings of the false teachers who are leading you, you have yourself to blame.


Nobody keeps confessing their love unless they have some intent. Unfortunately, in this case, the intent was to deceive for one’s own sexual pleasure.


Neither the Victim nor this website has anything to achieve by posting doctored clips and morphed images, as you force yourself to believe. We have got no issues with having these WhatsApp and photographic evidences examined by a competent authority. To attribute such dishonest means to others without any evidence shows the level of corruption in their own thoughts. They can even go to that low level of ulterior motive, to defend their guilty Clergy. 

True that it does give you some excuse to calm the dissonance caused because of this expose of a Wolf. But in the process, you are gravitating towards the lie which you have loved so dearly. No amount of threats, abuses and character assassination of the victim will change the reality. Keep spreading all kind of false rumours so that your idol may remain safe.

It is to such people that Paul addresses like the ones that refused to love the truth and delighted in wickedness.

Paul Explains Cognitive Dissonance

Accepting and reconciling with the truth after a lifetime of loving the lies of TPM Clergy is not an easy task. It is a battle of life and death. The older you are, the difficult it will be for you. The direct victim took almost three years to conclude that she is in a delusion floated by the Clergyman. How long will you take?


  1. Request to open the website in tamil. Because most of the uneducated people are in tpm. Your efforts will be fruitful. Our common enemy will get destroyed soon.

    • Brother,
      We need people who can translate these articles in Tamil. Once you have that, please send me a mail to

      Brother EE,
      You seem to have abandoned your promises to translate into Telugu.

  2. ADMN brother..Greetings…,
    Noted your heartfelt burden. ..I myself volunteered. Its my burden too.I am very much on the groove. No…not at all…Not abandoned the project .Extremely sorry not to have posted you the thus far progress made till date.
    The first article-to be made available— Wolfonomics by T.U.Thomas out of the 5 series…. what you ‘ve chosen me to take up has been completed Only finishing touches remained. I do feel the pressure that you are facing from the TN group of brethren so that TELUGU to TAMIL could be easily attempted.I understand it You would get the manuscript in a couple of days time from now to the admn id.(Not to this comments section as you suggested.)
    I understand the need felt by many now and decided that I can not afford to procrastinate it any longer. Will take it up on war footing now.Wishing good days are ahead for TN,AP,TELANGANA regions


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